WARNING: This story depicts offensive degradation and humiliation between interracial characters.

The following is friction and may contain adult reading materials. Read at your own risks.

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American Master

I give tuition to a 16 year old American kid. I am a 32 year old chinese male engineer working in Bangkok. The kid was the son of my boss. A boss that i have a crush on. But it is his son that i ended up becoming a slave to, and this was how it happened.

As i was new to the company, i did not know very much about my boss or that he had a japanese wife. Apparently his second wife. He had a son with his first American wife and divorced just before moving out to Asia to head the regional office here in bangkok. So i was very surprised to meet his son, who at 16 was every bit a man. He was taller than me, more developed and built, and have the most beautiful blue eyes and a flawless face. He was every bit an American.

During our first lesson in his home, while we were going through some mathematical questions in the study, we heard some sound coming for the rooms upstairs. I could not make out what the sound was. It sounded like someone crying, or moaning or gasping or like someone being raped or being whipped. I gave Max the questioning look and he just gave me a grin. He told me i would not want to know what it was. but i insisted, and that is when my whole life changed.

He told me his dad was whipping his wife, Max's step mother. He could see the shock in my face as i stared at him with my mouth open. Then he explained casually that his step mother had forgot to lift the toilet seat and his dad felt that she had not had a good whipping for a long time. It was like a most natural thing to him. Then he asked if i wanted to watch. I was speechless. Then he switched on his computer and click on a link on his browser. It was linked to the web cam installed in his dad's room. There in the room, his mum was naked facing the bed, standing bent over the edge, hands on the bed ass point up. His dad was bear chested, wearing his jeans and holding a belt to whip her. Her butt was red with welts and he was now marking her back criss cross with red welts too.

"Does your dad knows you installed a web cam to his room?" i asked.

"He installed it. There is one in every room."

"What? So he let you see this? What about at night when they ... when they ... "

"When they fuck? Nothing that you cannot see on the internet."

"But isnt he hurting her?"

"No. She likes it. Any case you asians are naturally submissive to us Americans. We own you. You just need to learn it."

"What?!" i practically shouted that out.

Without any notice, Max just remove his shirt and showed me his beautiful body. He started touch his nipples, flexing his body and walked near to me. He asked if i wanted to touch it. i was speechless and remain frozen.

"You asian are just meant to worship us. Look at you. You look just like my japanese mum. Slim, smooth and weak. Come on, i know you want to do it. Just put a kiss on my chest and you can touch it."

He came so close to me and i was still sitting and staring at his defined chest just inches away. Unconsciously i leaned forward and kissed his chest. Then i moved my hands to his chest and felt it. I realized that i was getting a hard-on. His chest was incredibly smooth and defined. Just touching his chest sent electricity jolts through me.

Just then he took a step back and told me to strip naked and kneel before him if i wanted more. Without considering i followed his instructions and was naked before him. Well i thought i was going to be able to suck his manhood. But i never saw it that day. He kept his shorts on the whole session. What followed was a good sound whipping. He made me beg for his belt, thinking that i would get to suck him if i did. Eager i begged. He even made me choose which belt i wanted to be used on me. He was obviously experienced for he started off light and was able to progress to the strength that i thought i could not take any more. He knew how to see my reaction and knew when i have reach the threshold. But then he would continue whipping me with the same strength. He was not going to stop until i cum. And finally cum after 20 mins. It was like the longest 20 mins in my life.

After that he sent me home. That was the beginning of my submission to Max 1 year ago. Now he has become my master. I have a chain collar around my neck with a small padlock engraved with his name. From far it just looks like a very hype chain. But we know that it is his collar for me. In private, that is all i wear, and he keeps me naked. He occasionally will attach a leash to the padlock. I have also become his full time girlfriend. He got me female hormones, dress in ladies cloths and always referred to me as his girl. I was practically living like a girl for the last 8 months. He breed me like a girl. He likes to call it breeding after we clear our medical check up and started fucking me without condom. Occassionally, which was like weekly, he would whip me with his belt. Since i moved in with his family after my transformation, i was also sleeping in his bed. He was almost always gentle at bed time. He would cuddle me and hold my head in his chest. Or he will spoon me, arms around me, his manhood tucked nicely into my crack. Life never seem more natural.