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Part 2: What a way to learn Spanish!

Morgan stretched as he awoke. He felt somewhat older, more experienced. The things he had done with Alonzo made him feel that way. Still it was only oral. He ran his tongue over his teeth, he could still taste Alonzo, he loved Alonzo's taste, his saliva was flowing just like when he sucked the big brown cock. He smiled and got out of bed.

There was a note from his dad telling him he was once again on his own for the day. The note finished that his dad would be home late, another meeting. Morgan smiled, it really meant his dad had a sure thing and probably wouldn't be home until at least 3 am!

He showered and walked around his room naked, being naked was to his liking, besides there wasn't anyone there to see him anyway. Now if Alonzo would come by he make it a memorable meeting for the Mexican teen. “I'll suck him dry, I'll make his big brown eyes spin in their sockets!” he chuckled and lay on his bed and looked at the sex on his computer, he was hard again.

His room phone rang. “Hello?” he answered. “Is this Morgan?” The voice with a deep German accent said on the other side? Morgan first looked at the receiver and then put it back to his ear. “Yes this is Morgan, who is this?” he asked. “Good morning Morgan this his Mr. Kruger, Gunther to my friends, and I would like you to call me Gunther, please?” Morgan smiled to himself. “OK, good morning Gunther, what can I do for you?”

The man asked if he wanted to come to the compound? “I know Alonzo is working today, more than 12 hours, I was wondering if I sent someone to pick you up, you would come over, I know you are alone?” Morgan thought for a minute. “Gee that would be nice, Gunther, what time?”

The German ex-patriot smiled from ear to ear. I will send Tomas over in thirty minutes, you can have brunch with me, if you'd like Morgan?” Morgan felt more adult than ever. “That would be very nice of you Gunther, but I don't want to put you out, I don't want to be any bother?” Gunther thought to himself “put out, oh you Morgan I expect you to put out. “Not any trouble at all, I will expect you!”

Morgan had bought a red speedo and decided to wear it, red was his color. It was tight and displayed all of his definite assets. He got his bag with his IPOD and sunblock, being nude there was sunburn in the making. He was waiting when the A.T.V. with a twenty something Mexican arrived and waved to him.

Morgan settled behind the driver and they sped up the road to the Kruger compound. The gate opened and he was driven to the back. He got off “muchas gracias, Tomas!” the Mexican smiled and drove off. Morgan started to walk toward the tent. He remembered and slid off his red speedo, placed it in his bag and walked to the tent.

Kruger sat on his couch looking out toward the open ocean. “Good morning Morgan, please sit here next to me?” he patted the cushion next to him. A very naked Morgan sat next to him. Gunther passed a plate of fresh fruit to Morgan and a small plate. Morgan took some melon and strawberries, he then decided on some orange slices, also. Kruger then passed a plate filled with flower tortillas and cheese. “It is a European breakfast, Mexican style. He then poured strong coffee for Morgan “sugar and milk, Morgan?”

Morgan smiled and said “Si!” Kruger smiled broadly. Handed the boy his coffee and placed a napkin on Morgan's lap making sure he rubbed the boy's naked penis. The boy flesh got hard almost immediately. Kruger paid no attention or that's what Morgan thought. They ate in silence. Finally Morgan asked “where is Michael?” The first day every time he saw Micheal he was having sex with someone.

Oh, Michael is getting ready to make a DVD, would you like to watch him?” Morgan said “sure, he won't mind will he?” Kruger chuckled. “Michael mind, my boy he is a salacious savage!” Morgan wasn't sure what it all meant, he just agreed. “Well if he doesn't mind, I'd love to watch him!” Kruger gave him a sly smile!

Kruger pointed out at the blue water “see a Dolphin or Porpoise jumping out of the water!” He pointed. Morgan sat on the edge. The mammal was putting on a show, he had to remember and tell his dad, now this was very kewl! The finished eating and again Kruger wiped the crumbs and juice from Morgan's center, the cock stayed hard.

Morgan and Kruger rested their meal. Finally Kruger asked “you ready to watch my slutty nephew make this DVD?” They walked to the kennel and went in. “We must be quiet there are already filming.” The entered a room next door and Morgan frozen in place!

On a large black floor mat was the blond boy Michael. He lay under a very big black Labrador Retriever who's long red cock hung down and was held in Micheal's right fist, his red lips clamped tightly around over half of the fat red fleshy tube. Michael made sloppy sucking noises. Morgan noticed Michael was fully erect.

He's, he's sucking the dog?” Morgan was flabbergasted, but it did excite him, it was very different. Kruger smiled as he saw Morgan was hard and throbbing. They sat on a couch at the other end of the room. The two camera men were shooting close ups of Micheal's mouth and he sucked, his chin coated with excess canine lube and his own saliva.

Kruger sat to Morgan's left giving the boy a direct look at all the sex action between Michael and his canine lover. Micheal's big blue eyes opened wide. The red canine penis slipped from his sucking mouth. He licked it like it was a Christmas Peppermint stick. Morgan watched intently. Kruger nuzzled Morgan's neck. Licking and nibbling the neck, tonguing his ear lobe, his tongue swishing the inside of his ear.

Morgan was in sensory overload and Kruger knew it, he never let up. Michael slipped out and onto all fours. His ass wiggled in front of the dog then he began to crawl away. The Lab didn't let the boy get very far. He mounted Michael and clamped him tightly with his forepaws, his rampant leaking penis stabbing to find the love hole.

Morgan slid a bit his face looked up at Kruger. The man's mouth covered Morgan's. His tongue probed the boys red mouth. A free hand held the boi's cock and rolled his thumb over the uncut tip. Morgan lurched and moaned, he was humping the man's hand. Kruger was plotting and methodical as he worked the young boy over.

The black lab stabbed four times before he got the tip of his big veined cock into place. The leaking red penis was driven into Michael forcefully until only the fat knot was exposed. Morgan had righted himself breathing in hard pants when he saw the knot driven into the young German boy, Michael and the dog were tied!

Now the lab took over and began to pound his hard cock deep into Micheal's ravished boi-pussy. Morgan pointed to Micheal's cock, the German lad was cuming. Creamy goo shot from the tip of his four inch cock. The door opened on the other side of the room. In walked a naked black man around twenty.

The black knelt in front of Micheal's head. His big black hand grabbed a bunch of blond hair and pulled up Micheal's head. His black cock battered the boy's closed mouth. Finally the red mouth opened and was filled by the bulbous black cock head. Micheal's face and boi-cunt were being fucked simultaneously. Saliva flowed from his mouth, canine lubricant from the other.

Morgan still humped the man's hand, he had returned to kissing Kruger, he was putty in the older man's hand. “Morgan lets go to my tent, we can be alone there, would you like that?” Morgan nodded. He got up with Kruger still grasping Morgan's cock, and rolling the head with his thumb. Morgan felt a shiver go up his backside.

At the door they stopped. A big white ring had formed at the base of the canine cock. “He's cuming in Michael!” Then the black man threw his head back as his cum shot down Micheal's throat. Cum coated the boys chin. Morgan had to be helped out and into Kruger's tent. He gently the boy down on his back. He had a finger rubbing the virgin pucker.

Morgan spread his legs to give the man more room to his body. Kruger's mouth kept up it's licking and sucking, but this time it was Morgan's sensitive nipples. The young boy reached and grabbed Kruger's rampant cock, it throbbed in his hand, even that turned on Morgan more. “Kruger moved to Morgan's ear “I'm going to make love to you, now!”

Kruger positioned himself between the out stretched thin white legs. He dropped a dollop of lube on the head of his cock. He placed it at the boy's virgin opening. Morgan looked down as the head disappeared into his body. “It's very big, it won't fit, I-I-I?” His hazel eyes widened as the length of white cock disappeared into him in it's entirety. The whole cock was buried in him.

Kruger had blond hair on his chest and belly. He lay on Morgan and the hair rubbed his boi-cock as the man's ass moved in at hard in and out way. He locked his legs behind the older man and gave his body to Kruger. The man fucked the boy like there was no tomorrow. The hard cock bounced against his prostate and it sent electric shocks to the head of the boy's penis. Morgan was going to cum just like Michael did.

The tightness of Morgan's anus was driving Kruger crazy with lust. His own cock was throbbing, the head tingled. So he'd flood his sperm into the boy, the first for the boy. Morgan was pushing back, he felt stretched to the max, and it was somewhat uncomfortable, yet exciting. The man's mouth never gave up as he licked and kissed Morgan's face, neck and nipples.

Morgan couldn't hold back any longer, the belly hair had rubbed him to a point of no return. His cock opened up and shot his boi-honey into the hairy forest rubbing him relentlessly. His tight hole was making Kruger tighten up trying not to cum, he wanted this to last and last, but he too was just about there. His ass checks got tight, his teeth ground, but his cock swelled then opened up and belched hot cum into the dark depths of Morgan's body. Kruger collapsed atop of his conquest.

Kruger kissed the boy deeply. He was happy and very proud, another virgin to his credit. His balls emptied all their contents into Morgan. The two lay there trying to breathing hard and slowly regaining composure. The two were startled when a body blocked the sun that had been shining on the two people fucking. Alonzo looked at the two of them, he was stroking his hard brown cock.

Nothing was said. Kruger pulled out and got up. Alonzo knelt between the boys splayed legs. “I will fuck you now Morgan!” The boy just nodded. The brown cock slid into his cum laden hole. Morgan felt the entire length of Mexican penis replaced that of the German's. Alonzo began to fuck Morgan with a hard, deep stroke. Morgan held on tightly, he was pushing back, his cock was again very hard.

Off to the side Kruger was standing taking pictures of the two. He smiled to himself and thought “a video of him and one of my canine's is a very good idea!” He clicked picture after picture of the Mexican boys cock as it filled the ravaged hole of the young American boy. The look on Morgan's face was priceless. His mouth was mumbling 'fuck me, fuck me!”

Alonzo began to fuck Morgan as hard and as deep as he could. He broke out in a hard sweat, his ass pushed his fat brown cock into the boy harder than he had every fucked any other boy before. In one way he was mad that he had done all the work to get Morgan ready and Kruger took the boys virginity, on the other hand he was fucking Morgan and he had desired this for so long, he just wanted to plaster cum all over Morgan's insides.

Morgan had both hands locked together, his ankles locked behind Alonzo and for every inward thrust he received, he pushed back just as hard. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder give me all your cum, Alonzo, please give it to me.” Morgan moaned the words into the Mexican teen's ear. Kruger was again very erect. The way Morgan was acting made him boiling hot again. He had broken in a new slut, this one just as slutty as his nephew, damn would his friends be happy!

Alonzo's cock swelled, the eye in the head opened and gushed his sperm into Morgan. One, two three and a fourth blast of his gooey cream flooded the well reamed boi-pussy. Morgan could only lie there and receive the hot blast. His head lay on the pillows, his thin white legs wide open. Alonzo's brown body shuddered and the last of his cum was deposited.

Alonzo pulled back and straddled Morgan's face and fucked his cum laden cock in the boys mouth. Morgan sucked the brown cock clean. He finally kissed the tip and closed his eyes. He was exhausted, he hadn't expected to let Kruger fuck him, let alone Alonzo also. He looked down, he was hard again.

Alonzo pulled him up. “I think we should clean up?” Morgan couldn't stand. He tried, but his legs were wobbly. Alonzo carried him to the bath and sat Morgan in while the water filled the tub. He let Morgan soak in the hot water. He found a shower and let the water beads pelt his body. “I will fuck him again, in his bed!” he said to himself.

Morgan washed his body, his asshole was sore, but he was still erect. This was a day to remember. He figured it was getting late and had better get back to the hotel, he hoped he could walk. He stood up and found he was better, he just wanted to sleep.

Alonzo took him back to the hotel and helped him to his room. His dad opened the door. “What happened Morgan?” Alonzo answered for the boy. “Senior we played foutbol, I think he is just tired and a bit sore, he is not use to the way we play here in Mexico. He got hit a few times, but he is strong, many would have cried, he didn't!” Morgan smiled. He could have never thought of such an excuse.

Alonzo continued “I let him soak in my tub for a bit, he needs rest?” The father and Alonzo put Morgan to bed. Alonzo left and Morgan Sr. asked Morgan jr. “Can I get you anything Morgie?” Morgan said “maybe a pain pill, these guys play for real here, it's not just a game to them!” His father gave him 3 ibuprofen and let him sleep, besides he had a date, and she was a sure thing.

Morgan woke up erect. He could still feel the cock fucking him, he hay there in the bed and slowly jack his cock. There was a knock on the door and he got a towel and wrapped his midsection and answered it. Alonzo stood there in his uniform. “I wanted to see if you were well, amigo?” Morgan looked around and then asked Alonzo to come in.

Alonzo followed him into his bedroom. “How do you feel, you were fucked very well yesterday?” Morgan turned and kissed Alonzo. His tongue entwined with the Mexican's boys tongue. “I wanted you to be the first, but I was overwelmed. He felt his towel slide from his slim hips. A brown hand grasped his penis and jacked him.

I see you are still excited Morgan, I think you like what happened, si?” Morgan blushed as he stood naked in front of Alonzo. His head looked down. “Yes, ever since you and I did things on the beach, I wanted things to happen, I even dream about it last night and woke up like this.” he pointed to his erection.

Are you sore this morning?” Morgan still looking at the floor, yes, somewhat, my first time and two cocks. I bet Michael is sore after the dog?” Alonzo shook his head. “No, in fact he took two cocks at the same time, two black ones and you know what they say about black cocks?”

Morgan unbuckled Alonzo's pants and grasped his fat, brown cock. Going to his knees he said “no, what do they say?” Morgan's lips kissed the tip of Alonzo's cock and slowly ran his tongue around and around the purple head. “They say, just a minute, they say?” he couldn't remember, Morgan slowly sucked in the length to the back of his throat.

Morgan heard “oh, what the fuck, suck my cock Morgan, suck my cock real good!” He rocked back and forth fucking Morgan's wet orifice. Morgan closed his hazel eyes and swallowed, while breathing through his nose, the entire length of cock went down his throat. He held back the gag reflex, his lips covered with the coarse black pubic hair around from the base of Alonzo's throbbing organ.

His red tongue tip licked Alonzo's ball sac. A shiver traveled up Alonzo's backside. Slowly Morgan slid the cock back up, his slim white fingers held it against his left cheek. “Next time you can fuck me Alonzo, I'm too sore today, OK?” Alonzo looked down “quite talking, just suck me off, swallow all my cum!”

The cock once again disappeared into Morgan's mouth and down his throat. His nose tickled by the hairy pubes. Alonzo held the boys head and rocked back and forth fucking Morgan's tight throat. The feeling was like fucking Morgan at Kruger's, so slick and tight, He began the rapid in and out as a cum built to a creamy crescendo.

He pulled his cock back and holding it in his head he came all over Morgan's face, then pushed the spewing penis back into the boys mouth emptying all his sperm on the boy's tongue. Blast after blast was swallowed and sucked out of Alonzo's hard cock. Alonzo took a finger and slid the cum from Morgan's face into his mouth. Morgan sucked Alonzo's finger clean with each scoop!

Part 3: “Alonzo I'll do anything you want!”

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