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            As if being humiliated by my blood father in the living room of my own home wasn't enough, I now had my face buried in the chubby, hairy ass crack of a random older man. Another man and Dad were shooting the shit as if this was all perfectly normal, and I still couldn't figure out for the life of me if I knew either of my two new tormentors. As I lay there inhaling the musty fumes of this unknown ass, I began to panic again. I had to admit at this point that my father's abuse, though in part it disgusted and embarrassed me, also was causing me to have the stiffest hard-on of my life. Not to mention that the orgasm I had in the shower while sucking on my own father's pubes was enough to prove to me that I was more into my father than I had been with my own girlfriend, Jenny. But that was my father. Maybe I only got off on it because I was pleasing my old man. I didn't want to admit that I was gay, and willingly eating out another man's hole, a man who wasn't my father, was too much for me. Of course now I know that I am a total faggot, an older dick addict with an insatiable appetite for daddy cum. But I was still in denial back then, and so instead of licking at the new hole, I just kicked my legs and struggled to get away from the ordeal.

            Much to my distress the men all just laughed at my struggle, including my father. I heard him say "Now, Son. That's now way to treat my guests. Quit kicking or else you'll make me very mad."  Like clockwork my powerful wrestler's thighs stopped kicking and relaxed. Did my father really have that much power over me now? What had happened since this morning? I had been rebelling against my father like a normal high schooler just yesterday, and now all he had to do was threaten to get angry and I did whatever he wanted. I was praying that he wouldn't order me to do anything that I didn't want to do, but before I could even complete that thought he said "Now I want you to tongue that asshole just like you did mine. Don't give me any special treatment just because I'm your Dad. These two men paid a nice price to be here on this special day, and you will not disappoint them. Do you understand?" Then Dad laughed. "I guess you can't answer, can you?"

            But I didn't need to answer, because the assailant on my face let out a big loud groan as my long tongue licked at his hole. Yes, I was a total bitch for my father. He said lick, and I licked. The man on my face said, "Ah, I see you have really got things off to a good start. This is gonna be a good day." That voice! I knew that voice! But from where? I was darting my tongue into the hairy button on my mouth, and I could feel the man's nuts, which were not as big as my father's but still very impressive and hairy, bouncing on my chin. The man must be jacking off, I thought. Suddenly my father's words echoed in my head. "Paid a nice price," he had said. Did that mean that I was being pimped out? Was my father taking money in order for men, old men, to come and use me as he saw fit?

            I had half of my tongue inside this stranger when I heard another piece of shocking information. The third man, who was sitting beside my father on the couch next to me said "Wow, I've seen this boy naked before but I've never seen him hard. Looks like he takes after his father."

            Seen me naked before? What older man has ever seen me naked before?

            "Haha, well he's not quite as big as me yet. But maybe he will be some day.   Doesn't matter what size his dick is, though, since you're both here for his hole." The three men laughed. The one sitting on my face piped in, "Damn, he sure does eat ass well though. UGH Shit yeah boy, get it in there as deep as you can. Let's not forget about his mouth. We're here for both his holes, not just one." Dad and the other man chimed in with agreement, and my heart sank to my stomach. Something gave me the impression that these men weren't just talking about licking my ass. No way was anyone going to fuck me! Especially men who weren't my father!

            "That's true. But seriously, look at my boy's body. Those abs contract every time his dick bounces, have you noticed that? And precum is seeping out of his dick like none other. He protests a lot, but I can tell he likes eating your ass."

            "Hey, how about one of those beers, Tom?" the man whose ass I was eating said to my father.

            "The beers! Shit! I forgot them."

            "Hey, come on that was part of the deal!" said the other man.

            "I know, I know. I'll have to go get some. You men think you can keep my boy under control while I run down to the store? It will only take ten minutes."

            My father was going to leave me with these two men? My heart was racing. What was I going to do?

            "Doesn't look like he'll be going anywhere."

            "Why don't we switch places before you go. That boy is strong, but I know for a fact that I'm stronger than him. I'll be able to hold him down if he tries to get away or anything."

            "I think he knows better than to try and get away. But you're right, he has been eating you out for about 10 minutes now. It will be fair if you switch places. But let's do it quickly. I don't want him to figure out who you guys are just yet. I want to see the look on his face when he finds out who he's been tonguing."

            My father was so tricky. I had always known my father was not only strong and good looking, but also smart. He had an agenda, and he knew exactly how to make me terrified, humiliated and hard as a rock. I could feel my love for my father growing by the minute, right alongside my fear and hatred of him for doing this to me, and turning me into an ass-licking faggot.

            Suddenly the ass on my face lifted up, and I looked up only to see a third hairy butt, this one just as muscular if not more so than my father's, quickly coming down onto my face. These men had perfect aim, because my tongue was immediately on his hole as soon as I stuck it out. The man laughed and groaned, "Woah! You weren't kidding! For only the third butt hole he's ever licked, this kid is a tonguing pro. Doesn't surprise me though. It's like he's good at everything he does."

            This hole was sweatier than both my father's and the man who had just gotten off my face. I could taste the salt of his ass so strongly, and taking in a big whiff it suddenly came to me who this man was. The smell was so familiar, it was like I had eaten this ass before, even though I had never even thought of doing it before today. That muscular ass, that musty and salty smell, that familiar voiceÉthey belonged to none other than Coach Jackson, the man who had taught me everything I know about wrestling and had been my role model since I arrived at my first day of high school. I couldn't believe he was gay! And what's that, wiling to pay to sit on my face!

            I remembered what my father had just said, so I didn't let on that I had figured this out. I would pretend to be surprised when he stood up, because that is what Dad wanted and I had learned that the most important thing in my life was to make sure my creator gets everything he requests. I took another deep breath of my coach's ass, and realized it was so familiar because my coach had sat on my face before. Coach had always taken a special interest in me, and would often keep me late after practice to wrestle with me one on one. He was good, and he usually beat me, but thinking back there had been plenty of times when his ass had landed squarely on my face. And his crotch, and his feetÉin factÉlooking back on it, those slightly awkward moments had happened a lot with coach. There must have been more to his special interest in me than just my wrestling skills, but back then when there was a layer of polyester between his hole and my tongue it hadn't seemed so gay. So why not go all out? I started tonguing coach furiously, swirling my tongue in a circular motion once it was inside him like I was cleaning out an ice cream cone. Coach was moaning like wild, and Dad laughed and said "Looks like you guys will be all set until I get back." Then I heard him get dressed and walk out the door.

            Coach and the other man chatted nonchalantly as I ate coach out. They flipped through the channels, got to know each other, and talked about me as if I wasn't even there to hear them.

            "I can't believe Dirk is so hungry for my hole. You should feel how fast his tongue is going!"

            "I know. I never would have pegged him for an ass licker, but I guess he is.   Look at his long cock, it's actually making a pool of precum on his stomach! Look at that!"

            Aha! So the other man knows who I am as well. These aren't strangers, these are men who have talked to me, and who have seen me out and about. I was so humiliated, but I never slackened my pace of ass munching.

            "You know," said the mystery man, "I've seen that boys cute little ass wiggle so many times in his jeans when he's at my house. I've been dying to see what his hole looks like. I can barely wait." I swallowed hard, tasking coach's ass. What was he getting at? "You don't think Tom would mind if I just had a look, do you?"

            "Oh man it's the prettiest hole ever. I saw it once when he was bending over. You gotta take a look.   OH FUCK RIGHT THERE DIRK! YEAH BOY! Ugh, phew. This boy knows what he's doing. Here, hand me his ankles and I'll hold them up. I won't tell Tom, don't worry."

            I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Coach had seen my hole? And he was willing to show it off? I had always trusted coach, and now he was going to expose my pink hole to a gay man who has been coveting my ass. As the mystery man sank to the floor, I started kicking my legs wildly. I might not be able to get out from under coach's hairy butt, but I wasn't going down without a fight. I gave him one swift kick in what felt like his shoulder before he had seized both my ankles. I still kicked, and he had trouble holding on until I felt coach lean forward and grab me. It was just like coach, with his swift moves and monster strength. Before I knew it my feet were up my head, my ass was completely off the carpet, and my ass cheeks were spread right in front of the man who was so anxious to see it. I could feel his hot breath on it as he said, "Damn! You weren't joking! I could cum just looking at it."

            "I know! I jack off thinking about it at least once a day. And to think we're gonna get to fuck it!"

            I had never felt so vulnerable. I was totally helpless. I had no way to protest, because my mouth was occupied slurping on a hot ass hole, and I could feel how wide apart my bubble butt cheeks were.

            "I can't wait to fuck the shit out of that hole. We have got to be the two luckiest guys around. We get to fuck a basically virgin hole. I bet it's tightÉI betÉoh damn I have toÉ" Suddenly I felt a finger at my hole. It was pressing against it, harder and harder. Oh god, he was trying to finger me! I started to scream into the ass cheeks of my favorite coach. All he did was laugh.

            "Keep doing that! I like the feeling of the vibrations against my hole. Oooh yeah."

            "My god! That is the tightest hole I have ever felt! Jesus I can't even get my finger inÉUGHÉthere we go!"

            For the first time I felt something inside my ass. Though it was only one finger, it felt like a column; maybe because I was nervous, or maybe because I just had an extremely tight hole, but whatever it was I could barely contain myself. I was screaming like wild, and trying in vain to get myself free from coach's grasp. The mystery man started to slowly finger fuck me with his digit, which felt like it was a foot long. I could feel every inch of it as he fingered my boy cunt.

            "Wow. It feels like he could cut off the circulation with this hole! You have to feel this!"

            Swift as a fox, Coach Jackson tucked my ankles under his armpits and held them there tight. Then I felt a second finger pushing at my hole, and I yelped like a puppy when it slipped in beside the first. I knew now that I had two men fingering my virgin ass, and it hurt like hell. So why was my cock harder than ever? I felt a warm glob of my own precum hit my stomach as both fingers slid in and out of me in a slow rhythm. "MMMFFFF! MFFF!" was all they could hear as they discussed the tightness of my untouched hole.

            "This is unbelievable! I wonder if Tom even knows. ShitÉI think I have to put my dick in this right now."   My stomach turned to stone.   I felt my ass tighten up at the mention of it, and I heard both of the men laugh. Was I that obvious? Didn't they care? After all my father had put me through, all I wanted was him to come back and protect me. But there was no sign of him.

            "Really? Tom will be mad if he finds out. He had his heard set on taking his son's virginity. I don't know if you should." I felt one of the fingers slip out of my ass, and then felt my hole immediately clench down on the finger still in it. I knew that my body was just trying to stop the onslaught, but unfortunately I had the feeling that my tightening butt was egging on the mystery man.

            "I know, but I can't resist. I have to do it! Just hold his legs, ok? I'll just do it real quick. I'm ready to cum anyway. It's about time this boy knows what it's like to have a nut busted inside him. And I think I deserve to be the one to bust it." There was no time to ponder that statement, strange as it was, because in one quick motion I felt the second finger withdraw from my ass and felt a hot wad of spit hit my hole. He was really going to do it! He was going to fuck my hole while my dad was out! What was I going to do?

            "I don't know about thisÉ" Coach said.

            "I have to! You don't understandÉI've been wanting to get back at this boy ever sinceÉ" What was he talking about? It didn't matter, I now felt the end of his cock up against my hole. Jesus, this thing was THICK! Even though I knew my cheeks were spread wide apart, his dick still didn't fit between them. His cock head pushed the globes of my ass even further apart, and I felt precum dripping from his cock mingle with the spit that was already there. He started to push. I felt the pressure growing as my protesting hole was being forced open. This was it! I was going to lose my virginity to a man whose face I hadn't even seen! My hole was to the breaking point, the cock was about to ram into me whenÉ

SLAM! The front door burst open. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" The cock disappeared from my ass just in time. My father stomped into the room and I heard him pull the mystery man up and away from my ass.      

"I THOUGHT I MADE IT CLEAR THAT NO ONE WAS TO TOUCH THAT HOLE UNTIL I HAD RIPPED IT APART THOROUGHLY! HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN YOURSELF?" My heart was racing. My father was a scary man when he was angry. I had been on the receiving end of that tone before, and it always ended in a bad punishment. The mystery man was stammering, and even the coach was apologizing as he let go of my ankles.

            "I-I'm sorry! We just looked at it first but it looked so nice that we had to touch itÉand then when we did that wellÉyou seeÉone thing led to another andÉwe're sorry Tom!"

            "GET OFF OF MY SON!" my father roared. Coach Jackson leapt up with lightening speed, and for the first time in hours I was able to take a deep breath of air that didn't involve inhaling the scent of ass sweat and man musk. I fell to all fours and looked up to see my father bright red and breathing heavily by the door. Without thinking I crawled over to him and knelt before him, burying my face in the crotch of his jeans. My dad seemed like a superhero to me then, coming to my rescue just in the knick of time. But why was I drawn to his crotch for comfort? Who had I become?

            "Dad, I was so scared!" I told him.

He petted the back of my head and said, "It's ok son. Daddy's here now."   I felt him puff up as I nuzzled his crotch with my face, and I knew he was about to yell again. "I LET THE TWO OF YOU INTO MY HOME ON THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF MY SON'S LIFE AND YOU DO THIS BEHIND MY BACK!" As he was yelling his hands fumbled as his zipper, and I reached in to pull out his dick. His massive tool flopped in my hands, and I quickly put it in my mouth and started sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. My whimpering died down, as though my father's cock was a pacifier. It brought me comfort, calmed me down. My own father's member. As I sucked Dad continued to berate his companions. I wanted to turn and see who the mystery man was, but I was afraid if I didn't have my dad's cock in my mouth I would lose my composure, so I just nursed on his dick while he yelled. Finally the argument died down, and I felt Dad relax.

            "Ok son.  Enough dick for you for now. I know you want more but you have to learn when to stop. It's time to pay attention to our other guests. Go ahead and take a look."

            I gave my father one last, long suck to the hilt of his dick, and then slowly pulled off. I nervously turned around to look. First I saw Coach Jackson, standing there in his rippling muscles of glory. He was dark skinned like dad, but had salt and pepper hair.   He had a goatee, and not an ounce of fat on his body. His arms were as veiny as his dickÉand oh his dick. It was not nearly as thick as dad's, but just as long. It looked like a pole sticking straight out from his body, pointing right at me. I had seen that dick wrapped up in spandex so many times, and had noted how much it looked like it had to snake around his thigh to fit. Now I see that it really is like a snake, and it looked like it wanted me bad. He looked down at me and smiled. "You're as good on my ass as you are on the mats, Dirk."

            I gave coach a shy smile. Usually he and I were horsing around after the showers, but knowing that I had just willingly ate his ass changed things for us a bit. Slowly I tore my eyes from him to look at the other, crueler partner in the duo that had hired me out.   I stared down at these two enormous feet, and it became quickly clear that this man was maybe not as muscular as dad and coach, but a bigger man in general. I looked up his hairy, tanned tree trunk thighs to his dick, which was fatter than any cock I had seen in real life or in porn. It wasn't as long as the other dicks in the room, but the fatness of it made up for it, plus it was uncut. I started drooling then, (which didn't even surprise me at that point) and watched as a long glob of precum sank from the tip of the dick to the floor.   

            Up and up my eyes crawled, past his patch of curly pubes to a hairy stomach. No six pack like my father and Coach Jackson, but instead a solid stomach of a working class man covered in delicious looking hair. Two pecs with nice hard nipples led up to broad shoulders and a thick neck, a neatly trimmed beard andÉmy jaw nearly hit the floor.

            Standing in front of me, with a raging, dripping hard on, was none other than Mr. Davis, my beloved girlfriend's father.

            For a moment I couldn't speak, and then I stammered "MrÉ.MrÉ.DAVIS? It was YOU?" Mr. Davis let out a hearty laugh, a signature trademark of his. I swallowed hard and realized I had a hair in my mouth. I looked over to the toned Coach, and stammered again "And you! Coach Jackson I never thought you wouldÉwell I never thought any of you wouldÉ" I swallowed hard again, and I realized I had twoÉno three hairs in my mouth. Just then my father stepped into my line of vision, and I fell back a bit, catching myself on my hands. In front of me stood three gorgeous, older men. My Coach, the man responsible for my trimmed physique, fighting skills, and a role model to me. My Girlfriend's Father, the man who shook my hand and threatened me to take good care of his little girl. The man who told me that he would be happy if I was the one to marry his daughter. And lastly, my own Father, with the biggest cock of them all, the one that brought me into the world and into this position.

            I took the three hairs out of my mouth and realized that each one of them belonged to one of these men. The wiry hair of my father that I knew so well, the dark greek hair of Coach, and the long, brown hair from the bush of Jenny's dad.

            I began to feel dizzy looking at these men in front of me. I popped the hairs back into my mouth, and as the men started to walk towards me something came over me. Before I knew I was cumming, a huge glob of my own dick juice hit me in the face. Then the senstation started, and my legs kicked out involuntarily as I had the most intense orgasm of my life. And I hadn't even touched myself!

            I threw my head back and reveled in the orgasm that took over my whole body. Volley of volley of cum shot out of my dick, coating me. A blast landed on my face, my chin, the center of my pecks, down the creases of my abs, pooling in my belly button, and finally a large glob of it landed in my blond pubes. For nearly a full minute after my nuts were empty I lay there on the floor, shivering in the aftershocks of my intense cum session. I was panting on the floor, so many thoughts running through my head, when I heard a loud grunt. I opened my eyes just in time to see the first of the three cocks bouncing above me let out a spurt of cum into my hair. It was the fattest of the dicks, so I knew it must be Mr. Davis. But it wasn't long before the other two men were grunting and thrusting their dicks through their firsts.

            I lay there with my mouth open to receive the man cum raining down on me. I watched intently as the giant daddy balls of these tormenters tightened into them and they spewed their aged cream onto my face, my hair, my nose, my neck and chest. All of their dicks spewed thick, heavy globs of cream, and they each had long and impressive orgasms. To see just one man blow a load like that would be impressive, but three men who meant so much to me was overwhelming. All of them were grunting and moaning, and I heard each of them say what we all were thinking.




            There I lay by the front door of my home, covered in the thick and gooey cum of three different men. I remember thinking that no way could my day get any stranger, unexpected, nastier, more humiliating or more arousing. I was so wrong about all of that.

I stared up at the three softening dicks, and watched the final blob of cum drip from my father's masterful cock right into my lips. I opened my mouth and let it fall it, and then slowly began to scoop the cum into my mouth with my fingers. I was a true cum slut, I guess, but before I could get much down into my mouth Coach Jackson and Mr. Davis had stepped forward onto my wrists, pinning my hands down. It was like they were choreographed, and it was then I realize that, aside from the bit of fingering I had, these three men had a very specific plan for me.

"Not so fast, you cum pig," my Dad said, causing his companions to laugh. "I know you're starving for that cum, but we wanna see you wear it for a bit. And it's an added bonus that the taste of our pubic hairs added your own cum to the mix. We were gonna make you jack off for us anyway, but you're a fast learner."

"Don't worry Jake," Coach Jackson chimed in. "We'll make sure that precious cum finds its way into your stomach soon."

"But you have a bigger task ahead of you first," grunted Mr. Davis. He sounded like a wild animal when he spoke. "You gotta nurse these limp dicks back to life. They have a lot more pain and pleasure to give you, and you have a lot more servicing to give us. But we're not gonna touch our dicks. No, it's your job to clean them up and get them hard."

"Just in time for the ballgame too!" Dad said. The three men turned from me, and I watched the three hairy asses I had munched on for hours walk to the couch. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. They wanted me to suck on their dicks while wearing 4 loads of cum? I could barely move without ten or fifteen droplets rolling down my body! In the back of my mind a voice was nagging You're a straight boy covered in Jizz! Without thinking I answered that voice out loud. "Yeah, but I have no choice."

Coach flicked on ESPN. "What did you say boy?"

"What the fuck does it matter?" Jenny's dad asked. "He shouldn't be talking, his mouth should be full."

"Mr. Davis is right, Dirk. You have an obligation to these three dicks. So run to the kitchen and bring in the beer without saying a word. And then get to work. You have a long night ahead of you."