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Part 3: “Alonzo, I'll do anything you want!”

Morgan rested for two days. On Day three Morgan decided to take a dip in the hotel pool He slipped on his new white speedo, slipped into his sandals and threw a towel around his neck. He picked up his bag and walked out his door. In the corridor Alonzo was helping a very big black man with his bags.

Buenos dias Alonzo!” Morgan said smiling at the Mexican teen. “Buenos dias Morgan, this is Mr. Jackson your new neighbor.” The big man stuck out his big hand “call me Meatus, Morgan isn't it?” Morgan blushed. “Glad to meet you Meatus, gee where did you get that name from?” he shouldn't have asked, but the name was so provocative?

My real name is James, but Meatus is my movie name, I do porn!” Morgan's hazel eyes got big. “Porn, wow. I've never met a porn star. You make them with women I guess?” Meatus “mostly, but I love doing young boys the most, but with women and girls that's where the money is.”

The words “doing young boys” gave Morgan a charge. Morgan left them and started to the pool. Meatus said “Stop by when you get a chance?” Morgan turned “thanks for the invite” and the elevator opened and he entered. He found a place by the pool and put his stuff down and dove it. The water was so warm and he swam a couple laps, he felt invigorated.

Morgan laid in the sun for a couple of hours. He hadn't heard from Gunther since the double fuck and saying good bye to his virginity. He got into the elevator and the door started to close when a hand stuck itself in and the doors opened. In walked the big black man.

Morgan isn't?” Meatus asked the wide eyed boy. “Yes!” He retorted. “Get enough sun?” Morgan swallowed hard. “Yes, I got bored, no one out there for me to talk to, all old people on vacation or little kids making so much noise.” he told the man. “You should have found me, I'd talk to you, or you come up to my room and we'll watch vids, got some real hot ones?” Morgan nodded. “I don't like vids with girls and men anyway!”

The door opened and they both got off and headed down the hall. “Morgan I don't keep man/girl vids, want to see something real hot?” Morgan was now intrigued. “OK!” The went into the black mans room. Meatus put down his clothing bag and opened a case and brought out a DVD and slid it into the player.

Morgan sat on the edge of the bed. “I'm gonna shower Morgan, make yourself at home, I know you're gonna enjoy this, it stars a couple people you know.” He heard the water come on and he clicked play and got comfortable. The title appeared “ALONZO'S BLACK FANTASY!” His mouth fell open,

The film started with Meatus lying naked on the bed. He stroked his coal black penis and smiled into the camera. Into the picture A much younger Alonzo walked up to the bed as naked as Meatus. He too smiled into the camera, then got on the bed next to Meatus. His slim brown fingers took hold of the large black penis. His head bent forward, his lips were planted on the coal black head.

He concentrated on what was in his hand. Slowly his lips surrounded the coal black head. More and more cock disappeared into his mouth, his tongue lapping any precum that leaked from the throbbing corona. His Adams-apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed excess saliva and precum leaking from the eye on top.

Alonzo suckled the hard black flesh, taking in almost two thirds. The cock was just too big to be swallowed. Up and down his head bobbed, his black hair fluttering with his sucking action. Meatus watched, his lips became pursed with the way Alonzo sucked his cock. A big black hand came down on the back of his head and pushed down, the head of Meatus's cock was pushed to the boys throat.

Alonzo gagged, tears flowed down his brown cheeks. Meatus applied more pressure, the cock lodged in Alonzo's throat. Quickly he breathed thru his nose to keep from gagging and barfing. Meatus released his grip and Alonzo came back up quickly gasping for air.

Tears still streaming he straddled Meatus and his big cock. He held it in a tight grip and placed it at his lubed hole. He looked back and then forward into the camera lens and sat down forcefully. The big black cock slowly disappeared into Alonzo's young teen body until the boy's ass nestled in Meatus's kinky black pubes!

Morgan slid his right hand into his bathing suit and grabbed his cock. He was sweating and breathing hard. He didn't notice the big black man standing behind him naked. Morgan pushed the speedo down to his knees and began a slow wank. This was so hot he thought. “Alonzo is riding it, how can he take all of it?” he asked himself.

Meatus slid a hand down the front of Morgan's body and pushed his hand away. “I can do that for you Morgan, just start sucking my cock, you've done that before I've been told, and I've been told you suck a mean cock. Morgan turned his brown haired head around and found the black cock an inch from his red lips. His face moved forward, his lips touched the coal black head and his red tongue licked the bead of precum.

A black meaty hand pushed the back of Morgan's head and pushed in more black cock into his mouth. Meatus fucked the boy's mouth with slow and deliberate strokes. Saliva flowed in Morgan's mouth. It coated the hard black stalk making the black skin shinny. Morgan sucked and licked the cock. He held it with both hands, yet he was held in place. “Fuck Morgan you do suck a mean cock!”

Morgan loved the comment and sucked in more of the hard black penis. Slowly he pulled back still holding the black tube, he stuck his tongue tip into the hole at the top. He wiggled trying to stick his tongue into the cock head. Meatus moaned and said “let me slide onto this bed here, we can be much more comfortable.”

Morgan continued to suck the black cock. His feet were up close to Meatus's head. The black man stuck a meaty finger into his mouth and coated it with spittle. The finger found the boys almost virgin anus and began to probe the boy inside. In and out Meatus finger fucked Morgan. Morgan reciprocated by sucking the black cock like an all day sucker. Morgan was lost in lust.

Now the black porn star added a second finer and stretched the hole wider, he had a plan and it was to cram his cock into the young white boy. Meatus loved fucking white boys more than any other. Morgan was lost in his cock sucking, but he did love the finger fucking he was getting, it made his boi-cock tingle. It could make him cum and he wanted that.

Morgan found himself picked up and being placed on the black bulbous head. “Oh god your going to fuck me, aren't you, oh god you cock is so big, oh god it won't fit, will it?” Meatus said nothing, he spit on his hand and rolled the saliva on his cock head. Morgan felt the big black appendage against his hole, then being pushed down, the black cock was lodged inside his body.

Up and down the boy bounced like a rag doll. In and out the cock found Morgan's prostate and gave Morgan a throbbing erection. The cock pounded deep in his colon, but he was loving the penetration, it hit places he never knew existed. “Your going to make me cum Meatus, how is that possible?” Meatus never said a word, just fucked Morgan in a merciless fashion.

Morgan felt himself being pulled back. He came to rest on the black man's chest and belly. He was having the tingling sensation. “I'm cuming.” he thought to himself. Morgan looked down at the head of Morgan's red capped boi-cock just in time to see it flare and shoot his creamy boi-juices. The first splattered on his neck then three more puddles appeared on his body and the worked there way down to his belly button, made a creamy pool inside the indentation of his innie.

Meatus grunted. He had the boys by the shoulders and was pushing down, then pulling back up on his cock. The black member was just about to shoot hot cum into the dark depths of Morgan's well reamed anus. The head swelled a third fatter and exploded inside of the boys nubile body. Morgan's eyes had been in a dreamy state, but the hazel orbs got wide as his hole was being flooded by copious amounts of the black man's gooey sperm.

Fuck kid I sure does cum's a lot, don't I?” Morgan propped himself on an elbow and was going to agree when he saw the DVD still playing. Meatus was standing over a kneeling Alonzo, massive black cock in hand and erupting into Alonzo's wide open mouth. There was so much semen the excess trickled from both corners of Alonzo's mouth and still more coated his nose, cheeks and cleft chin. There was so much goo that there was a trek over the dark brown nipples on the Mexican's boys hairless chest!

Morgan fell back. The excess sperm was leaking out over the big black cock and making a cum pool on the blanket. Morgan just wanted to rest. The past few days were overwhelming, but he did love the fucking, and most of all he came and that was really fun!

The next day Alonzo came to his room. Morgan opened the door and let him in. Alonzo noticed something different about Morgan, yet he couldn't place it. “Gunther sent you this message.” he handed the paper to Morgan. The boy read it. 'WOULD LIKE YOU TO COME TO THE COMPOUND TODAY, PLEASE....KRUGER.....P.S. MEATUS SAYS YOUR A FANTASTIC FUCK.....LOL!

Morgan giggled. “He fucked you didn't he?” Alonzo said in a possessive and accusing manner, you sucked his cock right?” Morgan looked at his Mexican friend with a crooked smile. “So did you, he showed me the DVD you made with him, by the way you were very good, especially catching all his cum in your mouth!” Alonzo turned red under his brown complexion. “But, but, but.....” Morgan continued. “So we both did, so what, he does have one big cock on him, now take a chill pill Alonzo and tell Gunther I'd love to come, is he going to send someone?”

Alonzo regrouped “I get off at 12 I will take you, I'm sorry but I got jealous, forgive me?” Morgan broke out in a big smile. “I can't stay mad at you, but you don't own me, no one owns either of us, so lets just have fun, OK?” Alonzo meekly said “OK!”

Morgan got behind Alonzo and the two sped off toward the compound. As they rode the A.T.V. Morgan inched his hand down the front of Alonzo's body and held Alonzo's brown cock. “Amigo you want to get us killed?” Alonzo yelled over his shoulder. Morgan giggled. “Cadre moi, you are crazy Morgan, black cock has made you loco!” Morgan laughed out loud. “Alonzo the color doesn't rub off!”

In the compound the two slid off their swimming shorts. Morgan placed his red speedo's in his carrying case. Alonzo looked in. “I see you have a tube of lube in there.” Morgan nodded. “Got to be prepared, never know when a new cock will show up?” Alonzo could only shake his head. “Amigo you are becoming a slut, next you'll be like Micheal, fucking one of Kruger's dogs as they film you. Morgan smiled “maybe?”

The two came up on Kruger in his tent. Meatus was sitting next to the German ex-patriot. “There's the little white boy I fucked yesterday, how are you Morgan and you too Alonzo?” Morgan spoke first. “I'm OK Meatus, a bet stretched out of shape, you have one big cock!” Alonzo said “bien!”

Kruger got up and put and arm around Morgan's shoulder. “How would you like to make some extra money?” Morgan looked around. “How?” Kruger smiled and said. “I need another boy for a picture shoot. You, Micheal and Meatus, then Meatus has to leave, a group from LA will be here for a straight porn shoot. A big porn star is shooting here on one of our beach's, a Mary-Belle Bang!”

Kruger looked around and saw Micheal. He motioned for his nephew, he waved him over. “She will be dip.'d by Meatus and another black porn star “Go-Daddy Ballou” in a scene.” Morgan shrugged, straight porn was of no interest to him, but he was somewhat jealous of Meatus having sex with a woman, but what could he do about it?

The camera men played with lighting, the lenses and placement. Morgan and Micheal sat in chairs being made up. Each boy sat here as blue eye shadow was applied, cheeks blushed and lips given more of an orange color. Morgan didn't under stand that, he an Micheal were going to suck the black cock. Kruger said “it will make your lips stand out against the black skin!” Morgan shrugged.

Meatus lay on a bent Palm tree. On each side knelt the made up white boys. The first picture their lips planted a wet kiss on each side of the long black penis. The next two had Micheal sucking half of the cock, then Morgan with three fat inches in his mouth, his red lips pursed tightly. The first twenty were mouth on the black cock. The next twenty each boy was impaled someway on the hard black spike.

The last ten the cock spewed creamy sperm on the boys faces. Morgan licking off the cum on Micheal's, then Micheal licking off cumy spew on Morgan's face. Then the two boys reverted to each others slim white bodies. The 69 was the main position the action the boys were involved in.

Morgan and Micheal showered together. Morgan asking Kruger's nephew about the DVD he made with the canine. “His cock is much warmer tan a man's cock and he leaks lubricant constantly!” Micheal explained. “Finally he continued to fuck me and fuck me, I came twice, the best cock I've ever had in my life!” He said fanatically. Morgan was sweating in the shower.

Morgan went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. His dad had taken a helicopter to look over some land for a vineyard. His table was taken. A blond haired boy his age sat in the chair he always sat in. Morgan took the table next to the boy. “I was told a boy my age sat here every morning for breakfast?” Morgan nodded “I usually do, bit don't worry about it, that's OK.”

I'm Caspar Douglas, I here on my own also, sit with me please, maybe we can get acquainted?” Morgan moved and sat nest to Caspar. “Your dad on business like mine?” Caspar shook his mop of corn silk blond locks. “No my sister is making 3 movies here, she's the big porn star Mary-belle Bang, her real name is Connie Douglas. I live with her, our parents are deceased.”

Morgan asked how he dealt with the loss of both parents, he told Caspar he had lost his mother and his dad had more women than he could count? “Its hard, and I'm into other boys so with the way Connie lives, she doesn't say anything about me and my likes and dislikes!” Morgan smiled “I love men, you ever been with another boy or man?” Caspar said “just some sucking, nothing else, you?”

Morgan explained what he had been doing since he had been here at the hotel. “Gee that's so hot and kewl, maybe you can introduce me to Alonzo and the rest and maybe I can go to that compound when you go the next time?” just then Alonzo came in, today he worked as a busboy and was clearing tables.

Morgan motioned to Alonzo to come to the table. “Buenos dias Morgan, who is your amigo?” Morgan introduced Caspar to Alonzo. “Pleased to meet an amigo of my amigo Morgan, are you going to be here long Caspar?” Caspar explained who his sister was and they'd be there for the filming of 3 movies she was the star in. “Alonzo, Morgan says you go to a compound, maybe I can tag along?” Alonzo gave them a toothy grin.

Morgan does he know what goes on there and what might happen to him?” Morgan nodded “I told him what happened to me and what you and I have done, he still wants to go.” Alonzo said he'd call Gunther and have a car sent down, he got off in an hour.

Caspar left a not for his sister that he met another boy living at the hotel, they were going up the beach to see some Mexican “futbal” and would be back around 7. Alonzo called Gunther. The German ex-patriot was ecstatic, “it's raining white boys!” He sang as he got a car ready for the pick up. “Rodrigo take a car to the hotel and pick up Alonzo, Morgan and a new boy!”

The Mercedes drove the boys into the compound. Alonzo and Morgan slipped off the swim suits. “Why are you stripping?” Caspar asked. “No clothes allowed here Caspar, we are all naked here!” Alonzo said. Caspar slipped off his swim suit and shirt. Morgan put them in this bag with his red speedo. Caspar saw a long tube. “What's that Morgan?” Morgan zipped up the bag Anal-Eze, lube!”

The came to the grass turned into beach. Caspar grabbed Morgan's arm and pointed. Micheal had braced himself against a Palm, behind him a very dark skinned man was fucking the blond German boy. “Who's that?” Caspar asked. Morgan smiled “it's Micheal, Mr. Kruger's nephew, every time I've been here he's been fucking some one or some thing, I was here and he was fucking a dog, or should I say the dog was fucking him.”

Caspar shrugged. “My sister made a couple of those DVD when we were in Europe last year. I asked her for a dog, but she just laughed, you ever let one do you?” Morgan said “I've thought about it, Micheal loves their cocks, but no I haven't, yet!” He looked down and Caspar had an erection. “Like that right?” Caspar just grinned.

Alonzo found Kruger. The German ex-patriot quickly came to the group. “So this is Caspar, you say his sister is Mary-belle Bang?” Caspar spoke up “she's my sister, were down here so she can make 3 DVD's.” Kruger nodded “I know, my friend Meatus is staring in one with her.” Caspar nodded. “The hot black guy with a real big dick, I know of him, he's been in a few of her films.”

Kruger threw arms over Alonzo and Morgan's shoulders. “I have guests, Micheal is entertaining one right now, their from India, I expect you two will be very nice to them, I'll make it worth your while, I want to meat Caspar!” He guided them into his tent. “This is Mr. A and Mr. B, a couple of my investors. Gentlemen this is Alonzo and this is Morgan, I'll leave you all together to get acquainted.”

Morgan sat next to Mr. A while Alonzo knelt before Mr. B and ran his tongue up the underside of the Indian man's very brown cock. Morgan took hold of Mr. A's cock and led him out of the tent to the beach and a large beach blanket. He pushed the man down and lay between his brown skinned lags and placed his lips on the head of his brown cock.

Mr. A watched wide eyed as his brown penis disappeared into Morgan's wet mouth. The boy's hazel eyes sparkled as he sucked the big brown sausage. His brown hair fluttered in the breeze and he moved to the man's balls and sucked each. He held them in his hand and nibbled the neither area between the man's anus and balls. Mr. A moaned and shivered, this was one of his places.

Kruger led Caspar into his house. The boy had a bubble butt and Kruger wanted to break it in. “Where are we going Mr. Kruger?” Caspar asked. Kruger picked up the imp and paid him on a table. He placed a pillow under the boys head. “You are so beautiful Caspar, I want you so bad, just lie there while I lick you.”

Mr. Kruger I've never done anything before, no one has ever fucked me, I-I-I'm not so sure, I-I-I?” Kruger mouth sucked in Caspar's hard cock. One hand reached up and twirled a nipple, the other worked the virgin rosebud. It wasn't very long before his middle finger was working in and out of Caspar's anus.

Caspar was bouncing on the table, his prostate was being rubbed and he was hotter than hell. Kruger kept working his finger in the tight hole. His other hand grabbed the near by tube of lube and dropped a big dollop on the head of his throbbing cock. His free hand coated his cock, he was a master a breaking in young boys.

He removed his middle finger. Caspar's head still rolled from side to side. Kruger smiled, his cock in hand he rubbed the head over the tight hole. Placing the head of his cock at the entrance of Caspar's anus. He said “relax Caspar, just relax.” Caspar's blue eyes were in a fog. His eyes opened very wide as Kruger pushed hard and plunged his cock into the preteen virgin body.

Oooohhhh you're fucking me, your cock is inside of me, I-I-I-I, oh god it's very big, oooohhhh your really fucking me!” Kruger was rapidly plunging his cock in and out of the former virgin boy. Caspar couldn't help it, he was pushing back against the man's cock as he was being fuck fast, hard and deep, Kruger's cock was 8 inches long. Caspar was fucking back on his cock.

I see you like my cock Sweet Boy, you're fucking me back, just wait until I cum in you, you will love that Caspar, come on fuck me back, ride my cock, come on ride it, your gonna love fucking. His hand worked Caspar's hard boi-cock. His thumb rolled the very sensitive head. “Caspar I have plans for you and your sweet charms!”

Caspar's cock shot his cum on the man's fingers. Kruger fucked harder and faster. Kruger could feel his balls get harder and harder, cum wanted out, his cum wanted to flood the hole he was fucking like a mad man. “Oooohhhh your getting bigger, how can it get any bigger, oooohhhh your cuming in me, I can feel it, gee you cum a lot!”

Caspar felt blast after blast of the German's sperm as it pelted his insides. It was funny, he actually like it, it felt good to have cum bathe his insides, plus he had cum too! Kruger stuck his cum laden finger's in Caspar's mouth “taste yourself, don't you taste good Caspar, isn't fucking good, it feels real good, right?” Caspar couldn't say anything, he was sucking Kruger's fingers clean.

Outside Morgan was riding the man. He had decided he liked being on top, he could work the cock inside of his body in ways only riding a cock could be done. The Indian man could only watch the boy. Morgan was in charge and that was good enough for Mr. A. the look on Morgan's face, it was a sight to behold. His tongue licked his lips over and over again.

Mr. A tell me when your going to cum, I want to suck it out of that big brown spigot of have in me, please tell me?” In a sing song voice the Indian man moaned. “I'm cuming, I'm cuming, ooohhh by the goddess I'm cuming.” Morgan hopped off and sunk his lips over the brown cock as it began to spew gooey cream.

Morgan swallowed as fast as he could. Mr. A came in creamy gobs of hot man sauce. Holding the brown spike, Morgan sucked the man dry. For a few more minutes he licked the whole length. For the life of him, he never knew why? Morgan pushed up the brown legs and began to tongue the Indian man's asshole. His red tongue stabbed the man's tight anus, the man squirmed and bounced. Morgan got a real kick out of this!

Part 4: I guess I'll do it!

I want to thank all who have written me about this story, this has had better response than ABDUCTED, thanks for the great words!