Okizo Chapter Four

Modified Introduction! This is a story, there will be sexual activity between a man and a teenage boy occurring in the context of a fictional story about living in a fictitious African country. Sexual activity does not occur in every chapter. Homosexual activities are illegal in most African countries and the age of consent is usually 18 years, not 16 as in my own country. I did work in Africa, I did see a boy on whom Sammy's character is based, but the erotic activities in the story are purely a product of my fertile imagination – I have enjoyed this fantasy for some time, and making time and both hands available to write it down has not been easy. You might find some of the language I use a little quaint, but English is spoken slightly differently in Anglophone Africa and I have tended to replicate the way it is spoken there, unless it would cause confusion (or yet another explanation). Apart from that I'm English, innit! So friends from across the pond or down-under will think I'm quaint anyway!

The usual restrictions apply – if it is illegal or offensive to read this, don't. This is my first time to post a story, so comments welcome, flames will be ignored. Years ago I wrote a whole lot of stories about African boys and saved them on a floppy disk which became corrupted (haha), but with some encouragement I might try to resurrect one or two of them.

I have a hard job justifying to my friends (both straight and gay) even legal love and sex between an adult and a teen, they just don't see it; why can they not see how it was not at all unusual in centuries past and it is only legislation prompted by the industrial revolution that put a stop to it? Any comments and discussions on this and feedback on the stories welcome to wet0blanket@yahoo.co.uk (it's a zero in the middle).

M/B oral mast frott.

I am the author, you are not permitted to publish this elsewhere without asking me, though you may quote a sentence or two if you give credit and link.

Cheers, "Wet Blanket"

Resume of Chapter Three:

16 year old Sammy and I planned to meet the following evening for French conversation, and his parents had agreed he could stay the night - one less person to feed. (I know some of you are hoping for some more erotic action after none in Chapter three: you won't be disappointed).

Okizo Chapter Four

Sammy turned up just after 8 pm, and, God, he looked beautiful, dressed in his best tight trousers and tee shirt. And as soon as we were in the house we had a long tight hug, during which our equipments proved themselves still functioning. I already had a sundowner of the local gin and some fruit juice sitting on the verandah, and though it was dark now we sat down there and Sammy had a big glass of juice with just a tiny bit of gin, and I had the same again, a double topped up with the juice. We sat companionably in the starlight for 20 minutes with the odd sentence in French, English and Sezambula passing between us.

I guessed Sammy would not yet have eaten so, as Loradi the house-help was still not back from his sick mother, I had planned to prepare something he would get rarely – meat! In this case, minced beef in an approximation of bolognese sauce, with macaroni – even rarer for him. Cheese on the side (it is still regarded by many as a strange foreign food) and chilli sauce bottle on the table. Hoping he would not miss his usual etooke too much. Sammy helped prepare, but still, by the time we had had a few cuddles and finished cooking it was after 9 pm when we sat down to eat.

Over the meal we stayed off sexual topics, conversing in French as much as possible about home, school, the weather (yeah I'm still English, and no rain in Zambula would mean no food for lots of people). In the middle, the lights went out – again. One re-chargeable solar light for the table and a few candles judiciously placed around the house.

"Merci beaucoup pour votre cuisine" It is usual to thank the host for the effort of getting the food to the table rather than the food itself.

"De rien. Merci pour manger." No Loradi to wash the dishes, so let's get it done now, more touching in the kitchen.

After 10 pm now, the cut off time for Sammy Okizo to be home if he was going, so now his parents knew he would be sleeping at mine.

"Bienvenue chez moi!"

"Merci beaucoup"

"Let me show you the bedroom," my small double bed, big enough for an intimate two but I don't get lost in it when alone. Complete with mosquito net.

"Did you bathe yet?"
"Yes, at home before I came here." I thought so, plenty of African teen boy smell and not too much sweat.

"I also had a shower earlier". If you are not sure of power to heat hot water, sundown is a good time to take a shower as the water in the outside tank will have been warmed a little by the tropical sun during the day. "Shall we go to bed?".

"Mm". Doors locked, light switches off in case power comes back, solar light off, all candles out except one in the bedroom, I love to make love by candle light.

More hugging and kissing, still standing, hoping we can take time over this. I think Sammy had no doubt we would be sleeping together and getting passionate though I never offered him Loradi's room! Now moving hands over each other's bodies, Sammy seems a natural, he seems to love all sorts of touching, as I do. I stroke his nipples through his tee shirt, nuzzle him, then lift his shirt and pull it off him, tossing it on a nearby chair. He unbuttons my shirt and I let it drop off; it is good to be touching, flesh to flesh as we hug, lots of nuzzling and small kissing, then we work into a nice long deep kiss. Then start undoing trousers, removing underpants, letting out our ever-hardening cut cocks.

"Let's get in the bed." I already laid out a large towel over the sheet, and a smaller one under the pillows. In under the mozzy net, take time to tuck it in, hardly anything worse than being put off one's stroke by a mosquito buzzing around in the middle of making love ... lying down now, hugging tightly, erect dicks between us, happy to squeeze and kiss and instinctively thrust against each other. So nice to do that and feel this lovely teenager in my arms, look in his eyes and see him smile back at me. Me stroking his back, chest, nipples, buttocks, Sammy learning to fearlessly do the same to me, if this could last for ever I'd be a happy man. He's getting so excited now, I can hear him breathing hard, but we are still lying there side by side.

We break off a little and I stroke his dick, very hard now, as is mine. "Touch me too, baby". It feels so good being touched by him, kissing at the same time, then snuggling close again, Sammy starts thrusting against me seriously. I think he's going to come like this, he's too excited to make it last. "It's ok, you can let your sperms come like this if you want," kissing hard and passionate, just letting him push as he likes, stoking his buttock, as he brings one leg over me I manage to get my hand round so I can stroke his hole. He's moaning now and bucking so fast, it must be soon. Now he kisses me passionately as his breathing becomes even more rapid and he moans as he breathes, I can't write the ecstatic moaning sound he makes as he cums and I feel big spurts of hot boy juice landing on my stomach; we hold each other tightly as he subsides.

I gently ease Sammy away a little and finger some of his cum into my mouth and then some to him too, he seems surprised but takes it and swallows, he seems neutral about it and I need to keep my momentum going so I grab under the mozzy net for the small plastic jar of mixed baby oil and vaseline, as I tell him "I want to lie on you and fuck in between your legs, so I'm putting some oil there" and I put some on my dick too, "lie flat on your back for me, sweetie" I mount him, "hold your legs together tight on my penis please", I kiss him deeply and he responds, I move down a little and tease his nipples with my tongue as I begin moving on him. "Sammy you are so sweet" pushing in between his legs I thrust up to his perineum as I move my lips up again to his. Sammy's dick is lying between us, not hard not soft, I can feel some of his cum there. I lift my chest up off his, supporting on my arms, "play with my nipples, Sam, squeeze them a little, please", thrusting now, feeling good, plateau but full arousal, it feels good, I am loving this, "yes, baby, squeeze your legs, my nipples, everything, pleeease", kissing his mouth again, his dick under me is a little harder? Pushing between his soft smooth thigh, squeezing them tight with my knees, I am beginning to climb to my orgasm now, I slow my thrusting, don't want to come down, don't want to go up too fast, this is sooo good, such a sweet boy to make love with, pushing and thrusting, kissing, "squeeze my nipples harder baby, this is wonderful", and it is, I can't stop myself now pushing and thrusting harder and faster, my cock head pushing into his perineum every time now, the oil getting a bit dry but I don't care, "ooh yes, baby, that's right squeeze them harder", kissing as Sammy looks up at me in wonder, I am mounting now to my climax, my breathing is so hard I am making sounds like a 100 metre sprinter, "Sammeee, yes yes yes, oooh, ooh, yeeeees" my cum spurts between us, I am so high on this "oooohhh, thank you baby" as I sink down onto him, my dick still quivering, my whole body released, my breathing in fast recovery mode, I kiss him and thank him again, remembering I have to support my self a little so as he won't suffocate under my weight, "Sammy", kiss, wow. That position works so well for me with someone like Sammy. It's not like a tight fuck, but it is still sooo good. I could lie here for ever as my heart calms down but I am aware that Sammy is hard again, you can forget it's like that sometimes when you are a teenager.

I nuzzle against the boy, "I think you want more, your penis is already hard again", he nods, "how can I help you to bring your sperms again?"

"Can you please do like yesterday?" he asks tentatively. I smile reassurance at him.

"Yes I will do that sweetie, lie on your side, up there against the bed head, on the pillow." I wipe some of my cum off our stomachs as he does so. I wonder if I can ever get tired of his smooth body, this beautiful boy-man. I scoot down the bed into a near-foetal position and apply my mouth to his cock, twitching with his heartbeat, I take him gently at first between my lips as I reach up with my hand to his chest and stroke around until I find a nipple I can tease. Sweet Sammy, I lick around his glans, down the shaft to his balls, licking them then gently taking them in my mouth; soft moans from his mouth. I lick again his balls and up his shaft, breaking off for a moment to reach for the jar of oil, taking his cock head into my mouth, my lips curled around my teeth I draw him in, swirling my tongue around him; oil on my fingers I take them over and between his cheeks, pushing to his hole and sliding around. I am hoping I can bring him off before too long, coz I am more ready for sleep than another round for myself. Still I work as hard as I can with my mouth and we adjust our positions so he can thrust a little as I lick and suck. I bring my other hand back to find a nipple and having done so, rotate my fingers around it as I continue sliding around Sammy's hole with the other hand. I am excited for him as I feel him building up to his climax, more slowly this time, I squeeze the nipple gently and push one finger slowly into his hole. He moans a little and thrusts a little faster, I'm doing my best for him, trying to keep my tongue going ,at the same time squeezing harder on the nipple now and moving my finger in and out and around inside him, hoping I can hit the spot for him. At any rate he seems to be getting there, humping faster now as I try to keep us both comfortable, he is breathing heavier and faster now, I squeeze his nipple harder then move my hand up to search for the other one which I push into his chest as hard as I can with the flat of my hand, all the time he is thrusting and beginning to moan more and push faster, push my finger around inside him, try to make a tighter space in my mouth for him, I want his cum but I can't tell him, he is pushing harder and faster, I pinch his nipple now, thrust my finger deep inside him and he jets his cum into my mouth, I swallow, there is not so much this time, it is sweet tasting, Sammy's cum has to be sweet. As he subsides, his twitching dick is till in my mouth, my finger rests inside him and my hand on his chest. Our eyes meet, and we smile.

"Thank you so much Mr Paul," he said "merci beaucoup mon bel ami"

"You too sweet Sammy. "Tu es un trés joli garçon, mon rés joli garçon. Did you like everything?"

"Yes I did, your finger in my anus felt so nice. Did you like everything too?"

"Yes, sweetie, I did, I like all that we did and all that happened. Especially I like you"

"Thank you, I like you too, I like how you love me."

We disengage, wipe fingers and bum, check the mozzy net, blow out candle and move into each other's arms, kissing a little and sinking into sleep.

"You are beautiful" Sammy murmured.

That's it for now, I'd love to know your thoughts. It will be some time before I am able to write any more; I think Okiza will go for another chapter or two at the most. I am also thinking of trying to remember some of my earlier stories, as well as a new internet chat story, based partially on genuine chats. Peace.