This is fiction, there will be sexual activity involving an older man, a younger man and a teenage boy occurring in the context of a story about a fictitious African country. Sexual activity may not occur in every chapter. Homosexual activities are illegal in most African countries and the age of consent is usually 18 years, not 16 as in the UK here. I did live and work in Africa, and I have based the characters of Adam and Solo on real people, but the erotic activities in the story are purely a product of my fertile fantasies. You might find some of the language I use a little quaint, but English is spoken slightly differently in Anglophone Africa and I have tended to replicate the way it is spoken there, unless it would cause confusion (or yet another explanation). Apart from that I'm English, innit! So friends from across the pond or down-under will think I'm quaint anyway! It is not unusual for African boys and young men to call any man who assists them "Dad" or "daddy" without realising what a turn-on that may be for some!

Readers may be surprised or disbelieving when they read of an African young man 22 years of age who is inexperienced in sexual matters. Believe me they exist, for whatever reasons. And those who get experience early are in plenty as well, though mostly with girls. As for us in the 'West', well I had not done much at that age myself, except for an ongoing and satisfying relationship with my own my right hand.

The usual restrictions apply – if it is illegal or offensive to read this, don't. Anyone waiting for more of Okizo (Gay/Adult-Youth June 19th)- there will be a couple more chapters, but at the moment that particular muse is inactive. Thanks for the kind and helpful comments I received on that series. Without those, I doubt if this would be here.

I have a hard job justifying to my friends (both straight and gay) even legal love and sex between an adult and a teen, they just don't see it; why can they not see how it was not at all unusual in centuries past and it is only legislation prompted by the effects of the industrial revolution that put a stop to it? Why are they hung up on age differences? Any comments and discussions on this and feedback on the stories welcome to (it's a zero in the middle). Flames will be ignored.

Thanks very much to Adrian for proof-reading and helpful suggestions. I am the author, you are not permitted to publish this elsewhere without asking me, though you may quote a sentence or two if you give credit and link.

Cheers, "Wet Blanket"

M/B oral mast frott, anal.

From the end of Chapter Two:

I could see the door from where I was though Adam could not and, as he was pumping into me, I caught sight of it opening slowly. There was 14 year old Solo, dressed only in boxers standing and watching, with his hand apparently holding his dick.

Adam from Zimbali, Chapter Three

Adam was thrusting hard into me and, shocked though I was, I only paused momentarily in squeezing his nipples, then squeezed both of them harder.

"Ooh, I love you, daddy, ooohh, yeees" he moaned as his body tensed, then his load of cum pumped into me and he collapsed on me. I saw the door close and tried to put it out of my mind as Ad rested briefly, then came out of me. I relaxed my legs and turned on my side. Ad scooted up into my arms and I kissed again the forehead of my spent young lover, then his cheeks and lips.

"but you ...?" he queried.

"I'm fine, I'm feeling good, but I'm too tired to bring more sperms" I explained.

I adjusted the pillows and pulled the sheet and bed cover over us, reaching over and switching off the small lamp.

"I never believed I would do this," said Adam, "I never guessed how good it would feel. Thank you for showing me. If I had learned before I might not have concentrated on my studies. But I should go and sleep with Solo. He will wonder what I am doing if he wakes and I am not there"

"I'm sure he will," I said, "but let's lie here together for a little while, it feels so good being with you, my sweet boy."

I awoke in the night to find myself alone. No problem, though the cuddling is nice, I actually sleep more comfortably alone.

In the morning, I awoke to the sound of Adam moving around in the kitchen. I remembered he had told me at lunch the day before that he had a vacation job carrying fruit around at the main market as it arrived from the countryside, taking to market stall owners to pick-up trucks which would distribute it to smaller markets and sellers around the city. He came into the sitting room.

(Groan) "Good morning Ad"
"Good morning Daddy, did you sleep well?"
"Yes thank you sweetie, I did. I missed you though. What about you?"
"Mm, I went back to Solo after you went to sleep."

"Was he awake?"
"Of course not, he always sleeps through the night. I was so tired, I slept so well, but I could hardly wake this morning"

"What time is it?" I asked

"It is 6.30 and I must rush to the market before the sun finishes to rise."
"Ok, you have your phone?"
"Yes, daddy, and it is charged. I will leave the keys on the table here."
"Ok sweetie, you can just pull the door shut behind you. But what time will you be back?"
"Maybe around 10 or 10.30. I have to check on a friend after I finish at the market. Then I will come and I can show you some more of the city."
"Allright dear, you are going now?"
"Come here and let's have a hug first." Adam came over and knelt by my bed. I half sat and we hugged. I kissed his lips lightly without opening my mouth, well aware that he would have cleaned his teeth and that, if I my mouth smelled like it felt, an open kiss would not be a good start to the day for him.

"I must rush now."
"Ok dear, see you later."
"Bye daddy." Ad unlocked the mortice lock and return the keys to the table then, turning and releasing the latch he went out into the morning air, which I could feel, even from where I was, was still quite cool. The door closed behind him and I decided that I should drink some water and clean my teeth before going back to doze some more. Off to the bathroom, clean my teeth, should I shower? No, a bit later. Some water from the kitchen and back to the mattress, pulling the sheet and bed cover around me. I could do with a coffee, I was almost too awake to doze more, but I turned on my side and relaxed.

Next thing I knew, someone was under the covers with me, with his arm over my side. Was it already after 10 a.m.? Had Adam returned? I touched the hand and realised it was too small to be Adam's. Who ...? Oh good grief, I turned, yes it was Solo!

"Solo, what are you doing here?"
"Good morning, Daddy."

Damn, I forgot it is rude in this culture to say anything before greeting. But I might be forgiven in my shock, I hoped.

"Oh, sorry, good morning Solo. Did you sleep well?"
"Yes thank you, and you?"
"Yes fine thanks, but why are you in my bed? Um, I mean mattress."
"I heard Adam go and I then you went to the kitchen so I thought I would come and keep you company. Did I do bad?" Oh, he has such a nice African voice, and in between boy and man ... but maybe thinking along those lines is not helpful.

"Oh, well ... no, but ..." How could I get this right? I was naked under the covers with my morning woody and a 14 year old African boy, I mean, this was not supposed to happen. Solo looks a bit miserable. "Oh it's alright dear." I opened my arms and he cuddled up to me. Try as I would I could not do that and keep my woody away from him. He giggled and pressed himself against me. I could feel he was still wearing his boxers, how did I know they were boxers, oh help, I saw them last night when he opened the door. I thought I could feel another woody behind them. What did I do to deserve this? What could I say to Solo about last night? I mean, I've never before had to explain to a 14 year old just exactly how I and his brother were enjoying ourselves, I mean, I don't think I want to teach him about gay sex. I mean it's not my job. I shifted away from him a little, so I was flat on my back, but kept my arm under his neck.

"Mm, er.. yes?" (realising that he had been talking while I was far away in my thoughts).
"I was saying that I heard something in the night, but I think you did not hear me."
"um, oh, did you?" maybe he was sleepwalking last night and did not really see what we were doing?

"I think you know I did, because I opened the door and saw you ... and Adam, doing ... something and you were facing the door."
"Oh, did you, well yes I know you did, I saw you standing there, but ..."

"I think you and Adam were playing sex".

Cute turn of phrase that, not new to me, like it as a description really. Strange how the mind can think about anything but the matter in hand (or in arms in this case) when it wants to avoid it.

"Um, well yes, I suppose we were."
"Was it nice?"
"Um, well, yes, of course, I mean ..."

"I heard you and Adam making sounds, before I saw the door was not closed all the way. I wondered what you were doing, then I realised I heard people making those sounds in the sex films - I've seen them after the other films, they tell the boys and girls to go away, but sometimes we peep through the gaps in the walls"

(These local cinemas in African towns and around student areas are often in very cheap non-permanent buildings clad with timber planks, or sometimes just reeds).

"Oh I see, so you just wanted to look did you?" I could not decide if I was annoyed, embarrassed or happy; and my woody had not gone away – not surprising since I still had my arm around such a prime example of African teenage boy. Oh help, did I think that?

"Yes, and I was excited too. But I was fearing what might happen if Adam saw me, so I went away and masturbated."
"I ... oh ... I see". Now I knew. Knew what? Well, all I needed to know. Such as? He masturbates, jerks off. So? Did I need to know that? Well, it's kinda interesting. Oh help, nothing is getting resolved here.

"But you know, sweetie, " oh help, that's what I call Adam. "I mean it's not such a good idea for you to be in my bed, I mean an old man like me is not supposed to be in bed with a young boy like you. It's illegal, against the law." Isn't it?

"Only we know, even Adam doesn't know." Oh, why did you have to mention Adam just now? I mean, I was already confused, now I'm divided.

"And we are not playing sex at the moment are we?"
"No, Solo, we are not, but ..."
"Do you want to play sex? I felt your penis was hard when you hugged me and I can see it is still hard, and so is mine!" Well there was a tent in my sheet.

Oh dear, here it cums comes, I mean.

"Well, you know Solo, you are a very sweet boy, but my penis is hard because I have been sleeping and usually I wake up with a hard penis, don't you?"
"Ooh, yes I do, since about a year now, and then usually I masturbate if I have time before school – when Adam is in the bathroom."

"I see, and what do you think about when you masturbate?" Did I say that? I asked Adam that when we were chatting on the internet, more than once. "I mean ... oh, it doesn't matter."
"I think about playing sex with other boys, older boys, because I like older boys who look handsome and are strong."
"Oh ... I see. But I suppose you never did any sex, I mean, played sex with any other ... person?"
"No I did not yet do that. But I want to learn."

Mm, did I get a sense of where this was going? "Maybe you are not yet old enough, sweetie."

"I like you calling me that, it makes me feel ... special. But some boys I know, they do fuck with girls."

"I see." This must be the longest lasting morning woody I have ever had. I guess I should not be surprised. Solo is cute and the epitome of my longings, but surely fantasising is one thing and doing is another, especially at his age. I have always taken to care to ensure that I never even think about doing anything with anyone under 16 years, except in the safety of my own bed, alone with my fantasies. I shifted again towards him a little and brought my other arm over and rested my hand on his stomach. He brought his hand over to my chest and started stroking my hairs.

"I like touching you daddy."

"Solo, come and lie on me, let's have a long hug."

"Can I get naked?"

"Well ... yes you can," seems I made some sort of tentative decision. He wriggled out of his boxers, still under the sheet and lay on top of me. He is not a heavy boy, not tall, but not puny either. He has dark chocolate coloured skin and well-kept medium length hair – the type of African hair I love to touch. And of course a smooth skin. A wave of exciotement passed over me – and my woody became harder. Solo lay face to face on me with his legs on mine, but his feet outside my legs. My dick was between his legs near his bum cheeks and I could feel his dick hard against my stomach.

"You are such a cute boy, Solo" I said, running my hands over his back and down to his attractive little bubble butt, and nuzzling his face.

"Did you kiss Adam, Daddy?"
"Yes I did, why?"

"I want to try it."

"I suppose you saw that in the film as well?" I asked.

"Yes, but it was a man and a woman. "I want to try it with you, since you did it with Adam, you must like it."
"Well, yes I do, but only with special people. So if you want to try, we can, because you are very special to me right now."

"Oh, thank you Daddy." He moved his lips to mine and we kissed gently, then I opened my mouth and moved my tongue on his lips. He opened his mouth and our tongues met and we pushed against each other. As we were doing this Solo squeezed his legs together with my dick in between; he wriggled and his dick pressed into my stomach.

Solo broke his mouth away from mine. "Oh Daddy, I like this so much, I feel so sexy.".

I hugged him tight as he opened his legs on the outside of mine and began to hump my stomach with his hard dick which I still had not seen or touched; it felt like maybe four or five inches and I guessed uncut. He began to push more rhythmically and supported himself on his hands on either side of my chest. I proffered my mouth and we kissed again. He began to touch my dick with his butt as he moved. I clasped his bubble butt and joined his rhythm. As he lifted himself away from the kiss in order to support himself better for his humping I lifted my hands between us and rubbed his chest. I found his nipples and rubbed them hard, squeezing them also.

"Oh Daddy ..."
"Sweet boy"

Solo was humping faster now and his breath was becoming ragged. "Daddy, I think my sperms are coming, oh, ohh, ooh, Daddy!". His whole body spasmed and I could feel his dick shooting his hot boy cum on my stomach as I stroked his back and head, and kissed around his face. He collapsed on me and I held him tight, thinking I would not need much to get me off too.

"Daddy that was soooo nice! But I have made a mess on your stomach," he giggled.

"It's ok, maybe you can eat it, or there is a towel there."
"Ewgh! Let me clean it off." He quickly and efficiently cleaned his cum off my stomach and cuddled up to me. I got my first view of his uncut dick, still swollen and pulled back, probably a little over 4 inches. I was badly needing some action for myself but restrained myself, not wanting to push the issue yet.

After resting a minute, Solo said, "Daddy, don't you need to masturbate?"
"Yes, I think I do," I said.

"Daddy I loved it when you rubbed and squeezed my nipples, it helped me to bring my sperms. Can I rub yours and watch you masturbate?"

"Yes you can and ... yes you can!" I answered. "But please play with them very gently with your fingers before you rub or squeeze". The sheet was no longer covering us anyway, and as I began to gently stroke my dick, Solo reached over and gently stroked my nipples, teasing them as if he had done it before. I so love that, I had to stop touching my dick so as to delay my orgasm. Solo then rubbed around my nipples with the heels of his hands and I once again played with my dick. "Solo, you are so sweet."

"Daddy, I like the way you are masturbating, I like your penis."

"Well thank you young sir, I like the way you are doing my nipples."

We both giggled which helped me delay my orgasm for only a little which longer.

"Now squeeze them baby, squeeze them, pleeease!" He did.

I was now jerking off as hard as I could so as to bring the maximum reward for my previous restraint, I cupped my balls with my other hand. "Oh baby, yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" My cum shot from my hard purple glans onto my stomach, 5, 6, 7, spurts until it was just making little jumps with nothing coming out. "Thank you babe, thank you" I pulled him into my arms and the cum ran down my stomach and onto Solo's, but he seemed not to mind." I kissed his face and lips and we lay there recovering.


How far should I go with Solo? Will we find that Adam and Solo have been jerking each other off, and maybe Adam is not as inexperienced as he seemed? Or will Adam be shocked if he finds out about what happened between Solo and me? Or should I keep it a secret from Adam? Or should we go for a threesome? When you, the readers, make some suggestions, I will write the next chapter!