What I Did On My Summer Vacation (`07)

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My name is Tim. I'm 24 years old and I'm from Houston. I wrote this a couple of years ago after the summer it happened, but never posted it. I thought I'd post it now. I hope you like it. Although slight liberties have been taken in the telling of the story, it is true.

I hadn't been fucked since the last time he fucked me which was when I was home over spring break. So, I was tight and it hurt like hell. But my dad wasn't taking `no'for an answer, and I wasn't giving it either.

To be honest, I had dressed to get fucked even before I got on the plane: slightly tight t-shirt that showed off my pecs and my biceps, nicely tight Wranglers (no better jeans to show off my high and tight bubble butt), and my Ariat boots, of course. I was coming home to Houston for the summer after finishing my junior year at UCLA. Meeting my dad at baggage claim at IHC, the first thing I saw in his eyes was utter joy and love at seeing his only son. This was quickly followed by a look like a wolf gives to a sheep before he devours it.

Just to set the scene, my dad is 50 yrs old, dark, dark brown hair & blue eyes (just like me), 6'2", 210 lbs of mostly muscle (with a little around the middle). He has big broad shoulders, a hairy chest with big pecs, great beefy legs, and an ass that makes my mouth water. He likes wearing Wranglers and boots, the unofficial uniform of the regular guy in Texas...not a khakis-loafers-golf-shirt type of guy, my dad.

I was 21, 6'1" 185 lbs of muscle (still am) I rowed for UCLA so my legs and ass were rock hard and I had ridiculously low body fat since the competitive season ended just a few weeks before I got home. When I first saw my dad at baggage claim, I got a huge fucking boner. I was already thinking about what would be happening when we got home. Luckily I was wearing a jock strap underneath my jeans. Normally, I'm a boxers guy. But I knew I'd need control down there if I was going to be around him in public. What can I say? My dad is the hottest guy I've ever seen. He gets me hard with one look.

Anyway, there we were face to face again; me and my dad.

"Welcome home, son!"

He gave me a big hug and held on tight. A middle-aged lady waiting next to him looked at us with a "that's-so-sweet" smile on her face.

He let go and looked into my eyes.

"Are you hungry?"

"I brought my dinner on the plane with me."

"Ok, well it's late anyway. Let's get your bags and get out of here, sport."

"I only have my backpack. I sent the rest of my stuff with the boxes last week."

"Great. Let's go then."

We walked out toward the parking garage with his arm around my shoulder. He's really proud of me and he doesn't care about showing it. He's also a fucking horn dog and that shows too. When we got to the parking garage and there was no one else around, he let go of my shoulder and said, "The truck's just up there on the right. Go on ahead."

`What's he doing?' I thought.

I walked on for a few seconds and then turned around to see him just standing there with a big shit-eating grin on his face. My old man was checking out my ass! And he had a big fat bulge in the front of his jeans to show what he thought of it. He grabbed it and said, "You sure turned out to be one fine looking man, son."

I let out a short laugh and said, "Come on, Dad! Let's get out of here already!"

We got into the truck, and I threw my backpack in the backseat of the crew cab. He turned the key and then turned to me.

"I really missed you, Tim."

"I missed you, too, Dad."

He leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips...a nice full kiss with his hot warm lips. I could feel my cock jump in my jeans. He put it in reverse, put his big meaty hand on my thigh, and we were off.

We caught up on everything as we drove home: finals, his job, my summer internship. We were only about 20 minutes from home when he suddenly pulled the truck over about a yard off the shoulder and turned to me with a really serious look on his face.

"Come on. In the back, buddy. I can't wait anymore."

He was already opening his door when I said,

"Not here, Dad! Are you crazy?"

"You're right" he said and closed the door, his face still serious. "We'll go up to that new subdivision near our house."

There was a new development being built about a 2 minute drive from our house. The land had just been cleared, but no houses had been built yet.

`Damn', I thought, `He must have been saving it up for a while if he's this horny'.

He started driving again, with this maniacal look in his eye. My dick was about to rip it's way out of my jeans. I looked over at his crotch and saw the outline of his fat 8 ½ inch cock straining away. I reached over and started rubbing his bulge. My mouth started to water.

"Careful, son. It's been awhile and I don't want to cum until I'm inside you."

Holy fuck! My dad and I had been fucking for a while. But, I never heard him say anything like that. As we drove, I started to get myself ready for what was to come...I undid my belt buckle and started unbuttoning my jeans.

My dad turned a hard right into a dark street with a lot of vacant lots with oak and pine trees. He made another hard right and stopped the truck. We both got out and I walked over to his side of the truck. It was really dark, but I could see him up close. He pushed me back against the truck, got his big arms around me and stuck his mouth on mine hard, thrusting his tongue in deep. His hands went straight down my back and onto my bubble butt cheeks. He pushed my jeans down with his thumbs, then his right hand wandered down into my crack. He pulled his hand out of my pants and held it up between our faces like he was showing me something. I gave him a look like "WTF?" and he put his index finger in his mouth and pulled it out all wet with spit. He then stuck it back down into my ass crack and started rubbing slow circles around my hole. It felt so good, I thought I was gonna pass out. My knees buckled a little and he caught me with his left arm around the small of my back. I reached behind me and opened the back door to the cab. He pushed the door aside and lifted me up and put me on the seat.

"Raise up your legs, son."

"Yes, sir."

I did what I was told and he reached around and grabbed hold of my jeans waistband, yanking them down to my knees.

"Beautiful!" he said as he pushed me onto my back with my legs in the air. His hot handsome face dove right into my crack and he started tonguing my ass like crazy. He literally fucked me with his tongue and all I could do was lie there and take it. I wrapped my arms under my knees and held them up so my dad could have full access.

"Nice touch with the jock strap, Tim." He said with a big smile on his face. "You sure know how to get your old man going."

"Anything for you, Dad...I mean it."

"Alright then!" he said, the smile still on his face.

With that he slid me back onto the cab seat and he came into the cab on top of me. I could see he'd already unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans and underwear down below his crotch. Damn that was a big dick and some fat low hangers, too. I'd seen it a hundred times, but still couldn't help but stare. As we both knew what was next, he spit in his hand and I spat in mine simultaneously. That made us laugh, but we didn't pause. I reached under myself and rubbed my spit up the entire length of his cock while he wet my boy pussy with his, sliding in a couple of fingers to loosen me up. I groaned and he said, "Ready, sport?"

"Just a sec..." I said and spat into my hand again and rubbed it all over his fat knob. That was gonna hurt after not feeling it for 3 months.

He moved his hips forward and I felt his big fleshy head push apart my ass lips. It was hurting, but I could see past that. I reached behind and grabbed his ass and pulled him into me. Fuuuuuck! It hurt so fucking good!!!! He started pumping away long hard strokes. He pushed my t-shirt up and started kneading my pecs with his big hands. I unbuttoned his shirt and was pulling on his big nipples and running my hands all over his hairy chest. Then he pushed my legs even further back over my head and started pile-driving my boy cunt. My cock was still locked in my jock, but I was about to come in 5 seconds if he kept it up...which he did. Fucking me deep and hard he looked right into my eyes and said, "I'm cumming, son! I'm gonna shoot inside you!"

I met his eyes and said in a hard and serious voice, "Fuck me, Dad! Fuck me deep! Cum in my ass!"

He started fucking me faster and faster.

"Oh, son!!!" he said as he arched his back and then thrust his hips as far into me as he could go. He kept slamming me hard and moaning as I felt him shoot over and over inside my ass. When I felt his first spurt inside me, I completely soaked my jock (I came so much, I thought I'd pissed myself!!!).

With his dick still buried in me, my dad collapsed on top of me and let out a big `Whew!'

"Damn, Son. That was great!"

He dropped his lips to mine and gave me a deep, long wet kiss.

"I can think of no one else I'd rather be with than you, Tim. I really love you, you know?"

"I love you, too, Dad," I said with a smile.

"We'd better get out of here quick before somebody comes along."

"You weren't so worried about that 10 minutes ago...or was it only 5?" I said.

We laughed together.

When he pulled out of me and it was like opening floodgates: his load came pouring out of my ass.

"I'll get you some Kleenex from the glove box."

"A Kleenex ain't gonna do it, Dad. Let's just get home and we'll clean up there."

I slid off the back seat and stood up on the ground. Pulling up my jeans, another load leaked out of me and went dribbling down my leg. I got hard again. My hot, handsome dad had just fucked the hell out of me in the back of his pickup truck; and we hadn't even gotten our jeans all the way off! `How fucking hot is that?' I thought. I'm a lucky boy!!!

I walked around to the passenger side and got in. My dad was already starting the truck up when I turned to him and said, "This is going to be a great summer, isn't it?"

He looked at me, clapped his right hand on my thigh and said, "You can bet your sweet ass it is. Ready to go home now?"

"Yes, sir."

We were home in about 2 minutes. 3 minutes after that, he was fucking me from behind in the shower.

The next day, my dad needed help with the yard. It was so hot, close to 100. I was wearing only a pair of rowing shorts and some running shoes. My dad had on an old pair of cut offs and some flip-flops...but that's another story...

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