“Wow this cubical just keeps getting smaller and smaller. It’s driving me insane.” I thought to my self. I have been working in this office for 8 years now and I have been stuck in the same position for the past 8 years to. At the age of 18 I married my high school sweet heart. We were married for 5 years, and then she divorced me because I couldn’t get any erection around her. The only times I could achieve one was when we watched a porn of a huge man just slamming a petite woman. At the end of the marriage she just called me a fag and a male pussy. She was so disgusted by me also, because of the female attributes I had so many of. I was never hairy and never had an enormous man cit either. When I was hard it maybe was only 3 and a half inches if I was generous. I was born into a normal white suburban family and gay was never an issue either. It never happened, it was so frowned upon and that’s why I believe I’m not gay. I have come to realize I’m just serving my duty of being a male slave for a strong, black, masculine man. It is my place to be hear and this is my story how I realized my true destiny. 

Dec 18 1987

                Wow finale 26 and I have nothing to show for it. It’s almost 3 and I can finale get off of work for the day and celebrate my birthday by myself. This cubical is killing me. Buzzzzz the day shift bell goes and I get up from my seat. Then head to the door to my car. I get to my golf and drive to the end of the parkayde. Then I came to a stop at the gate. I looked left then right. Go right and head back to my house and stay in my lame life or left and leave for the weekend and just have fun. Fuck it, I turned left.

I have been on the road for 8 hour and just jamming to my tunes when bang. My car started swerving back and forth. I just grabbed the steering wheel and held on for dear life. That’s when the car suddenly came to a complete stop on the side of the road.  I jumped out of my car and saw I had a flat tire. Fuck I had no way of going anywhere because I hadn’t an extra tire.

After sitting for 2 hours suddenly this white truck came into view coming down the road. I signalled him down and he drove up beside me. He rolled down the window and this black man said” eh boy you need some help.”

                “Ah Ya, I have a flat and have no way of getting it fixed do you have a cell phone.” I said

“No but I have one back at my house where me and my buddy live. Want to get a ride with me to my house its just 5 minutes down the road? We can call from there.” He said in a husky voice.

“Ya could I please” I said

“Get in” he replied. I opened the door and sat in his 1992 ford f250. We rolled down to his house with out saying much. When we arrived we got out and he told me to follow him. We walked into the kitchen and he gave me a number with a phone. The car place told me it would take 2 days to get out there so I had no where to go. So I asked this huge black man if I could stay with him or if he could drive me to a motel.

“Um sir I don’t no you name yet?” I asked.

                “O its Larry” He replied

                “I’m john. They said its going to be 2 days could you drive me to a motel Larry?” I asked.

                “Nonsense stay with me on the ranch its no problem we have all your stuff here. Okay?”

“Thanks Larry” I answered. He then showed me his house then to my room. I entered the room then told Larry I was gonna take a nap and would meet up with him later. He said no worries. Then the next thing I remember was turning of the lights.

                Beep...... Beep......Beep. This annoying sound woke me up it was the alarm clock. I looked over at the wall to see the alarm clock. 12:10. Wow was I in a groggy mood, just tired. Then I started to hear this sound coming form down stairs. I left my bed and the room, then headed for the stairs. I started to hear the sound more clearly it was moaning. I crept down the stairs and slowly walked into the room where Larry was.  Larry was on the couch with just a shirt on watching interracial porn. These two black men were tag teaming this innocent little girl. That’s when I slipped and knocked over a plate/vase. Larry turned around faced me. “You okay” he asked

“Ya but I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt I didn’t no you were.... um busy” I replied

                “Nonsense come on down take a seat want a puff from his joint.” He asked

“Ya sure why not” I answered. I sat down beside him and he did nothing to hide his enormous huge black erection. It must have been 9 to 10 inches. He passed over the joint and I took a puff. We both just ploughed through it and then just started concentrating on the movie.

“Wow she can take a load eh” I said. “Those two guys are hung like horses, there huge.” Larry then started to rub is cock more and more. I looked over at him and concentrated on his member. I was mesmerised by his huge, gigantic, purple coloured, mushroom head. I had to be in a trans for at least a couple of minutes. That’s when I clued in and looked up and met his eyes. He was staring down at me.

“Like what you see boy?” he asked in his husky voice.

                “It’s just so big and strong.” I replied. “I never have seen something so beautiful.”


                “Well why don’t you get a little closer and grab a hold of it. It won’t bite and you obviously want to get closer your hard as a rock.” He told me.

                “I’m not gay” I answered.

“Neither am I. You’re obviously just a fucking male pussy. Some guys were put on this earth to serve stronger men and you will feel happy when you finally realize it. FAG!” He instructed me.  “So get your ass closer and grab a hold of my cock boy.” I looked down at my own erection in my boxers that I slept in and looked back at his one eyed god. I started to move closer with my hand leading me. “That’s a good boy” he said

I then reached out with my eyes closed not knowing what to expect. Then I felt it’s smooth but stiffly erected male organ. I ran my fingers around it to gain the best knowledge of this foreign objet. “GRAB HOLD IT BOY!” He said in a strong masculine voice. I took one look at his eyes then did what I had to do. I grabbed a hold of it. It fit so perfect in my hand, like it was supposed to be there.

“Its amazing” I said

                He then replied “not as amazing as tasting it by putting it in your mouth whore” I knew what I had to do. I moved my head forward ready to engulf this septor I have to serve. I then slid along my tongue to the back of my throat like chocolate melting in my mouth. I started to bob my head along his black shaft like I’m sucking an enormous Popsicle and it was amazing. I new it was perfect. I then got focussed and started to form a rhythm and was going strong when he said “like my balls boy!”

I pulled off and said “yes Larry what ever you want”

                “You’re fucking right what ever I want and its master or sir now to.” He barked.

                “Master ill get back to work in one sec could you please tell me when your about to shoot your load sir” I asked.

He looked down at me in a smug look and said “yes boy but never stop when you already in progress.” Then I started to lick his balls and try to fit them both in my mouth at the same time to shwrill them around with my tongue. Then I went back to the tip of his head and licked with the tip of my tongue his eye slit for extreme sensitivity. The g spot on a male. Then when I started to gain rhythm again he slammed his cock down my throat and screamed out here it comes. Then as I started to pull off he grabs the back of my head and holds it in place and he starts to shoot his sperm load down my throat. As it filled up it started to come out my lips so I had no choice but to start swallowing as much as possible to keep up with his speed. It was amazing the taste; right then and there I became addicted.

With his last thrust and last sperm load he pulled out then blew it all over my face. I fell back onto my back and was in heaven. “Clean your self up and go meet me in the bathroom in 10 minutes to discuss out situation boy” he told me

“Yes sir” I bowed down and answered.

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