Kappa Kappa Cocksucker

...by NoGagRflks@aol.com

Chapter 3:  Darnell's Cocksucker Rules

Dante had just told me that Darnell was going to be schooling me on what he liked as well, smiling at me while tucking away his junk. I still felt nervous, and I think he wanted to help me relax. He said, "Darnell fuckin' LOVES gettin' his dick sucked. He gonna love your pussy throat, you're gonna love his big dick, we all gonna be happy." I did, in fact, feel relief from what he said, but I sure wasn't expecting what he did next. He pulled up his zipper, buttoned his fly, and reaching out with his arm he caught my chin in his elbow and folded his arm up alongside my head, resting his hand in my hair. We were in a small space and sideways to each other, in that position I wasn't actually able to look at him. He pulled my head tight into his face, his lips close to my ears. " Man, I have to tell you I am loving the way you suck my dick. You're a fucking star, man ," and with that he kissed my forehead with a lingering press and said " thanks, man."

This dude kept pulling the rug out from under me. I began to realize I was in danger of what I assumed was the experience of beginning to fall in love, which didn't seem smart. He was clearly straight, no matter how much he liked getting his dick sucked. While my non-worldly grasp of sex was quite limited, I'd never heard of or thought of a situation like this. It was too soon for me to understand people can do things in sex that exist outside how they'd behave, accept or tolerate in their day to day lives.

We heard the outer door open and I scampered on top of the toilet seat so my feet wouldn't show and Dante slid the latch open and stepped out. The next thing I heard was a really deep, fuckin' sexy voice, a black man's rich and resonant voice; deep like it was travelling up from his balls and I began to imagine them. "Dante! You in here man?" echoed off the tile walls. Really deep men's voices had always been a button for me, and especially the rich depth of a black man's voice. Dante was clearly not intending to be late.

"Guess you need yo' dick sucked pretty fuckin' bad, D-man," laughed Dante as he emerged from the stall and stuck out his palm for a brutha smack, which echoed around the room and I swear registered in my nipples. "I told the cocksucker yo' ass was always late."

"Bitch here now? Aaaaaaiiiiiiight! Thas whass up. Fuck yeah, man, I ain't busted a nut in 9 fuckin' days. Hear `dat bitch?" Darnell shouted. "Nine muthafuckin' days. Dante say yo' throat on point, so we gonna see." Jesusfuckingchrist, that voice... my dick was hurting-hard again and I hadn't even laid eyes on the man. "Don't know what kind of test drive this gonna be on yo' pussy throat though," Darnell smirked at Dante. "I got so much nut backed up bitch can be a lame cocksucker and still get my nut."

"Thought of that," said Dante. "That first nut gonna be too easy so make the bitch get another. Tell the bitch up front she gotta suck out two nuts before she done on yo' dick."

"If you ain't the thinkinest' muthafucka. Thass why you gonna kick ass in this college. Hell yeah, bitch, you got to make me bust twice for yo' tryout," said Darnell. Darnell was just putting up his palm for another brutha smack and prompted Dante to meet him with his.

"That ain't all my brutha," I heard Dante laugh. "Bitch just sucked down my second nut and I'm gonna get another one after you done!" That made Darnell laugh and I heard another couple sets of palm smacks.

"Yeah, man, thas whass UP!" said Darnell. "So time to get on this dick `ho. Where you at?" I had a quick thought I ought to come out to where they were, but then heard Dante tell Darnell to follow him and they headed my way. At the last minute I remembered Dante said something about Darnell hating when cocksuckers don't know their place and I quickly hit my knees on the tile.

Darnell was the one who opened the stall door. None of my imaginings were right, or prepared me for the slam of his intense virility. He was tall, taller than Dante by at least half a foot. Their faces weren't similar; Dante was movie star good looks, Darnell was rugged, carved manhood. Original man kind of hot. He had on a t-shirt that tugged at his chest but floated free around his waist like t-shirts on V-shaped torsos will do. His jeans were snug but no belt, and when he raised him arms above himself to take in the white boy cocksucker on his knees in a public bathroom waiting to suck his dick, I saw his bellybutton and flat stomach. I was a bit overwhelmed by how sexually powerful he seemed to me. Looking him in his eyes felt intimidating, plus now his crotch was near and in my direct line of sight. My eyes got there and stayed, mapping out the contours and imagining what it would look like when freed. Darnell and Dante both dressed left.

"I see Dante showed yo' ass where it belong when one or both of us is around," grunted Darnell. "And I see you checking out my shit. It's hella big baby, and I ain't down with shitty head from a fag cocksucker. Shit, real bitches do that all the damn time. You best be grateful those bitches can't suck a dick right or you wouldn't get any of this prime, fine Mother Africa seed yo' ass don't deserve."

I thought my dick would rip through my jeans. Darnell turned to talk over his shoulder but I didn't move.

"You right, brutha man, cocksucker is a pretty white boy aaaaiiight but mofo got no kinda lips like our other cocksucker had," commented Darnell. " I liked them big soft pink lips all over my dick head, man. That was sweet."

"You stick that big nasty hog of yours down that bitches' throat then you tell me what he ain't got," proposed Dante.

I waited there, on my knees on a cold tile floor in a public bathroom listening to my relative worth as a cocksucker being discussed by two men only interested in what kind of head I was going to be able to deliver. And my dick was pressing as hard as I had ever known it to press in my pants.

"True `dat," affirmed Darnell, and turned back to face me kneeling on the floor. " Here's how this shit works, faggot," said Darnell. "I got rules just like Dante got rules and you gotta follow mine and his to get to suck on eitha of our dicks. Yo' job is to keep our dicks happy and our balls empty so we can finish up with this college thang and graduate. I don't `specially like faggots but Dante done schooled me back home how they got they uses. Two of my brothers and one of my sisters already got babies from high school. I ain't. That dicksuckin' program Dante got did that shit, kept me from lettin' pussy catch me up. Now we gonna do the same thing in college. But I got rules of my own," he finished, awaiting some response from me. Everything he said, everything he did, the way my brain kept recalling the image of his bellybutton when he raised his arms, it all broiled into an arousal that featured nonstop adrenalin-like pops. My nipples were rock hard--- that had never happened before—my dick lips were getting chafed against the wet spot of cotton ribbing every time it pulsed. That had never happened before. And I guess my eyes got glazed over again and my focus split.

"Damn man!" said Darnell over his shoulder again. "This bitch on somethin'?" This cocksucker using drugs, Dante man? You know I ain't cool with that. I don't want to be `round nunna that shit."

"Naw, man," Dante laughed again. " I think it's just how turned on that bitch is to be suckin' our dicks. Ain't that the shit?? I think' he all sprung on suckin' our dicks like we woulda been sprung if Pam Grier was to pop up in the hood and say she wanted to fuck both of us til we couldn't nut no more. Smack the bitch a little D man, thass what I did. Worked good."

I was still experiencing time in some horndog delay, so even though there was no reason to be surprised by Darnell's huge fuckin' hand landing against my right cheek hard enough to snap my head to the left. Dante's smacks hadn't been anywhere near that hard.

"You listenin' now bitch? I got yo' attention?" asked Darnell. I know I intended to nod yes, but I don't know where the apology came from. "Sorry," I said.

"I ain't into promises, you just do the shit I tell you to do. Now, my rules and yo' ass better fuckin' be listenin' I ain't repeating myself. First off, you don't gotta be on call to suck me off, but yo' ass is gonna be keeping appointments with me all week long. That way I know I got at least four nuts to count on every week and that will help me stay on top of keepin' my nuts from taking over. Prolly four but we'll see. Once I tell you where and when yo' ass ALWAYS there when and where you supposed to be. You can't make no other plans for that time, not work not class. Nothin'! Ain't no way I am gonna romance a fuckin' fag who's suckin' my dick. You an appointment, not a friend. You a cocksucker not a man. That means you'll be sucking my dick at least four times a week but that ain't all. You do have to suck my dick last-minute if I want you to, but you definitely gotta keep all four appointments. We figure out places to meet, we can't meet in my dorm or your faggity ass dorm, ain't nobody gonna see me coming up in there. Maybe here, this could be a spot. Dante! How many times you used this spot brah?"

"This is the second time but I ain't seen nobody down here either time we was here," was Dante's reply.

"Aiiight then," said Darnell. " This could be a spot. Now, I like deepthroat and you gotta be able to do my dick like that and it don't matter my shit bigger than Dante, you gotta figure out a way to do it `cuz I will smack your head til it right and I betta NEVA feel no teef. The mo' times I gotta smack you the harder the next smack gonna get. But you also gotta learn to love my dickhead man. Lotta time with your tongue and lips on my dickhead, bitch, get that down good in your head. You gotta kiss it real sweet. You gotta nurse on it gentle, you gotta suck on it hard, you gotta git yo' tongue all under and up and around. You gotta suck on it hard sometimes and see if you can pull up summa my precum."

"Let me by, brah, I'm missing this shit," said Dante working his way around Darnell and sliding into the stall. Darnell followed that by stepping further in himself and sliding the bolt in the door.

Dante's presence seemed to give Darnell a couple other points to make. "Yeah, just like Dante you don't never miss a drop of my nut. That shit PRESCIOUS muthafucka, that is dick seed from the land of the first people and beautiful kings and queens, land of the first culture. You lucky we letting you have that shit down yo' pussy throat, bitch."

"Hellyah, my brutha. School the bitch!" Dante chimed in.

"Matta' fact, bitch, say you grateful," insisted Darnell.

I didn't realize I still had any resistance left that might pass for self-respect, but I didn't say I was grateful. I said "I'm glad you like me sucking your dicks."

"Look at that, bitch got jokes. I ain't here to laugh, bitch, I'm here to tryout them pussy lips and bust this 9-day old nut," Darnell pointed out. "Thass another rule too bitch, both me and Dante got. Yo' ass do WHAT we tell you to do and WHEN we tells yo' ass to do it. Now, tell us you grateful for us sharing our Mother Africa man seed and letting yo' faggot ass swallow it up."

I actually did know humanity started on the dark continent, and I did think it was hot to be swallowing the seed of Original Man. I looked Darnell in the eyes. "I am grateful to be swallowing the loads of black men who come from Africa, the source of humanity and the original man." I delivered it with the truth of how I felt about it. However I delivered it seemed to take Darnell back a bit. Dante just grinned and put his hands on the back of my head.

"Show D man what I'm talking `bout and get them pussy lips workin'," directed Dante while he brought my head forward into Darnell's crotch. Dante didn't seem to be aware, or care, that Darnell still had rules to tell me about sucking his dick. But I was achin' to be in Darnell's crotch so hoped Darnell was gonna let me start working out on his dick. He did.

"Yo' bitch, I ain't lookin for this to be some kinda warmup. I need to bust this nut. Back off baby, I'm gonna get this shit out for you," announced Darnell with one hand on the top of my head moving me back a couple inches and the other working his pants open and zipper down. I was surprised Darnell had zebra striped briefs on, with his dick fluffed up but not hard stretching out toward and over his left hip bone. I reached out to release it from its confines.

"Naw, bitch," Darnell slapped my hand away. "Thass one of the rules too," he said. " I don't like yo' hands on me, bitch. You don't need yo' hands on me to handle yo' business. No hands on my dick, no hands on my legs or anywheres. I will get my shit out so you can get that shit in yo' mouth where it belong. You need yo' mouth, and you can use your fingers, GENTLE-LIKE, on my balls, to touch and stroke them. But you don't NEVA need your hands on my dick. That's what that pussy mouth for."

I looked up at him soberly and nodded.

"Aiiight then, baby gurl. Dante been sayin' you got skills, so let's see that shit, go to work on my dick and don't come up off it til I done nutted. You got that? Once my shit in yo' mouth you ain't done til my nuts completely drained down yo' throat. You don't take that shit out neitha. Keep your mouth on it at all times. I will take it out or tell you you done and come up off it.

Darnell flipped out a semi-hard uncut dick well on its way to 10 inches, that looked like it could have been a cucumber. That shit was thick, straight as fuck out in front of him, and drippin' snot. For real, drippin'. I hadn't done anything to it yet but it was starting its climb from almost fully hard to fully hard—that awesome tick tick tick as a big dick fills with blood and lifts up its head. It was a stunning sight. I'd almost gotten to suck an uncut dick before. The skin sheath was hypnotically beautiful, unrolling back, slowly, in concert with the stiffening rod and shiny with reflective moisture.

"You like that shit, don't you gurl... That dick look good to ya'? I'll tell you what, we gonna start with you showing me just how you intend to kiss and spoil that dick head real good. Once I start to nut on the regular you ain't gonna get all that sweet juice leaking out. C'mon now, soft and sweet. Get that nasty wet dickhead in yo' mouf. Yeah... gentle... Yeah. Kiss it. Kiss it...that ain't a fuckin kiss! Kiss my shit right on the dick hole. Lick up that juice. Yeah. That's what I'm talkin' `bout. Aiiight, now you see my shit in all its glory. Love it bitch? You love that dick? You gonna always treat it right, never say no, always suck it clean and never miss a drop of my nut?"

"Mmmmpphhhff," I tried to moan, trying to mean I would absolutely never miss a drop of his nut.

"Bitch listen good, don't he Darnell?" Dante inquired. I realized in that moment Dante wanted Darnell to like my dick suckin' as much as he liked it. There couldn't have been much more room for incentive in my pleaser/whore personality, but whatever might have been there was launched by wanting to do Dante proud. Wanting Dante to get credit for my skills. Wanting to give Darnell whatever reaction Dante wanted him to have.

"Aaaaiight beeeeyyyaaatttccchhhh, not bad so far. Now it's time you got a good taste of my shit. I shower every morning and before a date with a female, but otherwise you gonna learn my taste at each hour of the day. What my dick taste like two hours after a shower, what it taste like four hours after my shower. What it taste like at the end of the day and what it taste like at night befo' bed. Sometimes you'll be the only one cleaning it in between pussy, blow jobs, and showers. But you gonna love it, ain't you? Yeah... You gonna love it. Keep going, keep doing that. I like that, yeah just the first few inches and tongue the bottom. Yeah, faggot, you got some moves."

"Told you that shit was good," chimed in Dante, the grin in his voice obvious though I couldn't see his face, but my peripheral vision showed Dante's dick was clearly flying full mast again and being rubbed roughly by his hand.

"S'allright," agreed Darnell, " except you know the next part is the real test. I can't stand to have a bitch start on my dick and stop halfway down, whinin' and complainin' bout my wanting my dick sucked and it being too big. How can it be too big?? It's a DICK. It GO in mouths and asses and pussies, that's what it for."

"So test the bitch already man," Dante's voice a little insistent. "I don't know how long we can hang in here without getting caught. You told the bitch he gotta get two nuts and my shit is fuckin' hard again and I wanna pump out some more nut down the bitches' throat too ."

"OK bitch, here we go," said Darnell, squaring his hips in front of me and putting both hands on my ears and pressing tight. " Take a real deep breath now, and remember. YOU don't come up offa my dick, I LET you up offa my dick when my ass is ready to let you come up offa my dick ."

I nodded, and took in a deep breath. Dante had been here before, and in my imagination I thought he was probably looking forward to Darnell's eyes flying open when he nestled balls deep without trouble and I didn't come up off it to breathe. Whatever nervousness I had about pleasing usually recedes as this moment is presented to me, the chance to go balls deep on a dick unused to such luxury. Most of the really hung guys I serviced saw the heavenliness in two parts; that I could go deep without trouble, and that I could both stay and work on a dick balls deep without having to come up for air.

Darnell's pull-me-down-on-it pace was even slower than Dante's."I don't want you hurtin' my shit now dude," he said, " you keep them lips coverin' them teef." I began to wish I had the things they said and when and how they said it recorded somewhere, because bouncing around from dude and faggot and cocksucker and pussy lips all felt equally hot and erotically charged, but odd in their collectiveness as a reference to the same person.

I made a couple practiced swallows on his junk at about the 3/4 mark, which is a spot he made his first pause and I wanted my swallow move to be encouraging, to convey he could take more. I think he thought I needed to steel myself for the last set of inches, because he said something encouraging. " Yo' man, you doing gooooood, buttery smooth in yo' throat too. It's gonna be a nice place to be dumping a lotta of my nut." Dante's hand stroked the top of my head and I knew it was a struggle for him to wait for his applause from Darnell for finding a bitch that could deethroat his shit on the regular, anytime, and with no problem.

"Aaaaiiighht, les' go now," Darnell said, re-affirming his grip on my head and pressing his hips a little forward while he pulled me down. Maybe a bit more insistently this time, like he was gonna have to force me on it to get it balls deep. I was in my fuckin' element now. I hit my Zen state and followed him down... smooth, sweet, with a little tongue flutter and whole-dick pressure on the way. Then we got to his pubes pressing into my lips. I could feel his hands holding tighter still, like he was going to have to keep me from getting away from a spot he really liked.

He didn't have to keep me there. I planted myself and held still. "No you fuckin' didn't," was the first thing I heard from Darnell. Then Dante's laugh. Then I felt Darnell pump a fast shove against my face and move his hands around to the back of my head. The quick poke didn't change a thing, I hung on and made some more moves on his bone hard dick, especially the gulping one that made Dante bust earlier. "Gaawwwwdddd DAAAYUM BROTHA~ this shit the real thing! This muthafucka balls deep, not chokin' not gaggin' and making moves on my shit. You did not tell me all this. You said I was goin' to like it. Muthafucka. I LIKES IT!!!!" This time both Darnell and Dante were laughin' hard and I heard the high fives between them as well. Darnell and Dante went back to talking about me in the third person, like I wasn't in on the discussion about how good I sucked a black man's dick. " Yo' man, this bitch gold. Where you snag this bitch again?" asked Darnell of Dante, but who redirected his attention to school me before Dante had a chance to respond. " Shuga lips, you got to stay right there, daddy LOVIN' yo' pussy mouth. Look at me. Look up baby, I want to see them pretty blue eyes while my shit all clamped all the way down yo' pussy throat."

I complied, nose up against his pubes and scratching around as I pivoted my throat clamp left and right. My eyes straining and not making eye contact, he got some of my hair clamped in his hand and backed up his pelvis slightly, tilting my head back so I could look into his eyes and he mine.

"You the real fuckin' thing ain't you baby? You just the cocksucka we need, fo' real. And you lovin' this shit, right? You want my dick all the way down yo' throat and fuckin' it til I bust my nut? Huh? You want that right ?" Darnell interviewed me while tugging my hair hard enough to start to become a painful distraction.

" Yeth pleathe," was all I could manage with his 10" at least 9" deep and my head craned back with pain coming from my scalp.

"Yeah, brutha, you got this shit started right. Bitch know enough not to try and come up offa my shit when I ask her something," Darnell said to Dante. "You know what else? This cocksucka is even betta than the shit I thought was good back in Chi-town. How'd you snare this fag again?"

"Caught the faggot staring at my dick in class. Staring at it and daydreamin' `bout it. You know how Little Ray used to catch faggots checking out his junk when we was out and you and I didn't clock shit about it? Ray tole me that's how to catch `em. No real man, no brutha man ever runs around trying to scope out another brutha's dick. That shit is full on gay. Walked up to him after class and tole him I knew what he was about and I was gonna let him suck my dick `cuz I needed to find a new cocksucka good enough for the job," laughed Dante. "But fo' real, I did not expect the bitch to be betta than the little bitch we trained up in high school. We gonna' have to take that little cocksucker's skills to the next level when we back at Christmas break," said Dante. "We was too easy on the little cocksucka."

"Dante, man, I may need to go ahead and give this bitch her first taste of nut, man. I been holding this shit ever since that bitch Shanisse gave me that hand job last week and wouldn't go no further. Bitch stirred up all that nut and just left it sitting in thee. That ain't right, doin' a brutha like that. She gave you pussy and wouldn't even give me head," complained Darnell, all the while using one hand to hold me hard by the back of the head and making sure there just wasn't no more dick to go in.

"Yo' muthafucka you nut when you want to," encouraged Dante. " And we ain't gotta put up with no female bullshit no more just `cuz our nuts achin'. We got ..." Dante paused and I didn't know why. By now Darnell was thrusting back and forth, slow, but deep and with a circular grind around my throat whenever he got his third balls deep stroke planted. He also took his hands off my head and I did not retreat. "Yo', cocksucka man. I like that you know where yo' pussy throat ought to be even when I ain't holding you down on it."

There was an overlap between Dante's abrupt pause and Darnell's last comment, so when Dante busted out laughing both Darnell and I didn't connect with what was funny about Darnell's last comment. But Darnell wasn't throat-filled with a drooling cock 10" deep and fat as hell, so he could ask "What's funny `bout that?' while he went back to controlling my head with two hands on the side of my head.

"I don't know this cocksucka's muthafuckin' name!!" laughed Dante. " I busted two nuts down the bitch's throat, got him working on yo' shit now too and I don't even fuckin' know his name," Dante pointed out. I realize it hadn't occurred to me either. I sure knew both their names. Their names, their tastes in getting their dicks sucked, and that I was totally caught up in a web of the most incredible sexual sense I'd ever known. That I made crazy promises I knew I was going to keep.

"So the bitch's name is `Cocksucka!,'" proposed Darnell. " He's our personal, private cocksucka, so let's just call him "PC."

"Works for me, my brutha," decided Dante. No one seemed to need to consult me about it.

"This shit is pure fuckin' gold!" Darnell started up talkin' `bout my skills again, speeding up his pelvis crashing into my face and skipping the roll-around he used to do every third balls-deep stroke. "I'm gonna go ahead and get this bitch paid and then get me a second nut after you get yours."

"Do that shit," said Dante, this time unsnapping his pants and pulling his own zipper down. "I know I got some more nut for the bitch."

"Moan like a female, bitch. C'mon. DO that shit... That ain't it. Naw. Fuck it, you moanin' like a fag suckin' a dick. Don't moan or say shit. Just give up that throat to yo' man, bitch, and you gonna get paid. You gonna get paid in faggot juice, and 9 fuckin' days of it at that," said Darnell as he repositioned himself once more with his feet farther apart and his grasp on my head tight . "OK, baby... take a deep breath `cuz yo' face `bout to get rode to hell and back and I ain't stoppin' when I feel it comin'. You gonna have to learn to hang with it til I bust."

I did steel myself for the onslaught, but I wish I could ask if he liked a tighter fit throatpussy when he was on his gallop to nutting from a face fuck, or whether he liked it loose like a pussy that gave up some big ass kids through it and just hung open letting itself be used for a pounding. I went with a sucking not-too-tight clamp with my throat-stroke tongue moves and my lips tightening around the dick head as it almost came out, and spreading wider on the downstroke plus trying to make him feel like I was working for it. That I knew my reward was near and it's all I cared about.

I loved the way Dante kept up a steady stream of smack talk while he made my throat into the pussy hole he wanted. Darnell was more a sounds man than a words man. You could tell when he went from test-the-cocksucker's-skills moves to using that warm wet hole to dump a load moves. He groaned, groaned again, and without any warning put one hand on top of my head and one under my jaw and just started fucking hard. " Ugh. Ugh. Ugh..ugh..ugh..ugh...," the grunts were becoming regular and matched with the bounce point balls deep, uttered just before he began his back stroke to take the dick head to the edge of my mouth and then plunge again. "YOU WANT THAT NUT BITCH?? YOU WANT IT? Yeah! Make me believe it... fuck, ugghh uggghhhh uggghhhh. Start swallowing bitch!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH...SWALLOW THAT SHIT!!!!... GIT IT! GIT THAT NUT! UGH UGH UGH UGH Uggggghhnnnuggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

I felt the cum coursing along the top of my tongue inside his dick tube. Big thick pulses of nut juice, planted balls deep, and pop after pop of it. I think I counted 8 pops, but I was swallowing intently like instructed so I might have missed some. Man I love that moment... the cock and the man convulsing down my throat, gulping down the load and treasuring it, feeling the heat and thickness of it sliding down my throat and some of it trying for a backslop up into my mouth. Running my thumb along the bottom of it once the dick got taken away from me and tonguing up any drops I could squeeze up through the dick slit. The catching of breaths, the release, the heartbeat slowing, the dick draining in my throat... and if it's my dream about how things go, dude saying shit about how it was the best he ever had, (man, ain't nobody ever ever deepthroated my shit like that before' is probably my favorite; that compliment makes me fuckin' giddy) and if it's me daydreaming about what I most fuckin' always wanted to hear, it's: " Damn, muthafucka, I got a friend who gonna wanna check this shit out too." It's why Dante's proposing I was going to service his cousin too had such an effect on me.

I'd lost track of Dante while I stayed deep on Darnell. Darnell kept his hands on my head but the tight clamp was gone. His eyes were closed, his breathing deep and slowing, him cursing under his breath. His dick started to shrink but he kept it in my throat. I was just docking it there without any sucking or movement, because I didn't yet know if his was one of those dicks sensitive after it cums. I waited, though my knees were cramping, and let him take his own sweet time about what was next. Plus, the rule was I didn't come up off it unless he told me or took it away. Same rule for Dante.

Then after a couple minutes, after he got his composure back to full tilt I thought, his hand, just one, reappeared on the back of my head and he pressed me down on the sloppy dick in my throat. At first I was afraid he might be thinking about pissing down my throat. That was not something I was willing to do... but I also admit I wondered what I would do if he tried it. After a minute his dick started to get hard again, and I began to wonder about him cum again, thinking I wanted to be the best fucking blow job experience of his life and back to back nuts might impress him. I realized I wanted to suck Dante off too, and that maybe there was an advantage to switching over to Dante's dick and then, well, maybe Darnell again and then... what the fuck. Our asses were only 19 years old. I'd found in the past my devotion to sucking dick magnificently lessened if I busted a nut, but these dudes did not give a shit about my dick or my busting a nut. That meant the arousal could just plateau and brew and I'd get to run on it through several of their nuts.

Dante interrupted. "Yo', brutha man, my shit is about to break off it so damn hard. How `bout doing a brutha a solid and let me step in here. Give yo' shit a break and then have the bitch get that second nut after I cream his throat one mo' time?"

"Naw, man," said Darnell. " I fell fo' that shit before in Chi-town. Your ass takes too long for that second nut, `specially if your last nut was right before I got here. Yo' shit all slicked up and feelin' good and me standing here with my shit out and hard and waiting. Naw, man, yo' muthafuckin' rules. You said dude had to get two nuts outta me, and that's how it gonna play."

"Whoa,my man. Who got you this dick suckin' action? Who got yo' ass a dicksucka up in Chi-town who took care of yo' shit from the time you was 12 and you admit kept yo' ass from getting' some bitch pregnant. Where's the love man, where's the love?"

"MoFo," laughed Darnell. " It's like that is it. Hell, you right, I owe you for that shit and this shit. Jus' don't take a fuckin' week, man. I wanna get this next nut and bounce."

"Yeah, aiight. That's what I'm talking about. OK, cocksucka, PC, cum suckin ho. Time to get you so more of my shit... and it all hard for you already. And keep in mind D-man already impatient to fuck yo' throat again so do yo' best on my shit."

My knees were wrecked, and I almost asked about permission to sit up on the toilet and give up some face to Dante that way. But I just did it, and the only outcome seemed to be Darnell deciding he didn't need to hang out in here in this cramped space while I made Dante bust another nut. I think Dante was disappointed, but what the hell did I know.

Dante dropped his pants and drawers to his calves and started making his dick swoop slowly through the air in front of my face. "I got some more for you, baby," he grinned.

This was the moment Darnell decided he didn't need to hang around and watch his buddy get serviced, slid open the lock and opened the door to step out. Only Darnell and I were facing outwards, so we were the only ones who saw a imposing man dressed as a janitor standing on the other side of the door with his mouth hanging open and staring at us.

"What the sam hell is going on in here??" confronted the man angrily. Darnell and I froze.

...to be continued


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