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I suppose I should tell you about some of my brothers friends that I got to help learn things about being a boy beginning to grow up. The first one I'll talk about is Peter.

I was 'caught' again after school one day. I was expecting my brothers to be cumming home after school so I had left the door cracked open about an inch. I was lying with my head towards the door totally naked flogging away and not really paying attention to anything else other than the good feelings cumming from my dick. I thought I heard a noise at my door but then nothing further so I continued to flog thinking my brothers had gotten home and had walked past my door down the hall and into their bedroom. I was getting close to cumming and sped up my strokes and pressure, arched my back and gasped "OH God YESSSS!!!" as I began cumming. I grunted "UNGH!" with each wave and squirt. I squirted four jets of cum up onto my chest and dribbled a couple more. I panted out "Oh God I needed that!" as I started to recover my breath. Then I heard a giggle from the door and I twisted around to see that it wasn't either of my brothers but my baby brother's friend Pete from down the road. I grinned up at him blushing and told him "I didn't know anyone else was in the house, Pete. Is Will with you?" He nodded and said "Yeah he's still down in the kitchen. He said he'd be right up after me." Then we heard him cumming up the steps.

"Oh hey TC. Sorry. I should have had Pete wait with me 'cause I should have knew you'd be 'occupied'!"

"That's ok Will. It's not like Pete hasn't seen a naked guy before, is it Pete?" He nodded.

"Yeah I've seen my brother Jamey before. (Jamey is a year older than me.) You've got more hair than he does. And you make more 'stuff' than he does." He told us as he was rubbing his own quite sizable tent (for his age) in the front of his jeans.

"That's what I thought. Cum on in and sit if you guys want to. They both pushed the door open and walked in. Will unbuttoned his pants and dropped them before sitting down. Pete saw him do that and looked at me and then back to Will and shrugged and dropped his too, slowly. He had a very beautiful cut 3.5 inch boydick standing straight out from his totally hairless pubic area. He took off his shirt too. Aside from the top of his head he was completely smooth. His balls were hanging down in their small pouch. They were about grape sized but were hangers. So he was cumming into puberty. When I saw them my own dick started to climb back up to total hard on. I mumbled "Very nice!" He looked at me and grinned a shy smile and blushed. "So have you done what I was doing before?" He nodded and told us he and his brother shared a bedroom so he had watched Jamey do it before when Jamey thought he was asleep. "So now he does it even when he knows you're awake?"

"Yeah. I about scared the shit out of him one night when I asked him if that really feels good when he rubs his dick like that?"

Jamey squeaked "OH DAMN! ... You almost scared the shit out of me! I thought you were sleeping! WOW!"

"He was breathing like he was scared too." Pete giggled. "I asked him again how it felt?"

"Haven't you ever rubbed yours when it gets stiff?" Jamey asked me.

"I nodded and said yeah but I don't get that stuff squirting out and after awhile it feels like I gotta pee real bad so I stop."

He told me "Don't worry you can't pee when you're that stiff so just keep rubbing! It will feel even better after another minute or so. You want me to help? I can show you how good it feels!" He got up and came over to my bed and sat down on the edge next to my legs. He reached up to the covers and pulled them down. Then he slowly reached up with his thumb and finger and put them around my stiff dick. He began to slowly rub them up and down my stiffy. It felt so neat! Even better than I was rubbing myself.

"That's right. It always feels better when it's somebody else's hand stroking your dick!" With saying that I reached over and began to stroke his little 'pencil' dick up and down slowly. "Like this does?"

"Ugh ... yeah dude just like ... ungh ... that! Feels so good!" I looked over at Will as he was slowly stroking his little boydick. Then Pete reached over to my teen dick, wrapped his fist around it, and began rubbing it up and down. "Yours is about the same size around as Jamey's but yours is longer."

"Ungh ... That feels so good Pete! Don't stop and I won't stop either it feels so good! So did Jamey keep rubbing you until you had your 'tickles'?"

"You mean did he make me cum?" After he saw me nod, he continued "That's what he calls it when he squirts his stuff out of his dick." I told him that's what I call it too. "He kept stroking my dick and squeezing it harder and faster. Then I got that 'gotta pee' feeling I started to push his hand away, told him 'Gotta pee!' but he kept it on my dick and gripped tighter and stroked faster, and told me to wait and see. So I did and WOW! it did feel even better and better!" As he was describing this he was beginning to grunt and pant as he talked.

"Like this?" as I tightened my grip and went faster. He nodded. Then he grabbed me tighter and stiffened his whole body out and arched his back forcing his very hard and red dick up into my fingers and groaned out "UNGH ... YYYEEESSS! Cumming now!" I could feel his pre-teen boy dick swell up a little more then it began to throb as each of his four or five waves of orgasm ripped thru his body! He grunted loudly as each throb came up thru his dick! Then collapsed back on the bed panting and gasping for breath. "Good one, was it?"

He nodded but couldn't speak yet other than managing to gasp out "Uh huh!!" he was so out of breath. Just then we heard Will gasp out and grunt. He too stiffened his body out, arched his back and flogged his dick a couple more seconds and then slowed his strokes way down. His pre-teen dick got dark red almost purple and swelled up a bit more and then throbbed as his own climax ripped thru him. He grunted out a "UNGH!" with each throb! "WOW!!" he gasped out after his fifth wave had gone thru him. He then collapsed back down on the bed. He slowly began to flog my dick for me!

Watching Pete and then Will cum was enough to set my own cum off. I told Pete "Don't stop! I'm cumming!" My teen dick got bigger turned purple and began to spit out streamers of thick white teen boy cum up onto my chest and belly. I arched my back and groaned and grunted "UNGH!!!" with each streamer as it launched. The streamers were followed by three oozing pulses which sent cum dripping down over Petes fingertips. I finally settled back onto the bed panting. I finally pushed Petes hand away because my dick was way too sensitive after cumming so hard twice in the last ten minutes. "WOW!!! That was sooo good!"

I'm sure we'll hear more about Petes brother and Pete too, later. Let me know what you think.


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