Kappa Kappa Cocksucker

Chapter 11: Marcus Roughly Lays Claim to His New Status

Marcus and Dante's pace picked up even more as they settled into a new understanding of using the cocksucker they had on call. But Marcus' mind was also racing. He was unsure what the extra energy was about; sure, he was horny to get sucked off just like he was always now that he had a new normal of bj's twice a day, but he'd also just gotten exactly what he wanted, and it turned out to be easier than he expected. He now had free access to make the dude suck him off as often as he wanted. Well, often as he wanted given the cocksucker had a life, job and classes and other dudes depending on that pussy throat. His shit started boning after he realized where the conversation was going, and especially after he realized that pretty white boy was the one who'd been swallowing his nut twice a day for nearly a week now. Marcus didn't usually leak from his dick, but he could tell he was now.

They finally arrived at the "cocksucker closet" as Dante began to call it, and Dante had said to `follow his lead.' God damn, something was making him jumpy...and he couldn't get being rough on the cocksucker out of his mind. He'd seen Dante be a bit rough, and Darnell especially rough, but Marcus hadn't felt what he was now feeling at any other time. In fact, he frequently felt sorry for the rough face fucking he was watching get thrown at the dude. But today, now, he wanted to do the same thing.

Dante unlocked and shoved the door open more forcefully than usual, hearing it bang against the metal shelving unit behind it and making a big clanging noise. It seemed to fit Marcus' mood perfectly, and Dante seemed to be in the same place. He was practically shouting, demanding-like, and that kind of `you-a-bitch" approach was making Marcus' junk move in his drawers.

"Yo, bitch! The game has changed, cocksucker. Come on up outta there from behind that glory hole... yeah, thass right, I ain't foolin'. But stay on yo' muthafuckin' knees, bitch, `cuz me and Marcus got some face fuckin' to do. He say he wanna see them pretty blue eyes lookin' up at him while he got his dick stuffed down yo' throat..."

At first I thought Dante was mad, and from my vantage point I couldn't see Marcus yet, Dante's body blocking my view.

"That's right faggot, front and center to suck these dicks, bitch!" Whoa, thought Marcus, talking like this gave him a rush.

Actually, it gave me a rush too but I was understandably confused. First, last I knew I was supposed to be pretending to be a female when Marcus was around, and second, I didn't know why either of them would be pissed at me. That worry prompted that old feeling, too, of panic that if I wasn't always on point as this group's cocksucker somehow they'd take their dicks away from me. This was all rushing through my head pretty fast, because I was also intent on scrambling out to be in front of them on my knees as fast as possible.

"HELLYEAH! Now that's a good-trained bitch, all scared and cum-hungry at the same time crawlin' `round on her knees wanting some nut. Can I train a bitch to be on call for a brutha's dick or what?" Dante said, more like an observation and comment to Marcus than anything said to me.

"You the fuckin' man, aiight," Marcus punctuated his agreement with a palm slap. "I've been gettin' my knob polished twice a day on the regular and finally got a place to dump all that sweet nut." Jesus Christ, Marcus thought to himself. I am sure as fuck diggin' this shit. A fleeting worry popped up, but he smacked it back down; this shit just fuckin' felt too good to be buggin' right now. "And you know what else pussmouth? You gonna be suckin' a LOT more loads outta my dick `cuz now I know what a faggot you are and what yo' game is, anytime you ain't on one of the other dudes' dicks you gonna be on mine."

"That's fuckin' hot, Marcus," said Dante, "look at the bitch. She practically vibratin' thinkin' `bout more time on yo' dick."

Marcus laughed and held on to his grin. "Hell, man, I ain't mad," which made Dante laugh too.

"I heard THAT," agreed Dante. "Yo', my brutha, you go get yours and make the bitch get on that dick right," Dante added. "Catch you a good nut, then I'll gets mine, and then I'll book and you can work the cocksucker on your own for the first time."

"Awesome," said Marcus, turning his focus onto me. "New day dawnin', bitch. Shit gonna be different now. You want this dick, you come over here and get it."

I brought one knee up to plant a foot and started to walk over to him, intending to get on my knees once there.

"Naw, bitch," Marcus interrupted my progress. "You want our dicks then you crawl over here to get `em. Thass how shit is now. You always need to be on yo' knees whenever I'm around and we in private. Don't neva wanna see you standing when I am around and ready to be serviced. You got that?"

"Damn, muthafucka, that's the shit," Dante said in a low voice, almost to himself. "Nigga, you WORK yo' bitch. Fuckiin' turnin' me on," he added, roughly groping himself. I was used to Dante having a chubby making an awesome dick print that always made my heart race, but this time he was fully fuckin' boned and working his junk hard with his hands.

"Aaaaiigght you stay right there, cocksucker," Marcus instructed once I made it across the room on my knees and was in front of him. I knew his dick real well by now, so I could see it was all the way hard in his pants. "Look the fuck up at me," he started out, "and fuckin' pay attention `cuz I'm `bout to give you some instructions and you need to get this shit right or you ain't gonna get to suck my dick at all today."

Fuck! I thought to myself. How did these muthafuckas catch on so easy how to make me super horny and cooperative? I really didn't like it, but I also realized the smack they were talkin' turned all of us way fuckin' on. Never seen Dante so hard with his dick in his pants still.

"You want this cum, don't you gurl?" I nodded my head up and down pretty emphatically, hanging on his every word, looking up at him as prettily as I could. "Fuck!" Marcus said loudly, "I am fuckin' LOVIN' having this pretty bitch looking up at me from her knees, pretty fuckin' blue eyes, all hungry to jump on my shit. That shit is hot."

"Tole' ya'," confirmed Dante.

"Git yo' face in them nuts," he ordered, moving forward toward me. I didn't understand how I was supposed to do that, Marcus hadn't freed any of his junk from his pants. But then he reached out and pulled my head into his crotch and I knew what he meant. "Stay right there and look up at me again," came his next instruction. I arced my neck and opened my eyes wide. "That's the shit," Marcus said, more to himself than anyone else.

His next move surprised me. He had left his hand on my head from having used it to get my face where he wanted it up against his crotch. But now he was shoving his crotch around my face, grinding it into me, letting me feel what was coming. It was the gentleness of the hand moving slowly around my head and his softly rustling his fingers through my hair I found surprising. He had his head back with his eyes closed and was moaning and slowly suckin' in air, clearly enjoying what was going on, but never abandoning the gentle circling hand moving around my head. It was so... Intimate, starkly contrasted against the roughness of everything before it.

"Here's what's first, baby doll," he started. "My dick got bone-fuckin' hard on the way over here, thinkin' `bout getting your pretty fuckin' face smashed up against my pubes and keepin' it there til I was fuckin' done with it." He paused, seemingly focused again on what it felt to have my face crunched into his junk, and maneuvering my face all over it. "My shit got so hard it started talking to me, droolin' summa that good juice up outta my dick and all over my draws. That mess yo' fault, and you gonna clean it up. Ain't you baby?"

I didn't answer in words, but the protracted moan underscored my answer."Thass right `cuz you a gooood fuckin' cocksuckin' bitch," cooed Marcus, "and I know you love this shit. So in a minute I'm gonna open my pants and let you get to them wet spots messing up my draws. You gotta suck all that juice on up outta my draws `for I'm gonna let you suck on my dick."

I moaned again, but this time involuntarily and with the pleading of it audible. If I could have seen Marcus' face, I'd have seen a really huge grin. He suddenly seemed to be able to tease me, something he hadn't had the patience for before. I'd never seen him like this before; somehow the timidity was gone.

"Jesus fuckin' Christ, Marcus," Dane piped up. "You fo' muthafuckin' SURE ready for this shit. Daaamn, brutha, you got me so fuckin' turned on I ain't gonna last long when it's my turn."

"You get yo' nut anytime and whenever you want, my man," announced Marcus, pulling back a couple inches and putting his hands on the buttons of his jeans. "Ain't that the point of havin' a on-call cocksuckin' bitch? No hassle head, whenever you want, makin' the bitch work for her reward or just bustin' fast, it's all about makin' a brutha happy."

"Thass' fuckin' RIGHT," added Dante. "SCHOOL that bitch!" I didn't have much time to split my focus, but it occurred to me that suddenly Marcus had become the teacher and Dante was following along. "Nnnggghpph," came out of Dante, low and guttural and frustrated, as I watched him out of my peripheral vision make himself pull his hand away from his hard dick in his pants. "Dude, I could bust!" he announced.

"Save it for the puss's throat," proposed Marcus. "This bitch taken all of our loads since either of us met her, right?"

"Right," agreed Dante."Then I say let's not break the cycle til we got pussy to dump it into," suggested Marcus.

"I'm down," said Dante. "But later you got to tell me where you been keepin' yo' big dick swingin' swagga up to now. Muthafucka, you hella good at this shit."

"Hey man, I don't know, but I'm pretty sho' it's cuzza you schoolin' me on how to use a pretty white boy cocksucker. Hey...Yo', my Kappa Kappa brutha, you wanna cut in here and git you a quick nut? I'm gonna skip my 8 o'clock class and hang out here making this faggot work for that nut. I been way too easy feedin' the bitch up to now. Got to teach a bitch to earn that nut," offered Marcus. "She can suck and chew that precum outta my draws in a minute. I'll just keep loadin' it up for her."

"You serious? Fuck yeah! I can't miss my class and this nut about to pop off and I'm down to keep the bitch's cumdump record intact."

"Have at it, my brutha," allowed Marcus. "Pump them babies down the bitch's throat."

Dante quickly moved in front of me as Marcus backed away. He tore his pants open and shoved them and his draws to mid-thigh and got a good grip on the back of my head. None of the foreplay he usually put me through. And his grip was tight.

"No fuckin' `round, now, bitch. Make me CUM!" was all Dante said as he pushed his fat 9" forward, not slowing down to make it to balls deep. He usually liked to have me throat swallow on it a while when he was balls deep, but not this time. He even moved one hand from the back of my head to grab my chin and hold it open. And then he started to pump, hard.

"Man, you fuckin' good at this!" groaned Dante, shoving deep and holding me down in a way that felt familiar. But that's where the familiarity stopped. He forced my mouth open wide using his leverage on my jaw and said "You gonna get all this nut, ain't you baby?" while pumping fast and hard. Seemed like he was trying to spread my throat open enough to put his balls in too, and I knew it would not be long. I felt his balls rising up and the hairs on them coming into contact with my lower lip.

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah... yeah.. fuck... ok, here it come... here it come... OH FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK!" Dante shouted, getting louder than was normal for him. He also bent forward as his cum convulsions popped off, heavy and thick. And a lot of them... maybe 6 compared to his usual four. He bent at the waist leaning over me and held me uber fucking tight while his cum shot out and then drained. "Man, I needed that," he breathed out after keeping both of us in that position for an extended minute. When he said it, I noticed he slowly ran his hand down my back and patted me on my lower back. "That was good," he said as he arose, matching the statement with a ruffle of my hair. I appreciated that; it was hot to see him go beastie rowdy on me, but I also would have missed it if there was no gesture of thanks or appreciation.

"Thanks for letting me cut in, man," exhaled Dante as he put himself back together and prepared to leave. "I owe you one" he said to Marcus as they smoothly crossed palms.

"Naw, man, I owe YOU one matta' a' fact," responded Marcus, who'd had his hands in his draws getting dick drool all over his fingers from playing with himself while he watched Dante take a hard run and face fuck his way into an intense nut.

"Yo', man, that shit was the bomb. We a good team, we gonna have to do that again sometime," proposed Dante as he headed for the door, full of new respect for his buddy Marcus.

"For real, I'm down," said Marcus. "Anytime."

"Peace out," Dante said as he opened and closed the door behind him.

I'd never been alone with Marcus before. Given all the incredibly hot tension he personally had created in our three way, I didn't know what to expect. But I was turned way the fuck on and devoted as ever to making him like me on his dick.

He walked slowly toward me, a shit-eating grin on his face. "Well, now there's even more of a dick snot mess going on in here," he said, "so you gonna have to clean this dick slobber offa my fingers first before you can get to the dick."

I opened my mouth wide and obediently as he approached me, closing my eyes in the process. "Naw, open them pretty eyes and look at me while you do that," he said, his tone gentler than I expected as he landed his fingers in my mouth and let me start to work on them.

"So you like that shit, baby? That turn you on?" he asked, stroking my head with the hand that wasn't getting his dick drool liked off it, looking down at me with his awesome brown eyes warm and wide open.

...to be continued

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