Algeria Here I Come

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 9 - The Awards Ceremony

After we were lying in bed, I could tell that something was bothering Brahim. I propped my body up with my right elbow and was tracing around his dark brown nipples with the fingers of my left hand. "Brahim, something is bothering you, isn't it?"

He sat up and crossed his legs, "Ed, now that you have resolved the problem at the refinery, you will be leaving Algeria. That leaves Allie and me alone again. I really don't know how to say this very well. But both of us have fallen in love with you. Allie looks at you as a Dad and I would like so much to have you be my husband."

Tears were starting to form in Brahim's eyes. "Ed, I really wish that you could stay here, but I guess that isn't an option, and there is no way that Allie and I can leave Algeria. It takes all the money, I make for us just to survive."

I pushed Brahim down on the bed and kissed him, "Brahim, I haven't left yet. I am not on a time schedule, so let's just wait and see what happens. I so want to stick both of you in my luggage and take you home with me. Now, let's take advantage of the time that we do have together."

Having said that, my mouth went into action and worked its way down to my intended target. The target responded I was able to achieve my goal, and Brahim weighed less than he did when I started my mission.

Brahim laughed, "Eddie, you don't play fair. You always have all the fun. I want to be able to play with your toys, too."

Brahim looked at me, "I need to check your submarine and see if I can get the periscope to extend so I can make the torpedoes fire."

He did and they did. Talk about losing weight. At this rate, I'll waste away to nothing.

I pulled Brahim up so I could kiss him. "Brahim, I think we need to go to sleep. We have no idea what's in store for us tomorrow."

I was awakened the next morning by someone touching me, "Dad, please help me get dressed. Someone's fixing breakfast. Please check to see if my bandage needs to be changed."

I sat up without even thinking. I realized that I was naked but decided to not make an issue out of it. Allie watched as I pulled on a clean pair of briefs. I sat on the bed and looked at his arm. There didn't seem to be any blood showing so I suggested, "Allie, why don't we not change it now and give the wound time to heal before we disturb it? No one is going to see it today anyway."

We went to his room and I helped him get dressed and as I was tying his shoes, there was a knock on the door. I called out, "Come in."

Amir opened the door and looked at me, "Nice briefs and package Mr. Waller. I was just coming to check to see if I could help Allie, but I see you beat me to it. Breakfast is ready, but I suggest that you put some clothes on first, or the help will be so busy looking at your body that they'll burn everything."

Allie went with Amir and I went to check on Brahim and he was just about dressed. He looked at me, "Where have you been, dressed in those obscene briefs. Do I need to start to stay awake all night to keep you out of trouble?"

I put my hands on my hips, "Look buster, watch what you say. Talk about obscene, at least I put something on when I went to help our son get dressed."

Brahim leaned down and kissed me on the nose, "Sorry Daddy, I'll be good."

I started to chuckle, "Promises, promises that's all I ever get."

When we got to the dining room, I was surprised to see Inspector Khalid sitting there with Mr. Kazan.

Inspector Khalid started, "Gentlemen, we have a surprise for you. First, we need to make sure that you are properly attired. President Bouteflika wants to present you with some awards for your heroic deeds. We need to get you some appropriate clothes to wear to receive your awards."

"The ceremony is scheduled at four o'clock this afternoon at the refinery. It seems that Mr. Stransky was sending a great portion of the illegally obtained money to the extremist insurgent group who has waging guerilla activities against the government forces. They have been relatively quiet, but they have been slowly and quietly rebuilding their forces with the money from oil shipments and more militant countries."

"I would suggest that you wear suits or at least a blazer and tie."

I nodded, "Inspector Khalid, I have a suit with me. It may need to be pressed."

Inspector Khalid looked Brahim and Allie.

Brahim looked at the Inspector, "Sir, Allie and I have never had an occasion to wear clothes like that. I can't afford them."

Mr. Kazan interrupted, "Guys, the oil company will pay for the clothes. I will use some of my discretionary funds to cover the cost."

Inspector Khalid took over, "As soon as you finish breakfast, Amir will take you to get the clothes and shoes. Mr. Waller, please stay inside. The two officers in the kitchen will make sure that you're safe. You can send your reports on the computer in the study. It is secure. I will have Kadeen and Salah pick you up at three o'clock and take you to the refinery."

I looked at Inspector Khalid, "Sir, how did you learn to speak English so well. It's as if you speak the language better than I do."

Amir laughed, "Don't let him fool you, Eddie. He and I met at Yale when we were getting our degrees. He has his law degree from Harvard, but he's just a quack."

Khalid started to laugh, "Amir, just married me for my money."

Allie was confused by the conversation, "Are you really married?"

Amir knelt down, "Allie, you know that could never happen in Algeria. But we can play house."

Allie was confused, "Amir, I don't understand. Why don't people suspect something when you live here?"

Khalid answered, "Officially, Amir is assigned as my personal bodyguard."

After that comment, I couldn't help myself. I started to laugh. "Remember, we have seen him naked. I'm surprised you can even walk."

Mr. Kazan stood, "Gentlemen, I'm a happily married man. I'll see everyone at the refinery at 4:00."

Inspector Khalid also stood, "I need to get back to work. "I'll see you at the refinery, too."

We finished our breakfast and the two gentlemen in the kitchen took away the dishes. Amir left with Brahim and Allie, and I went to the computer. It was already on, so I put in my Yahoo account and started to type a detailed report of everything that had happened, to the Houston office. As I was finishing my report, my cell phone rang.

I thought to myself, `Who even knows that I have a cell phone?' "This is Ed Waller."

"Ed, this is Jim Thomas, get your ass out of Algeria as quickly as you can. Kazan has submitted a report and the powers that be are concerned for your safety."

I just looked at the phone, "Jim, I just sent you a complete report of what has been happening. I can't possibly leave before this evening, since I am to receive some sort of award from the President of Algeria at four o`clock. It would be taken as a snub if I weren't to show up."

Jim came back, "The big men are impressed with what you have done. Just get out of the country as soon as you can."

I went to the room where Brahim and I were sleeping and got the suit that I had brought for some reason. It really needed to be pressed. I approached the two gentlemen in the kitchen. I started pointing to pretend like I was pressing my suit.

The younger of the two men looked at me and spoke in perfect English, "Mr. Waller, why didn't you just ask if we could get your suit pressed? We speak English and that's why we are assigned here."

I threw up my hands, "Does everyone in this country speak English?"

The other gentleman shook his head, "Mr. Waller, you have just happened to be exposed to those of us who speak English. We have both studied in England. That's where we met our wives who are both British citizens. Our children are bilingual."

Our conversation was interrupted by the return of Amir with Allie and Brahim. Allie was complaining, "But Mr. Amir, I'm going to look like a dork. Why do I have to wear a tie?"

I leaned down, "Look, Alexander, if I have to wear a tie, then so do you. Case closed."

Allie glared, "Whatever, Dad. What's for lunch? I'm starved."

We were eating lunch when there was a phone call, Amir went to take it. He came back and asked, "Brahim and Allie, do you have valid passports?"

Brahim was as confused as I was, but he answered, "Yes, we took a trip to Spain last year and needed them. We don't have them with us. They're at home in the desk."

Amir left and returned, "Brahim, you and I need to go get them in case you need them today."

Brahim looked at Amir, "Sir, why would we need our passports. We can't afford to go anywhere. If it weren't for Mr. Waller we would be at home eating what ever we could afford. It's as if he has taken control of our lives. We'll never be the same again."

Amir started to laugh, "Yeh, that's what those people from the United States tend to do. They wiggle their way into your heart and you feel sorry for them."

I took exception, "Amir, you're exaggerating. There are many people who hate us Americans."

I guess Amir didn't know how to answer my comment. "Brahim, let's go get your passports and anything that you have that is of value. Allie and Mr. Waller, it would be best if you stayed here, so that the bad guys don't see you all together."

When they finally returned, it was almost three o'clock. Allie and I were already dressed in our best clothes. I had trimmed Allie's hair and fixed it so it wasn't hanging in his eyes. Brahim rushed in and started to get dressed and I had to help him tie his tie. He looked at me, "This is the first time that I've ever worn a tie. I feel like I am going to throw up."

I kissed him and warned, "Well don't throw up in my mouth please. You are absolutely stunning. You're going to cause some heads to turn and some pants to show some swelling in the middle of the wearer's bodies."

He looked at me, "Yeh right, why would anyone be interested in someone like me. I'm just a nobody."

Kadeen and Salah came to pick us up. We had a three car cavalcade going to the refinery. Amir was leading us and the two policemen in the kitchen were following us.

When we arrived at the refinery, we were waved through after we showed our badges. Amir seemed to know where to go. We arrived at the front of the office building and there was a platform with a podium which had a protective covering in front of it.

Allie was sitting beside me in the back of the car, "Dad, I don't understand what's going on."

I put my arm around Allie, "Allie, I don't know either. Let's just see what happens. If you hear gun shots then get to the floor as fast as you can. Don't stand and be a target like last night."

We pulled up to the platform and were shown to a seat at the side of the podium. When President Bouteflika appeared a band started to play and everyone stood. When the band finished, he approached the podium which had a microphone that was attached to a sound system.

He started talking in Arabic and Allie was translating for me. "We are here today to award the highest medals that a civilian or foreigner can receive. The three people we honor today have done a great service to the people of Algeria. They have put their lives in danger to save this country from great harm from those who do not have the same values as most of us have."

He looked at us, "First, I would like to recognize Allie Safi for the part that he played in bringing the culprits to their knees. Allie was injured after the bad guys were caught. Allie, I award you the Medal of Service."

I practically had to push Allie toward the podium where an aide put a medal around his neck and the President shook his good hand.

The President continued, "The next award goes to Allie's brother, Mr. Brahim Safi. He endangered his life so that his brother and our next recipient wouldn't be harmed."

Amir had been standing behind me whispering so that I could understand what President Bouteflika was saying. Brahim was decorated and shook hand with the President.

The President returned to the podium and started to speak, "We have one more person to honor today. This young man came from the United States and with the help of local law enforcement officers was able to stop the efforts of a group of people who were trying to cause instability in our country. We are awarding the highest award that our country has ever awarded to a foreign national. Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applause for Mr. Edward Waller."

The aide had just put the ribbon around my neck when there was a burst of gunfire. The aide pushed me to the ground and Amir had pushed Allie to the ground. I looked to see where Brahim was and he was kneeling over the President except that he was bleeding.

Three persons in the audience were under restraint when we were able to get up. Allie and I rushed to see how badly Brahim was hurt. We helped the President up and the aide was on the phone.

The President looked at Brahim, "Young man, you probably saved my life. With all of the publicity that is going be surrounding this event, I suggest that the three of you get out of the country as quickly as possible. Khalid, get Mr. Safi's wound taken care of and get the people to the airport as quickly as possible. Mr. Waller has made some powerful enemies. He has shown us that we have traitors in our midst."

We were on our way to the hospital and I was holding Brahim, "It's going to be okay, Brahim, you'll be fine." Thank goodness, the wound was in his leg.

When we got to the hospital the same people were on duty as when we had taken Allie in the night before. The young attendant started to speak in Arabic and Allie was translating for me, "What is it about you people that cause you to get shot. Are you robbing people?"

Amir spoke for us, "Mr. Safi just saved President Bouteflika from being injured. Do you suppose you could have him attended to as quickly as possible?"

The young man moved quickly and a doctor came to attend to Brahim almost immediately. The doctor came out and announced. "Mr. Safi just suffered a flesh wound. He should be better faster than his brother. He probably shouldn't try to do much for several days because he has lost a lot of blood. As soon as the wound is dressed he will be free to go. Allie, why don't I check your wound while you're here."

I looked at Amir, "How come they are treating the boys as if they are royalty?"

Amir hugged me, "Mr. Waller, I'm sure that the President's office has called to make sure that the guys only have the best."

Our conversation was interrupted by Amir's phone, "Hey Khaly what's up? Okay, they are taking care of Allie and Brahim as we speak. We'll bring them to the airport. Okay I'll tell them that Kadeen and Salah have cleaned up the mess they made. We'll see you at the airport."

I looked at Amir, "What's really happening here? It's like everything is moving in fast motion."

Amir looked at me, "Ed, look, if anything happened to either you or Allie the opposition parties would make sure that it was an international incident and attempt to discredit the ruling party. While I don't condone everything that is happening, I think that this is the best situation for our country right now."

I looked at Amir, "You and Khalid are not exactly who you appear to be, are you?"

Amir hugged me, "Ed, that's for me to know and for you to find out."

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Editor's Notes: Quite intriguing, isn't it? The more chapters of this story that I read, the more interesting it gets. The sad part is that a good number of the things that are described in this story could just as easily have happened.

I sure hope there is another chapter soon.

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