You Can Fondle my Son.



My son has his hand on my dick. His face is just inches away, gazing adoringly at it. It's like he's worshiping it. He strokes up and down and I know I'm going to cum, any second now. He's only twelve years old, for Christ's sake, and I happen to be his fucking dad! I should feel guilty, but I don't. How did it come to this? Let's back up a bit.

* * *

The divorce happened when he was only three, and my wife got custody of my son Jackie. For the last nine years, I've only seen him a few times each year, and I've missed him terribly. Now, my ex's new boyfriend doesn't want an adolescent kit hanging round, so the kid's been dumped on me. I'm delighted. Jackie and I now live in a two bedroom apartment in San Diego, far from my ex and her asshole lover-boy, and we're getting along just fine. He's painfully handsome, with big blue eyes and long blond hair that comes down almost to his shoulders. If he wore a dress, you'd think he was a girl. His slender body is hairless, except for tiny tufts under his arms and at the base of his dick. He's not ashamed of showing off his body, naked or in his cute little white briefs. When we're indoors, we usually hang out in our underwear, Jackie in his briefs and me in my too-small boxers, the ones where my dick is likely to pop out of the fly, or hang down to where it's uncut tip can be seen below the edge. I've seen him eyeing it from time to time, and he knows I like looking at him as he parades around in his sexy underpants. I have a hard time keeping my hands off him, but of course, he is my son. So I can't really touch him, can I?

* * *

It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting at my computer, wearing my boxers, looking at pictures of ladyboys on the internet. I call my son. "Hey, Jackie, come and look at this." He comes into the den, dressed in baggy shorts and a white tank and stands beside me, looking at the screen. It shows the face of a lovely girl in her early teens, or maybe twelve, with beautiful eyes and pouty lips, possibly Eurasian. "Would you kiss her?" I ask.

"In a heartbeat," he says.

"Are you sure?"


"Feel her up, maybe?"

"All over." I scroll down to reveal a flat chest, narrow hips and a very respectable dick and balls. He grins. "You got me," he says. "A chick with a dick. Would YOU kiss him?"

"In a heartbeat." We both laugh. "Though I like to think of him as a `her'. I'd kiss her and a lot more besides. She gorgeous."

"You gay old dog," he says. He's not surprised at my action, because I've already told him that I'm bisexual and it doesn't seem to bother him. "You're just like my music teacher."

"How do you mean?"

"He likes young boys, too."

I feel a shiver of alarm. "How do you know? Has he done anything to you?" I look up at him and he's grinning.

"He felt me up one time."

"Did it freak you out?"

"No, not at all. He's quite a hunk. You can tell he's into boys, `cos he's always eyeing us up, especially me."

"What exactly happened?"

"We were alone after school in the music room and he was showing me a chord progression on the piano. He was sitting down and I was standing on his right. He put his hand on the inside of my left thigh."

"Like this?"

"Yeah, then he slid his hand up."

"How far?"

"All the way."

"Like this?" I slide my hand up to where I could feel the edge of his white briefs.

"Yeah, then he fondled my package." There was enough room in his baggy shorts for me to put my hand on his bulge.

"Did you tell him to stop?"
"Hell, no. I was enjoying it too much. I moved my hip against him." Jackie pressed himself against me and put his left hand on my shoulder. I felt a combination of relief and excitement.

"And you got a hard-on, just like your getting hard now?"

"As a rock," he said. My hand was massaging my son's growing cock, and my own was beginning to stiffen. "He was stroking his own cock through his pants, then suddenly he let out a groan and said `fuck it'. I guess he came in his pants. The whole thing lasted less than a minute. He said `sorry' and just got up and left."
"So you like having your cock fondled?" I said, continuing to feel him up.

"Of course. Who wouldn't?"

"What's this guy's name?"

"Mr. King. He's some kind of genius musician, plays in symphony orchestras and stuff. A lot of guys at school hero-worship him."

"If he comes on to you again, what are you gonna do?"

"Not get caught!"

"Good boy." I remove my hand from out of his shorts and lead him into my bedroom. I sit on the bed and pull him towards me.

"You're overdressed," I say, freeing the top button of his shorts and sliding his zipper down. The shorts fall to the floor and he steps out of them. In his white briefs, still tented by his erection, and in his tank he looks stunning. "You know I love to see you in your underpants," I say, pulling the tank up over his head.

"I know," he said. "I can tell from the way you're always looking at me."

"Does it bother you?"
"I sort of like being looked at."

"Good, `cos sometimes I can't keep my eyes off you, like now."

"You look pretty hot in your underpants, too, Dad. That's a pretty big boner you've got there." I look down at the tent pole in my boxers, then back at the bulge in Jackie's briefs. I hook my fingers into the waistband and pull them down to mid thigh. His lovely little uncut dick pokes out, inches in front of my face.

"What a beautiful dick! It's amazing."

"You've seen it before, Dad."

"But not this close up, and not nice and stiff like it is now." I take hold of his shaft with two fingers and a thumb and begin to wank him off. "Just relax and enjoy it," I say. "Pretend I'm your music teacher."

"I don't need to pretend. I'd rather have you doing it than him." I'd suddenly overwhelmed with love for my son, and place my hands on his butt and pull him towards me. I open my mouth and his dick has no place to go but into it. My cock is aching with desire as I suck him off, masturbating him with my lips, and running my tongue under his foreskin. He reaches down with his hand, puts it in the fly of my underpants and pulls my dick out. "Wow, that's fucking enormous," he says as he strokes it. A few seconds later, I feel his cock pulse as he cums in my mouth, a nice little load for a twelve year old. "That was awesome. Thanks, Dad. So that's what a blow job feels like. I've always wondered."

"Maybe soon you'll learn that giving a blow job is just as exciting, Jackie. Put your briefs back on and we'll get some lunch."

* * *

Later in the afternoon, I wake up from my nap lying on my back, with a huge erection. I'm thinking of my son dressed in his undies and I start to slowly jerk off. I hear the bedroom door open and see Jackie standing there dressed as usual in his briefs.

"Oops, sorry," he says, and turns to go.

"Don't go, come on in."

"But you're jerking off, Dad," he says.

"You wanna watch?"

He hesitates. "I guess, yes. You don't mind?"

"I want you to watch. I l like being watched. I love showing off my big cock. Come and sit on the bed. You like my dick, don't you."

"It's awesome. Much bigger than mine."

"Yours will be this big in a year or so, especially if I keep sucking it."

He grins and sits down on the bed, then lays his head down on my stomach, his face close to my cock. He pushes my hand away, takes hold of it and starts to stroke it. "It's beautiful," he whispers. "Fuckin' amazing. I love it!" I reach over his hip and feel his cock, rigid in his briefs. I want him to suck me, but I don't want to rush things. Just his hand on my dick is better than any sex I've ever had. I'm intensely aroused and after just a few strokes I feel the cum rushing up my dick, and my hips thrust upwards as I spray several blobs of cum on his face.

"Sorry," I say, when I've regained my breath. "I didn't mean to cum on you." There's a streak on his forehead, which runs down his cheek, and another across his mouth. He licks his lips.

"Mmm, not bad," he says, with a grin. "It's O.K., Dad. After all, I came in your mouth. Anything you do with your fantastic dick is fine with me. You can cum on me anytime you want."

"Like three times a day?"

"How about four?" I give him a hug. I love him so much.

* * *

It's later in the week. I've spoken to Mr. King on the phone. I haven't given him any hint that I know he molested my son, though `molest' is not a word I like to use. After all, Jackie consented. We talked about my son's musical talent and how he should have more practice. We don't have a piano in the apartment and Mr. King, the crafty bastard, suggested that Jackie practice at Mr. King's house every Saturday morning. I went along with this, because my son and I have plans for Mr. King, the boy-loving cock fondler. Jackie has shown me a picture of him that he took with his cell phone, and the guy is pretty hot, late twenties or maybe thirty, long hair, and looks gay to me. Mr. King doesn't know what's gonna hit him.

* * *

It's Saturday morning and Jackie and I ring Mr. King's doorbell. He opens his door, wearing a bathrobe and is obviously surprised to see me. I introduce myself and tell him that there are a few details we need to discuss. He gives me a look, as though his gaydar has gone off, then invites us in and we sit down in his living room, Jackie beside me on the couch. "Sorry about the robe," he says. "I just got out of the shower. I'll go and get dressed."

"Don't bother," I say. "My son and I always hang out in our underwear at home, don't we Jackie?"

"All the time," he says.

"Pants are just a pain in the ass, Mr. King, and Jackie looks so cute in his underpants."

"Really?" he says.

"And the baggy shorts that kids wear these days are so ugly. I'll be glad when that fashion has run its course."

"Me, too," he says.

"Of course, baggy shorts have one advantage."

"What's that?"

"I'll show you." I step over to the grand piano that sits at one end of he living room, and sit on the piano stool. "Come and stand beside me, Jackie, yeah like that, close to me. Now," I say, turning to Mr. King, "imaging you're sitting at the piano, teaching my son, shall we say, a chord progression. You could put your hand on the inside of his thigh, like this." King looks nervous and Jackie is grinning. "The leg of his shorts is loose enough for you to slide my hand up, like this." King starts to sweat, but says nothing. "And when you reach the top, there's enough room to fondle his basket, right, Jackie?"

"Right, Dad," he says.

"But then, he'd know all about that, wouldn't he, Jackie?"

"He would."

"He'd probably get a big hard on, don't you think?"

"Enormous. Hard as a rock."

"Might even cum in his pants?"

"Almost certainly," says my son, trying to keep a straight face.

"You've been a bad boy, Mr. King, hasn't he, Jackie?"

"Very naughty, Dad."

King now looks terrified. "Mr. . ." he splutters, but I interrupt.

"Relax, Mr. King. Your secret is safe with us, isn't it, son?"

"Safe as houses," he says.

"You see, you may be a child molester, Mr. King, but I'm an incestuous child molester, so I'm much worse than you. I'm a fucking monster, right, Jackie?"

"Fucking terrifying," he says with a grin.

"Alas, I'm incapable of keeping my hands of my son, as you can see. He pretty sexy, isn't he?" By now, King has lost his terror, but still looks bewildered.

"I guess so," he mutters.

"You should see him in his underpants," I say, removing my hand. "Jackie, drop your shorts." He does as he is bidden. "Now isn't that a beautiful sight, Mr. King? Tight white briefs with a stiff dick inside. What could be more perfect?" I swivel around so that I'm facing King. "Come and sit on my lap, son." Jackie sits on my thighs with his back to me, his legs apart, feet on the floor. I slide one hand under his shirt to caress his nipples and push the other down the front of his briefs, gripping his rigid dick. "Look at us, Mr. King. Do you have a hard-on yet? I fucking hope so. We'd be really insulted if you didn't."

"YOU'VE got a hard-on, Dad. I can feel it against my ass." He wriggles his butt, smiling at King. "Feels nice."

"My son likes my dick," I tell King. "He can't get enough of it. And I can't get enough of his." My hand moves up and down his shaft, and Jackie leans back against me and closes his eyes. "You may think that he's gonna cum any minute," I say to King, "but he'll probably last quite a while. He came about an hour ago, in my mouth, as it happens. You've no idea how good he tastes. You enjoyed that, didn`t you, son?"

"I fuckin` loved it!" I give King a big smile, and I can see a flash of white underwear under his robe. He's staring at us, practically speechless.

"I'm not sure that this is appropriate. . ." he starts to say, and I interrupt.

"Appropriate? Your behavior has hardly been appropriate. I think what we're doing is entirely appropriate. It's no good hiding your erection, Mr. King. Jackie, lift your hips." He obliges me and I slide his underpants down to mid thigh, revealing the hard little cock that I love so much. "Look at that, Mr. King. Yeah, your eyes are nearly falling out of your head. Isn't he sexy? Stand up, son, let's get a good look at you." He turns to face me and I want to take him in my mouth, but first I need to take care of King. "Step over to Mr. King and open his robe." Jackie goes over to him and pulls the robe open, revealing a pair of sexy white boxer briefs with a huge bulge in the front. "Oh, look at you," I say. "Hard as a rock. I'm so glad, I thought for a minute you were going to get all straight-laced with us." Jackie is standing in front of him, his little flagpole pointing at King's face. "There's a sight you can wank off to for the rest of your life," I tell him. "How do you like his dick?"

"I love it," murmured King, who`s now beginning to relax.

"I love dicks," I say. " I love big dicks and small dicks. I love black dicks and white dicks, straight dicks and bent dicks, veined dicks and smooth dicks. It can be cut or uncut, but I just love a dick. So long as it's hard."

"He does, Mr. King. He sure loves mine," says Jackie.

"I like a dick in my hand, a dick in my mouth, or best of all, a dick thrust right up my ass. And if anything comes out of a dick, I`ll drink it. I love the sight of a dick, the feel of a dick, the taste of a dick. I'm a fucking slut, aren't I, son?"

"A total slut."

"I'm a cock sucking, faggotty, child molesting slut, Mr. King, and I'm prepared to bet you are. I think you like to suck little boy's dicks just as you like to fondle them."

"I'm not so little," says Jackie.

"Sorry, son, you're right. You're big enough to enjoy a blow job, that's for sure. Mr. King, ask my son if you can suck his dick."

King looks at Jackie. "Can I suck you off?" he asks. He's starting to enjoy himself.

"Not like that," I say. "You have to really beg him. Plead. Ask like you really mean it."

"Please, Jackie, can I suck your dick? I'm begging you, I really wanna suck it. Put it in my mouth, please. Fuck my face, you gorgeous boy."

"That's more like it," I say. "What do you think, son?"

"I think he wants to suck me off."

"Maybe he'd rather suck me off," I say, rising to my feet and sliding my boxers part way down. My rigid dick looks impressive, even to me. I step in front of King, alongside my son. "What do you think, Mr. King? Do you like this dick as much as you like my son`s?" I thrust my cock towards his face, delighted to be exposing myself to another guy. He stares at it, transfixed. A small bead of precum hangs from the end. He shifts his gaze to Jackie's dick.

"Shit, they both look pretty good to me. I wanna suck them both," he says. I reach out for my son's cock and take it in my hand. He takes hold of mine and we turn to face each other.

"Perhaps Mr. King would like to see us wanking each other off," I say. "I do love to be watched. How about you, son?"

"Yeah, I like being watched, too. I'm feeling pretty horny, Dad." We slowly stroke each other's cocks, and Jackie's is getting nice and wet.

"Smell that," I say, "the aroma of uncut cocks. Boy's dicks smell so good, Mr. King, as you probably already know." King has his hand down the front of his underpants. I release Jackie's cock and drop to my knees in front of him. I reach and start to pull his boxer briefs down and he lifts his hips as they slide off, revealing his nice, big, stiff, uncut cock, as wet at the tip as my own. I stare at it, hungrily. "Take your hand off your cock, Mr. King. The only person here who's allowed to touch it is either my son or me. That's better." His rigid dick is almost steaming, hard as iron, pulsing gently in time with his heartbeat. I reach out and slide back his foreskin, releasing yet more heady aroma into the room. "What do you think, Jackie? You like his dick?"

"Pretty fucking cool, but not as nice as yours, Dad. You promised me that I could suck you off today. I can't wait much longer. You know I really love jerking you off, but I need to feel that cock in my mouth. Please, Dad. Let me suck you."

I sit back down on the couch and slide my boxers off, then part my legs. "You're privileged to witness my son giving his first blow job to his own father, Mr. King. You can take pictures if you like. I hope you appreciate the enormous honor I've just bestowed on you."

"I do, I do," says King, eagerly. Jackie falls to his knees, between my thighs and takes my dick in his mouth. He's learned well, how to run his tongue under my foreskin, the way I do it to him, and it's nearly driving me out of my mind. King is staring at us, and I revel in the act of displaying my depravity to him. He starts to stroke his cock, but I wag a finger at him, warning him off.

"Leave your cock alone," I say. "We don't want you cumming just yet. Jackie, how do you like having my cock in your mouth?" He comes up for air.

"Amazing! I love it! It's the best thing ever. You've no idea how much I love this cock." Actually, I have. He loves it about as much as I love his. I let my son suck me for a minute or two and as I near orgasm, I tell him to stop. There are so many things I still want to do.

"O.K., let's put Mr. King out of his misery, Jackie. Put your cock in his mouth." King eagerly engulfs my son's cock in his mouth and begins to enthusiastically suck him off. Jackie grins at me as he lets his underpants fall to the floor. "He's pretty good, Dad, just not quite as good as you." I kneel beside King's chair, lean down and take his cock in my mouth. It's a beautiful dick, but then all dicks are beautiful. I give him a vigorous suck, tasting his precum while I fondle his balls. We keep this up for a minute or two and then I lift my head and look a Jackie.

"That's a beautiful sight, son, watching Mr. King suck you off. I'll be jerking off to that vision later."

"I'll give you a helping hand," says Jackie.

King stops sucking Jackie and looks at me. "Christ, I think I'm in love with your son," he says.

"How could you not be. Your just human, just a regular boy lover, like any red-blooded man. Just be kind to him and suck his dick any time he wants."

"Thank you," he replied. "You're a generous man."

"Oh, but you have to pay the cost first," I tell him.

"What's that?"

"You have to fuck me up the ass, right now, while Jackie watches us."

"Fuckin' cool!" says Jackie.

"There's lube beside my bed," says King, and Jackie goes to get it.

I lube up King's cock, and sit on his lap, my back to him. He positions his dick and I slide down on to it as my son stares at his shaft disappearing up my ass.

"Awesome!" he says. "How does that feel?"

"Heavenly! Almost better than sucking dick. Shit, that feels good, Mr. King. Shove it all the way in, yeah, like that! Oh, fuck! I love it, I love it. Fuck me, harder, harder!" I'm bouncing up and down on his dick and the feeling is indescribable. My son reaches out and takes hold of my dick, gazing into my eyes. I know I'm going to cum any second. I want to hold off, but I can't. "Suck me, son!" I manage to call out just in time and he lowers his mouth over my cock just as I shoot my load. He milks my cock with his hand until I'm all spent, then sits back and smiles at me. I can see my cum inside his open mouth, and then he swallow it.

"Yummy!" he says. "You taste fantastic, Dad." At that moment, King cums up my ass, and I can feel his cock pulsing as he fills me with his jizz.

I sit there while we all come down to earth and then I say, "Jackie, you were the only one who didn't cum."

"That's O.K., Dad. You can suck me off when we get home. Unless you want to fuck me, that is."

"You're not ready for a cock yet, son. We're gonna have to do some ass stretching first, or it'll hurt like hell. But eventually, you'll learn to love it, like I do. Maybe Mr. King will suck you off when he recovers." I climb off King's cock and start to get dressed. "Time for your music lesson, kid." King starts putting his clothes on and Jackie says, "I think I'll do my lesson in just my briefs. Mr. King will like that, won't you?"

King is speechless, having just molested his student and fucked his dad. He's probably never had a morning like this in his life. I reach out and shake his hand. "I want to thank you, Mr. King, for allowing me to share my son with you. I've been feeling guilty about my incestuous relationship with him, but thanks to you, I don't feel quite so bad about it. We're now two fucking perverts in league to corrupt young Jackie."

"Just exactly what I need," says my son.

"You can fondle my son any time you like."

The End

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