Kappa Kappa Cocksucker

Chapter 7: The Brother Gets Blown

"So you think dude is going to go for it?" asked Darnell, the doubt in his voice showing as he and Dante walked back from the pledge meeting to the spot.

"Yeah, I do," responded Dante. "What the fuck is college for except getting laid and getting an education, tryin' shit out? Marcus been under his Daddy's thumb in that small town way too long. Plus we getting' his dick sucked for him, and you know once he try it he gonna love it. He told me he ain't never had his dick in anybody's mouth. We gonna' be fuckin' heroes to him."

"No doubt. You know that ain't right, keepin' a young black men being from getting' head," agreed Darnell. "Them bible-thumpin' muthafuckas sure can go crazy behind some shit. Hey..where we meetin' Marcus? You got it all set up with the cocksucker? Mr. J. cool with the new setup?"

"Yeah to both. Matter of fact, Mr. J. said he may wanna put that shit to use himself," laughed Dante. "I talked to him about it yesterday. He gave me the tarp to use too."

"I feel for that dude," added Darnell. "Can't imagine not getting your shit deepthroated til 35 fuckin' years old. And havin' yo' female right next to you in bed all that damn time. Bringin' home his paycheck and doin' right by his woman. I sure as shit ain't marrying no woman who ain't gonna suck my dick whenever I want that shit."

"I heard that, my brutha," chimed in Dante, thinking it was a good policy but figuring once a woman got you she gonna make more of the sex decisions than a brutha would want.

"What he think is up?" asked Darnell.

"Hell, I told the dude you and I got our dicks sucked every day and I was gonna hook him up," answered Dante. "Tole' him if he liked our bitch we'd share that shit with him."

"So he think we got a female suckin' our dicks ever day and that a female gonna suck his dick tonight?' queried Darnell.

"Yeah," laughed Dante. "I told him we was gonna school him `bout ho's and getting' his dick sucked any time he want," laughed Dante. "And I bet his pecker starting brickin' up right fuckin' then. I know his ass curious `bout living hard, he always askin' `bout life in southside and to him we cool-ass thugs. That child is real damn country. I tole him hard bruthas get they dicks sucked by ho's anytime they want and bruthas always needed a coupla ho's on the side just to bust they nuts without a bitch hasslin' them."

"Daaaaayyuuum," said Darnell. "That is some fo-real, takin' care of a pledge brutha shit right there," responded Darnell, underlining the sentiment with a loud palm smack welcomed by Dante.

"Riiight?? Thass what I'm sayin' and kinda what I'm thinkin' `bout for the pledge class gift," continued Dante.

"So what he say? He down?" Darnell wanted to know.

"You can ask a brutha yo' self," grinned Dante, looking past Darnell and watching Marcus lumber toward them. Dante smirked to himself noticing some kind of bump on the dude's right side of his crotch starting down his thigh. You could see he was nervous and was trying to play it off. Yeah, this was gonna be some fun shit.

Darnell turned to join Dante as they both turned toward Marcus, heading their way. "He don't know that the bitch is a dude, right?" Darnell needed to know, asking in an urgent whisper.

"Naw, dude. Just like my old man played it," answered Dante in the same whisper tone. "Just follow my lead."

"Wassup my pledge brutha?" Dante welcomed Marcus in a booming hello, clasping hands into palm fists between their chests in a quick embrace with arms around each other. Darnell and Marcus did the same, Darnell adding he was glad the brutha could make it.

"Yo', I'm good," pressed out Marcus, committed to hiding his nervousness and still just a little bit unsure this wasn't some kind of trick. The look on his face wasn't just nervous, wasn't just fear... Both Dante and Darnell saw the horny pulse of Marcus' daydreams in his eyes. Dante smirked to himself, thinking it was the same look he saw in the cocksucker's eyes that first time. And, well, a bunch of times since then.

"Y'all got some shit-eating grins on yo' faces," Marcus said accusingly. "Y'all wouldn't play a brutha over some shit like this right? That would NOT be cool," he finished.

"Naw, man, we got you. We all good. You gonna love it. My ass is grinnin' `cuz I remember the first time I got taken to a dicksuckin' ho' who loved nigga dick and how awesome it was. I came three fuckin' times and the bitch swallowed every drop," Darnell said in reassurance. "You really fuckin' gonna LOVE it my man."

"He ain't lyin', my man. You `bout to get your dick wet by one of the best cocksuckers Darnell and I ever fuckin' met. And we southside Chicago niggas so you KNOW we been getting' our dicks wet!" added Dante.

"And dis bitch been sucking botha yo' dicks ever day since you got here?" challenged Marcus, feeling his dick tingle and his balls lift while he tried out what he thought of as hard-brutha thug talk. Fuck, he did not want his dick boning up in front of these dudes before shit even kicked off. Talkin' `bout this shit was not helping.

"I bust my first nut down the bitch's throat the second day of classes, and Darnell on the third. But yeah, ever day since then we both been getting our dicks sucked at least once a day and most of the time two, sometimes three," affirmed Dante.

"And he ain't lyin', man, this little bitch the BESSS cocksucka I eva had suck mah dick!" contributed Darnell.

"Fuck man, I'm ready, where this shit goin' down? Where is she? What the fuck she look like?" queried Marcus, back to back.

"In this building behind us," said Dante. "Thass our meeting place for getting sucked off, we got a hook up to some private space up in here."

"In this building?! On campus?" the idea surprising Marcus. Somehow he figured some apartment off campus, maybe some older female that just loved sucking young dude's dicks and lived close to the university maybe.

"Yeah, in this building. It's cool, we been using it on the regular, you'll see. But, there's one thing you gotta do before this shit pop off, and I ain't playin'. We NEED you to take the Kappa Kappa Brother Honor Pledge `bout this shit. You cain't say NUTHIN' to NOBODY `bout this shit without you clearing it through BOTH Darnell and me first. No lie. If you ain't cool with that we done now with this shit."

"Naw man, this shit soundin' like the bomb. I want my dick sucked," announced Marcus.

"Let's hear them words and have that brother shake then," insisted Dante.

Marcus said the words and shook the shake with both of them. The deed done, they started toward the building Marcus had to drop his right arm against his dick to keep it from pressing out his bball shorts too obscenely.

"No offense, man," started out Darnell, "but I cain't believe yo' ass waited this long to get yo' dick sucked. Hell, bitches can't even get pregnant off that shit."

"Well my ass wasn't in a big muthafuckin' city with females everywhere, and all kinds of females too. My fuckin' ass was growin' up with a preacher daddy and surrounded by church girls. I couldn't even try shit `cuz if it got back to my Daddy he'd have whupped my ass AND embarrassed the shit outta me by preaching about it in church," came Marcus' reply.

"I'm gonna school you like the OG's in my hood schooled me," continued Darnell. "What a brutha need is a woman who a Lady in the Streets, and a HO in the sheets," Marcus and Darnell both chuckling about that and thinking it sounded like a good fuckin' idea.

"Ain't no reason to be mad at the ho's, neither, my brutha," said Dante, joining the conversation and taking it in the direction he wanted. "They doin' an important service for a brutha. And, you gonna find they ALL kinda bitches out there; beautiful bitches, hot bitches, ugly bitches, old bitches, nasty bitches... ho's that will suck yo' dick in front of yo' buddies...fat bitches, skinny bitches, all kinds. In prison they even got boy bitches...." (Dante went through all this to drop in the boy bitches part). "Being a ho' or a bitch is a state of mind thing. Some you don't wanna have NUTHIN to do with, and some are just fuckin' a blessing for a nigga with a hard dick. Plus a brutha can `preciate a bitch that don't run a lot of games on him, just happy to spread her legs or suck a dick whenever a brutha feelin' it."

Marcus was all wide eyed and attentive, no longer worried about his shit showin' boned since they just got inside the building and nobody was around.

"You never said what the bitch looked like," reminded Marcus. "Yo', I wanna git mah dick sucked, but I ain't sure I'm gonna want some nasty fat ho to be my first time...though...hell, I don't know. You made my shit hard when you said this was the best cocksucka you muthafuckas ever knew. That's pretty fuckin' temptin."

"We got you covered, my man," grinned Dante. "Cuz it don't matter, you ain't even gonna SEE the bitch."

"Aw, hell, I knew you muthafucka's was gamin' me!" reacted Marcus. "I ain't gettin' in there and puttin' on a blindfold and dropping mah shorts and leave mah dick hanging out and have you fuckers take a picture or bring up some goat to suck on mah dick, HELL naw. That AIN'T happenin'!"

"Naw, it ain't happenin' like that. Plus if you want Darnell or I will go first, or both of us, if that will make you feel comfortable. Man, for real, we pledge bruthas now and that mean we gotta treat each other with respect. We ain't gonna play you like that," assured Dante.

The assurances seemed to calm Marcus' fears, though there was still confusion on his face. "How the fuck this shit work then? And you damn skippy you mofo's going first so I can see that shit happenin'!"

"I'm cool wid dat,"agreed Darnell. "You know my ass. I'm pretty much always cool with puttin' a dicksucka to work on my shit. `Specially a good one."

Dante answered the question Marcus waited to hear explained. "The bitch behind a curtain and the curtain got a hole in it right about where yo' dick is and you stand in front of it and feed the bitch yo' dick through the hole. This shit is called a GLORY HOLE. And any bitch that like to suck dick behind a glory hole you know the shit gonna be right. Bitch gonna be all about the dick, right? Bitch ain't wondering what you look like, if you got game, if yo' ass is rich or fat or NUTHIN'. Bitch just LOVE to suck dick and this means that's the total focus, all she got to do, all she got to worry `bout is making a brutha pump out some nut down the ho's throat. To suck a brutha's nut up outta his dick. Bitch live for it, and that's what a hard brutha need. A dicksuckin' bitch that do him right, ever time."

"You LYIN"!" challenged Marcus.

"No, we ain't," said Darnell, jumping in; "and you' BOUT to see. Plus, I think a ho gets nastier and crazier and hornier when the bitch know the brutha can't see a ho's face. LOVE a cum-hungry bitch trying to make that nut pop outta my dick into her mouf. LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT SHIT!"

"WAIT... You sayin' this bitch gonna SWALLOW my nut??" Marcus pressed. "She gonna let me cum in her mouf??"

"More likely the bitch's throat is where you gonna nut. Thass how Darnell and me train all our bitches to suck our dick. You put a black man's dick in yo' mouth, you need to yo' level fuckin' best, yo' "A" game every fuckin time, and yo' ass need to swalla every muthafuckin drop of his fine proud heritage of Mother Africa black man seed. Bitches lucky to get that shit," Dante informed Marcus.

"This yo' first time so you don't know yet the shit you like when you getting' yo' dick sucked," Darnell added. "But me and Dante old hands at this shit. Dante's daddy took our asses at 15 to start getting our dicks sucked off so we wouldn't go crazy behind some pussy and end up getting' some female pregnant and fuck up our futures. Yo', props to your ole man once again my brutha, that was some inspired shit right there. Yo' Dad COOL."

"You right about that, my bruh..." started Dante, before Marcus's shocked outburst interrupted him.

"WAIT! HOL' UP!" shouted Marcus. "You sayin' yo' DADDY took you to get your dick sucked for the first time?? Took you to a bitch just for the purposes of getting yo' dick sucked???"

"Yeah,' grinned Dante. "He was cool like that. Came up hard, got married young, wanted something different for his kids is what he said. Said his brutha came back from the Navy and schooled him about ho's that just like to suck dick."

"DAYUM I missed out on some shit!" complained Marcus.

"It's cool, we got you now," responded Dante, looking a bit more serious. Plus they had arrived to just outside the basement floor's men's room. Dante figured he needed to school the dude before he told him the cocksucka was in there `cuz he didn't want Marcus to consider yet that the cocksucka might be a dude. "Here's how this shit works," started Dante's explanation. "Darnell and me done made a deal with a brutha who works here and has a key to an unused janitor's office and now we use it to meet up with the bitch who suckin' our dicks whenever we want it."

Dante saw the flicker of a question pass across Marcus' face, and continued with what he had to say pretty quickly. He was also trusting Marcus' horniness (that dick was now spotting his bball shorts with precum (and if that wet spot meant that was where his dick head was then you could tell the brutha did not get cheated), and the fact that Marcus was country wanting to emulate his new friends the city fuckers that seemed hard to him. Dante was right.

"The janitor's closet ain't actually in the men's room, really," Dante quickly continued. "There's two doors to get into the men's room and our office is between the two, right after we step through the first door."

"Where the bitch at?" asked Marcus.

"Bitch already inside where a bitch outta be," piped up Darnell, "on they knees behind the glory hole waiting for a brutha to slide them some A-1, fine-ass, big-ass, Kappa Kappa dick through the hole so the bitch can begin they dance on it with they lips and tongue and throat." Darnell like the thug swagger more than Dante, and he loved playin' it up in front of his new pledge brutha.

"Then you ready to roll youngblood?" asked Dante, and pivoting to head to the first door when he saw the emphatic head nod that accompanied Marcus' "HELLYEAH, let's do this shit. You niggas keep me talkin' and thinkin' `bout this shit another 5 minutes and I am gonna bust this muthafuckin' nut in my draws."

"Aiiight, my brother," Dante announced, "here we go."

The first noise I heard was the key in the lock. Fuck, my heart was racing and my dick pounding. If I'd been able to be a fly on the wall for the conversation these three had just been having, I'd have nutted myself twice already and probably without touching myself.

As the door opened, I began to catch the dialogue. Dante was talking. "Oh yeah, I forgot. Bitch will take orders to suck yo' dick however you tell the bitch to suck yo dick. But the bitch won't say nothin'...we know who the bitch is so they ain't no secret `bout that, but the bitch don't want you to ever be able to recognize that bitch voice if y'all ever come across each other out in the world."

I knew why he said that. My voice is pretty deep. But Dante had given me a bottle of Coty's Musk for Women and told me to spray myself with it. He also left a bright red lipstick with me behind the curtain and told me to be sure and get some of it from my lips to everybody's dicks. He said seeing a bitch's lipstick on his dick always boned him up right away again.

I don't know why this didn't freak me out. Any of it really. Sitting behind a glory hole, valued only for use of my pussymouth, told to be quiet and stay hidden. Directing me to keep from letting the dude know I was a man so Dante could keep making him think it was a female sucking his dick. I wasn't used to my good looks being inconsequential. But it still turned me on. Fuck, I didn't have to be on my knees behind the glory hole waiting for the last half hour as told to do (if you've ever done it, you know how tough a wait that is). I could have just gotten into place quickly once I heard the key in the door lock, but somehow the subservience he wasn't even going to know about felt like it was foreplay, even if I made up the rule myself.

The three dudes stepped into a transformed janitor's closet. Dante had given me five or six scented candles I'd placed around the room, so they came into a space exclusively lit by scented candlelight and women's perfume. Mr. J. had given Dante a large canvas pain tarp, the back side of which wasn't paint-spattered at all. Mr. J. helped Dante install a couple cement wall hooks that perfectly matched up with eyelets in the tarp so it could hang across the back part of the office where it went from an oblong hallway into wider space at the end of the room. Perfect, really. Dante knew enough to get me a pillow for my knees. The idea of it made Mr. J. crazy hot and he got home late that night, keeping me practicing behind the glory hole for two nuts. I thought he wouldn't dig it because I didn't think he could grab my head and fuck, a move fast becoming his signature you-bout-to-swallow-my-nut-bitch ending. But he just gathered up the extra tarp and by pressing the slack of the hanging tarp around my face, he ably managed to hold me down on it and gallop his huge cock to his satisfaction til he sprayed deep and hard twice way past my tonsils. For a man who had become sweet and grateful to me once he nutted, this glory hole thing I wouldn't have expected him to like. But actually he seemed pretty excited about it, and made Dante tell him the story of his daddy taking him and Darnell to their first glory hole when they were 15 a couple times.

The next thing I heard was Darnell's voice. "Oh, man this is sweet in here. Good watchin' out Dante, this shit is nice."

"Yeah, I wanted Marcus to enjoy this shit and so I dressed it up a bit. Love when bitches smell nice, `specially they hair when I'm on top of they backs pounding that pussy til I break the ho's back," Dante responded to the compliment, posturing like a thug and maybe diggin' doin' that in front of Marcus just like Darnell did. And, taking another shot at implying a feminine presence in the room.

"So there's a female on her knees gonna suck my cock when I put it through that hole?" questioned Marcus one more time.

"What you have on that other side, my brutha, is the best bitch cumhungry cocksucka these two niggas ever met," answered Dante.

"So what we do next?" was Marcus' question, anxiousness in his voice.

"You still want us to go first?" asked Darnell.

"Yeah," said Marcus. "I wanna see how this shit works."

"Fine by me, my brutha," said Darnell, heading towards the glory hole and unbuckling his pants at the same time.

"He cool with us just standing here watching while he get his dick sucked?" wondered Marcus.

"Yeah, ain't no thing to us. We been fuckin' girls and all kinda bitches in front of one another since that blow job trip with my daddy. We way past shy. But hey, if you want, we can step out when you getting' your knob polished."

"Naw, fuck it. We bruthas and you guys ain't shy I ain't gotta be," agreed Marcus, by this time groping himself hard, squeezing his shit.

I could hear the conversation of course so I knew Darnell's dick was coming. I'd sucked him three times already in the last 24 hours; last night so he could sleep, this morning at breakfast `cuz he woke boned, and around 2 o'clock because he knew we both had classes let out at that time near the spot. Fuck, we were all somewhere between 18 and 19; loads seemed endless to us then.

I'd jumped on Darnell's dick a little more passionately than usual `cuz that half hour waiting for dick, and brand new dick too, really had driven me a little horn-crazy.

"Oh, yeah, Marcus," Darnell spoke over his shoulder, hands on his hips, dick in the darkness of the other side of the curtain but hungrily deep down my gullet and being nursed on gentle-like. "You ain't figured out the rules you gonna give to any cocksucker who wants on yo' meat just yet, but `course Dante and I trained this bitch to do our dicks the way we like. So unless you TELL this bitch to come up off your dick once you nut, or if you just pull it away from the bitch after you nut, bitch gonna keep yo' dick balls deep and gently nursing it and letting it drain down yo' throat `cuz that's how Dante and I trained the ho'. Plus if a nigga wanna bust two or three in a row, bitch stay on point that way."

"Daaaayum, dude, that is fuckin' HOT," decided Marcus. "Aaaaiight, I got that."

"Also, this bitch will not come up off yo' dick til you nut, no matter how long you make the bitch work for it. That's part of the bitch's training too," Darnell continued with his notes on how to use the cocksucker to full advantage and advice along the lines of that you could either school the bitch ahead of time on how you liked your dick sucked, or just let a bitch freestyle and see what game they got, lettin' them experiment on your junk til they made you cum. This education for Marcus was provided over Darnell's shoulder while his dick drooled and hopped in my throat.

My arousal was so pumped I wasn't doin' Darnell's dick exactly how I knew he wanted, lost in my own heady hormone juices taking over everything. He couldn't smack me, so he raised his voice and flicked the tarp with a finger. "YO! BITCH! Where yo' "A" game ho? You know you ain't doin' me right. Now git that shit right," he said, just short of a shout. I did get back to focus, but what I missed while Darnell was challenging me about not letting his dick slip out of my mouth by swiveling his hips left was that he turned far enough around to see Marcus' stunned and hungry look and the growing spot on his bball shorts.

"Yo, damn, my bad," offered up Darnell. "Got carried away with my fuckin' dick feelin' so good. Damn, brutha, you look ready as fuck to git yo dick sucked. And you sure as shit have waited long enough. You wanna step up?"

"Yeah." I heard, voice deep but husky too in a way not there before.

"OK, bitch! Listen up now...yeah, just stop and hold that shit deep, I'm gonna try and squeeze some dicksnot out for ya'. But listen... I am telling you, THIS TIME ONLY, to take my dick out of your mouth BEFORE I bust my nut. Brutha-man here ready, and already waited way too long. I recovered from the heartbreak of its impending loss—I exaggerate not, avid reader--- heartbreak, just in time to grab the lipstick and swipe it on Darnell's dickhead. It made a nice smudge like ti could have been from lips kissing a dick head goodbye.

"Hellyeah, have at it, my man," encouraged Dante while Darnell stepped away from the hole, his dick full mast and shiny with saliva. That was so hot about Darnell, how much he was proud of his dick, shamelessly comfortable with his big dripping horsecock coming out a hole in the wall where it got sucked on in front of a virgin and a dude he was just getting to know. With lipstick on it.

"Bitch left lipstick on my dickhead," observed Darnell happily. "I LOVE seein' a bitch's lipstick on mah dick."

I couldn't see of course the effect the comment had on Marcus' expression, but looking out of a round hole into the room gave me a specific view of the midsections of these three men's bodies. Of course I could identify the one that was new and was looking there. Looking at the dick lump in his shorts. He was about the same height as Dante. Maybe a bit leaner. And as soon as Darnell pointed out that I left lipstick on his dick, I saw Marcus' dick jump and the puddle on his bball shorts thicken and the candlelilght catch the glimmer of his slick pre-cum forced through the material of the shorts. I nearly nutted just looking at that and knowing it was gonna be in my mouth incredibly soon. I really was becoming a pig for not just the act of servicing a black man, but in a lot of ways with a crazed hunger for the load, the pre-cum, the agents of his potency. I really really wanted to swallow all of the juice, and later when I was beating off over events of the day, the scent and taste memory combination of a dude coming balls deep with my nose crushed into his pubes while his dicktube pulsed along the top of my tongue, that's when I go over the edge and practically spray the distant walls. I've had my dick hurt after some of those ejaculations. Seeing how much Marcus' dick drooled made my nipples harden and so sensitive I could have identified the path of the various breezes in the room.

Marcus moved slowly closer to the hole. Dante and Darnell would later describe it like he was in a trance. He timed the pushing down of his shorts to perfectly coincide with the freeing of his dick just as he approached the hole, but the effect meant that when his junk popped free there was so much dick snot it actually flipped a couple dollops at me into the hole.

"Oh, shit," said Marcus, seemingly snapping a bit out of his daze, "my bad."

"Hell, my brutha. Ain't nothin' you gotta apologize over. That bitch in there LOVE all the dick drool and nut the bitch can get. You prolly made her pussy clamp with that shit," opined Dante. "Bitch here to make you feel good, not the other way `round." It sounded so hot when Dante said it.

Marcus pressed forward slowly, maybe a bit unsure (gotta be a weird feeling to stick your dick through a dark hole the first time), and I wondered how to introduce a virgin dick to being sucked, or really, this dick to its first time. I'd done others, actually lots of others, for their first times but this time mattered differently to me. I wanted to be perfect for him. Luckily his dick was medium thick and pretty much straight forward, little bit of a tip up at the dick head, probably 8, 8.5 inches. Cut. That slight upturn at the tip was a nice touch because it made the drool spread out over more of the dickhead than if it just dripped down. Made the dickhead shiny, and made this cocksucker hungry. Most of the time I go for the shock and wow factor, especially for the hung dude, of instantly going balls deep and staying, swallowing, nursing, slipping my tongue out the bottom to tickle his nuts and nutsack. Skills, which in my mind, are ruining him for other cocksuckers who might come after my dick. I already was fretting over losing dicks I loved sucking, and though I recognized of course that I would over time, I wanted them not to want to leave my throat behind even if it had to happen.

So I started with closing my lips around the messy dickhead and using gentle, teasing pressure which I varied with a full contact light pressure oral embrace with the head just in my mouth. My tongue started in on the sloppy juices covering he dickhead in swiping and sucking motions, me intending but not being able to get the dick head licked clean at the slow and teasing pace I'd intended.

But Marcus' sounds and the little jolts of his body told me he was absolutely diggin' it. I love being told what to do and how I'm doing, but the second best thing is sounds. Moans, groans, sharp intakes of breath, slowwww long exhales. They're all dicksucker music for a masterful oral whore. Encouraged by his sounds of intense discovery and the jerks of his pelvic section and the clutching of his hands looking for something to hang onto, I knew I was making this dude a new fan of getting his dick sucked,. Full of myself, I briefly thought about and regretted that he wouldn't know I was the best dicksucker on the planet without giving up some dick to somebody else. Sharing; I was good at it everywhere else, just not dick.

I decided to use my fingernails slowly, gently dragging my nails on those egg-sized balls and on his nutsack (the balls were pulling up in unison and beginning to set, which I knew to be a sign of the dude ready to nut, so I played his close-to-cumming back and forth, back and forth. I didn't stick with it though, not all dudes like to be edged. I reaffirmed the gentle full-dickhead contact and added the swirling tongue, in circles for a couple patterns and then switch the tongue action up. It all played to awesome effect, as evidenced by groans becoming grunts and then small words..."Oh! Oh shit! Oh man this is so fuckin' good!" I became merciless, deciding I was going to take his first nut and prolly before he wanted... or hell, this was his first. Seemed like he had been ready to pop for a couple minutes already. I could tell he was trying to hold his breath to control how close he was getting. Didn't work.

Plus I lengthened and curled my tongue, took a deep breath, and sank nonstop to the base of his dick, slow at first, and rested at the bottom. That got me a "Holy shit holy shit holy shit. Damn. Fuck. Oh man, I DID NOT KNOW!"

I heard Dante ask "Did the bitch just give you your first deepthroat?"

"YES, fuck yes. Never knew that shit could feel SO good. Yo' bitch AWESEOME. She got some muthafuckin' skills!"

"You a MAN now MUTHAFUCKA! An' you `bout to bust yo' first nut in a bitch's throat. That is some hella Kappa Kappa shit, we muthafuckas RULE!" whooped Darnell, Dante joining in.

I had backed off a bit and was just floating balls deep on Marcus' shit, wanting him to wonder and then freak out at how long I could stay deep.

"Yo, speakin' of that shit, I been holding back my nut real hard but I'm dying to bust. How long a nigger make a bitch suck his dick `fo' he feed the ho'?" asked Marcus, an edge in his voice.

"Whenever you fuckin' want," laughed Dante. "Done tole' yo' ass the bitch is here to make yo' dick feel good and to empty them nuts for ya' You bust whenever the fuck you want to bust, just make sure the bitch don't miss a muthafuckin' drop. Push that shit balls deep when you cum, youngblood."

"Nut anytime you want, `many times as you want. That's what having a dicksucking ho' bitch that love nigga dick is fo'," added Darnell.

I took those to mean it was time I took the kid home. I went slow up and down the whole shaft, in unending motions a few times, then when it felt like a pattern might be underway, I'd switch up fast and start quickly going up and down and adding a tongue and swallow action, sometimes sucking on the dick with a lot of pressure. Marcus was going crazy.

"Y'ALL! FUCK! DAMN..UGHHHH... DAAAYYYUUUMMM I'M CUMMIN. I'M CUMMIN. I'M SURE AS FUCK CUMMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnn,...aaaahhhh mutha fuckaa," the last of the `n' sounding groans tapering off as the orgasm backed off after what I knew to be at least 7 hard pops. The cum he shot into me came at me hard, with the first four or five volleys spashing against the back of my throat and the heat of it really a lot hotter than the skin at the back of my throat. He also jerked a few times, enough that both Dante and Darnell came up behind him and put their hands on his shoulders.

I held his dick a bit snug, wanting it to feel cared for and appreciated. His load really didn't seem to drain much past all that intense shooting, but the intensity with which he shot I figured that was all the nut he had anywhere left along his dick tube. I was patient, and of course my training told me to wait til I was told what to do next, or until the dick was pulled away.

But dude's erection didn't change a bit as we all waited, Dante and Darnell laughing and smacking hands and patting each other on the back. Dante and Darnell had just assured him that he was their brother now and they were gonna make sure he could get his dick sucked anytime he wanted. I still had his dick soaking in my throat when I heard that, and I wondered if he could feel my heartbeat getting faster while he was planted in my throat.

They kept talkin' shit about how smart Dante's daddy was and how Dante and Darnell figured they'd had literally thousands of blow jobs at this point in their life. Of course I never moved, planted nuts to chin on Marcus' dick. There was only one specific reference to me in those jovial we-gettin'-our-dicks-sucked bonding moment the Kappa Brothers were having. It was when Darnell asked Marcus if he was `keeping his dick in the bitch's throat and letting it drain?' Marcus said "hellyeah, feels fuckin' good," to which Darnell said "Good man," patting him on the back. What Marcus and I knew that they didn't was that his shit might have been draining but it sure as hell wasn't going down. And after a while, a change that kinda matched up with a lull in their talking shit session, it seemed to me that the dick was trying to lift itself inside my throat, like dude was practicing his hard dick bounce in my throat pussy. I remembered Darnell saying (or was it Dante?) that one of the reasons he made his cocksuckers let his dick soak and drain in they throats was so that they'd "be on point already if a brutha wanted to bust another nut or two." I began to think Marcus was gonna pump out another nut before he was going to step away.

Apparently Marcus was thinking the same thing too. "So what's the rule man? You said a nigga could make the bitch suck out two or three loads outta brutha," Marcus started his query. "Is that in a row? Cuz my shit is bone fuckin hard still and I wanna bust another nut down this bitch's throat. But wassup? Protocol that a brutha need to step aside and let another brutha get they nut and then come back for round 2?"

"It don't have to be," jumped in Darnell, in a hurry to make a point before Dante – who he knew was likely to tell the kid to go for it--- "but maybe in this case that works good. I ain't used to gettin' my shit wet and my balls churned up and then stepping away. I ain't mad, brutha, we cool, glad we did that shit that way, but I need to get this nut and get on the hell up outta here. I got an early class in the morning."

"Yeah," chimed in Dante. "Let D-Man get his nut, and then you step up again and make that bitch work out another wad outta them nuts. I'll wait til after your second nut and then I'll get mine, and if after that you wanna get a third nut I'll hang out with you and lock up and we can walk out together."

"Cool," said Marcus, "That's fair, I'm down," and starting to pull gently away from me. But I didn't wanna let go. I liked his dick, the load was thick and there was a lot of it. I knew the dick wanted to stay too.

But Marcus didn't know what to make of that. He stopped pulling away a second and just waited. When I didn't let go he started pulling out again, this time a little more intently. I just tightened my grip and sucked hard on the dick lips using the back of my throat to create the pull.

"Yo', how do I git mah dick back blood?" Marcus asked.

"Either tell the bitch to let go, or just pull it back out of the bitch's mouth," instructed Dante.

"Bitch ain't lettin' go! She got a death grip on my shit. Wassup with that?" he asked, still asking Dante even though I was on his dick right in front of him.

Dante laughed. "Thass just the ho's way of saying they liked your dick, brutha. You know once a bitch goes black they ain't goin' back." I capitulated, letting go of the dick.

But something Dante said struck Marcus as a surprise because it took him a minute to realize his dick was freed. "Wait, what you mean?" he asked. "Thass a WHITE BITCH in there sucking our dicks?

Darnell looked at Dante for the answer.

"Hellyeah," answered Dante. "You got sumthin' `gainst a white bitch suckin' yo'dick? My cousin Terrance said his favorite cocksuckas is white bitches."

"Naw, man, I fuckin' LOVE that shit. Damn I wanna see that shit happenin' though, I want to watch that white girl on her knees sucking the SHIT outta my dick!"

"Yeah, sorry man," countered Dante. "That don't work with glory hole ho's. They can't get they freak on if they being seen. Trust me, you don't wanna change this shit up...at least right now. Plus, you ain't a virgin no more nigga, so you can make anything happen you want to out there. You know white girls be crazy over some brutha dick."

Darnell's dick suddenly popped into the hole and I remembered he was jonesin' to bust his nut, prolly `cuz he was used to going to sleep with empty balls. Dante and Marcus were in conversation and not paying attention, so Darnell stepped back a bit and leaned down to tell me in a low voice, "Daddy dick in a hurry tonight, sweet lips, so give me one of yo' famous five-minute jobs and you can finish what you started."

Darnell was usually the most critical of any training missteps (even though Mr. J. was the roughest, he never complained about anything and always gave me a sweet hug and kiss on the head after). That meant my focus had to on point, especially since he wanted the five minute job. I found the five minute job the hardest to do right `cuz the two minute was really specific, fast, and timed out. The ten minute job left plenty of freestyle time, so it was hard to mess that up. But the five minute job required the most finesse in timing and activity, plus I'd had the least experience with the five minute "make me bust gurl!"rule.

I launched into it, driven on by the backup tastes of Marcus' jizz in my throat mixing with Darnell's own dick snot and drool. Though I was focused I could tell Dante and Marcus were hanging out further up toward the door. I couldn't hear but they seemed to be having a great time, laughing and talking shit.

I don't think Darnell lasted five minutes, but I think he has more control over when he cums than he likes to let on. However long it was, the end sounded familiar: "Yeah! That's the shit. DO that shit, yeah. DO YO' GODDAMN JOB BITCH, suck that nut out... unnngghhh... thas' right.. thas' right... oh, baby, you so sweet in that pussy mouth... AIIIGGGHT. HERE IT COME... HERE IT COME...FUCK YEAH! SWALLOW THAT SHIT. UGH! UGH! UGHhhhhhhhh. Hellyeah. You a golden throated bitch, gurl. Good fuckin' job."

He'd already pulled his dick outta my mouth, kind of a surprise given his `soaking and draining' policy, when he announced sotto voce he didn't have time to let me hold it in my pussy gloved throat. He confirmed our 10 am rendezvous after our morning class and booked.

Dante and Marcus' voices could be heard saying goodnight to Darnell and the door opening and closing, and Dante sliding the bolt lock into place.

"Me again, right" I heard Marcus ask, the kid-like enthusiasm evident.

"It's yo' night, my brutha. You go get yo shit drained good and don't be afraid to school the cocksucka on what to do and what you like," added Dante.

"Cool!" rejoined Marcus, stepping up quickly already fishing his dick out and pushing his shorts down. This time he presented me with a hot looking floppy dick completely flaccid. Actually, I like that, starting out on a flaccid dick and learning what it responds to; plus, if you trying to service a really hung fucker, I found you're always going to have a better chance if you can make the shit grow down in your throat while you deepthroating it (and it's best not to come up off it all that soon after it reaches full capacity. Just sayin'... I really did have a lot of notes on sucking dick right for a 19 year old.

Marcus did have a command, it turns out. "Yo, bitch!" he started, in a tone that looked like it was trying to mimic Darnell's manner. "Get my dick hard, and then I want you to kiss all over them balls and take `em in yo' mouth and make them feel good too. Then go back on my dick and give me nuthin' but deepthroat every stroke."

"Thass was up, my brutha! Tell that ho' what to do," agreed Dante from the sidelines.

"Yeah, thass a good bitch," came next out of Marcus' mouth; a line lifted straight from Darnell. And he delivered it pretty well. Another packin' black man getting' in on runnin' my pussythroat. You'd have thought I would start worrying about all the time servicing all these dudes was going to take and what else I might be giving up to do it... but I didn't. I worked on showing all my best moves to Marcus, and I know I made him bust before he wanted to. He said as much after all the OMIGODS and HOLY SHITS that accompanied what, in my opinion, was just as thick and hot and plentiful a load as I got the first time.

"Yeah, I know," said Dane. "Bitch is cum-hungry and always trying to snap up a load before a brutha meant to let it go. I've been trying to break the bitch of the habit, but I gotta say I ain't been all that strict about it. Love me some cumhungry, mad skilled horny ho cocksuckers!"

They both laughed and high fived, Dante switching places with Marcus. I think all the action this evening, and feeling pretty full of himself because his gamble to get another Kappa brutha interested in the cocksucker scheme he was planning, made him hotter and happier. He busted in record time, though I know he told me before the one thing he didn't like about a glory hole was that he couldn't grab on to the cocksucker's head and make `em take the dick however he wanted to throw it. Still, as I said, he came heavy and hard and it didn't take long.

Marcus was up to bat again, and happy about it. Fucker's dick was still hard from last time he busted, and this time he wanted to try something. I was supposed to go balls deep, experiment with how loose or tight I held his dick in my throat for a couple trial runs in face fuck mode, and then once we settled on how he wanted it done I was supposed to stay that way and let him facefuck me nonstop til he busted. It might have been the hottest of his blow jobs with me, `cuz he was loud and aggressive and kept telling me what a good bitch I was. When he busted, it still hot inside my throat but less viscous, and he told me to suck on his rubbery dick hard to get out ALL his nut.

They pulled themselves together and just when they were ready to leave Dante leaned down into the hole and said in a whisper, "Fuckin' AWESOME, man. The shit. You was perfect, thank you man."

I grinned happily inside hearing it, and feeling it from him. He stepped up and started toward the door with Marcus in tow. He stopped at the door and said "Thanks again baby gurl. Awesome job tonight!"

"Hey, should I say `thanks' too?" asked Marcus.

"Up to you," said Dante. "Darnell likes to say shit like `good job' and `thas a good bitch' which is his way of saying thank you since he knows the bitch loves hearing that. I say `thank you' `cuz I really fuckin' appreciate gettin' head anytime I want it. I know the bitch wants the dick, but I want the bitch on the dick, so I figure it's a win/win. I'm a business major, dude, so to me it's all about making connections and building trust and respect. That shit pays off in the long run."

"You right," agreed Marcus, raising his voice and calling out to me. "Hey Girl~ you made this brutha craaaazy happy tonight and I loved how you sucked my dick. Thank you, baby gurl For real, thank you. Can't wait til the next time."

"Yeah, we both see you here tomorrow," commented Dante on his way out. Guess I know now what he and Marcus had been talking about.

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