Wolf Creek Falls

Chapter 02

By: CJZ♂

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Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.

Charles F. Kettering

I awoke to the sound of a powerful and ear shattering blast.  

The thunder bolt had been so loud, that it made me jump in the bed.  I sat on the bed, yawned and rubbed my sleepy eyes.  

I felt disoriented and confused.  

I had no clue as to where I was...  

First of all, this was not my bed.  

Second, this was not my room.


Where the hell was I?

I was sweating profusely and the room was 
stiffling hot.  The room(if I could call it that) had no windows, so the air was stagnant.  

The room was
also pitch black and I couldn't see a damm thing.  I closed and opened my eyes and tried to adjust them to the darkness.  

I breathed in and out and tried to remember as to were I was.  

"I can't see anything in this fucking darkness!"  

I'm not exaggerating, when I say that I couldn't even see the hand in front of my face.

In the far-off distance, I could make out the loud and distant rumblings of thunder.  The rain was falling hard on the roof and cascading down the outside walls.

Then, it hit me!


I remembered!

My dad and I were staying at Bacchus for the evening.

My dad and I...

Hey, where the hell is my dad?

That's when I realized that there wasn't anyone else in the room, it was just me.  

My dad was gone!

He had left me alone all this time?

How could he?

Anger boiled within me at the thought of him just taking off.  But, then it occurred to me that he might be in the bathroom.

I looked around the room in pure darkness, trying to find my Iphone.  

I wanted to know what time it was?  

"Now, where the hell did I leave my Iphone?"

I got up from the rickety old bed and felt around the room in darkness, searching for my damm Iphone.  

Last night I had been so tired, but I was sure that I'd left it on top of my vanity case.  But, where did I put my vanity case?

When I finally found the damm Iphone the time read, 6:30 A.M.

"Shit, it's early!"

I felt around the walls in darkness until I found the lightswitch.  Once I found it, the dim lightbulb flickered in and out.

"Jesus!  This is one shitty room.  It actually looks better in the dark."

I grabbed my bathrobe and went to check the hallway.  I carefully and very quietly opened the door and peeked outside.

It was dead quiet and not a soul in sight.

Almost in a whisper, I called out to my dad and hoped he was within hearing distance.

"Dad, you out there? Dad!"


I closed the door behind me, sighed and sat on the bed.

Where, the hell could he be?

"Now, what?  I'm thirsty and need to go to the bathroom?"

I sat on the bed, feeling the blood within me boiling some more.

"What the hell am I supposed to do?  Just sit and wait for him until he comes back?"

I quickly looked around the room, to see if he had left me a note or something.  But, there was nothing.

Screw this.  I'm going out!"

I grabbed my Iphone and headed out.  

But, just to play it safe, I called out to my dad one more time.  

"Dad!  Dad, answer me if you're out here!"

Again, nothing.

Well, he can't say that I didn't try.  

I closed the door behind me and tip toed towards the bathroom.

The hallway was well lit, but because of the heavy storm outside the lights would on occassion flicker on and off.

It was so 
eerily quiet and yet, tranquil at the same time.  

When I got to the end of the hallway, I saw the men's washroom.  I pushed open the door a little bit and once again almost in a whisper called out to my dad.

"Dad!  Hey, dad!  You in here?"

Ofcourse, nothing!

The washroom was empty.

I went inside and walked over to the sinks.  I turned on the tap, splashed cold water on my face and took a sip of water.  As I gargled, I looked at myself in the mirror.

"God!  I look, haggard!"

I sighed, turned off the tap and looked around for a paper towel dispenser.


No, paper towel dispenser? 

A hand dryer?  

Nope, nothing.

I looked around to see if there was anything to dry my hands, but no luck.  

"Oh, C'on!"

Why, do these things always happen to me?

"Fucking, ghetto place!  Nothing to wipe your..."

I was about to dry my hands on my bathrobe, when a loud noise behind me startled me.


I jumped so high, that I almost had a heart attack.

"Sweet Jesus in heaven!"

I quickly turned around and there on the floor lay a bucket.  

A fucking old bucket.

It looks like it had fallen from a closet on the wall.

"Jesus H. Christ, that scared the living daylights outta me."

I walked towards the bucket and picked it up.

"How did it...?"  

I carefully opened the closet and looked inside.  Everything looked well kept and organized.  Inside the closet, there were different size buckets, some mops, a brooms, step ladder, some lightbulbs, windex, paper towels....

"Ahh, paper towels.  Here we go..."

I tried to grab the roll of paper towels, but these were on the very top shelf and I couldn't reach them.

"Dammit!  I can almost...!  Nope,...shit!"

 I grabbed the step ladder and as I unhooked it from it's hinges, a secret door inside the closet opened.

"What the hell?"

I set the ladder on the ground and took a look.

It's a secret passage?  No, fucking way!"

I leaned in closer and the passage inside the wall didn't look too dark.  It was just a long corridor leading somewhere.  I looked around the empty bathroom and with no one was around, I decided to check it out.

"Why, the hell not?  I mean, when is the next time that I'll be here?"

I took a step forward and lit up the passage with my Iphone.

"I wonder where this leads?"  
I checked the battery on my phone and it was only half full.

"Well, there's only one way to find out."

I took a deep breath and stepped inside the closet.  

"I know, I shouldn't be doing this.  
But, this is just too good to pass up.  My dad would kill me if he ever found out."

Once inside, I found that the passage was very spacious.  It was actually, big enough for a grown adult or even two to fit and it was also, mysteriously clean.  

There were no spiderwebs, no signs of rodent droppings or even dust on the floor.  At any moment, I was expecting a mouse or worse, a giant rat to run by my feet.  

I closed my eyes and got the thought out of my mind.

"Don't be such a girl.  Just keep moving, nothing bad is going to happen..."

I wrapped my bathrobe tightly around me and with my Iphone, lit the way.  There was only one way to go and that was forward. It was obvious that I was inside the wall of the old mansion.  I wondered if the current owner of the house, Mr.Desmarais knew of this secret passage.  Or maybe General Lafayette had taken this secret(among others) to his grave.

Suddenly, I came across a fork in the secret passage.  

"Shit.  Now, which way should I go?  Left or right?"

I sighed and decided to do the practical thing.

"Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.  

Catch a tiger by the toe.  

If he hollers, let him go.

Eeny, meeny, miny,...moe."

Left, it is.

I went left and this passage felt cooler, more airy.  I also felt a slight breeze, but where was it coming from? I had only taken a few steps when suddenly, I hit a wall.

"What, the hell?"

It was a dead end.  

Just when this was starting to get interesting.  This didn't make any fucking sense.  I was about to turn around, when again I felt a strong current of cool air.  I got closer to the wall and felt around it.

"There's a breeze coming through.  I can feel it..."

The breeze was cool, fresh...

"This has to be another secret door..."

I looked around more carefully at the wall.  I was feeling around with my fingers and between every nook and cranny. Then I felt something.


I had stumbled across a lock.  I pressed the button and the fake wall, pushed out like a door.  I carefully and very quietly pushed the door open and peeked outside.

I was shocked!  

The door led to the back of the mansion.  

The back of the mansion held a run down garden, marble benches, but overrun by tall grass.  In the distance, I could make out the woods.  I stepped out and into the wet ground and noticed that the rain had stopped, but the sound of thunder could still be heard.

"This is awesome!  Now, I know how to get into this place without being seen!"

I felt mischievous, brave and

I actually felt like one of the Hardy Boys.  The cute, blonde one.  What's his name? Oh, yeah...Joe Hardy.

I went back inside and carefully and very quietly closed the secret door behind me.  It was now time to trace back my steps and check the other passageway.

Well, to quote Sherlock Holmes.  

"Come, Watson, come!  The game is afoot."

I had returned to the fork in the passage and this time took a right.  As I walked further in, I could hear faint voices in the background.  

The voices were somewhat audible and it was obvious from the tone, that these men were in a happy, good mood.  I looked at the time in my phone and read, 6:55 a.m.

Suddenly, I came across cement steps that lead upwards.  Further ahead, I could make out a faint light and the air, felt a bit warm?

There was mist in the air.

"What, the...?"

The voices were now getting louder.  That's also when I realized what the mist actually was.


On my right there was a vent on the wall.  As I looked down, I was looking into a steam room!

I almost gasped, outloud!

I quickly scanned the room and there must have been about ten men inside.  Some were sitting, others laying down and others laughing and others chatting about.  

I looked around the room to see if my dad was in there, but I didn't see him.

The room was quite large, well lit and the men were sitting on what looked like cement steps.  There were a total of 7 steps leading all the way to the high ceiling.  

The men were all sweating buckets, talking and pretty much joking outloud.  I thought I was going to see some nudity, but they all had their midsection covered by white towels, which made me frown and roll my eyes.

"Well, this is a snoozefest."

I turned away and was about to continue with the secret tour.  But, then I heard the door open and a very familiar, deep and baritone voice, said.

"Yes, I know that!   And trust me, I feel for him.  But, I have to look out for his best interest.  I gotta be his father first, then his friend.  And I'll always love him."

I knew that voice!

I could recognize that deep and masculine voice, anywhere!

It was my dad!

As I got closer to the vent, I could kinda make out two tall and very muscular men walking into the steam room.  

My dad was the first to enter, then a second man followed him.  I was trying to figure out who this other man was, but the steam was getting in the way.  

As the steam finally cleared, I saw the man with whom my dad had been talking to.  It was the tall, muscular, very hairy and heavily tattooed, red headed, highway patrol officer.

I wanted to get closer to get a better look.  But, in all the exciment, I only ended up smacking my forehead on the damm air vent.


"Fuck!  That fucking hurt!  Man, that's gonna leave a bruise."

I got as close, as I could possibly get to the vent.  And while I massaged my aching forehead, I tried to hear what they were saying.

The door to the steam room was now, closed.  

All the men that had either been talking or laying down on benches, quickly sat up.  They were all eyeing both, my dad and the highway patrol officer.

All the men kinda resembled Meerkats, as they stared at my dad and his new friend.

"Alec, all I'm saying is give the pup a break.  Afterall, imagine how tough it must be on him.   Moving to a new state, starting a new school, having to make new friends and leaving everything behind.  I mean, if he wants to act up, ease up on the pup.  Just give him some space..."

Now, wait a fucking minute.  Was this guy talking about me?

My blood started to boil.  

How dare my dad talk to a complete stranger about me!  Then again, leave it to my dad to make a friend in an instant.

Afterall, that's my dad, Mr. Fucking popular.

My dad looked around the room.  Then motioned, Officer Friendly to follow him.

They walked to the center of the room and climbed the cement steps, all the way to the top.  All eyes were still on both of them and some men were moving closer to where my dad and his new best friend, now sat.

Now, was it me? Or were all the men in the room, now moving on purpose towards them?

My dad didn't seem to notice or care.  He did, however look concerned.

"I know what you're saying and trust me, I hear you.  I want Riley to be happy and to have a normal..."

Officer friendly was smiling, while nodding his head.

"You're doing the best you can, bud.  In the meantime, the pup will learn to adjust.  It will take time, but he will do it.  I can see that you're a good father..."

The men in the room were slowly approaching my dad and Officer Friendly.

I wondered what else my dad had told this guy?  I mean, how much information had my dad given out?

Arrgh!  I can't believe him!

My dad and his new best friend, were sitting on the cement steps, leaning against the wall and with their eyes closed.  Despite the fact that my blood was boiling within my veins, my eyes were on Officer Friendly.  

I mean, this man had an impressive and very sculpted body.  He was a freaking giant, for a lack of a better word.  He was all muscle, brute force, body hair and tattooes.  

Officer Friendly, stretched and sprawled his gigantic, hairy body across the cement steps.  And I could clearly see his amazing, eight pack abs.  

"Eight-pack abs?  Omfg, is that even possible?  Damm!"

I couldn't stop staring at this cop.  I started to feel a warmth in my groin that quickly spread all over my body.

Officer Friendly's chest heaved and swelled amid the persperation.  His awesome and heavily muscled chest was covered in thick and dense red hair.  Yet, amidst all that hair, one could still make out two hard nipples the size of pencil erasers.  He also had striking, Celtic tribal tattoos on his inner and outer bicep which  lead into his broad shoulders and massive back.

My face felt red and my mouth had gone dry.  

The stirring in my groin was getting hard to ignore.  Just, who was this man?  
And, why was I feeling this attraction towards him?

I turned my eyes to my dad, who looked relaxed and carefree as he layed on the concrete steps.  How could my father, just open up to a complete stranger?  I really didn't understand this?  

By the way they carried on, you'd guess that they were lifelong friends.

But, they had just met a few hours ago!

I looked at Officer Friendly again and just stared at him.  He then leaned close to my dad and whispered something in his ear.
My dad smiled, snickered and gave a hearty laugh.

I wondered what Officer Friendly had said to my dad.  They both sat up and were looking around the room as they kept laughing.  
Well, it looks like my dad has found a friend.  Good, for him.

I know things haven't been easy for my dad.  I know that he hides it, at least tries to.  But, he hasn't been happy in a long while. He hides his emotions and lately I've seen him go to bed with a bottle of Jack Daniels in hand.

My dad would look at his best friend and then around the room.

"Well, I don't know about that.  I mean, I've never...I don't know.  It just dosen't feel right, bud."

Officer friendly threw his bulging arms over his head, exposing his hairy armpits.

"Ahh, c'on man.  It's no big fucking deal.  No one is going to know and it sounds like you need it.  Besides, you know that they're more than willing!  They'll, do anything for you."

My dad looked at Officer Friendly and then his eyes turned to the other men in the room.

"I don't know man.  It's just not for me..."

Officer Friendly gave my dad, a hard pat on his sweaty back.

"C'on, you remember what it's like when you're on tour overseas.  There's always those who are more than willing to give us, real men a helping hand.  No, pun intended."

Did Officer Friendly just make an obscene gesture with his right hand?  Because to me, it looked like he made the international sign for, jacking off?

They both started laughing and my dad was blushing, while nodding his head in agreement.  Just what the hell were they talking about?

My dad was looking at Officer Friendly and smiling.  He then stood up and the towel that was covering his midsection, which was now tenting lewdly.

Did, my dad have a hardon?  No fucking way!

I rubbed my eyes and wished I could get a closer look.

My dad stood there like a statue, while grabbing his huge and tenting crotch with his right hand.

"I hate to admit it.  But, you do have a point.  I think I will get that massage that you keep insisting, I get."

Officer friendly smiled and gave my dad a thumbs up.

As my dad started walking down the steps, he turned around to face Officer Friendly, once more.

"Well, do you mind checking in on Riley?  I've left him alone all this time and I should be getting back to him, right about now."

Officer Friendly stood up and nodded.

"Don't worry about him.  You get yourself looked after and relieve some of that fucking stress.  I'll head over to your room and keep guard until you show up.  Take all the time that you need and I'll look after the pup."


Shit! shit, shit!

Officer friendly is heading to our room!  

"I gotta get the hell out of here and beat him back to the room!"

As my dad walked out of the steam room, more than half of the men in the room followed him.

What the hell was that all about?

Well, I don't have time to continue with this tour.  I need to get back to our room, ASAP!  

I turned around and raced out of the passage way.  It only took me a few minutes and then I was back in the men's washroom.

I was out of breath and my face was all hot and flushed due to looking through the steam vent.  My hair was also drenched and I was covered in sweat.  I splashed cold water on my face and quickly dashed out of the bathroom.

As I was making a turn in the hallway and leading into our room, I saw him.

Officer Friendly was standing sentinel outside of our room.  He had his muscled and heavily tattooed arms crossed and his light green eyes froze me on the spot.  

When he saw me coming around the corner, he made a face as he scanned me up and down.

He hadn't even bothered to get dressed.  He was still wearing the white fluffy towel around his midsection and I had to avert my eyes from the large and obscene bulge that was his crotch.

"Well, well, well.  If it isn't Abercrombie, himself.  And
just where the hell have you been all this time?"

The tone of his voice said it all.  

He was pissed.

I kept walking towards my room and gave him a look.

"Excuse you?"

Officer Unfriendly sighed and tried to look, less pissed.

"Your dad gave you explicit instructions to stay in your room.  So, where have you been?"

I walked up to the door, turned the door knob and went in.  

As I walked into the room, my right hand touched his hairy arm and I instantly got goosebumps.  I felt a strange surge of electricity run through my body.

"I got thirsty.  And if you really need to know, I also had to use the bathroom."

Officer Pissed-off, sighed.  He then walked in after me and closed the door behind him.

"I apologize for my tone.  But, at your age this is not the kind of place where you should be all alone."

I threw my Iphone on the bed and turned to face him.

"Yet, here I am...alone.  And by the way, where the hell is my father?"

Officer Friendly, cleared his throat and looked around the room.

"Umm, he's detained at the moment.  He should be back, shortly..."

I sat on the bed and rolled my eyes.

"Detained?  You, don't say?"

It was fucking obvious that he was keeping something from me.

"You said that this is not the "kind of place" where I should be alone.  So, you wanna tell me what kinda place this is?"

Officer Two-shades of red, scratched his head and blushed.  He looked directly at me and I could see that he was thinking really hard, before he said anything.

I sighed and shook my head.

"I'm sorry, but what is your name again?  I sorta missed it last time..."

Officer Composed, gave me a warm smile, as he licked his pouty red lips.

"I'm Eric.  Eric Brawn..."

He then leaned over, stretched his huge, gigantic right hand and we shook.  

Oh, my God!  

It was like shaking a hand with a rock.  His grip was strong, rough and his hand had calluses.  Again, as our bodies touched, I felt a surge of electricity running through me.  I looked up at Officer Brawn and wondered if he had felt it as well?

My eyes were all over him, as I was scanning his body from head to toe.  I blushed when I realized that I was taking a tad too long.  My eyes, ofcourse always ended up staring at the huge bulge that was his manly crotch.

I quickly averted my eyes and looked down to the floor.

"And my name is Riley Rhodes.  And not,
Abercrombie by the way."

Officer Brawn chuckled and smiled as he nodded his head.

I looked up at him and raised my eyebrow.

"What's, so damm funny?"

Officer Brawn leaned against the door, as he continued to smile.

"Weren't you in an ad for Abercrombie, though?  I think it was last fall?  You see, I can't get this particular ad out of my head.  Afterall, it was quite...refreshing for the eyes.  And if I recall correctly and it was you, then you were sprawled on top of some haystacks in the middle of a field.  You were bare chested, wearing a plaid blue shirt and some very tight, tight blue jeans."

I quickly looked away and blushed.

Oh, my God!  He saw my ad!

He saw my fucking ad!

I was blushing from head to toe, now.  

Officer Brawn was correct.  Afterall, that had been the last ad that my father had allowed me to do for Abercrombie & Fitch

My dad had yelled at my grandmother for allowing me to appear "half naked"(I was fully clothed, altough showing my chest). And he'd even called the ad pornographic and that "No, 14 year boy should be posing in that manner".

Oh, please!  If he only knew that I had shown more skin in other ads.

But, whatever.

I looked up at Officer Brawn and smiled.

"Yes, you're correct.  That was indeed me, modeling for
Abercrombie.  Now, where did you say that you saw this ad?"

Now, it was Officer Brawn's turn to blush.

"Well, your visually stunning ad was nicely displayed by the side of the highway.  I used to park my bike underneath the billboard and stare at it all day.  I don't exaggerate when I say that a few accidents were caused by drivers looking at your ad, for just a tad too long."

He winked at me and then lewdly scratched his balls through his towel.

I managed to look away and felt my face burning.

"Oh, my God!  Seriously?"

He then walked over and sat on the bed next to me.  He put his big, hairy and giant hand on my thigh.

"Yes, seriously.  So, hence the nickname...

I rolled my eyes.

My throat was dry and my body felt like it was on fire.  Being so close to Officer Brawn was making me feel strange things for him.

We both stared at one another in silence.

His hand was still on my lap and it now felt like my skin was burning with heat.  Officer Brawn, kept smiling and leaned closer to me.  

All I could do was to stare at those light green eyes.  I felt...

All of the sudden, the door flew open and in walked my dad!

"Hey, there..."

Officer Brawn quickly stood up and got off the bed.  As he did so, you could clearly see the outline of an obscene and large erection through the white towel.

He casually walked away from the bed and leaned against a dresser.

My face felt completely red.  I felt like I was on fire and about to explode any second.  I gulped as I sat on the bed and nervously looked at my dad.

My dad was all smiles, as he looked at me.

"Morning, son.  I was hoping you were up.  Did you get any sleep?"

I was able to mutter, something.

"Umm, yeah.  I got some sleep."

My dad smiled and ruffled my hair.

"Good!  Hey, I'm sorry that I left you alone.  But, I had to..."

My dad looked at Officer Brawn, who was silently staring and grinning at him.

"I had to do a few laps around the pool before we left.  To relieve some stress."

Officer Brawn punched my dad lightly on the right shoulder, as he chuckled.

"I bet you did.  And, are you stress free now, buddy?"

My dad didn't look at Officer Brawn, he just walked over to me.

"Umm, yes.  I really needed that swim."

I looked over at Officer Brawn, who just continued to grin like the Cheshire Cat.  I was still pissed off to my dad, but with Officer Brawn I didn't want to make a scene.

My dad smiled and he seemed, different.

It wasn't just his physical appearance.  There was something going on.

Something, that I couldn't quite...  

For one, his skin was all red.  I guess the heat from the sauna?  He was also soaking wet and he smelled weird?

"What is that horrible smell?"  I said to my dad.

My dad smelled his huge biceps and arms.  He then blushed and smiled.

"Oh, that must be eucalyptus oil.  I lathered it all over my skin in the sauna.  I showered though, I thought it all came off."

I gave my dad a shocked look.  

WTF, man?

"You?  My father using scented oils?  The same man, who can't stand the scent from the very expensive oils that I bring home from Crabtree & Evelyn?"

My dad just shrugged his shoulders while giving me a stupid smile.  Officer Brawn snickered and stifled a laugh as he muttered.


I sighed and gave a very angry look at Officer Brawn.

"I said, Crabtree!  Oh, nevermind.  I don't even know why I bother!"

"It's eucalyptus oil, Riley.  Why, are you getting upset?  I was told it acts as an stimulant for the body and the scent helps you cope with exhaustion.  Also, this oil also helps to relieve stress and joint pain."


My father is not one to use oils of any kind.  Therapeutic, scented or whatever.

I was looking at both of them and they were both hiding, something.

"Whatever!  You stink, period."

My dad sighed and looked at Officer Brawn, who just shrugged his shoulders.  He then walked over to the chair where he had laid his clothes from the night before.

"Well, son we need to start getting ready.  We gotta head out soon, if I'm ever to make this appointment."

Officer Brawn, nodded.

"Allright, then.  I'll leave you guys to get ready."

Officer Brawn walked towards the door, and gave my dad a hard slap on his wet and very oily back.

"I'm glad that you took me up on that swim, buddy.  But, dude!  Are you ever oily."

My dad looked at me nervously, smiled and turned to face Officer Brawn.

"It was a good swim.  Thanks, man...I needed that."

Officer Brawn, smiled and nodded his head while looking directly at me.

"Hey, no worries.  Besides, we all need that from time to time.  So, don't feel bad."

He then opened the door and stood in the doorway.

"Allright, then.  I'll meet you two in the parking lot.  See, you guys soon."

My dad nodded and closed the door as Officer Brawn left.

I was still fuming.  

I don't know why I was so pissed off at my dad.  It could be a number of things, really.

Was it the move to a new town?

The fact that he terminated my modeling contract?  

Or that he left me alone during the night?

Was it jelousy on my part, because he had already made a new friend?

Or is it because something is going on in this place, and he's keeping it from me on purpose?

I don't fucking know!  

My dad's just irritating me more than usual.

"Earth, to Riley.  Champ, are you allright?  You seem upset."

I sighed and continued to put away my toothbrush and other stuff in my vanity case.

"I'm fine."

My dad sat on the bed and sighed.

"Son, if you need to say something to me, I'm right here.  I want you to know that I'll always be here for you, no matter what."

I turned to look at my dad and he seemed, tired.  

It looked like the last couple of days had taken a toll on him.


Now, I felt like shit.


I know he's trying his best.  I really, really do.  

And I know, he's missing mom.  Although, he'll never say it and he'll never admit it, but he is.  

And to top it all off.  

He's a single parent raising a 15 yr old gay son.

Don't be a douche, Riley.  Be nice...

"I'm fine, dad.  But, thanks anyways."

My dad smiled, batted those heavy lashes and his hazel eyes seemed to give a twinkle.

"Allright, then.  Well, let's get dressed and get moving."

He stood up from the bed and walked over to the chair where his clothes were.  He then very casual and like nothing, dropped his towel on the floor.

Oh, my holy God!  My dad, was fully naked!

I have never seen my father, completely naked.  

I mean, a glimpse here and there.  But, never buck, fucking naked!

I couldn't help myself.  

I knew that I should have looked away.  But, instead I took a quick peek at his hairy bubble butt, as he casually slipped his white, boxer-briefs on.  
My face felt like it was giving off heat and I knew that I was blushing.

Actually, my entire body felt very warm.

My dad then grabbed two very familiar items from his satchel bag.  These two pieces of clothing were his favourite and most "comfortable summer attire".  If he could only wear these two items all summer long, he would.  

My mom and I had picked these items up at Barneys, New York what feels like eons, ago.  They were Ralph Lauren khaki cargo shorts and a dark navy, crew neck shirt.  Both of these items of clothing were showing their age.  

But, no matter what new clothing my Grann and I picked up for my dad, he only liked to wear these two things.

I finally turned my face and looked away.  I looked down at the filthy floor, then my eyes moved to the dirty wall and I also started getting dressed in a hurry.

Every once in a while, I would steal a quick glance.  

I know!  I know!

I get it that it's wrong and improper to stare at your father that way!  

But, I'll never get tired of admiring my dad's awesome and muscular body.  

I mean, c'on!  The man is built like a brick shit house!

My dad has kept himself in great shape over the years, despite his busy and hectic work schedule.  And his hard work shows. He's developed an amazing body and by the way that he flaunts his body, he's very proud of it.  

I find my dad to be the epitome of a real man.  

A man's man, if you will.  

He has a massive back, with broad, wide shoulders to match.  Perfect washboard abs and a very hairy body. And the coolest, kick-ass Marine tattoos that nicely decorate his scultpted body.

As he slowly turned around while drying his hair, my eyes went directly to his muscular, hairy chest.  As he stood there looking very handsome, he caught me looking at him and he raised his right eyebrow.

"Umm, son.  What are you wearing?"

I looked at myself in the mirror and then at my dad.


My dad sighed and scratched the back of his head.

"Riley, what on earth are you wearing?"

I looked at myself in the mirror and didn't see anything wrong.

"What?  It's Alexander McQueen."

My dad looked up at the ceeling and sighed.

"I swear, Riley!  You and your mother are two of the same.  And what colour are those shorts?  Mustard?"

Now, it was my turn to sigh.  

Here, we go.  Let the next round of bitchfest, commence.

"The colour is Goldenrod!  And what's wrong with what I'm wearing?"

My dad looked upset, as he sighed.  He sat on chair and put his sandals on.

"Your mother always had this need to stand out.  Now, you're doing the same.  No matter how..."

He didn't need to finish the sentence.  

I knew what he wanted to say and it hurt.

I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed.  I might as well change to avoid another fight.

My dad then walked up to me.  As he stood in front of me, he gently raised my head with his hand and was looking at me.

"Riley, I'm sorry.  Look, I shouldn't be try to change you.  If that is what you want to wear, so be it."

I looked at my dad and smiled.  

I then took another good look at myself in the mirror.

"Too loud?"

My dad laughed.

"What?  You're not doubting yourself, now?  Are you?"

My dad walked away chuckling, as he received a text message on his phone.

I sighed and looked again in the mirror.

Ok, so maybe the
black & white, transparent silk floral shirt was a bit busy.  But, I don't see anything wrong with the goldenrod chino shorts with the neon green stripe at each side.  What's wrong with that?

I decided to keep the outfit and finished gathering my things.  We then gave the room a final sweep to make sure that we didn't leave anything behind.  

We walked down the dimly lit basement and then up the wooden stairs.  The whole place was still dead quiet.  I looked at my Iphone and the battery was almost dead.

"Crap!" I said, outloud.

My dad, who was leading the way turned around to look at me.

"What?  What, is it?  Did you forget something?"

I nodded my head.

"Umm, no.  My Iphone's battery is almost dead.  I just don't want to miss any calls from Grann or Aunt Kate, that's all."

My dad smiled and gently stroked my cheek.

"That's allright, champ.  I have my charger in the car.  You can charge your Iphone, while we're driving and on the road."

I smiled, nodded and followed him up the stairs.

As we came up from the crappy basement, we walked into the brightly lit marble lobby.  I was shocked to see Mr.Desmarais waiting for us by the front door?  

Even from here, I caught the scents of bergamot, rosemary and lavender on 
Mr.Desmarais.  He actually smelled very nice. He was also wearing a colourful, powder blue suit, red silk tie and very shiny, black alligator dress shoes.

"Ahh, there you are.  Good morning, gentlemen."

The southern drawl was just too comical.

Seriously, though.  I'm still waiting for that vixen, Katie Scarlett(O'Hara) Hamilton Kennedy Butler or the sweet Melanie Wilkes to sashay down the grand staircase.

Mr.Desmarais extended his heavily,
jeweled right hand towards my dad.  My dad smiled and politely shook his hand.

"Good morning
, Mr.Desmarais." My dad, said.

Even though Mr.Desmarai's lime green eyes were on my dad, they actually felt like they were fixed on me.  I was wondering if he knew that I had left the room this morning, or that I had also stumbled across a secret passageway within the mansion's wall.

"I do hope that you, both had a relaxing evening in our fine stablishment?"

My dad shook his head and continued to smile.

"Yes, we did.  And again, thank-you for allowing us to stay the night.  We truly appreciate it."

Mr.Desmarais gave my dad a fake smile, then looked at me.

Alexander McQueen, young Mr.Rhodes?  Very, nice.  Very, nice indeed."

See!  I gave my dad a look, while he just sighed and looked away.

"Well, it was great to have you, both.  But, I'm afraid this will be the last time for the young Mr.Rhodes to stay at Bacchus, Liber.  Until he comes of age, ofcourse.  Then, he is welcome here anytime, he pleases."

I didn't like the way,
Mr.Desmarais phrased that.

My dad cleared his throat and smiled.

"Yeah, well.  We really need to be going."

Mr.Desmarais nodded, bowed his head politely and opened the large door for us.

As we walked out,
Mr.Desmarais gave me a huge grin, as he said.

"Oh, and Mr.Rhodes.  You were a hit, here.  You must come and visit us, again.  You've, left many satisfied fans."

And with that statement,
Mr.Desmarais closed the huge metal door behind us.

What a creepy and strange little man.

I looked at my dad with a curious expression.  He's face had lost all colour and he simply, gulped.  

I was about to ask my dad what
Mr.Desmarais meant.  But, he quickly turned around and almost raced towards the parking lot.

"Hurry up, Riley!  We, gotta hit the road."

I practically ran after him.  

I was almost out of breath, while trying to catch up with him,  I was carrying my vanity case in one hand and my small bag on the other.  My dad seemed to be ten feet ahead of me, and he was in a hurry to get to the SUV.

"Dad!  Wait up, will ya!"

My dad continued to speed walk.  And when I finally caught up with him, I was about to ask him what got him all worked up. But, that's when I saw
Officer Brawn leaning against a motorcycle?  And, what was he wearing?

"Hey, guys!"

Officer Brawn was dressed from head to toe in full motorcycle regalia.  And he looked, scorchingly hot!

It looked like he had stepped out of the movie, with what he was wearing.  The movie that popped into my head was from Tron:Legacy.  

He was wearing this wicked and cool Tron-inspired motorcycle suit.  And he looked positively awesome dressed from head to toe in black leather.  From the jacket and all the way to the boots.  Plus, you could still see all his bulging muscles and the suit, fitted him to a tee.  Even his bubble butt sticked out, very nicely I might add.

He was waving at us and had his bike parked next to our SUV.  As my dad walked up to Officer Brawn, he gave him a loud, wolf whistle.

"Holy shit, man!  Did you step off, a time machine from the future?"

My dad was checking Officer Brawn, from head to toe.  His eyes, then moved on to the bike.

"And where in hell, did you get this fucking beauty?"

Now, I don't know anything about motorcycles.  But, even I knew that the bike I was looking at was extremely futuristic and advanced in design.

Officer Brawn smiled, as he polished his "bike" with a rag.

"Oh, this old thing?  You like it?  It's a Lamborbiker II.  My pride and joy."

Both, my dad and I were just standing there looking at this thing, speechless.

"This version is just a prototype.  They're still working on the final design and it and will be a few years, before it's even released on the market."

My dad took a step closer.  He was practically foaming at the mouth and his eyes were jumping out of their sockets.

"Sweet, fucking hell!  Should, I even ask how you got your hands on this baby?"

My dad was really surprising me.  

I mean, I'm not used to hearing him swear.  Than again, he hasn't been home long enough for me to get to know him. And now, that I was spending more time with him, it was like living with a potty mouth sailor.

Officer Brawn moved aside and motioned my dad to take a seat on his futuristic bike.

"Well, let's just say that on my last tour, an extremely wealthy Saudi Arabian business man, owed me a huge fucking favour."

My dad just nodded his head.

"Enough, said man!  
Hey, I always, say...If you ever have someone by the balls, never let go!"

I just rolled my eyes.

Officer Brawn laughed, wiped the seat and motioned my dad to get on.

"C'on and try it out, bud."

My dad raised his eyebrows and his face lit up like a Christmas tree.  In blinding speed, he got on the bike and it was obvious that he didn't need to be told twice.  

My dad gave me a goofy grin, while I just crossed my arms in disapproval.  

Boys and their toys, I guess.  

I walked away and started putting away my stuff in our SUV.  I was arranging my things, when I heard Officer Brawn, say.

"Why, don't you take it out for a spin.  I'll be right here watching, Riley."

I quickly got out of the SUV and headed over to complain to my dad.  I was about to say something, when Officer Brawn placed his huge, beast of a hand on my chest and stopped me.

A loud, ear-piercing, sonic vroom, filled the parking lot.

Vroom, vroom,...

"Get your hand off me!  Move!  That's my dad and he could get seriously hurt!"

Officer Brawn gave me a toothy smile, as he stood in front of me and blocked my view.  I was trying to get around him, but it was like getting around a freaking mountain.

"He'll be allright,
Abercrombie.  Your dad is not made out of glass.  Ease down, pup."

This man had some fucking nerve!

From behind Officer Brawn's shoulder, I could see my dad putting on the biker helmet.

"I'll just drive it to the end of the parking lot and come back."

Officer Brawn waved with his other free hand.

"Don't be a pussy!  Ride it to the entrance and then test it out on the road."

Vroom, vroom, vroom...

I tried to peek again, but this giant ass of man wouldn't budge.  And that was when I heard the bike speed away.

"What is your problem, you big oaf!  That's my..."  I tried to push Officer Brawn, but I didn't even manage to move him an inch.

"Easy, there
Abercrombie.  Now, don't hurt yourself.  I did this on purpose, because I need to ask you, a favour."

I raised my eyebrow.

"A favour?  What, exactly?"

Officer Brawn was frowning while looking at me up and down.

"Nice threads,
Abercrombie.  Hey, what colour is that?  Mustard?"

I sighed.

"Shut Up!" I replied, while crossing my arms.

He winked at me and laughed.

"Jeez, touchy!"  

He then walked over to some dense brush that was past the parking lot.  He picked up a leather bag that had been hidden in the tallgrass and then walked back to me.

"Listen up, 
Abercrombie.  I'll make this quick, 'cause I don't know how much time we'll have before your dad gets back."

did Officer Brawn want?

"What, are you talking about?"

Officer Brawn carefully placed the black leather bag on the ground and pulled open the flap.

"Hey, Xerxes.  Come on out, boy.  Come on,...come on out."

I then heard a little yelp from inside the bag.

"Xerxes is a little bit shy.  But, once he gets to know you, he'll be all over you."

Suddenly, a little white, furry thing peeked out from underneath the flaps of the black leather bag.

"Oh, my God!  He's adorable!"

Officer Brawn smiled, as he picked up the tiny, cute, little white, furry thing.

"What, is it?  I've never seen..."

Officer Brawn was now, scratching the right ear of this cute little thing.

"He's a Fennec fox.  His species are native to the Sahara desert of North Africa.  But, I found this little guy in a rich Saudi's home on my last tour.  The guy had taken off and had left this little guy all alone.  So, I took him and brought him home with me.  He's only eight months old and don't worry he's had all his shots."

I was looking at the cute little guy, when Eric then handed me the little fox.

"I would like you to take care of him,

I was stunned as I looked up at Eric.

"Umm, what?  I can't, I'm sorry."

Eric gave me the most heart warming smile, as I stared at his light green eyes.

"It will only be for a few weeks, I promise.  I'm working all sorts of crazy hours at the station and I don't have time to look after the little guy.  In a few weeks, I'll have seniority and I'll be able to choose my own schedule.  I'll pick him up from you, then."

I looked at Eric all confused.  

Mom, never allowed any pets at home because of all the "nice" things we had.

"I...I don't know, Eric.  My dad would never go for it.  I mean, he dosen't like animals, period."

Eric petted Circus or whatever his name, on the head and sighed.

"Allright.  Can't say that I tried.  I guess this little guy, will have to go to a zoo then."

I looked up at Eric and he looked genuinely sad.

"The zoo?"

Eric nodded.

"Yes, it's the only place I can think of.  But, once I take him there I won't be able to take him back.  He'll have to stay there for good."

I was looking at the little fox and felt bad for him.

"Why, can't you take him back?"

Eric sighed heavily.

"Fennec foxes are not considered pets here in North America.  He'll be seen as a wild animal and they'll just take him.  Besides, I don't have any legal papers for him."

Now, it was my turn to sigh.

Shit!  Now, what do I do?

I could hear the loud and blasting roar of Eric's 
motorcycle not that far off.  My dad must be on his way.  

Eric had the little fox in his hands, but then I quickly snatched it away.

"Allright, Eric!  You win, I'll take...what's his name, again?"

Eric's eyes beamed with happiness.

"Xerxes.  X-E-R-X..."

I rolled my eyes, as I said.

"I got it!  Xerxes!" and dashed towards our SUV.

I looked around in the back seat, trying to find the perfect place where Xerxes wouldn't be seen or heard.  I didn't know how much more it would be until we reached, Wolf Creek Falls.  But, I was hoping that little Xerxes would stay quiet and behave.

Eric's super loud motorcycle was getting closer and closer to us.  I was running out of time and I was panicking. That's when I saw my Gucci vanity case.  

I gently petter Xerxes on his little head, shushed him and gently put him in.  Now, I wasn't going to close the lid, but at least he'd be out of my dad's view and I'd be keeping my vanity case by my feet.

"I'm warning you, right now Xerxes.  You better not piss or shit on my vanity case.  It belonged to my mom and it's also vintage, Gucci!"

Xerxes yawned and gave a little yelp as he looked up.  He seemed to understand and decided to get confortable in the vanity case.

I quickly put the vanity case on the floor of the car and opened the window to let in a cool breeze.  I closed the door and ran back to Eric, just in time as my dad was heading our way.

"Eric!  What does Xerxes eat?"

Eric was looking at my dad, who at the moment was speeding like a maniac and heading towards us.

"Fennec foxes are omnivores.  So, he'll eat plants, insects, birds, eggs, even rodents."

I made a face at the thought of Xerxes eating a mouse.

"Eeww, gross!  Well, I'm definitely not feeding him live or dead mice.  That's just nasty!"

Eric laughed.

"I've been feeding Xerxes dog kibble.  He'll also eat raw meat.  He's not a picky eater, he'll eat just about anything.  Also, his species are also able to live without water, since their kidneys are adapted to restrict water loss."

By now, my dad had pulled up to our car.  His face still had that stupid grin.

"Holy, fucking shit!  That was fucking awesome, man!"

I gave my dad a very unhappy look.

"I would fucking love, to get me one of these!  There's, some serious power on this baby!"

I stepped forward, crossed my arms and gave my dad the most pissed off face I could make.  

My dad took off the helmet, saw me and sighed.

"Kidding!  I was just kidding, son."


Eric, then walked towards my dad and patted him on the back.

"There's nothing like the feeling of a natural rush, eh?  Makes you feel very much alive."

My dad got off the bike and handed the helmet back to Eric.

Eric, then sat on his bike and crossed his huge arms.

"I ride because I love the freedom, the independence and the movement on the ground beneath me."

I rolled my eyes and heard enough.

"Sure, until you end up splattered on the road.  And someone is scrapping what's left of you from the asphalt."  I managed to add.

Both Eric and my dad were looking at me in silence.  But, Eric ofcourse had to have the last word.

"Yes, there's that.  But, how about that fucking awesome feeling of power between your legs, eh?"

Eric poked my dad in the ribs with his elbow and then grabbed his ample crotch.

"Pretty, fucking sweet.  Right, buddy?"

My dad started laughing like an idiotic teenager.

"Yeah, man!  That was really, fucking nice!  No shit!  But, I almost creamed, myself!"

I had heard enough from these two baboons.

"Dad, shouldn't we be going?"

My dad seemed to snap out of this trance.

"Shit, yeah!  We should be hitting the road, now."

Eric and my dad shaked hands.  

Then they simply stared quietly at each other, then hugged.

I rolled my eyes.  

It was like watching Dumb and Dumber.

My dad walked towards our SUV and as he opened the driver's side, said.

"Once we're settled, I'll give you a call.  You can come and visit us."

Eric smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, I'd like that."

I sat behind my dad and took a quick peek at Xerxes.  The little guy was fast asleep and to my relief, my vanity case was so far, clean.

As we buckled up, Eric got on his bike and started it up.

Vroom, vroom,...

My dad pulled out of the parking spot and was now side to side with Eric.

Eric lowered his vizor.

"Allright, you two take care.  Let me know when you arrive at Wolf Creek Falls."

My dad nodded and again, they shook hands.

"Semper-Fi" Eric said.

"Semper-Fi" My father replied.

Eric walked up to my window, shook my hand and winked at me.

"Later, Riley."

I smiled and nodded.  I then noticed that he had left something on my hand.  It was a small piece of paper.  

A note with a phone number.

Brawn's phone number.

Abercrombie, if you ever need to talk about anything, please give me a call.  Day or night.  This is my pvt. cell #. Take care, Eric B.

I smiled, blushed and immediately entered Eric's cell on my Iphone.

Eric took off like lighting and left us in the dust, literally.

As we finally got on the highway, my dad seemed to be in a very good mood and was humming away.  I took out the lastest issue of Harper's Bazaar and started flipping through it.

"Dad, can you turn on the radio and put some music on?"

My dad looked at me in the rear view mirror.

"Sure, thing champ.  Hey, why are you sitting behind me?  You need some privacy?"

I looked at my dad with horror and punched his seat.

"DAD!  God, seriously!  The things you say..."

My dad got a good kick at that and smiled.  

He was still looking at me through the rear view mirror and I knew that my face was all red.  He started whistling as he searched for a radio station.

"What?  We're both men.  I'm just saying that if..."

I was not!  Repeat, not going to have this conversation with my father!

"Oh, my God!  Dad!  Let me stop you, right there.  I'm actually going to put my head sets on and listen to my music.  So, thank-you, very much."

From the corner of my eye, I could see that my dad was laughing.  And he was still muttering something that I could no longer hear, thank God!

I must have fallen asleep and was awaken by a bump on the road.

The last thing I remember was listening to P!nk's song, "Try" on loop in my ipod.

I took of my head set and yawned.

My dad was looking at me through the rear view mirror.

"Hey there, sleepy head.  It looks like we're finally here."

I rubbed my eyes and yawned.


Sure enough.  

Off the side of the road, and to my right there was giant boulder with letters neatly carved, that read.

"Wolf Creek Falls - A Beautiful Place to Live -" Est.1947


This place was breathtakingly, beautiful.

All around and as far as the eye could see, was a vast wilderness.  Mountains, rivers and forest everywhere. To the left and to the right of the highway, it was just tall pine trees and dense forest.

Up ahead, there was another sign coming up.

For Wolf Creek Falls Nuclear, take next exit.

As my dad took the exit, my mouth was hanging wide open.  This part of the highway was going to take us through a tunnel that went through a mountain.

All we could both say, was...


My dad looked at me through the rearview mirror, smiled as he said.

"Here we go, champ.  Hold on to your breath!..."

I rolled my eyes.

"Dad, that's sooo immature!  I'm not doing this."

But, I did it anyways.

I was holding my breath, while looking all around the well lit tunnel.  The echo was kinda cool and once inside, the lights were stronger.  Too strong, I'd say.  

As we drove through, what I found strange was that there were no other vehicles in sight.  No other cars, trucks, bikes or whatever.  


I decided to stop playing this childish game and asked my dad a question.

"Isn't it weird,..."

My dad didn't let me even finish the sentence to start his victory dance.

"Ha!  I win!"

I rolled my eyes and tapped his right shoulder.

"Fine, you win.  Isn't it weird that there are no other cars on the road, dad?"

"You know what?  You read my mind, champ.  I was just thinking exactly the same thing."

My dad looked at me through the rear view mirror and shrugged his shoulders.  
I then asked my dad as to how lon, he thought the tunnel was.

"How long do you think this tunnel is?"

"Don't quote me, champ.  But, I'd say it was roughly 1/4 mile long(400 m)."

As we were finally coming out at the other side of the mountain, the glare of the sun blinded us.  But, the sight in front of us blew us both away.  

A gigantic dam was being emptied, and a huge waterfall with a rainbow could be seen down below.  The dam was probably just as big as the Hoover dam.

"Look, at that Riley!  Holy, shitballs!  Now, that's a fucking dam!"

I was speechless and only nodded.  I quickly started taking photos with my Iphone.

As my dad kept driving, we saw a sign up ahead.

, take next right.

"Hey, son.  Wanna stop and stretch for a few minutes?  We're doing good on the time and I need a rest."

I nodded and then carefully checked on Xerxes.  The little guy was still asleep.

My dad turned on the signal to pull over.

The rest stop, had a name.

"Kiowa Point"

As we got closer to the rest stop,
we saw cars and trucks in the parking lot.

"Look, dad.  Other people, finally!"

My dad nodded.

"Yeah.  Quite a few, actually."

He pulled into the parking lot and found a nice spot under the shade.  As the car came to a stop, my dad turned his head to face me.

"Hey, champ.  I gotta drain the lizard.  Do, you need to go?"

I nodded my head at the use of vocabulary.

"Umm, no.  I'm good, actually."

I opened the car door and I was about to get out.  But, that's when I noticed that Xerxes was stirring in the vanity case.  I guess the little guy had sensed that the car stopped.  And he was now trying to get out.

My dad was a few feet away stretching.  He then yawned and looked at me.

"Champ, you coming?"

Xerxes, gave a little yelp and I pretended to cough.

"Umm, you go right ahead.  I just gotta put away some things.  I'll be right behind you."

My dad started walking away and headed towards a big wooden sign.  The giant sign, overlooked the man made lake caused by the dam above.

I looked down at Xerxes and sighed.

"Phew, that was close."

I opened the door and let Xerxes out.

"C'on, Xerxes.  Do your business and don't wonder off.  Stay close to me, o.k."

Xerxes looked at me and seemed to understand.  

He then jumped out of the car, and I prayed that he wouldn't take off.  

How the hell, would I explain that to Eric?

But, Xerxes seemed fine.  He wasn't hyper, startled or looking to take off.  Maybe, Eric had trained him well, because he stayed close to the SUV.  He then peed on the wheel, yawned and looked up at me.

"You done?"

Xerxes gave a loud yelp.  

I wanted to laugh, 'cause he was so damm cute.

"Allright then.  Get in the car, boy!"

Xerxes raised his little head, took in the wild scents all around him and then jumped back in the car.

"Be a good boy and stay under the covers, o.k?  Stay hidden and I'll be right back."

Xerxes, once again gave a little yelp.

I grabbed one of my "used" shirts from my backpack.  The shirt didn't stink, but I had read that dogs tend to feel more confortable when you leave a piece of their master's "used" clothing for them.  The scent tends to calm them down and I figured that since Xerxes and I needed to bond, that this would be the perfect time to try this experiment.

"Ok, Xerxes.  Now, this is my shirt.  It's a very expensive shirt, so please don't urinate on it.  Stay hidden, o.k?"

He looked at me, yawned and hid under the shirt.

"Good boy, Xerxes!"

I opened my window half way, then did the same for my dad's window and then the passenger side.  It was a cool morning, but I didn't want Xerxes to get overheated inside the SUV.  

Then I remembered what Eric had said, earlier.  

These were desert foxes and they hardly needed water.  So, technically Xerxes should be fine in the SUV.  Better safe than sorry and I didn't want to risk it.  I took off running, hoping my dad would't be wondering what was taking me so long.

By the time I found my dad, he was reading a giant sign on a wooden post.

Tanoan Dam

Height: 700 ft (213.4 m)
Lenght: 1,230 ft (374 m)
Dam volume: 3,240,000 cu yd
Spillway type: 2 controlled drum gate

"Hey, there Champ.  Pretty amazing, isn't?"

I read the sign and then looked at the view in front of me.  

"Breathtaking!" was all I could say.

The rest stop was situated on a huge cliff that overlooked the man made lake, and the dam below.  My dad got closer to the edge of the cliff and looked down.

"Holy shit!  Well, I'm glad that I'm not afraid of heights."

I walked closer to where my dad was standing and then looked down as well.

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  That's some drop!"

My dad nodded.

"Before you showed up, I was talking to a man who lives inside the compound at Wolf Creek Nuclear.  He works here at the dam, as a Mechanical Engineer."

I was trying to listen.  But, I was too busy taking photos to send to Grann and Aunt Kate.

"Oh, yeah? Cool..."

My dad looked down the cliff, again.

"Yeah, he said that we're close.  We just gotta follow this road that runs by the rest stop.  Then, we'll see the entrance to
Wolf Creek Falls Nuclear.  So, we should be there, soon."

On cue, a tall, well built and fit man stepped out from the forest behind us, looking disheveled.  He had dark brown hair parted to one side and was wearing a dirty and wrinkled white shirt, brown cargo shorts and sandals.  I guess he had gone into the woods to pee, because his zipper was open.  

He seemed like a nice guy.  A very good looking man, actually.  Clean shaven, with soft green eyes and probably around my dad's age.  

But, he seemed tired, though.  

He had big bags under his eyes and the eyes were bloodshot red.  The poor guy looked like he hadn't slept in a while.

"Hey, Alec.  Sorry, I had to take off earlier.  But, my boys are a handfull.  Being a single parent is a bitch, eh?  Tommy and Tobi like to wonder off, when we come for our daily walks on the forest trails."

My dad smiled at the man.

"It's allright, Daniel.  I know the feeling and I was just waiting for my son, myself."

Out of nowhere, a cute little boy appeared from behind the thick, dense forest walked up to his daddy and took his hand.

I leaned closer to my dad.

"Riley, I'd like you to meet 
Mr.Daniel Allan Porter.  Daniel, this is my son, Riley."

I shook Mr.Porter's right hand and it was ice cold!  Freezing cold, actually.


It was cool this morning, but not that cold.

"Hello, there lad.  Hey, that's quite a firm and strong hand shake you've got there."

I smiled, nodded and stood quietly next to my dad.

Mr.Porter then looked down at the little boy, that stood silently by his side and sighed.

"Tobi, where the hell is your brother?"

I was surprised at the tone and the language the man was speaking to his young son.  But, the boy didn't seem to care.  He simply shrugged his shoulders and made a face.

"I'm Tommy!  I don't know."

Now, here was something interesting that I noticed right away.  The young boy looked exactly like his very handsome father.  

And I know what you're thinking...

Genes and genetics, Riley.  

It's the genes.

50% from Mom & 50% Dad.

Well, I don't care what you have to tell me about genetics.  I'm telling you, that this kid was a mini version of his father.

The kid was freaking identical.

Same shade of dark brown hair.

The hair was even parted the same way.

Same green eyes

Same facial features.

It was weird and a little creepy.

Yes, ok.  Some characteristics did, differ.  The rosy cheeks, the red ruby lips, freckles.  But, that was it honestly.

Mr.Porter looked upset and then suddenly, exploded.

"This happens every fucking time!  I tell you Alec, these boys are draining me, dry."

I looked at my dad and he looked at me.  We both thought the same thing, but we didn't say anything.

Mr.Porter turned around, faced the woods behind him and yelled out.

"Tobias Allan Porter!  Get, your ass out here this instant!"

I didn't like where this was going and by the look on my dad's face, neither did he.

My dad was about to say something, but I grabbed his hand.  While, Mr.Porter looked away, I silently mouthed...Don't.

In less than a second, another mini Porter came dashing out of the thick forest.


The kid was giggling.  

He was looking directly at his dad, but then he saw us.  His eyes went directly to my dad and immediately stopped giggling.

Both kids looked exactly the same!  

They were both exactly alike!  


Now, I can understand why poor Mr.Porter looks so tired and out of it.

Mr.Porter looked down at both his boys, sighed and pushed them together.

"And this is my other son, Tobi.  As you can see, they're identical twins."

The boys were just staring at us and I swear they weren't even blinking.

"C'on, boys.  Where, are your manners?"

The boys looked up at their father and then at us.  They both gave us a wide, toothy smile that creeped me out and answered in unison.  


Mr.Porter placed a hand on each of the boy's shoulders.

"Now, boys.  What have I told you about doing that?  You know that annoys, daddy."

I was looking at my dad and he was trying very hard to stay serious.  I knew that my dad was going to crack and start laughing, soon.  That's how immature my dad is.

Mr.Porter looked at us both and smiled nervously.

"The boys have this bad habit of speaking in unison or finishing off their sentences.  It drives me up the wall and I swear they do it on purpose."

My dad and I just smiled and nodded.  What else could you, say?

My dad then waved at the boys.  I was smiling and looking at the twins, who seemed to be starstruck towards my dad.  

My dad, suddenly broke the tension.

"Listen, Daniel.  Not to be rude, but I gotta use the men's room."

Daniel raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"Oh, ofcourse.  Long drive, eh?"

My dad smiled and started walking towards the men's room.  He had only taken a few steps, when Mr.Porter started walking after him.

"Alec, wait up!  I just remembered something, the washrooms are closed for repairs.  Both the men's and the ladies, I'm afraid."

My dad made a face and sighed.

One of the twins and I have no idead as to which one, answered.

"He can go in the forest, daddy."

Mr.Porter's face went pale and he gulped.  He looked around the parking lot, nervously.

"I don't think Mr.Rhodes wants to do his business in the woods, son.  I'm sure he can wait until he reaches his destination."

My dad being the man he is, just grabbed his crotch and smiled.

"Hey, no big deal.  I just gotta take a major piss!"

I sighed and wanted the earth to swallow me whole.

"See, daddy.  He just needs to take a pee.  We, can show him!"

My dad laughed and shook his head.

"That's allright, little buddy.  I'm a big man and I can find a tree by myself."

Both twins, raced towards my father and each took one of his hands.

"I need to go pee, too!"

Then the other twin, yelled out.

"I need to go, too.  We, know a place.  C'on, follow us!"

My dad was looking at
Mr.Porter for help.  

But, Mr.Porter just shrugged his shoulder and rubbed the back of his neck.

I followed my dad, as he was literally being dragged into the forest path by the twins who led the way.  Mr.Porter walked behind me and I on occassion turned around to face him, he would just look away and avoid eye contact.  For some reason this man looked extremely uncomfortable.

We followed the twins down the mountain trail.  The forest around seemed thick and inpenetrable.  It was so dark in there that I don't think any light shino through.

Up ahead, I could hear both twins encouraging my dad to keep following them.

"C'on, Mister...almost there!"

Then the other would start.

"Yeah, we're close..."

To my left, I could see the immense lake and above, some large eagles flew by.  As I looked up at the branches, I could see squirrels jumping from pine branch to pine branch, chasing each other and making all sorts of loud noise.

I started taking photos, when I heard my dad, say.

"Boys, this is far enough.  C'on, we can pee behind these trees."

The boys stopped, looked at each other and then at my dad.

"Allright!" They answered, together.

I turned to look at Mr.Porter, who now looked even more
uncomfortable.  He then walked past me and was standing in front of my father and blocking our view.

"Boys, let Mr.Rhodes go behind a tree.  You two can wait until..."

Mr.Porter seemed to stop mid-sentence.  Suddenly he moved aside and the boys, once again ran to my dad and started pulling him towards some huge pine trees.

My dad looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.  As he was being led away by the giggling twins, said.

"When in Rome..."

I looked at Mr.Porter and his face had lost all colour.

"Mr.Porter, are you allright?"

He seemed to be in some sort of trance.  

He wasn't blinking, or even seemed to be breathing.

He was just staring into the distance.

"Mr.Porter!  Mr.Porter!"

I was getting scared, but finally he came out of his trance.

"Oh, sorry there Riley.  I've must have blackedout.  I've been working a brutal graveyard shift, three weeks straight.  I guess it's  finally taken a toll on me."

I just nodded my head.

The pine trees where my dad and the twins had gone off to, weren't far from the trail.  Because, I could clearly hear my dad's torrent of a piss stream hitting a log.  

Well, that's just embarrasing.


Leave it to my father.

Mr.Porter must have heard my dad as well, because he smiled while looking at me.

"Hey, when you gotta go.  You gotta go, right?"

I nodded my head and looked away.  

My dad then finally stopped peeing.  I then heard his deep voice.

"You, boys done?  Why, are just standing there?  I though, you both had to..."

I was about to take a picture of a woodpecker.  But, as I heard my dad's comment, I turned around and expected to see him coming back with the twins.

But, they didn't.

I heard the twins speaking to my dad in a very hushed tone.  

Then I heard my dad's voice.

"No, boys.  You don't do that an..."

As the twins started giggling, I heard my dad say.

"You shouldn't...

Boys, you really shouldn't..."

Then there was only silence...

Followed by my dad's moan.

I looked at Mr.Porter, whose face was all red, but he looked away.

What, the hell is going on in there?  

And, why isn't my father coming back?

I started walking towards the trees where I had seen my father and the twins dissappear behind.  But, suddenly I was yanked backwards.

It was Mr.Porter and he had a very serious look on his face.

"I think your dad is going to be a minute or two."

He pulled me back(not too gently, I might add).  And once we were back on the path, he smiled, as he put his right hand on my shoulder and led me away.

"Why, don't we walk further down the path.  I'll show you a good view of the dam."

I walked hesintently and every few steps, I looked back and tried to see if my dad was coming back.

But, nothing.

We then came across an open section in the forest, where the trail opened up.

"Here you go.  Now, come over here and take a look.  Now, tell me that's not an awesome sight!"

Mr.Porter was right.

The view was pretty awesome.  Magnificent, even.

We stood by the edge of the mountain.  The pine trees in these area had been chopped down and the opening in the  canopy, gave you and amazing view of the dam and lake below.

I kept looking back to see if I could see my dad, but nothing.

Mr.Porter kept looking at me and he also seemed, ill at ease.

"You'll dad will be back shortly, Riley.  My boys are quite a handfull and he must be...helping them."

I sighed and continued taking photos.

Photos of the dam, the lake, another trailer further down below.  Roughly, five minutes later, I heard my dad yell out.


I ran past M.Porter who was standing by the cliff, overlooking the lake.


I could see my dad in the distance.  He was standing on the path, looking for me and looking disheveled.

By the time I walked up to him, my dad was adjusting his shorts, tucking in his shirt and looking around nervously.

"Hey, dad.  I'm here!"

My dad was looking at me, up and down.

"Son, you allright?  You, ok?"

I gave him a confused look.

"Yes, ofcourse.  What took you so long?"

My dad ignored my question and started walking up the path and towards the parking lot.  He was walking a little slower, now. And as the twins touched his hands, he immediately pulled away.

As I walked next to him, I noticed that his face was flushed and he was even sweating.

"Dad, are you allright?  Are you sweating?"

My dad, stopped and sighed.  He turned around and frowned as he looked at Mr.Porter, who was a few feet behind us.

"Yes, I'm fine son.  We gotta go!  Now!"

I looked down at one of the twins and the kid had something on his nose.  

What, was that?

I tried to get a closer look.  

It looked like...

It looked like, nah.

It couldn't be!

It was a thick and whitish substance that started dripping down the tip of the little kid's nose.

As I got closer, his brother giggled and quickly swiped the stuff, off his brother's nose.  He then licked his finger clean as he looked at me.

I looked at my dad, whom simply shuddered.

My dad, then grabbed my hand and we were both rushing up the path.

"Dad!  Dad!  What's gotten into you?"

From behind us, I could hear Mr.Porter yell out.

"Nice, to meet you both!  I'll see you around, Alec.  You too, Riley!"

I tried to turn around, but my dad was gripping me hard by the hand.  I then heard the distinguishable sound of the twins giggling.

"No, boys!  No more!  I can't..."

That was the voice of Mr.Porter.  I tried looking back, but my dad was just yanking me forward.

"C'on, Riley.  Keep up!"

By the tone of his voice, my dad sounded pissed.

As we got to the parking lot, he finally let go of my hand.  He started speed walking towards the car and every so often, I could only hear him mumbling.

"I can't believe this!..."

I tried to keep up, but he was too fast.

There was more mumbling.

"I can't fucking believe..."

When we finally got to the SUV, I was praying Xerxes was out of sight.  My dad pressed the unlock button on his keychain and he quickly got in the car.

I rushed to my seat behind him and saw that Xerxes wasn't underneath the shirt, where I had left him.

Shit! shit! shit!

As I closed the door, my dad buckled up and looked at me in the rearview mirror.

"Buckle up, son."

His tone still sounded upset.

I buckled up and looked around nervously for Xerxes.  As my dad pulled out of the parking lot, I heard a faint yelp.

Oh, my God!

My dad turned around and looked at me.

"Did you say something, son?"

My throat was dry and 
I couldn't even speak.   So, I just nodded my head.

Xerxes, the little devil came up from under the seat and was looking at me.  I prayed to God, that he wouldn't start barking.

We had driven for a few yards, when to our right we saw a sign.

"Look, dad!"

My dad, nodded as he also saw the sign.

You are now entering

Wolf Creek Falls Nuclear

This is a private property  

You are being monitored. 

"Friendly, folk.  Aren't they."

No kidding.  

Being monitored?  As in cameras?

We turned into a non-conspicuous gravel road that bordered the lake.  If you didn't know where to look or if you were speeding, you would have missed the entrance.

We hadn't driven long, when we encountered another sign.






My dad looked at me in the rearview mirror, as he said.

"I guess, we're going the right way."

I nodded my head and was motioning Xerxes to come to me.  But, he was having, none of it.

A few more yards and another sign.

30 mph Camera enforced zone.

Now, this one sign coming up freaked me out.


Private Property,


 No Loitering, Fishing, Hiking, Swimming, Camping, Hunting.

Beyond This Point.

All Offenders Will Be Prosecuted To The Full Extent Of The Law

I took a photo of the sign with my Iphone.  I was going to send Grann and Aunt Kate this friendly and welcoming sign.

"Umm, dad?  You, read that?"

My dad looked at me from the rearview mirrow.

"Yes.  I see it, champ.  It's allright and all the signs you see are for security purposes.  You have to keep in mind that this is a privately run and owned, nuclear power plant.  They have their own town, security, school, etc.  These people don't fuck around."

I looked around at the forest around us and still felt, unease.

While my dad drived, I waved at Xerxes to move his butt towards me.  Xerxes, ofcourse was looking at me and trying to figure out what I was doing.

I threw the shirt on top of Xerxes and made my move.  I leaned over and grabbed him.  He didn't like that at all and growled.

My dad turned his head around, as I was gently trying to put Xerxes inside my vanity case.

"Did you say something, son?"

I looked up at my dad and nodded.

"No.  Umm, that was my stomach.  I'm hungry."

My dad smiled, then faced the road.

"I'm sorry, son.  I know, we should have stopped somewhere along to eat.  But, I didn't see any diners on our way here."

I was about to say something, when I saw the next sign that was coming up.

Attack Dogs
On Patrol

As my dad drove at the speed limit required on this road, he pointed to the left side of the car.

"Riley, look to your left.  But, don't make any sudden movements and keep calm."

I was still looking at the sign and wondered what he meant.  

I then turned my head to the left.

8 Doberman Pinschers were standing like sentinels by the side of the road watching us.

I almost pissed my pants.

"Oh, my god!"  Was all I could say.

As my dad kept driving, I turned my head and saw the dogs, one by one dissapearing into the dark forest.

"Did you see their collars?  The dobermans were wearing dog collar transmitters."

I looked at my dad and raised my eyebrows.

"Huh?  What are those?"

My dad grabbed his phone and made a call.

"The dog collar prevents the dogs from wondering away.  The dogs must stay within their boundary or get a nasty electrical shock.  I'm sure there's a tracking device in the collar as well."

I gave my dad a nasty look.

"That's just cruel and barbaric!  I bet PETA would love to hear that."

My dad raised his index finger in the air and started talking to someone.

"Hey, it's Alec Rhodes.  Yeah, we're here.  We're driving down the road, actually.  We saw the welcoming commitee, nice.  Right, allright.  O.k, then.  We'll, see you soon."

My dad then hung up.

"Well, they're expecting us.  We'll get the Presidential treatment, since Alexander Colton III will be welcoming us at the gates."

I nodded.

"The third, really?  I'm sorry, but who is this guy?"

My dad sighed and chuckled.

"Alexander Colton will be my boss.  He's also the Senior Deputy Director Of Security, here at Wolf Creek Falls Nuclear"

I nodded.

"Ahh, o.k.  I take it that by the tone of your voice, you don't like the guy?"

My dad smiled at the corner of his mouth.

"Can't hide anything from you, can I son?  Well, let's just say that he and I, don't see eye to eye on certain matters."

And finally we were here.

The SUV came to a halt in front of some gigantic and massive steel gates.

"Oh, my God!  Where are we, Jurassic Park?"

My dad scoffed.

"Once, again son.  You beat me to the punch."

As my dad turned off the ignition, the
8 doberman pinschers that we had seen earlier appeared from the dark woods.

4 dobermans on each side flanked the SUV.  

These were some very intelligent animals.

Ferocious, strong, fast, vicious, but intelligent.

We heard a voice coming from a speaker, somewhere.

"Attention, driver.  Please, stay in your vehicle until the security team shows up."

I put my right hand on my dad's shoulder.


My dad gently, tapped my hand.

"It's allright, Riley.  You're with me.  Nothing bad is ever going to happen to you, while in my presence."

And with those words, the gates slowly opened.  

Men dressed in black military gear came out with weapons in hand.

"Presidential treatment, huh dad?  What President would that be?  And for which country?"

My dad looked at me from the rearview mirror and laughed.

To be continued!