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This is about another one of my brothers friends, Tony. Tony had a sister named Sharon, who was three years older than me. It was mid June and she was having a graduation party. The 'rents had conveniently gone out of town for the weekend. The party started early Friday night about 6ish and I didn't really expect it to be over until late Sunday afternoon. I had told her that I would help out and I would bring some "party supplies" later on too. (Mostly weed and a bit of beer. At this point in time I was not "legal" yet but I had "friends" who could and would supply me with whatever I was looking for.) Tony was 11 getting close to 12, 5 foot even, 110 pounds, light brown hair, green eyes, very cute! He was beginning his prepubescent growth spurt with long legs and arms. No body hair or even any on his legs or arms.

I had some family obligations in the early evening so I didn't walk down to their house until about 11. But I could hear the party well before I got there, actually as soon as I stepped out of my door. I walked up the driveway to go around back of their house. There was a large group of kids back there many were dancing to the loudly playing tunes. There was a cluster around an iced down tapped beer keg and another group around a picnic table with many bottles of booze and mixers on it as well as an ice-chest full of ice cubes. I saw Sharon by the bar walked over to her and said Hi and told her the local county mounties were slowly cruising down the street and she might want to turn the music down before they decided to break up the party. She looked at me for a moment and then walked over to the stereo box and dropped the decibels down to about 70-80. I nodded and said that should keep them in their car and rolling on down the road. We had no police force of our own since we were such a small village and used the sheriff as our cops. When she turned it down there were a few "Hey!" but not too many. As most everybody was just talking and/or drinking and not too bothered. I headed for the "bar" to pour some tonic water over ice and make the rounds of the groups. I usually didn't drink much at these things as I had suffered enough hangovers to not want to acquire enough of a buzz to suffer another one. I would be smoking a bit and would get well toasted by the end of the evening. I was between groups when I was suddenly grabbed from the rear "TC!!! 'm glad you here!" I recognized the voice of the angelic Tony. I also recognized the very slurred tones of inebriation. Tony was quite drunk!

"Had a few beers, Tony?" He put his fingers up to his mouth and said "SSSSHHHHH! 'm not supposed to be having any." Grinning a quite drunken smile and then giggling. "Pauly's (my buddy) been sharing with me some of his!" I was grinning now too. "You got some weed with you TC?" I nodded. "Can 'ave shhhome?"

"Let's go out back and we can share a pipe full, Tony."

"'K ... No ... wait Le'sh go get Jaaacky. 'e loves to get toasted too. 'es in the house. Watchin guys fuck in the livin' room while 'es jackin' off. There's a whole mess in there makin' out an' some are even fuckin' some'r jackin', some'r even gettin' blow jobs!"

"Alright cum on I'll help you go get him!" I put my arm around his shoulders and he put his arm around mine, propping him up and we slowly swayed up to the back kitchen door and walked in. There was Jacky standing in the doorway into the living room very intently watching the activities going on in there. He had his hand down into his shorts jacking himself quite fast. Just as we got next to him he went up onto his tip toes and grunted out "Oh GAWD! ... I'm cummin'!" I could see each wave of his climax pass shuddering thru him and he grunted "UNGH!!" with each wave! We watched him and I looked at what he was watching so intently, until he sank back down onto his feet. He was watching Andrea get plowed by the captain of the football team Joe. He had a huge dick and knew how to use it! Andy was grunting and moaning as she was cumming. "Oh God Joey! Harder! Harder! Cum in me! I love that fat dick of yours!"

"WOW! That was a good one huh Jacky?" He just nodded. He was back to watching the bodies meshing. "Come on with us. TC's got some bad ass weed to burn!"

"That right TC?" I nodded. "Well I'm getting' tired anyway that was my fifth cum!"

"Whoa Tony you're bombed!" waving his hand in front of his face in the booze and beer fumes! "Come on I'll help, TC. Where're we goin'?"

"Out back by the shed." He stepped up to Tony's other side and put Tony's other arm over his shoulder and we headed out back. When we got back by the shed there was a bench and we sat and propped Tony up between us. I dug my corncob pipe and baggy out of my big back pocket. I filled and tamped the grass into the bowl of the pipe added some more and tamped it too. I folded the baggy closed and tucked it away back into the pocket. I felt in my front pocket for my lighter. "Damn I left my lighter home!"

"S'okay. I got one." Tony said. He tried getting his hand into his pocket but it just kept sliding down his thigh. "Sits right here I can feel it."

"Hang on Tony I'll get it." I reached into his pocket but ran into his small hard dick first. I slid my fingers up and down it four or five times then reached down farther to grab the lighter and slowly pull it out.

He giggled and then told me "You didn't have to stop that yet TC!"

"I know but I want to get this lit then we can play some more. You know getting toasted makes me horny!"

"'K. But I've got first strokes." He giggled some more. I flicked the lighter and put fire to the pipe. Drawing deeply the smoke came into my lungs I puffed some air out and deeply inhaled once more this time holding it in. I passed the pipe to Jacky and he took a long hit and passed it to Tony who took a hit. I let mine out as he passed it to me fumbling and almost dropping the pipe. I grabbed it before it did and took another deep drag and passed it to Jacky again. He got some smoke out of it but ended up drawing air. Tony started to say something about not getting his hit, but I just grabbed his head turned it to me and pressed my lips to his and parted them and began to unload smoke into his mouth. He realized what I was doing even in his drunken state, and sucked down every thing I could give him grunting as he did it. After I was done giving him all the smoke I thrust my tongue into his mouth and we began to sword play with our tongues. Then he started breathing back out to me. I took it all back in then blew it out into the air between us and breathed in air again.

"WOW!! I'm already feeling the buzz, TC! That's some good shit!" I grinned. "Now I'm starting to get horny too!" The tent was growing in the front of my shorts. Tony was still tented from before so I reached down and grabbed his small tent and began lightly stroking my fingertips up and down his shorts covered shaft. He reached over to mine and used all his fingertips to caress it up and down too. I looked over at Jacky he had unsnapped and unzipped his shorts and spread them open and was flogging his beautiful cut 3 inch boydick. It was deep red and very stiff and swollen. "Jack help me here. Get Tony's shorts open." He reached over with his other hand without missing a flog. He unsnapped and unzipped Tonys shorts and then brushed my hand away long enough to spread them open and pull Tonys boydick out into the open and began to stroke it with his small fist. Tony began moaning and groaning "Feels nice Jacky! Don't stop jackin' Jack!" then he broke into giggles at his little joke. Jack just pumped harder and faster as he was doing his own. Tony sped up his hand on my dick to match his and Jacks speed. "Oh my ... dude! I'm gonna cum quick! ... UNGH!" I was getting close too! "Here it cums TC!" his boydick swelled a little more and then he shuddered as his cum wave hit him! He had five waves and then he stopped and pushed Jackys hand away.

Jacky grunted his little piggy grunt "UNGH!" as each of hie four waves swept thru him as he fucked Tonys hand! Tonys dick spit out two huge drops onto Tonys fist!

I groaned when I saw that and went over the edge spitting two strings of clear boy joy sauce up onto my belly followed by two huge oozing drops onto Tonys fingers! Grunting out my own chorus of "UNGH!" as each one came out! "Tony how long you been cumming like that?"

"'bout two weeks! ... It feels sooooo gooood when it does that!"

"Indeed it does, Tony! Indeed it does! That deserves another pipe of weed don't you think? To sorta celebrate your being a man now?" I got out the pipe and baggy again and began to refill the pipe. When I had refilled and tamped twice. It was now well filled. I handed the pipe to Tony and told him "This pipe is all yours until you or it is done!"

"Oh wow dude I'm so toasted already!"

"Now you will be totally baked!"

"'K Dude. Thanks."

"Por nada Little Dude." He stuck the pipe in his mouth. I lifted the lighter and flicked the flame. "Take it all Dude." He blew out a deep breath and began to draw the smoke deeply as the weed caught nice and even. I let off the lighter and put it back in my pocket. He finally ended his first draw and sat there holding it. He put his other hand on the back of my neck and began to french me and then gave me his smoke. When he couldn't blow out any more he dropped back and put the pipe up to his lips again and just gave a little draw to make sure it was still well lit. It was so he bagan to draw another lung full. When he couldn't draw anymore he pulled out the pipe and held the smoke for as long as he could. Then he snaked his arm and hand around Jackys neck and plastered his lips on Jackys. He Frenches with Jacky and then filled Jackys lungs too. He sat back but I told him "It's not done yet, or are you done." He looked at me with that glassy glazed over half shut toasted look and then shrugged and put the pipe back in his mouth.

"I am so crispy already dude!"

"There's about one more good draw in it dude. Come on finish what you started." grinning I put the pipe up to his mouth. He blew out his breath and began sucking on the pipe. It was still well lit and the smoke began to draw in. He drew in a lot and then stopped Both Jacky and I started to chant "Toke ... Toke ... Toke ... !!!" He drew a few seconds more then gave the pipe to Jacky to finish. He grabbed my head to French with me once more and then fill my lungs once more. He collapsed back against the shed wall watching Jacky finish the pipe with just barely slitted eyes.

"I'm sooooo Post Toasty!!" He giggled out. Jacky put his face into Tonys and Frenched the last lung full!

"Now you're a very crispy critter!!" and joined him in his giggling fit because he was one too. I was too.

After several minutes of giggles steadily slowing down and finally ending, Tony asked/told me "TC?? ... I'm horny again. See?" He and Jacky began another fit of giggles!

I just smirked and wiggled my eyebrows. "So? You want me to do something about those tents in your shorts? ... Well do ya?" They were still both giggling. "Unbutton and unzip and get those horny bad naughty little boy dicks out and play with them! ... There's nobody around and by this time nobody's gonna care not even your sister!" That launched them both into another fit of giggles.

They both reached down to their very tented shorts fronts but were having a bit of difficulty from their being extra crispy. I reached over and managed to get them undone. I reached into their shorts and extracted two horny bad naughty little boy dicks out of their shorts and began to slowly softly stroke then with thumb and forefinger of each hand. Their fits of giggles turned into groans and moans of pleasure as I increased tightness and speed. Their moans got louder and they started grunting and panting. I got "Oh God!" and "UNGH!" from both of them. They were both purring with pleasuring that they were receiving. I turned on my side and threw my top leg over Tonys thigh and began humping it like a dog humping his bitch! I stopped stroking Tony just long enough to adjust my very stiff dick so it was pointed in the right direction. Then I felt Tonys hand push itself between us and stroke his palm along my dick as I humped. I returned my hand to tonys dick and resumed stroking it hard and fast! He was trying to keep time with my humping and I was trying to keep the rhythm of my hand on his and Jackys dicks. We were all three of us panting, groaning, and grunting as we built up to our three-way mutual cum! Both of them cried out at the same "I'm ... UNGH ... CUMMING!!!!" and grunted out "UNGH! ... UNGH!!" as I felt each throbbing wave cum up thru their swollen boy dick joy sticks! That set me off too! "Cumming NOW!!! UNGH!" I grunted out as I painted the inside of my shorts with five spurts of boy joy juice. "OH MY FUCKING GAWD!!!" I groaned out as I finished my climax. After several moments I slowly recovered my breath. I slowly lifted my leg off Tony and slowly released both dicks that I could feel, had begun to soften. I finally opened my eyes and could blearily see thru slitted eyes that they were both asleep. I giggled and slowly stood up as I was very tipsy and slowly made my way home and collapsed into bed.

More about the Party later and maybe about another summer gathering or two. Let me know what you think.

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