Kappa Kappa Cocksucker

Chapter 18: "Make Me Proud, Cocksucker..."

I was a friggin' sloppy mess with my hard dick dribblin' and rubbin so hard against my jeans and my heart rate skyrocketing and my tongue so hungry for a black man's nut after being taken out on a cocksucker run but teased with no nut to make me feel right, to make me feel like I did my job. Dante's hands guiding me along felt so good, like an anchor to settle me. He seemed to sense it was a good idea to get me a little less rattled but I know he didn't want to mess up the cum-fever brewing in my throat. So he kept it up, touching me on the small of my back gently pushing me in the right direction, but also using his low deep voice talking nonstop into my ear as we moved along.

"You know there's some pretty hung bruthas waiting on you and they got some fo' real expectations," he pointed out while he moved me along. "Me and Darnell `specially been braggin' on you," he smiled big at me. "Marcus too, you know how he love that deep sweet cockhole of a throat you got," Dante went on. "Here's how it's gonna play," he started out but I knew from the change in his voice that he expected me to look at him and focus while he schooled me on his plan to introduce me as a potential cocksucker for every creamin' dick at Kappa Kappa. "Of course me and Darnell and Marcus we all gonna feed you our dicks and you fo' a matta-o-fact gonna swallow ALL `a our nut, that's fo' sho', I know you feelin' the need of it pretty bad right now." I caught the meaining in his look while he assessed how I was handling the promise of black man dick juice down my throat. The smile just barely visible on the corner of his lips when he saw me breathe deep and swallow some of my own spit told me he knew I was perfectly stewed for his purposes of turning me into a cum-junkie in the basement of a frat house. "But first you gotta take care of the President of the fraternity AND the Pledge Master." He kept looking at me to read how I was reacting. I guess he liked the look in my eyes and the way my breathing kept going deep and my throat kept clutching in slow motion like I was already enjoying some dick really too big for good head but that was draining its load down my throat anyway before being taken all the way out. Feeling his hand on me directing me really was a good idea; at some level I was completely ready to fall apart. I needed a man who knew how to run a cum-hungry farmboy recently discovered to have a clit down his throat for straight black men to tickle and coat in nut. I was becoming incredibly emboldened to sub out with no resistance at all. If I'd have thought about it I'd have realized me and Dante and all the black men face fucking me into pimp juice addiction were actually working off a complicit understanding. They knew I was sprung for black dick, and most of them alrealdy knew what it was like to have a white dude sprung on black dick around for them to use anytime they got an itch to bust a nut. They were the black dudes who found me and trained me so that now I was having dreams come true begging for black men's loads with my face shoved into tight black pubes waiting for the cum to set me right.

He went on to tell me one of the bruthas bragged about packin' 11", and he said he seen the shit soft and it wouldn't surprise him if it was true. Said the brutha was wild and would likely work my throat hard, dude had said he was going to Dante warned me. He said the other dude was a lot more reserved and quiet but that he was the one I really had to make sure loved his blow job. He said the pledge master was already down for an in-house regular cocksucker but the frat President seemed to be less sure about it. "You `specially need to be suckin' that brutha's dick like you wanna get it again," Dante insisted. "You need to give that nigga the BEST FUCKIN' blow job of dude's young life," he went on. "This brutha and I talked some `bout females and shit," he said, "So I know dude likes to make shit last a long time. He like to get up close to that nut and then back off and cool his shit off til he can start fuckin' again. That's how his girl like it he said, and I got the feelin' this woman is the only pussy he ever got. I don't think this nigga ever got his dick sucked right."

Dante turned his head to look at me directly at this point, noticing some kind of animation in his peripheral vison that he correctly interpreted and named, though I had never heard the phrase used he used before his using it. "Yo, baby. Stop a minute," he said. "Turn and look at me full-on, baby gurl." Fuck! He was calling me a `gurl' again, and it fuckin' felt so good and such a fuckin' turn on. I tried to reflect some composure but I felt so raw and whorish I think I was kinda vibrating and it was hard to let him see all the way into my eyes.

He reached out and put one hand on my shoulder for a minute, stopping me. He looked at me in a full-on gaze with his eyes wide open studying me. When he got gentle and touched me and talked slow and opened his eyes wide on me like he was doing right now, eyes all swallowing me up, all deep-voiced and patient and sweet I swear I wished I had a vagina to offer to him to wreck. And loan to his buddies. Deep brown sexy muthafuckas his eyes were, glinting and seeming to be perfectly capable of creating the same slow-building grin there that I was now,watching spread across his face. "Shiiiit, baby you havin' you some little fag rush, ainch' chew baby?"

I looked at him bewildered, but felt safe and like it was all good by him `cuz of how he was touching me and looking at me. And grinning at me. Omigod... his hand was moving slowly up and down my arm while he talked to me.

"Yeah, I tole' you my Daddy's brother first schooled him on the value of having white cocksuckers on the side, and he told me about how to recognize a cocksucker, sometime even before they know they're a cocksucker. Yo' eyes all glazed over and shit right now, you breathing deep and swallowing a lot, you hangin' on every word while I'm talking about the dicks you gonna suck, you fuckin' tremblin' too. It's all good, ain't nothing to be ashamed of neither. You a fag, a for real cocksucker and now you tasted nigger meat you all sprung on black dick. It's good that way, you got a natural deepthroat and the brutha's `preciate that shit. White boys just ain't got it like that."

Dante paused, I think he was checking to be sure I was following what he was saying. I nodded, and while I didn't exactly relax, he saw the resistance in my big blue eyes change and he kept talking, except he put three fingers bunched together on his hand up to my lips and pressed them into my mouth and pushed on into my throat, slowly but with no resistance. I automatically started doing stuff to his fingers with my lips and tongue and throat. "Yeah... you a natural born cocksucker, that's just the fuckin' way it is, baby, and I know what's happening to you now."

I believed he did, better than I did, and I really wanted to know. I really wanted him to tell me, to keep introducing me to myself.

"Think about it, baby gurl," he started out. "Think of what you feelin' right now. You all horny and jonesin' bad for some black dick and even more for some black dick that gonna bust some loads way down yo' throat and shoot that shit into your belly. Hell, you had some dick and some nut already—Dixon said his first nut was like six weeks of ball juice—and you off to suck off five OTHER hung niggas who all gonna shoot cum into you too."

His tone was somewhere between matter-of-fact and like a dude explaining a point he knew the other motherfucker was about to get.

He went on. "Fuck, baby, you gotta know now this just your fuckin' nature. Juss like mine and Darnell's nature makes us chase female pussy and cocksucker blow jobs. It comes natural to all of us...ain't no sense in resisting, neither. Look at you... damn, baby, you standing here in front of muthafuckas with a nigga's hand halfway down your throat and you just letting the brutha have his way. You know anybody lookin' over here gonna know this is about you suckin' my dick, right?"

In fact, he startled me a bit pointing that out. I completely forgot we were in public and he was obviously using fingers to mimic my sucking his dick. I reacted a bit, but didn't stop anything I was doing. I looked him square in the eyes and said, while swallowing on his fingertips toying with my gullet, "mmm hmmmpph."

"Fuck, you were all daydreamin' looking at my junk that first fuckin' day of class...already signaling any brutha who knew what was up you would suck his dick."

Actually, that made me grin and then he grinned too. "Anyway, what I'm sayin' is your queer little self gonna act about dick like I act about pussy.. well, except you prolly only ever gonna suck black dick from now on and I will hit any hot bitch that needs a brutha to tear it up," he laughed at his own suppositions. "So you just need to know how to figure out when you showin' what a cum-hungry `ho you are and how to keep that shit on the low...'cept of course when you signallin' a brutha he can face fuck you anytime he want. I'm way schooled in this shit, this exact shit, so I can tell when yo' mind all caught up thinking about dick and getting some cum shot down yo' throat."

He finished pushing his hand around in m y mouth and throat and pulled his hand back and wiped the saliva on my sleeve first and then his when he decided he hadn't gotten it all off. "So that's what I mean when I know you having a little `fag rush;' I know yo' fuckin' nature and testosterone all crazed and hungry and everything else is secondary," he finished what he was saying with a laugh. "That shit just fine around us but you prolly need to figure out how to keep that shit in check sometimes."

I liked what he had to say a lot. I knew, but didn't know how well he knew, how he was showing me to myself. Hell, I'd say he was even being a friend about all this shit. For all the rough facefucks and talking smack, there was also the way he prepped me and helped me understand what the fuck was exploding in me, the way that he could rattle me or soothe me, the way he could make me feel less than a man and really glad about it at the same time.

We kept going and as we neared the frat house he gave me some more instructions. The plan was that he and I would meet Marcus and Darnell at his car parked in the lot behind the frat house, and they would be on the lookout for anyone who might be in a position to see us. In the car Darnell had arranged for a pink hoodie that would cover my face and he had some balled up socks he wanted me to use to look like tits. While I had originally been pretty resistant, from a lot of levels, about trying to make the bruthas think I was a female, I was so fuckin' ready to get onto my knees and start collecting some drool from dicks I kind of hurried into it. That got noticed and made Darnell and Dante both laugh, though I noticed Marcus had a worried look on his face. Dante and Darnell huddled once more about getting me into the house and Marcus took the moment to ask me so the other two couldn't hear us, "Hey man, you on something? They give you some drugs to do this shit?"

While the question itself startled me, the look of concern in his eyes and voice startled me more. I couldn't shake that as much as I liked all the different ways each of the guys treated me as their cocksucker, something about the way Marcus dealt with me was bigger. I don't know... some kind of comraderie about both of us loving me sucking Marcus' dick. I felt a rush of affection for Marcus, and didn't realize until later that I didn't remind myself to avoid that kind of shit.

"Naw, man, I'm not on anything" I responded in the same volume so as not to be heard, though I had a sudden rush to tell him about what I'd been through..."Dante wouldn't let me have any cum even though I sucked on his dick and another dude he knows... just made me keep working for it and teasing me and not letting me get the cum...suckin' dick for a long time and...," my voice cracked a bit, even whispering, and some tension and – I dunno, I guess I would have to call it pain--- crept into my expression. I don't know why I'd say this shit to Marcus, it was a lot like complaining and I'd really told myself to keep any complaints to myself for fear of losing access to these hung black dudes.

But Marcus took in my state and his eyes softened. He put his hand on the small of my back while standing sideways next to me, and I almost jumped at his touch. I had never had that part of my body feel like an erogenous zone, but where Marcus was touching me was fuckin' electric. I felt things about him from how he laid his hands on me. From how close he was to me, from feeling him be aware of my stretched-tighter-than-piano-wire tensions over being forced to suck dick but not get paid with the load for my efforts. I felt both frightened at how much he knew me and frightened to do anything to disappoint him, him specifically. I hadn't noticed that about my feelings for him before this. I was still staring at him, trying to file somewhere that made sense the reactions I was having to his attention and his touch. I was still taking him in trying to figure out what the fuck was happening when a grin started across his face.

`I got you, baby," he smiled. He left the hand in the small of my back, but without breaking eye contact he pushed his other hand flat into the front of his jeans and made a big show of digging it around in his junk. He kept it there for a minute, but obviously grasping himself and leaving it in there. Actually his hand was so busy I wondered that he wasn't actually hurting his stuff.

He smiled at me and said, "You remember how good you sucked my dick this morning? How hard I nutted?"

"Yeah," I responded. It was hot. I had really attacked his cock and from our new favorite position. It was kind of one of the few times he let me command the dick while I sucked it instead of him commanding my throat. We both loved it and agreed his nut was thicker and bigger than usual when I finally felt him shooting heavy bullets of hot cum with his groin shoved way up off the mattress and his hands forcing my head into his crotch from above. He'd made more noise than usual too, cumming so hard as he did. We didn't usually get to fool around in his room because of his roommate, but that dude was gone for the weekend so we broke the place in. Even so, I usually spent a half hour or so with his dick draining in my throat after he nutted and this time we both had to jump up and head to classes. I remember how intensely he hugged me too after he wrangled his dick out of my mouth and we were dressed. "This morning was HOT," I added.

"Well, I ain't showered or pissed since you sucked that huge load outta me," he said. "I'll bet I got some of your slobber in my pubes and maybe even some of that jizz still deep in my dick from that nut that wouldn't usually be there `cuz usually you drain it after I nut but you didn't this morning `cuz we both had to get to class."

I loved it. I fuckin' LOVED it. I didn't really think he'd have any nut left in his dick tube but what he was up to was so fuckin' nasty and freaky. And he was fuckin' do it to make me happy... I mean he obviously got off on it, but Marcus especially was showing himself to be somebody who paid attention to what made the group cocksucker happy. It stood out by comparison. I joined right in the grin and said "Oh fuck yeah, let's see. That's hot as shit... Hope there's some there."

Marcus looked over quick to see that Dante and Darnell were still discussing some shit, and he made what was clearly some pretty strenuous effort to pinch the length of his dick trying to get some remnants of the last cum he'd shot out onto his fingers. He even grimaced once. God, I fuckin' loved him. IT... I mean I fuckin' loved it. I fuckin' loved IT, not him. The thought was a surprise and I squelched it right away, but it also didn't seem to give me fears about losing access to Marcus if he knew I felt something for him. I don't know why. I was scared of that from everyone else.

Marcus wrangled his hand out of his pants and pressed it up hard against my nose. The smells were fucking intoxicating. He already knew something about his junk smell worked me in some way other dicks did not. It was... primal. Earthy. It had a tang and a lasting presence in my throat and nose. And I always wanted more of it. It hung on me, his dick smells. The cum always seemed to be a gift he wanted to give too, as compared to me chasing it out of the balls of other dudes. Dudes who liked the head but didn't seem to be paying much attention to the joy I got from feeling that dicktube pop along my tongue. Marcus got off harder the harder I got off servicing him.

He moved his fingers down into my mouth. "I dunno, baby," he said. "You tastin' anything?"

I didn't so much answer as I used both of my hands to smash his hand harder into my face, opening my mouth and sucking hard on his palm. I did taste something... could have been sweat from his palm, could have been pre-cum from working his dick like that, hell it could even have been some of his nut from earlier. Whatever it fuckin' was, I sucked hard at it and moaned. When I sucked all I thought I could taste from his palm I kept my hands pressing his hand hard into my face and dropped my face so his hand slowly moved up over my forehead and into my hair. He got it, he knew me...he grabbed a clump of my hair and tilted my head back and spoke. I don't know if what he said he said because Dante and Darnell were coming over towards us, or if he said it to bring them into the conversation he and I were having. But he was dead on when he saidto them "You know this cum-hungry little fucker `bout to scream with the need of some nigga cum in his belly doncha'?"

"Yeah, my brutha. That's the plan. Need this faggot tuned up to really crazy need some nigga nut space `cuz I want to make this shit work," said Dante, leaving out the part when he realized late in the game that if this campaign to give the house an on-call cocksucker didn't work out, he was only two weeks away from the deadline for his class giving the house a pledge gift to the upperclassmen and he didn't have a backup plan.

"Yo' asses ready and you done dickin' around?" Darnell wanted to know. "We gotta get the bitch in and set up before them bruthas start lookin' around tryin' to see the bitch we sneekin' in."

"True dat, we good to go though," added Dante and the three of them turned and led the way around to the side of the frat house where the old doors that let coal deliveries be made directly from a coal truck dumpster into the basement. He'd heard Darnell say earlier that he had unlocked it from inside and locked the boiler room door entrance from the basement as well so no one could come in and surprise them before the setup was completely done.

Marcus held back and stepped up on the pretense of adjusting the hoodie so it covered my profile well enough. "Listen," he whispered, "this shit get to be too much for you to handle you fuckin' sing out or something... or tap on the side of the box three times. I got your back, baby. This is fuckin' hot but you don't gotta be scared."

Again, Marcus was being awesome and was paying attention to me. "Do you think it will be ok?" I asked. He smirked and said to me, looking at me even though we couldn't see one another in the darkness, and he said "Tell me something. Anybody whose dick you sucked on ever mad at you for doin' it after they felt it done the way you do it?"

"No," I smiled to myself and hoped he could feel the appreciation in my voice.

"Shit, man, it ain't even gonna be my turn for a minute and my shit's already boned up and leakin'," he added just as Marcus and I followed Dante and Darnell into the darkness of the steps into the basement of the house. They were noticed, however, though they hadn't wanted it. By two people actually. Martin, who had figured out how they were going to sneek the bitch in, but who hadn't been watching long enough to figure out if that pink-hooded bitch was a real female or not. He completely suspected those dudes were gonna put a gay fag dude on the job, which was actually fine with him. He wanted to believe there was a female horny enough on campus to service a group of hung bruthas at a campus fraternity house, but when he pictured what kind of horror of a female he thought would do that kind of shit he went back to it being cool that a dude might suck him off. The other person who saw those three guys smuggle a bitch into the house through the basement was the housemother's husband, waiting in the car for her to come out. He figured the boys found some `ho to pull a train on the bruthas but he knew they had too much respect for his wife to traipse the `ho into the house past her. He thought about the shit a minute and then realized his dick was boning up and he moved it over off his thigh. It was the weekend, which meant he was probably going to get his once a week pussy from his wife. She only seemed to like it Saturday nights and he was pretty suspicious that it was because she could go pray about it all the next day in church. He envied those fuckers taking turn on some young pussy. His wife let him have the pussy like it was an obligation, but gone was the fiery adventurous sex they'd had when she was a young woman. She even bitched about how deep it dug into her pussy now. What the fuck was he supposed to do? Brutha can't shorten the shit the good Lord gave him.

Inside Darnell turned on the light to show the setup he'd arranged. He'd borrowed the paint tarp with the hole in it from the janitor's setup, but he'd layered the rough material with a soft fluffy blanket over the top of it so the bruthas would only feel the softness of the blanket and the heat of the cocksucker's throat while they stood and fed the bitch some dick. He cut a hole in the blanket but made it smaller than the big hole in the tarp out of a sense of keeping it a secret dudes were being sucked off by a white fag. As an engineering major, he'd worked out some nice touches, including that the new blanket was not only softer to the skin but it also could be adjusted against the larger hole depending on the height of the brutha getting sucked off. The tarp was still suspended horizontally by tight wire, but he'd also put together a three-sided structure so that the brutha getting serviced would have someplace to rest his hands. He'd done some research on porn and glory holes, realizing that it was pretty natural for the man getting his dick sucked to reach up and hold on to something while he pushed --- or pounded--- his midsection into the hole. He was explaining to Dante and Marcus that proposed addition, as well as how he was going to create a permanent wooden structure that could be taken down and set up easily, but would also work so that a dude getting his dick sucked could control the depth and pace of the fucking of the cocksucker's throat. That's the one thing Darnell didn't like about gloryholes. In general, he couldn't grab the cocksucker by the head and control the facefuck to his own satisfaction. Darnell'a plan was a kind of hat that would fit on the back of the cocksucker's head with long ties on both ends that could be knotted and fed through tiny holes on each side of the larger hole where the dicks went through, so that the cocksucker could put the hat on the back of his head and the dude getting serviced could grab the two ties and use the ropes to control the cocksucker's distance from the hold and pace. Dante thought it sounded good but was nervous and distracted, and wanted some candle light instead of the overhead bulb. Marcus listened to Darnell's elaborate plans and boned up fast and started leaking again. He was so fuckin' glad he decided to pledge this fraternity.

Marcus agreed with Dante that candlelight was a good idea and that once I had been hidden away behind the tarp that he'd head upstairs to check with Terrance, who they knew kept candles in his room for when he fucked his girl. I crawled into my space and took a deep breath. I always found the smell of must sexy, maybe it was foreshadowing for this soul-bending experience into which I was entering. I was a lot calmer knowing dick was coming at me shortly, and that after a lot of anticipation this shit was about to go off. Funny that I never worried the cocksucking wouldn't be good enough, or whether I could handle the rough 11" dude. My belly really really wanted some cum, I can tell you that.

I heard the door open and recognized the surprise in Dante's voice when he said immediately "Dude! What, youhanging out here waiting for us to open up the glory hole?"

"Fuck yeah!" shouted Martin, not intending to be caught evesdropping. "I been ready all fuckin' day... been lookin' at porn and jackin' my shit building up a big load in these balls," he said. "This bitch IS swallowin' RIGHT?" he wanted to know, though that had been intricately covered in all the discussions leading up to this.

"Playa, you know ain't no southside Chicago nigga gonna put a bitch on her knees in front of a brutha and tell the ho' she can pull off when a brutha ready to nut," Dante answered.

"Yo', man, it's almost 7," was Martin's rejoinder.

"YEAH fucker, it's ALMOST seven," lauged Dante, pushing Martin back while letting Marcus pass by. "We `bout ready," fool. Hey, is Terrence here?"

"Yeah, motherfucka upstairs cleaning his junk he said. Said he was gonna take a shower but I said any bitch nasty enough to suck a load of dicks on her knees behind a glory hole nasty enough to take the dick however it come at her," Martin commented. "Yo' bitch `bout to suck a days worth of sweat offa this dick and she gonna swallow every drop of this fine African motherland soul food that gonna come slammin' outta dis dick too."

I heard all this, and pretty quickly understood this was the 11" dude who wanted to ride my throat hard and bust a big nut balls deep. Clearly this wasn't the shy, reserved dude who apparently was thoughtful enough to clean up his dick and balls before he stuck them in front of a brand new cocksucker. That little interchange I overheard lit me up again, and I was suddenly crazy... CRAZY hungry for making these two new black dicks LOVE me. Well, my throat really but I'd begun to think of it as its own world of who I was. Like sucking cock was an additional identity that was as much indicative of who I was as anything I'd ever known to define me up to then.

Marcus got back with a couple candles and said he came in to find Terrance putting cologne on his balls. "I told him he ain't gotta do that, our cocksucker was trained to suck a dick in whatever condition it was given to her," added Marcus. The three of them laughed, and Dante commented on how he thought his girlfriend was the only pussy Terrance ever been up in and that she prolly made him put cologne on his balls before she'd get anywhere near his junk.

"And THAT's why fuckers like us need cocksuckers like this one," jumped in Darnell. "Bitches like that who ain't even knowin' how much dick they missing by chasing it off to some fuckers that KNOW how to treat a nigga right."

"Bruthas need they dicks sucked RIGHT," added Marcus, and I suspect I was one of three dudes who thought to themselves you know, for a small town preacher kid he talkin' a lot of smack and getting' way schooled about how good cocksuckers are for a nigga. I smiled to myself, and I bet Dante and Darnell did too. I'd say they thought of Marcus as a mentee and they were lovin' how much he was getting into working a white bitch cocksucker.

Dante announced he thought we were ready, and I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. I was pretty sure the biggest dick would come first, so I practiced with my own fingers down my throat in preparation.

"Yo, cocksucker. You hear me? You ready to get started?" Dante wanted to know.

"Fuck yeah," I breathed out.

"Aaaaiiight then. Just remember no talking or moaning like a dude while you busy with these dicks. Man, I KNOW you ready `cuz I been proud of you while you was training. You a really good cocksucker, you can believe dat! Maybe even the best I ever met~ MAKE ME PROUD COCKSUCKER!!"

Dante's encouragement and compliments had their usual effect on me. It was like wiring a new set of transformers powering my need to please, to make the dicks happy, to earn my reward. To be who I wanted and who I knew was treasured. I'd moved on from worrying my whole life about not being enough of a man and somebody finding out about it to finding I had a reason to be in the man club, even if it was as a servant.

"Here we go," said Darnell, opening the door to what I would soon learn were two horny college seniors with cum in their balls that was about to become mine. One of whom had been stroking his junk and watching porn all day to build up his nut, and one who fucked his girl last night and this morning but only pretended to cum each time. He wanted the bitch that Dante and Darnell and Marcus were sneaking into the house to feel a mighty wad popping down her throat. He always had wanted to hear a girl choke on the hot load he just busted down her throat, and this was going to be his first chance ever to hear that sound. He was fuckin' ready. "Now we talkin' Muthafuckas!" Martin bust into the room, grabbing his junk and singsonging ` Nigga `bout to get his junk dunked, nigga `bout to get his junk dunked, heyyyy, heyyy' while he moved across the room dancing, first popping his shoulders up on one side then alternating to the other back and forth. Dante could have hugged him right then, he realized Martin's enthusiasm for the project had been pure from the start and it was sinking in to Dante in the soup of his nerves that without that kind of reaction from Martin this whole project could have tanked. Dante took in Terrence's behavior as well, realizing fast it was full of bravado and maybe like a dude caught up in something about which he was unsure but was playing along. Terrence caught him looking and mimicked Martin's junk hold and cocksureness. He looked at Dante and talked the attitude he wanted but wasn't feeling yet. "This bitch best be as good as you promised `cuz I fake-nutted with my girl twice already putting some nut up in these babymakers for yo' bitch to suck out."

Dante smiled his first feeling of relief he'd known since he realized the whole experiment was about to happen; something told him it was all gonna work out right. He responded to Terrence's bravado with a touch on the shoulder "It's cool, my brutha. We got you. You know there's no way we'd slide a bitch no good at satisfying hung nigger meat up into the Kappa house. I wouldn't do that, my man."

"Fuck that!" jumped in Darnell. "None of us would ever try to peddle some lame ass head in the Kappa house, and definitely not to the President and the Pledge Master. Word."

"Plus, you `bout to find out for yo' selves," added Marcus, whose hands were beginning his own dance with his dick, which had been springing up boned and drippin' ever since he had a couple minutes alone with the cocksucker in the parking lot. He could tell his draws were gonna be slimed when he got home and crusty before they eventually made it into the washing machine. That had been happening a lot since he met Dante and Darnell and they started getting his dick sucked for him. He had a brief picture in his head of what it would be like to stick his cum-sloppy draws into the cocksucker's mouth and watching him pig out on sucking the juice out of them, and all that did was prompt another press of dick drool to soak up with the others. Man, he hadn't been sucked off in front of a lot of dudes, but he could tell that whenever his turn came tonight he wasn't gonna last long and he was gonna pop like he discharged a loaded gun. He started thinking about having the cocksucker tell him about taking this nut he had snapping to get out and it took his horniness up another pushy notch. He had actually been looking forward to watching these two dudes, whose leadership he respected and to which he was indebted, discover the cocksucking heaven he had found. But now he hoped he could go right after them and that neither of them were gonna take long.

"So... " Dante started out, looking at both of them. "Who's going first?" His grin was broad and his confidence high. He was sure once these bruthas got their dick wet in this dudes cumpussymouth the deal was going to be sealed. "Naw, wait. Fuck dat. One of you gotta go first `cuz we ain't getting played like some mother fucker with a pin or shit is on the other side. We tole' you that's how this had to go down." Actually Martin was just fronting with this; he saw some body getting sneaked into the room and he knew there was a dicksucker on the other side of the hole. He was muthafuckin-READY. He just had to play this shit off like he didn't know there was prolly a dude on his knees behind the curtain. And then later he was gonna play like it didn't matter, if these dudes' plan to use a queer whiteboy for a fraternity-wide cocksucker got busted. He didn't know about Terrence, though. Dude was so straight laced... "Yeah, man, I'm cool with dat," jumped in Marcus. "My joint is achin' and this bitch ain't drained these nuts since this morning." He started pulling at his jeans snaps apart and moving to the hole without waiting for any confirmation. Dante smiled privately to himself, thinking what a good dicksucker running prodigy he created in little Marcus, who started all this shit as a virgin and a preacher's kid.

His dick slapped free before he actually got to the hole, and he felt eyes on him but really on his waving dick as he stepped up. Fuck it, he thought to himself, shoving his pants all the way to his ankles and pulling his t-shirt off over his head, tossing it aside. He stepped up to hole proud and horny with his manhood waving in front of him and not giving a shit his pretty ass was showing while dudes watched him get his junk worked and his nut swallowed, waiting their turn for the same. "Yo', bitch, we know you're in there, we can all smell your perfume and hear you moving around. I know you not wanting to say shit `cuz you don't want these other niggas to know who the hell your horny bitch ass is like they ever gonna know who you are just from the sound of your voice, but it's all good. You got the right idea for a ho' though... keep your mouth open for a brutha's dick and closed when you ain't sucking a dick. I'll tell you what you horny little bitch... I'm gonna need this dick sucked good as you did it this morning and I may not take all that long to feed you my nut if you do it right," he added. I was startled Marcus was going to go first, but relieved at how smart he was in setting up my not talking. I put some bright red lipstick on like Dante insisted but didn't have time to have a self-attitude about it. Dick was about to be pushed in at me.

And then there it was, proud and hard as fuck with his nuts pulled up pretty far. I knew this was a sign of how turned on Marcus was, I really had memorized his dick and sucked it more often off-schedule than any of the other four dudes. He and Marcus kind of planned out his dick service together, Marcus really liked telling him what to do and hearing about it afterwards, interested in talking about it long after his dick drool finished draining down my throat. Before these guys I was used to dudes disappearing fast as possible after they busted their nuts. And, as bad as I had been jonesin' for nut, you'd have thought I would have jumped on Marcus' shit and attacked it for a load. Actually, what happened was an unexpected zen state of surety and certainty I was about to suck these guys dicks so good I would cement my future on my knees in front of them in exactly the way I wanted. I started on Marcus' nuts `cuz they looked so fuckin' awesome all pulled up and ready to fight like that. I figured it was like stage fright... worried before I went to work, but at the moment of truth realizing I truly fuckin' knew my lines and I was going to give an incredible performance. I started out first on those fuckin' awesome egg-sized nuts, used my tongue on them in small, tender swipes, then an open mouth with my lips dragging from top and bottom to meet in the middle with a lick and slurp, and then a move he liked a lot which was tender nips at different places on his nutsack with unmatched time pauses between each little bite.

"Fuck yeahhhh, bitch," Marcus moaned, "treat them nuts real good `cuz that's where your next load is coming from."

"Bitch is suckin his nuts???" came Terrence's excited query, fast and out of character for Terrence's usual aloofness in handling himself. He directed it to Dante.

"Sounds like it, man," Dante happily opined. "You want the bitch to work on your balls some when she suckin' yo' dick too?"

"Fuck yes!" was his excited reply. "My girl won't do shit with mine." Dante felt his confidence soar that much more, already sure that Martin was completely down with having an on-call cocksucker for the dudes in the house when this shit got taken to the next level, but he had a plan developing about that anyway. He also marveled at how some bruthas put up with bullshit head from their girlfriends. That was definitely not how southside bruthas rolled.

I of course could hear all the talk and moved to bury Marcus' dick in my throat. But slower, agonizingly slower than Marcus had ever tolerated. Usually Marcus had his hands on my head getting it down my throat however he wanted, but he couldn't do that here. "Muthaaaa fuccckkkaaaa," he breathed out slowly, wanting to slap the bitch for NOT diving on his dick and making him cum he wanted to cum so bad, but also LOVING the workout and the way he felt with other bruthas watching his junk get serviced. "Ooooh, baby, you just DON'T KNOW how good this shit feels, you doin'AWESOME fa..." Marcus caught himself in time before he finished the word `faggot' but Dante caught it, Darnell caught it, and Martin caught it but pretended not to. Uh huh, thought Martin, I knew it. Dante and Darnell were studying Terrence's reaction, but it looked like he was in some kind of stupor staring at Marcus's clenched ass cheeks while his joint got slobbered on and deepthroated.

"Fuck this!" Martin said loudly. "Nigga, pull yo' dick out and if yo' shit is wet then I'm jumpin' the line and that bitch gonna start working on these nuts, y'all. YOU got yo' shit serviced this morning," he addressed directly to Marcus. "This bitch did not service MY dick this morning," Martin intentionally leaving out that someone else did, the point not in service of his immediate goal. The rest he addressed directly to Dante. "I thought the whole point was to show Terrence and me what it would be like to have a deepthroating swallowing ho' put up in the basement so the bruthas could get they dicks wet anytime they needed it? Ain't that right?" he demanded.

"Yeah," Dante agreed.

"Aaaiight then. Far as I can see you got the pledge master and the fuckin' president standing here waiting they turns with our dicks in our hands while a pledge gets his dick sucked. You know that ain't right. Nigga, I am ready to get this shit sucked on by a bitch who knows what she doin'!!"

Martin had no problem pulling rank, he dug having power and using it. Terrence was in some kind of vapor, just pawing his dick hard as shit in his pants and taking it all in. Marcus, who most definitely did NOT want to pull his dick out did so slowly and reluctantly, careful not to let any attitude about it show `cuz he knew pledges were `sposed to jump when the Pledge Master told `em to and do so without complaint or hesitation.

As Marcus' hard waving dick came out of the hole, the wetness and shininess of his dick was obvious. "Yep, they's somebody back there suckin' dick fo' SHO'!" Martin announced with glee, in one move sliding his sweats waistband to catch just under his nuts and stepping toward the hole. Bruthas don't really check out each other's junk too carefully, it's too close to being gay, but 11" of big black dick is pretty noticeable and every brutha there had a minute about what it would be like to be that hung. Martin had always been sure the frat house knew he was packin', he could feel the way it made dudes assign him power over it. He let his dick flap back and forth in front of the hole, knowing any cocksucker devoted specifically to servicing black dudes was gonna be a size queen. He didn't mind a little teasing.

Meanwhile Marcus had shuffled away to give room to Martin. His junk was not only wet, but you could see lipstick smudges on his taut balls and in the pubes at the base of his dick. Terrence noticed it first.

"Hoolllyy shhiiiit," he groaned, obviously turned the fuck on by the sight. "Nigga got lipstick all over his balls and his pubes, man." He announced it to the rest of the room in a way that made it obvious how hot he found it. Once he tore his eyes away from the sight to check out how the others were responding to it, he realized he was maybe showing more of himself than he wanted. Dante got his back though, adding, "Ain't that fuckin' hot? LOVE IT when I get done bustin' a nut down some ho's throat and pull out to find bitch's lipstick all over my junk."

"Hot as shit,' added in Darnell. Marcus just stood there, naked from the ankles up while other dudes stared at his hard dick and talked about it. He liked it. He kept standing there like that even though his instincts were prompting him to cover up.

Martin kept up his side to side wave with his hard dick standing in front of the hole, and I looked from the dark at it. It was a thing of beauty. Long as fuck and thick but not so thick I had to be afraid I couldn't spoil it right. Big fat veins peppered along the top and bottom of the dick, and I began to fantasize following the swollen tubes up and down his dick with little kisses. There was a small tip of a fluid at the end of his dick nestled in the dick lips and I began to want to taste whatever it was. Cum, pre-cum, leftover drop from his last piss. I'd gotten used to little drops of piss on the ends of Darnell's dick and he was always insistent I suck his dick anyway and get to like the taste. Darnell was nastier in terms of raw sex than any of the others but he only did that kind of shit when they were alone.

Martin began to address the cocksucker while his dick moved hypnotically back and forth. "I know yo' ho' ass is wanting this big ole dick real bad, bitch. And you gonna get it. But lissen up, here's how this shit got to play. You gonna need to deepthroat my shit, and not just a few times. I want to feel yo' lips brushing my pubes up and down on regular strokes, but keeping my dick head in yo' mouf and never letting the dick outta yo' mouf. You got that bitch? And you can't fight me on it. You need to get balls deep and just hang out there while a brutha gets to feel what good cocksuckin' is all `bout. Dante got you up in here to impress me and Terrance, and that ain't no lie. Tap twice on the box if you hear me and gonna suck my dick the way I tell you to."

This kind of shit, this being told what to do, rocked my world. I loved how he was starting out, talking smack and telling me I better fuckin' do a good job, relating my performance to whether or not Dante got the props and the arrangements he was seeking. I tapped, worried my fingers weren't gonna be able to handle the coordination of the task I was so turned on.

"Now THASS what I'm talkin' `bout," he announced, grabbin' his dick and stroking it as he approached the hole. Right before he got close enough to feed it through, he stopped and bent over. He whispered into the darkness "Yo', muthafucka, I know wassup. I ain't mad, baby, you get your fag on and treat this dick right. You do good, and I'll be fuckin' feedin' you on the regular."

Every time I thought I was at the top of however much turn on was in me, a new thing happened that made me spark with my fag rushes and crave the power to give the most perfect blow job this dude ever experienced. The infallible cocksucker; my new goal in life.

He straightened up and put his dick through the hole. This time I did attack it, and went fast all the way down. And I stayed there. I kept it deep and swallowed around on it. I used a tongue pressure that was patterned to flutter all along the bottom of his dick with swipes along the side. I danced my fingernails lightly on his ball sack and felt them lift. I put in some of my best work in the first 45 seconds, and I admit I was waiting for some applause about how good I was doing.

But Martin did not roll like that. In truth, he was fuckin' thrilled and pretty sure the new cocksucker was going to become a regular source of ball juice dumping for him. Lots of bitches had tried to deepthroat him, and mostly didn't. There were a couple times a bitch got deep but tore up his shit getting there, and a female who once got balls deep and then popped back off real fast looking at him like he was ought to be applauding and heading out to buy the bitch jewelry. He figured on working the ho into a frenzy `cuz he wanted to nut like that but he also wanted his bruthas to see him man up on a cum hungry bitch.

"Aaaaiight, gurl, that ain't bad and shit, you doin' good and all. But Dante and the rest of these muthafuckas said you was the bomb and that I would have the greatest fuckin' blow job of my life and this ain't that, baby gurl. Work on that shit, make it talk to you."

FUCK, I thought to myself. I rolled out strong on the muthafucka's huge dick and threw some of my best game at him and he was saying it wasn't all that. Dante, Darnell, Terrence and Marcus could see that his facial expressions did not mimic a lack of being impressed, but I couldn't. What the others could see that I couldn't was the way his eyes flew wide open right at the start, the way he narrowed his eyes and pinched up his face and bent his hips forward even more as I wrecked my throat cunt on making his dick happy. Happy enough to spit at me. They could see the way his mouth hung open and stayed that way feeling me take him balls deep over and over without stopping. They could see his teeth clench and the grin he shot over to Dante while putting up a single thumb in approval.

"Tell the bitch what she gotta do to get the nutt," suggested Marcus, and I could have kissed him for it.

"Yeah, I can do that. OK, lissen up ho. You doing good on the balls deep action, and that's exactly what's gonna get you paid. But you gotta put in some work before you get my nut, that's wassup. Why don't you take them lips and tongue and make love to that dickhead for a while."

And of course I did. He didn't pull his dick back to match up my mouth's location with his dick at the front of the hole. He had me back off the dick, pulling it out of my throat and sliding back a few inches in the dark to properly balance my headwork on the head of his dick. Truthfully, I did not personally love head work even though I loved being told what to do. I always figured my great standout skill, the one that earned me dick and kept the dick coming back to me, was my awesome deepthroating, no-gag-reflex skills. And head work any lame cocksucker could manage, even if they did a good job on it.

But there I was, tongue wiggling into his piss slit and varying light and heavy swipes of my tongue across the top of the dickhead, followed by a swirling tongue that followed along the curves of the dick head and then matched that move on the other side of the domed dick head. I could hear Martin talking smack the whole time. Words a lot, like "fuck yeah," and "now the bitch on it," and "yeah, you found us a real good cocksucker here." But even more his moans and breath told me how I was doing. Told the other muthafuckas waiting their turn too. I knew he liked the dick head work `cuz I was tasting more and more liquid eeking out, and that shit tasted gooooood. I used my tongue in a hard press starting about the middle of his dick and pushed it tight along the bottom toward his dickhead. He figured out what I was doing and said "Bitch lovin' my dick juice, ain't you bitch? You workin' for it now, ho. Yeah, that shit feels good. Keep doin' that."

The next time he talked it was about me and not to me. "Dante, my brutha. Marcus, Darnell, man you got my fuckin' vote behind this shit. I think it's fuckin' brilliant. And dude, Terrence, how much better you think the Kappa bruthas grades gonna git over finals week if the bruthas just got to traipse down into the basement and get they knobs polished til they nut? No pussy distraction, just hittin' the books with blow job breaks anytime they feelin' it?"

All I heard was a grunt from Terrence. I didn't know he was in a dick rubbing stupor imagining getting his dick sucked as good as the bruthas in front of him. I worried he wasn't really down with the plan. I did hear the hand smack high fives that passed between Dante and Darnell, Darnell and Marcus and Marcus and Dante. Crazy how proud that made me feel.

"Yo', man, you close to giving the bitch your nut?" Dante asked. "'Cuz I know Terrence ready to feel that shit on his dick too."

"Well, fuck it. I usually make a bitch work fo' a while to before I let her have my nutt," (a lie) "but I'm gonna take pity on a brutha trying to get his dick sucked," came Martin's response. "You hear that bitch?" he said to me. "Time to take this shit home. You need to make me cum, so do yo' thing and make my nuts empty like a good ho'."

I took that to mean I ought to land deep with his pubes on my forehead and my tongue and swallow actions busy on his cement-hard dick. He liked the deep move and said as much, but had more to add. "So here's how you make me nut, and you may as well figure this out now and memorize it `cuz I ain't a patient muthafucka and I loves... fuckin' LOVES... to git my dick sucked. Sometimes you gonna have to spend an hour with my shit in yo' mouf before I nut and sometimes I'm gonna need you to suck that shit out fast so I can get on my way."

I paused, listening intently. He said how much he liked that I kept his shit balls deep and breathed around his junk while I paid attention. "This really is an excellent cocksuckin' bitch, Dante. Respect." I knew Dante was happy to hear that, and having the dude who broke me out and trained me to service hung black men get a compliment about me made my own dick throb again.

Martin went on. "So keep my shit real wet but keep steady up and down on my dick. I want to feel your tongue on my dick dragging up and back, and you use it to swipe my dickhead at the top on each stroke, gentle-like. But don't let that shit outta yo' mouf, not even once. Start off at the pace you doin' right now and speed up, but not too fast too soon. You gotta coax the load outta these pretty nuts."

I started doing exactly what he told me to do, and he grunted approvingly and told me to keep going. He seesawed his dick in and out of my throat while I was going up and down, making it crazy hard to be sure his dick stayed in my mouth at all times. I think he was fuckin' with me while getting off on how fuckin' hard I worked to do shit exactly as he said it.

"Aaaaiight, a little faster now, now, yeah. Build slowly muthafucka! You workin' on a niggas' dick bitch, and you need to get this shit right. All kinds of people always trying to get them some black dick so if you don't do it right I will find someone who can," he instructed and then warned. I was instantly responsive and it made him chuckle. "Yeahhhh..." he breathed out slow while I worked to get it right, and he said low enough to be intended only for my hearing, "You a mighty fine cocksucker and my shit and yo' mouf' gonna be real good friends." The vote of approval meant a lot to me.

"Mmmm hmmm," he moaned, and moaned it again. "Yo' Dante, man, yo' bitch `bout to get fed. Ain't gonna be long now, my nuts is beginning to stand up and wanna bust. You on deck Terrance, and you gonna fuckin' LOVE this shit. I'm tellin' you, brutha. You gonna love it."

I could feel the changes in his dick, the way it was stiffer and wouldn't move around as much. I took a chance and sped up, feeling like if I read the dick right he'd like it. "Yeah, you right," he said. "LOVE a bitch who pays attention to what the dick is sayin'. Gooood fuckin' biiiiaaattttccchhh" he rolled off his tongue slowly at first but punctuated the words faster at the end.

"Yo' bitch, it's cummin'. You gonna get the nut, I can feel it. You fuckin' worked for it, you gonna git it," he said faster than the shit he said before. "Now, when I tell yo' ass to go deep you need to take every inch of this muthafuckin 11-inch beast balls deep and keep it there while you swallow fast and hard, and just keep swallowing til my dick stops cumming. You got that? You ready for that nut ho?"

I moaned deeply and soulfully and purposefully on his heavy dick ready to feed me his essence, ready to give me what I so fuckin' badly needed.

"OK, ho, here we go. GO DEEP BITCH! YEAH, FUCKIN' MOUTH-CUNT! OH THAT SHIT IS GOOD. YEAH, YEAH, YEAAAAAH. Swallow now, keep swallowing... fuckin' LOVE that. You doing RIGHT. YEAH... yeah, here it cum... here it cum... FUCK YES... TAKE THAT SHIT!! KEEP SWALLOWIN'!! Ugh... UGGGGGHHH... Oh, you gettin' ALL of it. YEAH, ho, stay deep down there and enjoy that pimp juice baby, you worked for it. Just keep that shit in yo' mouf' as deep as it can go while a brutha catch his breath. Yeahhhhhh... Yeah baby. You made this nigga bust a good nut. You did gooood, ho."

I'm not sure when I felt more proud of sucking a dick. But that's what I was feeling... proud as hell, happy to feel a dick in my throat again, taste buds letting Martin's unique nut taste establish itself in his new fuckhole. His dick deflated slowly and he kept his hips pushed as hard and far forward as they were when his body started shaking and jumping in concert with the pulses of his load. He really was just giving me his dick to love on while he regained his composure.

I think everybody but Terrence was calling out shit as Martin made it obvious he was getting ready to cum and then cumming. I recognized Darnell's voice as the loudest and nastiest, but Marcus and and Dante joined in too, and though it was background noise it made me feel awesome that this group of guys was all getting in on each other's cocksucking service. That I was favored by these hot alpha men for what I could do for them.

"HELLyeah that was the shits, my bruthas. My dick still tingling and I musta busted one of the biggest nuts I ever shot," Martin shared while he slowly pulled his dick back and let it hang there, all wet and definitely worked over. He took a hold of his prize possession and squeezed it from tip to base... "Look at that shit," he said to no one in particular, though Marcus was closest. "Bitch got every fuckin' drop o' my nut."

Marcus kept tryin' to leave his dick alone since he was standing there boned anyway with his pants down and his shirt off, but the action was fuckin' hot and he kept finding his hand straying to tug on his hard bouncy dick. He got close to nutting a couple times while Martin was talking smack and making the cocksucker work for his cum. Marcus was hot too thinking about talking about it witht he cocksucker after shit was over. They had a kind of private rush to themselves when they reviewed the dicksucking activities the cocksucker felt no shame about sharing. He knew Terrence was next, but he sure as fuck wanted to be.

Terrence meanwhile was still in some sort of trance with his own hands roughly palming a hard cock spreading across his right thigh and partly down his leg.

Dante focused on Terrence, a little surprised he seemed to be stuck on looking at Martin's rubbery junk hanging out of his sweats. "Wassup, T-man? You cool buddy? You ready to get YO' dick wet?" he asked.

Terrence looked up at him, starting to finger the top button of his jeans and moving towards the hole. He broke his gaze from Martin's junk to look at Dante, and you could see the shock on his face and hear it in his voice.

"That shit really happened, yo'? Right? I stood right here and watched and dude stuck his big nasty dick into that glory hole and got it sucked off by some female so fuckin horny she would do shit like this? Suck any dick shoved at her, in secret behind a fuckin' blanket? Thass wassup here right? I saw it... but don't believe it. Y'all niggas wouldn't be playin' a brutha would ya'??"

Martin smiled at him. "Hellyeah it happened. Some of the best head of my young fuckin' life too. These bruthas onto something here, man, you need to check it out. Gonna be the sweetest frat thing going in any house on frat row once we get this shit up and rolling." Dante did not miss the presumptive success of the mission Martin just floated to Terrence like it was already decided.

Terrence seemed to gain his posture as the next dude whose dick was gonna be expertly serviced pretty fast, stepping up to the glory hole and ripping down his jean buttons. He wasn't all that comfortable pulling his dick out in front of four other dudes but he absolutely was going to feel this bitch's mouth on his dick `cuz he could already tell it was going to be better than any head he ever felt before. He had a moment of guilt about his girl, but then remembered what Martin said a couple hours ago when he admitted his girl never gave his dick much oral attention. In fact, he had exaggerated even that `cuz he was embarrassed to be pussy whipped when Martin was talking about how `no bitch who didn't learn how to suck his dick right ever had any chance' of being his girlfriend.

I got real excited when Terrence's dick began its crawl through the hole. It seemed in slow motion, and probably was since Terrence wasn't on very sure ground here, doing this for the first time ever. First time having group sex, first time having other dudes see his hard on, first time seeing other dudes nut, first time in a room full of bruthas making a cocksucker work all their dicks. It never once occurred to him that it could be a white dude on his knees waiting to suck his dick.

Terrence had a great dick, thick and proud and prolly about 8, maybe more, inches, but the best part was that it was a banana dick that curved down from his groin. The perfect dick for my favorite service position for blowing a dude's mind and cock at the same time. I decided to engulf all his fat dick in one swoop, although I took it pretty slow before I completely closed my mouth and lips and throat around his cock.

"Oh...Ooooohhh oooh ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh," I heard Terrence moan and grinned over the cock hotly trapped deep in my throat. It made me doubly excited that I was getting to suck Terrence's dick knowing he never had any really good head before.

Martin loved it, expecting that the first sounds coming from his buddy Terrence indicated that for sure, Kappa Kappa House was about to install a regular cocksucker just for the bruthas' use. "That shit feel goood, don't it nigga?" he laughed, tapping his fingers against Terrence's stretched back head.

"Fuckin' incredible, man. I ain't never had it like this. I'm `bout ready to admit I don't give a shit what the bitch looks like," he laughed, another point of contention between he and Martin while Martin was working on him this afternoon to get him to agree to the plan.

"Told ya!" gloated Martin, reaching around to high five everybody in the room. Dante was feeling pretty good about the chances that Terrence would now be down with it, though he knew bruthas often felt one way with they dicks being sucked on and another way once the afterglow of cumming had passed.

Martin for some reason hadn't put his junk away yet, and Marcus was already standing there with his 9" just waitin' for some love. Darnell and Dante caught one another's eyes while the action was all focused on Terrence getting serviced at the hole, and Darnell shrugged at him while simultaneously freeing his own sticky hog of a dick. He pulled it out and let it hang there. Darnell fuckin' LOVED his dick, loved letting it hanging free. It kept showing signs of life but he was trying to be too cool to get wood before the cocksucker started servicing him. Dante unzipped his pants but left them up and just freed his plumping dick from his underwear and let the underwear band pull up against the bottom of his balls, pushing all his shit forward. Fuck it, he loved his dick and was proud of it too. And tonight was going just about as good as he could have hoped. He was surprised that it suddenly meant a lot to him that these guys to whom he looked up were now down for a project he totally conceived of on his own. Hanging in the air like that it started to chub up, especially when Terrence couldn't stop moaning and talking.

"Bitch doin' a good job is she, my brutha?" Dante wanted to know, forgetting for a minute that he was the one that was sliding a whiteboy cocksucker into the mix and pretending it was a horny female. He really was kind of having a feeling like it was a female behind that hole with all the fuckin' happy dicks surrounding him.

"Oh fuck, she is... God damn, I'm even already having to fight busting this nut. Bitch keeps trying all kind of shit out on my dick and I'm fuckin' loving ALL of it! You hear that bitch? FUCKIN' LOVIN' IT. LOVIN' ALL OF IT!" This time I was able to make my moan sound female, though personally I thought it was bullshit to do things that way. Hell, what did I know about black men's sexuality? Maybe this was the only way to get a brutha to let a whiteboy on his dick.

Darnell spoke on the heels of Terrence's warning about cumming soon. "Bust whenever you fuckin' want to brutha, this bitch trained to make a nigga cum whenever he want and to swallow up every drop every time. Bust now, bust later, make the bitch work for it, or just catch that nut and roll on with yo' business."

"Yeah, and the bitch is on duty for alla this dick here tonight," added Marcus, "catch this first nut fast and then take yo' time making the bitch suck out another load later."

"True dat," agreed Dante, "But rule is if they's bruthas waiting for service you got to get back in line after the first nut before you put the cocksucker through her paces for a second nut." It was not a rule Marcus or Darnell had heard before, but it seemed a good one and Dante thought it would be smart to get some basic ground rules established ahead of time.

Terrence didn't really hear that `cuz once he got permission from the other dudes to let go of his nut down this bitch's throat, he was on it. His moaning got louder and faster. All he could do was make a mix of fast staccato inhales mixed with grunts while he bent backward trying to get every available inch of his dick into the cocksucker's mouth and throat. A part of him wanted to start facefucking the girl, but he held back and let her whip her mouth and lips around his junk, clearly knowing what she was doing and that it was impossible she couldn't hear and feel him building towards an intense nut.

"Oh, I'm cummin'. I'm gonna cum... I'm cummin' ... I'm...ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh." Those six `ugh's" matched the hot shots of thick jizz that came flying out the end of his dick. He kept his shit buried deep though, the whole time, making sure the cocksucker was getting the load as deep down her throat as was humanly possible. He kept the dick there soaking, too, `cuz he liked how Martin had handled that plus he really wasn't in any hurry to get his dick out of this amazing throat. He thought about how he was going to do right by his girl but still keep getting his dick sucked. Fuck it, he thought, I'll work it out. But once that nut got swallowed, he knew there was never gonna be another time he would resist letting people suckin' his dick. Later it would occur to him that such a deal withoneself could include letting fags suck his dick. Before the thought occurred to him, it would have been repugnant and he'd have kicked the ass of anyone who suggested he was down with that. But this time it just got pondered with no specific decisions made.

Terrence finally caught his breath and stepped back from the glory hole. He left his pants open while his dick air dryed and he bent forward at the waist with his hands on his knees while he regained his composure.

Dante took in the sight and felt relieved, realizing after the fact he'd had some worries he hadn't let himself absorb fully. Martin was in a great fucking mood, just now putting away his dick and clapping Terrence on the back and laughing.

"I'll say it again, Dante, man, props. Big fuckin' props," Martin's jovial mood continued. "The setup is sweet, don't gotta pay attention to the bitch or buy her dinner or listen to her shit. The head was the bomb, man, for real, couldn't have been better. This shit is inspired, and I am so down for this to be the gift from your class to the house."

Everyone quickly looked to Terrence whose decision was half of the game. He stood up, tucked his junk back in his draws, and smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, muthafuckas, I'm down. Can't see no way to get this feeling and keep it from the rest of the bruthas. I bet this shit will fuckin' make a difference during finals week too." He finished his statement to the high-fives and cheers of all five of the bruthas, and had I been able to get away with it, mine too and maybe even the loudest. Even with three more dicks to suck off, I felt my marathon had been perfectly run on the two new test dicks.

"Yo', they ain't no need for Terrence and me to wait around while you three get serviced, right?" Martin wanted to know.

It threw Dante for a minute, who had been figuring on all of them staying and sharing all the blow jobs as a group, but he realized there wasn't any particular reason for that to happen and there may be some advantages to the original three being left behind with the cocksucker.

"Naw, man, you can roll if you like. We was just here `cuz you wanted to be sure we wasn't running a game on yo' asses," laughed Dante. "Plus, most of the time each of the brothas will be using the cocksucker by themselves so they ain't got to be an audience situation."

"Cool, way cool," chimed in Martin, Terrance getting himself together to exit as well. A heartfelt round of brutha back clapping-hugs went around between everybody matched with the fraternity's private hand greetings, but it was a grin-happy bunch of bruthas ending this first part of the evening together. No one saw Martin whisper into Dante's ear, which was as Martin wanted it. "Yo, my brutha, I know you got some whiteboy on his knees back there, but it's cool. `Ceptin' the price of my silence is you got to show me who the little cocksucker is so I can use him myself outside the house." Dante was shocked, but handled himself and returned the wink Martin gave him after breaking the hug.

Marcus and Dante and Darnell all stood around with their junk out and smiling at one another after the door closed behind Terrance and Martin, whose jubilant moods could still be heard as their voices trailed off. The last thing I heard that was recognizable was Martin's voice saying "Wasn't that the fuckin shits!!? I ain't NEVER gonna have to put up with some bitch workin' my nerves or having to beat my own meat..." until he became inaudible.

I kind of wanted a break but felt like my duty was to take on the three dudes who'd patiently been waiting their turns. I heard them talking low between themselves but I couldn't make it out quite. I figured they were deciding who got their dick sucked next. I figured Marcus was making a strong case for himself.

But that's not what they were discussing. The next thing I heard was Dante saying "Baby boy, come out from behind there for a minute." My knees were cramped up and worse than I knew until I tried to right them. I pretty much stumbled into the room from behind the cocksucker curtain. I was not prepared for what happened next.

There were Dante, Darnell and Marcus all with huge grins on their faces and each of them whooping and applauding and saying shit like my being the world's best black man dicksucker and Dante's repeating "man, you a fuckin' star now. We made a star boys!"

I smiled so wide it felt unnatural but unstoppable. I walked toward them and suddenly we were in a group hug and I had my hand on each of their junk from the middle.

"You still up for suckin' some mo' dick baby?" Dante wanted to know. I said I very much wanted to show my appreciation to each of them for making me their cocksucker and sharing me with their friends.

"Coo," said Dante. "You gonna do Darnell first and he wants a fast nut so you know how to do that for the brutha. I'm gonna go next, but you got to work me like you do always `cuz I ain't in no fuckin' mood to hurry through some head. Still, though, you did work out on my shit earlier today and stir up my load without taking it so it may not take me all that long anyway." I nodded, already dreaming of the tastes of their dicks in my throat. Dante then paused, looking at Marcus, and then added "After I nut I'm gonna handle taking this shit down and putting the room back together, and you gonna go with Marcus to his dorm room and you gonna spend the night seeing how many times he can nut using your throat." Marcus was watching me for a reaction, I could feel it, but I thought it was a very fucking hot idea and wondering what it would be like to be in a bed with one of these dudes.

All that settled, Darnell stepped up and pushed down on my shoulders. "OK, bitch, time to make me cum." I sank with the motion of his hand on my shoulder while his other hand lifted his floppy dick to my lips. "And you heard the brotha, I got shit to do so make me nut quick."

~to be continued~

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