Chapter 2

I Learn Some More

I woke up the next morning from a nights sound sleep on Boo's belly. All my brothers kissed me good-morning while they were stroking their morning erections. I wanted to participate so I pulled the covers off of all of them. They didn't like the cold but soon forgot all about that as I moved from one to the other giving them much nicer kisses, right on their drooling cockheads. I ended up with Thomas' cock in my mouth as he came. The other guys couldn't wait their turns and jacked their loads all over my face and Thomas' belly. I had a wonderful time licking up the mixture of all my brothers sperm. They all laughed and patted me on the back and urged me on, especially Thomas, who came again as I was trying to clean up the mess. Everyone, including me, got a good laugh out of watching Thomas bounce around on the bed and squeal.

My brothers didn't even try getting dressed. They just grabbed their clothes and lifted me up on Boo's shoulders and then started running down to the creek to clean up all the mess they'd made. I hung on for dear life and, laughing joyously, kicked Boo's sides and slapped his shoulders to make him run even faster. Boo got to the pool right behind Billy. Neither of them even slowed down. Just threw their clothes to the ground and dove into the cold water. I screamed in terror but Boo let go of my legs and I managed to land in the water without quite drowning myself. I came up gasping for air and my laughing brothers grabbed me and started a game of keep-away with me as the goal.

By the time they started to slow down and wash up I was limp as a rag doll from laughing so hard while they tossed me back and forth and tried to keep me away from the others. My brothers didn't put me down to wash myself but passed me from one to another. Each boy in turn washing me and hugging me and giving me kisses. I knew how much I was loved and now that my brothers were comfortable showing me that love I felt comfortable hugging and kissing them back. They spent so much time washing between my legs that they just about washed my little dink away. For my part, I was climbing all over them and couldn't get enough of touching them and being touched by them. My big brothers all enjoyed holding me and I was about as happy as a boy could be.

We was getting dressed when Uncle Boo showed up. He wanted someone to help him and Daddy get Momma's stone down off the mountain. It was quickly decided that Brett and me would stay behind to do chores and the others would go help out.

The cows were waiting for us when we got to the barn and went right to their stalls. Brett said we should take our clothes back off so we didn't get them dirty. I smiled as Brett helped me take my clothes off and hung them up on pegs for me. Then I helped him get undressed. He got sort of distracted when I started playing with those big old balls of his. But he slapped my butt and told me to feed the stock while he started milking. I climbed up into the loft and started dropping hay and grain down the chutes that led to the cows and horses feed troughs.

When that chore was finished I climbed back down out of the loft and started cleaning manure out of the horses stalls. The pitchfork and rake were still a little large and awkward for me to use, but I managed. The stallion was an old friend of mine and didn't mind me cleaning his box stall at all. He seemed to be fascinated by my nakedness and the fact that I didn't have any pockets to hide sugar cubes in. The feeling of his warm breath as he smelled and snorted all over me got me all excited, especially when he paid special attention to my willie. I went out and climbed a box to my pants and came back with some sugar cubes for him. He tossed his head and nickered to me as he enjoyed his treat and I laughed and hugged his neck. We were great pals.

I put the rake and pitchfork back where they belonged and went over to see how Brett was doing. He was milking the last cow, the little Jersey we used for house milk. He was sitting on the milk stool with his head against her flank, about half asleep as he milked her. I crawled under his leg and got on my knees between him and the cow. He looked questioningly down at me and I said I was going to do some milking of my own. He held one of Jezebel's teats out to me and I sucked it into my mouth, using my tongue and the roof of my mouth to suck out Jezebel's rich milk. A few sucks of that and I was ready for something even richer and tastier. I turned around and sucked Brett's biggest teat right into my mouth. Brett "Oooow'ed" and just about jumped off the stool, but quickly settled down and produced a really fine erection for me. His dick was a little bit bigger than Thomas', but not a lot, so it fit in my mouth real comfortably, not stretching me all out like Boo's did. I had to do a lot more sucking than with Jezebel, but Brett finally filled my mouth with enough man-milk that I knew for sure that those huge balls of his weren't just there for decoration. I jiggled both of them in my hands to encourage him and it seemed to work. He just kept shooting and shooting and shooting.

I had to finish milking Jezebel myself because Brett just kinda curled up in some straw and took a little nap.

We still had plenty of milk, butter and cream in the house so I just fed all the milk to the calves and what was left over to the pigs. By the time I got done rinsing the buckets and setting them to dry it was getting pretty hot and I was drowsy myself so I went over and crawled up on top of Brett and joined him in a little siesta.

I woke up all warm and snuggley laying on top of Brett's chest and belly. There must have been something really special about my butt because Brett was playing with it just like Boo had the night before, only Brett still had Bag Balm on his hands from milking the cows. That made his fingers go in and out of my hole really nicely. I dropped my legs down across his waist making it a lot easier for him to play with my butt and my hole.

"You like that, Jimmy?"

"Oh yeah, Brett. You make my butt feel really good."

"How about your hole?"

"Yeah. That feels especially nice, Brett. Can you get your fingers in deeper?"

"Well... I think so. But maybe you'd better get the Bag Balm so I can lubricate you better if we're going to do that."

"OK!" I said. Happy, I jumped up and ran over and got the tin box of Bag Balm that Daddy liked everyone to use so the cows didn't get chapped titties. I ran back over and tossed the can to Brett, plopping back down on him and spreading my legs really wide. My stiffie got caught in his belly button and we had a little tussle as Brett tried to get my dick out of his belly button and I tried to keep it there. We were laughing like crazy and Brett slapped my bottom to make me take it out. That pushed my wiener even deeper and I liked the feeling so I teased Brett, saying he was a sissy and couldn't spank a boy for dink. Using both hands Brett spanked my bottom five or six more times until we were both crazy horny. I bit Brett's lower lip in-between my sharp little teeth and he grabbed my butt, pulling my hole open as he tried to force his tongue into my mouth. I'd never done that before and it didn't take me long to get Brett's tongue in my mouth and to start trying to suck it off. That was so exciting that I really didn't notice Brett stuffing my butt full of Bag Balm and using first one and then two, three and finally four fingers to pull and stretch the hole so he could really stuff me full of the greasy stuff.

I really started noticing what he was doing when he got two fingers from each hand all the way up inside me and started to pull my hole wide open. It felt so good that I was wiggling my bottom around and trying to get even more of Brett's fingers pushed up inside of me. Brett was getting crazy too, pushing his hard thing up against my belly and moaning loudly in my mouth.

This was wonderful! I couldn't take it any more. "You want to do like Mommy and Daddy did?"

Brett look at me with a puzzled frown.

"You want to put your thing in me like Daddy put it in Momma?"

"That would hurt you, Jimmy."

"No it won't. Mommy really liked it, and so did Daddy. Besides, your fingers feel good and they're almost the size of your thing."

"You sure?"

In answer, I sat up and grabbed the can of Bag Balm. Turning around with Brett's fingers still inside me was fun and I got a big handful of the yellow balm and coated Brett's hardness with it. I turned back around and wiping my hands off on Brett's chest ordered him to "Do it!"

"Why don't you just get up and sit down on it. That way you can stop if it hurts."

"No!" I said. Sliding off of Brett I got down on my back and wiggled around to make the straw lay down and not stick into me. Lifting my legs I demanded, "Do me like Daddy did Momma."

His ragging hormones totally out of control, 14-year-old Brett twisted over on top of me on his hands and knees and started pushing all over between my legs. He wasn't having a lot of luck figuring out where my hole was so I reached down between us and guided his thrusting loins to my target. Brett sunk into me like a red-hot knife into a bowl of melted butter.

Brett lost it right there. He'd never had his dick in anything except his hand and then my mouth the night before. Being in fucking position with his dick in a hot hole was more than he could take. Jumping around like a madman he fucked my hole as if his very life depended on it. Every time he slammed into me I could feel those long balls of his curl around my little butt and bounce off of my back. I didn't know which felt better, his hard-on in my hole or his balls slapping my back, and I really didn't care which was best as long as he kept doing both to me.

Brett only fucked me about twenty times and then he went all rigid and started squirting inside me, screaming to God for mercy the whole time. I hung onto him, arms up over his shoulders and legs wrapped around his waist as he hunched and hunched and hunched his load into my hot, tight, wonderful feeling butt. We were so slick from sweat and Bag Balm that it was hard to hold on, but no way was I letting Brett get away. Our first fuck, Brett and me losing our virginity together, convinced me that getting fucked was the best thing ever, and that I wanted lots more of it!

I never did let go of Brett until late that afternoon. He didn't really object, but he did cum inside of me four more times. Each time he could fuck me longer than the time before and the longer he fucked me the better it made me feel. By the time Brett fucked me for the last time and managed to get his limp dick out of me before I noticed what he was doing, we just barely had time to get cleaned up and get the afternoon chores done before the other boys got home.

Supper was quiet. The other boys told us about finding a real nice stone for Momma's grave and how Uncle Boo would have it carved in a couple of days and that we'd all go to the burial grounds and put the stone up together.

Brett and I cleaned up after Supper while the other boys went down to the creek. When the dishes were put away I led Brett by the hand down to the barn and had him put a fresh load of Bag Balm up my butt. He tried to get me back in the hay, but I slapped his hand and said, "NO! Not until we get to bed."

"You're not going to do it in front of everybody, are you?"

"Yep. I want them to see how happy you make me. And then I want to see if any of them can do it better than you can."

"You're crazy!" Brett said as he pulled my pants back up and fastened them for me.

I reached up and felt the hard-on in Brett's pants. "You like it when I get crazy. Don't you!"

Brett tried to swat my butt but I just laughed and dodged away. He chased me all the way back up to the house, running just fast enough so that he didn't, quite, catch me. My other brothers were already getting into bed when we got there so Brett and I pulled our clothes off as quickly as we could. Brett crawled across the other boys to take his place in bed, the other boys grumbling about him being late and poking at him to make him hurry up.

I climbed up on Boo's belly and sat there. "Wanna see what I learned today, Boo?"

Boo put his hands on my thighs and used his forefingers to tease my little cock and balls. "Sure, Squirt. Let's see what you learned today."

I crawled over Jason and sat on top of Brett, who was laying on his back. I don't know if he wanted to show off in front of our brothers or not, but I sure did and he got hard almost instantly, so I guess he really didn't mind. I lifted my butt up and sat back down, right on top of Brett's dick.

"See, Boo!" I said proudly. "I can make it disappear." Lifting my butt, "And make it reappear!" Sitting back down, "Magic, Huh!"

Five hard-ons showing, including mine, and one hidden. Just like that!

"Oh, Jeeze!"

"You're fucking him Brett!"

"Damn! LOOK at THAT!!!"

"FUCK! What are you doing, Jimmy?"

That last was from Boo. I grinned at him. "I'm fucking Brett, Boo. He spent all afternoon fucking me, so now I'm fucking him back. Turn-about's fair play, isn't it?"

By now I was bouncing up and down on Brett and I though Boo's eyes were going to pop out of his head the way he was watching us. Brett forgot all about the control he'd learned and shot off inside me in almost no time. I milked him down good with my butt muscles and then slid off of him, getting on my hands and knees between him and Thomas.

"Come on, Thomas. It's your turn!" I said.

Thomas didn't argue or hesitate. He bounced up on his knees behind me, grabbled hold of his leaky boner, looked down to aim and sunk into me on the first try. Thomas grabbed hold of my hips and got to work, but had even less control than Brett. Six strokes and he was bouncing against my butt, dumping everything he had into me. Then he squealed like a rabbit and fell backwards onto the bed and just laid there quivering. I got up and looked at him, grinning at my latest conquest. Then I crawled across Brett and laid down on Jason's chest, gently pulling at the hair that was just starting to grow around his sixteen-year-old nipples.

Jason was my quiet brother. The thinker. He seldom had much to say, but everybody listened to him because he made a lot of sense when he did have something to say. Unlike the rest of us, who were lean and wiry, Jason was bulky with great masses of muscle, just like our Uncle Boo. His dick wasn't as big as Boo's but lots bigger than Brett or Thomas'. He had a really nice patch of dusty blonde hair around his dick but the rest of him was almost hairless, like all the muscles wouldn't give the hair any place to grow. I knew that I was going to have to be careful with Jason because he wouldn't let his dick do his thinking for him.

"Jimmy. Don't you think I'm a little big for you?"

I just laid there on his chest, pulling at the few, almost invisible strands of hair and nodded 'Yes' against the smooth muscles.

Jason slid his hands down my back and gently, absentmindedly squeezed my butt and played with it as he thought. My lips slid across his Bunyanesque chest and I lay there, quietly nursing while he thought.

I felt Jason become erect, down between my legs and with a sigh of resignation, he rolled us over. My legs automatically reached up around his tight, hard waist and my fingers latched onto the bulge of his massive biceps. I felt Brett reach down between us and guide Jason to my hole. I groaned in ecstasy as I felt Jason smoothly, tenderly, softly spread me more open than I'd ever been before in my life. Beads of sweat popped out on the smooth surface of his glistening skin and the rank raunch smell of him swelled the linings of my nose in a way that made my whole body tingle. I could feel myself stretching, and I could feel every crease and groove and swollen vein of his throbbing shaft as it pulsed and vibrated its way through the tightness of my blinking orifice into the open sheath beyond. He pushed against something inside me that sent electric sparks all over my body and made me hunch up so that the rest of him glided right into me.

I reached up and bussed his lips with my already swollen and pinkly tender little boy lips. As soon as his jaw relaxed my tongue darted into his mouth and I sucked at him as he ground his mass of pubic hair into my butt. I got the feeling that Jason already had some experience using his dick because he didn't loose control like Brett and Thomas had. But maybe Jason just wasn't the sort to loose control just because he got his dick wet. In any case, Thomas and Brett had fucked me. Jason was making love to me. Slow and easy at first, he ground against my bottom as he kissed and fondled me. Stroking me and sucking at my tongue and telling me what a wonderful brother I was, what a fantastic boy. How good I was making him feel and how much he wanted to make me feel just as good. I was totally under his control and willing to do anything, ANYTHING that he wanted me to do.

I begged him to fuck me harder, faster, deeper, more, to never let go and he responded by teasing me with his hands and lips and slowly, slowly, slowly fucking me until I was crazy with lust and the need to be fucked in my aching, sucking, trembling butt.

One long stroke and then Jason went back to his slow, gentle fucking motion, just barely moving my hole back and forth. I started crying, begging Jason to please not torture me. To give me what I needed. One more long stroke.

I kept begging, shivering all over as I had one little-boy orgasm after another and Jason gradually relented. Taking longer and longer strokes at first and then starting to speed up as he reached his maximum stroke length of about six or seven inches.

I was clutching at him, screaming 'Yes!' and working my ass all over his cock and begging for more when he shifted, moving forward so that I was up on my shoulders with my butt pointed up in the air so that he could pound it mercilessly. I could barely breath like that but I refused to let go of the grip I had on his forearms and I had my legs locked around his waist so that he couldn't get away.

Yelling, bellowing, pouring sweat and tears all over me, Jason slammed his hips into my ass, knocking both of us back down flat on the bed. Hunching madly, Jason curled his hips down between my legs and forced himself as far up inside me as he could and exploded like a volcano, pouring his molten lava into me and making me spark and shimmy all over with my own magic feeling.

Before he could collapse his Herculean weight on me I scrambled out from under him and watched him collapse like a mighty oak separated from the ground.

I scrambled up on top of Boo for protection and while my butt was still tingling from the pounding Jason had given it I lifted Boo's heavy butt plugger and sat down on it. Boo gasped for air and involuntarily twitched his hips forward, setting himself firmly up inside me. Putting the same "Poor little boy" look on my face that I used to wheedle cookies out of Mom, I begged, "Please, Boo. Pretty please can I have another fuck?" Batting my eyes at him as coyly as I knew how (I'd learned that one from my little sister) I reached down between my wide-spread legs and grabbed a double handful of pubic hair and started bouncing up and down.

"Please, Boo. Please can I have another fuck?"

"Oh, Jeeze!" Boo groaned, beads of sweat popping out all over his forehead as he reached down and grabbed me around the waist. His hands went all the way around me and he used me to jack off, only it was my butthole holding his dick instead of his hands. Gleefully, I started using my legs to push off, making him bounce me higher and higher. Laughing and crowing with pleasure as Boo's thick rod slid in and out of me, I was amazed at how wonderful being fucked by my big brother felt. His foreskin was just as long and loose as my other brothers, but Boo had enough length that when he really got us going I was moving far enough up and down his shaft that there wasn't enough loose skin for the entire trip. The feeling of his skin pulling back and forth across the exposed flesh of my tender backside was wonderful. I loved the feeling of a boys shaft sliding inside of its skin in and out of me, but the added stimulus of Boo's skin being pulled across mine at the end of each stroke was fantastic!

It didn't take Boo long to respond to my begging. He got up, holding me tight to his groin. He stood beside the bed and laid me back down, my butt at the edge of the bed and my head using Jason's thigh as a pillow to hold my head up so I could see what Boo was doing. He grabbed my ankles and pushed them up over my head, lifting my butt up level with his crotch. Then he started fucking me like there was never going to be a tomorrow and no more fucking--ever!

Brett leaned over Jason and started playing with my titties, pinching them and twisting them as I begged him and Boo for more. Jason took over working on one of my titties and Brett concentrated on the other one as Thomas sneaked over Jason's legs and crouched at the bottom of the bed. He pulled back my foreskin with two fingers and popped my delectable little raspberry into his mouth, sucking until it felt like I was peeing in his mouth.

Billy appeared at the top of the bed and asked me if I was okay. I reached up and took hold of his ear, pulling him down to me until I could get his lips over mine. Billy is a spectacular kisser.

I was so bemused by all that was going on, especially the way Billy was kissing me that I almost didn't notice when Boo started huffing and chuffing and getting all crazy, pounding at my ass and whistling air between his clenched teeth. I started working my butthole on him and he couldn't take it. Slamming into me he let loose so hard that I though he was peeing inside me. I didn't mind if he was, by this time I'd made up my mind that anything my brothers wanted to do was fine by me, I just didn't realize that someone could cum that much and that hard.

Boo collapsed, his cock slithering out of me like a snake out of a cream filled hole. I begged Billy, around his kissing lips, talking funny because his tongue was still in my mouth, I BEGGED him to fuck me. He said, "NO!" That he was too big. I swore I'd tell him if it hurt and he said that one cry or whimper out of me and he was going to stop.

Without leaving my lips he swiveled around and took my ankles from Boo. As slowly as he could, trembling with need, his huge organ, the biggest of any of my brothers, tenderly pushed against me.

I grabbed Boo's balls and pulled him to my mouth, sucking him inside so that no one could hear any noise I might make. Billy never slowed down. He kept kissing me, even with Boo's dick in my mouth. As much as they had beat off together every night and morning, none of my brothers had ever really touched each other. I guess I was setting some sort of bad example, because Billy was barely half-way inside me when he sucked Boo's dick out of my mouth and into his, leaving me with only the shaft and balls to lick and suck at.

When Billy's cock went into me I'd felt myself stretching and stretching until it felt like I couldn't stretch any more. When the fattest part of Billy's cockhead went in I could feel myself tearing. It hurt, but no way was I going to let Billy stop. All of my brothers except Billy had fucked me and put their sperm inside me and no way was I going to leave Billy out. I wanted his cum inside me and I didn't care how much it hurt to get it! Besides, it hurt some at first with Boo and Jason too, but it quickly felt really good having them fuck me. Billy was very gentle and loving. We kept trading the head of Boo's dick back and forth, kissing each other in the process as Billy gave me a thorough fucking that I will always remember. Towards the end of his fuck my guts turned to butter and I became very slick inside. All of Billy slipped right up inside me and touched something way up inside that caused me to explode over and over. Not starting in my groin like all the other cums I'd had since my brothers started helping me, but all over my body at once. Billy seemed to be able to make my whole body go off all at once.

When Billy started cumming I just hung onto him as tightly as I could, Boo's cock forgotten and my whole body in convulsions. It was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me. The heavy weight and bulk of Billy's monster cock filled my guts from my overstretched anus all the way up to my stomach. When he was pushed up inside me and just holding still I could feel him pushing my stomach against the breathing muscle across the bottom of my chest. The sheer size of him pushed all my guts aside and made my usually flat belly bulge up in a curve that made it look like I had to go to the bathroom really bad. Feeling the weight of him just laying there in me like that made me so horny that all I could think of was trying to get him to use that thing to fuck me, and fuck me good!

I loved the feeling of trying to shit out the big log up my butt. And when Billy or Boo would cooperate by slowly withdrawing it felt like I was taking the best dump of my life with my asshole tingling and a vast feeling of relief as the vein corrugated surface of their fat shafts made my butthole ripple with pleasure. Billy had a trick of letting me push him out until only the fat mushroom bulk of his swollen helmet was in my anal tract. Then he'd scrape the walls of my velvet lined tube back and forth with the great flared rim of his sensitive cockhead until I was screaming and bouncing around all over the place. Only then would he relent and give me the pleasure of feeling the great mass of him pushing back up inside me. I'd strain down, doing everything I could to keep the immense turd from coming back in and constipating me, knowing that there was no way I could resist Billy's fuck stroke, but also knowing that the harder I tried to keep him out the more pleasure there would be for both of us. Billy felt me, and knew how hard I was working to make it extra good for him. He thanked me and praised me over and over, making me want to be even better for him, to be what he wanted me to be, to take all of him inside of me and to make his hole plugger so happy it would never want to leave me. The more Billy would fuck me, the more I wanted him to fuck me. I cried and begged and he eventually relented, unable to constrain himself any further, his hips took on a life of their own as Billy quit trying to be careful of his little brother and started making passionate love to someone he was deeply in lust with, someone he desired, someone with an equal need for the stimulation and excess fervor of a male in rut, of a man being a man, accomplishing his purpose in life, driving relentlessly towards the peak until shattering thunder pounded in all four ears and the universe ceased to exist except for the sphere of furious energy they had generated between them, making it swell, expand, distend, stretch to encompass everything that was until the dynamic potential was uncontainable and a new universe was created in a big bang that splattered both boys beyond sensibility. Trembling, gasping for air, gushing the essence of his body, Billy clung to his baby brother and cried, kept from dissolution only by the loving embrace of Little Jimmy's pipestem arms and legs holding him tightly to his one remaining contact with reality.

Jimmy, lost in his own total body release, clung to the strength of his big brother with a desperation born of need --- and of love. He cried, not from any pain, because there was none, but from the overwhelming knowledge of how much Billy and his other brothers truly loved him. He could feel Billy covering him and filling him. He could feel Boo caressing his sweat damp hair and filling his mouth, trusting his manhood to his baby brother. He could feel Jason's powerful hands, capable of crushing the slight form of this, the smallest of his siblings, gently, infinitely tenderly caressing his chest and titillating his titties as his lips kissed the top of his head and Boo's wandering hand. He felt Brett's soft hair on his belly, his mouth so wonderfully nursing on his electrified little boy spout, giving his little brother all the loving attention he was capable of, willing to let his other brothers see him acting the faggot, taking care of Jimmy being vastly more important to him than whatever his other brothers might think of him. By elimination it was Thomas down between his legs, under Billy's pounding pud, licking at Jimmy's poor overwhelmed sphincter, wetting the tender hole, the shaft of his big brothers coursing thickness and the heavy, pendulous balls, keeping everything slicked up and fluid so that the baby brother he loved so much could take the pounding he was receiving with as little danger or discomfort as possible. The love they felt for him swelled and flooded over him as Billy's organ swelled and flooded within him. His brothers were no longer separate. Not separate people and not separate from him. The love swelled and then contracted around them until they were as one. They were brothers, they were family, and not even death could separate them after this. Jimmy passed out. His face covered with a blissful, satisfied smile.


Jason and Boo, aided by Brett, held the stuporous Billy up so that he didn't crush Jimmy. They gently rolled Billy off of Jimmy onto his back, his long limp, but still swollen cock slithering out of Jimmy's cum coated guts without resistance. The boys were trying to make Billy comfortable when Thomas stuck his head up from between the unconscious Jimmy's legs, concern writ large across his honest features. "Boo! Jimmy's bleeding!"

Billy was dropped unceremoniously to the bed and all four brothers tried to see what was wrong at the same time. Boo whacked a few heads and told everyone to calm down. Jason lit the kerosene lamp while Brett and Thomas held up Jimmy's legs. Boo spread his unconscious baby brothers butt cheeks and the hole yawned open before him. He couldn't tell where the blood was coming from, but Jimmy was definitely bleeding. Scared, worried about Jimmy, he told Brett, the fastest runner of them all, to go get Daddy. Brett gave Thomas Jimmy's other leg, stepped into his shoes and was gone, not even bothering to lace up his shoes or step into a pair of pants.

Boo went to the kitchen and came back with a cold, wet dish towel. Billy was up and holding Jimmy, crying and damning himself for doing something he knew he shouldn't have done. Boo put the cold, wet compress on Jimmy and he and Billy sat there, holding Jimmy, leaning their heads together and crying.

Jason and Thomas, not knowing what to do, feeling helpless, stood there and held each other as they cried.