What Uncles do Best


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" The fire's what I pack and what I pack is real bad
I'd like to grab a hold of your soul and never let go
Never 'til they jump, 'til they say Hoooo
Now that's the state of mind I'm in huh... ” -KK


For Zeke.


     As they often did after school, the two boys were roughhousing in front of the SpongeBob cartoons. No one was home to tell them to calm down. They could do whatever they wanted for a two-hour span, especially things their mom didn’t approve of.

Entering the house, they had stripped down to their underpants as soon as the door closed behind them. The California sun was simply too hot to keep clingy humid clothes on. Being half Mexican, half black, the white of their briefs shone flamboyantly in the middle of their luscious brown bodies.

Then, they had turned on the TV and smacked each other around, screaming at the top of their lungs. Within minutes, the restless brothers were pushing and grabbing each other, falling to the floor and wrestling there.

Ronald was twelve-years-old and Johnathon nine. Naturally, the older boy had the upper hand. He was slim and athletic, which meant some muscles were beginning to show on his frame. For a kid slightly short for his age, he twisted his small sibling mighty easily and relished his kid brother’s strident wails of pain.

Johnathon defended himself fearlessly until he couldn’t take it anymore and yelled, “Quit it, homo! You’re hurtin’ me!”

   “Who’s the strongest? Who? Tell me?” Ronald demanded his arm locking the little boy’s neck.

   “You’re not,” Johnathon said. “Uncle Richy is!”

They continued to roll on the floor becoming a giggly mass of flailing caramel limbs. Despite his lack of physical strength, Johnathon put up a good fight. He was nearly as tall as his big brother and bore a resemblance because of the same dark hair trimmed to a quarter inch on his scalp. He carried a little bit of baby fat on his belly and bottom unlike the elder. But this didn’t impede his feistiness. He loved to battle the big boy and feel their smooth skin rub together. It was exciting in every possible way.

For Ronald, it was more like foreplay. He flipped the rambunctious imp over and slapped his round bottom playfully. After a while, every smile the tyke made betrayed his excitement. He groped underneath him to see if his nipples were hard. That’s how he could tell when the boy was horny. And it was the case. Swiftly, he pulled Johnathon’s underoos down and dove between his thighs.

The youngster melted as he felt the mouth of his brother suckled the head of his dick. Then, the older boy’s lips slid all the way to the root and back up to the tip. Johnathon hooked his legs around his brother’s back and his toes curled down. He rested his head on the floor and moaned. Ronald sucked the three-inch peg at a leisurely pace, building up a good dose of pleasure. Once in a while, he engulfed the small hairless nut sac before going back to the wet stiffie.

Out of the blue, Johnathon asked, “How come uncle Richy doesn’t have a girlfriend?”

Ronald released his little brother’s penis from the grip of his lips. “I dunno, all the girls are hot for him,” he said. “He’s just nineteen. Maybe he’s waiting for the right one. Or he likes boys.”

Johnathon’s green eyes lit up. “D’you think he would like to play sex games with us?”

   “Maybe, I dunno.”

   “Uncle Richy is sooo cool,” Johnathon said. “I think he’d like it. We should really find out!”

   “Yeah, we could do that,” Ronald shrugged his shoulders and stood up. “But for now, pull my undies down and suck my dick.”

The nine-year-old boy giggled and sat on his heels in front of his big brother. He tugged on the white briefs. The brown boner sprung up like a Jack-in-the-box. As usual, he wrapped his fist around it and licked the sticky fluid coming out the pee hole. He loved the throbbing wiener. It was big and long, at least five inches. A half-moon of wispy hairs around the base made it look like it had grown a mustache!

He opened wide and slipped the vibrant flesh in his mouth. Right away, he bobbed his little head, moving his lips faster and faster. The knob brushed against the roof of his mouth. He got on his knees and leaned forward, that way the knob bumped in the back of his throat and he could fit Ronald’s penis completely in his mouth. He backed off and went down again until his chin touched his big brother’s balls.

Johnathon could tell he was doing it right because Ronald was moaning and ranting, “Ohhhh yeah, suck it! Yeahhh, Suck my dick! Ohhhh I’m gonna CUM!”

He continued to bob his head, squeezing his lips around the rigid flesh, going faster and faster. Ronald was hissing and his face made funny grimaces. Johnathon knew what was going to happen next. He took the penis out of his mouth.

    “Are you gonna shoot the milk stuff, now?”

   “Yeah, don’t spit it out,” Ronald caught his breath. “Just swallow it.”

   “Okee, but it tastes yucky...”

With that, Johnathon returned to the oral task, determined to get his twelve-year-old brother off. It didn’t take long. A few more seconds of head bobbing and Ronald’s timid load spurted on his tongue accompanied by a groan of relief. He leaned back and gobbled up the little dollop of slimy sauce, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. A halo of pride illuminated his face.

Ronald threw his brother a smile, his chest heaving. “Wait here.” he whispered, dashing away.

Inside his mother’s bra drawer, Ronald found what he was looking for. When he came back to the living room, he turned the small vibrator on. It buzzed like a swarm of bees.

   “Now, it’s my turn to make you cum.” he announced.


   On the way to pick up his nephews for a movie outing, Richy’s finger tapped nervously against the steering wheel. His spirit oscillated between joy and reluctance whenever he took charge of his sister’s children. Not because they were a handful. That he could handle. And even though the grandparents often complained, “Estos niños están locos!” He didn’t think so. They were not crazy kids, just regular boys who happened to be hyperactive.

Nothing of their wild boyish nature bothered him. The dread that knotted his guts manifested itself strictly because of the awkward situations that occurred every time he was around the cute brothers. He knew that he swung both ways. He dated girls and guys from his college equally. But lately, his attraction towards young boys had rumbled so fiercely that denying it would have been ridiculously immature. He suspected the brothers had noticed it. After all, children are naturally astute when it comes to perceiving vibes. And he was sending many.

Sometimes, unconsciously, he ogled at one of the brothers for too long and the object of his attention said, “What’s up Uncle Richy?” Or when he received a hug from the boys, his hand slid almost on its own to touch the jutting curve at the top of their bubble butts. Damn!

The boys were certainly on to him. They always romped around the house nearly nude, clad in white briefs. Johnathon was very affectionate and climbed on his lap. He wiggled and giggled there moving his lil’ bottom all about on his crotch. Also, he had seen Ronald lounging on the couch once, his knee bent so that his balls were clearly visible in the leg hole of his underwear.

Surely they were flirting with him? Or maybe he was just being silly? They were too innocent to understand what they were doing. That’s it. Probably?

The traffic was horrible on the main street to his sister’s house, but Richy didn’t notice.
He was concluding that there were many reasons for the brothers to simply adore and look up to him. He was their young uncle, in good shape, just nineteen, more like a big brother. He was easygoing and always ready for a tickle fight. He bought all the latest video games and owned piles of Japanese manga comic books. What kid wouldn’t think he was the coolest uncle in the world?

The rusty Honda came to a screeching halt. “Fuck!” Richy cursed, angry at himself for getting lost in his thoughts. He had almost run a red light.

Shaking out the trance, the dilemma of what movie to see surfaced on his mind, ‘Iron Man 2’ or ‘Prince of Persia’? Which one had they already seen?

This time he reminded himself to buy popcorn and chocolate bars at the concession stand of the movie theater. He would not make the same mistake of purchasing those huge rocket frozen pops. Watching the bros slurp on the sugary ice had given him a hard-on. Especially since Ronald had, on purpose, moaned and pursed his lips on the thing, obviously mimicking a blowjob.

When Johnathon had said, “Look I can put it all in mouth!” and proceeded to cram the whole Popsicle between his lips until only the stick was protruding out, he had almost creamed his jeans.

Richy parked the car in the driveway and rang the doorbell. “Uncle Richy!” Johnathon greeted him, jumping in his arms and delivering a wet kiss on his mouth. He held the lively kid under his butt, one mound in each hand, savouring the moment despite the strain of sixty pounds pulling on his shoulders. The older boy was more reserved, just leaning against him and stroking his back.

   “Ready, girls,” Richy said. “I got enough dough to take you to a movie.”
   “Yeah!” Johnathon cheered.

   “Thanks Uncle Richy!” Ronald lit up.

Movie night was always a bash for the brothers. They behaved for the most part, afraid there wouldn’t be a next time. But sitting in the audience, the nasty insults they said at each other embarrassed Richy; ‘faggot’, ‘shitface’ ‘dumbass’ ‘cunt’. He pinched their elbows to spare himself the condescending looks of the other movie goers. “Ok, guys, that’s enough. Just shuddup!”

After the movie, they all went back home and the boys stripped down to their underwear for the best part of the evening, wrestling with uncle Richy. He took off his t-shirt and kicked off the action, throwing kids on couches, slamming their faces in cushions and crushing them under his chest.

The giddy boys attacked him on all sides, screaming “CHARGE!” But they were out of their league. He had built a lean muscular body from years of weightlifting, thick biceps and a six-pack. They bounced on him like he was a trampoline.

The battles were never-ending. After four rounds, they were all sweaty and panting. Richy loved to peek at Johnathon’s crotch, where he always spotted a little tent provoked by all the body rubbing and intimate contacts. The youngster was particularly naughty that evening. He kept trying to pull down Ronald’s underpants.

   “C’mon guys, play fair.” Richy said without much authority.

Fortunately, they didn’t listen to him. He managed to catch tantalizing glimpses of the older boy’s paler buns, even a full frontal flash of his nice brown dick and balls. Ronald retaliated with wedgies; unaware he might cause his uncle to suffer a heart attack because the ruthless pulling of Johnathon’s waistband revealed for a good minute the nine-year-old boy’s erection.

Richy tried to appear like he wasn’t staring too much, but he was. Right then, he knew he would need to jack off twice coming back to his apartment. Otherwise, he would, without a doubt, wake up the next day, with a pair of boxers soaked in jizz.

There was no escaping it.

Every time he babysat, he dreamt all night of his nephews’ squeals of delight as he frenziedly rammed his cock in their little asses, one after the other.


   His heart was still racing when he shut the engine down in front of the apartment complex. His penis was rock hard and sideways, pushing painfully against the pocket of his jeans. Man, these kids were going to drive him completely insane!

Before opening the door, Richy checked the backseat. The nephews figured his car was a trash can. They regularly left candy wrappers and soda cans back there. He saw a CD case and picked it up. On the jacket, uneven hand-written letters formed the words, ‘For Uncle Richy’.

He went inside and booted up the computer. A fuzzy feeling ballooned in his stomach. The brother’s gifts were always special and warmed his heart, even the coarse drawings they did when they were in kindergarten.

He fed the CD to the machine and clicked on the drive. It contained a file named ‘MOV0142.AVI’ He clicked again and smiled. On the screen, the brothers were sitting on the couch, in their underpants. What else?

    “This is for you, Uncle Richy!” Ronald declared starting at the camera. “Now!” he added, slapping his little brother’s knee.

Both boys pulled down their undies at the same time, sliding them off their smooth brown legs. “Holy shit!” Richy mumbled. He could finally feast his eyes on their wobbling stiffies. The image was steady, probably filmed with a webcam setup a couple feet away on the coffee table. Despite the low quality of the capture, he could clearly see their genitals. Ronald’s pecker was quite chubby for a twelve-year-old.

The brothers played with each other’s boners and kissed on the mouth in an exaggerated manner. They chuckled and rubbed the tips of their tongues together. Richy released his pulsing hard-on from his jeans.

The boys passed a bottle and squirted baby oil between their legs. They used their hands to spread the slippery oil all over. Richy exhaled in front the computer. The kids’ groins were gleaming a nice shiny copper tone. They wrapped their fists around their dicks and began to masturbate.

Richy watched the scene, his hand sliding gently on his own hard cock. Johnathon yanked on his junk feverishly, looking straight at the camera. He brought his bare feet on the couch. His toes curled down and spasms wracked his legs in the midst of the frantic wanking. Ronald stimulated his penis with poise, rubbing the head with his fingers, squeezing his balls. The older boy had more experience and knew obviously how to please his joystick.

   “Do it now.” Johnathon said, hurling himself backwards on the couch, grabbing his legs under the knees and drawing them to his chest.

Richy gasped at the sight of the kid’s buns spread open exposing his tiny brown hole. Ronald scooted closer to his little brother, aligning his slickened hard-on in front of the upturned butt. “Shit, they’re gonna fuck…” Richy muttered. He leaned forward to watch everything up close. But Ronald stood up and grinned at the camera. The boy put something over the lens, blocking the view. Richy fumed looking at the blank screen. However, the sound was still on.

At first, he could hear breathing and soft whimpering. Then plaintive moans echoed louder and louder. From the pitch of the voice, Richy could tell it was his younger nephew. The kid was moaning, “Unnnghhh! Unngghh! Unnnggghhh!”

At the same time, Ronald’s grunts and hissing resonated, “Urgh! Urghh! Yessssss Urghhh! Yessss!”

Richy pulled on his cock faster, imagining what the boys were doing. They were torturing him! That’s what they were doing! He stared dumbfounded at the empty screen. For a second, he thought it was impossible that his kid nephews were actually having anal sex. They were faking it! For sure. Were they?

The moans intensified. Johnathon yelped and cried a litany of Ooohs while his big brother groaned, “Orrrhhhh!”.

Richy didn’t have time to reach for the box of Kleenex. His cock shot five quick blasts of cum all over his t-shirt. He sighed loudly.


   Richy cringed a little when his sister begged him to come over and watch the kids. It had been three weeks since the boys had deliberately left behind the CD in his car. He wasn’t sure if he was ready to deal with that yet. He certainly didn’t want to be one of those frustrated people brainwashing kids into thinking sex was bad. But giving his approval to their little naughty flick made him nervous.

As always, the brothers welcomed him in their undies and hugged him. “Did you watch our movie, Uncle Richy? Did you?” Johnathon harassed him right away.
The young man hesitated, wondering if he should just lie. But the kid was so enthusiastic and there was no point in deferring the subject. “Erh, yeah, I did…”

   “D’ya like it?” the youngster demanded, his cute face beaming with hope.

   “It was okay. I didn’t see much… You were faking it, anyway.”

The response piqued Ronald’s ego. “Nuh-uh,” he interjected and turned to his little bro. “C’mon, let’s go to our room and show Uncle Richy.”

   “Yeah,” Johnathon seconded.

   “Wait, don’t do that!” Richy said, following the brothers. He caught up to them but they had already jumped on one of the beds and had gotten rid of their undies. Both naked boys rolled on the mattress, grabbing their asses and dicks. Richy paused, surveying his beautiful giggling nephews, brown limbs entwined. The next moment they were 69ing each other, moaning and slurping noisily on their boners.

He grabbed a chair at the desk and sat, keeping his eyes on the show. His cock was hard as steel in his jeans seeing the horny boys sucking away like porn stars. They obviously wanted to impress him. Ronald held his kid brother’s small erection between two fingers and flicked his tongue at it with a sly smile. Meanwhile, Johnathon was just devouring his big brother’s dick, bobbing his head madly. After a while, he stopped his passionate sucking and said, “Show Uncle Richy how you put it in my butt!”

Richy thought he would faint as he saw the small boy get on all four and raise his backside. Ronald scrambled to find some lube in a drawer. He returned to the action quickly applying the oil on his hard-on. From where he was sitting, Richy could see it all finally. The twelve-year-old boy crouched and pressed his dickhead against the tiny brown hole. Johnathon groaned while his brother’s dick sank into the puckered ring.

Immediately, Ronald swayed his hips, driving his chubby into his little brother’s ass. His balls jiggled every time he plunged to the hilt. Johnathon exulted, pushing his rear end back to receive the hard dick deeply inside him on every fuck stroke. Richy’s mind reeled observing the show. His youngest and favorite nephew was a hot little bottom who craved cock! The kid was smiling and moaning like a slut, “Unnghh Unngghhh Hmmmm”

Richy couldn’t help but release his straining hard-on from his jeans. It was so hot to see Ronald fuck his kid brother. The brown boy undulated beautifully almost as if possessed by a tribal beat. Both kids noticed he’d taken out his cock and giggled. He had to get in on the action! As he approached the couple, Johnathon grabbed his wagging erection and brought it to his lips. He engulfed the thick piece of flesh, nearly swallowing all seven and half inches inside his mouth.

   “I think you guys have been doing this for a while!” Richy exclaimed his stare locked on Johnathon’s stretched lips sliding on the shaft of his prick. The kid’s eyes were shining with lust. Damn! He was taking cock in both holes and loving it!

Ronald groaned and began to piston harder. His pelvis banged against the nine-year-old boy’s butt pushing the kid’s mouth forward on Richy’s rigid cock.

    “Slow down. You’re fucking him too hard!” the young man remarked.

    “He likes it like that.” Ronald said breathlessly, pounding away at a steady pace. As if to atone for his roughness, he stole Richy’s cock from his kid brother’s mouth and began to suck it. For a while, he continued to fuck holding the big hard pole in his hand and bobbing his head on it. All of a sudden, he winced and grasped the waist of his brother.

    “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” he raved biting his tongue and hissing.

Richy nearly busted his nuts seeing the older kid climax. His face took on a peaceful air while he spilled his little load inside his brother’s rectum. The boy pulled out gently and smiled.

    “Do you wanna put in my butt too, Uncle Richy?” Johnathon asked candidly.

    “Let’s try and see if it’s gonna fit.” the young man replied.

Richy calculated that Johnathon would need to be on his back for him to be comfortable for his big cock. He moved the kid to the center of the bed, flipped him over and gently lifted his spindly brown legs, placing them on either side of his own hips. He eased up toward Johnathon. The tip of his cock touched the little boy’s asshole. 

   "Are you sure you want to do this?" Richy said, but this time, his smile and his tone full of determination. He’d already gone too far with the boys. There was no point turning back. He wanted this.

Johnathon smiled back a toothy grin, "Yep." 

They both chuckled then settled into a serious manner preparing to get to it. Richy began to push firmly toward his small nephew.  Johnathon's lubed little hole was gaping slightly but still very tight. When the opening finally relented and the head of Richy's thick dick popped inside, the little boy moaned and grunted, clearly in pain.  Richy stopped, but didn't pull out. He ran his hands over the kid’s belly and gave a few gentle strokes to his stiffie.  He also smiled seeing the kid didn't retract from him, but instead, groaned and panted as he got used to the feeling of his fat cock inside him.

After a minute that seemed like longer, Richy, without any prodding or comment from Johnathon, began to very gently and slowly pump just a little in and out of his hole.  Johnathon gasped sharply and grunted a little bit. Richy took a second to squeeze some more oil onto the shaft of his dick then continued moving just a little in and out of the boy.  Johnathon slowly began to adjust to the feeling of the massive intrusion. So he started putting a little more of his dick into the boy as he gently pumped. His cock was now nearly all the way in, but it was thicker at the base, which made it harder to get all the way inside of his nephew. 

Richy had to spend as long sliding the last inch in as it had taken him to get the bulk of his cock inside.  Finally, his balls came to rest against the boy’s small bottom. Johnathon cooed.  Obviously, the pain had almost been completely replaced with pleasure.

Richy meant to pull almost out, but miscalculated and his cock popped completely out of the boy’s ass.  Johnathon made a pained, "awwww" sounds when the cock fell out. Richy quickly but gently angled his cock head back to the kid’s butt and smoothly slid all the way back inside eliciting a low moan out of him. The young man began to retract almost completely before sliding all the way back in. Johnathon's little dick was standing rigidly, and shuddered each time he moved in or out.  After an intense ten minutes that seemed like an eternity to Richy, he felt that familiar tingle at the base of his cock.

Johnathon's mouth was slightly open and he bit his lip as he got fucked. The boy was so unbelievably sexy Richy thought.  Johnathon's face screwed up and his body twisted as he continued to slowly fuck him. He breathed heavily. Without being touched, Johnathon’s dick twitched. “Ohhh yess! Uncle Richy yesssss!” the tyke screamed.

When Johnathon began to cum, Richy fucked faster.  He quickly slid his cock out of the boy’s anus and grunted. His cock seemed like a spigot that had been turned on. His rich white cum erupted covering the little boy’s dick and balls. A few shots splashed all over his brown tummy.  As it did, Richy realized he wanted to babysit more often, way more often.


THE END     

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