Experimenting in Junior High, chapter 2

inspired fiction by Caspian Melkor

Both boys slept more soundly that night than they had in a long while. Though to be fair, their imaginations were hard at work all night long, stoking the fires with hot and heavy dreams that caused both of them to 'relieve' themselves in the bathroom in the middle of the night at least once each. And would you have expected anything less? It was the first mutual sexual experience for either boy, so naturally they longed for more. Though neither had really intended it – and certainly not Adam – the previous night had served as one big tease: introducing the young teens to the pleasures of mutual experience, but not nearly satisfying their hunger for sexual contact.

As Adam lay on the couch early the following morning, gazing at the sleeping form of his friend, he thought about that brief touch. The pure excitement that surged through him as he cupped Helio's smooth balls. The wave of euphoria that washed over him as his friend briefly fondled him, smiling that dazzling smile at him.

He looked over at Helio, his chest slowly rising and falling as he continued to sleep soundly. Like Adam, he was still naked, but his blanket covered him from the midriff down. Adam smiled to himself as he thought that the picture would be more complete without the intrusive blanket getting in the way.

It suddenly occurred to Adam how happy he was. He was happy to have a friend like Helio, happy that they could spend this time together, and happy that their friendship was progressing the way it seemed to be. Of course he was really happy about last night. But it wasn't just about the physical experience, of which he hoped there would be more; that would have been cool with anyone. After all, as a young teenage boy, Adam wasn't too picky. There was just something extra special because it was with Helio. Sure, he had been interested in Helio's body for some time; but as he stared at his sleeping friend, he suddenly realized that it wasn't really about that for him. He liked Helio. He liked everything about him. Being around Helio made him feel good inside. In fact, he admitted to himself, he liked Helio more than pretty much anyone else in the world, except his family of course - he loved them. He definitely cared more about Helio than any dumb girl he had kissed in his grade, of which there were a few. So, then, if he was going to do sex stuff with anyone, why shouldn't it be with Helio?

He thought that was a good question, and mused on it for a while, his thoughts running a mile a minute. He knew men could have sex with other men; he learned that from the porn he had consumed over the past year. When he first came across that, it kind of grossed him out. How could you put your penis there?! But as time passed, he grew more used to it and accepted it as one more way two people could have sex, although he never contemplated that kind of thing for himself. But all the other stuff they did seemed really cool. He got hard just thinking about it, and began rubbing himself as he visualized doing stuff with Helio, a dream that seemed more a possibility than ever before: masturbating each other, and grinding, and blow jobs!, and kissing...... Adam froze, his thoughts crashing down around him. What the hell was that about?! His breathing became shallow, his eyes no longer on his friend, but staring unfocused up at the ceiling, dimly lit by the morning light visible from the basement windows. His racing mind had just pictured himself in a passionate kiss with Helio. It was unintentional, right? It just kind of happened.

Adam was scared. What may seem so obvious laid out on your computer screen had yet to make itself known to the thirteen year old boy. Until now. It worried Adam, because he was world-wise enough to know what it might mean. Boys don't kiss boys like that. Unless you're....well, yeah.....that.

He remembered his dad giving him the 'birds and the bees' talk a couple years prior. His parents were liberal as far as their denomination went - which translated into pretty much ignoring the whole homosexual 'thing'. The talk that Adam was given was surprisingly enlightened, in so much as it left out specifics about who exactly you could have that special relationship with. His dad told him that sex was for two people that loved and cared for each other, and that it was best to save it until you got married. Living in Massachusetts allowed Adam to interpret this answer liberally and literally, which his parents relied on to save them the awkwardness of explaining something that was quite foreign to them. So Adam was aware what 'gay' meant, but at thirteen, he hadn't given it too much deep thought. You might find it unbelievable, but young Adam hadn't connected his fantasizing about Helio over the past year to his possible sexual orientation. It had just felt good, he thought. It didn't mean anything.

Through all this confusion of thought, Adam did something that many people never have the guts to do: he calmed himself down and thought about what his feelings might mean. He deserves great credit for this kind of introspection, especially at his age. He cautiously approached the subject in his mind....kissing.

'What's so wrong about it anyways', he thought.

'Well, nothing', he answered himself. 'But if you like kissing boys, that means you're gay'.

'And is that a problem?', he asked himself, now with a slight tinge of annoyance at the devil's advocate in his head.

A pause, then: 'Well, only if you won't admit it to yourself'.

As Adam contemplated that, it seemed the two competing sides of his mind melded together. Yes, he was gay. He liked boys. Well, one boy in particular. And he wanted to kiss him......... But he couldn't! Never! He couldn't tell Helio about this. He was pretty sure Helio wasn't gay, and he couldn't live with himself if he ruined their friendship by approaching him the wrong way. But what would be wrong about continuing with what they were doing. Helio had started it last night. Maybe it would give him the chance to find out if Helio shared some of his feelings, as unlikely as it seemed. But at least he could fool around with him. That would be better than nothing.

So that much was settled. He wasn't sure when or how or if he could tell Helio about all this, but he would just have to be patient and wait it out. He looked over at his still sleeping friend, the blanket that covered that naked Adonis tantalizingly lower than it had been earlier. Adam felt a familiar tingling in his balls. But this time, a newly cultivated feeling joined it: a strange aching in his chest, almost a longing. He gazed at his beautiful young friend and slipped his hand under the covers, throwing back the blanket, and grasped his erection. Adam closed his eyes and began to frantically masturbate, as he imagined Helio leaning over him, smiling his captivating smile; their smooth, young bodies entangle as their erections slide against one another. Helio leans down, their faces getting closer. Adam can feel the boy's sweet, warm breath on his face, and then their lips meet, their arms wrapping around each other as the passion of their kiss grows.........

Adam snapped his eyes open as his erection jerked in his hand, shooting a string of cum all the way up his abdomen, the rest spilling out in what seemed like copious amounts all over his hand. It was the best orgasm of his young life, and certainly the most cum he had produced. He relaxed into the soft embrace of the couch, sweating slightly. He was tired. His body put everything into that orgasm, and it showed. He didn't bother to clean himself up or pull up the covers. He just fixed his gaze on his best friend once again as his eyes began to close, drifting off to sleep a different boy than he had woken up as.

As the typical teenagers they were, Helio and Adam both slept into the mid-morning hours. It should come as no surprise, after Adam tired himself out early that morning, that Helio was the first to rise. It took a while as he slowly stretched his lithe body and wiped the sleep from his eyes. Faintly aware of the natural light flooding the basement, he knew it must be nearing 10 am. He glanced over at Adam to see if he was awake, and was taken aback by the sight of the buck-naked youngster sprawled out on the couch. He certainly did have a nice body, he thought. He could get so many girls!

Naturally his hand traveled down underneath the blanket and he took hold of his morning meat, straining for all its worth. As he lazily stroked himself, he thought of last night. It had been so much fun, and they'd barely done anything! It made him want to do more with Adam. He was so horny nowadays, he got excited thinking about any kind of sexual situation with pretty much anyone. But there was too much risk to go around doing stuff with just anybody, and he knew Adam would keep it secret. Not only did he want to try lots of stuff with Adam, he figured it would get him ready for the ultimate goal: sex with a girl. But that probably wouldn't happen until high school: the girls were all such prudes! Until then, Adam would be the perfect outlet. Plus, he had to admit to himself that Adam definitely turned him on. That awesome body, that tight ass, that smooth cock. His erection pulsed in his hand as he looked at him, still sleeping, arms and legs sprawled out everywhere. Yeah, Adam would definitely be good enough for now, to try all his moves on. He figured they would end up doing more sex play: even though he couldn't be sure how far Adam wanted to go, he guessed it was pretty far, knowing how horny and curious his friend was. And that was okay with him. As long as no one found out of course.

If he jacked off any more, it would be really hard to go pee, so Helio got up and headed for the bathroom. As he waited for his hard dick to soften a little, he wondered whether he should develop a 'plan of action' for their future play. Adam certainly was interested, and seemed to have most of the ideas. But the problem was, the kid may not have the guts to actually initiate whatever he had in mind. After all, Helio thought, he had to start it last night; Adam would never have touched him unless he started it. Helio was naturally the more dominant of the duo, so he didn't really have a problem getting things going. And that would certainly make things move along faster; Helio wasn't sure he could take the wait. He was horny all the time, and he was ready to get some action! So maybe that was the key: be bold! Keep pushing Adam until he felt confident enough to take the lead. That way he could see where Adam wanted to take this. He was curious what his friend had in mind.

Helio had to settle himself down again to go pee, but he finally accomplished his goal. As he headed back towards the couches, he figured he might as well set his little plan in motion now. Hormones were obviously working their magic on his body, because he was getting super horny all of a sudden. Maybe it was the realization that he and Adam would soon be fooling around again...Yeah, that was probably it.

As he approached the sleeping teenager and looked down, Helio noticed the dry cum stains on his stomach. So he'd been having some fun by himself too? And it looked like he had cum a lot! No matter, he thought; there was more where that came from. Helio wasn't sure which way was best to wake up Adam, so he went with the obvious and grabbed hold of the stiff rod jutting up from the boy's groin. It felt so hot and smooth in his hand. Of course, he had felt his own plenty of times, but this was somehow different, much different! It was more erotic. He felt the urge to just go ahead and masturbate Adam right then and there, but he mostly resisted the urge, and after a few swift strokes, bent Adam's dick down and let it slap up against his belly. This had the desired effect of waking Adam up.

What the hell!” Adam groggily protested, his eyes half shut, clearly having woken up with a start.

Good morning. Your dick thought it was time you get up.” Helio couldn't help but crack up at the look on Adam's reddening face, especially as he quickly recognized his situation and what his friend had just done. This also had the effect of keeping his erection going strong. He sat up, legs spread, not caring to cover himself as he noticed Helio was beautifully naked, and tried to play along as he got his wits back.

You should be nice to my little friend: he's very sensitive” Adam replied with a smirk, patting the top of his 'little head'.

Yeah, I bet” Helio smiled. Adam felt his heart skip a beat. “But I'm sure there wasn't any permanent damage.” Before Adam could react, Helio got on his knees and reached out and gently took hold of his 4 ¼ inch erection, slowly moving it around on the pretense of examining it. Adam's breath caught in his chest. After a few moments that seemed to last forever, Helio took proper hold and lightly stroked him up and down while he clumsily caressed his smooth sac. He only did this for around ten seconds, but it sure seemed to last a while; Adam was looking down at Helio manipulate him, his breath shallow. As Helio pulled off reluctantly and looked up at his friend, Adam couldn't help but let out a small sigh. He had almost cum in 15 seconds flat, but had been too shocked to say anything. Fortunately Helio stopped just in time to avoid getting his face plastered.

There was a moment of awkward silence. Adam knew what he wanted to do next, but it was hard to bring himself to do it. Helio looked up at him expectantly. Blushing scarlet, Adam struggled to get out his words: “S...s...so now I n...need to check out y...yours?” It was somewhere between a question and a statement, the boy clearly flustered and unsure of his next move. Helio chuckled.

But nothing happened to mine, Adam” he reminded him, smirking at his friend. Helio knew now how much Adam wanted this, and how difficult it was for him to reach out and take it, literally and figuratively. But they would do it this time, together. He just needed to get over this hump, and he would be a changed boy, Helio thought. Adam was at a loss for words, but Helio saved him the trouble. He gave him a sexy smile, the one he was sure Adam liked best, and leaned back, bringing his arms behind his head as he stretched out on the floor, exposing his sexy little patches of pit hair, the kind found only on young teenage boys still developing. His leaking cock strained upwards against his creamy tummy. It was an invitation, and Adam made sure to take it.

He couldn't stop the excited grin spreading across his mouth as he knelt down next to Helio on the floor, his erection bouncing in front of him. He sat cross legged at his friend's waist and tentatively reached out and took hold of the pulsing adolescent meat. He instantly fell in love with the foreign hotness in his hand. He didn't even pretend to examine it: that little game was long forgotten by both of them. He just lovingly stroked and caressed, sometimes holding it still in his hand so he could feel Helio pulse in excitement. He was nearly drooling over the cock in his hand. For Helio's part, he was using his arms to prop his head up so he could watch this erotic scene. His jaw also hung open as he witnessed and experienced for the first time someone else working his most private of parts. This went on for several minutes, Helio barely containing his orgasm.

Wait a bit Adam, I'm gonna cum if you keep going like that.” Helio called out hoarsely.

Isn't that the point?” Adam looked at him with a Cheshire grin while he stroked himself.

Of course, but we should do it together. Lie down next to me, and we can do each other at the same time.” Helio was so horny at this moment, his words seemed to come out of their own volition. He realized how much he wanted to grab hold of Adam's dick. As Adam complied and laid down next to him, feet in opposite direction, the haze of his hormones lifted enough for him to laugh at himself for all the thought he had put into his plan earlier. It turned out to be pretty easy, Helio thought, as he grabbed hold of the smooth erotic warmth of his best friend.

The boys relaxed into each other's hands and began stroking with passion. Both their heads were turned slightly to the right so as to watch their own hands work their friend's penis, smooth ball sacs bouncing along with the movement. The were close enough to reach over with their free hands and find a use for them as well, which they did. It was five minutes of non-stop caressing, petting, tickling, rubbing, and of course stroking. It was a magical and unforgettable moment of exploration that the boys wanted to last forever: an unlikely outcome with two horny thirteen year old boys. And sure enough, within a matter of minutes, both boys were jacking each other frantically and moaning in their raspy, pubescent voices.

I'm cumming!” moaned Adam.

Me too!” answered Helio. Hot jets of creamy ejaculate seared their skin as they both came with a force previously unknown to them. With heaving chests, their young bodies covered in sweat, the boys gently coaxed the last remnants of juice from each others' softening penises. The boys would have continued, but their sensitive parts forbid any more play at the moment. Helio and Adam slowly sat up, staring at each other with what must have been goofy looks on their faces.

That was so awesome!” Helio said with laughter in his voice.

Definitely the best thing ever! Now why didn't we do that before?” Adam mused comically.

Doesn't matter now, does it? But we're gonna keep doing it, that's for sure!” Adam's stomach did a somersault inside as he heard Helio say that. He was certainly on board with that plan.

You can bet on it.”

After a few seconds of just smiling at each other, Adam shyly reach out and scooped some of Helio's cum from his stomach. He played with it between his fingers and held it up to his nose to smell it. Helio watched Adam with a curious look on his face, which turned to outright surprise as Adam slowly licked the sticky substance off his fingers. Adam scrunched his cute nose at him in disgust, but he wore a naughty smile that was worth a thousand words. Helio thought he could read some of them.

How's it taste?” Helio asked laughing.

Not bad, considering it's from you.” Adam sucked his middle finger slowly, those blue eyes locked onto Helio's dark ones. Now those eyes seemed to be telling Helio things. Adam finished his show and smirked at him. Helio just smiled and shook his head.

Geez Adam, one thing at a time bro.” Adam smiled and bit his lower lip and smiled, and both boys understood. This new Adam was going to be a handful.

Well, unless you're gonna lick my cum off of me, maybe we should take a shower. I think we're kinda ripe anyways.” The room did smell strongly of young teen boys and sex.

A shower sounds good” Adam agreed as they got up. “You wash me, I'll wash you.”

Oooh, sounds exciting” Helio mocked as he threw his arm around his best friend's shoulder.

I didn't mean it like that you dirty boy.”

Oh yeah, sure you didn't....cum-whore.” Adam guffawed along with Helio at his new nickname.

Okay, maybe I did.” With that, the two naked, dripping boys marched side by side into the bathroom.

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