I couldn't help but stare as he moved his hips back and forth near my book bag. He didn't know I had these feelings. I looked at the lump in his pants that outlined his flaccid dick. I knew his skin was deep chocolate. I began to breathe heavily and as soon as I noticed I said:

" My backpack is getting uncomfortable from how close you are, Dewey."

" Why my dick won't hurt it," He said walking away and laying facedown on the couch. His ass was behind the boxers that shielded my eyes from what I so longed to see.

" I'm sure it wouldn't," I insinuated. Knowing good and well that no matter what size "it" was, I would enjoy it.

" What you tryna say?" He asked standing in front of me, his package In my face.

" Just that you prolly aren't man enough to hurt it," I said laughing.

" Whatever, man. Man I pulled my muscle right here. He said pulling up his shirt and pointing to the right side of his perimeter.

" Where, I can't see." I said., playing coy.

" Right here," He said, pulling down his pants so he was only in his boxers.

" Come over here, let me see. I wanna see if it's seriously injured," I said hoping he would comply.

I pressed my finger into his groin area. It didn't feel bad as far as I could tell. As I pulled back I brushed his cock. It felt large and I saw it jump.

"I guess you woke him up," Dewayne laughed.

" Yeah, I guess," I replied.

He went over and laid down Stomach down on the chase lounge. I began to breathe heavily again. I got up quietly and laid on top of him. I grinded my dick into his ass. He moved his ass back into me. I moaned as he moaned. I reached under him and began to massage his large cock.

" P, I'm not sure if I can do this," he said hesitantly.

" Don't worry, your dick disagrees," I pointed out.

I was right, his dick was rock hard. I got up off his ass and I could feel my cock leak precum. He rolled over and he was definitely tented. I laid back on top of him and grinded are cocks together. I put my lips a centimeter away from his and felt his hot breath brush across them. He leaned up and pressed his mouth against mine. I felt his tongue lick my lips and opened up to let him in. He was the one grinding our cocks together now. I sucked on his tongue and felt his member push its way into mine. I finally couldn't take it any longer. I removed my lips from his and ripped his shirt off.

" Damn Preston, calm down," D said as I bit one of his nipples until it stood on end.

I moved to the other and sucked on it as he streaked his fingers through my hair. I moved farther down his dark chocolate torso and moved to his abs. I traced them with my tongue and licked his trail of hairs leading down to my surprise. I looked at his boxers which were definitely about to rip themselves and pulled them down, only to be slapped in the face by his cock.

" How big is it?" I asked.

" About 7 inches," He said.

I didn't need to know any more. I licked the slit, which by now was soaked by precum. I took the head of it in my mouth and soon had D Fucking my face. He was bucking his hips wildly, having his black invader enter and exit my mouth in a hurry. His moans were not stifled and he for sure was going to get someone called on. So I got off his cock and straddled him. I began to ride him and covered his mouth with mine. I reached behind me and played with his balls. He jerked a little and began to pound into me. He rolled me over and began to fuck me as I caressed his chest and nipples. Pinching them as he plowed into me. I was moaning louder then he ever did as I came all over his chest. He came shortly after, Letting shoots of sperm go into my ass. He collapsed on top of me and began to kiss me. We fell asleep like that.