By Erik Maskot

This story is pure fiction, and only intended for reading pleasure.

Homosexuality in Nigeria is illegal. Always use condom.

It was hot. It was muggy. The sweat was running down my forehead. My t-shirt was soaked. Luckily the sun would be going down soon. It was my first day in Lagos, Nigeria.

On my way back to the hotel, I was all of a sudden lost. The houses seemed unfamiliar. I saw a group of young African men in a narrow alley, and decided to ask them for directions. That was probably unwise of me. All of a sudden I was surrounded by about ten black men, and they looked tall and threatening. As a single white stranger, I started to feel uncomfortable. One said something in their local language, and the others laughed. I thought they were after my money, and was about to offer it to them, so I could get away. However, they didn't seem to be interested in my money. Instead one came forward and put his hand on my crotch and squeezed my cock hard. He also rubbed his own big cock against my ass. I felt its size through the fabric. In spite of my fear my ten-inch cock grew hard. The locals nodded. They had figured out I was gay, but what would they do to me? Homosexuality was illegal in Nigeria. What would they do to me afterwards? Wouldn't they be worried if I went to the police and reported that I'd been raped by this gang? Would they kill me? The truth was that I'd never deal with the police in a country in which I didn't know if they were corrupt or not. Who knows, maybe these people had friends in the police and they'd get me arrested instead. Many thoughts went through my head. I decided to play along.

They took me into a building nearby, and led me into the basement. The room looked pretty much empty, and it looked dark. Only one light bulb that worked. They placed me on a chair. One of them let his pants drop to the floor, and he placed his large black cock in front of my face. I looked up and into his eyes. He nodded, and I opened up my mouth. My tongue touched the tip of his cockhead. He pushed it inside my mouth and I almost choked. He placed a hand behind my head and held it firmly, while he started fucking my face. He pushed it in so far it went down my throat. I almost fainted as I was sure I was gonna choke on it. After a couple of minutes his load of semen shot down my throat, and I was forced to swallow every drop. When he finally pulled his cock out, I gasped for air.

They told me to remove all my clothes, and I obeyed. They did the same, and I noticed that they all were very well endowed. The biggest one had to be at least fifteen inches long and thick as an arm. I was a little nervous for what he might do with it, but I was horny, my cock was hard and stood out. This also turned on the whole gang.

One of them lied down on a mattress, and he wanted me to sit down on his monster cock. Slowly I sat down on it. At first it hurt, but then his head popped inside my ass, and pain turned into pleasure. Slowly I slid down on it, until the whole cock was inside me. I started riding on it, but then one of the others forced my body down onto the one underneath me. I clenched my fists and teeth, and tried to hold a scream back, when another big cock was being forced inside me. I had never been double fucked before, and I was surprised that my ass could hold two cocks that size. For every thrust I tried to hold back the screams. I moaned loudly as I felt the two cocks sliding back and forth. I felt them hitting bottom. My own cock was rubbing against the stomach underneath me, and I knew I was about to cum any minute.

The heat was almost unbearable. Sweat was running down my forehead, and dripping. The Africans were sweating too, and their sweat was mixing with mine. One of them decided he was gonna try and insert a third cock up my ass. He situated himself behind the one on top of me, and slowly he tried to push his cock in between the two cocks already inside me. I thought I was gonna burst. My sphincter was stretched to the limit, or so I thought. I couldn't hold back anymore, and I screamed loudly. This turned on the African, and he pushed as hard as he could, and eventually he pushed the other two cocks aside, and squeezed himself inside me. I screamed again, and I moaned loudly for every breath I took. Slowly three cocks were moving inside me. I shot my load of semen all over the stomach of the black stud underneath me.

Two of the others, who had so far only been watching the whole thing, stepped over to us, and pointed their cocks right in front of my face. I stretched my tongue out and started licking on their giant cockheads. Then one of them pushed his cock inside my mouth. The other one did the same thing, and my mouth was stretch to the limit as well. I could hardly breath, I could hardly move any part of my body, and my cock was continuously leaking cum. One after the other the cocks in my ass were shooting their big loads of man juice, and soon my mouth was also filled with the same liquid. I thought I was gonna drown. As soon as they pulled themselves out, I gasped for air, but then I had to lick them clean.

While a new guy entered me from behind, I had to clean all five cocks with my tongue. I had to swallow every drop.

The new guy, who had just entered me, fucked me fast and hard. I could feel every thrust, as his cock hit the bottom inside me. It didn't take long before he filled me with his sperm. It felt like there was a gallon of cum inside me.

As soon as he pulled out, the next one was ready to enter. He had a huge cock. Compared to the others, it was not very long, still it was about ten inches. But it was the thickest cock I had ever seen in my entire life. It was like a bottle in thickness, thicker than my arm. And his balls were hanging almost down to his knees. He pushed his cock inside. All the cum inside me worked as lubricant, so I didn't have too many problems with it. He fucked me slowly, and the balls were slapping the back of my thighs. Still my cock was shooting cum from time to time, and every time the Africans were cheering, because they knew I loved being fucked. And they were right, even though I started getting sore.

The thick cock shot an enormous load of cum inside me. Those big balls must have produced a big amount of the stuff. As he pushed his cock to the bottom of me, cum was shooting back out of my ass, because there was simply not enough room for it inside me. My ass and the insides of my legs were covered with the white stuff.

When I started licking his cock clean, he came again, and covered my whole face with cum. Everybody were cheering. And I loved it. All my fear was gone.

Then the last one of the gang came up to me. He had the longest cock of them all, and it measured at least fifteen inches. He let it hang in front of my face for a while to let me have a real good look at it. He rubbed it in my face, rubbed it on my body, as he was heading for my ass. He rolled me over on the mattress on the floor, didn't want me to lose the sight of his monster cock. He grabbed both mine and his own cock, held them together between his hands, wanted to show me how much bigger he was. Mine looked small in comparison, both in length and width.

The African handed me a mirror, so I could see his big sausage enter me. Slowly it slid inside me. When I thought he had hit bottom, still five inches were outside my hole. I was sure it wouldn't get in all the way. But he kept pushing. I started breathing heavily, and I was moaning loudly. Another inch. No cock had ever been in this far. Another inch. I felt like I was about to burst. Another inch. I wanted to scream. My hands grabbed onto the mattress, and started pulling pieces off of it. One more inch. The sweat was running down my forehead and into my eyes. It was burning in my eyes. I could hardly see anything. Tears were mixing with the sweat. Slowly he pushed in the rest of his cock. I screamed. More cheering from the others, as the whole 15-16 inches were inside me. Slowly he started fucking me. I thought I was about to pass out. I didn't know for sure what was going on around me. My eyes were burning so I couldn't see anything. I could hear them singing and clapping and cheering. And when he shot his load of sperm inside me, I thought I was in a different world. All of a sudden everything felt so good. I saw a field with flowers and butterflies, and the bluest sky. I thought I was in heaven. But I had just passed out for a moment. When the African pulled himself out, I wiped the sweat and the tears out of my eyes, and I could see the white teeth of the smiling faces again.

I was too exhausted and tired to smile back, and I fell asleep on the mattress in the room.

* * * * *

It was still hot when I woke up. I was alone in the room. I felt like somebody had beaten me up. But I felt good. I found my clothes on the floor, and got dressed. Outside it was dark. How would I find my way back to the hotel now? I tried to ask an elderly lady, but for some reason she tried to avoid me. I didn't blame her. I was a stranger in the dark.

I walked a couple of blocks, but I didn't find anything that looked familiar. Again I came across a gang of local Africans. These were not the same people I had met earlier. These guys were even younger. They must have been only sixteen to eighteen. I didn't have anyone else to ask, so I went over to them. At first they seemed to help me, but then they started making comments about my ass. I noticed that a few of them had pretty sizeable boners, pushing on the fabric of their pants.

They had the blackest skin I ever saw on any human being. In the dark it was almost like the only things showing were their white eyes and teeth. They were smiling. Friendly smiles. They led me to a park, and I thought they were gonna show me the way back to my hotel, but then all of a sudden they pulled me behind some bushes. A big road with heavy traffic was right on the other side of the bushes. I was really hoping that nobody would discover us, when one of the boys, who had the biggest lips I ever saw, started kissing me. His tongue forced his way into my mouth, and started playing with my tongue. He held me tight. Another one was rubbing his big dick against my ass, through the fabric. Then he pulled my pants down, and he continued rubbing his cock up and down in the crack of my ass. It didn't take long before he forced it inside me, and started fucking me slowly.

Pretty soon he forced me down on the ground, and kept fucking me for several minutes. Under the bushes I saw the feet and legs of the people walking by. I was really nervous. What if somebody discovered us. I tried not to make any sounds, and clenched my teeth together. The young guy shot his load of cum inside me, and then pulled himself out.

One of the 16-year-olds seemed eager to be the next one to fuck me. He entered me violently with his big dick, fucked me fast, and came almost right away. He was most probably not very experienced, and just as nervous as I was. He pulled himself out, and pulled his pants back on as fast as he could. He was grinning and most likely satisfied with the job he had done.

The next one who entered my ass wasn't much older, and not very experienced either. He came almost the same second his cock was inside me.

Then it was the guy with the big lips. He seemed to be the oldest one of them, but I doubted he was nineteen yet. His cock was big, enormously big. It had to be twelve inches long, but I had never seen anything this thick before. In spite of all the semen running out of my ass, it hurt when he pushed it inside me. I tried to be quiet, didn't want the attention from the people walking only three feet away from my face. I could almost touch their shoes. Still, I let out several moans, some of them were louder than they should, but hopefully they drowned in the noise from the traffic. I was being fucked slowly, and I felt like I was being fisted.

Three more teenagers went down on their knees in front of my face. Three big cocks in front of my lips. I kissed, licked and sucked on them all, like they were popsickles. One by one they came in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all.

At the same time the monstrous cock was fucking me slowly. I was sure it was gonna split me in half, because it was so big. He might as well have fucked me with a two liter Coca Cola bottle, or at least that was what it felt like. My fingers digged into the ground. I was moaning. I wanted to scream every time his cock rammed me inside, but I couldn't. Feet were walking right by my head, and I was afraid somebody would hear me. I was actually surprised that nobody did.

The young African fucked me for a real long time. It seemed like he could go on forever. The other boys had cum almost the same moment their dicks had touched my ass or mouth. His balls were slapping my ass. I came, and my sperm landed in the grass underneath. And I kept coming, as the teenage boy fucked me faster, and every thrust hit me harder. He held me tight around my waist, and finally he shot a big load of cum inside me. He kept his cock inside my ass for a long time, didn't pull it out before it was dry. And when he finally pulled it out, it was like I was wide open still. Cum was running out of the hole, and down the insides of my legs. The boy with the big dick kissed me again with his big lips, his tongue rotating inside my mouth. Then, a couple of minutes later, he and his friends ran off. One of them stopped, turned towards me, and then told me what direction my hotel was. I thanked him, and he smiled.

It was 1 a.m., and the only lights were the ones from the street lights. I started walking in the direction of the hotel, but still I had no clue where I was. Then I saw a tall black guy on a street corner, I probably could ask for directions. He looked to be about 25. Before I had a chance to ask him, he wanted to know if I had a cigarette for him. Luckily I did, and I also lit it for him. Then I asked him for directions to my hotel. He said he was gonna follow me all the way, so we started walking.

He said he knew a shortcut, so he led me into a dark alleyway. For some reason I felt comfortable with him, so I trusted him. Then he said he had to take a piss, so he walked into this little dead end street. I didn't want to stay in the dark all by myself, so I followed him. When he pulled his cock out, I did the same thing, as I felt kinda weird standing there just watching him piss.

He obviously had a full bladder, as he was pissing for at least a minute or two. There was a big puddle on the ground when he was finished. Instead of putting his cock back into his pants, he turned towards me, and asked me what I thought of his dick. There was a lamp up on the wall, so I could see him fairly well.

I gasped. It was the biggest cock I'd ever seen. It wasn't as thick as the one that had fucked me in the park a little while ago, but it certainly was long.

"It's eighteen inches," he told me. I couldn't say anything but just "Wow!"

He then told me that he knew a cool trick that he could do, and he asked me for another cigarette. I lit another one, and handed it over to him.

He told me to sit down on the wooden box right next to us. He then pulled a can of beer out of his bag, and asked me if I wanted one. "Sure," I said. He then told me his name was Yakubu.

He was ready to do his trick. Hi lifted his long cock, grabbed the burning cigarette with his other hand, and slowly he inserted the cigarette into the piss slit of his cock. I was amazed just by seeing him do that, but the amazing trick was still to come.

"Okay, watch now," he said when the cigarette was in.

"Wow!" I said again, laughing. I couldn't believe what I saw, but he could actually smoke the cigarette with his dick.

When he was done with the trick , he pulled the cigarette out again, and put it back in his mouth. Then he took a beer out of the bag, opened it, and started drinking.

I liked Yakubu a lot. He was cool. And after one hour we were still sitting on that wooden box in the dark dead end alleyway, drinking beer. He was telling me about Lagos and Nigeria, and I was actually having fun. I forgot all about finding my way back to the hotel.

I had to piss again, but Yakubu told me to wait a second. He asked me if I had ever tasted my own piss. I said no. He then told me to take one of the empty cans, and fill it up. A little confused I took my dick out and pissed into the can. I was laughing. I was starting to get a little drunk, and thought pissing into a can was fun.

Yakubu also pulled his monster cock out of his pants, and filled up his can. At first I was too scared to taste my own piss. As Yakubu drank all of his in a big sip, I eventually stuck my tongue in it, just to taste. When I realized it didn't taste so bad, I also started drinking mine, slowly.

He gave me a cute smile, and then said: "There's more if you want some," holding his dick in front of me. I couldn't resist touching his cock. It was so big, and he treated me like a buddy, so I lowered my face, opened up my mouth and stuck my tongue out. My tongue was touching the head of his cock. And his piss started running down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, but my mouth filled up, and some of it ran down my chin and chest, and wet all my clothes. He grabbed my can, and drank the rest of my piss. This turned me on, and all of a sudden I noticed that I had a hard-on.

Yakubu put his hand on it. "Not bad," he said. Then he put both his hands on my ass, and said "I really like your firm and round little butt." He squeezed it hard, then pulled my pants down. He placed his face in the crack, and let his tongue out. He had a long tongue that he stuck into my hole.

I almost came, because he was rimming me so good. He said "Hmmm" while he was rimming my ass, and when he pulled his tongue out, he said "You taste like cum. You've been fucked already tonight, haven't you?" And I had to explain what had happened that night.

When I had finished he said: "When I met you, I was on my way to a big party. Would you like to come with me?"

I was kinda disappointed that he stopped playing with me, but I said yes, and he pulled my pants back on me again. He stuffed his monster cock back into his pants, grabbed two more cans of beer and handed me one of them, and we started walking.

He led me into another dark alley, but this time he opened a door, and we walked down into a basement. I could hear music. We finally entered a smoke filled room, with a bar, and on the floor there were a couple of pool tables. The first thing I noticed was that I was the only white guy in the whole room, but I was getting used to that now. There were about thirty guests in the room, and they were all men in their twenties.

Yakubu introduced me to them. I quickly found out that this had to be an illegal gay bar. I knew because I noticed how the men were looking at me, and how they were looking at each other. I liked it there. It was a very friendly environment.

Yakubu started playing pool against someone, and I felt I had to go to the bathroom again. When I started pissing, someone came up behind me, put his arms around me, and started licking my right earlobe. His crotch was pressing hard against my ass. I knew he was drunk, but not enough to prevent him from getting an erection.

He pulled my pants down a little, and then he did the same to his own. I didn't try to stop him. Instead I placed my hands on the wall.

He entered me carefully with his big cock. I was getting used to Africans having big cocks now. He started fucking me slowly. He kept pounding my ass for about five minutes before he came and emptied his load of sperm inside me. When he pulled himself out, he started licking my earlobe again, and then kissing me. I loved the way he was treating me. His hands were all over me, and he squeezed me hard. Then he did something that surprised me. He turned around and pushed his ass against me. He wanted me to fuck him. This was the first one who had given me this opportunity. My cock easily slid inside him, and I started fucking him slowly. But I was so horny, that it didn't take long before I came in his ass.

He gave me a smile, kissed me again, before he pulled his pants up again, and went back into the bar.

I was certainly hot now, and wanted more. And in a place like this, it had some advantages being the only white guy. Many of these guys didn't know any white guys, and far less of them had never made love to one. All of a sudden I had the attention from everybody.

I don't know if people tried to get me so drunk, that they could have me without too much trouble, or they were just being friendly. As soon as my glass of beer was empty, a new one was placed in front of me. I wanted every single one of the guys in the bar to fuck me. I don't know if I would have acted differently if I had been sober, but that didn't matter much now. I danced with them, and they touched me all over. Nobody left the bar that night before they'd had me, the bartender included.

In the beginning the action was going on in the bathroom, but I had so much fun and I was drunk, I didn't even care to put my clothes back on again after each fuck, so I was stark naked in the bar.

Somebody made me sit down on his cock, and I was riding him. Pretty soon we were down on the floor, and then somebody else decided he couldn't wait for his turn, so he forced his cock into my ass, and I was being double fucked again. Still, this didn't seem to satisfy one of the other guys. He made the one on top of me bend forward, to make room for him, and his cock was squeezed into my ass. I screamed out loud, because this put me to the brink of what my ass could hold. This seemed to be too much for some of the guys standing around us. They jerked themselves off, and shot their loads of cum right into my face. The guy on top of me licked it off my face, then he started French kissing me, and all the cum was mixing with the spit inside our mouths.

Then I felt a big cock coming between our mouths. It was Yakubu. He started pissing, and we both were drinking it like we had found an oasis in the desert. The three cocks in my ass came, and one by one they were pulled out. My backdoor felt like it was wide open after the treatment, and sperm was leaking out.

Yakubu grabbed me and put me on one of the pool tables. His eighteen inches hit bottom of my ass. It went in and out. Every thrust made me moan loudly. I had lost all track of time and where I was, but it didn't matter. Cum filled my ass, I drank more beer, and I was completely drunk.

The next thing I remembered was that I was out on the street again. It was still dark. I had no clue where I was, I had no clue where Yakubu was, and nobody to show me where my hotel was. I even had problems keeping my balance, and a police car pulled up by my side. Two policemen came out of the car, and wanted to know who I was and where I was headed. I was too drunk to be able to tell them, so they decided to take me to the police station, where they locked me up in a cell with about ten other men, all who seemed to be local people. I fell asleep on the bench.

I don't know for how long I had been sleeping, but I felt much better already. I was a little dizzy, but at least I knew where I was, who I was, and what the name of my hotel was.

I sat up, and looked straight into the faces of my cellmates. The first thing I noticed was that I was the only white guy again. There were three cells in the room, all divided with metal bars only, and all of them were filled with black men staring at me. Who were they all? Were they criminals? Of course I had been placed in the middle cell.

It was obvious that I was the one who had caught their attention. Now I realized that they had pulled my pants off me, and that's what had woke me up.

A big guy in the cell to my right, had pulled his cock out. He was at least six and a half foot tall, and all muscles, and of course his cock was hanging down to his knees. Two of my so-called cellmates grabbed me, and lifted me over to him, and my ass was placed, so that he could easily enter me between the bars.

The big guy was surprised how easily his cock slid in, but when he realized it was because my ass was filled with cum, it turned him on, and his cock, if possible, got harder.

Another guy pulled his cock out in front of my face and shoved it down my throat. I almost gagged. Now I was being fucked in both holes again, and soon my ass was filled with even more cum, and I also had to swallow another big load.

All of a sudden I could hear a key being put in the lock to the jail room. All cocks were stuffed away. I didn't have the time to put my pants on. I saw they were lying under the bench, but someone threw a blanket over to me, and I lied down on the bench again and covered myself up.

Food and water was brought in, and then the guards disappeared again. Everybody ate their food except me. The other prisoners wouldn't let me have mine. Instead they sent it around for everybody to masturbate and cum on it. When the food finally came to me, it was all covered in cum.

They wanted me to eat it. They placed it on the floor in front of me, and wanted me to eat it like a dog. I had no choice than to obey, and got down on my hands and knees. As soon as I started eating, another cock entered my ass. I wasn't let back up before all ten of my cellmates had fucked me. Then my ass was placed against the bars to my left, so they could also fuck me, and then to the right. While being fucked, I had to suck all my cellmates. I was so full of cum, and it never seemed to stop, because as soon as I had finished them all, someone was ready for more. My ass couldn't hold more cum, my whole body was covered with it. I couldn't swallow another drop.

The next time the key was put in the door, I was quick and got dressed. I wiped the cum off my face with my underwear, and put it in my pocket. My cell was unlocked, and a policeman told me to step forward. I was released as soon as I told them who I was, at the hotel I was staying at. I had to make up a story about what had happened last night, and why I was so dirty. They were nice and obviously believed me. They even gave me the direction to my hotel, and this time I found it without any problems.

I went up to my room, and straight into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. Not only did I smell like shit, I also looked like shit. I was all sweaty, my hair was all messed up and full of goo. My clothes were all wrinkled, and full of stains from sweat and sperm.

I took it all off, and was about to step into the shower, when I heard someone knocking at my door and yelled "Room service!" Forgetting that I was naked I opened the door, and saw the cutest black guy I had ever seen in my life. He could be no more than twenty years old. At first he seemed a little shocked seeing me completely naked. He had new clean towels in his hands. As soon as the worst of the shock was over, he stepped inside and shut my door. He gave me the cutest white smile, and wanted to know if he could be of any assistance. I accepted without hesitating.

He then undressed, and we both stepped into the shower. He shampooed my hair, and lathered my entire body. When he washed my ass, and his hand was in my crack, my cock stood erect. Slowly he started jerking on my cock while it was full of soap. The water rinsed off all the soap, and he started sucking on my cock. The cold water made me feel new and fresh again, and it didn't take long before I came in his mouth. He swallowed every drop of my sperm.

I noticed his firm and nice bubble butt, and I wanted more. My cock just didn't want to go limp yet. The boy noticed that and he placed his ass right in front of my crotch. I easily slid in, and fucked him long and slowly. He was moaning with his feminine voice, and it turned me on even more, and I soon came again, inside his ass this time.

He was jerking off, and just before he came I put my mouth over his cockhead, just in time to catch his load. I licked him dry. We kissed for a few minutes before he got dressed again, and went back to work. He had also taken my clothes to the hotel's laundry room, which meant he would be back. But until then I would get some hours of sleep. It was five in the afternoon.

* * * * *

When I woke up later that night I put some new clothes on. I felt so good. I went out of the hotel, and took a turn to the right. But I haven't walked far before I didn't know where I was. I was lost. I noticed a group of young black men standing on a street corner. Maybe they could help...