Visiting Uncle

This is a true incident with my uncle who is 10 years elder than my father. He's working in Oman as a chef and 55 years old and bit big body I mean a little fat. And I am 20 years of old and same as uncle a little bit fat.

I got an invitation from my uncle to visit him in my summer holidays. Actually I never been to an Asian country before so I was very happy about his invitation. Beside my parents also very happy about the invitation. The very next day of my holiday I left my parents and my beloved home and my beloved country for a month. And at about 5.30 pm I reached the Oman and my beloved uncle waiting for me at the lobby. There's no any encounters between my uncle and me before. And when I saw my uncle I was very happy and ran to him hugged him. He was a single and no family at all but very rich in money. I think divorce or something. At the very moment he also hugged me and kissed me in my cheeks as he did when I was 5. And we went to his big home in his car. I wonder such a person like my single uncle got a large home to himself.

When we got into home he told me to have bath and we were going out a famous restaurant near the beach for dinner. I was really happy to have dinner with him in a beach side restaurant. When I came out of the bathroom he's in his boxers and preparing himself. I was get horny when I saw him with the boxers only. I didn't say anything and he also just laughed at me and told me the `we only guys here'. And I agreed it.

After that we went to the restaurant and after the dinner we went to the beach and there's plenty of men with laying there only with their boxers. And my uncle also remove all of his dress except the boxers. I looked at him and he told me because of the hot men come here and lay themselves only with the boxers and told me to remove my dress. We chose a private area there's no one can see us and I also removed my dress. At that time I got little bit of shy and when I see my uncle I was ok.

I couldn't hide my erection when see my uncle's big thighs and the outline of his erected cock. He's ok with his erection. So I also pretended as I also ok. There's no one around us and the place looked like a place for ideal place to fucking. At that time my uncle asked me a question that I never expected it from him. From that question everything has changed between us and we were free as teenagers.

He asked me `how often you jerk off my dear?'. I afraid to reply and he told me that only both of us here and no one looking at us. And I lied him that I don't jerk off. He laughed at me and told me `no need lie to me dear I never say anyone and every men do jerk off even me also do it for two times per day'. So I told him I do it every time when I get horny. And he asked me `then why didn't you do it right now because I bet you get horny now'. I didn't know how to answer to this question. At the same time he bent me and kissed me in my lips. I couldn't think what would be the next event.

He asked me `are you ok or we can stop this'. I told him `please don't stop I need it every time in my life' and I touched his cock and at the same time I began to suck his erected nipples he also allowed me to do and told me to any thing I want and keep it as a secret between us. I was in a heaven when he told me like that. I began to suck his beautiful nipples and caressing his cock. He also began to caressing my cock and I asked him to remove his boxers. He took off his boxers same as I. we both men in nude and he stroking his big 8 inch cock. I haven't seen such a big cock before except my father's. I have seen my father's cock plenty of times and its same as uncle's and I bent down and began to suck his big cock. He stopped me and told me to do it 69 position. I like it and we both lied there in 69 position I was in up. I mouth fucked my uncle and the same time I was sucking his big cock. It was a night time so no one was there to see our 69 and we were safe.

Over fifteen minutes we sucked each other's cock and my uncle began to say `ahh son I'm gonna blow it please stop I'm gonna blow' but I didn't care and he unloaded a large amount of `uncle cream' in my mouth. I couldn't take them all in my mouth but with some effort I drank most of them. Its kinda sour taste but I loved it and loving it now also. At the very same moment I felt my balls are began to blow and I blew the same amount as uncle in his mouth and he drank it also.

Then he hugged and kissed in my lips and told me `I waited a long time this thing to happen. When I thinking of you I got horny and blew a big load of cum now you are with me, and don't tell this encounter to any one and I think we can stop it now.'. I said `uncle I also jerking off thinking of you but there's no word stop I need your uncle cum more and more and I wanna get fucked and I wanna fuck you uncle. Please don't tell this is the end'. When I say this uncle hugged me and told we can move now to the home.

When we reached the home I went to have a bath and uncle also came with me in the same bathroom and we do some jerk off session together and washed ourselves. After the dinner uncle told me `would you like to watch my own porn and there's a movie he was fucking a man around 30 in the video clip. He told me that the clip taken before 3 months when he was fucking a guy. At the same moment I saw uncle's 8 inch cock and it growing its whole length and my one also started to grow its full length. I bent down and sucked my uncle's cock. He then told me lay on the sofa. I did as I instructed. And put my legs in his shoulders. He began to lick my shit hole and insert his big thumb. It hurts first.

Then he placed his cock in the hole and insert it `oh its hurting and he apply some lube to his 8/5 cock and to my shit hole also. Then he asked is that ok and he insert his 5 inch girth cock it went inside in my butt easily. He put his whole dick inside it and pumping in my hole. And wait for few seconds and fuck again. It continued for more than half an hour and unloaded his gun in my hole. It made me more hornier than before and I unloaded my cum by masturbating. He then licked my cock head and drank my cum. And licked my butt also. I drank my own cum from his mouth then I insert my fingers inside my butt and took my uncles cum and drank it also. It felt a different kind of taste. Then we went to the bed. I slept with him inside his big thighs. When we woke up there's plenty of cum within our bodies.

This is my first story. But it's a real story between me and my uncle. So please be kind enough to send me comments to so I can improve my story writing ability in future. Thanks a lot to unload your cum.