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You Know How It Goes

I don't know how fate could have put two more different brothers into the same family. David is my older brother by a couple of years, and he's the sweetest, most shy kid you'll ever meet. He's also achingly hunky and cute. His hair is dark brown, and his eyes are grey. And he's smart and solid and good at things. He gets this endorphins-over-the-top look of joy and eagerness on his face that always reminds me of Thumper, that bunny you see in Disney cartoons. When he looks at you that way, with his lips parted, I defy you not to pop a boner for him. I swear you'll drip. You know how it goes.

Anyway, he's my big brother, and I've had a serious bone for him since I was nine and caught him beating his big cute meat in the pool house. I made him teach me and I've been a dick addict since that afternoon. I've also had an obsession with having his dick in my mouth. At first, he was resistant, but you know how it goes. Feel the power of the lips, Wook. Now, all I have to do is give him the look, and he starts to squirm, even at the dinner table. Did I say his cum is candy? Thick, creamy, joyful candy, jetting into my mouth, pulsing, moaning, thrusting, a little yelp and a sigh. And then there's those little pulses as he softens. Yep, that's my big brother, when I have my way with him (which happens most days). You know how it goes.

The trouble with David is he's so shy. I'm not. At all. I've seen how it makes things difficult for him, and I decided not to ever be shy. I guess that's why I got to have him: he didn't dare talk to girls, and he got boners like everyone, so all it took was for me to take him into my hand, and into my mouth, and a few moans and thrusts and squirts later... You know how it goes.

Anyway, now he's about to turn 15, and I've been trying to get him into my ass for months, but he's so shy. He looks down at his chest and blushes when I mention it. A couple of months ago, I jumped on him and put my boner up to his lips and said, "Go On! You know you want to. Dicks are yummy and sucking is the best thing in the world." I got him to try it and by the time I got "there" he was moaning and sucking like my dick was candy. I sucked him right afterwards, but I told him I wanted to try sucking each other at the same time.

Coming while sucking is the best feeling on Earth. It makes the world disappear. It makes you complete. After the first time, we had to drive out to my Aunt's place with our folks, and in the car we were both staring out the windows into space. And every once in a while, I'd feel him looking and I'd look over, and he was beautiful and he'd look down and lick his lips and smile to himself and then look out his window some more. Seeing him just gave me boners all day. You know how it goes.

That night we got home and went right to bed. We sucked and the word disappeared. I had the hardest orgasm of my life. It was like drowning in sex bubbles while he pumped his cream in my mouth. We were both whimpering afterwards. It was all I could do just to crawl up into his arms before I passed out. Later on, our mom was showing pictures and she had one of us asleep like that, with David's arms around me and I look like I'm drooling. She and the other ladies are all cooing about it and there's our cum rag lying on the floor next to the bed. But they had no idea. You know how it goes.

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