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We Six

by Jon Hold

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We Six

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the author


Chapter 1

The Beginning

The earliest thing I can remember is wanting to know more about men. When my mama died, Daddy thought it best that I left my little bed in my parents bedroom and moved me into the big four-poster bed with my five older brothers. I was kinda sad and not very happy about moving until my older brothers brought me home from Mama's funeral. My daddy was going to stay with his older brothers for a few days and my sisters had already moved in with Ellie, who had moved in with our grandpa after his daddy died and left her a widow. They already had a bunch of girls, so everybody figured it would be better if my sisters lived with them, what with having no grown women around our house and all.

All five of my brothers were some older than me since I didn't come along until real late. Daddy called me his little afterthought. But he usually called me that when he was hugging me or teasing me, so I knew he really loved me. Everybody was pretty broke up when momma died, specially me. I really didn't notice until later, but my brothers kept me with them and took care of me real good. They never let me be alone, even in the outhouse, and made sure I ate and stuff. They held me a lot and one or another of them was pretty much always pettin' me or holding my hand or up against their side or in their lap. If the brother holding me had to go do something, he'd give me to another brother to hold. None of them minded at all, we was family.

They tried to get me to eat when we got home from putting momma in the ground, but none of us actually felt much like eating so they said maybe it would be best if we all just went to bed. I was looking for where they put my Dr. Denton's when I noticed that they was all just stripping naked for bed. I got kinda distracted like and sorta forgot all about being sad. I was just a boy, but all my brothers was real men --- with hair and all. Thomas was just starting to have hair, but he sure enough had some.

Now, I wasn't no stranger to hair down there. I slept in Mama and Papa's bedroom after all and they didn't always wait for me to get to sleep before they did the married thing. Sometimes I'd even sit up and watch because I thought it was funny how Papa's thing would get so big and how Mama would squeal so loud when Daddy put it into her and the funny noises Daddy would make when he was bouncing around on top of her just about made me laugh out loud. So I'd seen hair before. On Papa and Mama both. But there was something special about my brothers.

They'd always been fun for me to be around because they treated me real good and let me do stuff with them. I guess that even at that age I loved them. I mean, they was my brothers. Everybody always talked about how handsome my brothers were, and I thought they was the best looking brothers of any my friends in school had. I'd seen just about all of them naked too, when we went skinny dipping. But this was different. It was just us brothers and I figured that it was okay to look right at them instead of being polite and not staring at strangers like I'd been told. All of us was lean and wiry, but none of us boys ever got to six feet tall. We wasn't short, well, I was, but I grew some since then. Anyhow, we wasn't short, but we wasn't tall neither. Just "a right good size for a working man," like my Daddy said. One thing though, all my brothers man things was a bunch bigger than any of our friends except some of the grown-up men (and them men was my Daddy and his brothers and his daddy anyway). They hung out real long and was a lot fatter than most of the other one's I'd sneaked a peek at. Billy, my second oldest brother, had the biggest one of all my brothers although my oldest brother, Boo, had one almost as long and just about as heavy.

I just stood there, watching them things swing around and enjoying how my brothers looked without any clothes on. My brothers had obviously undressed together a lot of times because even though the bedroom wasn't all that big, they didn't really bump into each other or make any mess throwing clothes around. Billy pulled a big old tin can from under the bed and pee'd in it before offering it to the rest of us. None of us had to go, so he covered it up and put it back under the bed. Everybody got into the bed almost like it was a dance or something. Boo pulled back the covers and held them up while Billy climbed in and got next to the wall. Then Thomas, Brett and finally Jason climbed in. Boo laid down on the outside and pulled the covers over all of them.

I figured I was one of the big boys now so instead of looking for my nightclothes any more I just pulled down my little undershorts and got naked like my brothers except that my little thing didn't have any hair around it at all and was sticking straight out because I was so excited about sleeping with my big brothers and seeing them naked. I walked over to the bed and patted Boo on the arm. He looked down at me and grinned.

"Well. I guess we plum forgot we got another brother to fit into the bed now."

Boo lifted up the covers for me and I had to climb up, using Boo like a ladder because that old bed was real high. Boo's hand completely covered my bottom as he helped boost me up into bed. His hand felt really good on me. I got up so I was sittin' with my naked butt on Boo's belly, I sure liked how that felt too. Boo said, "Little 'un's in the middle" and patted my behind, so I crawled across Jason and Brett and burrowed down in between Brett and Thomas. Everybody wiggled around some to make room for me and Thomas pulled me up against him and I snuggled back against him. Brett kissed me good-night on the forehead and then everybody said, "Good-night" to each other and that night we just went to sleep right away. It'd been a long, hard, sad day.

When the cock crowed... errrrr..... When the Rooster let loose... errrr..... When the damn alarm clock rang, everybody started scooching down under the covers to get warmer in the cool air of the morning. Boo, being oldest, got up and flipped the covers back off of everybody, to a chorus of moans and groans and complaints. I just sat there in the middle of the bed, watching, amazed. Every one of them went to bed last night with fascinating things like mine between their legs, only much bigger and surrounded by hair, although Thomas didn't have much hair. This morning their things were sticking straight out from their middles and looked really hard. I'd loved seeing them the night before but the show this morning was driving me crazy. I didn't know why, but I wanted desperately to touch the magic things and see how hot and hard they really were. I put my hands down in-between my legs to make sure my little thing was still there and almost hurt myself when my hands hit it. It was hard and stiff and sticking straight up, just like my brothers. I stood up in the middle of the bed so my brothers could see that mine was stiff, just like theirs.

Instead of watching me though, they were trying to bend their dickies down so they could pee in the three tin cans they'd fished out from under the bed. Thomas and Jason were sharing a can and Billy was holding the can for him and Brett. Boo was trying to pee into the can he'd pee'd in the night before. Billy managed to start peeing and looked up and saw me standing there.

"You need to pee too?" he asked.

I nodded 'Yes'.

Still peeing, Billy put his forearm under my butt and lifted me off the bed, holding me next to him so I could reach the pee can. I could push my little wiener down, but couldn't get my pee to start and the sound of the others peeing was making me hurt I had to pee so bad. Thomas, who hadn't started peeing either came over and took me from Billy.

"Come on little brother. Sometimes you just have to brave the great outdoors if you gotta go."

With that, still naked with his big thing sticking up, Thomas slipped on his shoes and without tying them, which I got spanked for, he carried me outside to the outhouse. He sat me down on one of the holes but stood there holding my hand because he knew I was still afraid of falling in. He held his stiffie down and tried to pee into the other hole, but neither of us could get it started. Thomas finally let go and his thing swung up and made a slapping sound as hit his belly. I laughed at that because it sounded funny, and because it got me really excited and I didn't want Thomas to get mad at me. Thomas spit into his hand and got hold of his stiff thing again, only this time he wrapped his hand all the way around it and started stroking back and forth. I watched what he was doing with my eyes wide open, and no hope that my thing was going to get soft any time soon.

"What'cha doin', Thomas?"

"I'm beating off, Squirt. Ain't'cha never seen nobody beat off before?"


"You've seen Daddy fuckin' Mama, ain't'cha!"


"You know what fuckin' is, don't'cha?"


"Fuckin's like when Daddy put his cock inside of Mama."


"You know! Your wiener!!!"

"Oh! Yeah. I seen Daddy put his cock in Mama. He really liked it. Do you think that's why he misses Mama so much?"

"Daddy misses Mama because he loved her so much."

"What's 'love'?"

"You sure ask a lot of questions, Squirt. Ummmm. Okay. You like me, don't ya?"

"Sure, Thomas. You're my most favoritest person."

"How about Billy and Boo and Brett and Jason?"

"They're my most favoritest person too."

Thomas laughed and ruffled my hair. "Okay, Squirt. I hear ya. We're all your most favorite person. But, sometimes you get mad at me. Right?"

Remembering the way Thomas picked on me sometimes, I nodded my head 'Yes'.

"Well, when you're mad at me, do you hate me too, or do you still like me?"

Now, you can imagine. Young as I was, I had to think that one through some. But I finally pieced together that, yeah, I got real mad at Thomas, and the others too sometimes. But I didn't hate them, I liked them even when they were being mean. I climbed off of the seat and grabbed Thomas around the waist, "I always like you, Thomas. Even when you're not nice."

"Do you like me a little bit, or lots and lots?"

"Lots and lots, Thomas. More than anything! I promise."

"Well, when you like somebody lots and lots, even when you're mad at them, that's love."

Thomas gave me a big hug and I gave him one right back. I noticed that his cock thing was sticking up right beside my head so I turned to face it and when it started bouncing away I put my hand behind it to hold it still and kissed it real good. Thomas jerked back and held onto my shoulder so I couldn't move forward and kiss him again. "Why'd you do that, Squirt?"

"Well, that's what Mama used to do to Daddy when she loved him and his thing got hard like yours is. Can I kiss it again?"

"Maybe later, Squirt. Right now, lets get our cocks soft so we can pee, okay?"

I nodded 'Yes', urgently, and Tommy picked me up and sat me down on the seat again, keeping hold of my side so I wouldn't fall. Kneeling down in front of me, Tommy took hold of my wiener between his thumb and forefinger and started moving the skin up and down. "Does that feel okay, Jimmy?"

My eyes wide open and my finger in my mouth, I nodded 'Yes' again. I wasn't real sure what Thomas was doing, but I sure liked it. He kept doing it too, until I sort of tingled all over and mewed like a kitten, going weak all over.

Thomas gently pushed my wiener down and said, "You can pee now."

He was right too. I pee'd and pee'd sitting there with him holding me and my wiener. I knew that I loved Thomas, and that I always would. When I got done, Thomas pulled my skin all the way back and shook my wiener just like Daddy'd showed me to do. Then he stood up again and while I held onto his leg to keep from falling, he started rubbing his wiener, only his whole hand fit around his. He sure seemed to like what he was doing and when I reached up with one hand to see what he was doing better, he asked, "You want to do it for me, like I did for you?"

I eagerly nodded yes and Thomas showed me how to hold onto his cock so I could move the skin back and forth the right way. I reached up with my other hand and felt the hair growing above his wiener and giggled. "That feels funny Thomas."

"You like my bush?"

Reaching down between my own legs and feeling how smooth I was above my own dickie, I said, "Yeah, Thomas. I like it a lot. Will I get hair like that?"

"When you get to be my age you will."

That seemed like forever to me, but since Thomas was willing to let me play with his hair, I figured it was okay. I reached up and wrapped my other hand around Thomas right behind where I was still holding onto his cock and started moving the skin back and forth a lot like I'd seen him doing to himself. We both ended up laughing a lot because I was trying to stroke him and hanging on for dear life, knowing that if I let go I'd fall into the hole under the outhouse, a fate worse than death. Thomas was moving his hips back and forth just like Daddy did when he was on top of Momma which made me hang on even tighter. We both got to laughing like crazy, and then, all of a sudden, Thomas stopped and got real stiff all over, standing on his toes and everything. I thought that maybe I'd hurt him but he started making funny grunting noises just like Daddy did sometimes and white stuff started coming out of his wiener and spraying all over the place. He seemed to really like that and I started laughing again.

When he got done spraying his white stuff, Thomas started panting and moaning and put his hands on the wall behind me to hold himself up. I kissed him on the wiener again and he went "Uhhhh!" and hunched his hips forward against my face. I laughed and kissed him again and he couldn't stop himself, he just hunched again. I licked my lips. I'd watched my Dad and brothers milk the cows before, and knew all about that. "Your milk tastes good, Thomas. Better than Bessy's even. I like it!"

"Pull my skin back, Squirt. Yeah. Just like that. Now, if you want some more of my 'milk', just put it in your mouth and suck a little bit."

I did like Thomas said and he was right. The harder I sucked, the more of his milk I got until he pulled back and said, "Whoa, Squirt. I can't take any more of that right now, and I got to pee real bad."

I kept hold of Thomas' wiener with one hand as he moved a little bit to the next hole and he just wrapped his hand around mine and his wiener and started peeing. It felt funny in my hand and I laughed again. I looked more closely at the bag hanging under Thomas' wiener. It was neat! I reached up and touched it and it moved around real easy. Now, I knew that milk came out of a cow's bag, but the nozzles came out of the bottom of their bag and Thomas' nozzle came out of the top of his. "Is this where your milk comes from, Thomas?"

Thomas nodded. "Sure is, Squirt. Feels good when you touch it gentle like that too! But you have to be careful because you can hurt a guy really easily there."

So I held onto Thomas' wiener and his bag while he finished peeing. When he got done he asked me, "You need to go number two?" I shook my head 'No' and he stuck his arms out. I stood up on the seat and jumped up on my older brother. He wrapped his arms around me and settled me on his hip. Just as we were leaving, Brett and Jason came into the outhouse carrying the pee cans and dumping them into the hole. They were already dressed.

"You guys better hurry up or Boo's gonna get on you!"

We laughed, but Thomas ran us back up to the house and even helped me get dressed. I got to go with him and help him with his morning chores. Billy had breakfast ready for us by the time chores were done. He sure was a good cook, even way back then.

After breakfast, Boo said, "We need to do something special for Daddy!"

Everybody said, "Let's paint the barn." Daddy had been wanting to paint the barn for a while, but the way momma took sick and all, he just didn't seem to be able to get to it. We got out the white paint and brushes and ladders and all and Billy said that we should all take our clothes off so we didn't make a mess of them. Pretty soon we was all naked and painting that old barn. I pulled weeds so the big boys could paint all the way to the ground and they even let me paint some, but they said I was getting more on me than on the barn. I didn't see what was wrong with that. After all, when Papa bought the white paint he told us all that it was the new latex kind and wouldn't poison "Man or beast."

Brett went up to the house and made sandwiches and ice cold lemonade for lunch and we ate in the shade under the pecan tree. We got the whole outside of that barn, except the tin roof, painted that day and Boo said, "See what we can do if we all work together. We all made a big dog pile with Boo on the bottom. He finally got up and chased us all down to the swimming hole, well, my little legs couldn't keep up, so Boo grabbed me and put me up on his shoulders, but he chased the other boys like the devil was after them. Boo sort of forgot that I was on his shoulders and jumped in with me still up there. I screamed like crazy and Boo got up as quick as he could. I was real scared and trying to get the water out of my nose. Everybody was laughing, but not mean because they were all trying to help me too. Boo pulled me down and held me in his arms, patting me on the back until I'd coughed up all the water I'd swallowed.

Once everyone was sure I was okay, they started washing up and playing tag at the same time. Then they started to wash all the paint off of me, but ended up playing catch, with me as the ball. They got me so wound up I couldn't stop laughing. Billy finally carried me out of the swimming hole and carried me up to the big flat rock where the waterfall fell into the swimming hole. The other guys joined us and we all took a nap, laying there in the sun and drying off in the warm breeze.

Supper was okay, even if it was Boo's turn to cook (Boo still can't cook for shit) and we were all tired so we decided to go to bed early. I didn't want to, but I was going to sleep right there at the table, no matter how hard I tried to keep my eyes open.

We all got naked and I got into bed in the right order that night. Boo took my bottom in his hand and gave me a boost again, except this time I went flying across the bed and if Thomas hadn't caught me I'd have gone right over him. That made everybody laugh and I snuggled down in-between Thomas and Brett. I was glad I didn't have to sleep alone any more. I watched Billy and Boo as they climbed into bed, trying to get a last look at their things before Boo pulled up the covers. Billy had the biggest one of all of us except Daddy, but Boo's was really, really big too! I'd been wondering all day what they felt like hard, and wondered if they'd show me like Thomas had.

Before Boo could pull the covers up, Thomas started to play with his thing. Brett said, "Don't do that in front of Little Jimmy!" but Thomas just said, "Hell, we already did it together this morning, didn't we, Squirt!" I nodded 'Yes' and Thomas said, "Show 'em how you do it, Squirt."

I looked at Boo, and he just stared at me for a minute, then, taking a deep breath, he smiled and nodded 'Yes'. Happily, I smiled back at Boo and spread my legs, hooking them over the top of Thomas and Brett's legs. I grabbed the foreskin over the knob of my little willie and started jerking on the already erect little peg. My other hand started pulling at my tight little ball sac and I grinned at my brothers as they watched me closely and started to bone up and play with their own toys.

It felt good playing with my thing, but watching my older brothers was a lot more exciting, especially knowing what was going to happen if they played with their things long enough. I saw Thomas looking at me and smiled at him. He smiled back and raised his eyebrows.

I didn't need any more invitation than that. I let got of my stiff little wanker and rolled over. Thomas got his hand out of the way just in time as my hand darted over and grabbed his stiff toy. I really liked the hot, corrugated feeling of his stem and the way his skin slid as I jerked him up and down. I sat up in bed between Thomas and Brett so that I could really work on Thomas' peter and started wanking him a mile a minute. I reach over with my other hand and my little fingers started tickling his big balls (bigger than mine by a lot anyway). Thomas gasped for air and it didn't take him any time to stiffen up, moan and start spurting all over the place. The other guys started complaining about how Thomas' stuff was getting all over them, but Thomas and me were in a playful mood and just laughed at them.

Thomas was done but the other boys were still playing with themselves. I turned around and looked at Brett. He had this really huge pair of balls in a really long, loose sac that let them just lay on the bed. Without even asking I reached down between Brett's legs and gently picked up his balls, one in each of my hands. No way my hands could fit all the way around Brett's balls, but they felt really good in my hands. I looked at Thomas, "Brett has really big balls, doesn't he, Thomas."

Thomas smiled, "Yep, Little Squirt. Brett's got the biggest balls of any of us, including Daddy. But his dick's the same size as mine and he's a year older."

Letting go of one ball, I reached up and touched the head of Brett's dick with one finger. Brett looked at Boo, who nodded, and then let go of his dick, giving me permission to do whatever I wanted to do. I took hold of his dick and started stroking it, slower than I'd stroked Thomas'. I looked at Boo, "Brett's feels real nice. Is he going to make a mess too?"

Boo nodded. "You keep playing with him that way he's going to make a mess like you've never seen before. He cums quarts."

'Cums.' That must mean what happens when Thomas shoots his white stuff. I really wanted to know what Brett could do so I got serious about stroking his thing. Brett got serious too. Rocking his head back and forth on the pillow. Moaning. Groaning. Begging me to stroke harder or softer, faster or slower. Then he sort of started loosing control, lifting his hips up and driving his hard thing between my hands. I watched his balls pull all the way up until they were just two great big lumps on either side of his sticky prong. I figured that he was about to make a mess and I didn't want the other guys to get mad. Without really thinking about it I leaned down and put the end of Brett's dick in my mouth to keep the cum stuff from flying all over the place. "Ahhhhhh!", Brett gasped for air, thrusting up so that the whole head of his dick came out of the foreskin and went into my mouth. A really warm nice taste filled my mouth and I barely managed to realize that I liked the taste when Brett suddenly swelled up even bigger and a big, long hard spurt of stuff shot into my mouth, wrapping around that thing hanging down in the back of my mouth. I gagged, and at first thought that Brett was peeing in my mouth, but he started to shoot again almost immediately and I realized that he was shooting his cum stuff into my mouth. I was too busy gulping and swallowing and trying to keep Brett in my mouth to waste any time gagging after that because Brett just kept shooting and shooting and shooting. I squeezed the balls in my hands and that just seemed to make him shoot even more so I started squeezing his balls, first one, and then the other.

Brett finally collapsed and I let his shrinking dick fall out of my mouth. Sitting up, I started licking the cum that had escaped onto my lips back into my mouth and I wiped two streams of cum that had escaped out of my nose off on the back of my hand, carefully licking it all up. When I was done cleaning myself up I leaned back down and licked up a pool of the cum stuff from where it had dripped onto Brett's belly. Then I picked up his limp dick and pulled back the foreskin so I could clean up under there.

When I had Brett all cleaned up I put his loose skin back like it was supposed to be and sat up, reaching between my legs to play with myself some more. I really, really liked the taste of Brett's cum stuff and was wondering if my other brothers tasted as good. I knew that keeping Brett from making a mess really made me feel good, especially making my tassel tingle. I looked around at the other guys and they were staring at me like they'd never seen me before. I looked at Brett and he was just laying there like someone had hit him over the head with a stick. I looked at Thomas, tears starting in my eyes because I was afraid I'd done something wrong. "I didn't hurt Brett, did I, Thomas?"

Thomas sat up and wrapped his arms around me, rubbing my back with one hand. "No, no, no, Little Squirt. I think you made him happier than he's ever been. Just look at him."

I did like Thomas said and looked at Brett again. He still looked like he'd been conked on the head, but I noticed this time that he had a smile on his face. If he'd been conked, he'd enjoyed it! "Then I did okay?" I asked.

Thomas looked at Boo, and so did I. Boo finally nodded and said, "Yeah, Squirt. I think you done real good."

"Can I do you now then?" I asked

Boo looked sort of taken aback, unsure of what to do, but Thomas patted my back, smiled at me and jerked his nose towards Boo. I smiled at Thomas and winked at him. He winked back and smiled at me. I climbed over Brett and Jason and sat down across Boo's legs just like I did when he was helping me climb into bed. Boo had rolled over on his back and was laying there with his hands behind his head and his big ol' thing laying up across his belly.

Jason smiled at me. "Go ahead, Jimmy. Let's see what you can do with that big thing."

I smiled back at Jason. He had always treated me special nice and had muscles all over the place. "If I do Boo good, can I do you too?" I asked.

Jason reached down and pulled on his thing and then grinned at me and winked. "You bet, Jimmy. I wanna see what it feels like too."

Smiling, I reached and tried to pick up Boo's thing but it was so heavy that it slipped out of my hand so I scooched forward until I was sitting right over Boo's balls and then reached down with both hands and pulled on it until it was sticking straight up, my little face twisting with the effort. "Wow, Boo. Yours is really heavy."

My other brothers started snickering and laughing, but Boo just smiled at me, encouraging me to go ahead and play with it. Boo was my oldest brother. Big and strong and gentle. I loved him very much and wanted him to love me. I looked down and saw all the hair Boo had around his pecker (that's what Daddy called it) and it was wonderful. I carefully laid Boo's pecker back down on his belly and started playing with all the pretty blond curls. Boo smiled indulgently at me, enjoying how much fun I was having. I got my little fingers buried all the way into the thick patch of hair and used my sharp little fingernails to scratch Boo just like I scratched my head. Boo tightened his butt muscles, lifting me right up in the air as he moaned in pleasure. I scritched him all through his pubes and ended up lifting his big balls in their long ball sack up out of the way so I could scratch behind his balls. He liked that so much that I kept scritching and scritching until I was trying to gently scritch around his butthole. That was hard though because his ass lips kept trying to grab my fingers. I started laughing and giggling as I played keep-away with Boo's butthole.

By now Boo's thing was swollen up really huge and stuff was leaking out of the end of it all over the place. Boo asked me to clean up the mess his pecker was making before it started running off his belly and made the bed all sticky. I ignored the cloth that Boo was holding out to me and leaned forward, putting my hands on his hard belly to hold myself up. I sniffed around the end of Boo's pecker and really liked the smell. It made my little talley-whacker get so hard I thought it was going to break off.

When I started licking up the juice Boo threw his hands up over his head, cleaning cloth totally forgotten, and my other brothers started urging me on. I loved the taste of Boo's juice and my little tongue started flicking out all over the place, cleaning up every speck of the delightful crystal liquid that I could find. When I had his belly spit shined I started working on the source of all this mess. The slit in the end of Boo's bloated tube was so big that I could push the tip of my tongue inside and wiggle it around. Boo started pumping out twice as much of the juice I was coming to love and begging me to never stop what I was doing.

I lifted up on Boo's leaking wand as I sat up, never taking my mouth off the leaking spout. I had to let my butt slip down between his legs so I didn't have to bend over to keep him against my mouth comfortably. That was okay though because that spread my butt wide open and I came to rest with one of his big balls pushing right against my little hole. I loved the feeling. I was also loving slurping up Boo's juice directly from the source. As I kept sucking more and more of Boo's knob got sucked into my mouth. The harder I sucked the more taste I got from Boo's delicious flesh and the more of his flesh worked its way into my mouth. I finally got my jaws to open up wide enough that the whole head of Boo's drooling weapon popped inside my mouth. My tongue quickly found the source of the wonderful taste of Boo's cockhead behind the ridge that was holding the plug in my mouth. My tongue went wild, trying to lick up every bit of the delicious taste as my mouth sucked and sucked, harder and harder, just like a starving baby at a fresh tit. Boo was wiggling all over the bed, his hands trying to push me away and hold me in place at the same time. The constant sounds of encouragement from my other brothers was an almost ignored background to the slurping, sucking sounds I was making as I fed so greedily and the moaning, groaning sounds Boo was making trying to not go crazy.

Boo suddenly gasped for air and grabbed my head, trying to pull me away from my toy. Instinctively, afraid of losing the source of my pleasure, my teeth clamped behind the ridge of Boo's cockhead. That was more than Boo could handle. He immediately started spewing in my mouth. Before I could sort out what was happening a wonderful new taste had filled the nooks and crannies of my mouth that weren't already stuffed with cock and had started shooting out of my nose and threatened to blow my head right off the source of my rapturous joy. I finally managed to start swallowing and almost managed to keep up with Boo's output, only a little more of the wonderful stuff escaping out of my nose. Boo was still shooting the stuff out when I was forced to pull back and gasp for air to keep from passing out. It was still hard to breathe, the way I was trying to catch Boo's last shots, suck the man-snot out of my nose, lick up anything I missed and trying to keep as much of the pounding organ in my mouth as I could.

Boo had his hands on my back, rubbing and holding onto me at the same time as he "Oooh'ed" and "Awwww'ed" and begged God to never let this end. My butthole was trying to suck Boo's ball up inside me as I sucked at both ends. My other brothers had all joined around us on their knees and where whacking themselves like madmen, shooting all over me and Boo like we were some sort of target or something. I loved it! My big brothers had always taken care of me, and now I could take care of them, and make them as happy as they had always made me.

Boo finally fell backwards in exhaustion. I fell forward with him, laying on his belly, my mouth still covering the end of his now limp tube, sucking up the last dribbles that were leaking out. My brothers covered me and Boo up and crawled under the covers themselves. All of them tired and ready for sleep.

Boo kept rubbing my back and I kept nursing at him. His hands reached down and covered my tiny little butt, spreading my other brothers cum all over me and massaging my tight muscles into relaxation. One of his big fingers spread boy cum all over my butthole and finally gently slipped inside me. That felt so wonderful that I started hunching my little boy pecker into Boo's thick pubic hair. A trembling spasm traveled through my little body and I fell asleep, still sucking at my new-found titty while Boo massaged the insides of my behind. I was one happy little boy.