This story details explicit gay sex between men, teens and boys. If you find this kind of thing distasteful, or if you are underage where ever you live, then stop reading this now, and delete this file. The story is completely fictional, the author does not condone or encourage any of the acts contained herein.


Chapter 11

The wedding is a triumph. Gary, Nathan, Jason and I invite a total of perhaps 125 people, of whom about 24 confirm. We only gave them a few days notice, so the turnout isn't surprising. More surprising, perhaps, is that so many are coming. Several of my friends arrive, other gay couples, and Gary, too, draws a crowd. A number of Asian boys, friends of Nathan, arrive, and Jason, too, having come out to and invited several girls in the last couple of days, has a contingent of well wishers. It's a very chatty crowd. A lot of interaction between the groups. I'm a little misty, quite frankly, seeing how well everyone interacts. We haven't planned a reception, and now I think we probably should have, if only to get to know all these new friends.

Jason has spent the week in a high state of excitement, so high, in fact, that I gave him a $100 dollar budget for clothes, which meant that he's been pretty scarce throughout the week -- shopping -- earning him some fairly significant punishment. I suggested that it would be much easier if he simply attended the ceremony naked, but he reminded me just how red his ass is, and opined that this might embarrass some of the girl friends. This gave me quite a chuckle. My guests for the most part know us very well and will have already surmised just how red his ass is.

So, Jason is dressed in his new suit, and a really cute pink checked shirt with lime green tie. Where did this boy get his fashion sense? He looks just adorable. He's gotten me an orange shirt, and a bright red tie, both of which nicely compliment a dark green suit that I haven't worn for some time. We make a cute couple, I think. Gary is dressed in a black tux with white ruffled shirt and black tie. Very formal. And Nathan is done up in a lavender suit with blue shirt and purple tie. Very elegant. Nathan, Gary has told me, is also wearing a seven-inch dildo held in place by a leather harness, and because I know this, I'm able to explain the slight twitching I observe throughout the ceremony. Adorable.

Our officiant is our county supervisor, a good friend for many years, also gay and out. His homosexuality has never impeded his political career. He's that good. He has gone from the local board of education, to the city council, to the county board of supervisors, and will soon be running for mayor. Very smart guy. Used to be a professor of political science at the local state college. He's dressed in a black robe that makes him look rather silly, like he's about to graduate from high school.

The room is unimpressive. It's basically a conference room, but as it fills with our friends, it becomes a warm and inviting place.

Ken, our officiant, asks the guests to be seated, and motions for Gary, Nathan, Jason and me to come forward.

As we move into place, the door opens, and in walks Jason's mother. You have never seen a more surprised, more radiant look on anyone's face than on Jason's at this moment. He is absolutely elated, and runs to greet his mother, who, surprisingly, is beaming. She comes forward to greet me and to shake my hand. "You marry my son?"

"Yes," I reply. "I love him."

She nods, winks. "Love good."

Who knew she had it in her? Jason and his mother start an animated conversation in Mandarin, and after a couple of minutes he looks to me, and then to the officiant. He looks a little sad. Clearly his father isn't coming. "Sorry," he says, moving back into place, as his mother takes a seat in the front row.

Ken smiles. "Marriage is a commitment to life...," he says, beginning the ceremony. And, just at that moment the door opens again, and in walks a very cute Asian guy that I've never seen before. I look at Jason, who shakes his head, at Nathan, who does the same, and finally a Gary, who shrugs. None of us know him. But, Mrs. Leong, Jason's mother, knows him, and runs to greet him. They chat for only a few seconds, and she drags him to a seat in the front row with her.

"Sorry," he says, taking a chair.

Ken smiles, and continues: "Marriage is a commitment to life... To the best that two people can find and bring out of each other. It offers opportunities for sharing and growth no other human relationship can equal, a physical, and emotional joining that is promised for a lifetime..." Ken's remarks are not particularly original or memorable, but I find myself tearing up anyway. This is my wedding, after all. Jason has asked me not to do this ("Tim, if you cry, I'll probably do the same. We have to get through this."), but I'm not being very successful. As we stand there, holding hands, I realize how lucky I am, how close I feel to this other person, and these warm feelings make it doubly-difficult not to cry.

"Tim," Ken says, pulling me forcefully out of my reverie. "Please repeat after me: `I, Tim, Take you, Jason, to be my spouse for life...'"

I repeat the words.

"To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse..."

I can barely speak, choking on the vows, which have seemed so clichéd, so hackneyed before. Yet, now, they're so solemn, and so sacred to me. I feel the tears running down my face as I look into Jason's eyes. He, too, cries through the vows, until we finally get to the end of it, exchange our rings, and kiss.

Gary and Nathan are a little more successful at holding it together, but not much. The collar of Gary's stunning ruffled shirt is pretty damp by the end of the ceremony, I notice.

We all hug -- each other and Ken -- and then hug and kiss the guests as they file by. The last guest to greet us is Mrs. Leong, Jason's mother, who is, surprisingly, in tears. "Very beautiful," she says.

She's on the arm of the mystery guest, the very cute Asian guy. "This Shuwei," she says to Jason. "Mai's son."

Revelation. Jason's eyes light up, and he begins an animated conversation in Mandarin, switching to Cantonese when Nathan comes over, and to English when Gary approaches.

"Come back to the house with us," Jason urges, and both Shuwei and Mrs. Leong agree. Shuwei later confides to me that no one but his mother and Mrs. Leong calls him Shuwei. He goes by his English name, which is Kenny.

We thank Ken profusely for having officiated. His presence has made this even more meaningful than it would otherwise have been. And then we form a caravan and drive back to the house.

Arriving, Jason and Nathan knock themselves out making lunch: pearl scallops with sweet peppers, beef spareribs with black pepper sauce, rice cake with crab, stewed black mushrooms with eggplant and stewed shark's fin with napa cabbage. Mrs. Leong is absolutely incredulous. "You make all this?"

Jason beams.

"I teach you well," she giggles.

This is one of the few times that Jason and Nathan have gotten a dispensation to be clothed in the house. When we get home, Jason pulls a face, gives me those pleading eyes, and I smiled and nodded. Nathan goes through a similar negotiation with Gary. Their nakedness probably wouldn't go over very well with Mrs. Leong.

After lunch Gary, Mrs. Leong and I chat in one corner of the living room, while Jason, Nathan and Kenny chatter away in another corner. Mrs. Leong is actually quite progressive in her thinking, supports same-sex marriage, college education for women (progressive in Asian cultures), humane treatment of animals, and a host of other causes that surprise me. He husband, she confides, is not so enlightened. Hence his absence from the wedding. After about an hour of chat, Nathan screams gleefully, literally jumping up and down. Jason, too, is laughing heartily, and Kenny is smiling broadly, though flushed. We all wonder what we've missed. As though on cue, Jason grabs me by the hand and pulls me away from Gary and his mom. Moving to another corner of the room, he begins to whisper.

"Kenny's gay, you know?"

"Oh? I didn't know."

"I did, but I hadn't seen him for years. He wants to play with us," he winks. "He wants to do a `Santa Cruz'."

I start to laugh, uproariously.

Seeing us, knowing what Jason is telling me, Nathan starts to giggle, and Kenny goes two shades of darker crimson. It takes me a few seconds to regain control.

"Well, if we're going to do a `Santa Cruz', Nathan had better sell it to Gary, and you'd better get rid of your mother -- who is very sweet, by the way."

Jason giggles furiously, and runs back to the other boys, whispering at lightening speed. Then they split up, Nathan moving to Gary, and Jason moving to his mother. I cross the room to Kenny, and we chat for a few minutes. He's still beat red, still very embarrassed.

After a few minutes, Mrs. Leong crosses to me, extending her hand. I take it. "You please take care of my son."

"Of course I will, Mrs. Leong. He's a very sweet boy."

She laughs, a throaty, lusty laugh. "This not how I expect to marry son, but life not always give what you expected. But he good boy. I happy he find love."

I am beaming, and starting to tear up. Jason is very, very lucky to have her. You can sense the strength behind her words, and, later, when I gush about her to Jason, he tells me she has been a major ally in his life, fighting tooth and nail for him with recalcitrant teachers, a really unpleasant-sounding high school councilor, and even neighborhood bullies, one of whom she disarmed of a tree stake that he planned to use to pummel Jason. This tiny little 5'2" woman is quite a hero to her son, quite a warrior.

I smile as she bustles toward the door, picking up her coat and waving at us all as she leaves. Jason closes the door behind her, and then turns, glancing at me, and smiling at Gary.

"We'll boys," Gary says with a smirk, mock-authority in his voice, "I think it's time to get into uniform."

I chuckle, watching Kenny, as he watches Jason and Nathan scurry into the entryway and strip. His expression is priceless -- shock, followed by amusement. Then he looks at me. I smile, and motion with my head that he should follow them. He is momentarily aghast. Then he smiles back at me, again beat red, and follows the boys to the entryway where he strips off, folding his clothes neatly, and putting them in a pile next to Jason's and Nathan's.

The three return to the living room where Gary is seated, looking at a magazine. Kenny is very, very embarrassed, and has his hands joined, covering his privates. Seeing this, Jason slaps them away, jabbering in Cantonese, telling him the rules, I imagine. Kenny goes two shades darker crimson, but drops his hands to his side. And then he goes even darker when he realizes that Jason has no pubic hair. I guess this is the first he's realized it, and looks to Nathan, who's also shaved. He starts to question them in Cantonese, and actually feels Jason's balls, giggling all the while.

"So, what's the drill," Gary asks, amused, watching all this from the other side of the room.

I lead the way to the bedroom, to the king size bed. With five of us (I thought four was a lot.) this is going to require a king size bed, actually an emperor size bed. When we get there, the boys begin a very quick interaction, with Jason giggling furiously, cuffing Kenny playfully, and Nathan, who is both rather effeminate and flamboyant, screaming in mock horror. Finally, Jason comes forward and says, with appropriate gravitas "Sirs. Kenny would like to be fucked." He doubles over with laughter, regains himself, and then continues, "...would like to be fucked. Initially, he wanted Nathan or I to fuck him." He snickers, and confides in a stage-whisper "I think he thinks you're too big," to which Kenny runs up and cuffs him, beet red, with a dazzling smile. "We told him that we don't do that, so now he wants...umm...Tim to fuck him, while Gary...umm...sucks him, and Nathan kisses him. I'm going to sit this one out, and maybe stroke a couple of...umm...you."

Kenny is so completely embarrassed he can barely stand, which Nathan finds hysterical. He's beside himself with laughter. Having finished his speech, Jason, too, descends into giggles, and Gary, having seen Jason's performance, starts to laugh too. I just stand and smile. Jason is adorable, one of his funniest performances.

Jason gives Kenny a shove toward the bed, explaining in Cantonese, I assume, the `Santa Cruz' position. Kenny giggles, and moves to the middle of the bed, on his hands and knees. Gary smiles and strips quickly, and lays on his back, under Kenny, and then I strip, and climb onto the bed behind him. Leaning forward, I whisper in Kenny's ear: "Have you been fucked before?"

"Yeah," he whispers back.

"How recently," I ask, "How often?"

He gives me a quizzical look, a sort of what-kind-of-pervert-are-you look.

"I'm trying to figure out whether I need to stretch you."

Getting it, he smiles broadly. "I'll be fine without," he responds. "Thank you, though."

And off we go. Gary is first. Having admired Kenny's rock hard five inch dick dangling in front of his face long enough, he takes it in his mouth and begins to suck with a vengeance, which draws a gasp from Kenny. Then Nathan pulls him into a kiss, one of the most sensual kisses I've ever seen. I just watch for few seconds, and so does Jason.

"You know," I say to Jason, smiling coyly, "you could make yourself useful."

He beams, runs across the room, and starts to kiss me as I enter Kenny (with as much lotion as I can slather on my dick), who is tight but not `cramped'. Reaching around, I start to pinch Kenny's nipples, which causes him to quiver and writhe. There is major multi-tasking going on here. I'm fucking, kissing and pinching; Jason is stroking and kissing; Gary is sucking and stroking; and Nathan is kissing and stroking.

It takes about 15 minutes, and I'm honestly not sure who is first, but I think it may be Nathan, of all people, who is very used to holding out. Suddenly Gary has a fist full of cream, and when Kenny sees it, he starts to cum in Gary's mouth. His spasms send me over the edge, and then Jason, who Gary has been working on -- left-handed -- starts to blow. And as we come down, we all start to giggle, and then to laugh. Then Jason, looking grave, looks at Kenny. "And that's what we call a `Santa Cruz'." And we all break up again, the boys chattering away in Cantonese.

"Umm...that was nice," Kenny says with a grin, and Nathan cuffs him, laughing hysterically, Gary and I laughing out loud.


We all return to the living room for coffee, sodas, or cocktails, whatever anyone wants. Gary and I have a gin and tonic, Jason a coke, Nathan a cup of tea, and Kenny a beer. Gary and I talk about business for a while, and then merge into the boys' discussion. Jason is excited about learning game building, and Kenny, also an enthusiast, asks about the games I've built. Jason grabs a laptop, and navigates to the home website, showing him a few of my games. He is very enthusiastic, asking me about how they were built, what they're written in, and the general creative process. We chat for ¾ of an hour, when Gary pulls Nathan aside, gets him dressed, and takes him home. We've had a really pleasant evening.

I return to the living room, and Jason and Kenny are chatting away in Cantonese, Kenny playing one of my games. Jason takes me aside.

"Tim...umm...Kenny has been laid off. He was a sales guy at Macy's. He's going back to his folks' house, but will have trouble. No freedom. They know he's gay, but don't approve. They'll restrict his...umm...movements. Can he stay with us for a while?" He has this puppy-dog look, the pleading face of a sad, begging puppy.

I laugh. "Okay. But house rules. He's here as a houseboy, actually a sub-houseboy, reporting to you. The usual punishment for infractions on...umm...Tuesdays and Fridays." (Jason's punishment days are Mondays and Thursdays.) "I'll expect him to be naked when he's in the house, and to help you with your chores. In return, he gets room and board, and if he wants to learn about gaming, I can teach him some stuff."

Jason is very excited, and runs to tell Kenny, who is elated. He runs to me. "Thank you so much. I really appreciate this."

I smile at him. "You realize that there are duties and rules."

"Yes," he smiles.

"Some of them will be sexual."

"Yes," he smiles. "At least...I was hoping so," he giggles.

"And you'll be punished regularly."

"Yes," he says.

"Sometimes for no apparent reason -- for no reason I'll be able to articulate."

"Yes," he says, giggling again.

"On Tuesdays and Fridays. That will start tomorrow -- for no reason I can articulate."

He giggles. "Yes."

"I'll expect you to be looking for a job. That doesn't mean you need to move out," I say, glancing at Jason, who is clearly very excited to have him here, "but I'll expect you to have a job."

"I understand," he smiles.

"Where were you born," I ask.

He looks a little confused, but answer almost instantly, "Taiwan."

"And your mother is Jason's oldest aunt?"


"How old are you?"

"I'm 26."

"And currently live with your parents?"

"Yes. Actually, I currently live by myself, but am about to get evicted because I can't pay the rent. I'd planned to move in with my parents, but that would mean sleeping on the couch, and having no privacy. My parents know I'm gay, and don't like it."

I nod, and smile. "I understand. So, let's get the rules out of the way. While you're here, you'll basically work for Jason, although I will periodically pull rank." I wink at Jason, and Kenny turns to smile at him. He knows who's gotten him this job.

"Naked in the house at all times, sexual duties to either Jason or me, although," I say, raising my voice, "Jason would do well to stay away from you...sexually. I will never do you any permanent or lasting damage, but if you refuse me anything I ask, I won't hesitate to fire you and ask you to leave. Punishment on Tuesdays and Fridays," I say, musing. "What have I missed," still musing? "Oh, yes, no masturbation, no cumming in any way without permission, no drugs, and no drinking without my permission."

He's clearly taken aback by these four strictures, but nods. "Okay."

I look him in the eyes. "Okay?"

Pause. He returns my look, thoughtful. "Yes. Umm..."

I smile.

"I...umm...can't go...without...umm...release...for very long."

"Release," I respond, playing with him?

He turns red. This boy blushes easily, and he's lighter-complected than Jason, so it shows more. He's very embarrassed. "I...umm...need to cum...fairly frequently."

"Or what," I ask, still playing with him.

He looks up at me. "Or...umm...I get...frustrated."

"How often," I ask?

He is beat red now, absolutely crimson. He's naked, standing in front of me, half-hard, and blushing, moving from foot to foot. He's gone from sounding his 26 years to sounding like a school-boy. "Umm...a couple of times...umm...a day." Jason is almost beside himself, but has managed not to make a single sound, standing behind his older cousin with tears of laughter streaming down his face.

"Be good, do what you're told, abide by the rules, and you'll get off more often than that. But, don't fuck with me, Kenny..."

He smiles "I won't, sir."

"And don't fucking call me sir," I snort. "I'm Tim."

"Okay, Tim," he says, a little intimidated.

I hug him, and give him a good long kiss. "Now, what do we need to do to get you moved in?"

"I can do that," Jason chimes in. "Kenny says he doesn't have much to move, like me. I'll drive over and help him with that tomorrow." Suddenly he runs at me, hugging me tightly, whispering in my ear, "Thanks, Tim. I really appreciate this. He'd have been miserable at his parents."

I hug him back. "No worries." Pause. "I don't want this to interfere with our relationship."

He stands back, looks at me seriously, and then hugs me again. "It won't, and if it does, I'll be the first to tell you."


Jason and Kenny go pick up his stuff in the morning, and, like Jason, it's contained in two small suitcases. They're back for lunch, and Kenny is installed in one of the more modest guest rooms. He's a vary attractive boy -- man -- but I'm honestly not all that attracted to him. He's sweet, but he lacks Jason's...what...humor, his `teasiness'. He's here for company to Jason, and, quite frankly, for my sexual pleasure. And, I think he knows that. I also think Jason knows that.

At 2pm, I stroll to the basement, and Kenny is already installed, already attached to the punishment table. Clearly, this is Jason's handiwork, and I'm impressed with both of them. Kenny turns his head to look at me as I come through the door. "Wow. You boys are efficient. I'm impressed." He smiles.

"So, this is going to be a `get acquainted' spanking. Have you ever been spanked before?"

"No. Never."

I snort. "Well, how much would you like?"

He looks a bit lost. Thinks. "How much does Jason take on average?"

I laugh. "I don't think you want to compare yourself with Jason. He has been spanked before." I giggle.

This is the gauntlet I don't even realized I've thrown down.

"Seriously, how much does he get?"

I snicker again. "On an average punishment day, he probably gets 15 with the razor strop." Jason hates the razor strop worse than anything, but I don't go into details.

"Then give me what he gets."

I give him a good long look. "You're kidding, right."

"No. Don't worry. I'm sure I can take it."

A hundred years ago, when I was eight, we travelled the 2500 miles back to my grandparents' house in Michigan, my maternal grandmother and grandfather. My grandmother was a very crusty old lady that I hadn't seen since I was three years old, but loved dearly. We got in at 6am, after traveling probably six hours. We were all tired. She asked me what I wanted for breakfast, and I -- being the polite little eight-year-old that I was -- said, oh, it doesn't matter, anything. Her eyes narrowed, and she shouted to her husband, my grandfather: "Gerald, get the boy a bowl of sand." The moral of that tale is, don't ever offer to take someone else's punishment for them, and don't ever offer to do what's convenient for the other person without thinking about it first.

I take down the razor strop, a three-inch-wide, quarter-inch-thick, two-foot-long piece of leather and swish it in the air. "Okay, then..." I proceed to give him six strokes of the intensity that I would give Jason, very closed in succession.

He is shrieking in pain after the third stoke, sobbing after the fifth.

"Give me what he gets," I mutter.

Four more, and he's bruising badly. I have to lighten up.

The next five are very light, but he screams with each one anyway. He is sobbing, wailing, thrashing on the table. I wait for him to calm down a little, spread some ointment on his crimson ass, release him, and carry him upstairs, to the living room, where he sits on my lap and cries piteously for nearly an hour as I hug him and stroke his back, his hair. He has been nearly inconsolable. "Give me what he gets," my ass.

Finally, as he gets control of himself, I hug him and whisper in his ear "Probably not a good idea to compete with others on stupid things like punishment." He nods, and I hug him again. He's sweet, but he's not Jason.

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