My Next Door Neighbor's Live-In Boyfriend

I moved here almost a year ago only to discover that I knew one of my neighbors. Her name is Peggy and she's a cool woman and very liberal. Not long after I moved here, she met this sexy black guy named Shawn. They dated a few months and before I knew it, she let him move in with her. She's a white woman and I knew she liked black guys...but so do I. I was in awe when I saw him. He makes my fucking hole twitch just watching him walk. He is one sexy dude. He's 29, 5' 9" about 175 pounds, beautiful, light skin, very built with a hot round ass, a package that bulges, thick biceps, nice chest, flat stomach, gorgeous smile and funny as shit. I love hanging out with him because he is so damn funny. We hang out and drink all the time and just talk about stuff.

I'm 5' 7" 155 pounds white, 38 years old, pretty busy, active and fit. I exercise and keep myself pretty smooth and well-groomed. I've got a tight trim waist, thick thighs, an 8" cock and a nice, round ass that loves to get fucked. I'm a pretty normal, quiet guy, but I do like to have fun and I'm not shy.

Peggy often comes visit me and we shoot the shit and catch up on things. We talk about life, good and bad. She often talks about sex and how good Shawn is in bed and how big his dick is. All the girls talk about their man's dick and how big it is. I try not to act too interested, but I think she knows I like sexy black guys because she's seen some of the company that's come over from time to time and has made comments them. Maybe she's just trying to bait me and find out if I'm gay or not. I don't know.

Every so often, Shawn will come visit when Peggy is at work. He also crosses the line and talks about sex. We talk about all kinds of stuff though. We're all pretty close, but at the same time, I can't help but wonder if they are trying to "figure me out." He is so damn sexy and I love just watching his body move. He's such a man. He's smart, funny and has that thug appeal about him, but it's not over the top. He's just fun to be around.

The whole time he's here, I just want to tell him I want to suck his dick and show him how good fuckin a dude's ass can feel too. From what he says, he's straight and loves women. I don't care. I just play the visions in my mind of him being naked in my house and watching his beautiful, muscular body walk to my bedroom and watch his powerful muscular glutes pump and flex as he does. LOL.

One late afternoon, Peggy was working late and Shawn came over to hang out with me. I usually get off of work around 3:00 pm and Shawn is currently not working. So I'm sure he's bored too. Anyway, that fucker came over that afternoon around 3:15 pm not long after I was home. He was all cleaned up, had on sexy summer clothes, clean shaven, his hair was fixed nice and he smelled great. He was dressed very casual with some cute shorts, a tight wife beater tee shirt, showing off his sexy upper body and some clean white underwear showing at the top of his shorts. We cut up and he was walking all over my living room telling me this story. I swear he was showing off for me, strutting his stuff. Of course we started drinking some beer and he started talking about how he's always fuckin horny and how he stays so hard even after he fucks and nuts. He was telling me how after he fucks her, he lays there in bed a while and then goes to the bathroom to take a leak. He said his cock stays rock hard and it's hard to piss. FUCK that is a vision in my head!

I tried to ignore that comment, and I told him it looked like he was working out because he was getting bigger. I swear, he almost blushed, but went on to tell me what he's been doing to put on some muscle. I listened intently and stared at him with lust in my eyes.

We talked for quite a while but he kept going to the subject of sex and I kept trying to avoid it. I don't want to cross the line, but he makes it hard for me. We keep talking and catching up and he asks me if I can burn him some music CDs from Limewire. I said sure thing...He rushes back to his house, gets some CDs and comes back over. I look up at him walking into my front door, and I can't help but notice that big fuckin bulge in his shorts. Nervously, I pull out my laptop and he sits RIGHT on the side of me and naturally his leg is up against mine. I'm fucking nervous as hell and we start looking for songs to burn. I glance over at his lap to see a prominent, thick bulge all bunched up in his shorts. I take a swig of my beer and ask him what songs he wants to look for to burn.

The conversation kept going to sex. Every so often, he'd grab his crotch and give his dick a pull. A few minutes later, he starts talking about how he fucked her the other night and how he had that bitch moaning on his bone. I look at him and ask him why he makes her moan like that? We both laugh. I told him I don't want to hear her screaming I might think he's beating her. He laughs again and says, "Oh I'm beating her alright. I'm beating her with my dick son!" He goes on to say that's he has a thick 9" cock and I almost shit! Peggy already told me how big it was, but to hear him say it just made me want him all the more. I looked at him and said, "Yeah, Peggy told me you have a big dick and sometimes she can't handle it." He laughed and said, "Well ya know I try." We both laugh at that.

So we start drinking some more beer and just relax. I have a couple CDs burned for him so far. We keep talking about the sex and what he likes, or how he likes to do it. He said he loved fuckin her like a dog in heat feeding her his bone. I told him doggy style was my favorite. He said that was his too. What he didn't know was that I meant, I LIKED TO GET FUCKED DOGGY STYLE.

He said how he liked watching his "fat 9" cock" fucking a hole. He didn't say pussy, he said HOLE...I said, "Really?" He said, "Yeah bruh! I love hearing that bitch squeal and watching her white cakes bounce all over my fat, caramel meat." My dick was starting to get hard imagining my ass being pounded on his black meat. My fuckin asshole was twitching in my slacks and I was fidgeting nervously with my beer and the computer. I could see him in the corner of my eye smirking because he knew he was turning me on with his stories.

I was getting a little bold with the beer, so I stop staring at the computer, I turn to him and I look him dead in the eye and I say, "Well fuck dude, all this talk about sex is turning me on, you're gonna make me fuck myself later tonight!" He looks at me a little shocked or confused by what I said, turns his head to the side a little and says, "Kerry ya gay or bi bro?" I said, "Yeah dude, I like guys and you talking about your cock makes me want to see that fucker." And I laugh nervously. I'm thinking this is going to weird him out and he'll leave, but I take the chance. I thought he would've even moved away from me on the couch, but he didn't! He's still sitting next to me cutting up and talking about shit while his leg is still touching mine. All of a sudden, I see him squeeze his cock through his shorts with his hand and I almost choke.

Funny and cocky like he is, he stands up and says, "Well you wanna see it?" I look up at him and tell him to shut the fuck up and laugh. He says, "No dawg, I'm serious! I'll show you, fuck I don't care. I love my cock!"

I say, go ahead Shawn; whip that fucker out, I'm curious to see it since you and Peggy talk so much about it. He unbuttons his shorts, pulls down the zipper and digs deep into his white briefs and pulls out a really THICK, LONG, caramel chocolate fuck stick. His cock was 6" thick inches of beautiful meat just hanging there SOFT and about 5" or so around!!! Seriously, his soft cock was probably the size of a 10 oz beer can...SOFT!!! My mouth watered. I have such a fetish for sucking soft cock and feeling it thick and heavy in my mouth. I love feeling it swell up in my mouth and watch it glisten with my spit when I pull off it. My eyes open wider a little and I noticeably swallow harder.

He starts laughing at me and I shake my head at him. He asks, "So what you think?" I look up at him nervously and say, "Dude, you're both right, that's a big fucking dick." Before I knew it, he let his shorts fall to my floor and just sits on the side of me with his pants off on the couch. He's holding his shaft. I just want to reach out and grab hold of it. He starts to slowly stroke his meat on the side of me and elbows me and says, "Kerry, you wanna suck it bro?"

I look at him and say, "I don't know dude, I'm good friends with your girlfriend. I don't want to piss her off. I mean fuck dude ya'll are my neighbors and I don't think it's worth the trouble." He said, "Come on Kerry, like I'm gonna tell Peggy I put my dick in ya?" I lick my lips and I reach over with shaking hands and stuff his fat, black cock in my mouth. His cock stretched my mouth so wide, just trying to get it in. I've never sucked one this fat before.

Shawn moans softly and I feel his hands on the back of my neck, and he starts to rub my upper back telling me how good that shit feels on his dick. I feel his big dick swelling up in my mouth and I'm slurping away on it, stroking it with one hand, cupping his balls with the other. I was surprised to see he was nice and trimmed in his pubic area, and his balls were shaved too. I pulled off his cock, then dove down on his ball sac and started sucking his nuts while I stroked his big dick. Shawn was grunting and grinding his hips. He loved it. He had to be a little over 9". Fuck that is one beautiful cock.

Suddenly, he takes off his white beater tee shirt and he's now completely naked on my couch, my face in his crotch and his hand is going lower down my back. He's rubbing my back up and down, going lower and lower on my back until he is touching the top of my underwear. I can feel him reaching lower, trying to get under my briefs and I arch my back a little, letting him know it's ok. He starts telling me how good my mouth feels and how he's going to fuck the shit out of his girl friend later thinking about his cock-suckin neighbor. I pull off his dick and I start to laugh. I stop and just stare at his beautiful, muscular chest and nice swollen arms. I lean forward and suck on his sexy fucking nipples and squeeze his round, muscled pecs. He really starts grinding below me now. I suck hard on one of his nipples and I pull off it and I look at him and ask, "Shawn I want you to fuck me dude. You want to?"

He smiles that sexy smile with those beautiful straight teeth and says, "Hell ya my boy, lets hit it." I stand up, my 8" cock is fuckin hard in my slacks and he follows me completely naked, with his fat 9" black cock standing out in front of him, leading the way as I bring him to my bedroom. I am so fuckin nervous about this, but excited at the same time. He lays down naked on my bed, and slowly starts stroking his meat while he watches me get undressed. He's licking his lips and he just stares quietly. I take off my shirt while we talk about the gym trying to be all cool about everything. I drop my slacks. I hear him softly moan. That's when he saw my ass in my briefs. I've got a nice round, plump, bubble butt and it was popping out the bottom of my tighty whitey briefs. The base of my butt cheeks were hanging out the bottom of my briefs.

When I'm dressed you can tell I've got a nice ass, but when I get undressed, you KNOW I've got a hot, round ass. I turn around and put my back to him and slowly drop my briefs and as I do, I slowly bend over...exposing my creamy white buns to tease him. He reaches over and slaps my ass and makes my butt bounce a little. Shawn says, "Damn Kerry you have a hot, bubble ass dude." He pulls on my ass cheeks to expose my hole and I look over my shoulders to see him lick his lips and he says, "Damn that's a hot looking pussy you got there too bro." I smile and I tell him, "You think my pussy is hot now? Wait until you put that fucker in me and I milk your cock with it."

I lay on my stomach between his thick, muscular, spread legs and suck his black cock some more while I touch his sexy muscled body. I rub my hands up and down his tight abs and stop to squeeze and rub his round pecs...I come up and I give him a kiss on his sensual lips. I move away and I reach into my night stand and I grab the lube. I lube up his huge, thick cock and put some on my hole. I ask him how he wants to fuck and he smiles. "Kerry you know I'm gonna get that pussy while you on all 4s bro, doggy style. I wanna hold ya hips and watch that hot white ass of yours bounce and shake as I bang you with this big dick." My cock is so hard and leaking and I quickly get on all 4s and just wait for him to stuff it in me.

I feel him rub that fat cock head on my pussy hole, he pulls it off and he slaps it on my ass cheeks. He's rubbing my ass and squeezing the mounds of flesh of my butt. He says, "Damn Kerry, you have a fat, hot ass man." I feel him put the head of his cock back on my hole again. He holds my hips with one hand and guides his cock with the other. He starts to push. I'm wondering if I can handle that fat dick of his. My knuckles are white and I'm gripping the sheets, but I want it bad! I've been thinking of him fuckin me for months and now it's about to happen.

He's pushing it in, and I feel my hole opening up. Inch by inch, it's filling me. Inch by inch, it's stretching my fuckin ass SO good. DEEPER, it's going in...MORE...I'm moaning. Before I knew it, I could feel his smooth balls against my ass and my ass is SO fucking full of his cock. I reach back and put my hand on his muscular thigh and I tell him to just leave it there for a minute. He laughs and says ok. I try to relax and let me ass get used to his thickness. I flex my hole and he moans out loud. He's said, "Damn what the hell? Fuck that feels good on my cock Kerry, do it again." So I flex my hole again and all of a sudden, he flexes his cock in my pussy. I feel that battering ram jump in my hole and I moan.

I tell him to go ahead. He slowly starts stroking his dick in and out of me, skin on skin. He's dick is SOOOO fuckin thick and I'm moaning deep in the pillow, still gripping the sheets. He's pickin up the pace and I let him start to get after it good. He gets into a good rhythm and holding my ass cheeks, spreading them to watch is cock meat stuffing my hole over and over again. He reaches to grip my hips now. It's like he's dancing in my pussy, slowly grinding his hips, forward and backwards, side to side. He pulls out all the way, and slaps his big dick on my hole again, then pushes it all the way back in and fills me to the hilt with one quick shove. I grunt and take it all. My fuckin pussy just swallows every inch he put in me.

I get up on my hands, arch my tanned back and start to fuck my creamy, white ass back on his big, black dick, pounding my pussy back onto him. He's really starting to pound me good, and my bed is squeaking loudly. I hear those wet sounds coming from my ass as he's stretching my hole. I'm grunting, "Come on Shawn, fuck my hole dude...I'm ready now, pound it out bro."

He puts his hands on my lower back and leans forward. He straddles me, puts his thighs on the back of my thighs and really starts drilling my hole from the tip of his cock to the base of his and out, deeper and harder. I'm MOANING like a bitch in heat. I hear his grunts and breaths as he fucks me with passion and lust. I can feel the mounds of my white ass bouncing like rippling water meeting his thrusts. The sounds of his muscular, powerful hips hitting my ass making that PAP, PAP, PAP sound of flesh banging against flesh, mixed in with my moans and his grunts. It's like sexual music in my bedroom. If someone were standing outside my bedroom window, they'd hear him banging my ass.

He pulls out and jumps off the bed. He pulls me over the edge of the bed and pushes me down so that my chest is leaning over the bed, my back arched and my ass up. He's standing up behind me now. He slaps my ass, spreads my cheeks and pushes his fat cock back into me. He holds on to my hips good and starts to fuckin hammer my pussy standing up, gripping the carpet with his feet. My bed is rocking from his thrusts, pushing my chest against the mattress. His thrusts are hard and powerful, and both of us working to fuckin cum.




He grips my hips harder, and nails my pussy good. Over and over again, he's pounding me. My hole is so wet and juicy from his pre-cum mixed with the lube; I feel it dripping out of my hole and onto my balls. His cock was beating up my hole, making it swollen.

I'm getting hornier for his load with each thrust of his cock so I lift up one of my legs, spread my hole even wider, and let him get full access to my greedy little cunt. My cock is hard and bouncing under me while he's pounding me down. I feel his cock swelling up even thicker and he starts fuckin me harder. The noise from such a good, hot fucking is so loud in my bedroom. My hole is almost numb from his fat, long cock in me.

Shawn reaches up, holds my shoulders and moans, "DUDE, I'M ABOUT TO NUT. YOU WANT MY NUT IN YOUR PUSSY BRO?" I grunt, "HELL YEAH, bury that fuckin load in my pussy dude...breed my hole with your muscle nut!"

He's fucks me a little bit longer, pulls out, strokes his dick a little and I feel the jet of his warm cum shoot out on my swollen hole with pressure, then he jams his thick, black bone back into me and starts to pound out the rest of his hot load into my hole...His cock shoots MORE and MORE cum and I feel that warm nut rush into me. He came SO HARD and so much, I feel it dripping down my thighs as he continues to fuck me. I reach down between my muscular thighs and furiously beat off my cock. I beg him to keep fuckin me because I'm close to cumming. He slaps my ass and says, "You have a greedy little pussy Kerry, you know my cock stays hard after I fuck!" And he keeps on fuckin me like I asked. GOD HE CAN FUCK!!!

I continued stroking my cock and before I knew it, I was shooting my load onto the carpet as he kept fucking me roughly. I came so much and so hard. I hear Shawn moaning from the contractions my ass was making, milking his dick even more while I was cumming...squeezing out every last drop he had to give me. He leans over onto my back, lightly covered with sweat. I can feel his hot round pecs buried and warm in my upper back, his heart beating fast. His warm labored breaths on the back of my neck. His cock still stuffed in my greedy asshole and STILL HARD. We lay there for a few minutes just enjoying the rush of what's just happened. He gives my hole a few playful thrusts, deep and hard, and then finally pulls out of my warm, worn-out pussy.

It was around 5:45 pm when we finished. We cleaned up and went back to the living room, both of us still breathing heavy and flush from the hot sex. My hole was so sore, but felt sooooo good and swollen. We started drinking another beer and burning some more CDs. Around 6:00 pm, guess who knocked on my front door? Peggy.

(to be continued...)


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