Two Boys

Rocco Paperiello


This is the final Part IV of a four part story. (See Part I for Index). It is a story about relationships between and among teenagers. This includes intimate relationships between young males. If you don't approve or are offended, then how come you're reading this? Find a different story. Or perhaps read on; you may be persuaded to think differently.

If, for some legal reason, you are not allowed to read this in your area of the world because of illogical laws, again I will not condone (publicly) anyone breaking the law, so either move or read sentence six. I definitely don't want the thought police after either of our butts.

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Rocco Paperiello

PART IV -- Graduation and College

Chapter 89a -- Plans (part a)

I decided that I was gradually being driven bonkers. It seemed every time it looked like Jade and I would FNALLY get to spend some really "personal" time together fate would intrude. And of course I was already in the big swirl of `waiting' for notification about being a Merit Finalist (and all the other scholarships I'd applied for). Essentially all the `work' was done and now was the WAIT! Well I was never a good `waiter.'

The first weekend of February was coming up. And Jade, Twain, John Edell and I were engaging in at least 5 separate conversations in the school cafeteria one day when I overheard Twain asking John a question about trying out their swimming pool now that the new heater had been installed.

Twain was explaining: "So what do you say? Mom won't be home most of the day but Uncle Allen and Dan will be there. And we can even get the temperature of the pool into the high 70s if you want. And with the other guestroom all set up maybe you can stay the entire weekend!"

I was saying something to Jade and got suddenly interested, and I stopped in mid-sentence. I turned around to Twain and made sure to get filled in. Twain had just invited John to his place this coming Saturday to try out the pool since now it was heated and a shelter had been installed at one end. Twain then also invited both Jade and I to come too and I was suddenly inspired. My `plan' neurons fired and I decided right then that Jade and I would not only come for Saturday but stay overnight! I'd been dreaming of spending an entire complete 100% of some night in bed with my `spouse' and here was a very golden opportunity. All I had to do was talk Twain in inviting us both for the entire weekend, and make sure that my parents would go along. I'd never stayed at a friend's house overnight like this before so I figured it might take some `selling.'

The big difficulty was my Dad. I was trying to figure out just how to sell this thing to him when my inspired plan came up with a part `C.' Dad might very well go along if it was me and JIMMY ALEXANDER who were being invited over. (As opposed to me and Jade). And I was also trying my best to remember if Mom had ever known that Twain's `uncle' was in fact Dan's `Allen.' Since of course Mom would want to call and talk to Mrs. Goldstein before giving her OK. I got Twain aside at the end of lunch and detailed my plan and told him exactly WHY Jade and I NEEDED to do this. He was quite sympathetic. Twain, later that day, after calling his Mom at her office, said he would also invite Jimmy for the entire weekend too and that now it was up to me to get my parents to agree. Just before last class Jimmy came up to both Jade and I all excited. He would ask his Dad as soon as he got home from work that afternoon. My plan was coming together!

While walking home after school, thankful that the severe cold snap had finally let up, I filled Jade in with the rest of the particulars. Jade pretended to be a tiny bit incredulous.

"Let me get this all sorted out. For all practical purposes you invited BOTH yourself and me, and even Jimmy, to Twain's house for the entire weekend? And all just so we could have a night together?"

I smiled: "Exactly."

"But what the heck do you think not just Twain, but everyone else will think? Especially his Mom?"

"I don't know about Mrs. Goldstein, but that's how I got Twain to so readily go along with the plan. I explained to him exactly WHY I wanted to do this. Heck we were married almost four months ago and haven't even spent one full night together since!"

Jade started to make all kinds of objections but I knew he was just going through the motions. He was wanting to do this at least as much as I was.

"But Jimmy doesn't know about us. And he'll be there. And you know how Allen and Dan don`t go out of their way to hide things."

I realized there was that problem. Maybe I could ask Allen and Dan to `be careful' in front of Jimmy.

"Look Jimmy won't have a clue." I hoped. "And look, Mrs. Goldstein has Dan and Allen over all the time. She won't mind. In fact she's already told Twain is was fine with her."

Jade didn't take much more `convincing.'

Later that night, after all arrangements had been made I could barely sleep in anticipation. And I started wondering how far away Twain's guestroom was from the rest of the bedrooms. I couldn't believe how easy everything went. And I still believe that getting Mr. Alexander to actually call my own Dad was a stroke of genius.

The first thing I did that evening was to make sure Jimmy was able to go. In fact I called Jimmy up just before my own Dad got home from work.

"That's fantastic Jimmy. And I'm even more excited than you are. And I was wondering. Do you think you can get your Dad to call here after dinner? Just to let my folks know that he's Ok with all this. You know that your Dad's one of the few people that my own Dad will ever really listen to."

And so that part was all arranged. I suspected my plan was now up to parts E and F. And the hardest. I had to bring the whole thing up in just the right way. I did it at dinner so I'd get both parents at the same time. I deliberately mentioned having gone bowling with Jimmy and his Dad over the Christmas break trying to anchor in my Dad's mind the idea of Jimmy and I doing things together. And finally I asked the all important question.

"Mom. Dad. I haven't been over to Twain's house since just after my birthday and he's invited both Jimmy and I over for the weekend." And I explained about the heated pool and all.

My Mom asked several questions about supervision and I explained that Mrs. Goldstein would not be there until late Saturday afternoon but that Twain's uncle would be there the entire time. I also made sure to mention that St. Cecilia`s Catholic Church was within easy walking distance, and even gave the times for the Masses on Sunday. (I didn't lie -- I simply never mentioned that I WOULDN'T be actually going).

Dad then asked: "Twain invited you and Jimmy? Who else will be there?"

"Twain also invited another good friend of his from school, John Edell."

Dolores mentioned something about wishing she knew someone rich enough to have a heated pool, and miraculously Carl barely said a word. When it got to the stage where Mom mentioned calling Mrs. Goldstein to make sure she had all the particulars I started getting excited. Dad said that he'd decide after Mom talked with Mrs. Goldstein. Fortunately, right after dinner, Mr. Alexander called. That just about sealed things with my Dad. The rest was almost a formality. Now I was only worried that Mrs. Goldstein might mention about Jade also being invited. That could not only blow the entire thing out of the water, but if my Dad found out, cause all kinds of repercussions. I sweated out the entire 15 minutes of that call. I was also starting to wonder if my Mom suspected anything.

Twain's guest bedroom was at the end of the hall on the other end of his house. Somehow going to bed with someone was entirely different from being in their bed for a few hours. Both Jade and I couldn't stop looking at each other all Saturday evening and for once in my life I played a Scrabble game -- or any game for that matter -- and couldn't care less who was winning. Twain got several of those easy popcorn things called Jiffy-Pop from the cupboard while Jade and I got some bowls filled with pretzels and potato chips. Twain also had several quarts of Booths soda in the refrigerator. We quite pigged out that evening. Mrs. Goldstein occasionally walked through the Family Room where we were having our fun I guess to make sure that everything was OK and not too much food or soda was spilled on the carpet. Allen and Dan had left right after dinner but came back later that evening and used the other guest room. (I had trouble envisioning a house with one extra bed room, let alone two). John was to sleep in Twain's room while Jimmy had the couch in the Family Room. (Never heard of a Family Room before either).

I was so out of control that evening that I had my first orgasm before Jade had me entirely out of my clothes. And by next morning I was certain that Jade had broken the world's record for how glued together he could get us. The best moment occurred when Jade and I came exactly together during the middle of the night. I had woken up and started `riding' on top of him. We were going lazy and slow. I then started `tasting' his entire body beginning with his mouth and neck. By the time I got to his really important parts he was quite revved up and he turned me under him. That was when I got all revved up myself. I usually don't care to take him into my mouth when he has me swallowed because by the time I get to the point of no return I can't concentrate enough to keep him in my own mouth. But this time Jade had my face sort of trapped and wow, we came exactly together. And I have no idea how come I didn't pass out through either lack of air or by drowning.

That morning was great too. There was even a shower attached to the bedroom. But then Dan forced his way into our room about mid-morning and tried to make me die of embarrassment. I never realized how the odor of sex could get so heavy. But no matter. I had just had one of the best days with my Jade that I'd ever had. Heck, even the swimming pool was fantastic.

And that Sunday it was so strange. Imagine swimming in a pool while it is snowing.

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