This is fiction, there will be sexual activity involving an older man, a younger man and a teenage boy occurring in the context of a story about a fictitious African country. Sexual activity may not occur in every chapter. Homosexual activities are illegal in most African countries and the age of consent is usually 18 years, not 16 as in the UK here. I did live and work in Africa, and I have based the characters of Adam and Solo on real people, but the erotic activities in the story are purely a product of my fertile fantasies. You might find some of the language I use a little quaint, but English is spoken slightly differently in Anglophone Africa and I have tended to replicate the way it is spoken there, unless it would cause confusion (or yet another explanation). Apart from that I'm English, innit! So friends from across the pond or down-under will think I'm quaint anyway! It is not unusual for African boys and young men to call any man who assists them "Dad" or "daddy" without realising what a turn-on that may be for some!

Readers may be surprised or disbelieving when they read of an African young man 22 years of age who is inexperienced in sexual matters. Believe me they exist, for whatever reasons. And those who get experience early are in plenty as well, though mostly with girls. As for us in the 'West', well I had not done much at that age myself, except for an ongoing and satisfying relationship with my own my right hand.

The usual restrictions apply – if it is illegal or offensive to read this, don't. Years ago I wrote a whole lot of stories about African boys and saved them on a floppy disk which became corrupted (haha), but with some encouragement I might try to resurrect one or two of them. Anyone waiting for more of Okizo (Gay/Adult-Youth June 19th)- there will be a couple more chapters, but at the moment that particular muse is inactive. Thanks for the kind and helpful comments I received on that series. Without those, I doubt if this would be here.

I have a hard job justifying to my friends (both straight and gay) even legal love and sex between an adult and a teen, they just don't see it; why can they not see how it was not at all unusual in centuries past and it is only legislation prompted by the effects of the industrial revolution that put a stop to it? Why are they hung up on age differences? Any comments and discussions on this and feedback on the stories welcome to (it's a zero in the middle). Flames will be ignored.

Thanks very much to Adrian for proof-reading and helpful suggestions. I am the author, you are not permitted to publish this elsewhere without asking me, though you may quote a sentence or two if you give credit and link.

Cheers, "Wet Blanket"

M/B oral mast frott.

From the end of Chapter One:

Solo (aged 14) was obviously very tired from the excitement of the day, plus all the walking around and helping to carry the shopping, so we got the double bed made up, and the mattress in the sitting room opposite the door, behind the sofa, and he said good night and went to bed.

"Another beer, Ad?"

"yes please, daddy, and you?"

"yeah" I said, and Adam went and got them from the fridge.

Adam from Zimbali, Chapter Two

A little alcohol goes a long way to relaxing inhibitions I find. Adam and I soon had our arms around each other's shoulders as we chatted about how his university days had been and his hopes for the future. He made a little prepared speech offering his thanks for my help and I turned, put both arms around him and kissed his forehead. He hugged me back and looked happily in my eyes as we separated. I was definitely starting to get some twitching in my dick. I put my hand on his leg as I leaned forward to pick up my beer glass. No obvious reaction from Ad. We each took long draughts of beer and returned our glasses to the table. I put my arm around Ad's shoulders again and cuddled up, rubbing his arm. He looked at me uncertainly. I nuzzled the side of his head, kissed his cheek.

"What are you doing?"

"Showing you how I feel about you!"

"But I'm not used to a man touching me, except holding hands" (as in many countries, men in Zimbali often walk along the street holding hands: it usually indicates friendship rather than any homosexual relationship).

"Does it feel bad?" I asked.

"No, it feels nice, just that I'm not used to it"

"Feel free to touch me any way you want then!"

Adam relaxed and snuggled up to me a bit more and I stroked his cheek with my fingertips.

"It's ok for men to love each other" I said.

"Mmm .... do you really think so? And what do you mean by loving each other?"

"I believe it's good for two people to love each other in any way that feels good to them" I said.

"Do you mean, like homosexuals?"

"Yes, though I don't like labelling anyone's behaviour. I have seen before that many boys in Africa enjoy sex things together even though they later marry women; people don't talk about it very much, but some boys and young men have told me this when I asked." Adam was looking at me intensely.

"And these days people wanting a good education marry late. I know many boys and girls at Uni have sex with each other, and many girls get pregnant, don't they?" he nodded. "Because so many people say it is bad (even though they know it goes on and may have done it themselves), boys at Uni are very careful not to give away that they might be interested in having sex with each other. But for sure some boys do it".

Once Ad asked me the direct question, I had to let it all out, whilst still cuddling up, legs touching nicely as well and my dick partly expanded.

"Who did you do sex with?" I asked, avoiding a question that could be answered with a 'yes' or 'no'.

"I tried with a girl once in secondary school, but we didn't really do it"

"Have you ever found yourself to be aroused by a man or a boy?"

"Yes, though I tried not to think about it because I was scared"

"When was that?"
"When I first saw you on webcam ..." he said, looking embarrassed. "I liked looking at your hairy chest. And then, when I was still at school, there was a young teacher I liked"

"And what about at University?" I asked.

"Well I have been concentrating on my studies and looking after Solo."
"But when you masturbate what do you think about?" (African men tend to use the 'proper' English words for functions and parts of the body, except for the ubiquitous 'fuck').

"But how do you know I do that?"

"Well I know that most boys and men who are not having sex with someone do it, even if it is not talked about"

"I see. I suppose so, but I don't think about anything when I do it. Why am I telling you this?"

"Hopefully because you feel comfortable with me!"

"Well, yes, I think so"

I decided (and I am sure the reader will agree) that it was time to cut the talking and move a bit further towards my goal - some physical encouragement was in order. I kissed Ad's cheek and with my free hand massaged his chest a little through his tee shirt; he turned his face towards me and I brushed his lips with mine.

"You want to kiss me?", he asked.

"Mm, I do!"

"I don't know, I have never done it ..."

"I'm sure you have seen it in the movies. You don't have to impress me, you are my boy and I love you already, so just do what comes naturally"

I took his lower lip between mine then kissed him full on both lips, then pressed harder as he responded. I pushed my tongue between his lips and after a moment, Ad opened his mouth as we shifted positions to avoid pressing noses too hard. I pushed my tongue in and explored and Ad soon got the idea and responded. Meanwhile I was beginning to get quite aroused while stroking Ad's thigh. We broke off.

"That was so sweet, thank you" I said

"Yes, I also liked it".

"I can see that," I said, pointing to the now obvious tent in his trousers.

"Oh!" he said, trying to cover it with his hand.

"And you have done the same to me," I said, pointing at my own tent. His face was a picture of desire and nervousness rolled into one. "Would you like to touch it?"

"Well ..."

I took his hand and placed it on my dick. "Go on, stroke it for me, please?"

Adam tentatively moved his fingers against the lump.

"Mmm, that feels so nice," I said. He relaxed and I asked "Can I stroke yours too?

He nodded and I moved my fingers against him. He let out a small moan.

"Ad, I really want to make love with you. We can go slowly and you don't have to do anything you don't want to."

"Well ... ok"

"Let's move to the mattress where we can be more comfortable," I suggested. We went behind the sofa and I pulled the covers off the mattress. A towel and my toilet bag were nearby. I turned on the small lamp by the mattress and, even though I went across to switch off the main light, neither of us noticed that the door was not properly closed.

I took his hand briefly and, still standing, we put our arms around each other. It was nice to hold him and hug him hard, the right place to be. We deep kissed again and I put my hand in between us and rubbed Adam's chest, soon finding a nipple and giving it a little pinch. He broke his mouth away.

"Ooh! It is sensitive"


"Good, shall we take off our tee shirts and shorts?" I said, already taking hold of his tee shirt and lifting it. He raised his arms and off it came revealing his cute smooth chest and prominent dark nipples. "And mine?" I said raising my arms. He reciprocated and I put a hand on the bulge in his shorts, then went for the button and zip. Ad showed no resistance and lifted his legs out of them as I pulled them down, revealing his ubiquitous Y fronts with a prominent but firmly shrouded bulge. "Take off my shorts for me please, Ad". He fumbled with my button and zip, brushing against the tent in my cotton boxers as he let them down - I prefer boxers in tropical climes.

"Let's lie down" I said and we did so falling into each others arms, already entwining legs as we held each other tight and deep kissed again. I stroked Ad's chest, especially his nipples, encouraging him to do the same for me.

"Oh I like it!" I said as he played with my nips, it really turns me on. I moved my head around, kissing his face and chest, and he soon learned to reciprocate. We were both getting pretty excited already, pushing against each other as we played but I wanted it to last as long as possible. As I kissed a nipple I put my hand down to Ad's dick and massaged. He pushed against me.

"Touch mine too please Ad". He put his hand between us and squeezed the head, it felt so good. "Let's get out of these underpants" I whispered. We each removed out own and at last our dicks were free. Mine cut, fairly thick, a full 6 inches. Adam's beautiful tool standing proud and hard, longer and a little thinner, cut too. Like many Africans, his pubic hair was shaved off for hygiene, and his balls were naturally smooth.

I kissed Ad's mouth and we pushed our wonderfully freed dicks against each other. Then I moved down, kissing his chest, his nips and on down until I reached his dick. I kissed the shaft and moved up to the head. Adam was looking at me uncertainly again. I licked the head all around and he gasped. I continued and he moaned as I put my lips around it, my tongue still working on the tip. I moved my lips (enclosing my teeth) up and done a little, then scooted back up to kiss Ad's lips.

"I never ... I ... "

"Does it feel good?"
"yes ... but"

"Then don't 'but'!" I said, kissing his mouth and our tongues again exploring our mouths. "I want to do that until your sperms come. I want to take your boy-sperms in my mouth."


"Yes, I want you to feel good".

"Well okay"

"But first please touch my penis". Ad delicately took my dick between his fingers and stroked the head for me, "Mm that's lovely sweetie".

I plant a firm kiss on his lips before kissing his nipples hard, then moving down the mattress so I can comfortably work on his dick, Ad lying half on his back, half on his side so I can get my hand between his legs and behind his balls. I kiss his crown again and lick around it, and up and down the shaft; then exploring every part of his prominent glans, before using my lips causing his dick to move in and out; then allowing him in further, sliding on my tongue to the back of my throat, then quickly back to my lips, tongue around the crown as Ad moans again. I'm stroking his soft inner thighs and his balls; I move my middle finger up between his bum cheeks to his hairless hole and tease it with my fingertip while still moving my mouth around his dick.

"oooh!" Adam is now trying to hump my mouth so I concentrate on my lips tight around his dick while enclosing my teeth and using my tongue as best I can against the movement. He is pushing harder and I am stroking his hole and he is moaning and thrusting, I remove my finger briefly to get some of my flowing precum and putting it back I push it against his hole as he thrusts in my mouth his hard crown now sliding against the roof of my mouth, as he builds to his climax, he pushing there, my finger pushing in, entering his hole, his moans coming louder, thrusting, pushing, my finger going in and in, he moans and tenses and suddenly there is cum spurting in my mouth, his dick is jerking, I am swallowing and sucking as his powerful orgasm subsides. I scoot up the bed and plant some kisses on his mouth and face, for sure he must taste his own sweet boy-cum; I badly need my dick in contact with him, he smiles as we hug and my almost-rigid tool is pushing against his stomach.

"That was ... I never ... thank you," said Ad, "but ... you?"

"Half of my dream has come true, Ad," he questioned with his eyes, "I have dreamed of you bringing your sperms while making love with me".

"And the other half, daddy?"

"I like you calling me that; can you do the same for me please, Ad? Can you suck my penis, and take my man sperms to make you strong?" I teased. "that is the other half of my dream, to give you my sperms as we make love".

"I will try".

I turn so as to be on my back, with my legs wide apart and my hard dick pulsating slightly with my heart beat, my shoulders on the pillows.

"Why don't you kneel in front of me and support yourself on your arms?" He did. "just do whatever you think is good, but try to keep your teeth behind your lips?"

Ad starts to lick gingerly around my crown, "yes, lick me baby, lick my cock, taste my juice ... yeeess! I love it baby!" He tries to copy what I did for him with some success, I'm not very far off so he doesn't need to be even near to perfect; I love the feel of him giving me his best, the sensations in my dick are wonderful, I'm playing with both my nipples, squeezing gently at first, "Ad, lick it for me, lick all around the head, babe", I'm not going to need much more than that, he has powerful tongue "yes, like that babe, just flick your tongue behind it like that, I love it, " I now massage my chest, the heels of my hands pushing hard against my nipples, now I'm squeezing then harder and his tongue is fantastic, he circles his lips around my crown I'm thrusting up now and he's licking and I'm pinching my nips as my orgasm builds "I'm cumming baby, my sperms are cumming" I pant and shoot into his mouth, he moves back with a start and some of it goes on his cheek then he manages to put his mouth around it and I think he must swallow some as my jerking dick slows down.

"Come up" I say, opening my arms "lie on me".

He moves into my arms, I lick my cum from his cheek and we kiss.

"Thank you Ad, you did that wonderfully,"

"Yes, I feel so good, babe"
"Me too"

"You are so sweet, I have wanted this for all these years, I always hoped we could do this together."

"I know, you would say things to me in internet chat, but I did not know what to think or say"

"Ad, your penis is hard again"
"Yes, I know, but ..."
"Would you like to do something else?"
"Well, would you like to fuck my anus?"

"But is it allowed to do that to a man, I mean doesn't it disrespect you?"

"If we both want it it's fine, I want to give myself to you like that, I know you will not bring your sperms quickly a second time and having a tight hole to press against, I think it will feel good for you."

"Really? I think I would like it then". Ad's breathing was already faster and I could feel his heartbeat too as our chests touched. He kissed me, deeply and passionately, I could feel his dick was very hard again. He pushed himself down a bit and laid his head on my chest; as I stroked his head, he stroked the hairs he could reach on my chest. "I like your hairy chest".

"And I like your smooth black chest, and arms and legs!" I said.

"I have not done anything with any one else, but they say we should always use a condom for sex."

"That's a good idea, Ad, I have some in my toilet bag, and some oil to make the way smooth". I reached over and retrieved a condom and the KY I had bought in case of my dreams coming true. "Shall I put it on for you?"
"Yes please, I tried once but it did not go on properly." We both sat up and moved so I could reach him. I tore open the wrapper and showed him how to unroll the lubricated condom onto his pulsating hard member.

I lay back and grabbed a spare pillow which I manoeuvred under my 'tail' area so as to improve his access. I lifted my knees and opened my legs wide, but with my feet still on the mattress.

"Now put some oil on my anus, yes rub it around, then get more and push it in with your finger, yes all the way in; yes, now dip two fingers in the oil and push them in, yes, right in, as far as you can. Okay, now I am ready for you to put your penis inside, but you must go slowly so I get used to it bit by bit"

Adam positioned himself over me and put his head against my hole. As he pushed in I pushed out and he entered.

"Slowly babe, that's it, wait just there ..... ok now, very slowly, push all the way in, yes, slowly babe, slowly, yes, that's it, now just stay like that for a little. How does it feel?"
"It feels tight and nice, Daddy, what about you?".

"That's good. It's okay for me, it's fine. Now you can begin fucking me, slowly at first."

Adam began to move part way out and back again. I looked in his eyes and I could see the lust building up in him. As he began to get faster I could feel some pleasure in my prostate, but I did not have much hope of cumming again so soon, it's years since I could do that so quickly, maybe if there was someone else working directly on my dick and nipples at the same time ... Adam was building up some speed now and I was feeling more comfortable inside, though my leg position might not be sustainable for too long. Ad was humping me hard now, supporting himself on his hands, and I could tell it would be soon. I reached up and stroked his face cheeks and lips, then applied both my hands to his nipples, rubbing and pinching lightly. This seemed to have the desired effect of moving him on as his breathing became faster and more ragged, his speed increased and he put his all into it as I began to pinch his nipples harder.

I could see the door from where I was though Adam could not and, as he was pumping into me, I caught sight of it opening slowly. Then, there was Solo, dressed only in boxers standing and watching, with his hand apparently holding his dick.

Chapter Three follows in due course, though the direction is not certain – suggestions welcome, but no guarantees I'll follow them!