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When Can We Do It Again

(chapter six)

About a month latter, the frat-house captain (Chuck) says to me “ you have been invited to a get-together on Saturday evening with me, my friend Charlie, the assistant basketball coach Peter (your cousin), and the head basketball coach Hank; at his place. I reply with “sure – I'll be there”. So that Saturday, late in the afternoon, I take a bath to make sure I am nice and clean. When I arrive, they are all chilling-out in the living room, drinking beer and smoking/sharing a joint. I take a few hits off the joint, and get a beer. I sit close to my cousin Peter (he sure smells good), and join in on the conversation. About ten minutes latter we move to the kitchen table, and play a few hands of poker. About fifteen minutes latter Hank says “let's move this party to the bedroom guys” When we get into the bedroom Hank says “strip guys” (so we all do). Then Hank says “the two losers of the poker game, Dale(me) and Peter, have to service the two winners, Chuck and Charlie”. So Chuck sits on one bed, Peter gets in front of him and starts sucking his cock. Charlie sits on the other bed, I get in front of him and start sucking his cock. Hank picks up a camera and starts taking pictures. About five minutes later Chuck says “oh ya boy – I'm cumming” (peter swallows his load). Then Charlie says “oh ya boy – I'm cumming” (I swallow his load). Then Hank says “bottom boys, lay on your back on the beds, and top guys, sit on their face” (so we do). Peter and I start rimming Chuck and Charlie. Hank says “top guys, get your bottom boys holes ready, and your dicks hard”. So Chuck and Charlie put lube on both their hands, and use one of them to finger my and peter ass holes, and their other hand to jerk their cocks. Hank says “when you are ready top guys, fuck your bottom boys”. A few minutes latter, Charlie lifts his ass off my face, moves around to the opposite side of me, lifts my ankles up to his shoulders, aims his cock to my butt hole, and starts to push it in. I let out a moan of pleasure, and he starts fucking me in a good rhythm. Soon after, Chuck gets into position, and starts fucking Peter. All four of us are moaning away in pleasure, as Hank is taking pictures. About ten minutes latter, Charlie starts twitching and says “oh ya – here it comes” I feel squirt after squirt of cum being pumped into my butt. Soon after, Chuck says “fuck yes – I'm cumming” peter just looks at me and smiles. Then Hank says “ok top guys, you can take a break, and watch these cousins have incest”. So me and Peter get into position (lay on our sides, facing in opposite directions, next to each other) so we can service each others' cock (69). About six minutes latter I moan “I'm going to cum” and pull out of peter's mouth and shoot all over my stomach & chest. Peter flips around and licks up my cum. Hank says “Dale, finish off your cousin” so peter lays on his back and jerks off while I suck on his balls. Soon Peter says “ya – here it comes” and shoots his cum so far that most of it lands on his upper chest and some of it hits him in the face. So I lick it off his chest and face, then “snowball” him with it. Hank says “wow – that was hot & I got some great pictures”. Charlie says “it sure was hot – just watching that got me hard again”. Hank says “great – time for seconds then, Dale and Peter get on all fours, Chuck and Charlie go fuck them”. So we get into position with Chucks' dick in my ass, and Charlies' dick in Peters' ass. We are all moaning and fucking away in a great rhythm. Chuck says “nice tight ass boy” and Charlie says “ ya – this one is nice and tight also”. Hank says “I'm getting some great shots here”. After about ten minutes of getting fucked deep hard and rough, Chuck says “I can't hold back any longer – here comes my cum up your ass boy”. About a minute later Charlie says to Peter “ ya boy – here comes your cum”. After they catch their breath, Chuck and Charlie start to get dressed, and say “thanks for the good/fun time Hank, we had enough for now and are going to leave”. Hank replies with “sure no problem and I'll call you latter to let you know when you can come back here and do it again”. Peter says “I'm hard and want to fuck some ass” I reply with “bring it on cuz”. Peter gets into position behind me, and starts fucking me like I'm the best ass he ever had. After about seven minutes of pounding his cock away into my ass hole, Peter says “oh ya cuz – here comes my seed”. When he is done shooting, I say “now it's my turn to return the favor” Peter says “well it is about time”. So I get Peter on his back, put his ankles up on my shoulders, put some lube on my cock and his butt hole, aim my cock and start pushing it it. Peter says “ oh ya cuz, give me my favorite cock, that feels so good, now fuck me” I reply with “well that is my favorite hole, so it will be my pleasure to fuck you”. I begin pushing my cock in and out of his butt hole, with a steady smooth rhythm. We both are moaning, I lean forward and kiss him. Then I slow down the pace, pull my dick all the way out, push it all the way back in, pull it all the way out, push it all the way back in. Feeling his butt hole closing around my cock as I pull out, then resist and give way as I re-insert, this is a great sensation to both of us. Peter moans in approval. Then I direct my attention to his chest, by licking sucking and nibbling on his nipples. He must really like that, cause he is moaning and twitching. Then I choose to pick up the pace and begin thrusting in him hard. I am pounding in him deep and rough, his body is bouncing with my every inward thrust. He is moaning loud (almost shouting/screaming) “oh my that feels great – fuck me hard cuz, make me feel it!” He is expertly milking my cock by clenching and releasing his ass muscles. After about seven minutes, I just can't hold back any longer. My body starts twitching, my balls pull up tight, and I moan “here comes your favorite seed cuz” and I pump off many squirts inside his channel. He gives me a kiss, winks at me and says “ thanks cuz, I loved it – now I'm going to shower”. After he leaves the room, Hank puts down the camera and says “wow that was HOT, and I got some sexy pictures, but now I'm hard, so it's my turn to fuck you” I reply with “yes sir – bring it on” He lubes up my butt hole and his cock, pushes me stomach down on the bed, gets on top, aims and impales me. I moan “man you are big” he replies with “just take it boy”. He fucks me deep long hard rough for a good ten minutes. Just when I think I can't take it any more and feel like I may pass out from the pain, he shouts “oh fuck ya – I'm cumming!” I feel like a cup of hot creamy liquid is being pumped inside me. When he is done shooting, catches his breath and says “that was fun, you can go now, I'll call you to let you know when you can come back and do it again...”

About a month latter, when Charlie calls and says “we are having a party here Saturday nite, if you want to come” I reply with “sure, sounds great – I'll be there”. When I arrive at Charlies frat-house, the party has already started. There are a lot of hot college jocks there, and a few teachers/professors. The music is playing, there is a pool table, a card playing table, and volleyball set up in the back yard. There is conversation areas, and a spot to dance, and of course beer & snacks (the perfect party). Thru the course of the evening I make my way around to all the different areas. Play a game of volleyball, play a few rounds of cards, join in on a few conversations, play a game of pool, do a little dancing, and just generally have a good time. Charlie comes up to me and asks if I will go to the storage room in the basement and bring up more beer and snacks, I say “sure, no problem”. In the basement there is a workout room set up, with a few shirtless jocks using the equipment. One of them ask me if I will spot for him, I say “sure, I'll be right back” He is a cute red-head with an almost perfect sculpted body. He is on the bench press, has a nice bulge in his shorts, and a fire-red “happy trail” on his stomach. I think I catch him looking up the pants leg of my shorts. I spot him for a few rounds by safely holding on to the weight. Then he says “your turn” I reply with “sure” and trade places with him. While lifting, I could not stop looking up the pants leg of his shorts. I could see the outline of his ass, and a very nice bulge in his jockstrap. He must have noticed me licking my lips, cause he put the weight on the holding bar and started rubbing his crotch. That was all the hint I needed, so I reached up and took his cock & balls out of his jock strap. He pulled down his shorts & stepped out of them. Then he leaned forward to put his crotch in my face and pulled down my shorts & jockstrap, freeing my cock and balls. I found his red pubic hair to be very sexy, and shoved my face in his balls to smell & lick them. Then I put his cock in my mouth & started sucking. He grabbed my cock with his hand & started jerking me off. He was moving his hips to fuck my mouth, more than I was moving my head to move his cock in & out of my mouth, while I was sucking the best I could. About six minutes later, he shoves all the way in so his cock head goes down my throat, moans “I'm cumming” and squirts his load in my throat. Then he just gets up, pulls up his shorts & walks away. The other two guys in the room must have been watching and got turned on by this, cause they come over and say “now our turn”. One of them shoves his dick in my mouth and says “suck it boy”. The other one lifts up my legs to his shoulders, spits on my butt hole, and starts pushing his dick in. I want to object to the pain and ask for more lube, but can't cause my mouth and throat is stuffed full of dick, so I just moan. The two of them get into a steady rhythm of fucking me. About eight minutes latter the guy fucking my mouth says “oh ya baby – here it comes” and shoots his load in my mouth (I swallow it to prevent myself from choking on it). The other guy says “ya, here comes my load too” and pumps it up my ass. One guy says “this boy services well, we should share him with our buddies” The other guy says “ya, that's a good idea, get the rope”, and holds me down. Then the two of them turn me around on the bench, tie my legs to the weight holder bars (this puts my ass right at the edge of the bench and exposes my butt hole), then tie my arms to the front bench legs. One guy says “that will hold him nicely, now lets go select who we want to tell”, and they leave the room. Within a few minutes, a guy comes into the room saying “I was told that there is a boy in here waiting to service, and I can see that there is, so suck this boy” as he takes his dick out of his shorts & stuffs it in my mouth. After a few minutes of sucking him, his dick gets hard and wet. He moves to the other side of the bench, positions himself and shoves his dick up my ass. I moan “wow, I can really feel that big dick up me” he replies with “good” and starts fucking me deep & hard. Occasionally he grabs my dick & jerks it some. After a few more minutes, he moans “Oh ya boy – I'm going to cum up your butt”. I feel his dick pulse inside me and his seed being planted. Then he says “now that is what a boy is good for; but I'm not sure the next guy or maybe any guys after him want you to see who they are – so I'm going to blindfold you” (which he does). I hear him zip up his pants & walk away. A few minutes latter I hear someone walk up to me and a male voice say “alright – now that's what I like to see”. I hear a pants being unzipped, and soon a dick is shoved in my mouth. I begin sucking it, without even being told to do so. After a few minutes (when his dick is hard & wet), the guy moves around to the other side of me, and shoves his dick up my ass. He is fucking me in a nice steady rhythm, as I just lie there and take it. He says “ya that's it, take this ass fucking, you sub bottom bondage bitch boy”. About five minutes latter he moans “ooh yyyaaa – I'm cumming” I feel his cum being pumped in my ass. Then I hear an adjustment of clothes, and the sound of him leaving. Within a few minutes, I hear someone come up to me. A few seconds latter and a hard dick is shoved up my butt hole. The fucking immediately progresses. About seven minutes later, without any warning, I feel the dick inside me begin to pulse, and cum being squirted inside me. Then I hear the guy casually walk away. A few minutes latter I hear a voice say “I was told that there is an ass in here just waiting to get fucked, and now I see that there is”. Within a few more seconds a hard dick is shoved up my ass. I moan in approval. The fucking pace is changed from slow to medium to fast, and then repeated over & over again for a good ten minutes. The moaning voice says “man, that ass feels good, I'm going to shoot soon”. I feel the dick pulsing & the cum shooting inside me. Soon after that I hear the sound of someone walking away. About five minutes latter a voice say “wow, I did hear right, there is a boy here waiting to get fucked, my lucky nite – now suck my dick, that I'm about to shove in your mouth”. I do as told, giving it my special blow-job. The guy says “that feel good, but I'm going to take over” and begins skull fucking me. My mouth and throat becomes just a hole for him to use. A few minutes pass, and he begins shooting his load in my mouth, he says “swallow that cum boy, and then keep sucking & get my dick hard again, cause I have another load for your other hole”. When his dick gets hard, he moves around, spits on my other hole, and shoves it in. I moan as he fucks away. His second load takes much longer to arrive, as my butt becomes just another hole for him to use. When he finally shoots his load inside me, he says “open your mouth boy, I need to clear my throat” and spits a big slimy load in my mouth. He slaps me in the face, as he walks away. Not longer after that I hear someone approach, and a dick is put in my mouth. A voice says “you know what to do boy”, so I begin sucking. He starts to moan as his dick grows bigger & harder in my mouth. A few minutes latter, I hear someone approach, and a second voice says “wow, that's hot, can I use that mouth?” The first voice says “ya sure, I'm ready to fuck him anyway” Within seconds, the dick is removed from my mouth and a different one is put in, and then I feel a dick working it's way up my ass. About five minutes latter, the first voice says “ I'm going to shoot my cum load up this ass soon” the second voice says “good, cause I'm ready to fuck him” I feel the dick in my ass pulse, and liquid flowing inside. The dicks are removed from my mouth and ass, then a dick is shoved in my ass (which feels thicker than any of those before it that day). The first voice says “mind if I stay and watch?” the second voice says “you can stay & watch me fuck him – I don't mind”. A few minutes latter, I hear a third voice say “mind if I use that open hole?” the second voice says “help yourself”, and a dick is put in my mouth. A few minutes pass, when the third voice says “ this boy is a good cock sucker, but I want to fuck him; so are you almost done?” The second voice says “ya almost – I'm getting real close to cumming”. Soon after, the dick in my ass pulses and squirts inside me. The dicks are removed from my mouth and ass, then a dick is shoved in my ass. The second voice says “can I stay and watch?” the third voice says “sure, I don't mind” and begins moaning as he is fucking me. A few minutes later, I hear a fourth voice say “wow, that's hot – can I join in?!” the third voice says “sure – use that open hole”. Within seconds a dick is put in my mouth. Soon I am getting fucked away hard from both ends. About four minutes latter, the third voice says “oh ya, I'm going to shoot!” and I feel him unloading in my ass. Then the fourth voice says “oh hell ya – I'm cumming too!” and feel him unloading down my throat. The first voice says “that was hot”, the second voice says “it sure was, but I have to pee”. The third voice says “ya me too, but there is not enough bathrooms in this house”, the fourth voice says “well then let's make one, out of him”. The first voice says “ya, that's a good idea – get the beer bong”. I am untied, picked up, then put on my knees in front of a pillar, and tied to it. Then I feel a tube shoved in my mouth & down my throat some, and I am gagged (to hold the tube in place). The fourth voice says “that should do nicely – me first”. I hear liquid spray into a funnel, smell urine, and feel warm fluid flow down my throat (I don't even have to swallow or taste it). When the fluid stops flowing down my throat, I hear the second voice say “cool, it works, now my turn”. Within seconds I hear liquid spray into a funnel, and feel warm fluid flow down my throat. The third voice says “I can't hold it anymore, so I'm going to piss into the funnel with you”. When the fluid stops flowing down my throat, the first voice says “now my turn”. The fourth voice says “thanks for the fun guys, see you latter” the second voice says “ya I'm going to head out too”. The third voice says “I'm going to spread around campus that this boy is a good fuck, and see you around buddy”. The first voice says “ya I'm just going to leave him like this, still bound & blindfolded, when I'm done – don't want him to see who I am”. Soon after that, it goes silent for awhile. Then I hear a familiar (Charlies') voice say “I told a few guys that you were a good fuck, but I didn't know they were going to do this to you – so sorry Dale – I'll untie you now; and call you the next time that we are going to have a party, so you can come back and do it again...”

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