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            The first heavy stream of piss hit me right between the eyes. I felt its warmth splash hard, because dad was so erect that it was shooting out like a kinked hose. His yellow piss was strong smelling, and I felt it drip down my forehead onto the carpet. I knew it was probably splashing all over the couch and the coffee table where I had sat in front of the TV so many times.

            I kept my lips shut tight and turned my head side to side to try and get out of his stream. Dad just let out a big sigh, like he had been waiting to piss for a long time, and moved his cock down like a hose so that his hot piss splashed down my neck, wetting my white t-shirt so that it would be stained yellow and skin tight, see through. Dad could now see the outline of my hard nipples on my toned pecs, my abs through my shirt, and I know it made him wilder with lust and rage. With piss streaming down my face, I watched nervously as his dick made its way towards my crotch. Just as I was waiting to feel the stream hit my package, still hard inside a pair of my Dad's old ratty briefs, the stream from his prick stopped.  I looked up from my dad's dick to his eyes, and he flashed me a smile and shrugged.

            "All done, I guess!" He laughed and watched me intently. There was something mischievous in his eyes, but I laid back my head and stared at the ceiling, breathing heavily and glad that the piss assault had gone over easier than I expected. But that's when I felt dad pull open the leg hole of the right side of the briefs I was wearing, and I felt his cock slip in along my thigh like a snake. The thick, hard beast was throbbing with a rapid pulse, and I raised my head again, still pinned by dad's arms, to look at him shocked and wide eyed.

            "I think I might have some more piss, boy!  Damn, I love the way your big blue eyes look when Daddy gives you a big surprise!"

            And then dad's piss stream started up again, with the same force it had while hitting my face. But this time I felt his warm piss filling the briefs I was in, soaking them through and drenching my cock and balls. I could imagine the way my bush of blonde pubes looked, coated with droplets of my father's golden piss. The briefs became yellow tinted and see through, just like my shirt had. Finally dad's dick dried up once more, and he pulled it out. I noticed, though, that he was holding his dick tight in his fist. That's when I realized that he still wasn't done pissing, he was just holding it in. My god, how much piss had my father saved up for me?

            Still clenching his rod, Dad scooted up on me until his dick was once again hovering over my lips. "Open wide, boy." He commanded. I hesitated, but Dad didn't wait for me to run out of breath this time.  Instead he took his piss-covered fingers off his dick and jammed them between my lips and teeth, pulling my bottom jaw down forcefully just in time to catch the well-aimed arc of golden piss cascading out of his fat mushroom head.

            Dad took the hand that was pinning my arms down off me, since the weight of him sitting on my chest was enough to hold me down.  Using that hand, he held my head in place so that I couldn't turn to the side to spit out the piss he was giving me. I didn't want to swallow it, so I kept my throat closed as a pool of piss filled my mouth.  It was so salty and musty, way more than his precum and even his cum had been. Dad still had so much piss in him that the it was flowing out of my mouth and down my cheeks, soaking in a puddle under my head before it was all down.

            "Ah, I feel much better!" Dad said as he stared down at me shaking the last drops of piss into the mouth of his own son as if I was nothing more than a urinal.. I have thought many times of how I must have looked just then. Soaked in piss, stinky, my blonde curly hair matted to my head. My mouth as wide open as possible, brimming with piss. My open mouth was so full of it that even the slightest movement made it spill over my lips.

            "Swallow some of that, boy. Just enough to close your mouth.  Make some room, I haven't forgot about my promise earlier." I looked up at Dad pleadingly and confused. "The promise to give you some of that cum you love so much, straight from the source. And it will taste extra good mixed in with my piss." He looked down at me with an expression that said I had to do it.   I relaxed my throat muscles and let some of that piss slip down my throat. I thought of it making its way into my body, my stomach, and how later on when I took a piss I would be peeing out my father's piss as well.  I felt a drop of precum drip from my soaked cock. My lips closed.

            Dad stroked his cock slowly, and then suddenly very quickly and with no warning more than a grunt, his cock started spraying more of that seed wildly.   The first spurt shot over my face and landed in my hair, but I was quick to open my mouth and heard the cum splash into he pool of piss already in there as each shot of cum sprayed across my face and into my mouth. Once Dad had finally finished bucking my hips, and filling the room I had made in my mouth with his sperm, he scratched his stubbly, square jaw with his hand, as if he was contemplating something.  "Swish that around in your mouth, boy.  Like you are tasting a fine wine.  But don't spit it out!"  I swished it from cheek to cheek, feeling the warm piss squirt between my teeth and splash onto my tongue, followed by a slow drip of delicious father juice. I began to understand what my father was talking about with fine wine, his piss tasted complex, and I felt myself beginning to enjoy all this again. Before I knew it, I was gargling the piss-cum concoction for dad, showing him how happy I was to have it in my throat and on my tongue.

            "That's it, boy. I knew this piss would work! I knew you'd come around to see that there is no point in fighting it.  I'm glad you liked the piss, because I am sick of paying such a high water bill, and if I can use your throat every time I need to piss then maybe we won't be flushing so much.  So if you hear me yelling for you, you better come running, because I will piss in this hot mouth whenever I want." I just nodded, my cheeks puffed out with his urine. "You belong to me, and you are going to become the best expert of this cock that ever lived. Welcome to the rest of your life as your father's sex slave, son.   Now go ahead and swallow that, and get yourself cleaned up in the shower. I need to make some calls." With that Dad climbed off of me, and I watched his muscular hairy butt saunter off upstairs. I heard the door to his room shut as I lay there stunned, on the carpet floor.  If only I knew that in a few hours I'd be back there losing my anal virginity.

            So many thoughts were running through my head.  Was this all a nightmare?  Or maybe the best wet dream of my life? Marked me like a wolf. That was the thought my mind kept coming back too.  I could smell my father's pungent piss all over me. I truly was marked. I was officially Dad's bitch, by the laws of nature.  There was nothing I could do.  My own life was out of my hands and in the hands of my creator, my father. Eventually I peeled myself off the floor and headed back upstairs to take my second shower of the day.

            In the bathroom I took a good long look at myself.  Something had changed.  I still had the same blue eyes, square face like Dad's, and curly blonde hair like mom. But I looked younger, more innocent somehow.  Something my father had done to me had taken away some of my manhood. Being overwhelmed like that, by my father, had made me a whore, a cock-worshipping slut, and it was already showing in my face. I took off the wet t-shirt and briefs, letting them hit the floor with a heavy "slop", and I ran the water.

            My hard on hadn't quit since this whole ordeal began, and as I soaped up my taut young body in the shower, I found that my cock and balls were begging for attention. After all I went through, I couldn't believe how strong my urge to jack off was. I guess that all of this horror and torture was really turning me on, because my cock felt almost as hard as my dad's had been. Like metal. I was able to resist stroking my dick off, trying to behave, when a little black hair appeared  in the corner of my eye, stuck to the shower door. A twitch in my cock and a growl in my stomach told me that the power was coming over me again, and I reached out and pulled off the stray, wiry pubic hair. I examined it, and determined quickly that it came from my father. It was dark and curly, unlike my blonde pubes, and holding it up to my nose I recognized his manly scent.  Without even thinking, I popped the hair into my mouth and started to suck on it like candy.

            My hands were working like rocket speed on my cock, as I sucked on a pube of my father, wondering which part of his masculine body it came from. Was this hair one of those I had become so intimate with growing out of his fat cock? Or was it stuck to his sweaty balls? How about the inside of his thick, tree-trunk thighs? Or maybe it came from the crack of his hairy butt?  I didn't care, all I cared was that I was about to swallow it as I shot my first load of the day.  I couldn't stop myself from screaming "OH DADDY!" as the first volley hit the wall in front of me.  I didn't care if he heard.  It would probably make him happy, and maybe he'd have some mercy on me when he resumed his game, which I knew he would.  Dad was a man of his word. 

            Once my long, thin cock had finally stopped spraying teen cum all over the shower, I shut off the water and stepped out.  To my surprise my old clothing had been removed and Dad had left a note folded by the sink. It read:

Head to your room and put on the clothes I put out for you. You have some cleaning up to do downstairs. You know what I mean. Once you're almost done call me down from my room and we'll resume your lesson.   



            There wasn't much else to do but listen to the note, so I headed down the hall and to my room. On my bed I found only a pair of my own briefs and an apron.  I pulled the briefs on over my now softening cock, and found that the back of them had been cut out. My little bubble butt was sticking out the back.  Though I had pretty much resigned myself to being a cock sucker, cum guzzler and piss slave, I still didn't want Dad playing with my ass. I wanted to keep my hole virgin (who was I kidding!). I quickly went to my drawer and pulled out more underwear. But every single pair of briefs and boxers had the back cut out. When I got t the bottom of the drawer there was another note from Dad.

            From now on, buy Jockstraps if you don't want me to take scissors to your undies. You are required to always have your boy butt on display for me in case I need to use it.  If you don't believe me, check your jeans drawer.

            -Your Father

            I ripped open my jeans drawer, and sure enough Dad had converted them into assless jeans as well.  Even the singlet I wore to wrestling had the ass cut out! That bastard!  How was I going to go out?  Little did I know, I had left my house that morning, and that had been the last time I would ever leave again without my father giving me a special pair of regular jeans he kept in his room. In the coming years, I would become so addicted to Dad's cock and balls that I would only leave the house with him anyway, but at the time I was infuriated.  Still, I didn't have much choice but to take the holed up briefs and the apron and put them on. Dad had left some cleaning supplies on my desk, so I took them and ‘headed downstairs to the living room.

            I was down on my hands and knees for nearly a half an hour, scrubbing away at my father's piss puddle between the couch and the coffee table.  I could see the outline of my head and shoulders in the puddle, and that combined with the smell brought me right back to the first moments of getting pissed on.  Finally it looked like I was almost done, and so, following dad's instructions, I yelled up to him.

            "Daaaaaaaaad!  I'm doooooooooone!"  I heard my own voice, and I sounded just like a little boy again, calling my Dad to let him know I finished my chores. But this time I was standing naked except for a half of a pair of briefs and a striped apron that came just above my knees. In an instant Dad came bounding down the stairs, still buck naked. I couldn't help but smile as I watched his fur covered pecs and abs, his hot ass, and his massive cock and low hanging nuts swinging with each step.  Even though he was completely soft now, but still so thick and heavy.   He really was quite the sight. Dad came around behind me and looked at where I had been cleaning.

            "Yep, looks like you're almost done. But don't let me stop you. You have to clean up after you make a mess." I resented that comment. Dad had been the one to make a mess! But Dad was able to read my mind. "If you had kept your mouth open from the start like a good bitch then you wouldn't be cleaning this up. Maybe next time you'll know better." He sounded just like he had when I made a mess as a child. Why was it these moments, when I was ultra aware that this was not just any man abusing me but my FATHER, that made my cock grow? In any even, my dick started to tent out the apron as I dropped to all fours and began scrubbing the carpet again.

            Standing behind me Dad said, "Damn boy, that looks like a hot ass. I can't believe I own that ass! Heck, I can't believe I made that ass. It looks good enough to eat. In fact...I think I will." Suddenly my dad dropped down onto his knees, and I could feel his rough hands on my smooth ass cheeks. They were pulling them open, and I started to say "DAD NO!" but before I could get any words out, Dad had buried his face in my crack and I lost my ability to speak.

            My knees went weak beneath me as the first flick of Dad's long tongue landed squarely on my tight hole. I whimpered and fell flat on the floor, but dad must have been anticipating this, because his face didn't leave my ass.  Instead he fell with me, and started licking up and down my crack slowly. I was moaning and squirming, embarrassed but ecstatic that I was enjoying such ass play. I was particularly enjoying the manly feeling of my dad's rough stubble scratching my hairless cheeks combined with the smooth wetness of his gliding tongue.  His licks grew shorter and shorter until he came to rest on my hole, and just licked at it like it was a button. 

            He came up for air saying "Mmmmm, you are gonna be a tight one to fuck." Again I wanted to protest, but Dad's tongue beat me to it, and I could only whimper as he applied slight pressure against my hole.   I yelped like a puppy "AHOOH!" when the tip of his tongue slid into my hole. It was the first thing to ever enter my ass, and it was my father's tongue. My cock squirted precum onto the carpet, and as if Dad could sense it he pulled out of my ass.

            "You better watch it boy. I just had this carpet cleaned. " He laughed at his own joke as I turned to look back at him. 

            "D-daddy? Can I have more please?" This made Dad laugh even harder.

            "Aw, you like your dad's tongue in your hole, don't you boy? Nasty slut.  Feels good, doesn't it?  And as much as I'm enjoying tonguing your straight boy hole, I think that's enough for now.  Son, as I was down there between your cheeks feeling you squirm, I remembered something. You are my bitch, not the other way around.  Eating out ass is fun, but it's more fun to get eaten out. So...I think we need to switch positions."

            "But Daaaad!"  I whined. He laughed again.

            "Now, now, son.  I don't want to hear it. Get up off your ass and lean against the couch. You can clean up your precum later, I need to get my hairy hole eaten out NOW."

            Dad's tone told me that his temper was growing short, so I gave up on getting more of an ass licking and sat up against the couch.  Dad pushed my forehead back until my head was flat against the couch cushion and I was staring at the ceiling.  Then Dad climbed up on the couch and began to sit down as if my face was the cushion. I looked up in horror as his hairy cheeks lowered down on to me, and before I knew it his hole was situated right over my mouth.  I felt his heavy nuts on my chin and as he reached for the remote, he said, "Start licking boy. Enjoy the taste of my ass, because we're running ahead of schedule and we have some time to kill."

            What does that mean? Time to kill? I wondered to myself. I hesitantly lifted my tongue out of my mouth and tasted the hair outside my dad's hole. I was sure, then, that the hair I had sucked on in the shower had been one of my dad's ass hairs. His ass still had that musty, salty smell of his dick and balls, but with a third scent and taste. I wasn't sure I liked it, but I had a feeling that I was going to have to learn to love it.  Dad was flipping through the channels on TV, and finally rested on a movie.

            "Oh good, I haven't seen this one yet.  Nothing like watching a full length feature film and getting eaten out the whole time by my kid!"

            I let out a groan, which was muffled by my dad's cheeks. He wasn't kidding, either. Dad sat there on my face the entire length of the movie, and for two TV shows afterwards.  Boy was my jaw and neck sore after eating ass for over 3 hours. But let me tell you, I did learn to love the taste of his sweet hole.  I was hungry for it, and by the time the first hour was over, I was praying for the movie to go on forever. 

            I had zoned out, having been focusing on what tongue movements, puffs of air and extra spits had really gotten my dad to moan when I was suddenly shaken out of my own head by the sound of the front door opening.  Instinctively I reached down to pull my apron over my hard dick, which I had been stroking for a while now.  I found that my dick was too long and hard to cover up completely, and I had to lay there helpless, dick on display and buried under my father's ass as a total stranger walked into the room. Dad flicked off the TV and greeted the newcomer in a warm voice.

            "You're just in time!" He said. "Oh, and it looks like the others are right behind you!  Come in gentleman!"

            I pushed on my father's thighs, trying to lift his ass off my face. I couldn't be seen like this! How many people were watching me squirm under my father's hairy hole?  And who were they??  I heard several gruff male voices, each of which I recognized but could not place.

            "Come in and have a seat, boys! You're just in time for the real show.  Here, why don't you take my seat?  It's nice and comfortable and I got it all ready for you." Dad waited for a moment, and then stood up. I tried to sit up and take a look around the room, but before I could another hairy ass, this one less muscular but just as hairy was already lowering down onto my face. The fuller, manly, unfamiliar ass was coming down on me before I even got a chance to see who my dad's accomplices were....and what they were all planning for me...