This story details explicit gay sex between men, teens and boys. If you find this kind of thing distasteful, or if you are underage where ever you live, then stop reading this now, and delete this file. The story is completely fictional, the author does not condone or encourage any of the acts contained herein.



Chapter 15


Two months have passed, and Andrew is clean, drug free as far as any of us can tell. He's still getting regularly punished, but not to anything near the extent his drug usage got him punished. He's actually a very sweet boy. I think we may have solved this, but Jason, Kenny and I are all still on alert looking for signs. He's still at Nordstrom's, and brought home a job evaluation yesterday that was stellar: "Mr. Hsia's sales performance has increased significantly this quarter, and his attitude has improved. I've seen none of the defiance I warned him about last quarter. He is interacting comfortable with customers, with his fellow sales associates, and with me. I'm very pleased with his results."


I tear up as I read this, sitting in the office, Andrew across from me, naked. I motion to him, and he comes and sits on my lap. I hug him, give him a kiss. "This is fucking awesome! I couldn't ask for more, Andrew. You've done very, very well." I kiss him again. "And what's the message?"


He smiles at me. "No drugs in the house, and no drugs in me."


I hug him. "Right. So, how would you like to celebrate?"


He looks confused.


"We celebrate successes like this. You've done so well."


We sit for maybe five minutes, Andrew's head draped over my shoulder, sitting on my lap. He thinks. Then he looks up, looks into my eyes. "Could we go dancing? Jason told me about a dance club in San Francisco. You took him there once."


I giggle. "Is that all he told you?"




"So, he didn't tell you that was part of his punishment for something he did to Kenny?"


"No. He raved about it. It didn't sound like punishment to me."


"Good. I'm glad. And you'd like to do the same?"


"Yes, please."


I wink at him, and then the phone rings. Andrew reaches for the receiver and hands it to me. It's Gary. They'd like to get together. I ask if I can call him back in half an hour, and he agrees. Andrew hangs up the phone, and we hug for another ten minutes. I kiss him fondly. "I'm really proud of your achievement, Andrew. We can definitely go dancing. Let me figure out the timing with Kenny and Jason, and we'll do it."


He's beaming. "Cool." He gets off my lap, leaves the room beaming, and closes the door behind him. I call our main phone number from our secondary line, and get Jason on the phone. "Jason, I think you'd better come see me. I'm in my office." Jason is quiet for several seconds.


"Anything wrong, Tim," he asks, nervously.


"Come see me."


Not thirty seconds later there's a knock on the door. "Come," I holler.


In walks Jason, looking guilty. He sits in the chair across from me. I smile at him, coyly. "Andrew would like to go dancing `like we did,' he says.


Jason looks a little nervous, and a little shamefaced. "I didn't actually go into any details about that night."


"Umm, yeah, I gathered that. Could he handle the `like we did' part?"


Jason thinks for several seconds. "Wait a minute, he says," and leaves the room, returning with Kenny. "Kenny knows him better,"


"Andrew did really well on his sales review."


Kenny nods. "I heard. I think he's maybe turned the corner."


"Yeah, I agree. I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate."


Kenny laughs. "Let me guess," he says, looking at Jason. "He wants to go to N'Touch, because Jason's been bragging."


Jason cuffs him, smiling.


"That's what," I giggle. "Just like Jason did. Would he do that? Would he get naked?"


Kenny laughs, again. "You know, he told me about this...party...he went to, not a frat party, but something like that. He got naked, and danced. It sounded like he was sober. It was before the drugs. I think he might be okay with it..."


I giggle, giggle furiously. "Okay, boys, here's what we're going to do... And you'd better buy into this enthusiastically, or there will be punishment involved." And I lay out my plan. Kenny blanches, tries to talk me out of it. Jason, too, is not enthusiastic, but is nonetheless giggling, chattering with Kenny in Cantonese, a long conversation. While the boys are talking, I call Gary back and lay out the plan. "Has he got punishment coming."


"Of course. He's always got punishment coming. But, he'll hate this."


"Well, Kenny isn't fond of the idea."


Gary chuckles. "Yup. I'm in. We'll do a `Santa Cruz' afterwards. Nathan wants to do a `Santa Cruz'."


"It's going to have to be a bigger city, Gary." And I tell him about Andrew.


He's in hysterics, finally choking out "Well, we can accommodate a larger population."


I chuckle. We agree on this Wednesday, meeting at his place at 8:30, and car-pooling to San Francisco. Hanging up the phone, both boys are, remarkably, smiling. "Okay," Kenny says. It's a friendly audience, after all. I've done worse. And, if Jason can, I guess I can."


I snort. "And Nathan, though he doesn't know it yet." They both giggle furiously.


"He's not going to like that," Jason says.


"Yeah, and I don't know how Brian's going to accommodate it. He only had three cages last time we were there."


The boys leave the room, and I call Brian, who is excited to hear from me. "Jesus, Tim, you cannot imagine how much business your little Jason's strip-tease has generated. Word has gotten around. Please, won't you come back? We've expanded the club. We've taken over the restaurant next door, not just on the basis of Jason's additional revenue. We've been doing well, but I'd really like to cash in on this."


"How have you expanded?"


"We've got additional dance space; the bar is a little longer; better lighting; and we added two more go-go cages."


I start to laugh, and Brian is silent. "Brian, I have four boys to offer up."


I explain my plan, and he is beside himself with laughter. I tell him about Nathan, whom he knows through Gary, about Kenny, whom he met at our last visit, and about Andrew. "Wednesday. We'd like to come Wednesday, this Wednesday. Again, short notice."


"No...no...no... No problem. One of my boys is off, and I haven't been able to fill the two new cages. Wednesday will work. I'll give one of my other boys the night off. Same arrangements as before? Here by 9:30? Dancing by 11?"


"We'll probably be dancing earlier, because two of the boys know about this, and are willing. They'll at least be in the cages soon after we arrive."


He giggles. "So Jason enjoyed it last time?"


"Apparently. He's the one who convinced Kenny."


Brian chuckles. "I'm going to advertise this, put it out on the website. Any problem with that?"


I pause to think. It couldn't be a lot more crowded than it was last time. "No, I guess not. No pictures, though, please."


"That's fine."


"And, could you tell the bouncer. It took us probably 20 minutes to get in last time."


"No problem. Tell them your name, and you'll get in instantly."


We say our goodbyes, and hang up. This will be a blast, though I'm a bit concerned about Andrew.




The arrangements are made, and we arrive once again at about 9:15pm. It's my car this time. It's bigger. Kenny is once again the driver. He's allergic to alcohol, and so doesn't drink, and doesn't mind driving. Kenny and I are in the front seats, and Gary, Nathan and Andrew are in the back seats. Jason is lying across their laps. It turns out that Andrew and Nathan went to high school together, and so their chatting furiously, catching up. They were friends back then, and had many mutual friends. Jason has his head in Gary's lap, and they chat as we drive, and Gary and I chat.


"You say you've done this once before?"


I wink toward Andrew, who still doesn't know what we've planned, and Gary nods.


Instead, we talk about the state of software technology, and the need to integrate disparate technologies and applications, a discussion that Andrew becomes involved in as a former programmer. When we arrive, miraculously, we find a parking space right on Polk, not a block from N'Touch, and all pile out of the car. And when we arrive, the bouncer expects us, ushers us in with ceremony. We make our way thought the gauntlet, longer than before, and onto the dance floor, and begin to dance, Jason with me, Gary with Nathan, and Kenny with Andrew. Brian's advertising has apparently worked, because the dance floor is packed, as it is on a weekend. After about 45 minutes, we make our way to the bar, where Brian already has Jason's whiskey sour waiting, and Kenny's coke. For me he has a martini, and because he knows Gary and Nathan, he has their drinks of choice waiting as well. Looking to Andrew, he asks what he'd like.


"Umm," looking at me nervously, "just a 7-Up. I'm on the wagon." I reach forward, draw him into me, and kiss him. "Good for you."


He smiles.


Drinks in hand, we move to the side of the bar. I smile at all assembled. "So, here's the drill. What Jason didn't tell you, Andrew, was that the last time we were here, he danced naked in that cage," I say pointing, "for slightly over an hour. Kenny has agreed to join him tonight in the cage next to him, and I've volunteered you for the next cage."


"And I've volunteered Nathan for the cage next to yours," Gary says.


Kenny and Jason are giggling. Andrew looks confused. Nathan is frantic, looking from me to Gary.


"Naked," Andrew asks?


"Right," I reply.


He looks at his feet and flushes. Here's the test. Jason starts to talk to him very fast in Cantonese, and Kenny chimes in. Nathan appears to argue, but gets an angry response from Jason. Andrew, on the other hand, looks up at me with a smile: "Okay." He smiles, coyly. Nathan continues to argue, now with Gary, who smacks him on the ass. The boys start to chat again, and finally move to the bar to speak with Brian. Then they disappear, and in five minutes all four of them are in the cages, dancing, doing that same sensual strip-tease that Jason did last time, shedding clothes to an absolutely still and silent crowd, to the beat of the music. As the underwear comes off and they've timed this pretty well and goes sailing through the air, there's a roar, and the dancing starts all over again.


All eyes are on the boys, and they are really stunning. This is a retro night: we have the Gin Blossoms "Hey Jealousy," Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way," and "Gold Dust Woman," The Cure "Friday I'm in Love," The Cranberries "Zombie," The Calling "Whenever You Will Go." Slow stuff, fast stuff, all stuff. It's dreamy, and then frenetic, and then romantic. They finish up with Abba "I Am the City," and Andrew is so into it, dancing, his eyes closed, I'm not even sure he knows where he is, twirling and gyrating. When it finally comes to an end, he opens his eyes, looking sad. This is one of the hiatuses intended to allow patrons to buy their drinks, to fund this place. The boys collect their closes, dress quickly, and come onto the dance floor, to a huge round of applause. Brian is out from behind the bar, kissing everyone. "This is the biggest Wednesday night we've ever had, and with only a couple of day's notice. Thanks, Tim. Anytime," he smiles...


I congratulate each of the boys, kissing them. "I think I'm falling in love with you, Andrew."


He tears up. "That's good," he says, pulling me into a long kiss, "because I've already fallen in love with you." He kisses me again. "Thank you so much Tim...for being firm with me... Please...umm...keep being firm with me."


He looks into my eyes, and this time I tear up. "You're welcome, babe." And I pull him into a kiss. "You know the rules," I whisper.


"Yes," he giggles.


And, as I turn, there's Jason. I reach out and pull him into a kiss while still holding Andrew, caressing the back of his neck.


"Seems like Andrew is better," he whispers in my ear.


"I'd say," I giggle. "And he's a latent exhibitionist, just like you..." I laugh.


"It's an acquired taste," he laughs, "like bitter melon, and cum," which earns a laugh from me.




Jason's mother has just taken a lease on a subsidized studio apartment in Oakland. This is her way of escaping his father, whom I gather she isn't particularly fond of. They've recently been living with a daughter, Jason's sister. The rent on the Oakland apartment is unbelievable: $265. Jason's mother's plan is to commute, to stay in Oakland on mahjong nights, and to commute back to San Jose thereafter. She can't just dump Dad on the daughter. Jason is excited, knocking urgently on my office door one morning. He tells me about the apartment, right in the middle of Chinatown, by the way, and says he'd like to help his mother with the rent. She gets $800 from social security. Wouldn't it be nice to help her out in return for squatting rights when she's not there? Oakland is on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) line to San Francisco, a mere 30 minutes away? He's already financed a king sized bed for her. Boy genius!


I agree to pay half the rent, $133, if we can use the apartment whenever she's not there, and the first time she's not there is this weekend. Kenny and Andrew are off this weekend. It's perfect. We'll go to N'Touch Friday evening, and then go skating in the Marina district on Saturday, with dinner at Green's, and maybe a play at ACT, or something at the New Conservatory, and then wander around the Castro on Sunday, coming home Sunday night. This is going to be so much fun, and his Mom is so happy to get the extra subsidy.


I really am starting to like the idea of public nakedness as punishment, suggested by an Australian friend, Sam. I announce the outing to the other boys, to Kenny and Andrew, and they both grin at the opportunity to get out and have some fun. Andrew is the one to ask: "N'Touch... Are we going to...umm...get naked?"


"I hope so," I smile.


He giggles. "Okay." He has no idea what I have in mind.


I give Brian a call, and he is elated. "Friday," he screams? Oh, fuck, yeah. This'll pack the place. You have no idea the reputation we've gotten from these boys. Oh, my god, yes, please come."


"We'll be there at around the same time. The boys are getting more comfortable with this, though, so they may be up to starting earlier."


"Excellent. And, for once, you've given me enough time to actually make some schedule changes and announce this. This is great."


The last one to get home on Friday will be Jason, it turns out. His physics class doesn't get out until 3:15, so he won't be home until 3:30, so we decide to leave at 4:30. Kenny agrees to drive my car. Normally, this would be Jason's punishment night, but I give him a dispensation until Monday so we can go and have some fun. Honestly, Jason behaves himself so well these days that I have trouble finding rationale to punish. I do. I always do, but it's challenging. I don't want to neglect him. If I don't spank him, he thinks I don't love him, and complains about it. But, it's always pretty minor...just enough to get him crying, which is what I sense he wants. Crying is a good release, and Jason needs an excuse to do it without seeming foolish. (It actually doesn't take much a couple strokes of the razor strop, and he's off.)


Plans are made, and we leave right on time. I've thought about asking Gary and Nathan, but this time out, I think it'll be just us. This is going to be a lot of fun, and very interesting. Traffic on 880 is brutal, but we get to Oakland at around 6:30, and because we're right in the heart of Chinatown, getting something to eat is not a problem. Jason has a favorite porridge place, and that's where we end up, with a large bowl of my favorite porridge preserved egg and pork and beef chow fun, and Kenny orders some dumplings, just to make sure we all get enough to eat. A reasonable amount of food. No one is stuffed, but no one is hungry. Perfect.


We wander back to the apartment at about 7:30, change clothes into something gayer, and head out at about 8:45. The BART station is literally around the corner. This is an ideal location for Mrs. Leong, who can't always walk far, and an ideal location for us, because we'll treat it as a conduit to San Francisco. The BART ride will take about 30 minutes, and it's the heart of my plan. I position us so that we're basically surrounding Jason. I'm sitting beside him, and Kenny and Andrew are sitting behind him. The seat in front is solid: no one can see him."


I smile at Jason, reach over and kiss him, a long kiss that, on public transit, makes him flush a bit.


"Take off your shoes, baby."




"Take off your shoes and socks."


He looks at me urgently and looks down at his shoes. Does he know what coming? Untying his shoes, he slips them off, then the socks, and then looks back to me.


I kiss him again, a long, sensuous kiss.


"Take off your shirt."


He looks pleading at me for a very long moment. He knows.


"Go ahead."


He does. Kenny and Andrew are now aware that something is going on, something they didn't expect. Kenny is giggling nervously.


I kiss Jason again, on the lips, on the chest, on the nipples. This is attracting a little attention, but not much. We're hard to see.


"Take off your pants."


He gives me a pleading, pained look. I smile, wait.


He unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his pants, and slides out of them, almost without rising in his seat at all. He folds them, and I open my backpack for him to put all these clothes in. He's flushed, embarrassed...no, he's scared. I smile at him. Kiss him again lips, then cheek, then lips. He's terrified. "Take off your underwear," I whisper.


He gives me a long, searching look, a pleading look. Kenny and Andrew are mesmerized. God knows they've seen Jason naked before, everyday, but not on a BART train. And, I imagine, he's keenly aware of his differentness right now, keenly aware of the fact that he has no pubic hair. He told me that that was the thing he found so embarrassing the first time at N'Touch, that he felt more naked than he'd ever felt before. He looks down at his feet, and then back at me, the puppy-dog look permeating. Finally, he reaches down, and slides his underwear down his legs, and puts them in the backpack.


He is now completely naked, and reaches instinctively to cover his genitals. And, then he remembers the rules, and drops his hands. He looks at me, a little sadly. I kiss him again.


From across the aisle, a very cute little boy, black, is craning his neck to see. "Mommy, is that man naked?"


She looks over at us and snaughs. "Yeah, he's naked. Don't worry about it. Read your book."


The boy giggles, and goes back to his picture book.


A day in the life of San Francisco.


We arrive at the Polk Street station, a busy station. I lean back in my seat, speaking to Kenny and Andrew. "Your job is to block." They get it, and we get up to leave. There are several gasps as a naked Jason makes his way to the door of the train, waits for it to open, and we make our way to the surface street. Jason is mortified. Coming up to the sidewalk, we walk the block to N'Touch where the bouncer laughs and motions us in. It's the gauntlet between the door and the dance floor, the bar area, with chairs on both sides, that's the most daunting. Jason is touched everywhere: his ass cheeks, dick, scrotum, ass crack, chest, nipples, literally everywhere. And he hates it, tries to get through the crowd as quickly as he can and into his cage, which ironically has become an oasis. He'll be safe there, if not from prying eyes, at least from intrusive hands. He hates this, I know, but has done really well. I'm proud of him, and I think Kenny and Andrew are too. I think they're amazed. They strip quickly and join Jason in the cages. Solidarity.


They dance for three full hours, and are exhausted by the end of it. It's been interesting to watch them because one of them seems always to have a hard-on. What's that about? What's on their minds, or is this just the exhilaration of dancing naked in front of hundreds of gay men? Who knows? At the end, they come out of their cages, down to the dance floor looking for their clothes. I've been toying with how to handle this moment. Do I let them dress here? Do I make them ride all the way back to Oakland, dressing there? That seems a little extreme, because we're going to have to wait for the next BART train, probably a good long time, it now being 12:30am. What I'll do, I finally decide, is march them down Polk Street, back to the Polk Street station, and let them dress there, in the restroom. And, that's what I tell them when they get to the dance floor. You have never seen three more crimson boys, well two of them anyway. Andrew seems fine with this. But Kenny and Jason are mortified by this idea. But, they're starting to be `touched' again by the other patrons, touched very intimately, and are anxious to get out of here. I walk down the gauntlet and out the door, followed quickly by Jason and Kenny. Andrew takes his time. I think he likes the attention. (Actually, when I announced that they were going to walk naked to the BART station, his response was to smile: "Okay.")


Finally, the boys emerge, and we begin the one-block walk to the BART station. It takes every fiber of concentration they have not to try to cover themselves, but they don't. I'm really proud of them. They get stares from every bum on the street, of course, and cat calls, but we make it to the station, take the escalator down, and I hand them their clothes, pointing to the restroom...


...which is closed for cleaning, a twist of fate I hadn't anticipated. Ultimately, they just stop and dress on the landing, to the amusement of two very drunken winos, but just as they're pulling on their pants, the Oakland train arrives. We all sprint onto the train, in various stages of undress. They've all managed to get their pants on, and Kenny has his sox on, but all are bare-chested, which surprises the other riders. They finish dressing on the train, giggling furiously, and we make it back to Oakland by 1am, walking quickly from the station to the apartment. Once inside, we all strip and climb into bed, all spooned together, with Kenny at one end, and Andrew at the other. Jason and I are in the middle, and he's hugging me tightly.


"So, how was it, guys?"


Andrew's first: "It was fun," he says, enthusiastically, smiling broadly. This boy really is an exhibitionist. Jason's next: "It was fine," he says, "except being out on the street naked. That felt a little...weird." And then Kenny: "You know, I didn't really mind that, and I loved dancing up there, above the crowd. It was only when we were down on the dance floor and in the bar that it got a little...intimate. I mean, I've never been touched by so many people in so many...umm...places in my life. That was a little creepy."


"I actually found it kind of erotic," Andrew chimes in. "I was...umm...kind of...turned on."


"Yeah, and hard," Jason giggles, "like now," he adds, wriggling.


Andrew giggles.


I haven't allowed Andrew to interact sexually with either of the boys. I've wanted to be his sole source of sex while we were fighting the drug wars. Maybe now it's time to change that.


"So, what should we do now, guys? Jason has just disclosed that Andrew has a hard-on, and I know Jason does, because it's tucked up between my legs." Jason cuffs me playfully. "I have one too, and I'm willing to bet..."


I reach around, grabbing Kenny's dick, also rock hard.


"...yup, Kenny's sporting wood. So, which is it, sex or sleep."


Why is Andrew the one always to answer these questions? "We can always sleep in tomorrow."


Jason giggles, and Kenny flips over, facing me, pulling me into a long and sensuous kiss, poking me in the thigh with his erection. Finally breaking the kiss, he smiles: "Got your answer?"


I laugh. "Oookkaayy. I guess this'll constitute a `Santa Cruz,' and I'd like to get fucked. Is there anyone here who'd like to fuck me?" It only takes a second, one single second.


"I would," Kenny says. He is the only one of the boys that's versatile, the only one that can function reliably as a top.


"Excellent," I say, reaching forward and kissing him. So, let's vary things a little from the standard `Santa Cruz.'"


"What's a `Santa Cruz'," asks Andrew.


"Tell you later," Jason replies.


"While Kenny is fucking me, I propose to suck Jason while he strokes off Andrew, who will be sucking me."


Andrew starts to laugh...uproariously.


"That's a `Santa Cruz'," Jason whispers.


Andrew: "This is possible, you think?"


"Oh, yeah," I reply.


We take our positions. Kenny lubes his dick with lotion and squirts a liberal quantity down my crack, and slowly enters me in one slow, sensuous thrust. And, my god, he feels so good inside me. He drapes his body over mine, and starts to kiss my back, as I begin to suck on Jason's very hard dick and as Andrew begins to suck on mine. I've never gotten fucked in a four-way. I've done a lot of sucking, and been sucked, but I've never been fucked, and, frankly, I don't think I'm going to last long. Kenny is going at me with a vengeance, pumping in and out of me, nailing my sweet spot with every thrust, and Andrew is an expert cock-sucker. Who knew? And Jason, realizing that his position facilitates it, has started to bight my left nipple, which always drives me crazy.


I hold it for 15 minutes, and then I can't hold it anymore. I just erupt, and so does Jason, filling my mouth with spunk. My spasms push Kenny over the edge, and Andrew groans, filling Jason's hand. This is one of the best orgasms I've ever had. I think I'll sleep well tonight.


After a couple of minutes, we clean ourselves up, and get back into sleep position.


And as we're about to fall asleep, Jason giggles: "Another successful `Santa Cruz'," causing us all to laugh.

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