This is a story, there will be sexual activity between a man and a teenage boy though it occurs in the context of a story about living in a fictitious African country, so there is no sex in the first chapter as I set the scene. It is of course fictional, homosexual activities being illegal in most African countries and the age of consent usually being 18 years, not 16 as in my own country. I did work in Africa, I did see a boy on whom Sammy's character is based, but the activities in the story are purely a product of my fertile imagination – I have enjoyed this fantasy for some time, and making time \and both hands available to write it down has not been easy. You might find some of the language I use a little quaint, but English is spoken slightly differently in Anglophone Africa and I have tended to replicate the way it is spoken there. The usual restrictions apply – if it is illegal or offensive to read this, don't. This my first time to post a story, so comments welcome, flames will be ignored. Years ago I wrote a whole load of stories about African boys and saved them on a floppy disk which became corrupted (haha), but with some encouragement I might try to resurrect one or two of them. So feedback welcome to wet0blanket@yahoo.co.uk (yes it's a zero in the middle).

M/B oral mast.

I am the author, you are not permitted to publish this elsewhere without asking me, though you may quote a sentence or two if you give credit and link.

Cheers, "Wet Blanket"

From Chapter One:

"Il fait chaud" I said as I unbuttoned my shirt.

"Vraiment" said Sammy as he leaned back on the wall opposite me and opened his own shirt; we watched each other as we drank. I could see a nice firm, hairless chest and tummy.

Okizo - Chapter Two

Many African men do not have hairs on their arms, legs or chest, and in some men who do, these may not grow until they are middle aged. For this reason, white men with visible hairy arms, legs, chest are sometimes objects of curiosity. On a number of occasions I have been walking along a road or standing chatting on a street corner, and children have come up and stroked my arms, but not teenage boys unfortunately!

In the time we had been working in my garage Sammy had lost some of his shyness, to the point that he no longer immediately looked away when I looked at him. I could see some interest in his eyes when I undid my shirt, and I hoped he saw some in my eyes when he undid his.

"You want to see my hairy arms?" I asked

"Yes please" he said, coyly.

"Come" then I beckoned. He crossed over the garage to where I was sitting on the small platform, 3 feet off the ground "it's ok, you can touch them if you like". Sammy stroked my left arm. I love smooth teen boy bodies so I asked "can I touch your smooth arms please?"

"Mm," he said, nodding. I softly stroked his right arm and looked him in his beautiful eyes.

"You are beautiful Sammy" I said. He looked coyly at me again.

"You want to touch my hairy chest too?" his eyes lit up and he smiled and nodded, I took his hand and placed it on my chest inside my open shirt. He began to stroke a little. "And I need to touch your smooth chest, I love to touch the smooth chest of a boy like you" I said. Sammy nodded. I placed my right hand on his chest and stroked, moving my way towards his left nipple. I used my fingers to tease it and he caught his breath. "Is it ok?" I asked, he nodded. "Can you play with my nipple too?" He smiled a little and moved his fingers to my left nipple and teased it as I had done. I squeezed his slightly between too fingers and his breath caught again, but he smiled agian and playfully did it to me too. Smiling back, I looked in his eyes and he held my stare.

"Kiss me" I said "like in the films" (not knowing if he had ever tried but guessing he had seen it in one of the many cheap public film "halls" around). Sammy looked at me in wonder and I put my arms on his shoulders and moved my mouth nearer to his. He did not resist, he lifted his head a little as I parted my lips slightly and rested them on his full lower lip; I began to make love to his lip, he began to reciprocate; we turned our heads so our noses were not colliding and began to kiss, tentatively then more strongly. Sammy opened his mouth naturally and my tongue went in and explored. He reciprocated with his. All this took only a few seconds before we broke off and I knew I had to avoid losing momentum.

"Look what you have done to me" I teased, pointing at the tent in my shorts as I noticed Sammy's obvious erection pointing out of his baggies. "Touch it" I whispered and took his hand to encourage him. He touched my dick with the backs of his fingers – bliss! "may I touch yours" I indicated with a look and a flash of my eyes; he flashed his eyes back in agreement. I stroked Sammy's dick, it was well aroused but not yet fully hard.

"Do you want to see it?" He nodded. "Take it out for me then" I lent back on the wooden platform, against the door, in order to make it easy for his hands to reach the button at the top of my shorts. He hesitated. "Don't fear," I said, "I want you to see it". Sammy's trembling fingers undid the button and zip and I released my medium-fat 7 inch cut dick though the opening in my boxers. "Touch it again, Sammy, stroke it for me please". He explored my dick with his fingers, running then up and down the length. "And my balls!" I begged, he stroked those too. Through the wide leg of my boxers, I was half way to heaven. Sammy was in awe (not of my modest size but of the situation and perhaps his own response). I gave him a quick kiss on the lips as I stroked him though his baggies.

"Sammy, lick it, lick my dick please, you want to take it in your mouth don't you?" He nodded. I gently pushed his head down with my hand and he gingerly put out his tongue and licked my naked glans. "Ye-es, do it baby" I encouraged as I received the wonderful feeling caused by his tongue. "Sammy, do like this" I showed him my lips curled around my teeth " and demonstrated moving up and down on my finger. It did not take long for him to get the hang of it as he leaned over and moved his mouth up and down on my engorged tool.

"I am going to give you my old man's seed to make you a man" (this a reference to some tribal coming-of-age beliefs from New Guinea which have caught my imagination!); "if you can, when my sperms come, you can swallow them". He was leaning into me and I was able to reach and stroke his dick a little – it was now quite hard. "Stroke my balls too, please Sam" I begged as his full lips were doing wonderful things to my dick. "Now use your tongue again, all around the head" I said and he did; I played with my nipple with my left hand. "Now the lips, up and down, yes, like that, faster, pleeease, baby". I was getting really worked up now, beginning to build up to my orgasm. Sammy seemed to be very happy in what he was doing. I took his head in my hands and gently pushed on each down movement. "Faster baby faster" now my hands on my nipples, pushing and pulling "yes, yes, faster, more, yeees, aaaaahhhh! Aaaah, baby you're beautiful, thank you" I was in heaven now after a fantastic build-up, I spurted five times fast into sweet Sammy's mouth and he didn't come off until after the fifth as my still jerking dick off-loaded its remainders. I pulled him to me in a strong embrace and leant over to kiss him, we opened our mouths and duelled with our tongues and I tasted my cum, but he must have swallowed most of it; I felt his dick pushing into my leg. I disconnected my mouth and hugged him tightly, kissing his ear and whispering "thank you sooo much, sweetie, that was wonderful, thank you, merci beaucoup". I don't know who was more dazed, me or Sammy. "Now I do you; come up the steps and stand in front of me".

I released him and guided him up the steps to stand in front of me as I leant back against the door behind the wooden platform. I was a bit tired but determined to give my best to Sammy. He did not speak, but I could hear his breathing as he half smiled as I unbuttoned his baggies; lo and behold, no underpants, not even the usual boxers or gym shorts, could he have been hoping for something like this or was that how he dressed for work? No matter, I dropped his shorts down his parted legs and his beautiful milk chocolate coloured organ sprang up, revealing maybe 6½ inches of cut dick of average thickness; "mm, I might even be able to cope with that inside me", I mused as I began licking around that beautiful cut head. I looked up at Sammy's face and he looked back at me, "Is it good?"

"Yes please" Sammy replied.

I licked again on his glans, now cupping my hands behind his buttocks and squeezing gently – nice firm rounded African teen boy buttocks they were. I removed my mouth once more and hugged Sammy against my head. "I want your boy sperms in my mouth to keep me strong" I said "so don't be afraid to let them cum in my mouth, ok?"

"Thank you" Sammy replied. I noticed his pubic hair was shaved – a lot of Africans do that. He must have done it last night or this morning, I stroked, and it felt so smooth.

I took him in my mouth this time, cupping my teeth behind my lips and beginning to move up and down as I took his hairless balls in my left hand and played with them, stroking, gently kneading, cupping them. Again I came off and licked around the top if his now rock hard member. I am not turned on by 3 inch diameter cocks, so I loved this one. Up and down, licking, sucking, using my lips; I licked right down to his balls as I again held on to his lovely buttocks; I took his balls in my mouth, they were not tooo big, and I moved one hand back to stroking, this time from his balls, back to his boy-hole, as I again took his beautiful teen-dick in my mouth. I found his rear entrance and gently stroked all around it, not knowing if Sammy would mind about this. He gasped and I let him out of my mouth.

"Is it ok?" I asked, not sure if it was a gasp of pleasure or of discomfort.

"Yes, it is strange, but ...."

"You like it?"

Down on his dick with my mouth again as I massaged his hole more strongly now, then paused and ran my thumbnail over it. I felt his dick twitch and did a final strong lick around the head before starting to move up and down in earnest with my teeth pushing my lips tight around Sammy's rigid teen-cock.

"mmm" he said as be also began to buck his hips in the ages-old instinctive way.

Now I was having to work hard, hoping I would not tire too much before he could finish. Up and down I pushed, licking when I could, Sammy now holding my head as I had held his a few minutes before. I push my finger harder against his hole, should I put it in? My cock had drooled my remaining cum on my leg, so as Sammy bucked and I did my best for him with my mouth I slimed up my finger with my cum. He was bucking harder now and I was having a problem keeping him in, so I adjusted position a little so he could push against the top of my mouth and I pushed my tongue up as hard as I could against his hard member. Sammy was now groaning and grunting so I brought my cummy finger up to his hole and slid it around a bit, his humping and grunts getting more and more, guessing he was working up to coming I pushed my finger inside and he moaned and started shooting, flooding my mouth with his sweet boy-cum as his anus gripped my finger. As his shooting decreased and I managed to swallow, I let his still quivering tool out of my mouth; I pulled out my finger and pulled on the backs of his legs with both arms so that he collapsed down into my lap and arms.

Sammy and I held each other in a loose but warm embrace for some time while his breathing calmed down. I nuzzled his neck, planting kisses. I could sense that he did not want to look at me just yet.

"Did you ever do anything like that with any man or boy before?" I asked. Sammy shook his head. "Did you see it on the films?" He nodded. "Woman doing it to a man, or homosex?"

"Both" he whispered.

"What did you like in those films?"

"The man sucking the penis"

"Cool" I said

Sammy now seemed very relaxed and cool with what we had done. I knew we must do some more work, and soon get some lunch. I wondered if there was a way I could get to sleep with Sammy that night, or soon, he is so nice, and it was so good to sit there entwined and relaxed.

"You are beautiful"said Sammy with a broad grin and we kissed on the lips.