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Part 1: So here we are!

Morgan Payne's father Morgan Senior came in on a Wednesday in early May. “Well Morgie how would you like to spend the summer in Mexico this year?” The boy shrugged “I'd really rather go to Disney World instead, Dad!” His father's company had told Morgan Sr. that they wanted him to go to Mexico and set up the new operation, it was a very big promotion!

It had been four years since Morgan's mother had passed away. His did work hard, and actually played hard. He had received the nickname of “Charlie Harper” who was a television sleaze bag who had one woman after another. His son wasn't interested in women, or anything really, his computer was his only love.

Morgan Jr. liked the gay sites, men turned him on. He liked the chatrooms and the men who he camed for, they asked and he obliged, it was safe that way. In his room he was king now he had to go to Mexico for the summer, what a drag that was going to be. Living in a hotel on the beach was the only good thing about it, he liked to lay in the sun!

The company paid for the temporary move, the hotel and a daily per-diem for the both of them. Morgan promised his father he'd stay out of trouble. He would have hours on his own, and he had to entertain himself, maybe he'd learn Spanish, still he had been promised a trip to Disney world and Epcot, he loved science more than anything. At 11 he was in the ninth grade. There was talk of putting him in the 11th in September.

They landed in Cozumel and were put up in the Iberostar right on the San Francisco beach. His dad had bought him a new bathing suit, a blue speedo. Morgan wasn't sure about it. “Dad it's so tight, I-I-I, I kinda show, you know?” His dad chuckled “Morgie that's the was all boys dress on the beach, and I believe you'll be spending most of your time there!”

He hated being called Morgie. It was his mom's pet name for him and his dad just went with it, maybe it reminded him of her and felt it made them closer. The room had Wi-Fi so he was able to jack in his computer and put away his clothing. The rest of their stuff would arrived soon!

His dad was on the phone constantly. Morgan went to the restaurant and ordered. All he had to do was sign for everything he wanted. He ate a steak, salad and bread. He loved salads unlike all the kids he knew. He wandered the hotel looking for things to do, he was already bored!

A young Mexican man approached him. He was dressed in a blue jacket, white pants and sandals. “May I help you, Senior?” Morgan stepped back “What, oh me, hi I'm Morgan Payne, I'll be living in the hotel for sometime, I'm just looking over this place, but thank you for asking?” The Mexican teen was maybe be 18 or 19. “May I suggest the beach, it is beautiful although it's filled with old people, boring to someone of your age?”

A smiling Morgan asked “where do you go, by the way what's your name?” “The Mexican boy looked around then said I am Alonzo Marquez, and I go to a private beach, a German ex-patriot owns it and has just boys come in, he like young boys and likes them around. His beach is private and I like it, that's where I go, maybe you would like to accompany me tomorrow, that is my day off?”

Morgan liked the idea of no women, girls and women bored him, he loved seeing naked men on the computer. He could spend hours on the computer looking at the different sites available. Every once in awhile he found one that showed boys his age with men, and that really gave him the charge he liked. “What time should I meet you, Alonzo?”

Alonzo smiled back. “I will meet you on the beach around 10:30, is that OK?” Morgan smiled “great, just great, I can't wait.” They shook hands, Alonzo held his hand for a long time and squeezed it tight. Morgan got a shiver up his back and blood filled his boi-cock. He just stood there while Alonzo left. He watched the Mexican boy walk away. “He has a nice ass a real nice ass!” Morgan thought to himself.

In the morning Morgan showered and stood before the full length mirror and looked at himself. He was just 5 feet tall, chestnut color hair and hazel eyes. His nose was turned up. His dad always took it and with his thumb and forefinger and said “got your nose!” He looked down at his penis, there were a few hairs beginning appear at the base. When he masturbated he was now shooting white stuff, the feeling was amazing.

He slid up the speedo. Slipped into his sandals and again looked himself over. His nipples were brown and dime sized. The were very sensitive. He would lie in bed while he masturbated and with the other hand he would tweak them, it made the experience more sensual for him.

Morgan grabbed a hotel towel, his case with sunblock and IPOD and headed for the beach. The place was full of vacationers. Little kids running around kicking up sand. Older people sitting under umbrellas and reading or just looking at the water. He found a secluded spot and spread out the towel.

His music on the IPOD drowned out the sounds of the people and screaming kids, again he was in his own world and Morgan liked it that way. He thought of the vid on his computer he watched in his bed last night. “A young boy and a man. The boy sucked the man for quite awhile, lay on his back as the man fucked him until hot cream formed around the base of the man's cock. The man pulled out his cum covered cock and the boy sucked it clean of the creamy ooze.”

He had jacked off while he watched. Now he was erect again just thinking about it, and had to lie on his stomach. He laid his head to the right side and closed his eyes, the vid imprinted on his mind. He felt a shake on his shoulder and slowly his hazel eyes came into focus. “Buenos dias Morgan, I had a hard time finding you, so many people are here and here so early?”

Morgan smiled “Buenos dias to you Alonzo, I didn't think you'd really come?” They both chuckled. “I talked to my friend and he said you could come over to his private beach if you wished?” Morgan asked where the man's place was? “Its up the beach maybe two miles, he let me use one of his A.T.V.'s to fetch you, come this place is so crowded!”

Morgan put everything into his bag and followed Alonzo to the A.T.V. which was bright red and had a name “Kruger” painted on the back and a German flag under the name. “I see he's from Germany?” Morgan asked. “I guess. Were are all from somewhere, and you Morgan?” he answered “California, Northern California, the grape region!”

He got on behind Alonzo and wrapped his arms around the Mexican's middle. “Do you make wine Morgan?” The boy laughed “no, my dad works for one of the biggest wineries and distributors. He's down here setting up a new operation, will bring over 1000 new jobs to this region, if everything works out?”

The A.T.V. sped up the road. The wind blew thru the boys hair. Morgan was very excited, this was new to him, he didn't make friends very easy, meeting Alonzo was so easy, he only hoped Alonzo's friends would like him. Everyone looked at him as some kind of nerd, if he wore glasses he'd really fit the nerd bill!

They came to a large wrought iron gate and Alonzo spoke in Spanish to a big box on the stone wall that held one of the gates. They opened, Alonzo drove in to the back. Morgan got off and looked out at a beautiful beach. He got a bit startled, the beach had people on it, they were all naked. “Alonzo they aren't wearing clothes or swim suits?”

Morgan turned to see Alonzo taking off his shirt and then his swim trunks. His had a very long and very brown penis. “Morgan it's a nude beach, we all go naked here, it's so free, come on try it, I bet you'll like it, besides you'll be the only one wearing anything?” Morgan put down his bag and skinned off his Speedo, he felt very funny, but he looked at the real thing was hard and he couldn't take his eyes off Alonzo's cock, to him it was beautiful.

He put everything in his bag. He felt funny as they walked to the beach. As they walked down in the sand to the side was a blond boy his age, who was kneeling over a dark skinned man. He held a fat throbbing cock in his slim white fingers, the cock was in his mouth. Morgan was now trying to hide an erection. Alonzo giggled “that's Michael, Mr. Kruger's nephew, such a slut!” The they passed a Mexican boy around 14 who was riding the cock of another man. This man was white and groaning as he was fucking the boy hard and deep. Morgan was in shock!

Amigo things go on here, things are very free, I love it here, I bet you will also?” Morgan couldn't speak this was a live presentation of what he saw on his computer. Channel 6969 was his secret and here it was live, he just hoped he didn't embarrass himself and cum on anyone.

Alonzo took him to a tent, just like the ones in the deserts in the Middle East. Sitting on a beach couch was an older man on a cell phone. He put up his finger to Alonzo which meant “don't speak, the call was very important!. The man, sitting naked on the couch said “sorry Alonzo, a very important call from Brussels, will be with you in a moment. “Oh hello and your are?” He was talking to Morgan. “I'm Morgan a friend of Alonzo?”

The man continued to talk into the cell. He bent forward. “I hope you will call this your second home Morgan, if you want or need anything, please ask, he talked on the call again!” He talked in German to whoever was on the other end. Morgan followed Alonzo out and watched as Alonzo opened a cooler and asked if Morgan wanted something cold to drink?

Morgan took a Sprite while Alonzo took a wine cooler. They walked toward the water and entered to the knees. “What do you think of this Morgan?” The boy said only one word “beautiful!” Alonzo turned to Morgan and kissed him full on the lips. His tongue searched the inside of Morgan's mouth. Morgan was again erect, he dropped the soda in the surf, but never tried to pull away form Alonzo's embrace.

Finally their kiss broke. “I am sorry Morgan, I should have asked to kiss you, but your are such and exciting boy and I love exciting and very beautiful boys.” Morgan couldn't speak. No one had ever kissed him outside his parents and his grandmother and they was on the cheek, Alonzo soul kissed him. “I loved it Alonzo, I'm not sure why, but it was good, very good?”

Again Alonzo kissed him. This time the Mexican's hand found Morgan's erect penis and took it in his grasp. He went further, Morgan hadn't tried to pull away. Alonzo grabbed Morgan's hand and placed it on his cock. The slim white fingers tightened around the hard brown flesh. Morgan was breathing so hard!

Alonzo led Morgan out of the water. His brown hand latched tightly on the boys penis. Morgan followed in a dream world, “this wasn't happening!” he thought, yet he was glad it was, this was much better than the computer, this was real and it was happening to him. They came to a large beach towel and lay down on the cloth.

Morgan stretched out on his back. If Alonzo wanted to do anything to him he would let him. The dark haired head lay on his tummy blocking his view. Alonzo's wet, warm mouth sucked in his boi-cock, the feeling was more beautiful than anything that had ever happened to him before, he could feel cum quickly building up.

Alonzo slowly licked and sucked the taunt boi-flesh. He moved to the tight ball sac and sucked in both testicles and sloshed them around in his saliva filled mouth. “Alonzo I'm gonna cum, oooohhhh here I cum.” Alonzo sucked the cock back in his mouth just in time to catch the creamy blast. Morgan shuddered and sighed. This was the greatest, just the greatest.

Alonzo continued to suck Morgan for some time. Morgan finally moaned “no more, please no more, I'm so sensitive there, please no more, let me rest. The Mexican Boy's mouth found his and began to pass some of the semen to Morgan. The taste was salty and bleachy, but he sucked in the red tongue and all that coated it.

Did that please you sweet one, did I make you happy?” Morgan smiled “I've never felt anything like it before, I loved it!” Alonzo laid on his back, his brown cock stiff and pointing at his chin. It seemed to bounce side to side. Morgan propped himself on his elbow and took hold of the hot, throbbing organ. “Can I do it for you, I've never done it before?”

Morgan laid his head on Alonzo's washboard hard stomach. He held the uncut penis in his hand, he could feel it beating. “It's like it has it's own heart?” he thought to himself. His slim fingers caressed the silky, yet hard flesh and skinned back the foreskin to expose the reddish-purple head, the single eye had a creamy bead on the tip. Twice he stuck the red tip of his tongue out and pulled it back.

Outside of pleasuring himself, Morgan had never done anything before and surly not with anyone else. Finally he got up enough nerve and slicked out his tongue for a third time, this time he licked the cock head clean of the creamy bead. It was somewhat salty, but not bad tasting. His red lips encompassed the cock head and he started to suck the taunt, and very warm flesh.

He felt pressure on the back of his head. His mouth took in over half of Alonzo's penis and he sucked learning quickly. He felt he was doing it well all he heard from Alonzo was “bien chico, muy bien. suck my cock, you are doing it so good, Morgan take in more please, maybe you can suck my balls?”

The slick brown stalk slid from his lips and he kissed his way down the hard throbbing flesh until he came to the hairy ball sac. Easily he sucked in one, released and sucked in the other. He went back and forth really enjoying the response he was getting from the older Mexican teen.

Alonzo wanted his ass eaten, but he was afraid to ask, he didn't want to scare off Morgan, besides he felt he had all the time in the world, Morgan was here for the summer, by the time he finished the boy would be fucking and sucking everybody, they always had before! He just relaxed and relished the sucking he was getting at the time!

Morgan felt a tug and he moved back up sucking the underside of the brown cock until he again reached the top and sucked in half the cock. His mouth moved up and down he worked on the cock. He was proud of himself, he sucked the first cock in his life and he eyed Alonzo who seemed to be enjoying Morgan's mouth. Alonzo was moaning and groaning.

Finally he felt the hand on the back of his neck once again. “Chico I cum, suck up my cum, drink it please, I want you to drink it, por favor?” Morgan sucked and licked, he was enjoying it more than Alonzo really knew. He felt Alonzo stiffen and held him in place. The flesh in his mouth swelled. Alonzo groaned, something was happening?”

Cum spewed in warm creamy bolts. His cheeks swelled like he was storing nuts. He swallowed and his mouth refilled. He swallowed and had to swallow again. The taste finally hit his taste buds. It was salty and had a tang he wasn't use to, but he swallowed every bit that shot from the tip. He licked and sucked until Alonzo relaxed. He held the cock and kissed the tip, cum covering his red lips. “Was I good?” He asked.

Alonzo smiled broadly/ “Bueno, bueno, bueno!” He was smiling from ear to ear. Morgan ran his tongue over the head and Alonzo shuddered, his was so sensitive there and Morgan continued to lick and suck, he was almost proud of himself. His mouth took in most of the penis and let it lie on his tongue.

They laid like that for over and hour. Morgan closed his eyes and savored the taste of Alonzo's cum on his taste buds. It was addictive. He really didn't like the taste, yet he couldn't wait to taste more. Alonzo's cock began to again fill with blood and get fat in Morgan's mouth. He grinned and began to suck the throbbing organ. The Mexican teen ran fingers through Morgan's hair while the boy sucked and licked the hard organ.

Alonzo's hand was busy playing with Morgan's virgin rose bud. He rolled over the tight hole and slid in his middle digit to the first knuckle, then the second and finally the entire finger . He finger fucked Morgan slowly, but made sure he kept his finger fucking slow and deliberate. Morgan seemed to push back and he probed.

Alonzo looked back at Kruger who gave him a thumbs up. If Alonzo fucked the boy it was only a matter of time that he could sample the boys charms, then his friends would be treasuring the wiles of a new boy. His nephew was now fucking everyone and everything with a cock attached to it. Micheal had become such a slut, Morgan could be the same!

Finally the beautiful feeling hit Alonzo. Morgan's continued sucking had done it's magic. Cum boiled inside. The head of his brown cock tingled, his breathing was labored and he pushed back into the new boy's mouth in steady fuck strokes. He held the boy by the back of the neck, yet Morgan didn't try to pull away, he just continued to suck and lick his cock, the boy learned quickly his cock swelled.

The blast surprised Morgan. He was sucking the brown penis and in his own world when the first cumy bolt pasted the roof of his mouth, more gobs followed and he swallowed quickly. More and more creamy charges made his cheeks puff out until he gulped down the rest of the teen sperm. He sucked and sucked until Alonzo pushed him away, the sensitivity was overwhelming!

Part 2: What a way to learn Spanish!

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