Nick E.

"Younger 4 Older" -- 19 - - Read the post on Craigslist personals "Men for Men".

Once opened it continued with; "I am 19, Asian, slender and smooth and a student. Have been checking out older white guys in their 40's and 50's lately and have been getting aroused. If interested please be very clean and have good personal hygiene as well as STD-, HIV-, DDF and a non smoker. Send me a pic and tell me about you."

"Hmmmm", I thought, "I'm 54, white, very clean, STD-, HIV-, DDF and a non smoker. I should respond." So I pecked out this response; "Saw your ad on CL..." in the title line and continued with "and since I fit your criteria I figured I would reply. I am a good looking, masculine, down to earth, mature white guy. I stand 6'2" 215 with a moderately hairy solid build, brown hair, blue eyes, straight acting and appearing and 6.5 cut. I am very clean, discrete, STD-, HIV-, DDF and a non smoker. Am also a very passionate and affectionate guy that enjoys body contact, touching, feeling, making out, oral (get/give front/rear) and being a top. I will say I do enjoy letting my mouth and lips roam a nice smooth Asian guy's body tasting every crack, crevice and inch. If you are up for some hot man to man action then send me a face pic and tell me about you. I do look forward to hearing from you. Take care and be safe! -- Grant" Attached my pic and, not really expecting an answer, hit the "SEND" button.

It must have been a day or two before I got an e-mail from "Nick E.". The message read:

"Hey Grant thanks for your response. I opened your pic and YIKES you are a handsome man. In fact I got hard when I read your e-mail. I have sent you my pic hope you like." He had actually attached two of his pictures. Talk about a handsome young man. I immediately replied with: "WOW! Have you looked in the mirror lately? Talk about handsome! That is you! I would surely like to meet and get to know more about you. When do you think it could happen? Let me Know!" Well he was online then and there because I got this response in about 5 minutes. "That's through your eyes! LOL! I am actually a student at a Junior College and am busy studying for finals. I have a presentation due on Friday so Saturday I may be free to meet. Actually I think we could have a good time! - Nick" "Sounds good to me Nick." I began, "I know you are about an hour away from me. I would be willing to head your way and we can get a room someplace." "Grant -- That sounds kind of exciting getting a room. But I can travel to you. I really can't afford a room." He replied. To make a long story a bit shorter, I told him I didn't have a problem bearing the cost of the room. I would be glad to if that was more convenient. We exchanged cell numbers and said we'd text each other. I was actually looking forward to the upcoming weekend. Funny thing was I had to attend a dinner party that evening in his very same city. "Dang!", I thought, "This might just work out pretty good!"

I couldn't keep my mind on anything but the weekend. Every thought went to Nick E. and Saturday. And finally Saturday rolled around. I was at the dinner party right on-time. I was socializing, dinner, karaoke and just plain having a good time when I got the text. "Hey wut u doin" It was Nick E. "Here at a party waitin to hear from u" I replied. "Wer is here" he asked. "Am n ur area" I answered. "Rreeeaaallllyyyy????" was his repsonce. Just a simple "Ya" was my reply. "Wen ya leavin" he wanted to know. "As soon as I can, if you want to meet" I texted. "Uh YEAH! Just tell me wen and wer!" he typed back. So I answered what motel I had in mind and that I would text him when I had the room. "Great! I b waitin" was his reply. I said my "Thanks and good nights" to everyone and couldn't get out of there fast enough! Raced up to the local freeway close motel and got a room. Only took about 15 minutes. My nimble fingers typed out this text "Ok Nick I am here and the room number is 204". "Ok Grant c ya n 20 min." showed on the screen of my cell phone.

I figured I'd get some waters to have there in the room. I raced up to the mini-mart grabbed waters, couple sticks of beef jerky and some gum. On my way back to the room I added ice to the bag of waters. In the room I got comfortable, put the ice and waters in the ice bucket. Turned on the TV and just chilled. Twenty minutes came and went. Forty minutes past. I send a text "Hey Nick ya get lost or sumthin". Man the hour mark was quickly approaching. I figured he wasn't going to show, just another Craigslist flake. "Nick, I hope all is ok. Ya still gonna make it?" I asked with a bit of concern. I waited another 15 minutes and sent this final message "OK Nick. Am gonna c if I can get a refund. If so am taking off. Let me kno wen u r serious." With that I did get a refund and jumped on the freeway home.

I hadn't gone two miles when my phone rings. It's Nick. "Hi Grant! I am serious!" He continued to tell me that he was talking to a friend in Chicago who had just broken up with his lover. He apologized and said he should have let me know and that he was just about a mile from the motel. Told him I am heading back that we can at least meet and then see where things go. He agreed and said he'd wait in the parking lot of the motel.

Just as I was pulling into the parking lot I get another call. "How close are you Grant?"
"I am pulling into the parking lot as we speak." "Are you in the white car?" "Yep that is me!" "Ok I am in the red car just backing out. Can you follow me?" "Why where are we going?" "Well to a quiet neighborhood where we can talk." "Ok. I'll follow you." And off we went. I followed Nick around the city for about 15 minutes before we pulled into a nice quiet cul-de-sac. Parked next to a fence where we wouldn't be to conspicuous and the area was darker. Nick E. then jumped out of his car and hopped into the passenger seat of my car. From what I could quickly see. Nick was about 5'7" or so and about 120 pounds if he was soaking wet! He had black hair with a few highlights, dark brown sparkling eyes and a bright white smile that lit up his whole face when he grinned from ear to ear.

"Wow Nick you are better looking in person I must say!" I complemented. He gave a little blush and thanked me and then said. "I was gonna tell you that as well Grant. I think you are hotter than your pic." He excitedly said. He continued by apologizing for the miscommunication. I just told him it was ok that sometimes a friend just needs someone to talk to. He started to say something else. But I just couldn't contain myself. I framed his face with my hands. He stopped talking and just looked at me. We were both looking into each others eyes when I leaned forward and placed my lips on his. I started with a nice tender kiss. Gently sucking on his lower lip and then moving to his upper lip. I gently traced his lips with my tongue and slowly let my tongue slip between his lips and caress his tongue. When I backed off all he could say was "Now that was a kiss!" With that we began to kiss and touch and feel each other. My hand slid inside his shirt and played with his pert crinkly nipples as we kiss. I could hear and feel his slight moans while we were locked lip to lip. He broke our embrace, moved the passenger seat up and said, "Follow me" as he jumped into the back seat. Well I am just too big to jump so I got out and stepped into the back seat.

There we lay arms wrapped around one another. Our mouths and lips were vigorously working with each other as I turn over on my back and pull Nick on top. I looked at the young man laying on top of me looking at me. Nick was actually a cute handsome young man. His toothy smile was wide, bright and lit up his whole face. His big flashing dark Asian brown eyes were filled with excitement. I could tell this handsome young man was filled with anxious desire. He leaned down and we continued our tongue dance. I began to slip of his shirt, which he happily removed. He then unbuckled my belt and zipper and pulled down my Levi's. My hard 7" cock sprang to life. His slender fingers began to touch and trace around my shaft. He looked at my cock as if it was an appetizer. Looking at me he says "I have never really done this before." And put his sweet lips around my cock and began to suck. He must have watched porn to get some pointers. I had to ask him "Are you sure you have never done this before?" because he was doing so well! I had him remove his hand so I could see him work on my cock. For being his first time the guy was working it pretty dang good! Pulling him off my cock I place my lips back on his. This young man could really kiss. He responded to all of my kisses. His passion equaled mine. This guy was a hottie! Not only was his cute, handsome and sexy. He liked passion! I pulled him off my hard cock and put his lips on mine. I slipped my left hand down the back of his pants. I caressed the firm round cheeks of his youthful ass. My middle finger found it's mark and began massaging the entrance to his tight puckered rosebud. "Ohhhhh...I don't know if I am ready for that!", he whispered. I kept my finger in place and continued the massage with no complaints. As I kissed him deeply I gently pushed my finger in to the first knuckle. I slowly worked my finger in and then out. His sexy moans into my mouth as we kissed were hot and turning me on. I had to be on top. I held on to him and I rolled over so I was on top. I pulled off my shirt. I had to feel his smooth body next to my hairy body. I went back to tasting his smooth slim body. My tongue, lips and mouth were roaming all over his body. I wasn't going to miss an inch. Nick E. was moaning with pleasure. The "Yeses" were abundant! I stopped and looked into his smiling face and flashing eyes saying, "You know what? I sure could get used to this!" Only thing he could say was, "So could I!" I leaned down and gave him a slow long kiss. I nuzzled his cheeks, neck and used my nose to play with his. I could here Nick's breathing become a bit heavier. Using my tongue I traced the outline of his jaw. When I got to the corner of his jaw just below his ear, I flicked my tongue making it dance along his jaw line and neck. His arms flew around my neck and his legs around my waist. His body shook with pleasure. "My God where did you learn to do that?" He asked. "Just one of MY secrets!" I said smiling. "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" he questioned. "Well," I continued, "I did have a 22 year old Filippino boyfriend until he moved away to go to school." "Hey I'm Filippino!" he excitedly replied. I gazed into his sparkling brown eyes and said in Tagalog, "Ma pogi ka!" "Wow that really excites me!" was his reply! With that our passion grew to another level. Our kissing became much more intense. My hips began grinding into his. His arms and legs wrapped tighter around me. "Fuck me Grant, I want you to fuck me!" he begged. With our pants still on I humped and ground into him. I pumped him hard as if I was buried deep inside his hot, slender, nicely shaped ass. His panting became more pronounced. I lifted up his ass and slid his pants down. I took his hard Pinoy cock into my mouth and sucked and licked and swirled my tongue around the head of his perfect hardness. I ran my tongue up and down his thighs and crotch. When my tongue went up the side of his crotch he began to laugh and moan saying it tickled and felt "So good!"

In the heat of passion, his cells phone rings. He ignores it as I continue my tongue lashing all over his torso and nipples. A few minutes later it rings again. This time he actually stops me and wants to see who it is. It's his friend from Chicago and he has to answer. He tells his friend to call back in about 10 minutes. With that we get in our final kisses and gropes. "So when am I going to see you again Nick?" I question. "Thursday is my next free evening." He quickly replies. "I take it that is when I will be hearing from you then." I confirm. "YES you sure will." Nick continues " I want to finish what we have started!" "Great! I'll be expecting your call or text." I add "Don't be a stranger!" "Don't worry Grant. I won't!" With that he jumped into his car and we parted ways.

For the next few days I could think of nothing else. Damn! Nick E. was a hot and fun lover. He was passionate, affectionate and most of all he liked to KISS. His response to my kissing him in various places on his body was exceptional. I wanted to feel him beneath me once again. To feel his slender arms and legs wrapped around me. Dang every time I think about him I get excited. OK! I would get hard at just the thought of Nick E. The thought of him was on my mind constantly! The days seemed to drrraaaaggggg along. I mean we saw each other on Saturday and yet Thursday seemed so far off! Here is was Tuesday and I was so hoping to hear from him. And yet nothing! "Guess that's the way it goes." I thought to myself, "Just a one time thing!" I was feeling really down at the thought of never seeing him again. Wednesday rolled around and my fingers were crossed. Wednesday evening came and went.

The Second Meeting is Here!

Finally it was Thursday. I couldn't wait any longer. I had to send him a text, just a simple, "Hiya Nick. Let me kno wuts up. C ya. I hope!" Poke the button and off it went into cyberspace. The day seemed to drag even more. I think the Sun even stopped in the sky at one point! Then that "Bing Bong" and a little vibration in my pocket, I was getting a text! With eyes closed I get my phone. I open up the text and, "Grant done at 4pm. Wer u wanna meet -- Nic" Man I could hardly contain myself. "U ok wit my house" I ask. "Sur. C ya n bout hour r so. Ur addy" was his reply. "Get on hiway 5 n go east to Jones Rd exit. Left bak ovr hiway n meet me at the Shell station" then I send another text. "Then u can follow me to my house." I waited for what seemed like FOREVER! Actually about 2 or 3 minutes and I finally get a response. "Sounds good to me. C ya ther!"

I was as excited as a kid running down the stairs as Christmas time and seeing a tree overflowing with presents. I ran around my house straightening up a bit. Garbage out, laundry in the basket, dirty dishes in the dishwasher, bathroom clean and the bedroom nice and clean for sure. I caught myself and thought, "I don't even do this when my Filippino GIRLFRIEND comes over!" What! You ask. Yes I do have a girlfriend as well. Guess I am kind of like a tennis player. I like to play on both sides of the court. Besides my mind and thoughts were consumed by nothing but Nick E. His smiling handsomely cute face, his slender sexy smooth body, his laugh, his smile the way his arms and legs wrapped around me. These thoughts were permanently engrained in my mind!

Once again time seemed to stand still. I was becoming a clock watcher. The hands on the clock couldn't move fast enough! Finally the time was getting near. I figured I'd get there just a bit early and get some snacks and waters as well. I hop in my car and head for the Shell station. Inside the food mart I grab a few waters, a diet Red Bull, a stick of Teriyaki beef jerky and a bag of trail mix. I am standing there in line waiting my turn, when I feel a slight pinch on my right side ass cheek. I slowly turn to see who is fondling my ass. Much to my surprise I am met with that smile I had been missing for almost a week. I wanted to give Nick a big hug and kiss right then and there! But I contained my urges. I noticed he was holding a couple of waters and a diet Red Bull as well. "Hey set that stuff up here, I got it." I tell him. "I see we both like the same things to drink! Hehe" mentions Nick. "At my age I need all the boost I can get!" I go on, "What is your excuse?" Nick blushes a bit then says "Hey I gotta try and keep up with you!" I just give him a wink and as I paying for it all I say. "Follow me!" and out the door we go!

We were only about 5 minutes away from my house. But my car couldn't go fast enough! Rather I wanted to make sure I didn't lose track of Nick. I mean he wasn't the fastest driver on the road. I pull into my driveway and Nick pulls in next to my car. I get out and try not to act to excited as I briskly walk to my front door. I get the door open in record time and step inside. Nick is right behind me. He seems just as anxious as I to get the ball rolling. As I step inside I close the door and immediately I turn and sort of pin Nick up against the door with my arms on either side of him. "Ok, this is a toll door" I say as I stare deep into eyes flashing brown eyes, "It is gonna cost you to enter!" With that he gives me a big grin, drops our bag of goodies, leaps into my arms and we are lip to lip. His legs are locked around my waist, his arms gripping my neck and his lips firmly planted on mine. I hold him close to me not wanting to EVER let him go! As I walk us to the bedroom our tongues caress and dance with each other. We reach the bedroom and I gently lay him on my bed and press myself on top of him. I want to feel him underneath me. His arms and legs squeeze me even more, which in fact makes me harder! I can feel his hardness pressing against me. I grind into him as we kiss and grope one another. I slide his shirt up over his head. He then takes my shirt off. He leans in and takes my right nipple into his mouth. He tenderly suckles it and as it crinkles up he gives it a little bite. Not to hard and not to soft. I place my hands on his head and press him into my chest. He sucks my nipple with vigor now. He moves to my left nipple and my cock gets even harder! I run my fingers through his hair and again hold his head on my left nipple. I lean down and nibble his left ear and trace the outside of it with my tongue. I can feel his body shutter and shake. "My God that feels good Grant" he says as the noises coming from him continue.

I couldn't wait any longer. We had to get naked. I stand up and look at this beautiful sexy young man lying on my bed. I unbuckle his belt, unbutton his shorts and slide them down, along with his "tighty whities", his lean, smooth sexy legs. His shoes and sock already off. Heck I didn't even see him shed them. I run my hands down his legs to his feet. I gently give them a massage and hold them to my face. Damn this young man just oozes sexiness! Nick sits up and moves to the edge of my bed. He then unbuckles my belt, unbuttons my pants and begins to slide them down as well. My hard cock is pressing again my boxer briefs straining to be set free. Nick leans in and mouths my hardness through my briefs. The young man is really turning me on to no end. My fingers gently run through his shaggy hair. He hooks his fingers in the waistband of my briefs. He slides them down and when my cock springs free he eagerly takes it in his mouth. Nick is sucking me like a hungry calf. "Whoa Nick, hold on" I say, "Lay back and let me show you how to give a bit of pleasure." Nick looks up at me with his big brown Pinoy puppy dog eyes. "Do I have to?" he asks. "Yes you do!" I demand. With that he lays back on my bed with his legs dangling over the edge. I kneel next to the bed. I begin by kissing and licking my way up the inside of his thighs. I can feel him tense up and little breaths of air escape his mouth. I reach his pecan sized balls and suck his right testicle into my mouth. I softly and gently suck and tug his right testicle and then do the same to the left one. I can tell that Nick is in total ecstasy by the moans and sounds coming from him.

I then lick up the underside of his penis shaft and swirl my tongue just under the rim of his cock head. I lick his hard penis as if it were a Popsicle. I then take all of his 5 inches down to his pubic hair and just hold him there. I pulse my lips and tongue on his shaft while my hands are pinching and playing with his nipples. Nick begins to pump in and out of my mouth. I can tell he is about to spray his sweet young Pinoy nectar. I release him and then push his legs up to his chest exposing his fine young man hole. My tongue licks the crease of his ass cheeks, every now and then teasing his bright pink rose bud. I take long tongue licks the full length of his beautiful ass. I lap at it as if I was a he was a female dog in heat. His hands were gripping my bedspread and the chirping sounds and moans were steadily coming from deep within. I begin to concentrate on my target. I drive my tongue in and out of his tight young man pussy. The tongue fucking I was giving him elevated the sounds coming from him. He was now squirming with pleasure saying "Oh my...Oh my...Oh my".

I stopped my attack on his love hole. Working my way back up his past his balls, his penis and then stopped to French, suck and tongue his inney belly button. This made him shake and shiver even more. "" he panted, "!" I moved up beside him and as we lay side by side and staring intently into each others eyes. I lovingly and passionately take his lips into mine. My right hand caresses the side of his smooth torso and I pull him close to me. I cup the pert globe if his left ass cheek and pull his rock hard 5" Pinoy penis into mine. Our mouths, lips and tongues are locked in an embrace of passion. I let him push me over onto my back. It's a rare feeling to have him lying on my hairy chest as we are still in a heat of passionate embrace. Both of my hands stroke the backs of his smooth, slim, athletic legs. Nick kisses my neck and then works his way to my nipples, giving equal attention to each one. He forges on with his trip down my hairy body to his final destination.

" are such a fast learner", I say "Your mouth...and lips...are working their...magic as well." He looks up with excitement in his eyes and his smile takes up his whole face. "No need to stop on my part!" I urge. With that he mimics my actions that I did to him a few moments ago. He licks my hard 7" white cock as if it were a Popsicle. Taking his tongue up one side and then down the other. "That's it Nick...don't're doing great!" I say in praise. This makes him even more energetic. He tries to engulf my cock but gets a slight gag. "Hey slow down" I chuckle, "It's not going anywhere." "Here" I say as I take his hand, "put your hand at the base...that way you won't gag. And take your time" He places his hand where I told him and then slowly continues. "That's it Pogi. Take your time", calling him Pogi, Tagalog for handsome, he looks up at me and gives me a BIG smile, all the time with my hard cock in his mouth. I just laid back and enjoyed his oral action. With my hands behind my head I watched him as he intently worked me over. The more he sucked and licked the harder I got. His breathing got heavier and his saliva was covering my cock. Suddenly he lets me out of his mouth and crawls up so he is astraddle right over my crotch. "I need to have you in me!" he pants. With that he aims my stiff shaft at his rosebud and attempts to sit on me. I knew my hard cock would never make its way into my young lover, although he tried with vigor. He just wasn't open or loosened up enough.

"Whoa...whoa there Kimosabe" I said as I pulled him up. "We need to get you ready for that. Let me work on it a bit." He smiles saying, "Sure G. What do you want me to do?" "Just turn around so that sweet ass of yours is in my face." I instruct. He gets the idea and turns around. I begin a serious tongue lashing on his love chute. At the same time I guide his head down to my still swollen and hard throbbing manhood. I look through his spread legs over my chest and watch him take my cock into his cute mouth. Now we are both licking and sucking with renewed excitement, I on his ass and him on my cock. With him still on my chest I roll him over, get face to face, give him a passionate lip to lip, tongue to tongue passionate kiss and then kiss my way to his perfect Pinoy penis. I resume my magic mouth work on his penis. I slip my arm between his legs and my fingers start to massage his puckered passage. Words like "My God", "Yes..oh..yes", "Feels good, feels good" and "Don't stop" flow freely from his lips. One handed I slip the bottle of "Elbow Grease" from under my pillow and flip open the top. I work a few dabs around and in his hole and on my fingers. Still mouthing his penis, I easily slide a finger up to the second joint. A big and loud "Ooohhhhh" escapes from his larynx. I can feel him tighten up a bit around my finger. I curl my tongue around his beautiful shaft and suck him with an up and down motion. All the while I slowly work my finger in and out. I can feel him relax a bit and with that I add a finger, which invokes another loud "Oooohhhhh" and then a pleasurable "Aaaaahhhhhhh". My mouth and finger work is pleasing my young handsomely cute Pinoy lover. His hands are now wrapped around my head. He is very slowly beginning to pump in and out of my mouth in unison with my fingers moving in and out of his hot youthful ass. I add one more finger making it a total of three. A moanful "Yyyeeessssss" comes from deep within his shuttering body. My young man is just about ready for the real thing.

After a few minutes of finger work on his backside, he is a pliable handful of putty. Keeping my fingers buried inside his warm relaxed young man pussy. I guide him to edge of my bed. I slide his legs up over my shoulders, remove my fingers and then place the head of my stiff rock hard cock at his awaiting entrance. "Are you ready for this baby?" I ask as I gaze into his sweaty young cute face. "Oh yes G.!" he replies, "I have wanted this for EVER!" With that I slowly and gently push into him. I feel resistance but then the head of my cock slides past his relaxed love canal. I see him grimace. I stop, "You okay Nick" I ask. He just nods and I continue my intrusion. His mouth drops open as his need to breathe becomes more apparent. I slide in deeper, he bites his lower lip. My hard cock continues its journey until our bodies seem to be one. He feels like a hot colonic glove wrapped around my hard cock. We are finally joined! I lean down; sliding my arms under his arms, and cup his head in my hands. "How ya doing baby?", I ask. "It feel so awesome G!", he pants "I finally have a man in me!" He raises his head to mine, grabs the back of my head and our mouths are again one. Our passion levels rises once again as our tongue dance and wrestle each other. I slowly slide my hard cock out until just the head is inside, and then return it to the depths of Nicks' warm sexy ass. His moans exit his mouth as we kiss is such a turn on it makes me that much harder. And they say diamonds are the hardest substance known to man. Yeah right! My diamond hard cock is effortlessly gliding in and out of his tight warm sexy ass. As I am gliding in and out my mouth is roaming his neck, ears and nipples. I pick up the pace of my in and out movement. I rise up so my hands and arms are on either side of Nick. His arms are gripping onto mine. I am now making short quick pumps just barely letting my cock enter him. His breathing is now heavier and quickening. His hard perfect Pinoy penis is flaying around with my actions. I make a slow deep thrust, stopping when our bodies touch. "Ohhhhh...mmy...Godddd", he moans "Yyyyeeesssss G...fuck me please." His urging makes me actually plow his ass even harder. I drive deep and hard. All he can say at this point is "Ohhh...ohhh...oohhh...yes...yes...fuck my ass!" I'm drilling him when I feel his sweet Filippino ass contract around my cock and he begins to spew his young man cream all over me and him. His streams of white cream ricocheted off me onto his chest and neck. Some of it puddles and fills his cute inney navel. I can hardly hold back, my cock swells and my sack tightens to me. I continue the assault on my young lovers' backside. At the last second I pull from him and give my cock a couple of strokes and literally explode streams of white creamy man milk over his chest, neck and chin. Standing over him holding my hard cock in my hand, I then take his softening cock next to mine. I mixed our man juices together as I give us both the last strokes of lust. His cock is tender as he tries to pull it free from my grip. At that point I release us and lean down and wrap my arms around him and lovingly kiss him. I can feel the juices of our passion slipping around between us.

Exhausted I turn over on my back bringing him on top off me. His head is lying on my chest and my hands and fingers hold him to me. I run my fingers through his hair and kiss to top of his head. "G...that was so awesome." he says, "I didn't know fucking...I mean love making could be so good." I grin to myself replying, "Hey it depends on who you are with!" I go on with "And you are one responsive lover! Give yourself a lot of credit!" He raises he head and gives me one of his patented smiles and questions "Ya think so?" "I know so!" I say and wink. "Come on Pogi," I tell him as I get up taking his hand, "Let's hop in the shower and get cleaned up." "Do we have to?" is his response looking up at me with those big brown puppy dog eyes. "Cone on" I say as I pull him to his feet. With that we both head off to the bathroom to shower.

On the way I grab a couple of nice clean towels and a wash cloth. I gingerly slap him on the butt as we enter the bathroom. He grins and grabs his ass and moves a bit faster. "Hey Pogi!" I order, "Turn on the hot water!" "Yes SIR!" he says with a wide toothy white smile. I just smile back and wrap my arms around him from behind as his bends over and reaches for the faucet handle. He turns the faucet on and wiggles his cute ass into my groin. "Keep that up and it won't be only the water that you turn on!" I smirk. "Maybe I want to!" he spouts back. "Hey I ain't gonna stop ya!" I respond with a big grin. With that we both step into the shower. I grab the soap and begin the lather him up. Still behind him, using just the soap in my hand, I wash down his very lightly hairy slender legs. My face is at his cute pert ass cheeks. I lift each of his feet to wash them one at a time. Each time I kissed and mouthed the cheeks of his ass. I wash my way up the inside of his thighs. I stand up and press my half inflated cock into his ass. Both of my hands are now at his crotch. I can feel his hard perfect Pinoy penis slapping at my wrists as I wash his crotch area. "My!" I comment, "Someone seems to be excited!" I then give his penis a few stokes. I feel his weight against my chest as he leans against me. I kiss the back of his neck as I continued to slowly and lightly stroke him. My mouth works to his right ear and then down to the corner of his jaw. My tongue flicks out and dances along his jawline. I can feel his slender smooth body shake and shiver as my "magic mouth" works around his right neck and shoulder.

My mouth wanders around to his slender smooth torso and the rest of me follows. My lips gravitate to his right crinkled and firm nipple. I suck, tongue and gently nibble his nipple. I can here sweet little moans come from his mouth. With that I stand and pull him tight to my chest and give him a passionate tongue laden kiss. I can feel his perfect hard Pinoy penis poking my leg. My mouth and lips again begin to wander downward. They stop at his now pulsating hard perfect Pinoy penis. I instantly engulf him to his dark black pubic hair. I hold his perfect hardness in my mouth letting my tongue swirl around his shaft and head. He grabs the back of my head and begins to pump in and out of my mouth. I have a firm grasp on each of his ass cheeks as he works his perfect hardness in and out. His rhythm is picking up a bit of speed. He is now concentrating on actually fucking my face. He is a determined young man at this point and starts to pump harder. I am enjoying each and every stroke in and out of my mouth. I tighten and loosen my grip around his hard perfect Pinoy penis with my lips and tongue. I can here and feel his breathing become just a little erratic. He begins to pant and breathe heavier. I feel his legs shake just a bit, the first signs of his impending orgasm. I feel his penis inflate more and swell; his ball sack is beginning to tighten up. Anytime now I will b e rewarded with his sweet young man milk. His hands grip my head tighter. His pumps become more intense. His legs are actually wobbly. Suddenly he slows and give a good solid pump into my mouth and releases the juice I had be my ultimate goal.

One...two...three initial spurts of sweet young man cream gushes into my mouth as I hold his hard perfect Pinoy penis in my mouth. His taste is more sweet than salty. Spurt number four...and five. Then a few less intense penis spasms that emit just a few droplets while I hold him firmly in my mouth. I savor his cum in my mouth. His flavor is as if his fluid was sweetened fruit juice. It was sweet and tangy at the same time. He begins to wilt in my mouth. He slumps forward leaning into me and holding firmly to the back of my neck. Keeping his fluid in my mouth I stand and hug him tight. I then kiss him firmly on the lips letting HIS tongue finds it way into my mouth filled with his come. As we kiss I let his fluid flow between us. "Hmmm, what is that taste?" He asked. I reply, "Well...have you ever tasted your own cum?" "Mmmmm...not really." he replies. "Guess have now!" I answer. He lays his head on my chest, the hot water of the shower still running over us. I pet him and stroke he hair and then kiss the top of his head. We stand together for a few moments before I say "Come on and let's get dried off." He looks up at me with his big sparkling brown Philippino eyes and asks, "How much more hot water do we have `cause I am really liking this!?" "Not enough I am afraid. Now come on!" I say as I turn off the water, step out of the shower and toss him a towel.

We dry off quickly in the bathroom. Then walk naked into the bedroom with me in the lead. All of a sudden I get tackled onto my bed. We wrestle around a little before I let him pin me. I actually enjoy letting this young man on top of me. I like to see him looking down into my eyes while I look back at him. A grin creeps across my face. At the same time his patented smile erupts on his face. I am telling you, he has such a warm and bright smile. It could melt the iceberg that sank the Titanic. And I am enjoying every single minute with him. He lies back down on my big hairy chest. His head is turned to my right side. He runs his left hand and fingers through the hair on my chest. As he plays with the hair on my chest he comments, "I didn't know this could be a good as it was." "Talaga!" (meaning "really" in Tagalog) was my response. "YYEESS! Talaga!" he laughs. We both quietly lay there enjoying the warmth of each others body. My arms are wrapped around him holding him close to me. His breathing is constant and even as his hands and fingers gently caress me. Nick raises up with his elbows on my chest and looking at me says, "I really wish I didn't have to go." "Oh yeah, why is that?" I ask. "Well..." he says as he appears to be in deep thought. "Cause I can see this becoming habit forming!" "Talaga?" I question. "" he replies has he leans in and gives and a deep passionate kiss. With that he hops off of me and the bed and starts putting on his tighty whiteys one sexy smooth leg at a time.

I turn over on my side and watch asking, "So WHY do you have to go anyway?" "Told my roommates I was studying and wouldn't be too late." he continues with, "And it's an hour drive back and I have been here..." he looks at the clock, "...almost 3 hours!" "And that's a bad thing?" I reply. "No...actually it was the very best hot, fun and enjoyable evening I have had!" he says as he is now putting on his socks. "Sure you are not up for some all night fun?" I ask. He stops with one leg in his pants and looks at me, "You mean like spend the night?" answering my question with a question. "Hey I would be happy to fix breakfast for you in the morning!" adding, "I am a better than average cook!" I can see he is thinking about it as his shirt goes on. But I get "Hmmm. Guess I will have to plan better for the next time." "I like hearing that!" I say giving a sly smile. Then I question, "Have any idea when that might be?" "As soon as we can make it happen!" Nick excitedly replies giving me that bright white toothy smile of his. With that he walks to the door and turns around. I am right behind him and he slides his arms around my waist and pulls me close. Looks into my eyes, leans up and gives me a passionate tongue embracing kiss. Then let's go and says "I will be back!" Smiles and out the door he goes.

Well that has been about a month or so. I really haven't heard from him since then. Guess it was a young man's fleeting passion. Really is too bad. It could have grown into something great. But we will never know! Oh well. I still keep my fingers crossed and my hopes up! It was a great experience for us both. Would be nice to get in a replay! LOL!