An Unforgettable Xmas


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Style : Contemporary - Holiday 

Codes: (t/b, mast, oral, incest)


" More than you could ever know. Make my wish come true. All I want for Christmas is you. " - VV&VTB


   Along Shepherd Street, a thick blanket of snow covered the front yards. All the houses shone with the flickering glow of multi-coloured lights. At this hour on Christmas Eve, the view was unspoiled by the presence of people. Most folks were at home with family and friends, celebrating and revelling in the magic of the season.

In the residence, most decorated with tacky exterior ornaments, thirteen-year-old Mark sprawled on the couch, bored out of his mind. Adding to his misery, his mother had forced him to don a suit and tie. " You're not wearing your dirty jeans and a t-shirt young man! Do you want everyone to think we're Hillbillies? " 

She had spent days preparing the reunion to ensure it would be an unforgettable Christmas. A gargantuan feast lay on the dining room table and all the walls were adorned with golden garlands. But the young teenager couldn't care less. He was too old to believe in Saint Nick, and there was no one there he could relate to. 

Around him, the voices of the half-drunken adults resounded like a storm. The men engaged in witty political tirades. The women snickered hearing the misfortunes of distant relatives. In a corner of the living room, a small gathering sang their favourite carols. 

' Urgh, this is so lame. ' Mark brooded silently. 

The only bright spot of the period was the attendance of his little cousin Gregory. The eight-year-old boy sat poised on the couch next to him, his stare glued to the pile of gifts underneath the Christmas tree. He looked so precious dressed in corduroy pants and a knit sweater, his silky blond hair neatly combed.

Gregory and his parents flew in from out of state only for the holidays. On those occasions, Mark rekindled the perverse joy of tormenting the kid and corrupting his innocent mind.

He could easily recall the time he coerced Gregory to eat a whole habanero chilli pepper.       " Go on, show me you're not a girl! "

His masculinity challenged, the proud little male didn't think twice.

In the seconds that followed the absorption of the miniature bomb, Gregory's soft face turned beet red. He held his tummy and jigged on his tippy toes. Oh, the fun! 

In the past, Mark also convinced his gullible cousin that meatballs consisted of dog testicles.  Ever since, the child refused to consume any food presented in a spherical form.

Some of the shenanigans were downright cruel. No matter what, Gregory never let the older boy's pranks and dirty tricks taint his optimism. In fact, he sought the company of the mature Goliath with a mix of admiration and suspicion. 

Most of times, they were involved in amusing activities. There were snowball fights and tobogganing. However, regardless of how big of a blast they were having, the youngster always kept his guards up, ready to fend off the next sneaky attack of the lout, knowing it would eventually and inevitably come. 

Despite his inability to defend himself against the sturdy thirteen-year-old, the frail boy did not succumb to the temptation of screaming for his mommy whenever Mark tortured him. This would only have put him in a position to be ridiculed and empowered the teen even more. Gregory didn't want that. The tall dark-haired lad was already cocky enough.

Moreover, Gregory's mother had ignored his whiny complaints directed at the older cousin early on. " Don't be silly! Mark is just teasing you. " She had reassured him. He quickly understood that it was pointless to blabber. He would have felt bad anyway since he benefited from the teen's infinite well of secret knowledge. 

Mark told him once where babies came from and explained in graphic details how they were conceived. " You put your dick in the girl's pussy when it's hard. You can put it in her butt hole but it won't work. That's why boys can't have babies. "

The deceitful educator popped open naughty images on his computer to illustrate his lesson. The naive pupil scanned the close-ups of adult private parts in awe, still confused by the mechanics of intercourse. It didn't help that some of the pictures featured a naked woman having sex with a donkey.

" Is she making a baby horsy? " Gregory had inquired, rather timidly.

" No stupid. She's making a baby cowboy. " 

From day one, a bond of intimacy united the cousins. Their respective mothers bathed them together in the tub. Throughout the holidays, they shared the same narrow bed. Mark pretended to be annoyed by the wriggly brat hogging the covers, but he enjoyed the vibrant warmth of the child's body.

He tickled and pinched the blond angel. The latter retaliated. His squeaky giggles soared until an angry parent shouted, " You two, quit it and go to sleep! "

Then, both boys agreed they had to be very quiet in the attic bedroom if they wanted to continue playing. The mutual groping became erotic in its nature. Their hands went exploring down there. They humped each other sensuously. 

" My pee-pee is stiff! " Gregory would whisper the obvious.

Mark took the forbidden game to the next level, seeing as his little cousin was excited. Nude from the waist down under the covers, they ground their crotches together and rubbed their erections on their bare buns, relishing the satiny contact of their hairless midsections.

Gregory had not learned to masturbate yet. Mark, on the other hand, tugged on his penis covertly while he fondled his cousin's little boner. A few yanks and he reached a nice dry orgasm. 

The following year, Mark endeavoured to teach the imp all the wonders of self-stimulation. It happened in the bathroom. They took a tinkle and showed each other their boner afterwards. Mark knelt behind the boy and pulled on his small stiffy, never letting go. " Stop it! Uh Uh! " Gregory emitted stifled protestations not to alert the rest of the family. The older boy performed his duty `til the very end. The panting child shuddered and yelped, his face contorted by the voluptuous pleasure.

For the next seven days that they were together, they escaped to hiding spots in the house - a closet, a basement guestroom or the garage - in order to luxuriate in quick sessions of masturbation. They gave each other hand jobs with baby oil. Mark nearly fainted from the repetitive jerks of Gregory's tiny fist wrapped tightly around his hard-on. Every time the side of the kid's thumb hit the crown of his dickhead, his knees wobbled.

" Can I stop now? " The little boy demanded.

" Not yet! Do it some more. Ohhhh! I'm gonna cum soon...Do it faster!" He instructed. " Ohhhhh Shit! Yessss! " were his final words as he climaxed.

Sitting on the couch on Christmas Eve, Mark couldn't wait for the family circus to be over so that he could play with his little cousin alone. The kid's natural curiosity compelled him to use his imagination. That in itself was exhilarating.

Midnight approaching, aunt Tina detached herself from a conversation and went to her nephews. " How about you guys do me a favour, uh? Can you go put on your jammies? "

" Okay! " Gregory peeped.

" Urgh. " Mark grumbled, rolling his eyes. Every year, the same request! He had to fish out the ugly plaid flannel PJs from the bottom of his closet to content his aunt's wish.

" Come on, you too, Mark. Please, do it for me. " She leaned slightly, exposing a portion of her ample bosom.

For the middle-aged cougar, nothing was more enchanting than the nostalgia of her childhood Christmases when, at the stroke of midnight, all the children bound out of bed in their sleepwear and raced bare feet towards the presents. She lived for it.

" Okay. " Mark retorted. Turning to his cousin he said, " Let's go upstairs. "

The boys stumped up the wooden steps; entered Mark's bedroom and he shut the door. They undressed nonchalantly. " I think Santa Claus will bring me TWO videogames! " Gregory chirped.

" Yeah, probably. " Mark acquiesced, eyeing his little cousin strip to his underwear. The eight-year-old boy's body had not changed much since the previous year, whereas his had undergone a dramatic metamorphosis in the initial stage of adolescence. Suddenly, a twisted idea invaded his conscious thoughts.

" Hey, do you wanna taste some eggnog? "

This at once seized Gregory's attention. The spicy sweet aroma of the yuletide beverage intrigued him. He had heard the grownups rave about it, " Walter, your eggnog is amazingly delicious! "

Whenever he attempted to steal a sip of the mysterious concoction, someone always intervened, " Oh no buddy! You're too young for this! "

The teenager's offer piqued his interest. " You have some? "

" I can make some. " Mark bragged.

" Uh? How?"

" If someone sucks your dick, it comes out. But you have to be older like me. "

Gregory's mug displayed a quizzical grimace. The response sounded ludicrous. But there were so many things he didn't comprehend. For instance, how airplanes stayed up in the sky or why your pee remained yellow after you drank grape juice.

Mark noticed the child's hesitation. He quickly fetched off the internet a picture of a woman, mouth agape and pupils dilated. Her face presented an expression of glee as a thick jet of ejaculate splashed into her oral cavity.

" You see! She likes eggnog. " He declared. " I'll show you how to do it. "

His hands flung the docile boy on the bed and pulled down his underoos. Gregory's tender morsel was already half-erect. He dove on his balls, closed his mouth on the little jewels and began to suck hard at them. After a while, his tongue came into contact with Gregory's slender penis for the first time. He licked around and over the boy's stiffy, and Gregory moaned heavily at the new sensation.

As the kid's moaning climbed the register, he gripped the base of the small penis between two fingers and slurped on the head causing Gregory to squeal. All of this attention had the desired effect. Gregory separated his thighs, surrendering his crotch to the older boy.

Mark took advantage of the situation and probed the child's exposed anus. With the tip of his finger, he rubbed the contours of the puckered hole gently while he continued to suck the tiny erection. Gregory didn't not express disapproval thus Mark figured that if he played his cards right, he might get his first piece of ass by the end of the year.

Gregory started to move his head from side to side, spreading out his blond hair around his ears. His ribs rose and fell as he panted. His feet drummed on the bed with the strokes of the teen's tongue on his penis. Mark didn't want to risk losing the boy's interest once he got his orgasm, so he put an end to the lesson.

" You see. That's how it's done. Do it to me now. " He said, casually lowering his boxers. Much to his surprise, his little cousin did not comment on the patch of dark pubic hair he'd acquired over the course of year. Gregory simply chuckled and knelt obediently.

With no prompting, the little boy grasped the leaking prick in front of his face and lapped up the shaft like a dog. Mark surveyed the clumsy swipes of the tongue, trying to conceal his elation. The small mouth opened wide and engulfed his pulsing member. He grinned wickedly. Getting the kid to blow his dick had been so damn easy he almost couldn't believe it!

The sight of the kid stuffing his cute face with hard dick aroused him fiercely. "Ohhh yeah, that's it, suck it like that. " He encouraged him.

The stretched lips started moving faster as Gregory got the hang of it. The boy bobbed his blond head at a steadier pace, taking in more and more flesh until finally his nose was tickled by the wiry pubes. Mark moaned, savouring the moist suction on all four inches of his teenage meat. The way the entrance of Gregory's throat caressed his bloated dickhead dazzled him.

He slipped his hand behind Gregory's neck and guided the action, his buttocks clenching as he thrust his dick to meet the sucking mouth. Gregory's lips were gleaming with spittle now. His eyes sparkled with naughtiness. Mark lost himself in the moment. He fucked the kid's face viciously and his balls bounced off Gregory's delicate chin.

Tingling rushes shot through his teenage body. " Oh, shit! I'm gonna make some eggnog soon! " He announced. With a loud pop, he pulled out of the gripping mouth. One hand behind the kid's head and the other jacking his cock, he braced himself for a great cum. " Watch closely! "

Gregory eagerly awaited the result of his oral labour, his stare focused on the flaring piss slit. The first spurt streaked across his right cheek. " Eew! " He yipped and shook his head to free himself from the teenager's grasp. But the strong clutching fingers kept it there. The two other rapid gushes of thick cream landed on his lips and stuck there like slimy spaghetti noodles thrown on a wall.

Mark groaned watching his dick ejaculate. His balls tightened painfully to get rid of their load. The last bursts of pleasure produced tiny droplets sprayed all over Gregory's adorable face.

At that instant, the bedroom door burst open. " MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! OH OH OH! "

The boys pivoted their heads and gasped.

Uncle Norman stood in the doorway disguised in a padded Santa suit, arms full of packages with colourful ribbons. Behind the jolly man, all the other loved ones were there: their parents, aunt Tina, uncle Jake and his wife, etc. Even Grandma Mildred, dangerously slumped over her walker!

Everyone froze in shock.

A glum silence fell upon the crowd.

Only the sound of semen droplets dripping from Gregory's chin and hitting the hardwood slats could be heard.

- plop - ... - plop - ... - plop -

Grandma Mildred stretched her wrinkled neck above the line of shoulders to see what caused such a shift in mood. Her toothless mouth tightened to a narrow slit. " Oh, dear. " She muttered. " Filthy lil' pigs. Aren't they? "

Every year the good folks present at that moment went through the same festive rituals. Every year they boasted; that the meal was spectacular, that the gift they received was exactly what they wanted, or that it was simply the best Christmas ever!

Alas, perfectly cooked turkey got digested, wristwatches stopped ticking, brand new toys were soon broken, and the aroma of freshly baked apple pie faded to oblivion.

As they glanced at each other, wondering what to say or what to do, anguish gripped their hearts. They all came to the same horrible conclusion.

Mark sensed the distress of the adults. He smiled and shook off the sticky glob of sperm clinging to the end of his softening pecker.

Yes, for once, this would truly unforgettable Christmas.