December, 2000

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This story contains some pretty graphic scenes of sex between males. And if you have finally clicked your way this deep into the site its obvious you enjoy such things, so read on. But if you are underage I think you better be leaving for though biologically you can throw a boner and even father a kid and may have done all or most of this, the keepers of society feels that you should neither read nor view what you have already done!!!


  "Shit !" I cursed under my breath as I got shoved once again by a passing lady.

  The jostling and milling crowd, the screaming children, the noise..... it was absolutely terrible. No guy in his right senses would ever be here, get into this..... and it wasn't something that I would get into on my own either..... but then, can a guy ever dare to refuse, refuse when ordered to take his girl shopping for Christmas?!

  Okay, before you guys start wondering what I'm rambling about, I was in this huge departmental store tagging along with Debby, my girlfriend, doing Christmas shopping - she, not I. I hated the crowd, the noise and I also hated shopping - Christmas or no Christmas. But then, can a 17 year old guy refuse his girl..... especially a girl who is the archetypal Veronica of 'Archie' fame, stunning, rich and fickle.... ?! I had pursued her for a whole year now and had been going steady this past three months and could hardly say no..... even though I knew I would end up loaded down under a skyscraper high tower of packages..... Well, girls will be girls..... and boys well, have to be boys! I fancied I loved her and she was my kinda girl.... I would do it for her, albeit a bit grudgingly, but careful enough not to show it.

  We were in that part of the store where they had all the chocolates and candies.... of various sizes and shapes and flavors, attractively wrapped for the festive season..... and Debby, that's my girl, was going all crazy... she loved the stuff and was loading her cart with more of the exotic ones when I looked up and saw this cute little guy standing on the other side of the display rack looking at the displayed packages..... I blinked...... and looked again. God, was he for real, I wondered...... I never looked at guys, not that way, if you know what I mean.... I do check out guys I pass but that's in a different way, like comparing, like where I stand and all that kinda stuff. But I've never looked at a guy in a sexual way, never...... But this kid was different..... kinda 'out-of-this-world' type and I had an instant stiff ! I was shocked beyond words to put it mildly..... Jesus, I wasn't gay or something..... but this guy looked so cute and all that, that I just couldn't take my eyes off him and surprise, surprise..... I wanted him !

  He looked up and at me and I immediately looked away, embarrassed, sure that the whole store could see the lust in my eyes. But as we moved a few paces and Debby continued with picking up everything she set her eyes on, I kept glancing at this kid...... and on more than a few occasion I saw him look back, straight at me, as if he knew I was looking. And each time I quickly looked away, but I was sure he had caught me staring at him..... And again my eyes went back to him, surreptitiously, stealing glimpses of his slim torso, covered with a T that was at least two sizes too large and nearly reached his knees.....

  And as we moved away, in opposite directions I kept turning back, looking over my broad, well worked shoulders to catch another glimpse of the kid that had enflamed my senses..... and I saw him turn back too, looking at me over his own frail shoulders.... the green eyes sparkling, even in the distance. I saw him smile, in a sultry and seductive way.... or was it my imagination.... I flushed and looked away.

  We had now turn around and were on the same side..... and I could see his lower half now. His feet didn't show as it was covered with the flaring bottoms of his pants that swept the floor and I could see the cords, of his pants, hang way down from under the oversized T-shirt ! God, this kid had to be weird ! He seemed to be floating....... all his clothes were oversized..... He looked back as I was studying him, my cock now painfully hard in my briefs and immediately I looked away.... God, why was I behaving this way I wondered. 'Next time I'll look him in his eye', I decided...

  And as I followed behind Debby, I saw him turn once more and look straight into my eyes..... this time I didn't look away and I saw him smile before he made a slight motion with his unruly blond head towards the men's room..... asking me to follow him?...... before he moved away and vanished behind the door. I didn't need to take a leak but was irresistibly drawn towards the young guy and so I slowly fell back, well behind Debby as she went "Ohhh....!" and "Ahhh....!" and "Doesn't this look delicious ?" over every second thing she saw and then followed in after him.

  Though the store was flooded with people the toilet was surprisingly empty...... Well, guys forget to take a leak when they are shopping I guess ! He stood at the far end facing the urinal but a bit away from it, his pants undone, showing the top half of his ass..... as he held his oversized shirt brunched up at his chest. I stood mesmerized, my mouth open, sucking in air.

  "Been lookin' at my ass for a long while, eh?"

  I didn't answer.....

  "Like it ? Wanna try it?" he added still not looking at me but wriggling his butt ever so slightly.

  He finished and I could see him shake his dick before he slipped it in and zipped up, tying the cord carefully at his slim waist, hiding the awesome view of his creamy ass cheeks from my hungry eyes.

  "You didn't answer....?" he said finally turning around.

  I couldn't...... it was all so confusing...... I myself didn't understand it. What was I wanting.... what was I doing?! I still stared at the boy, my mouth still open, eyes wide. I was breathing hard and I felt my cock squirt copious pre cum inside its tiny prison, the crotch bulging, the material pushed way out. I wanted to do whatever this guy said.... go with him wherever he asked me to.... I was about to finally speak when I suddenly remembered Debby...... and as if he could read my mind he spoke.

  "Oh, don't worry..... " he said coming closer, "your girl won't miss you in this crowd and I'm sure you can come up with some brilliant excuse later to win her back." a broad grin on his freckled face, his green eyes glinting as he spoke, his hand placed lightly on my throbbing crotch.... massaging. "Which I doubt very much..... your attempt to win her back that is, after you get a taste of this!" he added with a light smack on his round buttocks.

  He giggled as he took my hand and led me out of the men's room and soon we were running down the stairs, me after him ! My senses all inflamed.... my mind ravaged with lust, lust for this teen twink..... We rushed out and he asked if I had a car, which I had, and soon he was directing me.

  "The folks' away for the week and we can have some real fun together." he said massaging my bulge with one hand as his other one slid into the waist of his pants.

  I felt that I would shoot any moment as I squirmed in my seat, thrusting back at his palm as he applied more pressure..... squeezing me through the jeans.

  "But if my brother's home we have to be very quiet...." he said looking into my eyes, his snub nose all scrunched up.

  'Brother ? What brother?' I thought....... 'now, do we also have to deal with a brother?'

  "Will he be home ?" I asked suddenly a bit apprehensive about the whole idea.

  "Um.... normally he isn't but you never know...." and he giggled.

  "How old is he ?"

  "Just turned 19 this summer." he replied before burying his face in my aroused groin.

  "Ah...... and.... and how old are..... ah, you?" I finally managed over all the erotic stimulation that his lips and hands were providing my teen crotch.

  "Turned 14 last month." he said lifting his face slightly before going back to nibbling my raging cock through the denim.

  'Wow, 14 and hot like a sizzler....' I thought with a smile.

  Suddenly he raised his head and looked out before smiling and telling me to take the next right turn. He remained straight for the rest of the journey, keeping even his hands to himself. Soon he asked me to stop in front of a small red-brick building and we got out.

  "Shit, he's home....." the boy said as we walked towards the back of the house. "But don't worry, we just have to be extra quiet." he added taking my hand and squeezing it.

  We entered the kitchen and went up to his bedroom, a typical pre-teen affair. He pulled me and we flopped onto the tiny bed and were soon at each other's mouth, our aroused crotches rubbing....

  "What's your name?" he asked pulling his mouth away.

  "Ted, and you?"

  "Robby.... they call me Robby." he answered before planting his lips back to my salivating mouth.

  "Have you done this before?" I asked as we parted to catch our breath.

  "Nah...... but I want you....." he said looking deep into my eyes. "Have you?"

  "Not with a guy..... no."

  "Will ya fuck me?" he asked, his large not-so-innocent eyes, wide and questioning.

  "Oh, yeah Robby..... I will."

  He now sat up and began pulling off his clothes asking me to do the same. And soon we were both naked.

  "Awesome...." he whispered in open admiration seeing my near perfect swimmer's frame and more than the ample male equipment sticking out from between my thighs.

  "Your cute too!" I said staring at his pubescent body...... all slim and frail, a boy just on the threshold of becoming a man. The upper arms and shoulders covered with more freckles..... his tiny boy cock hard and sticking out like a sore thumb, surrounded by a few strands of wispy dark blond hair. The thighs smooth and pale totally bare.

  He giggled and reached out to grab my raging cock. He pushed my thigh wide and crawled in between them, his face buried in my groin. I shuddered and groaned as I felt the wet stab of his tongue on my flaming cock.... He gripped it at the thick base and licked the shaft like some tasty candy stick..... moving up and down and over the tingling head..... And then he opened his mouth wide and took me in. I screamed and grabbed his head as I thrust up deeper into his hot oral cavity..... it felt incredible !

  "Does it feel good?" he asked taking his mouth off my cock for a minute.

  "Hell, yes.....!" I gasped in rapture. "But sure would feel a lot better in that tight little butt of yours....."

  He sucked me some more and then suddenly got up and off the bed and went into the bathroom. He returned a short while later with a tube of KY and uncapping the top handed it to me asking me to apply it to his ass hole.

  He scooted up on the bed and lay down on his back, pulling his legs high and wide and looking at me smiled. I squeezed some of it onto my fingers and gently applied it to his puckered hole that was visibly twitching as I looked on in awe....

  He moaned and pushed back at my fingers..... "Push it in..... push it in..." he cried out in uncontrolled lust.

  And as I let my finger slid in it was gripped in a vice. His ass was burning hot and tight and as I worked the finger he kept rotating his ass, pushing it back at me.

  "Now get your cock slick and put it in..... quick!" he commanded in a hoarse voice.

  I complied, getting my cock all greased and slick and as I climbed over him he released his legs and reached down between his parted thighs and grabbed my cock with both hands. He pulled me closer and fitted the flared tip to his tiny butt hole and asked me to push....

  I braced myself and placing my hands on either side of his head thrust forward with all my might. Well, I had never fucked an ass before and I didn't know how much force to use to enter.... It must have been a bit too much, for he hollered and thrashed about as I felt his anus grudgingly open and snap over my mushroom head.

  I suddenly remembered about his brother and grabbing his face planted my mouth over his, silencing his cry of pain and lust and then pausing for a few moments I renewed the charge and shoved in once more.... His ass hole was a shuddering mass of resistance and it gripped my swollen head like a vice..... refusing to budge, allow me entrance. And as I applied more pressure his hands tore at my ass cheeks, the nails digging in and raking the smooth skin into deep furrows.... His legs stiff over my shoulders, jerking and spasming every now and then as he writhed under the relentless assault of my aroused pubes.... And he kept moaning into my mouth.

  I arched my hips back and shifting my knees lunged forward again and this time something seemed to give way and I sank in, the tight colon finally yielding to the relentless probing of my teen cock ...... The boy tore his mouth away and shrieked out loud before biting my shoulder viciously in an attempt to stifle his cry. I was in, completely in and it was totally wild..... it felt so weird, so breathtakingly beautiful !

  We were both sweating and panting, and as we rested for a while and then I felt his ass muscles shudder and squeezed my cock. It sent a shock wave up my spine and my whole body shook.... and my hips, which I was holding still, shivered and strutted on its own, humping the teen boy's virgin ass. His ass was a raging inferno, hot and tight and as my hips moved he gave a satisfied groan and I felt him rotate his ass, as if testing the cock buried in its depth.

  "Oh..... yeah......... fuck me dude, fuck me.... " he cried out as my hips picked up the pace. "Ah.... ummmm.... harder..... fuck that ass harder!" he cried on and on as the bed creaked under our heaving bodies.

  And as I humped the boy he went on shouting for more..... "Oh, man.... fuck the shit outta me..... yeah, do it hard!" he blabbered making me wonder if all the noise he was making wouldn't carry out and bring his brother inquiring.....

  It must have gone on for nearly ten minutes, with me panting as I worked his tiny ass and he hollering for more when suddenly I heard a sound behind us and looked back over my shoulders....

  "What the fucks goin' on here.....?!" started the guy that stood at the open doorway. But he never got to finish his sentence as he saw us on the bed doing what was so obvious...

  I froze in mid stroke, my rampant cock half out and half buried..... scared shitless at the sight of the guy..... Robby's brother. He was absolutely breathtakingly handsome and build like a brick shit-house and was naked except for a tiny jockstrap that was clinging to his pubes, showing a healthy bulge where the cock is supposed to be. His muscle simmered in the diffused light of the room.... In spite of the situation I felt my cock twitch and throb and with a soft moan I sank in..... my pubes coming to rest on the upturned cheeks of the boy's silky smooth ass.

  "What the hell do you think you're doin', fuckin' my brother.... " he said swatting my ass hard. He had by now entered the room and stood over us, glaring down at me.

  "Oh, Jason..... please join us..... ah, its so fantastic.... you can fuck him while he's doin' me!" Robby whispered in a hoarse voice, holding me tighter while squeezing my shaft hard with his ass muscles.

  "That I'll do...... I'll teach him to fuck my little brother." he laughed, pulling off his jocks and climbing into bed, behind me.

  I moaned as I felt his strong hands on my butt cheeks and my hips jerked involuntarily.....

  "Hmm.... he likes the idea of bein' fucked, huh!" Jason laughed.

  "Go on, fuck me man...... fuck me..... why did ya stop?" shouted Robby from beneath me, rotating his ass and squeezing the buried shaft ferociously.

  I buried my face in his frail shoulders and resumed the hunching..... short, vicious jabs as Jason's hands massaged and kneaded my full cheeks, smacking them painfully every few seconds.

  "Yeah man, fuck him hard and I'll do you too....." he whispered into my ears as his fingers found my ass slit and nudged at the tiny opening.

  I gripped the young boy's shoulders and groaned as my hips rose and fell, as if having a mind of its own, in the ancient act of mating, pumping in and out, animal like.

  "Huh, he can't wait..... " grinned Jason as both his hands continued to squeeze and kneaded my plump cheeks, as if getting them ready for the fuck he planned.

  He pinched hard and ran his fingers in the crack, making me gasp as I waited for him to enter..... Suddenly he shoved a rough middle finger deep into me, making me wail and soon had a second one inside of the tight opening. The team of two fingers mercilessly fucked me, already making my ass hole sore and then he pulled them out and picked up the open tube that lay on the bed. He pushed the nozzle inside my butt hole and squeezed it. I shuddered as I felt the cold jelly fill my colon and then he pulled it out.

  He didn't wait or rub the lubricant in but just mounted me and I felt him grip his cock and swipe it along the trench of my ass, sliding it up and down the open crack. And then he placed the broad head against my, by now fluttering anus and with one brutal shove rammed the flared rim in! I hollered at the excruciating pain and gritted my teeth but boy, was I in for some real surprise.....! As quickly as he had shoved in, he wrenched it out and then thrust right back in making me yelp...... and out again after holding the head just inside the quacking ass mouth for a minute ! My stomach was in turmoil as my insides lunged and churned..... He repeated it about a dozen times, pushing in and as my tight sphincter snapped over the mushroom head, he pulled it out and then back in again.... and again..... and again ! It was horrible..... but he seemed to be enjoying it immensely......

  I banged my head on the sweat drenched pillow by the side of Robby's head and heard the boy encourage his brother to fuck me hard.....

  "Take it like a man dude..... " and " a man!" Jason shouted, swatting my buns hard, while I wailed in discomfort..... and pain, my hips hunching.... fucking the younger boy as my ass got ravaged.

  Finally he gripped my hips and with a hoarse cry shoved in with a brutal force, ramming into me to the very base. I caught my breath as I felt the gigantic proportions of Jason's cock rip into me..... I hadn't seen his cock, but now I became aware of not only the enormous girth but also the immense length of the teen cock as I felt his pubic hair tickle my parted buns. I was gasping.... panting for air.... I felt all bloated and full and my lungs refused to expand to suck in the much needed air...... It felt like my stomach was about to come up and out of my gulping throat, along with that monumental dick buried deep in my belly..... I could hardly move or do a thing as I lay like dead over the young boy.

  Jason moved...... he gradually pulled out but mercifully not all the way and with his cock head still inside of me he thrust forward..... and as he sank in my hips slammed back at him ! And as Jason fucked me, I fucked his young brother...... and in fucking his brother I aided him to fuck me.

  "Yeah..... Ja...Jason..... fuck..... 'im hard...... yeah, do 'im good.... AH..... " Robby wailed as I was forced to match Jason's speed, myself gibbering incoherently, crying out my new found need for getting my asshole battered.

  The room was soon filled with the moans and wails of the three of us..... and the slapping of flesh on flesh..... the squishing of well lubricated holes being plumbed..... It was so erotic, so heady.... I had finally found the true me..... This HAD to be the real me..... the part that was missing. I LOVED it !

  We danced the erotic love dance for nearly fifteen minutes before I felt Robby go stiff under me and scream out that he was coming and soon I felt him jerk and his hot spurts splash out and all over us..... and as if on cue I felt my balls melt and shoot out of the slitted tip of my cock, deep within the boy pussy..... I threw my head back and roared as the thick cum bolted out of me. It was incredible.... absolutely amazing !

  But surprisingly I didn't grow soft, and as I ground to the end of my climax Jason speeded up, forcing me to lunge harder into his brother. And as we yelled and shrieked with lust, Jason slammed into me with a ferocity that knocked out my breath... and I felt his cock grow even longer and thicker and pulse harder before giving one huge twitch and unleashing a fiery hot torrent of molten boy lava. He filled me up completely and as his cock continued its journey in and out of my raw ass chute I felt the excess liquid get pumped right out and roll down over my knotted nuts....

  We crumbled in a heap on the tiny bed, catching our breath before Jason finally pulled out of me to flop down beside his brother and in turn my cock popped out of Robby's ass and I fell back too. We were exhausted but feeling very happy.... a most satisfying encounter. And as we recovered a bit Robby was up and grinning from ear to ear....

  "Thanks buddy, I loved it!" he announced before going down on me, making me yelp as his mouth took my sensitive dick inside the wet embrace of his hot mouth.

  Jason got up on his elbow and watched his younger brother suck me and smiled as his massive cock stirred and started to fill out, "You're a hot one for sure and I never knew I had it right here in the house !" he said his hands already probing his brother's gaping ass hole.

  We spent the rest of the evening fucking and sucking each other..... well, Jason fucked us both and I got to fuck Robby one more time as Jason and he 69ed.... and then both brother sucked me off together and we decided that we would meet everyday till their parents returned back home and after that we would work out where to meet..... And as it got dark and cold outside I finally pulled on my clothes and left for home, Debby and winning her back long forgotten.

  There was a spring in my step as I walked down the path to our back door...... not only had I fucked my first boy ass but also had my own teen ass screwed shitless! Hallelujah and Merry Christmas !! I didn't need Santa this year.... I had found my perfect gift !!!!



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