Chapter 4

And Work Themselves Out

My brothers were so wonderful. They still took care of me, just like they always had, but now it was different. Better. I wasn't just the little brother they watched over any more. I was one of them. Accepted. Part of the group. A valued member of their gang. Working with them was a joy. They made our chores fun and there was always time for a hug or pat-fanny and smile. Everybody pretty much gave up trying to keep clothes on me. I loved running around naked and I'd let anyone dress me, but ten minutes later I'd be naked again! Unless we had company of course. The first time I walked in on company without any clothes, after having been dressed and told why I should stay dressed --- well... let's just say that between my Daddy sending me to bed and Uncle Bill paddling my bottom for disobeying him and my brothers not letting me sleep with them that night, well, I just never made that mistake again. It wasn't fun and it wasn't funny.

Thomas and Brett became my constant companions. Not only were they a lot of fun to be with, but I loved playing with Brett's big balls and I thought Thomas was beautiful. At twelve he was becoming a man but the little bit of pubic hair he had was so pale and fine that it was invisible unless you got right up close and looked. So he looked naked and hairless like me, smooth and sleek, his body hard and fit, unblemished and perfectly shaped. His balls weren't dinky little ones like mine any more. They were getting bigger and could make the sperm stuff and everything. His sac wasn't all shrunk up and wrinkled like mine either, not unless it was real cold. It was really neat. The more his balls grew the smoother and thinner the skin on his sac got. I loved playing with his balls. I had to be really gentle, because his balls were a lot more sensitive than any of my other brothers, but he really liked the way that any time I could get to them I'd either be studying them really closely or I'd have them in my mouth. I could suck on my other brothers nuts, but only Thomas' fit in my mouth so good and had that special taste that a boy gets between being a boy and being a man. Everybody used to joke about how I was like a calf on the tittie with Thomas.

Well, Thomas used to tease me about that too, but he never said I couldn't have his nuts whenever I wanted them. Once, when I had a bad fever, he stayed in bed with me for five days. The only way I'd be quiet was if I was laying between Thomas' legs, sucking on his whole bag like it was my Mama's nipple. If he had to go to the outhouse, the only time he ever left me during that time, my Dad or one of my brothers would give me a nut to suck on, but I'd fret something awful until Thomas came back and made me comfortable again. His balls were all red and swole up by the time I was feeling better. I cried because I thought I'd hurt Thomas when I saw his balls, but he shushed me and told me he wasn't hurt and that I could suck on his balls whenever I wanted --- and he put them right back in my mouth to prove it. And then held me and petted me until I went back to sleep, still sucking on his balls.

My brothers gradually got to the place where they were a lot more comfortable with each other. After Daddy put them all on their knees and had them suck me to one little boy orgasm after another and then put them across the edge of his bed and had me stick their butts with my steel hard little three inch pecker, all my brothers got a lot easier around each other. Oh, I was always the one that really preferred sucking and getting fucked, but they got real relaxed around each other. Sometimes sucking on each other, even if they usually let me have the cream. They'd even fuck each other from time to time. Eventually, each of my brothers had fucked and been fucked all the others as well as having sucked and been sucked by each other.

One of the most awesome things that happened was one afternoon, we were all up in the loft together. We were supposed to be taking a nap but I was too giggly and got everybody else wound up and we started having sex. I was trying to wrestle Thomas but he just got behind me and pushed that slick cock of his up my ass. I started complaining that wasn't a fair wrestling hold but Jason just stuck his dick in my mouth to shut me up. I tried to fight them but when Brett started playing with my titties I gave up and got busy! Billy, like usual, was back away from all the fuss. Just laying there watching. Enjoying himself quietly like he usually did.

Boo had been playing with my butt where Thomas was poking me. He noticed Billy laying over there by himself and crawled across the hay and flopped down next to him. Boo was on his side and put his knee across Billy's legs and rested a hand on Billy's strong chest. Holding his head up with his other hand, Boo asked Billy what was the matter.

Jason, Brett and Thomas got real quiet and I wiggled around, trying to get them going again but Jason just slapped my butt and whispered between his teeth for me to be quiet. I lifted my head off his dick and when I saw what was happening I sat down on Thomas' lap, just making sure that he couldn't slip out of me before I settled down to watch.

I saw tears in Billy's eyes before he turned his head away from Boo. Frowning, Boo pulled Billy's face back around and he asked Billy what was wrong.

Billy covered his face with his hands and sobbed out, "I love you so much, Boo."

In one smooth flowing motion Boo was leaning up over Billy, holding his weight up on his elbows. Boo pulled Billy's hands off his face and looked directly into Billy's eyes, his own eyes full of water. "Billy," he said really quietly, the whole barn holding it's breath as we all listened, "I love you too."

With that, so carefully that you would have though Billy was a wild rabbit that Boo was afraid would bolt and run away, Boo lowered his face and brushed Billy's lips with his own. From tender to fierce took but seconds as our two oldest brothers respect, love and need for each other crushed their lips together and their mouths opened and started working madly at each other. Hands were everywhere. Feeling, groping, fondling, touching like they had both wanted to touch each other for years --- but hadn't. We all sat there watching, stunned by the fury of their lovemaking. Boo was on top of Billy and then they were rolling over and over. Grabbing, clutching at each other in frantic need.

Boo managed to get onto his back with Billy on top of him. His legs came up and clutched Billy around the waist. Billy, almost mindless, was battering at Boo's entrance, trying madly to fuck him.

With a cry of concern I jumped up off of Thomas's peg and grabbed the can of Bag Balm. I ran across the loft to my big brothers, knowing that they were going to do each other an injury in their thoughtless lust and need for each other. Pushing Billy's thrusting man pole aside I started slathering Boo's ass with handfuls of the lubricant. Frustrated, the stallion in Billy bit into the side of Boo's neck and, squealing, he redoubled his efforts to fuck his older brother.

Thomas was suddenly on his knees beside me. Grabbing Billy's rampant prong and filling his other hand with Bag Balm. By now I had Boo's eager almost (except for my skinny three inches) virgin ass ready, my little hand up inside him, opening him for Billy's overabundant size and spreading lubricant as far up as I could reach. I slid my hand and wrist carefully out of the eagerly moaning Boo and Thomas guided Billy's thickly coated gut puncher to it's target. With a double roar of satisfaction the two well-built young men slammed together. Thomas held me around the shoulders and I felt Jason move in behind me and plug into my ass, not really fucking me, just comfortably hooking up with me and holding me as he watched in amazement his two oldest brothers. Brett came up on my other side and put his arm over Thomas' across my shoulders. I pushed back on Jason's dick until I could comfortably take Thomas and Brett's erections in my hands. The four of us stayed like that, holding onto each other as we watched the furious results of our brothers repressed feelings for each other explode into glorious reality.

Boo started to cum, huge masses of his thick curdled cum splashing all over him and Billy and the hay. The spastic response of his over stimulated body lit Billy off and he howled as he crushed himself as close to Boo as he could while his ass clenched and clenched and clenched as he shot his full load into the older brother he loved so much.

Without really noticing it, us four younger brothers started shooting all over the place too. I was shaking like crazy and clear fluid was seeping out of my purple swollen organ. Thomas and Brett were blasting all over Billy and Boo and the hay. Jason kept things neat by pumping his load up my ass.

As one, we moved. Jason and Brett laying down alongside the collapsed and shivering pair while the lightweights, Thomas and I got on Billy's back, four sets of arms and legs linking and intertwining, perfecting the warm and protective circle of love with which we surrounded our twitching and trembling beloved older brothers. Daddy found us like that later, asleep in the perfect union of brotherly love.

Even today Boo and Billy sometimes disappear together for a while --- and it's usually not too long before we start hearing the "Uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh" sound Boo makes when his ass is getting plowed good. Boo is always willing to let one of us fuck him if we want too, but Billy is the only one he seeks, and really enjoys having fuck his butt.

Once everyone got comfortable knowing that they were all good at sucking and fucking, things got a lot easier for me. It was accepted that I was going to be a butt-boy just like Daddy. Everybody was really proud of me and every time one of my cousins came to visit my brothers couldn't wait to show them how good I was. By the time I was eleven and my dick and balls were starting to grow I'd had every single one of my male relatives inside my mouth and butt and Daddy said I could go to the men's meeting with him this year and help him out.

Guess I'm kinda getting ahead of myself, so I'll just say that as soon as I'd healed up Dad and his older brothers took me to Papa's bed and showed me some of the stuff a butt-boy needed to know. When I insisted, Daddy, and then Uncle Bill and Uncle Boo showed me how a man fucks a boy. That was kind of funny because they tried to be real careful and gentle. But when they fell asleep, I went back to bed with my brothers and showed them everything the men had taught me. When they were done Boo carried me and put me back in bed with Daddy and his brothers so they could screw me again in the morning. Just to prove I wasn't hurt, I made all eight of them screw me either in the mouth or the butt or both when we were at the pond cleaning up that morning. Daddy said that I was a natural born butt-boy and that he was proud of me. We got down on our hands and knees side by side together and all our brothers had another shot at us while daddy told me some neat stuff about being a butt-boy for the family. That was when Daddy told my brothers that they were supposed to share me with their cousins and the other men in the family when they came visiting. Nobody ever went to sleep in our house with a dry dick unless they wanted to.

So, that's how I got started. There's more to tell, and we all will. But it's harvest time and getting busy, so the telling of that story will have to wait. Thanks for listening to my story, and you all be nice to each other, you hear!

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