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Hunk becomes slave

Arriving at Jason's home, Mark, carrying the gym bags opens the door for Jason. As usual, Jason, taking of his jacket flexing his muscles looking like his white shirt is about to burst at the seams, barks his orders at Mark:

"Hang up my jacket, get me my protein shake and hang the gym kit up to dry. Afterwards you can start dinner. I want to eat at 8 o'clock sharp. I'll be in the living room. You can announce dinner when you're ready to serve. And be quick about it. I'm hungry!"

Expecting the normal "Sir, yes Sir" Jason starts towards the living room. He gets hit by something in the back and turns to find it was the gym bags. Raising his eyes he finds Mark standing looking at him, confidently.

"You hang up your own stinking shit, boi, and do mine while you're at it".

Chapter 2

Jason cannot believe his ears, and is staring at Mark, mouth wide open, in total disbelief.

"What did you say?" Jason is so surprised he forgets to use the condescending tone he normally uses when talking to Mark.

"You heard me. boi." Mark continues staring calmly at Jason.

"I don't think you realise your place. You're my servant, and you'll do what you're told, everything you're told, or you'll be out on the street again. And this time I'll make sure you'll have no options at all. So unless you plan to get down on your knees, apologise and beg to continue to be my servant you'll be out on your ass now!"

Jason is finding his normal confidence and is using the lever he knows he has over Mark. Although he's a bit hesitant as there is something in Mark's posture, tone and eyes that tells him something is different...

"Oh, I think you'll find the tables have turned, niggerboi. I don't think I'll ever have to take orders from you again. But even better, from now on you'll do exactly as I say, or I'll have your ass. Literally! I might have it anyway..."

Jason's mind is reeling! First from being called niggerboi, that hasn't happened since he was in school, and he's certainly not expecting it from Mark, who he has gotten used to treating as an inferior servant. But more and more Jason is wondering what Mark is on about. Certainly, he cannot have anything to back this up with?

"Starting to feel uncomfortable, niggerboi?"

Mark is enjoying seeing some measure of uncertainty in Jason's face. This is the big moment Mark has been working towards for some time. Finally, all those hours doing research is paying off and he's looking to see what he can cash in on it. If he's judged Jason correctly he should be getting the big prize...

"Remember your spring break trip to Mexico 8 years ago, niggerboi?"

Jason starts to go cold. Mark cannot possibly know. Nobody knows. He must try...

"So what? Lots of us went to Mexico for spring breaks".

Trying to get back the initiative, Jason continues:

"I've had enough of this game. Now get started on dinner. I want to eat. I'm hungry."

It's really noticeable that Jason is shaken. He's forgotten his condescending tone, no mention of getting the gym kit up to dry, nor the time he wants to eat. Obviously, Mark notices and knows he's on the right path.

"Forget that, niggerboi. From now on I give the orders and you obey. I'm sure I can train you into a good niggerslave and bitch."

"See this? It's a report from the Mexican police, confirming that one Jason Rock was convicted of drug possession and served 1 month in jail.

"I always wondered why you went away on holiday in the middle of term that year, and now I know."

"So what? It's not unusual to be caught with some marihuana for personal use." Trying to salvage the pieces by brushing it off.

Mark goes for the kill both he and Jason know is coming:

"Your problem is that Harvard only admits students with no criminal record, so when they find out you're going to loose your diploma. And when your employer finds that out you're going to loose your job. And without a diploma, without a job and without a reference you're unlikely to get a job as anything else than a day labourer. That's quite fitting for a niggerboi anyway."

Mark can see in Jason's face he has hit the mark. Jason on the other hand feels like he's had all the air punched out of him.

Mark drives the point home.

"so you see niggerboi, when I send this report to Harvard you're life is over. You'll loose your job, and hence your house and car. No more fancy suits, and all your so called "friends" will know what a scam you are. They'll all laugh at the niggerboi who thought he was something"!

Mark expects that it's the last point that's really hitting Jason. He knows Jason has spent so much time and effort building his superior, successful image, that loosing it now is the biggest disaster possible, and that Jason will do anything to avoid it. That is what Mark is counting on.

Jason is lost for words, just staring at Mark. He knows Mark will send the report. Even Jason knows that after the way he has treated Mark there is no way he can plead for mercy. He cannot even gather his thoughts enough to think about a way out. So when Mark says:

"But there is a way this can be avoided."

Jason is grasping at what seems the last straw and blurts out:

"but how?"

"I can decide not to send the report, but rather keep it a secret."

"You would do that?" Jason asks hugely surprised.

"Only if I have a very good reason to." Mark answers calmly

Jason sees a glimmer of hope. He might be able to rescue some of his image.

"What could make you do that?"

"I want to change my life. Completely." Mark says.

"I can give you all the money I have." Jason says, rambling on: "I can take up another mortgage, and you can leave with a bunch of cash and go wherever you want. I'll even give you my car to use." Jason is seeing a way out and is trying his best to persuade Mark to leave, taking the report and knowledge with him, so that Jason can continue his successful lifestyle, although without a servant.

"That's not what I had in mind." Mark says calmly, continuing to hold Jason's gaze.

"I'm looking for a much more profound change of lifestyle, and a long term change, not only for me, but for you as well. And I'm not going anywhere."

Jason's blood is starting to run cold as he's not quite sure what Mark means, but can see from his face he has it all figured out. The way Mark has gone about planning this evening fills Jason with dread.

"What do you mean?" Jason asks, not really wanting to know.

"I really like the house and the car. There's a few improvements that needs to be made, but nothing substantial."

"You mean you want to stay?" Jason is totally dumbstruck. Does Mark like being treated and kept like a servant?

"Definitely." Mark says, further confounding Jason.

Mark can see that Jason has still not grasped where this is heading, so moves in for the kill:

"But with you as my niggerboi slave and bitch! I will live in this house, I will drive the car, you will serve and please me in any way I want and I will use you in anyway I want, and I expect nothing but submission and obedience from you, slave!"

Jason looks at Mark, not quite knowing if he actually heard right. Without catching onto any of the sexual implications Jason says quietly:

"But this is my house and my car?"

"Not any more. It is mine now. It is in anyway belonging to the bank, it never was yours in the first place."

"So this is how this is going to work: On the surface nothing changes. We both keep living here, using the car, going to the gym, you going to work etc. This way you keep your image, at least at work and towards your neighbours. However, beneath the surface everything changes.. You become my servant. When you come back from work and on weekends you do all the house work, yard work, as well as wait on me hand and foot, preparing and serving meals etc. I live in the Master bedroom, and you sleep wherever I decide. You wear what I decide, look what I decide and act as I decide. You no longer have access to your salary or bank accounts. All your assets and money becomes mine to use and spend as I please."

"No way..." Jason started to protest, but Mark immediately cut him off. He wasn't finished laying down the law.

"In addition, you become my bitch. I'm going to fuck your niggerboi pussy whenever I want, and I'm going to use those thick, soft nigger lips and mouth to keep my cock warm, wet and pleased. I'm going to play with your body making sure you understand you're nothing more than a piece of property, a slab of meet for me to use. AND, I'll give you or rent you out to friends and others as a bitch whenever I want. You'll seize to exist as a person, will have no rights and will purely be my thing."

"NO WAY" Jason almost shouted! There's no way I'll be your bitch! I'm a successful, black, dominant Man. Nobody's going to fuck me, and this is my stuff!"

Jason was working himself up into a frenzy, but Mark took it calmly. Knowing that either Jason submitted totally or he would ruin Jason's life with the report. Either way he'd win.

"You've already lost everything, boi. It's only a question of whether you want to keep your successful image. That's all you can salvage, by submitting unconditionally to become my slave and bitch. It's your choice."

Jason was forcing himself t calm down. He needed a clear head to see if there was any way out.

"I'll give you all my money..." Jason started trying to persuade Mark to abandon his plans, but Mark was having none of it.

"I'm not negotiating, bitch. You either submit to me TOTALLY or the report goes to Harvard. Your choice. You have 1 minute. If you haven't submitted by then I'm emailing the report."

Jason found himself in an impossible position. No way could he allow that report to be sent, and for all his hard work establishing himself as supremely successful black Man be taken away. Instantly become a laughing stock. But equally impossible was the though of him becoming a servant in his own home, and becoming a white man's bitch! He'd never even fucked another man's boipussy, let alone imagine his own becoming one.

"Time's ticking, boi. What's your decision? Are you going to let all this disappear and become everybody's fool? Or are you going keep up your image by accept your natural place as the pussyboi and servant of a superior white Man?

Jason started to realise he really only had one choice. There was no way he could let his family, colleagues and neighbours see him reduced to a common day labourer, loosing everything because he had lied and cheated his way to where he was. So did that mean he had to swallow his own pride and secretly submit? Accepting Mark as his Master without any rights or ability to influence or decide about his own life? Probably yes... Hopefully, Mark would get tired of it and some day give it all back to him? He might even find a way out in the process? At least this option gave him time and the possibility of a solution. The alternative was final with no way back. Jason knew he had reached his answer.

Not known to Jason, Mark was also aware that Jason had reached his conclusion and he knew what it was. Mark could see Jason's normally so proudly held head slumping on his shoulders and bowing, almost like he already felt beneath Mark and didn't have permission to look at him. Mark was totally overjoyed! This was the answer he was hoping for, but also expecting. However, Mark had had time to prepare himself so he showed no outward sign of his knowledge, wanting to use the opportunity to push Jason firmly into his new life by making him say and show his submissive role.

"Time's out, niggerboi. Off the report goes." Mark said as he started to walk towards the office.

"No wait!" Jason erupted. Taking a second to continue, and in a much lower voice. "I'll be your servant. But I'm not letting you fuck my ass." Jason had one last go at trying to improve his position.

"Bitch, as I said, I'm not negotiating." Mark continue towards the office.

"Ok, I'll submit to you fully." Jason almost whispered, feeling himself blush slightly with embarrassment starting to think what this meant.

"I didn't hear you, bitch?" Mark said, pretending not to have heard, stopping and turning around to face Jason.

"I'll submit to you." Jason said a bit more loudly, making sure Mark could hear, and feeling the warm blushing feeling raise even further.

"I still cannot hear you, niggerBOI." Making a point of the last word Mark was testing to see if Jason picked up on it, as it was obvious Mark must hear the words Jason was speaking.

"I will submit to you, SIR" Jason understood that Mark was looking to humiliate him and make him verbally confirm his inferior position.

"Let me make this clear" Mark said walking back to Jason, stopping only a couple of feet from him staring him directly into the eyes.

"When you speak to me you both begin and end your sentences with SIR! That's your first lesson as my slave."

Not getting a response from Jason, Mark slapped him hard in the face, making Jason jolt with surprise more than pain, although a red mark was forming on the side of Jason's face showing the slap had had some force.

"And when I speak to you I expect you to confirm clearly and loudly that you've understand. And you do that by saying "Sir, yes Sir"! That's your second lesson, bitch""

Wanting to avoid another slap Jason quickly and clearly responded.

"Sir, yes Sir!"

"That's better, bitch! I'll train you to become the perfect nigger slave and bitch, suitable for your inferior nature."

Seeing Mark raising his hand preparing for another slap Jason quickly remember his lesson and responded.

"Sir, yes Sir."

"Now to you submitting as my slave and bitch. There's no way I'm going to let you get away with that limp performance you just gave. Submitting as my bitch you will do in a proper way, much like you had me beg you for the job of being your servant, but as my bitch you will obviously have to take it quite a bit further."

Mark was enjoying this tremendously. Finally starting to see signs of resignation in Jason's eyes, knowing he was trapped.

"The way this will go down is as follows: you will get down on your knees, legs spread, hands on your back, head and eyes downcast. This is a basic position for a slave to get used to being in, normally when naked. By the way that's your third lesson, boi. Then you will beg me to become my slave and bitch, and you will make sure I understand you give everything to me, without any conditions. I want to hear you say it out loud, niggerboi. I want you to tell me what you are."

Jason was left no choice, and responding to the training earlier he answer:

"Sir, yes Sir."

Starting to sink down on his knees Jason was almost seeing his life flashing before his eyes, like if he was dying. In some ways he was. His perfectly created self image of a black, dominant, muscle god, successful Man was dying, and being born was a niggerboi bitch made to serve and please, offering up his superior muscled body to be used as a sextoy for anybody Mark would choose. Seeing the smirk on Mark's face as Jason was getting into his slave position was just making it worse.

Here he was, still dressed as a successful black man in his best black suit, although without a jacket. His muscled body lying just underneath his perfectly tailored white double cuffed shirt and pure silk tie. As he put his arms on his back, he could feel the shirt fabric straining to the point of bursting over his massive chest and shoulders, feeling is large meaty nipples getting stimulated as the shirt fabric was drawn over them in the process. His cock was growing in response. Spreading his legs he could feel the trousers hugging his crotch, making his massive cock make out a defined bulge, further pushed forward by his large balls. Jason could also feel is ass pushing hard against the trouser fabric being stretched from both from having to spread his legs and from his cock needing more room at the front. He knew his perfectly shaped muscular globes would be perfectly framed and defined by the stretched fabric. He dreaded to think he would have to give up is hole for a man to fuck. So here he was, black muscle good, successful Jason in a basic slave position, still dressed like his former dominant, successful, black Man self having to utter words of pure humiliation confirming he was now a niggerboi bitch.

"Spread your legs wider, bitch. You know you're nothing but a pussyboi from now on."

Mark was enjoying humiliating Jason as much as possible.

In response Jason moved his legs even further apart, and by doing so his cock and balls was being squeezed rather painfully as the trousers had no more stretch to give.

Slap! Jason got another one of Mark's hands across his face, this time from the other direction!

"What was your lesson no. 1, bitch?" Mark shouted at Jason.

"SIR, yes SIR! SIR, I'm sorry SIR!" Jason almost blabbered, but got out clearly enough for Mark to accept, at least at this stage in the training.

At the same time a loud, tearing sound was heard, clearly fabric was being ripped apart. Mark could see Jason going from red to purple with shame and humiliation. Guessing what had happened Mark used the opportunity to push Jason further into humiliation.

"What was that, bitch?"

Wanting to avoid another slap across the face Jason made sure he got his answer right.

"Sir, my trousers tore, Sir."

Not letting Jason get away with it that easily, Mark pushed further.

"Bitch, where?"

"Sir, opening my crack, Sir."

"Forth lesson: you will no longer refer to it as your crack. You'll always call it your pussy, cunt, niggerpussy, boicunt etc. to remind you what it is"

"Sir, yes Sir." Jason did not want to be reminded.

"So I'll ask the question again, bitch. Where?" Mark wanted to force Jason to use the words he had just learnt.

"Sir, exposing my pussy, Sir".

"That's better, bitch. I'm really pleased with that! It's a shame to destroy one of those sexy suits you have, but I wanted one with easy access to your niggerboi cunt anyway. I plan to put in zippers at the back of all your suit trousers anyway so I have easy access to your niggerpussy. With your jacket on nobody's going to see it. You just have to wear it all the time.

"But back to where we where, bitch. You've had some extra time to think through what you want to beg of me, so let's hear it!"

Jason was trying to collect his thoughts, and again going crimson red with shame as he started saying what he knew he had to:

"Sir, please do not let anybody know about the report, Sir. You can use all my belongings..."

Mark immediately interrupted, staring coldly down on Jason. God, he could not wait to use that black muscle slave kneeling at his feet, seeing the huge chest, shoulders and arms straining under the fabric and further down his massive package, knowing that Jason wearing jock straps had his black cunt totally exposed. However, he knew he should do this properly.

"Pussyboi, you're getting this wrong. I'm not going to use your stuff. I will own it as you will give it to me. Legally. So start again and get this right, otherwise I'll give you a punishment you'll never forget!"

Jason has a quick flash of thought of what punishment that could be, but knew he needed to get back to the task at hand having to get it right this time, not taking any chances:

"Sir, please do not let anybody know about the report, Sir. Sir, I will sign over the right to all my assets to you, Sir. Sir, I will be your servant 24/7 and do anything you tell me to, Sir. Sir, I will try my best to learn and remember all your lessons, Sir."

And then to the most difficult part for Jason, as if the previous part hadn't been impossible enough:

"Sir, I will be your niggerboi bitch, Sir. Sir, you can do whatever you want with my body, Sir. Sir, I give it to you, Sir, without any conditions or reservations, Sir. Sir it is for you to use, Sir. Sir, if you want to fuck my pussy or have me suck your cock, Sir, I will do it gladly, Sir, and I will do the same for anybody you want, Sir. Sir, I'm nothing but your niggerbitch, pussyboi, Sir."