Kappa Kappa Cocksucker

Chapter 16: Frat House Cocksucker Test-Run


It was crazy exciting that the `witching hour' was about to be upon me. Five hung black dudes to be sucked off in a row in front of one another, taking turns, two of them brand new with no idea it wasn't a female working out on their dicks from behind a curtain. Hyperbole transformed into Experience was becoming a way of life for me when it came to my experience of being trained and utilized to function as a primo Black Man's Cocksucker. OMG, actually, Black Men's Cocksucker. I was servicing four hung young black men twice a day, and usually more often than that—but as of this afternoons' addition of the `Hero Dick' (that's how I'd come to think of the timely and awesome appearance of Dixon with his six-day-loaded balls), arriving (one might even say `coming') at exactly when I needed the hot thick syrupy pulses of black man nutt down my throat to settle me. Really, it was happening all the time...intense highs and lows, all completely centered around the certainty or withholding of a black man shoving his fat piece balls deep and shooting all his cum down my throat til he was drained. Books, my education, my future success... all paled to the simultaneous drives to make a black mans' dick shoot deep down my throat, and to be so good at it he would instantly feed me on the regular. And ideally, tell some buddies about what a good cocksucker I was.

I was also boned pretty much all the time. And having a primary passion was arranging who I was in some pretty interesting ways. I'd sailed through HS with B's and A's with almost no more work than paying attention in class. It made me fear that college would be demanding in a way for which I'd not been prepared and I would not thrive academically. Well, it not only wasn't true but there was an incredible and unforeseen gift of bringing so many black men's pleasures into my priorities. If I was going to effectively get all the dick I could and make myself available to the guys who were using my face pussy on the regular, it meant I had to be organized, learn time management, and focus. Imagine your own study habits being developed behind the impetus to satisfy one's sex drive. There's a Skinnerian positive reinforcement strategy for you. As the academic demands were once again just like those of HS, I could have essentially "phoned it in," and done well. But the need to free up as much time as possible to service the bruthas forced some learning habits that would ultimately get me all the way through a doctoral program. That's right, I owe my doctorate to being a cocksucker for the Black Men of BSU. Win... win...win.

Dante had me meet him in the bathroom where it all started just a couple weeks ago an hour before we were due at Kappa Kappa. I knew he had some details he was "gonna school" me about to properly service his superiors at the frat house, and I knew we were going to need to sneak me into the basement glory hole. Truthfully, I'd been afraid of running a scam on some young, educated, upwardly mobile, clearly Afrocentric men; especially as a white dude scamming them in their own house. I hoped Dante's prepping me included settling some of my fears that way.

I waited impatiently in the last stall, tapping my foot, listening to my heart race, and breathing deeply into the taste of Dixon's load still tanging the back of my throat. There was suddenly a loud banging of the door, shoved open so hard it banged into the trash bin and made a noise that startled me.

"HEY! They any black man's mouthpussy up in here?" I recognized Dante's voice, and in so doing actually felt a press of my own pre-ejaculate push out my dickhead, just from the sound of his voice.

"'Bess' be GOOD muthafuckin' mouthpussy too god damn it!" A voice I didn't recognize joined the announcements of what I now realized were at least two black men coming into the bathroom. There it was again, that combination of a really pumping kind of rush and a charge felt on the end of my dick. Bad time for cottonmouth, undoubtedly, but I was frozen in place and instantly hungry for nut, bad, really bad. I had a brief second of telling myself I was fuckin' out of control with this—hell, Dixon's load hadn't even slid all the way into my belly yet and I was cumhungry, deeply cumhungry, already again. I ought to have said something, acknowledged to Dante his on-call cocksucker was here ready to service him however he saw fit, but I couldn't find my voice. That old panic about doing something wrong and losing access to the dicks sprang up once more, and I wondered if I was becoming mentally ill, like addicted to pleasing and disabled by fear anytime a threat to regular dick access occurred.

The stall door opened and there he was, Dante, looking so fucking sexy with those intense eyes and incredible smile. He had his hand inside his crotch too, which usually meant I was going to make me smell and lick his fingers before he let his dick out. He looked at me sternly and said "What the fuck up? Don't you know how to answer when your Black Daddy asks if they's any cocksuckin' mouthpussy in here?" `Your Black Daddy,' was not a phrase he'd used before and I squeezed my own thighs together at the thought of it, in that constricted space effectively moving my own ready-to-break hard dick against my own drawers. Another press of pre-ejaculate spotted my underwear. Fuck.. another hour til the frat house cocksucker test run, and I was a mess. Vibrating with horniness, edgy and near screaming with the desire to be the best cocksucker on the planet and lock in two new dicks that would want to use my throat all the time too, slop in my own drawers. And now, dumbstruck.

Dante looked to his right, obviously addressing the other man with him, who I'd not yet seen. "Bitch suddenly all shy and shit," he laughed, turning his body and attention towards the unseen man in his company. But in that position whoever it was also couldn't see that with his left arm Dante reached out to me and ruffled my hair. He wasn't even looking at me, but the sweetness of his reaching out to touch me in this way blew my mind. And, of course, it worked in terms of calming me. I think that happens when you put yourself into a mindset that you are a service whore whose value is measured in skill, convenience and no hassle satisfactions. In that mindset, any kindness whatsoever...anything that is experienced as a consideration of the service unit's comfort, thoughts or feelings comes across as incredibly sweet and so generous. The rush of emotion I had over this was followed by the usual, and sane, reminder to myself that falling in love with a straight man was ill-conceived. Jesus, was I susceptible to tenderness, any kind of tenderness.

"Bitch didn't seem so shy half an hour ago with 10 fat inches down her throat," came from the voice who I'd not yet seen. "But you right, bitch got skills," the voice added.

Omigod, I thought to myself, it has to be Dixon.

It was. He stepped into view grinning, him too with his right hand deep into his own crotch.

"So you been sucking stranger dick up in here?" Dante wanted to know. He asked in what I heard as a disapproving tone, though who the fuck knows what was really going on. I was once again terrorized that I'd fucked up my good thing with all this black dick. I think he recognized my fear and I swear he softened his look.

"Yeah, and bitch been doin' an EXCELLENT muthafuckin' job too," complimented Dixon, and I saw that Dante liked hearing that. "Yo' man, props on training this cockhound to treat a brutha right!" he added. Dante definitely liked that, `cuz his grin appeared and a part of me noticed he liked being told he was good at running a cocksucker.

"Swallowed his nutt, too, didn't ya'?" Dante asked, though I could see I wasn't actually in any trouble with him for it. That was a fuckin' relief.

"Sho' as shit did," rejoined Dixon. "You know if a bitch put my shit in her throat, she swallowin' every muthafuckin' drop."

"I heard dat!" laughed Dante, and they both used the one hand not messing with their junk in their pants to smack a high five.

"But I don't know how much `swallowin' was going on," added Dixon, still laughing, "'Cuz my shit was 10 deep and bustin' hard down the bitch's throat."

"Thass' right," joined in Dante, also laughing. "'Cuz you know if MY ass train up a bitch, she ain't NEVA gonna miss a drop of any nigga's nutt."

"Word," added Dixon.

Dante turned his attention back to me. "I can't believe wid all the dick we givin' you you gotta chase down a brutha in a bathroom and suck out his nut. Shiiiittt, best I can figure you just finished Darnell right before you jumped on my man Dixon here."

"Hol' up," jumped in Dixon, "I wasn't lookin' to cause problems with the bitch. I just came through to git my dick sucked. Brutha needed some head, my girl been on the rag for six muthafuckin' days and the cunt won't put them lips on my shit for nuthin."

"Naw, my man, we good. It ain't on you. Actually, it prolly ain't even on the bitch," said Dante. "Darnell and I got the bitch set up to work a glory hole party back at the frat tonight, she gonna have to do five dicks in a row this time. Darnell and I thought if we lit the bitch up with a couple hours of being on our dicks but not letting the bitch get the nut she'd be all lit up and hungrier than a muthafucka for nutt when she got put to work at the party."

"I heard that," said Dixon, apparently agreeing with the logic of the plan.

"We ain't never done that to the bitch before. Before she always got every drop of every bit of a nigga's nut on every dick she was suckin'. Bitch learned to need a black man's nutt is what I figure. You were just in the right place at the right time," Dante finished explaining.

"So now what?" Dixon wanted to know.

"Well, I was gonna put the bitch on my dick some mo' and still not let the bitch get the load `cuz we close to putting her to work at the glory hole. Want the bitch MUTHAFUCKIN' HUNGRY when my frat bruthas step up to the hole. She empty out all your nutt pretty good?" Dante wanted to know.

"Yeah, man, that bitch emptied these nuts real good," answered Dixon.

"Cool, thass gonna work fine. My ass ain't busted since this morning and my shit is used to getting sucked off twice a day. My shit hurtin' but I was gonna put the bitch through the paces once more before the glory hole party. Now I don't gotta," Dante finished with a grin.

"You want me to feed the bitch some more dick but not let her have the nutt?" asked Dixon.

"Thass' fuckin' exactly right," said Dante.

"Coo, I'm down," said Dixon, stepping into the stall in front of me. "Faggot, his yo' muthafuckin' knees," instructed Dixon.

"Dix, man, countin' on you to work this bitch's hunger harrrrd. Get close a few times, make the bitch think you gonna lose it, then back off and make the bitch crazy for the nutt. I can count on you?" Dante wanted to know.

"Yeah, I gots you, my brutha," responded Dixon. "Thank you man, for lettin' me use yo' bitch," he added.

"Actually, you the one who tole me about this spot, so it's all fair you get to have some face fucking time on the bitch I turned out up in here," added Dante.

Dante turned to me. "Fuckin' do everything you can to make this brutha bust some more nutt down yo' throat. Hell, you make me nut when I don't want to maybe you can make Dixon do the same thing. You better work to make him happy, bitch. And you do a good job tonight, we'll talk about what's next and if I'm gonna let you do any stranger dicks and still let you suck off me and my Kappa bruthas."

Again, the fears of losing my good thing started to take over.

"Dixon, my brutha, leaving the bitch's training in yo' hands. I'll be back in about half an hour. Make that bitch work for another nut but don't let her have it. Least not this time. You don't gotta worry, bitch gonna suck yo' dick anytime you want. I'll take care of that."

"Fuck yeah! Thass' wass up," exclaimed Dixon. "Thank you my brutha," he added.

Dante had already stepped off. Dixon put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me off the seat onto the floor. He tilted my chin up to look at him in the eyes.

"Aaaaiiighht, faggot. NOW SUCK MY MUTHAFUCKIN' DICK, CUNT LIPS. And that shit better be good," I heard his insist as he put his hands on his hips and slowly exhaled.

I heard the outer door shut and knew Dante was coming back later.


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