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            The game went into extra innings. My three Gods sat on the couch, buck naked except for Coach's sneakers, chugging beers and jeering at the television.I was intently focused on their three cocks that hung limply between their hairy thighs. Dad sat in the middle, with the coach on his left and Mr. Davis on his right.They all sat with their knees wide apart, so that their three heavy sets of nuts and slowly stiffening daddy dicks were hanging like pieces of artwork in front of me.

            I sucked dick for 14 innings. My jaw felt like it was ready to unhinge, and by the seventh inning stretch I was so good at deep throating that I could swallow even my own father to the hilt without gagging at all.  The first few innings, however, were tortuous.

            During the game the men acted as if I wasn't even there, for the most part. I got the feeling that my mouth was just like the beer and the nacho chips and the big screen TV to them; nothing more than a way to enhance their enjoyment of a good ball game.As I said, I was mostly focused on my own ball game, so I only remember a few incidences where they spoke directly to me or about me.

            The first came when I was slobbering on my father's testicles during the top of the third inning. I had them both in my stretched mouth, and I was bouncing them alternately up and down on my tongue. Dad was loving it, but when the game went to commercial he roughly pulled me out from under his bull balls, pinching my cheeks and making me look him in the eye.

            "Listen faggot," he barked, cupping his glistening nuts in his other hand and shaking them. "I know you love these because they are your life source, but we have guests. You have to pay just as much attention to their nuts and cocks as you pay to mine!Do you understand?"

            "Yes sir!" I responded, blushing and trying to hide my eyes.

            "Good.From now on you alternate each half inning. When you hear the players switching up, you switch up your fuckstick.And don't you dare let me catch you trying to look at the game. The only thing you should be focusing on is us!Now finish up your ball washing before the end of the commercial break!"

            Dad shoved me back into his nuts, and I started licking hungrily again.Dad sure knew that the best way to get me to listen was to humiliate me, and boy was he good at it!From that little lecture on I carefully kept an ear out for the sound of the players switching sides of the field, and obediently moved to the next cock in line.

            Coach, of course, was the one most excited about the game.I always loved that about coach, how loud and argumentative he was when we were out on the mats.He was always controversial, very aggressive.I saw him scare a referee out of a bad call more than once. I was now finding out that coach was brutal while watching sports on TV too.He was rooting adamantly for the Red Sox, and if there was a single slip up coach figured that the best outlet for his anger was to punish my throat and mouth.

            During the 8th inning the Red Sox centerfielder dropped the ball that would have given the Red Sox the edge. I was working on coach's long meat while it happened, and to my surprise coach lifted his hips hard and grabbed the back of my face."OH COME ON!" he screamed as he jack-hammered into my face with anger."YOU SHOULDA CAUGHT THAT!" he roared.He paid no attention as I gagged and spit, and once he sat back down, he still face fucked me harder than he had been before the bad play.

            Out of the three, Mr. Davis paid the most attention to me.He had a huge grin on his face every time I found my way between his hairy thighs.His fat dick got hard the fastest, and he loved to have me work sucked on them, like "That's where your girlfriend came from boy.And now you're worshipping them."He forced me to look him in the eye, and I could tell he really got off on how much my lips had to stretch to accommodate his girth.

            My lips were stretched so much I could feel them burning, like they were going to rip if he grew even a millimeter harder.When his cock head hit the back of my throat it was so fat it choked me, blocking all of the air holes. I started tearing up and sputtering, and he released his grip on my head to let me off. I coughed and spit for a while, but the men only turned up the TV to hear it over my noise.

            "I know what the problem is boy," Jenny's dad said, lifting my chin up with his finger to meet his gaze. "You're probably thirsty after slobering so much on these dicks. Hey, do you mind if I feed your boy some beer?"

            "Nah, go ahead," my dad grumbled, nonchalantly giving his beautiful dick a stroke.

            Now that he mentioned it, I was pretty thirsty, and anxious to have a taste in my mouth that didn't originate with an older man's cock.I reached for a beer but he slapped my hand away." I'll give it to you boy.Wouldn't want you getting drunk, would we?" He laughed, then pushed my head back and pulled my jaw open.I shut my eyes and expected to taste the beer pouring down my throat, when suddenly I felt and heard the slap of his heavy dick on my tongue.My lips instinctively closed around it and started to suck (yes, I was a hopeless cocksucker), but he wagged his finger at me and told me to keep my mouth wide open.All three men's eyes were on us as we waited expectantly for what Mr. Davis had in mind. Then Mr. Davis opened a beer and started to pour it down his dick.

            My girlfriend's father was giving me my first taste of beer after giving me one of my first tastes of cock. The men were all laughing as I hungrily slurped at the beer cascading down his shaft, swirling around the head and going down my throat.When the beer was empty he shook his dick into my mouth like he was shaking droplets of piss from his dick into a urinal.My dad patted him on the back, congratulating him on his creativity.

            Coach stood up suddenly, and gave his swinging nuts a scratch as he said, "Watching that made me have to piss. I'll be right back gentlemanÉ.and bitch."

            My dad grabbed coach's thick arm. "No need to go anywhere. We've got our urinal right here." Dad's eyes looked down at my still cum coated face.I gave him a worried, pleading look.I still didn't want to drink the piss of strangers, even though I was used to the idea of drinking dad's.He just shook his head, and I knew there was no point in protesting.

            Agreeing that they all had to piss after all the beer they had finished the three men stood. Gazing from cock to cock in front of me, I was proud to see that I had accomplished the task I set out to complete. All three dicks were harder then ever, and each were shiny and dripping with a combination of my spit and their precum.I was swelling with pride at having sucked three old men's dicks to hardness. Who had I become?

            Dad leaned me back on my hands, so that I was able to get my head completely horizontal. I opened my mouth wide, trying not to cry. I remember the taste of dad's piss, and I think it had only tasted good to me after a while because it was my father's piss. But I was about to drink the waste of two men I wasn't related toÉall because the man who owned the cock that made me wanted it.

            "Stick out your tongue," dad barked. I had been hiding it in the back of my throat, but now I let it out.He really wanted me to taste it.

            The three men stood around me like they had before when the shot their loads at me. They held their dicks in their fists, I could just imagine them standing at three separate urinals in a bathroom like that. But instead those cock heads, with bladders filled to the brim, were pointing right at my gaping mouth.

            The three streams started almost simultaneously.Of course their aim wasn't perfect, so I felt the hot streams splashing on my face. I even got some in my eyes, which burned but went away quickly.Soon enough they found my mouth, and all three of their golden streams went cascading down my throat.It had been hard to swallow all of Dad's piss, but this was downright impossible!

            Gulp after Gulp—it didn't matter.I couldn't get it all. Soon my mouth was full and I could feel the piss running down my body, coating my chest and abs, covering my hardening cock.The smell and taste was overwhelming.The manliness of their three streams mingling in my mouth was making me weak, but also making me want to swallow as much as I could.

            The three of them stared down at me, all proud to see how much piss I was taking. They had one hand on their dicks, and their other hands and arms were draped around each other. I could see the three men were bonding, and I had a feeling that I'd be seeing this scene many times in the future.

            Finally they finished their pissing, and shook the last droplets from their cock heads into my mouth. I closed my mouth, savoring the taste of their piss as well as some of the cum that had been washed from my face and into my mouth.I was about to stand when dad said, "Wait a minute son, I got a little more."I opened my mouth again quickly.This is something I remember from watching my dad piss so many years agoÉhe had a few more squirts after the main stream.This time dad let me grasp is cock and point it at my mouth. I watched his furry stomach push out as he let out the last few squirts, that were moving at a mile a minute it seemed, right into my mouth.

            While all of this had happened the game had finally ended, and I thought that my night would be over. The men all seemed dazed, having had their cocks sucked and asses eaten all afternoon and evening.They were just chatting idly while I still sat squatting between them all. I was exhausted, and felt like if I closed my eyes I was going to pass out.I could barely feel my jaw and my poor little hole was still burning some from the fingering I had earlier.After a few minutes of just sitting there with three hard cocks bobbing above me I had the courage to speak up.

            "D-D-Dad?Can I go to bed now?"

            The three men looked at each other for a moment, and then I watched the great hairy bellies heave as they laughed hard for a good minute.

            "D-D-D-Daddy pweeease?" Mr. Davis mocked me.

            "Of course not, son! Aw, you think you're done?   Poor baby. That was just an intermission. We wanted to watch the game! You're just getting started!"

            "Yeah dirk, why do you think we're asked you to get this fat cocks hard again?Cause we wanted to go to bed with blue balls?" Coach growled at me.

            "No son, now's the time we've all been waiting for.Now you're gonna learn to take these dicks hard, rough and loooooooongÉup your ass."Suddenly all three of the men seized me.Coach and Jenny's dad took my arms, and dad swooped around to grab and control my already kicking legs.I was screaming in protest as they dragged me towards the stairs.

            "NO!NO!ANYTHING BUT THAT!I'LL SUCK YOU ALL NIGHT!I'LL EAT ASS FOR DAYS! PLEASE WHATEVER YOU WANT JUST DON'T FUCK ME!" I may as well have been screaming at the wall. My tormenters just laughed and discussed where to take me squirming body.I watched my own dick, growing soft with fear, flopping on my abs as they contracted.I knew dad was purposefully holding my legs apart as he carried me. I was screwed and about to be screwed.

            I was struggling harder than I had all day, even back when I was tied to a chair and force-fed my father's cum.Back then I had though I was straight.Now I knew I was a cocksucker, and that I loved my father's dick obsessively. But I wasn't ready to admit yet that even more than I hungered to feel my father's dickhead tickle the depths of my throat, I wanted to feel him hilt deep in my ass.As they carried me, all I could think about was if I got fucked that made it officialÉI was gay and never going back.

            Though I was totally overpowered, my kicking and screaming did do some help.The three men were growing tired of trying to restrain me. They were carrying me towards the stairsÉ I remember looking up and seeing my father's door hanging open. His big, intimidating bed lay quietly waiting for meÉ

            I gave one big kick that hit coach in the gut, and he roared in anger.Finally when we reached the bottom of the stairs dad suddenly let go of my feet.His muscles were bulging in anger, as was his dick.I recognized the hunger in his eyes as he stared down at me, his wailing and thrashing son.  

            "Fuck it!" he said, and suddenly climbed up the first three steps.My father then suddenly laid back on them. He reclined like the Greek God he is, stretching his rippling, tan and hairy body along the stairs.His massive tool stuck up like a post, wavering at me. It looked thicker and longer than ever.I panicked as I realized what they were about to do.

            "Let's just do it here! Fuck it!He's gonna protest like that he's gonna have to learn the hard way!Just throw him down on it!"Dad was screaming at his cronies, who still had my firmly by the arms.They slid their grasp on me up my biceps, until they were holding me by the armpits. I could feel how it gave them more control over my torso, like choking up on a bat.I watched my father shoot a big glob of spit from his mouth to his pulsating, flagpole-sized dick.It slid down it slowly, mixing with his precum, until he urged it along with one stroke of his fist.It only looked half lubed, but my three captors were too intent on getting me on my creator's cock to care.

            Dad lay back on the stairs, arching his hips so his cock jutted up even more to greet me. Coach and Mr. Davis lifted me high as they ascended the stairs.I couldn't get over how much it felt like being a Greek slave presented to the God, my master, my father.

            Slowly they raised me above him, and then even slower they lowered me down.Dad reached up to help guide me, taking the muscular globes of my ass in each hand.He spread my cheeks wide, and ignored the kicks he was enduring as I came down on him. I could feel the heat from his cock head before I felt the dull, slick head of it. Pressed up against it, it felt like it was so much wider than my ass hole could ever be.He wasn't really going to do this was he? It felt like hours that I hesitated there, his angry cock pressing at my once straight hole.

            Then dad leaned forward, I felt his hairy torso on my smooth back, and heard his growl in my ear. "Your father loves you very much, you know that?That's why he's going to take your virginity like this.Treat you like the man I know you are. I LOVE YOU SON!GO!"

            The order was given, and Coach and Jenny's dad gave me a short, rough thrust downward.

            "OOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKK!" My cry sounded so adolescent. I had made that same scream when I fell off my skateboard and bashed myself up.It felt as though my dad's cock was turning me inside out. The rough thrust from the two men at my arms hadn't done the trick!Dad's cock was just too thick to pop in like that! I was squirming, still seeing my chance to get off this dick and run like hell.I could tell Coach and Mr. Davis were worried that the plan hadn't gone perfectly.Now they were frantically trying to shove me down, pushing on me like a jar onto a lid. It wouldn't pop, and the pain was so excruciating that it brought tears to my eyes. Finally dad put his hand up to calm the men trying to push me down.

            "Let go men! Just let gravity do its thing!"

            Jenny's dad looked hesitantly at Coach, then shrugged and let go.Coach let go too, and my hands grabbed wildly at them so I wouldn't slip.But it was no use, they leaned against the banister and the wall and just watched as slowly gravity pulled me down onto my fate.

            There was a loud POP as finally my father snatched away my virginity.I couldn't make a sound at first, the pain had knocked the wind out of me.Dad's cock head had slipped in at once, and I could feel my ass slowly contracting around it, swallowing the head.In the back of my mind I knew that must have made dad happy, but I could only scream as the air rushed back into my lungs.


            "Sh, sh, shhhh" my dad cooed, like he was soothing a crying baby.It occurred to me that probably was how he soothed me, back when he held me in his arms. Now he was watching me slide down his dick.

            I realized the maniacal genius to my dad's "gravity" plan then.All he had to do was lay back and watch, as the more I struggled the further I impaled myself on his fuck tool.He had a prime view of my ass swallowing inch after inch, while I wailed, beat and cried.


            As I was screaming and wailing I noticed Coach and Mr. Davis pointing at my mouth and laughing. Suddenly I was aware that the gobs of leftover cum on my face must be stretching across my lips as I yelled.These men didn't care if I was in pain, they were just happy to see their cum slathered across my gaping, shouting mouth.

            "You'll enjoy it OH FUCK YEAH in a minute son.OH SHIT! His ass is even sweeter than his mouth! Oh boys just you wait until you're in this!UGH FUCK! HALFWAY BOY!"

            HALFWAY?!?!?!? I felt like I had a mile long dick inside me, and I was only half way?I tried to gain some leverage by slinging my legs down, but this only thrust 4 inches into me at once.I was literally impaled, and I thought I could feel the dick pushing into my stomach!I could feel it ripping at me, dividing me into two equal sections. Just when I thought I was going to pass outÉI stopped slipping.It was like his cock had hit a wall inside me, and I just stopped

            I was whimpering like a little injured puppy.Tears were streaming down my face, but even I noticed that I had stopped struggling already, and was just sitting there stuffed with daddy dick.

            "Ahem," Jenny's dad piped. I had almost completely forgotten there were two men watching from the sidelines.My whole body blushed, to have these men see me so helpless and in pain.Two men who I was supposed to impress. "Ahem, but he's not all the way down.He's got another two inches at least."

            I whimpered helplessly. Dad looked down. "Well you're right, Hank! Here!"I felt dad's calloused hands on my shoulder, and he pushed me down hard.This time the last few inches pushed into me. I would have though it impossible. I thought there was a barrier he had reached inside me, but like my father typically did, he didn't let anything get in the way of what he wanted.Now his pumping cock was fully inside his son.His thick bush was rubbing against my ass. I looked back, my eyes wild and red, and I could see the biggest grin I had ever seen on my dad.

            "Alright men, now once he stops his whining you can start pumping him up and down on me again."

            I couldn't speak, but I let out a loud whine.

            "Stop his whining! Here I'll stop his wining!" Suddenly Jenny's dad lunged forward, and his fat prick was bobbing at my lips.With tears streaming down my face, I instinctively opened my mouth and took him into me.I gagged on it, choked and puffed out my cheeks, but the whimpering stopped.

            "There!Now he's shut up!Let's get him fucked good, I want some of his pussy!"

            My dad laughed, and as he did so I could feel the vibrations running up and down his dick. It shook me and gave me goose bumps. "Well, not exactly what I had in mindÉbut works for me.Alrighty, you keep him nice and quiet there, and Coach you go ahead and start making him take his first fucking.Don't be afraid to be rough!I can tell he likes it that way!"

            While still swallowing dick, I felt Coach come around behind me and seize me from the armpits again. My body screamed at me to protest, but the giant tool plunged into my deepest hole stopped me from doing much more than squeezing out another tear and accepting my fate.

            As if I was back on the wrestling mats, I was immediately aware of exactly how strong coach was. With a simple tug he lifted me up, and I could feel Dad's cock sliding out slowly.Jenny's dad raised up on his toes so as not to let his dick fall from my face.All I could do was give out a protest "MMMFFF!!!" as Coach lifted me halfway up the dick, then slowly began to push me back down.

            This crude form of my first introduction to the wonderful fucking power of my father lasted for about 20 minutes. With each pull and shove from coach he took me a little further off the dick, only to scramble me back down to the base.His pace quickened until soon I began to feel beads of sweat dripping off coach and down my back. I like to think that it was some of coach's salty sweat that made me able to finally take my dad's cock like a pro.

            Finally I heard a loud pop, and suddenly I felt a gaping emptiness at the bottom of my spine. Mr. Davis' cock came out of my mouth at the same moment, trailing a long line of precum and spit.

            "HolyÉshitÉ" I gasped, unable to come up with words to describe the experience I had just been through. The strangest feeling was coming over me. My ass was so sore and had taken such a savage first fucking, and yet I felt so empty at that all I wanted was to be dropped back on his dick.

            Coach finally set me back down, but this time not on dad's dick, but a few steps below him. Dad didn't say anything, just grabbed a fistful of my hair and titled my head back.Suddenly my face was buried under his big nuts, and of course I opened my mouth to let them fall in as my three captors discussed my cherry.

            "Hoooeeey, that boy has the nicest ass in three states!I haven't fucked a hole like that since I was his age! You are gonna have some fun reakin' havoc on it. And look at him!He's already done with his bitchen'! The next step is to teach him to beg for it!

            "Yeah," coach chimed in, "by those last few strokes there you were sliding in and out as fast as a rocket. It may have made him cry, but he's gonna learn to love it.Pretty soon you won't be able to keep him off your dick."

            "I just wanna know when I'm going to get a crack at it!" Jenny's dad growled grumpily.

            "I promised you later tonight and I meant it!"I was so intoxicated by my father's sweaty balls in my mouth that I barely heard him say this.Did he mean both Coach and Jenny's dad were still going to fuck me tonight? Oh godÉwhat had I gotten into? "But first I need to give him his first breeding. Let's take him back to the living room and I'll teach him how to THANK me for fucking his brains out." Dad tugged his nuts out of my mouth, and smiled down at me as he watched me chase after them hungrily with my tongue.

            "My, my. What a faggot you've turned into in such a short time! Now, are you ready for some more pounding?"

            "C-can it wait until later, Dad? I'm really soreÉ"

            Dad's benevolent face transformed quickly into an angry scowl."GET YOUR SWEET ASS INTO THE LIVING ROOM NOW BOY!"

            I peeled my smooth skinny body off the stairs in an instant and scampered into the living room. The three bears were behind me in pursuit, and caught up with me quickly.Dad came up behind me in the threshold and pushed me by the shoulders to that infamous space between the couch and the coffee table. He pushed down on me, and I fell to my knees. I heard the other two men take a seat on the couch as dad pushed me further, and I fell onto all fours.

            Coach and Mr. Davis were chanting "Fuck Ôim!Fuck your boy!Give it to him good!" as I whimpered like a pup on the floor. Dad was taking the head of his slimy cock and tracing it up and down my crack, stopping every so often to apply the slightest bit of pressure to my fiery hole.  

            "You want this in you, don't you son?" my dad growled into my ear as he pushed his fat cock head against me. I looked back over my shoulder to see my father hovering over me, his furry chest matted with sweat and his eyes filled with lust.  

Though I knew it caused me pain, though I knew he would never be gentle with my ass, I looked him in the eye and meekly said, "Yes, Daddy. I do."Dad gave me a hard slap on the ass.

            "Then BEG for it! I want to hear you ask for my cock!"

            "I want your cock Dad. I want it inside me."

            Another hard slap to the ass, this time on my other cheek.I winced."Come on boy!You can do better than that!Tell us how you want your father to fuck you!"

            "Please FUCK me daddy! Put your cock up my ass HARD!" I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth. Why was I asking for that when I had just been fucked so hard that I thought I was dying?

             "BETTER!" he barked.SMACK SMACK!Two more smacks to the ass, and it was starting to hurt! I had been spanked as a kid, and this was bringing back those scary memories of being bent over dad's knee with the fury of his hands on my little bare butt.I didn't want to be spanked anymore, so I was going to give dad the serious begging he wanted.


            I arched my back and howled like a wolf as my father shoved the entire length of his massive tool into my hole. I felt his heavy balls swing against my ass as he filled me, and almost instantly he pulled back all the way out. I could hear his dick pop out of my ass, but it was only out of me for a few quick seconds before he started sliding it back in, this time with the slow precision that he was so known for at the construction company.

            "OH OH OH OH OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" I screamed as it slipped into me. I fell forward, my knees trembling and my elbows unable to support myself as I got the dicking of my life.My dad just reached forward and pushed my face into the carpet as he began to speed up his thrusting. He was really going at it, and smashing my face into the carpet when I heard him say to his buddies "Oh yeah, look I bet I've got him completely trained now. WatchÉ"Dad shoved his dick in, but left the last few inches hanging out. "Is that good son?"

            "Come on Dad!"


            "Please dad?"

            "What?I don't understand!"


            Bam!Dad thrust in the last few inches and kept his pounding steady after that.All the men laughed as I took the hard, merciless fucking from my father. This went on for about ten minutes, until Coach suddenly shouted out, "You know, seems like a waste to have his face pushed into the carpet like that.I have an ideaÉsince he's so experienced with it lets give him something familiar.Will you lift his face up?"I was so amazed at how these men talked about me as if I wasn't even in the room. Somehow it embarrassed me and turned me on at the same time.

            Dad ran his fist through my curly blonde hair and yanked my face up out of the carpet. I could feel his dick sliding farther into me than ever before, as coach came and lay down on the floor on his stomach. Dad kept thrusting as Coach scooted himself forward until his hairy ass was directly under my face. Dad wasted no time pushing my face back down, so that now instead of buried in the hairy carpet, my face was buried in Coach's hairy crack.

            Immediately I began slathering at coach's delicious hole as dad gave it to me harder than ever. Coach was moaning wildly, and dad sounded like a roaring tiger.I myself was making quite the noise saying "MMMFFFF, DAD MMMMM FUCK ME DADDY MFFF!" I heard a grunt from above as Jenny's dad spurted another huge load onto the back of my head, which set dad off. I felt his dick grow just an inch more, and he shouted out "OH BOY HERE IT COMES!I'M GONNA FLIP YOU OVER SO I CAN SEE YOUR FACE AS I BREED YOUR VIRGIN ASS!"

            Without missing a beat dad flipped me over, leaving his cock inside me.I could feel the head twisting around inside my depths as he pulled my ankles onto his shoulders.Coach flipped over too so my head was cradled in his hairy crotch.

            Dad thrust into me several more times.We locked eyes, father and son staring each other down as he violently took away my virginity. Dad looked at me with such intensity, anger and love.I could see sweat dripping through his matted fur and onto me, and I could feel every single millimeter of his dick as it swelled. My mouth was hanging open while I moaned and grunted, and just before he shot dad spit a huge glob of his saliva right into my mouth, thrust his dick all the way in and screamed out "HERE YOU GO MY SON!"

            I could feel Dad's juices splattering the walls of my ass.He was filling me up quickly as pump after pump of the very semen that went into my mother to make me filled up my ass. Coach and Mr. Davis were cheering as Dad grunted like a pig with each spurt, "UGH FUCK BOY UGH THERE UGH YOU UGH UGH GO!"It seemed like Dad's cum would never end!

            This barrage of his sperm excited me so much that without even touching my dick I exploded again, sending glob after glob of my own cum into my hair, onto my face, and even some hitting coach in the chest.Dad was still cumming so much that I could feel his cum squirting out of my ass around his dick, but he just held fast and kept spraying me. Finally after what seemed like hours of cumming he gave a few last short thrusts into me, like he was jiggling himself clean at a urinal, and pulled out. A wash of his semen spilled out of me, and he gave me a playful couple of slaps on the face.

            "Now now, boy.What do you say?"

            I looked up at him with a grin on my face."Thank you, Dad."

            Dad gave me an appreciative nod. Then stood up. He put his hands on his hips and surveyed his work below, then turned to Coach and Jenny's dad."Well, it looks like you're going to need some time to warm up there, Mr. Davis.So Coach I guess you get to go first.Feel free to use my bed, it's got a lock on the door. I'm gonna go shower up.

            I looked up at Coach in horror. My dad was really going to leave me alone with him?What if he wanted to fuck me again? I had just been pounded enough for a lifetime; I didn't want to take anymore!Coach ignored my expression.    He just spat onto my face, and as his spit dripped down my nose he said, "Alright, Dirk. HUSSLE UPSTAIRS AND GET THAT ASS MOVING! I'm about to work you over better than any of our sessions on the mat. HUSTLE HUSTLE HUSTLE!"