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I have the not uncommon fetish, or fascination of simply watching (all males straight, bi, or gay are voyeurs) or, perhaps even on rare occations assisting, young boys in masturbation activities. ("jacking-off", "jerking-off", or "wanking" if you prefer) By "young boys" I refer to boys in the 10 thru 15 year-old age range of pre-pubertal or just beginning puberty, maturity. This range covers both "early bloomers" and "late bloomers" and is my AoA (Age of Attraction). By "assisting" I mean either "coaching" or demonstrating the activity, or providing an atmosphere conducive to the activity, or both (sorry, no hands on training here.) To me, the most beautiful sight in the world to see is a boy pleasuring himself to orgasm (wet or dry)! There, that covers all the boring technical bits. If you have any comments or critques let me have them at:


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As has already been said in other places: "Incest is best! Keep it in the family!" I am the oldest of three boys in my family. My two younger brothers are 4-5 years younger than me. We started sharing our self-exploration when I was 14.

One day I got careless because I thought I was home alone after school and I was very HORNY!! (Creeping crawling wall climbing HORNY) I'd had a constant hardon since lunch horny! And no amount of self adjustment helped. There I was flat on my back my shorts in a pile on the floor beside the bed flogging away when I heard a giggle from my doorway. There stood my two brothers staring at my hand working so fast. The older one asks "Whacha doin'?" I thought for half a second and then decided I wasn't going to try and lie my way out of this. Besides this was an opportunity to be a good big brother and teach some lessons to them.

"I'm jacking off or jerking off or wanking."

"What's that?"

"It's something older guys do to feel real good! Come over here and sit on the bed and I'll show you how." They looked at each other and started to come over to the bed. I told them to "Pull your pants off just like mine are." They hesitated so I said "It's okay. we're all guys and it's not like I haven't seen your dicks before. Like when we used to take showers together remember?" They both shucked off their shorts and let them settle on the floor around their feet and turned around to sit on the bed. I had sat up and shifted up cross-wise to the bed with my back against the wall. They sat on each side of me. They were both hard! They both tried to cover up their stiffies but I pushed their hands aside so we could see each other in all our hard stiffness!

"What did you call my stiffy --- a dick?"

"Yep a dick or cock or prick."

"How come yours is so big?"

"'Cause I'm older. but don't worry about it you'll get bigger by the time you get to be my age!" over just a couple months

"You got hair around your dick!" I had a few whispy hairs above my still hard dick but I was a 'late bloomer' and had just seen them popped up in the last month or so but strangely enough I had been 'squirting' since I was just past 11. I could still count them on the fingers of one hand. I took almost another two years for my pubes to really appear and fill in. And my pit and chest hairs didn't come in until I was almost 20. The only places I had pubertal hair growth was my lower legs and at top of my dick. My voice never really deepened I have always been a Tenor and before my Adams Apple developed I was a boy soprano until I was just over 16 and my voice cracked. It didn't stay cracked very long but slid right to tenor over just a couple of months.

"I know. You'll get them too when you get to be my age or maybe even sooner. They're a part of growing up." (As it turned out the oldest started squirting when he was just passed 11 and the youngest just short of 12. They were very proud of it when it happened and I was lucky enough to be there when it happened to each of them! But that's another story! (Hint hint let me know if you're interested! wink wink!) "Okay lets see how hard you guys are." I took my thumbs and two fingers of each hand and gently put them around the two stiff stalks on each side of me and started to slowly pump them from base to tip and back again several times getting surprised grunts, groans, and moans of pleasure from them as they felt the tingley feeling coming from their dicks and balls!

"Aaaaahhhhh! ... Oooooohhhhhh! ... Uuuunnnngggghhhh! Feels ... soooooo ... good!" from the oldest.

"<giggle> that sort of tickles but uuuummmm! ... feels so nice too! Uuuunnnngggghhhh!" from the youngest. Both started to push their hips up into my pumping fingers! "Don't ... stop ... uuuummmm ... doin' that it feels soooo good!"

"Yeah ...don't stop please!" I gripped a little tighter and pumped a little faster!

"How's that? better? Does it feel good?" They were both getting into the feelings so much they couldn't talk they just nodded. I kept pumping and picked up a little more speed and pressure. They started to thrust harder into my fists. The older one grabbed my fist with his and started to push it back on himself grunting in pleasure each time we slid over the head of his dick! The younger one saw what his brother was doing and reached his hand down to mine too. Wrapped his small fist around mine and began to feel the feelings his brother was getting off on. He started to grunt and groan in his pleasure too. I felt the older one's dick get harder swell up just a little!

"Ahhhhhhh! wait it feels like I gotta pee bad. Uuunnnggghhh! but feels sooo good...Oooohhhh!" he was panting now like he was running a great race! I felt the little one get harder and bigger too! They both thrust their hips up off the bed and jammed them into our fists!

"Don't worry you're not gonna pee. If you think it feels so good now, it's gonna feel even better in a few seconds. just keep on humping the hands and you'll see!" They both jammed down on our fists and they were there! their climaxes both cascading up and then down!

"Oh ... my ... fucking ... God! ... feels ssssooo fucking good! Don't stop pumping! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Yessssss! ssssoooo goooood!" the older one gasped out as I felt his climax ripping thru his dick and his body! "Feels good doesn't it Willy? <grunt> <Groan> so good!" Of coarse his climax was dry but his balls were giving it their all to try a ejaculate all the fluids that weren't there yet! Then he slowly dropped back on the bed. Then my other brother started his final run by jamming up into my fist once more and just holding it still while his back arched even higher and he started squealing out his pleasure.

"OOOOHHHH GAWD! Feels so damn gooooood! Oh yes! Don't stop now! Ssssoooo Gooooood! Ooohhh Johnny so good!" then he pumped once more and let out a long sigh and his back settled back down to the bed. "AWESOME!!! Isn't it Johnny? Can we do it again TC? What's that stuff all over your dick and tummy?" I looked down at my crotch and saw cum all over my dick and belly. I had cum with out even touching myself!! but I noticed my thighs (and legs) were close together so apparently with both hands "busy" in my brothers' crotches I'd still managed to get myself off by rubbing with my thighs against my dick! Wow! I'd never done that before!

"Wow! That's cum or sperm and older boys and men make it in their balls. When they jack off or have sex for long enough they have whats called an orgasm or some guys call it a cum and the cum squirts out onto their tummmy or if they are having sex squirts into the girls slit. Which also feels very good. If it's with a fivegirl that's how you can make a baby."

"Look! Johnny and me are still stiff! and yours is getting long again too TC!" Indeed it was and they were getting really stiff again. I was chubbing up again too! Of course at that time I was only about 4.5" hard and had a "pencil dick" as well. I could get my thumb and forefinger completely around my hard dick with a little left over. On the other hand it was just the right size for fist fucking my hand.

"Well we are all young enough to jack off again right now. As you get older it sometimes takes a little longer time to recover between cums. Especially after you start to actually make cum in your balls. Hey how about returning the favor for me. I jacked you guys off because you didn't know how. but now that you know how how about "helping" me out then I'll help you guys out again or we can even do it together?" They both looked up at me but having now gotten a "taste" of what a guy could do with himself to make himself feel really good they both nodded vigorously. I smiled at them. They both reached out with one hand and wrapped it around my now fully stiffened dick and began to pump it up and down. "Oh God that feels good! Don't stop doing that! Ungh! Soooo nice! You guys learned how to do that real well! Oh yes! Feels so good! Try this: one of you play with my balls!" Willy let go of my dick and let his hand slide to my ball sack. "That's it Will. just let them roll around between a couple fingers. Like this." I reached down to Will's little pouch and played marbles with his litttle marble sized nuts that were drawen up against the base of his stiff little 2" dick so obviously they hadn't dropped yet. but when I reached over to Johnny's packed sack I found them hanging down from his dick! Apparently my little brother was beginning to grow up! (as I said earlier it would be about 10 months before his first squirting cum (not really squirting) more like oozing a couple huge drops boy was he happy though).

The boys began to arch up off the bed and humping hard into my fists. Their dicks swelled and got harder! "Almost there ... Gonna cum ... Aaaahhhh ... <grunt> here it cums now! Ungh! YYYYEEEESSSS!!!" Willy went completely rigid gasping and panting like he'd just run a mile! "<gasp> <sigh> OH yeah!" Then Johnny hit his as he came up off the bed!

"Dear Gawd! ... So good! don't stop now! Aaaaahhhhh!" his last groaning sigh escaping as he settled back down on the bed. He had humped hard into my fist as he went thru his cum. Then he just lay there panting and gasping just like his little brother. When they finally came back to earth I started humping hard up into Johnny's fist he squeezed harder and started pumping on my dick. Thats all it took about five more strokes and I was up off the bed with my back going rigid my dick getting harder and bigger. Then I started shooting cum on my belly and chest.

"Don't stop pumping! Tighter! That's it! Here it cums! Aaaahhh yyyeeesss! So good! Watch me cum! Here it cums! see?! Yyyyeeeessss! Oh God! So fucking good!" I shot five shots on my stomach and chest followed by two oozers on Johnny's hand dripping on my dicks base.

"Wow! do you cum like that all the time? That's a lot."

"No not that much usually. But I've been very horny today."

"Can I touch it?" I nodded. "Ewee. It's all slimey."

"just wait until you start making your own cum. You'll change your mind." I stretched and yawned. I pulled up to the edge of the bed and grabbed my t-shirt and cleaned my self up then put my shorts on again. "Mom'll be home in a little while so get dressed and get started on your homework. Maybe we can play some more later."


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