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Hunk Becomes Slave

Chapter 1

Jason was a god, at least he believed so himself. He certainly looked the part, admiring himself in the mirror. Having gotten out of bed and showered, Jason was standing naked and dripping wet in front of the full length mirror he had made sure was featuring prominently in his bathroom. 6'2" tall and heavily muscled from daily gym sessions and a healthy diet he was the epitome of a Greek god. Except he was black. However, in Jason's eyes that just made him even better than a Greek god. Drying his arms he flexed his biceps admiring the bulging muscle, backed up by an enormous triceps and topped off by a huge shoulder muscle. Jason thought his arms where probably his best feature, and on days off from work often wore sleeveless t-shirts to show them off.

Wiping his massive chest he felt the big slaps of hard muscle covering his rib cage, beautifully rounded and tipped off with big silver dollar sized, dark areoles with an inch long meaty nipple in the middle. Rubbing them with the towel almost made him gasp, they were so sensitive. He could also feel them get slightly harder by the touch, and he's cock was stirring too. His chest and nipples had always been totally connected and a sense of huge pleasure. He loved having a white bitch suck on them, or even better one bitch on each nipple like he had last weekend. But he mustn't let his mind wander too much.

Continuing down his ribbed abs, feeling each mound and valley between them, he got to his pride. Whether it was from the towel caressing his nipples or the fact he was so admiring himself if the mirror is difficult to say, but Jason's cock was semi-erect by now. He had trimmed off all the hair, with the exception of a small bush just above his cock, to make it look as impressive as possible. Not that he needed to. His normal 12 inches and thick as a beer can, now having grown a bit more, was always causing gasps of excitement mixed with fear when he brought a bitch home and whipped out his cock to get off. Pushed forward by a set of low hanging, huge balls it was quite a sight. Even for Jason, who admired his package every day. Certainly none of the guys at the gym had anything similar.

On a couple of occasions he had even had to slap the bitches around a couple of times before they calmed down enough to get on their backs and spread their legs to give him pussy, because of fear of the size of his cock. He liked to start off fucking them in the cunt and then turn them over and take them in the ass. At that stage they were so exhausted from taking it up the cunt that they did not object much until they felt him up their ass, and then it was too late. The pain was already excruciating. He normally came there before sending them packing. Unless he pushed them to their knees and had them blow him so he could cum in their mouth. But his mind was drifting again...

Jason brought the towel around and dried off his ass. If it wasn't his arms that were his best feature it was his ass. Huge, muscular globes, sitting on top of massive thighs and sculpted calves. He could feel them move back and forth as he dried them, nothing but muscle, but still soft to the touch. He was naturally smooth except for quite a bit of hair in his crack.

Finishing off his legs he straightened himself up again and posed. Yes, he definitely had the best defined, most muscular body he had seen on any guy yet. With his chiselled good looks, strong jaw, and confident, clear eyes he was god's gift to the white bitches he liked to entertain himself with. He knew most guys turned to look at him as well, but male bitches was beneath him, even those who claimed to be straight and had the jock body and looks that most people, both male and female bitches, would dream about.. He had a regular supply of female pussy and ass so why even think about it. However, he liked to make the jocks grovel and see them humiliated. The more masculine, macho, muscular and handsome, the more Jason wanted them to drool, beg and show that they were no more than a male bitch. Jason really liked taking what he wanted humiliating people in the process. Take his servant, Mark, for example.

Mark was almost as good looking as Jason himself. Although white, so obviously in lower league to start with. Mark was equally muscled, powerful arms worthy of a body builder, a huge chest topped off by dark brown, but small nipples, ripped abs, bulging calves and massive legs leading up to perfectly shaped globes, a really broad, masculine ass. With his Italian origin Mark had classic good looks with short black hair and facial hair that created the perfect designer stubble towards the end of the day. Jason and Mark had been friends from childhood, or at least so Mark thought. Growing up together they naturally tended towards the football team and started working out. Both very focused on being the best they could, they started to develop amazing physiques, keeping up their rigorous training and health regimes. They both were stars on their team, but Mark was a natural leader as well as liked by all so he was made captain. Although Jason might have been a slightly better football player there was something about him which made most people keep a bit of distance. There was an arrogance, an air of superiority that made most people uncomfortable. Mark, having grown up with Jason, did not think anything of this, but continued his friendship with Jason. Jason, on his hand, resented Mark's superior position, and the feelings in him which he had had since childhood grew stronger.

Jason's parents had always drummed into their son the need to stay strong, to never relent, to always go after what you want regardless of consequences, to believe in your self, and the power of the black man. Jason's parents had done this with the best of intentions, to give their son confidence, but Jason had over the years come to see this as the natural order of things, of black superiority over whites. And to him this made perfect sense and the way he would like to shape his world. Mark's position as captain over Jason was wrong and Jason resented it strongly. It was unnatural.

Then Jason had a stroke of incredible fortune! Mark was caught fucking another guy in the equipment storage room! And the guy was a minor! And he was the coach's son! The fact that it later came out that the 2 had been a couple for more than a year, hiding away to keep it an absolute secret did nothing to prevent Mark from being thrown off the team, out of the school and ended up serving a minor jail sentence for having repeatedly having had sex with a minor.

As the best player by far on the team now that Mark was out, there was nothing that could prevent Jason from being made captain, and be put in his rightful place. His streak of luck continued with his team doing so well that he was allowed to shine, resulting in a scholarship to Harvard.

Mark on the other hand was also cut off by his parents and ended up living on welfare and any odd job he could make some money on, just about being able to stay off the streets. He managed to keep up his gym routine by volunteering to tidy and clean up the public county gym for free in return for using it after hours.

Mark later found out that Jason had first discovered the 2 in the equipment room, and found an excuse to make the coach go there with a couple of the other team members to "discover" the 2 lovers.

At Harvard Jason showed very good academic talents and graduated top of his class. One of the Fortune 500 companies signed him up and paid his way through the MBA programme directly afterwards. Coming back to his home town Jason therefore felt on top of the world, where he in his own eyes as a black superior man should be. Prime specimen of a black muscle god, with a Harvard MBA and a fast track career in the making.

Admiring his naked, perfect body in the mirror Jason imagined himself in a few years time becoming a senior executive at his company being able to make whole divisions do his bidding and having to grovel for his recognition. For now he was only running a small team, but in addition he did have Mark.

Returning to his home town he happened to find out that Mark was barely scraping by, and had run out of options and had nothing to fall back on. Jason took full advantage of the situation, offering Mark a job which he knew Mark could not refuse regardless of how humiliating it was. Jason offered his "friend" the job as his servant. Jason made it clear to Mark that he expected to be waited on 24/7 whenever he wanted anything. Mark would clean the house, do the yard work, zand be the pool boy, do all the laundry, ironing and shoe polishing. He would cook all meals and serve them like a butler. Mark even had to wear the formal uniform of a servant, at all times being dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and tie. Jason even made it clear he expected Mark to address him as Sir, never again going back to the friendship they have. Mark understood that all means were being used to humiliate him and make him understand he was something less than Jason. The uniform, the waiting at the table, having to do all menial jobs, and to top it off having to call Jason, his old friend, Sir. From the way Jason explained this to Mark it was clear Jason was enjoying this tremendously, and from the tent in his trousers during the conversation it was clear he was turned on by humiliating Mark like this. As Jason knew, Mark had no option, but to accept all terms. Jason even made Mark beg for the job and corrected Mark until he got the question and the submissive tone right. "May I please be allowed to be your servant, Sir". To which Jason answered a simple "yes" and walked away.

Jason was keen to show everybody his success and superiority so he bought a house much bigger and better than he could afford, a large 5 bedroom house designed by a famous architect. He also bought a Ferrari. All of this put him heavily in debt, but he figured with his career prospects he could manage. Making sure his co-workers recognised his superior position he also made sure he had a good supply of made to measure suits and shirts. He knew he looked good in them, and by having them made to measure they showed off his very muscular body perfectly, even more cementing his superiority. He made sure that his shirts where made tight fitting, including over the arms, so that when he took his jacket off at work the fabric strained around his arms, shoulders and chest, accentuating his broad shoulders, big arms, huge chest tapering down to a very narrow waist. With such a tight fit the shirt fabric would continuously rub against his nipples making them hard and tenting the shirt out, making them very visible. The rubbing of his nipples also stimulated his cock, which on occasion would strain the trouser fabric at the front and draw it closer around his ass. Jason was quite happy showing off his assets reinforcing the image of a dominant black stallion to all around him. He even wore tight fitting boxers that bunched his package up and pushed it forward to accentuate his male prowess.

To himself Jason had to admit he really liked wearing suits. He thought they made him look really masculine, and as they fit him perfectly they showed off his body extremely well, especially with his jacket off. Jason also knew they made him look successful, something which he was, but which he wanted to make sure everybody recognised. To achieve this he went for the most formal, successful look he could imagine. He would always wear a dark suit. It could be charcoal, navy blue or black, but always dark. He would always wear a formal white shirt with a cut away collar and double cuffs held together by gold cufflinks. He would have socks matching his suit, and formal black shoes. For ties he allowed himself some more freedom. It could be something conservative like a blue or black striped tie, or something a bit more colourful. He particularly liked red ties as they made him come across as more powerful and forceful due to the strong and vibrant colour.

Making himself stop daydreaming and admiring his own perfectly muscled body Jason throws away the towel, and walks into the bedroom. Mark will clear the towel up afterwards anyway. While Jason has showered Mark has made the bed, put the suit, shirt, tie etc that Jason has instructed he wants to wear today ready on the bed. Mark is standing, almost in attention, waiting patiently for Jason to emerge and to help Jason dress. Exactly as Jason has told Mark he expects from his servant.

Jason loves this moment when he walks naked and confidently into the bedroom, seeing his former friend and team captain, now servant, waiting for him. Mark standing ready, like a soldier in attention, although in a formal servant's uniform not a military uniform, waiting for a high ranking officer to notice him, or in this case Jason wanting to be dressed. Seeing this otherwise very muscular, stunning, masculine man, uniformed as a servant in a dark suit, white shirt and tie, having had to get up early to get ready and dressed as Jason has decided, to stand in attention waiting to serve him or do anything Jason decides is such a turn on!

"Sir, good morning, Sir. I trust you slept well, Sir? I have laid the clothes you requested ready for you, Sir, and if you wish I can help you dress as usual, Sir. Breakfast is ready whenever you want to eat, Sir."

Jason has made it clear to Mark he expects him to refer to him as Sir in every sentence, further making Mark verbalise the difference in status between them.

Jason doesn't say a word as he doesn't see the need to respond or acknowledge his servant, but is rather drinking in the sight before him. God, how great it feels to have made his white, stunningly handsome, hunk of a man his servant! And to make him dress formally like one every day, so that even when Jason is not around Mark is reminded of his inferior place and as a servant.

Jason just points to the white shirt on the bed and Mark rushes to pick it up and hold it out for him to put on, then moving around to fasten the gold cufflinks. So it continues with the trousers, the belt and the tie, until Mark is forced to get on his knees to put on the socks and shoes on Jason's feet. This is the part Jason is enjoying the most, with Mark on his knees in front of him. Just where a white man should be when around a black stallion.

"Breakfast", Jason barks.

"Sir, breakfast is ready, Sir. I've set the table in the dining room, Sir".

Mark leads the way and holds the chair out for Jason to be seated, pours the milk on the cereal (Jason wants that done as he is seated and not before so it doesn't get soggy), and takes the boiled eggs from the warmer and places them in front of Jason. With the juice already poured all is now ready so Mark takes his regular position by the door, again standing in attention, making sure he is available should Jason want for anything. Normally Jason will think of something to want, just to make Mark obey and serve it to him.

As Jason puts down his napkin, Mark approaches the table.

"Sir, was the breakfast to your liking, Sir?" Mark certainly doesn't like this grovelling, but he knows he has no choice, but to perform and act as Jason wishes. The alternative is to be out on the streets, sleeping rough again. Everything is better than that.

"I expect the eggs warmer, and the orange juice colder" is all that Jason says, without even looking at Mark. Mark knows he's supposed to apologise.

"Sir, I'm so sorry, Sir. I will make sure it is to your pleasing tomorrow, Sir".

Not having asked Mark for anything additional over breakfast, Jason is taking his enjoyment from hearing Mark apologise, and seeing him stand by Jason's table, with Jason is seated at the end, Mark only waiting to hear if Jason has any other complaints. And more importantly what Jason expects Mark to do to make up for his lack of pleasing his master.

"You obviously don't fully understand your place in this household, so to make it clearer to you you will also be my servant at the gym today. I will work out with you as usual, but I expect you to wear your servant's uniform to the gym, and I expect you to assist me undress and dress as you do at home. Maybe performing these services, dressed in your uniform, in a public locker room will make you focus on your tasks".

Mark knows that the guys at the gym already suspects that Jason and Mark are not just normal training partners, but that Mark somehow is subservient to Jason. However, this will remove any doubt and Mark will forever be regarded as Jason's "thing", maybe even as his slave. Mark hopes more than ever that his plan works out. Although he as to play along for now.

"Sir, of course, Sir. Shall I bring your gym kit and meet you at 6pm as normal, Sir?"

"Yes, and now I'm off to work."

"Yes Sir"

Mark pulls the chair out for Jason to rise, and follows Jason to the door where he holds out the jacket for Jason to put on. As Mark has been instructed he then takes a brush and cleans Jason's jacket even if there is not a speck of dust in sight. Jason just likes it that way so Mark does it. Handing Jason his briefcase and opening the door, Jason goes to his car and drives off to work.

Mark is relieved that Jason is out of the house and his hair, at least for a while. However, he has lots of chores he is supposed to complete, before he meets Jason at the gym at 6. The pool must be cleaned, the windows washed, the laundry done and ironed and so on. Jason likes his house kept perfect and cleaned more than is needed, mostly because he can make Mark do it.

Jason has allowed Mark to take off his suit while doing these chores, but to ensure that Mark remembers he is a servant he has gotten a different uniform for these chores. Hence, Mark is never allowed to wear is own clothes, and are always wearing what Jason decides. Normally, Mark is allowed to wear something more casual going to the gym, but today he will wear his servant's suit uniform there too. Thankfully, he does have proper gym clothes to wear while working out. However, these are also decided by Jason.

Jason arrives at work feeling on top of the world, and looking forward to another day of having his team do as they're told. Top of Jason's list of people to have run around is his secretary, Whitley. Jason hired Whitley as his secretary when starting the job. He was looking for somebody male, decorative, young and one he knew was desperate for the job. Whitley was perfect, bright, 20 years old, model beautiful, but slim and defined. Jason didn't want competition on the body front. Whitley has a much younger brother to take care of so he needs the job, something Jason takes full advantage of. Jason suspects Whitley to be gay from the way he looks as Jason. Jason doesn't mind as he likes being admired, and likes to make sure Whitley understands he's not even close to Jason's league, even if Jason would fuck the occasional white male bitch, which he doesn't.

Arriving at the office Whitley is standing ready to take Jason's jacket and hang it up, having already turned on Jason's computer, as Jason expects. Having done that Whitley gets Jason his coffee and serves it to him in his office the way he expects it.

"Sir, anything else, Sir?"

Even if the company is fairly informal Jason has made it clear to Whitley he expects to be addressed in a deferential way so that Whitley remembers who's the boss.

"Yes, I see you're not quite dressed up to standard today. You know I expect my front office to look good and give a good first impression. If you cannot keep up the image I expect I'll have to find somebody else."

"Sir, I'm sorry, Sir. I'm trying my best. Could you please let me know what is not to your satisfaction, Sir?"

"That should be obvious. Your suit is no longer looking as it should and it was not good quality to start with, and neither is your shirt. You need to renew your wardrobe."

Jason knows fully well that what he pays Whitley is not sufficient for any good quality work suit and shirt, nor sufficient to replace items regularly. However, he loves to make Whitley fear for his job as it makes him much more subservient. He also knows that Whitley will go out and spend money he doesn't have on suits and shirts Jason will approve of to keep his job. So Jason has achieved what he wants, Whitley will look as Jason wants, and he will become even more indebted and dependent on being in Jason's favour.

"Sir, I will do my best, Sir. I will go shopping this weekend to improve the image of your office, Sir."

Jason just waves Whitley out and gets on with his day. It is a fairly standard day, a few team meetings where he can use his power, and a few meetings with people more senior where he can show off his abilities and use the work done by his staff as his own to make progress. All in all a good day's work by the time he leaves for the gym, looking forward to show off his body as well as his power over Mark in public.

Mark waits outside the gym with Jason's and his own kit as usual, but today he is dressed in his suit as Jason ordered this morning. Mark looks a bit different today, more confident somehow, but Jason is in such a good mood that he doesn't really notice. Changing together, Mark is putting away Jason's clothes, hanging them as he know Jason expects. A few of the other guys at the gym are looking and whispering, but Jason's confidence, also coming through because of the fabulously muscular body he reveals means that nobody is commenting on it loudly. Jason likes his designer work out clothes, but is making sure that his white tank top fits around his body like a second skin setting a contrast to his ebony shin, and that the shorts show off his huge thighs and muscular ass as well as showing his package. He wants his godlike body to be on display for everybody so they know what they cannot have, but without looking cheesy or too "gay". Several times he has picked up girls at the gym and taken them home to fuck, so this is easy picking ground. There's even been a couple of guys, really muscular, masculine one's that has admired Jason's car, the expensive suits he wears, but mostly his body, that have suggested he might want to fuck them, hoping to find a rich, successful boyfriend, or at least benefit from being the plaything of one. Jason has enjoyed making them ask, almost to the point of begging, before making it clear he only fucks female bitches. This has not made him the most popular guy at the gym, but they all know who he is and Jason likes being set apart, and in his eyes better, than the rest of the guys.

Jason has also decided what Mark is to wear at the gym, and he wants Mark to look gay, wear something as revealing and skimpy as possible, to the extent it is a bit humiliating for a macho, hunk like Mark, even if he is gay. Mark is in a very tight and skimpy white tank top, and a tight fitting pair of shorts similar to cycle shorts, but with strings tying it together at the front, and very short, just about covering Mark's ass. Underneath Mark wears a jock strap so that his ass is bear under the shorts and so that his package is bunched up and is straining the shorts at the front. Jason is totally aware that this makes Mark look a bit like a gay bitch, but that is his intention. Knowing that Mark is gay, or at least likes to fuck guys, Jason likes to show Mark off as a gay bottom. To Jason this is far more important than the fact that he might be thought of as being associated with a gay bitch. Jason believes that his physique, successfulness and manor makes it clear he's totally straight and dominant anyway. To drive the point home further Jason has on occasion given Mark a good slap on his ass, both in the locker room and on the gym floor, to make it clear Mark is a bottom bitch boy. Even better, a couple of guys at the gym has picked up on it and has slapped Mark across the ass as well. Mark is under clear instruction to not react in any other way than to seem to accept or enjoy it by sticking his ass out and giving a little moan.

Jason works chest and biceps using Mark to spot him, but giving Mark the chance to work out too. Jason likes Mark having a killer physique, almost as good as his own, this makes "owning him" (that's how Jason secretly thinks of it) so much more a turn on for his confidence and self image. Having a Greek god of a man totally under his control, using him as a servant, paying him peanuts, knowing Mark has no alternative if he wants to stay off the street, is heaven for Jason.

After the work out both men shower, getting admiring looks. Mark hurries to get dressed, back into his suit/uniform, while Jason relaxes in the steam room and sauna seeing if he can get any of the other hunks to beg to be his bitch. Jason expects Mark to be dressed and standing ready to assist him when he's ready to get dressed. Again, this gets some surprised looks, but most are getting used to seeing Mark assist Jason whenever they are seen together, even if it is unusual to see Mark in his uniform. While getting dressed Jason again slaps Mark on the ass, when he's not quick enough, forcing Mark to stick his ass out and moan, to pretend to be a gay bitch enjoying being treated like dirt.

Finished at the gym they both walk to Jason's car, a red Ferrari. It is Jason's pride. He borrowed all the money needed for it, but has not regretted it for a second. It's great for attracting white pussy on the weekends! Mark has taken the bus to the gym and puts the bags in the trunk and gets in next to Jason.

Arriving at Jason's home, Mark, carrying the gym bags opens the door for Jason. As usual, Jason, taking of his jacket flexing his muscles looking like his white shirt is about to burst at the seams, barks his orders at Mark:

"Hang up my jacket, get me my protein shake and hang the gym kit up to dry. Afterwards you can start dinner. I want to eat at 8 o'clock sharp. I'll be in the living room. You can announce dinner when you're ready to serve. And be quick about it. I'm hungry!"

Expecting the normal "Sir, yes Sir" Jason starts towards the living room. He gets hit by something in the back and turns to find it was the gym bags. Raising his eyes he finds Mark standing looking at him, confidently.

"You hang up your own stinking shit, boi, and do mine while you're at it".

To be continued...