Experimenting in Junior High

inspired fiction by Caspian Melkor

Helio and Adam had been best friends for more than a year. They had been in the same class for a few years, but as they entered junior high, the friendship blossomed. It wasn't because their interests or backgrounds were identical; far from it, as Helio was Brazilian born, soccer-crazy and outgoing, while Adam was a somewhat shy, otherwise typical white suburban American kid. In part, it was these contrasts that kept their friendship so interesting.

The boys attended a conservative Christian school in a small town. And it wasn't as bad as some of you might imagine. As it was a small school, the boys spent the school day together in class; And they spent all the rest of the day together playing sports and goofing off like pretty much all young teenage boys do.

As the friendship grew during their 7th grade year, Helio and Adam made it a practice to sleep over each other's houses as much as possible. As they got older, their seemed to be more and more to talk about. Really cool stuff, like girls... and sex! Of course, 13 years olds talking about sex amongst themselves can translate into some pretty immature nonsense, but they enjoyed it. It felt like they were breaking the rules somehow, talking about stuff late at night in whispered voices, stuff grown-ups didn't seem to talk about at all.

So it was that Helio and Adam's friendship took on a sexual element as well. It wasn't overt in any sense. It's important for kids to do this as they hit the turbulent waters of sexual development. And the boys were there for each other as interesting developments started to take place. Their hushed sleepover discussions started to feature more about some of the changes they were experiencing personally. It took a while to build up to this. Most boys are naturally shy creatures when it comes to anything sexual. But soon enough, say by the middle of the school year, it would have been completely normal to have seen Helio slipping down the waist of his boxers to show Adam how much more pubic hair he had grown in the past month, or to have heard Adam bragging to his buddy about how many times he had jacked off that day.

Their nighttime talks progressed steadily, to the point where they would share their masturbatory fantasies with each other, each jacking his own growing boyhood under his covers while they shared thoughts about the new girl in class, or the latest Hollywood hottie.

If they had been honest with each other from the beginning about their true desires and fantasies, they would have discovered that they both wanted to see each other naked, maybe even go beyond that. But as is too often the case with teenage boys, their inability to express those strange feelings kept them from exploring together. They seemed to be a classic case: another pair of young teenage boys denied the pleasure of a mutual sexual experience because of social taboos and immaturity. But fortunately for Helio and Adam - and for you - this turned out not to be the case.

As far as the boys' sexual progression goes, the 7th grade ended with them stuck in the fantasy story-telling rut, one they'd been in for a couple months. On the positive side, they had gotten a lot more comfortable with each other. And this is what allowed their upcoming summer to be so eventful.

A couple weeks into the summer term, the boys had planned a monster sleepover, with Helio staying at Adam's house for a whole week. The best part: no parents! Only Adam's jerk 16 year old brother, who would definitely stay out of their way. The boys successfully kept themselves out of trouble until they were free of the adults, and to boot, they had cleverly maneuvered themselves the right to stay in the basement, which turned out to be teenage boy heaven, complete with couches, lcd tv, video games, a computer, and even a full bathroom. All that was missing were the girls and the food. Of course, they thought they had pulled off a coup. The first night is where our story picks up.

After hours of video games and tv, the boys finally settled themselves down on their separate leather couches (like I said, heaven). With lights off and two horny, boxer-clad boys rubbing their crotches, it was Adam's turn to share a fantasy. But he was so excited about a recent event in his life that he just had to tell Helio. He'd been holding the news in all day.

Helio, you won't believe what happened last week!” Adam blurted out.

Did you cum?!” Helio knew his friend too well to think it was anything else. After all, it had been a constant topic of discussion ever since Helio first ejaculated five months prior.

Yeah!” The relief and joy was tangible in the 13 year old's voice.

Adam, that's awesome! Congrats man. Now we can both cum.”

Yeah, and I did it using this new technique I found online, on this website called Jackinworld.”

Jackinworld?” Helio laughed. “That's awesome. You mean there's a website just about jacking off? Figures you would find it first.” Chuckling to himself, Helio thought of how much Adam masturbated. He may not have been as far along in puberty as himself, but he sure was as horny as a dog in heat.

Ha, very funny. You would like it too. We should check it out sometime..” Adam finished the comment somewhat awkwardly, and a short pause followed. He hoped he didn't seem too obvious, but he really wanted to show Helio the website, mostly in the hope that maybe they would try out a couple techniques together. The last year had been a tease for Adam. He hadn't really developed a keen interest in girls yet, though he could talk the talk when necessary. What really turned him on were these sleepovers with Helio: all the sex talk, wrestling in their boxers, maybe catching a glimpse of his pubic hair growth. What Helio didn't know was that Adam jacked off to these memories all the time; in fact Helio was his favorite topic. He longed to see his friend's penis for the first time, and Adam felt he had finally come up with a scenario where it might be possible. Of course, his anxiety would have been needless if he knew that Helio had been pondering some of the same things about him.

This whole conversation was having an effect on Helio too, and he felt his penis swell as he thought about his friend's 'nasty' habit. He had noticed that this type of physical reaction was becoming more common during these conversations with Adam. It had started out as a natural and subconscious reaction, but that was just at first. During the seventh grade year, he had become an active participant in his own fantasies, imagining Adam naked, even fooling around with him. He had suppressed these thoughts at first; was actually kind of shocked that they were so strong. But soon enough he was giving in to the fantasies about Adam, and as he focused his mind and elaborated on them, the things he dreamt about doing with him became so 'dirty' that he was afraid to even repeat it out loud to himself. He thought there must be something wrong. He liked girls! He thought about them all the time. Well, less now that Adam was on his mind so much. But still, he wanted to have sex with girls!... Then again, he felt this bond with his friend, a bond that would allow them to share things that they couldn't share with anyone else. He knew Adam wouldn't tell. In fact, he was aware of his friend's interest in him, though he didn't know how far it went. He was utterly confused, but with Adam initiating by bringing up that website, he felt he could follow along without outing himself.

All these thoughts for the boys passed in a flash as they sat in silence after Adam's little comment. Helio figured he needed to save his friend any embarrassment by speaking first.

Yeah dude, we should check it out.”

Okay... How 'bout now?” Adam tried hard to conceal the excitement in his voice.

Alright. Sure.” With near complete privacy in the basement, Helio knew now was as good a time as ever.

Adam jumped up from his couch, clad only in boxers, which were seriously tenting. He didn't hide his erection in front of Helio; they had seen each other's clothes-clad erections a bunch of times. It aroused him only further to think Helio could see his four inches stretching his boxers. Sure enough he did.

Ah, sir, I think you've got a slight problem there” Helio joked.

Actually I'm going to take care of it very soon, but thanks for noticing” Adam replied as he strutted towards the computer in the corner of the room.

Helio whooped with laughter at Adam's antics, but he wondered deep inside just how he was going to 'take care of it', and how soon. It got him excited again, and as he rose from under his covers on the coach, he had his own little problem to deal with. Adam cackled as he approached him at the computer.

Look who's talking!”

I know, I know” Helio said, blushing as he brought up a chair by Adam. Adam practically stared at his friend's crotch; he sure filled out those boxers! Helio cleared his throat and snickered at him. He quickly looked back up at the screen, and it was his turn to blush.

So,” Adam said in a quiet voice, “are you five inches yet?” It was tough to bring himself to ask the question under the circumstances, but they had been sharing their private measurements with each other for over a year.

Yeah,” Helio responded shyly. “I measured last week, and I finally got there.” He smiled as he looked at Adam, still determinedly staring at the computer screen, still blushing scarlet. Helio couldn't help but notice how cute he was when he was embarrassed. It gave him courage to think his friend could get this flustered over him.

So you must be over four inches now?” Helio asked. He grabbed Adam's shoulder and forced him to lean back in his chair, exposing his tented boxers again. Instead of fighting it, Adam relaxed and let Helio stare.

Uh huh, I'm around 4 and a quarter inches as of last week.”

Nice.” Helio could see Adam's dick pulse gently under the thin material. Adam quickly sat up and proceeded to get the computer online. At this point, both boys were having trouble not reaching down and playing with themselves. Their penises were not used to being ignored.

So it's jackinworld.com” Adam repeated, trying to draw attention away from his excited member. As he brought the website up, Helio laughed. There was a funny cartoon about masturbating at school, and the word masturbation was everywhere.

The best part is the section on techniques.” Adam scrolled over the drop down box and selected the 'jackinexpert' tab. It opened up to a page with a number of categories listed; basic, simulators, self-control, etc. The boys giggled as they scrolled down several lists of interesting and strange techniques. This of course did nothing to help their erections go down. Within a few minutes each boy had a hand down his boxers, gently fondling. They shot little periodic glances at each other out of the corners of their eyes. This was the most open they had ever been with each other physically, actually playing with themselves only a foot apart from each other.

They read down each list one by one, making their way to the end. Both boys were a bit nervous, as they had noticed early on the last category: 'fun for two'. Neither had mentioned it, but it was definitely the elephant in the room. Even so, the list of 'self-control games' was captivating enough to make them forget about the last category for a moment. But as they neared the end of the list, the tension grew noticeably. Helio's erection was pulsing in his hand. Adam felt his heart racing; he knew what kind of techniques were in the fun for two list. He had been fantasizing about trying them out with Helio for a long time. Would he finally get the chance?

It hit Helio in an instant just how much he also wanted to try out some mutual techniques with his best friend. But what would Adam's reaction be? He felt that he could guess pretty easily. He hadn't given too much thought to whether Adam was gay or not, but the kid sure did show an interest in his body. Helio wasn't stupid: he had caught Adam looking at him a certain way a few times; there was definitely something there. He decided he would find out by doing the opposite of what he thought Adam wanted.

Hey Adam, go back to that 'stop and go' technique. I wanna try that one out tonight.” Helio watched carefully as a look of hesitation and disappointment passed over Adam's face. So there it was! Adam wanted to masturbate with him...together! A shiver went down his spine.

Adam felt disappointment begin to ooze through him. It was exciting that they would be masturbating soon, but bitterly disappointing that it wouldn't be 'together'. Did this mean Helio wasn't interested in masturbating together? Fortunately Helio broke into his thoughts and answered the question for him.

I mean, we should save some other stuff for the rest of the week, right?” Helio looked at Adam with eyebrows raised, as if to reassure him.

Ye..yeah. Th..that's cool.” Adam responded, trying to process all of this at once.

Ah man, don't look so disappointed! I'm sure this technique isn't that bad.” Helio gave him an all-knowing smirk. “Have you ever tried it?”

Ah, no actually” said Adam, still thinking about that smirk. “Sounds difficult though. I don't know how many times I'll be able to stop myself.”

Well, we won't know till we try.” Helio refocused on the screen. “It says to masturbate right up until you're gonna ejaculate, and then stop. And repeat a few times. Let's do it!”

Okay, sounds interesting.” Adam wasn't sure what to do next. Where exactly were they going to do this? Would he get to see Helio's dick after all? He hoped.

Helio seemed to hesitate for a moment too, then got up and went over to his couch. “I think it'll be most comfortable if we're laying down.” Adam followed over to his couch, his brain exploding in excitement about what was coming next. But much to his chagrin, Helio got up and flicked off the lights.

Hey, I can't see!”

That's kinda the point, doofus. How could you possible stop from cumming if you're perving my hot body the whole time?”

Adam stuttered and mumbled something in response. He hadn't expected that from Helio, even if it was a joke. And of course, there was the little problem that it was completely true. Helio chuckled at him.

Of course, I might have the same problem...sexy.” Helio laughed. Adam found this comment very interesting, and threw a pillow at him.

The boys slouched down into their couches, which were a few feet apart in an 'L' shape. But with the back of Helio's couch blocking the only light source – the computer's miscellaneous power lights – they could barely see their own bodies at first.

Well, the boxers have got to go” Helio pointed out.

Yup.” As he pulled off his underwear, Adam imagined the naked, erect form of his best friend just a few feet away. Helio was a very handsome young man. His short, black hair and piercing black eyes perfectly complimented his creamy, blemish-free caramel skin. He had a blinding white smile that could move anyone. His body was tall and long for his age, but not scrawny. He was already well filled out for a 13 year old. Athletics have helped shape him into the image of boyhood, but he's growing fast. His shoulders had started squaring, and he stood at 5'7. Adam recently started using the word sexy to describe him in his mind.

Helio's thoughts also drifted to his now naked friend. Adam was cute, and everyone knew it - The girls, the boys, the teachers, the parents. He had the face of a precocious preteen, but his body was coming along nicely. He wore a scruffy mop of dirty blond hair that seemed to match his personality perfectly. Helio had to be careful not to stare when he looked Adam square in the face, because he's often felt as if he was falling into those deep blue eyes. He had a few freckles and a button nose, and often wore one of those cute smirks that makes you think he knows something. Adam's body was thin, but sinewy and strong. He's an excellent athlete, and stood at 5'5. Helio had always been happy to have this cute kid as his best bud.

The boys laid back with penises in hand, ready to stroke.

So when you get close, stop and wait till you calm down,” Helio instructed. “Count how many times you hold off, and we can compare afterwards. Let's say whoever holds off the longest is the winner.”

So what does the winner get?” Adam mused.

Ha, you'd like to know!” Helio laughed. Adam blushed in the dark. “I guess just bragging rights for now, but we can figure that out later.” A pause, and then: “have you started?”

Yeah” Adam breathed, his heart pounding.

With great excitement the boys stroked their erections. They could hear each other breathing heavily in the dark, and as their eyes adjusted, they could just make out each other's outline on their respective couches, fists pumping up and down.

They were staring at each other, though neither could tell. Adam watched the naked, pleasuring form of his friend. He couldn't make out details, but between his eyes and his imagination, he saw enough to bring him to the edge within two minutes flat. He squeezed his pulsing erection and relaxed into the leather couch.

Helio noticed his friend taking a break, and it got him extra excited to think of his cute best friend ready to blow his load just a few feet away. He too had to stop the stimulation for a few moments.

And so it went on, the boys stopping and starting at nearly the same time. It was like they were connected some how. They didn't say a thing until Adam spoke up about twenty minutes later, breathing heavily after he almost pushed himself too far.

Dude, I need to cum this next time; I can't stand it anymore.” Adam half expected Helio to rib him or declare victory, but instead the sexually charged teenager responded in kind:

Yeah man, me too. Let's cum this next time.”

With the finish line in sight, the boys plowed on, stroking themselves with a fury only known to young teenage boys. The training had begun to have an effect, and they were able to hold off for a few minutes. Both young boys began making sweet little sex noises, moaning and grunting with each tug of their hands. This had the effect of turning each other on even more, and before they knew what hit them, shockingly powerful orgasms started to crash over their virile, young bodies.

I'm cumming Adam!” Helio moaned.

Me too!” Adam whimpered.

Helio opened his mouth but no sound came out as he ejaculated forcefully onto his heaving chest, shooting several shots of warm cream down his front, finally oozing out over his hand. At the same moment Adam let out high-pitched mewling sounds as he actually shot out a string of cum onto his stomach, the rest dribbling out and down his wilting cock. Not bad for a boy that had been ejaculating for less than a week! It was clearly a record for Helio too; he had never before been covered in this much cum.

For a minute or so, the only sound was the heavy breathing of the boys as they came down from the most intense orgasms of their young lives. Adam was so thrilled he had to express it:

That was friggin' awesome!”

Helio laughed weakly. “No kiddin' man. I've never shot that much in my life.”

Yeah, me too. I didn't think I'd be able to shoot for a while, but I actually did shoot onto my tummy.”

Really!? You shot some? It took me a month the do that! I've gotta see this dude.” And before Adam knew what was going on, Helio had gotten up and flicked on the lights, exposing both boys in their post-orgasmic glory. Adam couldn't help but stare at Helio as he walked over to him, covered in white streaks of dripping cum from his neck down to his now wilted, but swollen dick. Adam's eyes focused in on Helio's crotch like a laser. He was beautiful! He had a concentrated but sparse growth of hair above his dick, which Adam had already known about. But seeing it with the whole package was so much better. His swollen cock was wet with his fluids, and his smooth balls hung low, perfectly framing his exquisite penis. Adam's eyes must have been the size of dinner plates. He had finally seen what he had been hungering for, and he was not disappointed! Helio was gorgeous; perfect in Adam's eyes.

Helio conveniently ignored Adam's shock and looked down at the paralyzed boy, confirming the little puddle of cum above his belly-button, congratulating him.

That's awesome dude!” Helio was better able to hide his happiness, but he was no less excited at seeing Adam in all his glory. He was strangely excited at the nearly hairless package in front of him, the exception a few blond pubes above the soft tube. Helio had to tear his eyes away before his got aroused again.

We need to get cleaned up man” Helio pointed out. He reached out a helping hand to Adam. Adam looked up surprised but took it and stood up. Both boys immediately realized that they had used their 'cummy' hands and laughed at their mistake, playfully wiping the residue on each other as they made their way to the bathroom.

They got in front of the sink, standing side by side, each with a wash cloth. The full length mirror reminded them of the mess they had made, and they could barely get on with the cleaning they were laughing so hard. Eventually they settled down enough to get the wash cloths wet and start wiping themselves off. This was exciting in its own right, and their dicks were back at half mast after the strenuous rubbing they gave them.

Without being conscious of it, the boys were bonding in a very special and irrevocable way. This was a memory they would each have for the rest of their lives, and it would bind them together as best buds forever.

Hey man, did you wipe some of your jizz on my back?” Adam asked, still laughing.

Ahh, maybe.” Helio smirked.

Well, clean it off moron!”

Helio took his wash cloth and gently wiped down Adam's back, removing the sticky substance in an instant. But he continued to wipe his back, massaging it with the wash cloth. He got lower and lower until he swiped Adam's firm butt with the wash cloth and gave it a playful smack.

Nice ass Adam” Helio joked. He joined Adam side by side again while he washed out the cloth. Adam felt bold all of a sudden, and reached out and cupped Helio's warm ball sac.

Nice balls Helio” he added playfully, before withdrawing his hand.

Helio grinned widely at him and reached over and grabbed Adam's whole package, semi and all.

You too. Goodnight, hot stuff ” With that, Helio gave Adam another playful smack on the ass and walked back to his couch. Adam followed shortly, shut off the lights, and got into bed.

All in all, the first night of the sleepover had gone pretty well.

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Interesting fact: Helio and Adam are two real kids I know, though the relationship I feature above is purely hypothetical.;)......There should be a few chapters in this story.