This is Part 3 of an original story written by Dirk Carlor, a very horny young adult. It is fiction. If you like this story and would like to chat with me, or if you have an idea for something you'd like to see happen in the next chapter, send me an e-mail at (Especially men over 40!). Get those dicks hard and wet, but don't cum till the end.

            I could feel the wetness of the very tip of my own Father's cock as he dragged it back and forth across my tightly shut lips.He was laughing, pinching my nose hard, and I was trying not to panic. I had to hold my breath for as long as I could, because I knew the second I opened my lips to breatheÉ

            I had held my breath for a long time before, but I actually was beginning to feel like I was going to pass out. I knew if I passed out there was no telling what sort of position I would wake up in, since my Dad clearly had lost his mind, so I figured there was only one choice. With one final pleading look up at my father, I accepted my fate and opened my mouth to gasp at the air.

            I barely got in that one gasp, however, before my dad had rammed the entire length of his long pole down into my once virgin throat. His strong hands were on the back of my hair, pushing my head forward while simultaneously grasping a thick handful of my curly blonde hair. My nose was buried in his pubes, and his cock was so long that it felt like that huge mushroom head was halfway to my stomach. I was gagging and coughing, my cheeks puffing out around dads cock as I was still gasping for air. Dad was soothing me as if I was a baby getting a shot.

            "ShhhÉcalm down, Son. You can take it, I know you can. Come on boy, just relax that throat.I'll teach you to be the best cocksucker in the county."

            I was gagging, spit running down my face, for almost 10 minutes. Dad didn't let up, just held me there, pushed his hips into my face, and talked me through it. When I had gone a full minute without gagging, dad slowly began to slide his dick out of my mouth. His fat cock head slid across my tongue, leaving a trail of precum and whipped cream like a slug.

            That's when this whole experience started to change.

            It happened slowly, in stages, but it wasn't long before I was really beginning to enjoy the "torture" my horny father was putting me through. Sure, I was still turned off by the fact that this was my FATHER and a MAN doing these things to me. I felt helpless and lost. But something about that taste, the mixture of my father's precum and the whipped cream taste I remember for my mouthÉwellÉI swear it was like I was finally realizing that this is something that I wantedÉor at least something I didn't want to stop.

            Dad must have realized it too, because as he was pulling out, he smiled really big and said "O yeah, there we go. Now you're getting the hang of this, Dirk." His dick was so long, and he was pulling out so slowly that he had plenty of time to give me instructions. "Now listen, boy. I don't want my dick to leave your lips. I just want you to get a good taste of the very tip.I think you'll like it."

            Dad let the tip of his dick rest just inside my lips, so that I was making a puckering face around the very end of it. "Look up at me," he ordered, and I turned my big blue eyes up at him. I could see the same look of pride in my Dad's face that he would get after I won a wrestling match, or the first time I rode my bike without training wheels. He loved to push me, always, and he was so proud to see how good of a cocksucker his straight boy son (or former straight boy son, it was beginning to seem), was turning out to be.

            Though I've always been told I'm very handsome, I've had ears that stick out all my life. My dad used to have them too, but since his face has become so squared they've flattened out. Girls have always thought mine were cute, and found them easy to kiss and suck as they touched my rock hard body, but Dad had found a new use for those ears.With his two hands he grabbed my head, and began to pump me back and forth on his dick.

            It wasn't long before dad was pumping in and out of my throat with ease, pushing his hairy bush into my face with each thrust.He started to go faster, his giant nuts swinging like a pendulum and slapping against my chin. He was really going at my face hard, every so often allowing me to lick inside the slit on the tip to taste the freshest precum.

            Dad was being very careful to get his dick almost all the way out, and then shoving it back in. But suddenly, after about 45 minutes of uninterrupted face fucking, dad pulled his dick out. Before I knew what I was doing, I found myself chasing after his dick with my lips, like a hungry baby suckling for its bottle. I tried to catch myself, but it was surprising even to me, and Dad clearly saw how hungry I was for his dick.He let out one of his deep belly laughs.

            "Well, well, well. Just as I suspected. I think I might finally be able to untie you, huh boy? "I nodded and started to speak, but once again as I opened my mouth Dad's throbbing piece was ready and waiting at my lips, and was down my throat before I could make a peep. He was pumping into my mouth, bucking his hips so smoothly and rhythmically, as he reached behind me and I felt the rope loosen to release my hands. I pulled them forward, and started to try to push dad away, but he just laughed and said "Don't even pretend boy. I saw you chase after my dick like the hungry cock slut you are.You may not be all the way there, but by the end of the night you will know that your only purpose on earth is to service these 10 inches of grade A meat."

            He pulled his cock all the way out, and I gasped a few times, finally being able to get a few full pulls of air into my lungs.Dad looked down at me, his hands on his hips, laughing quietly to himself again. Then he seized my right ear and pulled me up like he used to when he really wanted my attention when I was just a kid. He pulled me up really close to his mouth, so as he whispered into my ear I could feel his hot breath. It was intimidating, and I found myself feeling like I had so many years ago, when I would get in trouble with him.I was afraid of him, but also knew he was always right. I wanted to do whatever I could to correct my mistake. But the question was, what mistake had I made to deserve this?

            "This is a very important lesson you're learning boy. Not just today, because that's what today is. One big, long lesson. But this section of your lesson, this chapter of the textbook of servicing your father's dick, is crucial. You see, this is the part where you learn how important this cock is." He slapped his cock against my thigh, and I felt his precum and my spit splatter on me. "This cock," he growled, "is your reason for LIFE. You need to understand this dick, and everything about it.You need to have it memorized.I want you to see it when you sleep, to taste it in the back of your throat when you're hungry. You will become and expert on one thing, and that will be your father's dick!"

            With that he let go of my ear and pushed me to my knees in one shove. He grabbed the back of the head and slammed my face into his crotch, barking at me "KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN". He mashed my face into his groin, making get up close and personal with my maker with my eyes open. Then he released my head and gently stroked my chin. Dad was very suave.

            "Describe it to me."

            "Wh-what?" I stammered.This was the first thing I had said to my dad since I had been cursing at him, and even I noticed how different I sounded. I sounded like a curious boy, rather than the big, macho straight man I had been pretending to be when I walked into that kitchen so na•ve to my father's plans.

            "I said, describe that dick you're looking at.Start with the head, and go down to those big nuts. I want to hear every detail. Describe your daddy's cock boy, come on."

            I was beyond protesting. I had accepted that my father was bigger than I was, smarter than I was, and there was no getting around it. I grabbed my father's giant cock in my fist; it looked so huge. I took a close look at the head.

            "Your cock head is enormous, Dad. It looks like a mushroom. It is purple-red, and it's throbbing. Jesus, I can feel it throbbing, Dad.The slit on the top is narrow and long, and...yeah it looks like there's some precum in there." I squeezed my father's cock and the precum dripped out slowly and into my palm. I looked at it closely, and then licked it up.

            "Your precum is thin and clear, and it tastes good.Like salt and must. It smells like you dad, I don't know how to describe it, but it smells like you. It reminds me of the smells from your bedroom, of the shower after I get it in it right after you've finished in the morning. "

            Dad folded his thick biceps across his chest and grinned down at me. "Wow, boy.I'm impressed. Go on." I wrapped my second hand around the center of his thick shaft.

            "Dad, your shaft is thicker than my fist. I can't get my hand all the way around it.I'veÉfuckÉI've never felt something this hard. This is like a piece of woodÉno more like metal. There is no softness to your cock, dad. You must be really fucking enjoying this, because nothing could bend this dick. Not even the tightest ass." What was I saying? I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of my own mouth. "It's covered in these veins, those gorgeous purple veins that must keep it hard and throbbing whenever needed. And this thick cord that runs down the center bottom of your shaft, it's like I can feel the life throbbing underneath. It's amazingÉ"

            "Good, good son. Go on. Now the nuts."

            Though I had become intimate with my father's cock, feeling its contours in my mouth as he gagged me on it, I had yet to examine his nuts.I took them in my hands now, one in each since they were so big. They each felt like a heavy egg, round and perfectly shaped, soft in the sac even though they were covered with a few dark hairs. I squeezed and rolled them around.

            "My godÉthese are likeÉjesus.DadÉI knew you were manly, I knew you were a construction worker and strong and into football and all that, but now I realize why you are soÉwhy you have such control over me. These thingsÉthese powerful, big, beautiful ballsÉthese are my origin. With something so big and powerful behind my existence, I see now that it was only a matter of time before you had total control over meÉohÉshitÉI need toÉ"

            Something had come over me as I gazed at his nuts, and I lost control and dove forward into his balls. I lowered my face under them and began sucking on the left nut, taking it into my mouth and rolling it around on my tongue. His other heavy ball sat squarely on my eye, and I could feel it and smell it as it rolled and I sucked. Then I switched nuts, giving equal attention to his right testicle as his left nut rested just under my nostrils.The combination of the smells and the nuts were too much, so to compensate I opened my mouth wide and took both of my father's balls into my mouth. I reached down into my jeans and started stroking my own cock, feeling my own throbbing member as my dad's nuts pulsated in my mouth.

            Then I had one of my first, few moments of regrets.I had an image of myself under my own father, my old man, sucking his nuts like a little bitch. We were in our own kitchen, where mom had cooked us meals before she passed, and where he and I had shared a beer together or had a chat about girls. Who was I? What was I doing servicing my father's nuts? I spit my Dad's balls out of my mouth and stood up quickly. I spit on the floor.

            "WHAT AM I DOING? I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS!" I spit again, and watched as Dad's expression turned to bliss to rage. I saw his pectorals and abs twitch, and then he reached out for me. I took off running before he could grab me, and bolted as fast as I could, pants undone, into the living room. But Dad was faster than me, and he tackled me from around the waist and knocked me to the ground between our sofa and our coffee table.He was laughing again, and pulled me up so he was on top of me, his crotch against my jeans covered ass.He was growling in my ear again.

            "Oh no, that was very bad. VERY bad boy. I see that you are close, but still haven't accepted my cock as your God, your point for living. Well, I thought that the massive amounts of cum would have been enough for you to learn your place. But I see that it wasn't. " Dad grabbed my hips and flipped me over quickly, so now he was straddling me, pinning my arms above my head, his naked cock hard and angry, pointing at my face like a gun.

            "No! NO!No!" I was shouting and squirming under him. "No more cum dad, please! I don't want to eat any more of your cum! PLEASE NO!"

            "Don't worry, boy," Dad said between gasps. He was stronger than me, but I was giving him a work out as he tried to hold me down. He took both my wrists in one hand, and took his massive member in his other. "No, you're getting something much worse than cum this time. I'm gonna mark you like a wolf marks his territory." I gave out one more cry as I watched Dad push out his abs and waist. I knew what was coming, and I had no choice but to let it happen as I lay there pinned on the floorÉ