Two Boys

Rocco Paperiello


This is the final Part IV of a four part story. (See Part I for Index). It is a story about relationships between and among teenagers. This includes intimate relationships between young males. If you don't approve or are offended, then how come you're reading this? Find a different story. Or perhaps read on; you may be persuaded to think differently.

If, for some legal reason, you are not allowed to read this in your area of the world because of illogical laws, again I will not condone (publicly) anyone breaking the law, so either move or read sentence six. I definitely don't want the thought police after either of our butts.

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Rocco Paperiello

PART IV -- Graduation and College

Chapter 89c -- Plans (part c)

It was mid-March and I was thinking I was the most fortunate boy alive! I was married to the most wonderful person there was first of all. And what made this so great was that Jade and I KNEW we would be together forever. There was this aura of trust between us that was totally unexplainable but there nonetheless. And I know that it seemed impossible but even in the four months since our wedding, we were even closer and more in love than ever.

And if that was the only thing I was happy about it would have been enough. But there was so much more. Everything we had been struggling for -- Ok I admit it, a lot of the time I was shoving Jade in front of me -- we had now achieved. We were going to college together. It was a done deal. Just the other day I got a letter in the mail from the Dean of Students at Eastern Washington State College. He was "happy to inform me . . ." Not nearly as happy as I was in "getting informed." A full scholarship including even books renewable each year as long as I kept up my academic performance.

One of the longest months in my short life just ended. Jade was there when I opened the letter. He said I went berserk. I think of it more like a controlled outpouring of emotion.

"Explosion." He said.

"Display." I countered.



We agreed on eruption. But whatever it was it was sure fun. I called everybody! I think Jade was right about Carl. I couldn't believe how he was reacting.

My Mom of course was almost as happy as I was. I said that between this scholarship and the money I had saved, money was no problem.

My Mom I guess didn't realize that the college was already specified. That I`d made my choices last year already. I never did tell her I had no intention of staying here in the city to go to college if I could at all avoid it.

"Well, where do you have in mind?" she asked. "It would make much more sense to go somewhere close so you could just live here."

"Mom, the scholarship is to Eastern Washington State College."

My Mom wasn't quite as happy as she had been. "But why so far? And why not stay here in the city? There are many good colleges right here." There were. U of P was probably one of the best. But I didn't want to go there.

"Mom, there's actually a few other reasons why I want to go away to college. The main one is I just need to get out on my own. I'd rather not stay at home." And then I added. "And besides, I always wanted to see the Rockies."

Mom got a bit funny looking and then just hugged me. "That's OK, but I keep thinking of you as my little boy yet. I forget you're almost an adult."

I chuckled. "Well, thanks to either your or Dad's genes, I still AM little."

We both laughed at that. I was really feeling good. And I realized that even if Jade hadn't been in the picture, I'd still want to go away to collage. There were too many things at home that I had trouble coping with. I still was hurt when my parents fought so senselessly. And Dad wasn't exactly a source of encouragement.

When Dad sat down to dinner I showed him the letter about the Merit Scholarship. My gosh, he actually smiled, if only for a second or two. "So you finally got enough spunk to work for something. I'm glad that you're finally starting to show some drive."

That was about the best I'd gotten out of him in years. But damn, what does he think I'd been doing in school all these years? And what then had I done all summer? Just play with my uncle's forklift? And when Carl got his scholarship to LaSalle, we actually celebrated by going out to dinner.

Of course there came the caveat: "But you have to make sure you keep it now. Your brother works twice as hard as you. You'll have to pick up better habits."

I almost said that was because I was twice as smart so didn't have to, but common sense won out. I didn't say anything. There was nothing right to say. Or I couldn't think of anything that was right. I looked at Mom and I think she knew what I was thinking. Dolores congratulated me and asked if I had a college picked out yet.

I answered: "Well, the scholarship is specifically to Eastern Washington State College in Cheney, Washington."

My father was surprised by this. "You mean you're going away to college? You're not going to a college here?"

I tried to explain without actually saying that he was a large part of the reason I did NOT want to stay at home. I also kept explaining why EWSC was such a good choice.

My Dad wasn't especially happy, but concerning me he rarely was. "Well, at least you'll be getting away from some bad influences. I just wished you'd have woken up before this. That boy's been dragging you down." And it was well understood just who that `boy' was.

Dolores started to say something but stopped after two words came out: "But I . . ."

I looked at her and it seemed she didn't know what to say. Mariann asked where Cheney, Washington was. When I told her she asked if she could visit. She always wanted to see the Rockies. That steered the conversation onto more pleasant things like what it might be like out there, and when did their school year start and so on.

That Saturday Jade and I went out to lunch at a fancy restaurant to celebrate. "Jade, now I need to be serious. I want to make sure you're happy about the college we've chosen. No reservations. I know that I`ve practically pushed you into EWSC?"

The anti-pasta had just arrived. He sat and looked at me while holding an olive in his pincer. He rarely ate like that. Suddenly it squished all over the place. "Oops. Sorry I forgot to pay attention and I let go."

I laughed even if it got me in the face.

"Rocco, we've had this same conversation a few months ago. I've never been dragged anywhere except where I was willing to go. And EWSC has an excellent reputation. It's just the scholarship situation. The best grant offer I've had has been 1000 dollars and if I accept that, I can't accept any other offer, so I'm holding out. Worst-case scenario, I just get some college loans. But EWSC still had some of the lowest tuitions. So for many reasons it's a good choice."

"Well, you know there's one more issue we haven't talked much about."

I knew exactly what he was about to say. I preempted him. "Doesn't matter White-boy. A gay black boy will be a minority of almost one no matter where we choose."

We talked about it all. I mentioned about the campus was pretty big. Over 7,000 students. And of them probably not even a hundred black kids. And mostly from the west coast. Actually many more Asians. I told Jade I'd never seen many Asian boys close up. Especially without too many clothes on. "Maybe one will really catch my eye."

Jade laughed. "I'd be more worried about the black population. You keep telling me how sexy you think my color is."

A tray dropped behind us. Fortunately it was empty. Unfortunately there was a startled busboy behind it. And coincidently, he was of Asian descent. His eyes were as big as saucers. He must have heard our last few comments. So I smiled at him and said: "Don't worry. Jade and I are married. I'm not really looking for a boyfriend."

He literally ran back to the kitchen and we were both laughing.

"Damn, White-boy. Is this what I have to look forward to when we get out to EWSC?"

It was then that Jade really surprised me. Out of nowhere he stated: "When we leave here, we will be going back to my house. Nobody else will be there. The Webster's are away for the entire weekend and Tim is staying overnight at Billy's house. The entire place will be ours. And I've already told your Mom you will be eating at my house tonight. I have everything ready, even a bottle of wine I got Allen to get for me. And tomorrow, after church, we will again spend the entire day at my house. Everything is arranged. You need not be home until dinner. Your Mom believes we will be studying for a big test. And I will try to show you just how much you mean to me. And just how much I love you."

Damn, I wanted so much to kiss Jade right then and there! I looked around but decided that one dropped tray was already enough. Sigh. But I would make up for it later.

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