Chapter 5

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Pollux: If Everything Golden Goes…




            I ran out into the room.  Bullets dodging me.  Tron kept me down, holding onto me and I guess in a way protecting me. As though I needed protection.

            Did they get her?

            Did they get her?

            My heart raced, please let them get her.

            I kept running.  I could see a gunman had been shot down.  He was in the middle of the floor bleeding.  Damn. I recognized his face.  He was one of Ce`cile’s goons.  I grabbed his gun picking it up off the floor and cocking it.

            “Give me that,” Tron started.

            I looked at him as if he was crazy, “Get out of here, Detective.”

            Detective Anderson.  We had the same last name.  I seemed to feel connected to him for more then that of course, but I couldn’t allow myself to really care.  I guess we had the same last name.  Now I still just a number really. 

            “Pollux, let me help you,” he started.

            I pointed the gun at him, “I rarely miss.”

            You going to shoot me now.”

            “Get out of here.”
            He rolled his eyes at me, extremely bothered by my all of a sudden attitude.  Then he looked around and started to move the opposite way, hiding behind tables and then running underneath the stools of the bar.          

            I looked around. There were two gunmen still shooting up the place near the entrance.  It was clear they had only one target by how they allowed certain people to stay alive. 

            They weren’t terrorists…they were hitmen.

            I looked around.

            I could see Wednesday.  She couldn’t see me.  Some boy…a random boy at that was covering her up.  Who the fuck was he and why the fuck was he protecting her.

            I pointed my gun.

            I’d kill them both. 

            Be rid of her for ever. 

            I took aim.  I rarely missed.  One good shot was all I needed.  One good shot to get rid of her.  One good shot to free both my brother and I.

            Shots fired almost immediately and a sharp scream. 
            I turned my eyes to see Ce`cile…fuck too late.  She and her goons had showed up and I knew it was basically over for the hitmen.

She had her signature Benelli M3 shotgun. She had it on semi-automatic mode and I could tell her expertise by how she absorbed all the recoil.  The hitman was shattered almost immediately.   If I killed Wednesday, Ce`cile would make sure there was no way I’d leave her. 

One hitman left.

Fuck I might as well.  I watched as Ce`cile took aim, but not before me.  I clocked him, right in the center of his forehead. 

            “BOSS!” Ce`cile called out.

            Just then I could see Wednesday get up.  Her face was expressionless.  She didn’t say anything as she walked up to Ce`cile.  She laid a smack on Ce`cile that was legendary.  Ce`cile’s face jerked backward almost immediately.

            “WHERE WERE YOU!” she screamed out.

            At that moment, I could see the lack of trust in Wednesday’s eyes for Ce`cile for the first time. She may have always been cautious with everyone but this was the first time she so publicly showed it in front of Ce`cile’s group.

            “I was doing what you said.  I was getting rid of that MAN,” Ce`cile started out, “Like you instructed me.”

“For so long?” Wednesday argued, “Useless. POLLUX!”
She looked over at me.  Right immediately I was being beckoned, being the her

slave like the rest of them.  Ce`cile gave me a look.

            “Yes mistress?” I asked.

            ‘How long was Ce`cile away?”

            Who knew? I  could tell what Wednesday was doing,  She was trying to make Ce`cile feel guilty.  And I could see Ce`cile’s eyes digging into me, daring me to betray her. 

            But when it came down to fearing Ce`cile or fearing Wednesday.  I would rather betray Ce`cile any day.

            “Too long,” I stated.

            Wednesday smiled, happy that she had gotten the answer that she wanted, “Too long.  You see?  Listen here, Ce`cile.  You will guard me morning, noon and night.  YOU WILL HAVE EYES ON ME EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE ROOM.  You hear me?  No one has ever gotten so close…”

            Ce`cile was embarrassed.

            It was kind of pleasurable to see her so low.  I could see her eyes threatening me, pissed at me. Truth was I didn’t care.  It was all worth it to see her being bitched at.

            “I apologize.”

“That’s not good enough, you scum,” she said smacking Ce`cile a second

time, “You were nothing when I found you, a low budget hitman heading for death row.  I saved you. I MADE YOU. All I asked was you to protect me…your Maker. Your Personal God.”

            Wednesday said these words as though she really believed it.  I could see that everyone cleared out…including Antoinette.  She had left Wednesday high and dry.  Of course Antoinette was her best friend and she probably would get away with it.

            Ce`cile was usually the scapegoat in these situations.

            “Are you ok, boss?” I asked, as Wednesday took a seat, seeming obviously bothered by the whole situation.

No wounds?
Where was the blood?

Where was the FUCKING scratches?

Those hitmen were USELESS!

I stepped on one of their corpses as I walked over them and made my way to

Wednesday.  I believed it.  It was possible. 

            “If it wasn’t for that boy, I’d be dead,” Wednesday stated looking across the room.

            There was a guy standing there.  He was young, not too young, but young.  He as a bellboy or something.  He had a young little face.  His eyes were full. 

            He was so FUCKING stupid. 

            “What is your name boy?” Ce`cile’s henchman Tyrone asked the boy.

            The boy didn’t even look back at Tyrone.  He was so shy.  Idiot, he didn’t know he just saved the devil.

            “Zio,” the boy answered.

            “Thank you Zio.  Pollux why don’t you take Zio back to the hotel room. Show him a good time until I get back and can formally thank him for saving my life,” Wednesday stated.

            “Yes ma’am, come on,” I told the boy.

            I started to lead out as I heard Wednesday begin to bark her orders to everyone. It was the big cover up again.

            “Make it seem like they were trying to rob people,” Wednesday stated “The cops are on their way. The media is on their way as well.  I do NOT want to be the center of all of this! It can’t look like I was the target.”

            Just like the Dollhouse.  One big cover up after the other.  She’d  make up some bogus story and by the time the cops showed up, she probably wouldn’t even be there. 




I had given Zio more food then he’d ever seen.  Expensive food as well.  Huge lobsters and fine wine.  It was rare that Wednesday wanted us to lavish praise onto someone. 

I thought about killing him. Taking the idiot down for what he did, but Wednesday would have been pissed. Plus he was just an innocent kid who had no idea who he had just saved.

“Melody,” I stated, “I told you to show him a good time.”

Melody was an escort. My main escort actually. I used her for a lot of the dumb little missions where I needed someone to seduce.  She was a beautiful Dominican woman, tall and sleek with perfect complexion.  She used to strip until she was recruited by the Dollhouse.  Her beauty had own her a number, but it was like #184 or something really low level like that.

She shook his head, “I tried, he’s just not interested.”

“He’s shy. Break him out of it.”
Hunny.  I know shy.  I can do shy.  He’s not straight.  No straight man can turn

all of this down.”

            Hell. She was right.  I was bisexual like many of Wednesday’s agents and I had a rendezvous with Melody a couple of times myself.  She had some good pussy.  It was amazing that he’d turned her down.

“Well find Julius.  I promised Wednesday I’ll show him a good time and he looks miserable.”

“Wednesday sent Julius and the other boys to the mayor’s house.  You know he has his secret little fetish for beautiful men…”

It was fucking ridiculous. Why keep escorts around if they were never around?  I looked over at him in suite.  It was one of the better suites in the Ritz-Carlton.  I couldn’t go shopping with him, all the stores were closed. 

He seemed like he wasn’t hungry by how he ignored all the food.  And now he was ignoring women. What the fuck could I do?

“Fine. You’re dismissed.”

I looked over at this boy…Zio.  I made my way over to him.  He was a pale caramel skin and had long braids.  They were so long they went down to his butt.  He had a bandana wrapped around his head.

I guess he was some type of pretty boy hard type or something.  He just seemed pathetic to me and I could see how nervous he got as I approached.

“You don’t like the food?”

“Not hungry.”
            He didn’t look at me as he stated it.  He just stared out onto the carpet, seeming to find no interest in any of this.

“Oh really? Is there anything I can get you?”

“A cab would be nice.”

“That’s not an option,” I stated, “Wednesday wants to formally thank you.”

“That isn’t necessary.”

“You don’t decide what’s necessary,” I stated bluntly.

Wednesday decided.  He was such a little Dickhead.  He shouldn’t have saved her if he was going to be all funny about it.   

He’d suffer this just like the rest of us.

I poured some wine into a cup.  I looked at him in the reflection of my mirror.  He was handsome.  He was really handsome as a matter of fact.  He was still looking down on the rug.

I began to undress taking my jacket off first, loosening my tie…unbuttoning my shirt.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

By that time I had unfastened my pants…I was standing there in skintight boxer briefs…black Armani exchange.

Every outline of my ass was showing. 

I turned around…wait till he saw this bulge.  I laughed when he finally did.  His eyes falling down there for a second and looking away…embarrassed…shy…

“Does my sexuality offend you?” I asked him.

“No…it’s just, I don’t know you very well,” he stated.

I had nothing on now but tight underwear and socks. I reached down grabbing my dick through the underwear.  It was beginning to harden. 

My long dick began to grow on the side of my leg, until the head stuck out from the bottom of the boxer briefs.  The imprint looked like a 3d animation.

“You like boys?” I asked him.

“No…you got the wrong idea buddy,” he stated getting up all of a sudden. 

He walked to the door and opened it only two see two big security guards outside of it.  I had them posted there all night.

“They aren’t going to let you leave.”

“Am I a prisoner or something?” He laughed.

He had no idea how unfunny the entire thing was.  He just was way above his head. 

“No you are a guest. Come lay down…”

“Ok this isn’t funny anymore,” he replied.

“Let me just make you feel good.”
I approached him, walking towards him.  I could see him scaling my body.  There

was some type of attraction there.  I didn’t completely understand it, but it was there.  Just by the way he looked at me. 

            It was as though he was searching for something.

            “Get off.”

            He pushed me…hard.  He was stronger then I previously assumed.  I fell back, landing on my ass on the middle of the floor.


            I hurt my arm as I fell.

            For a moment he acted like he didn’t care but then he came closer and looked at my arm.  I was bleeding from it.

            “Damn look I’m sorry…”

            He bent down and took a closer look at my arm. Then he did something I didn’t expect…even slightly.

            He ripped his sleeve off and he began to…take care of my wound.  At first I was confused at what he was doing but he kept my wound there and started to treat it, wrapping it up and everything.

            “Um…no I’m sorry,” I replied.

            I was lost for words.  I wasn’t really used to someone being tender.  I wasn’t really used to someone caring too much.

            After he was done he just sat there.  He looked down at the carpet.  He seemed so obsessed with the carpet.  He was just such a handsome person.  I’d been around beautiful people all my life, but there was something different about him.  There was something different about how he looked.


            All of a sudden I felt embarrassed. I was sitting here half naked throwing myself at someone.  Someone different.

            “So you guys always keep people hostage?” he asked.

            I laughed a little. He was so serious.

            I shrugged, “I’m really sorry about this.”

            I was so embarrassed.  It was rare to find someone that seemed really honest about something.

            “Well, cool. I mean, so you work for the little lady back at the banquet?”

            “Something like that.”

            “What is it that she does?”

            I shook my head.  For some reason I didn’t want him to know any of that stuff.  It seemed better if he knew less. 

“Nothing serious,” I stated, “What about you?”
“Well moved here not to long ago.  I got into catering, or helping out at least,” he

replied, “Manhattan is so busy.  Like I’m a small city guy.”

            “You have a New York accent.”

            “I grew up here, but I moved. It’s weird that you noticed my accent.”

            “I like it…it’s sexy…”

            There I went again.  I rolled my eyes at my own forwardness. Down Pollux.  Act like you weren’t raised by the devil FOR one minute. Please at like you have some sort of sense in this matter.

            He smiled, shyly. 


            There was an awkward silence. On his part.  It definitely wasn’t on mine.  There was something in my chest and I was trying to figure out what it was. Never felt it before.

            I was studying his face, his beautifully assembled lips. His long flowing braids.  His focused thick manly eyebrows. His slim physique.

            “Tell me about where you came from.”

            “I came from the desert.  The deserts of Nevada actually.  It was a small town that you could lose easily on the map.  You should see the rocks at nights though. Man, they turn different colors. Shades of red, orange and hyphenated purples…”

            He smiled as he talked about it, he seemed to be really into what he was saying.

            “It sounds beautiful.”

            “Maybe I can take you there one day.”

            The way he was saying it, sounded as though he really meant it. As if I wasn’t just a doll in the dollhouse. As though I can just get up and leave.

            “I doubt it…”

            “Why do you doubt it?”

            “Sometimes things don’t work like that. You know? Sometimes the toys don’t get to leave the toy box.  The world isn’t as free as you want to believe it is.  There is someone behind the scenes, planning everything. A puppet master. And the puppet master is good to her toys. She dressed them nice, puts them in fancy toy cars.  And she puts a fake smile on them. And you know little girls never get tired of playing with their toys.  There is no such thing as running away…no such thing as freedom.”


            Great I was going on a tantrum. The boy looked me dead in my eyes and I knew all he could see was emptiness.

I turned away.  He wouldn’t understand even if I tried to explain it to him.  And I was crying.  Real tears.  These wet raindrops falling, slowly.

Then I caught it.

Dolls don’t cry.

“Let’s not talk about the desert anymore.”

“You look so sad all of a sudden,” he stated looking at me, “What’s wrong?”


Just at that moment Zio put his hand on my hand.  He held it sharply. Making it known that he somewhat cared about what I was saying.  He was gentle.  He tilted his head, trying to catch my eyes.

“Tell me.”

Just at that moment I heard them.

The symphony of stilettos marching down the hall.  Minus one of course. Antoinette was always no where to be found after gunplay.  She was a celebrity and she definitely felt above all that other stuff.

I scooped up, getting up and making my way to put my clothes back on.  He followed behind me.

He repeated it again, “Tell me.”

The doors opened to Wednesday, Ce`cile and a couple nobodies behind them.  Wednesday always kept heavy security around her when she gets attacked.  No one had ever gotten so close but there had been those who tried.

“Zio,” Wednesday stated as she walked in with a smile spread across her face, “Come on…I’d like to formally thank you.”

That was her way of talking formally thank you. She’s lavish him with gifts. Expensive gifts too.  One thing about Wednesday, she knew how to give material things. to others. She knows how to put a smile on the faces of all her dolls.

“Um, I was kind of busy talking. Can I just get a minute,” Zio stated.

Wednesday’s jaw just dropped as Zio turned away from her and turned to me.  He looked at me with these wondering eyes completely putting Wednesday on hold.  It was ridiculous.

He had no idea what he was doing either.

“I should go,” I stated.

“Wait,” Zio stated walking over to me, “Can I see you again?  Hang out or something?”
            I had my back turned to him.  Wednesday and Ce`cile exchanged glances as though finding this little back and forth thing interesting.

Why the hell did Zio want to see me again?  Didn’t he understand the Dollhouse?  We were supposed to fuck and he was supposed to be happy.  He isn’t supposed to be wanting to see me again…especially if we didn’t fuck.

What was this all about?

“I’d like that,” I stated, unsure of what I should say.

I could feel Zio’s eyes watching me as I walked out of the room.

He wasn’t the only one watching me though.




            I couldn’t stop thinking about him.  I couldn’t stop thinking about his smile, his kindness.  How the hell was I even going to get a chance to see him again?

            But I wanted to. 

            I was surprised when I heard the knock on my door at two o’clock in the morning.  I woke up and went to answer it. 

            It was Ox…fuck.  He looked a fucking mess.  He was a bloodied mess.  Both his eyes were swollen.  He seemed to be beating a motherfucking pulp.  Ce`cile was such a bitch, how could she do this to him.

            I dragged him into the room immediately.  He may have not had the perfect personality but deep underneath I felt Ox was a good person.

            “Damn…you are such an idiot. What are you doing here? How did you get past all the security.”

            He shook his head, “Does it matter?  I can’t go to the hospital. They’ll kill me if I report them.  I had no choice.”

            He fell on the floor bloodied up.  His mouth was red, engulfed in blood. He was cupping onto his side.  It was clear he couldn’t stand completely straight.

            Another knock on the door.   

            “Fuck,” I stated, looking at the door, “Um. Be quiet and don’t say a word.”

            It wouldn’t look good at all of Ox was in my room after all they had done to him.  I took the comforter and threw it over Ox on the floor before I went to the door to answer it. 

            The guy who answered the door was Julius.  Number 54.  He was the Wednesday’s top whore.  I was good as seduction but he was number 1 at it as far as being a bisexual whore who could sleep with any creature walking this earth in a second and a half.

            “Busy?” he asked.

            I nodded, “A little bit.”

            “Well let me in.  I want to have some fun.”

            He pushed open the door. I knew just the type of fun that Julius was talking about and I wasn’t going to have it.  I kept the door shut, but not enough for him to see the comforter.

            “You’re hiding something.”
            “What is it to you?”

            He smiled a little bit, “Oh you dissing me now?  Thought we were boys. We watched each other’s backs.”

            “You know around here you watch your own back. And I have more efficacy then you.  So you need to respect your superior.”

            “Whatever,” he stated rolling his eyes, “I didn’t come here for that anyway ya dig?  I came here because Wednesday had a message for you.”

            “And what is it.”

            “She wants the boy, Zio…for herself.”

            He laughed and walked away.  I slammed the door behind him. 

            She was taking Zio as well.  She was taking EVERYTHING.  I looked over at the carpet at Ox as I got a first aid kit out.  How could she do this to a man who just wanted to be useful to her?

            She was a monster.

            And  I was sick of it.

            I wanted to see that desert with Zio.  I wasn’t sure if he was too serious about it but if he was I’d take him up on the offer.

            I picked up the phone.

            I’d call Castor for the umpteenth time.  I’ll all him till he picked up.  I’d let him know how I felt.  He wouldn’t be able to refuse me.

            We had to find a way out. We had to find an escape from the Dollhouse.

            If Everything Golden Goes, that’s how I choose to live…