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Part 5: Caspar Agrees!

Meatus brought back Kruger's dog from the film with Caspar's sister. Caspar was told that she was still there negotiation a five picture deal in France, there was one sticking point, “No Kids Allowed”! Connie was trying to work something out for Caspar, Meatus said he had suggested that Caspar stay on Kruger's compound with Morgan, he seemed to be very happy there? Connie thought that was a good idea, but she wanted to talk to Caspar first.

Caspar quickly made a cell phone call to his sister and told here he'd rather stay on Kruger's compound than go with her to France. Connie told him she'd be gone for 15 months. Caspar told here that there was always the phone or computer, they could keep in contact that way. She asked to talk to Kruger. He told her the boy was very welcome to stay there. He was trying to contain his glee. Now he had Caspar in the fold, B.T.W. Pleasure Facility was in the cards!

Morgan contacted his father in the jail. The case was going slowly, but the lawyers said that things looked good. The company CFO has disappeared after cleaning out all his accounts. The case against Morgan Sr. was very weak, yet he was still being held without bond. Morgan Jr. was sad, but his father said to keep a stiff upper lip, and that he was innocent and being framed.

Alonzo's main assignment for Kruger was to find new boys checking into the hotel with their families. On that day he was called to help with the bags of Professor Arthur Blanks and his twin sons Martin and Marshall. The two 11 year old's keep their eyes on Alonzo, he on them. The professor was in town for an Archeology conference and decided that he'd bring the boys for a vacation.

Alonzo helped with the bags. He boys kept their steel blue eyes on him, and it was a lustful gaze. The professor asked Alonzo if there was anything his boys could to to keep them out of mischief. “Senior professor there is soccer up the beach if they are interested?” The professor looked at his two sons “does that sound interesting boys?

Marshall said “Alonzo could you take us there?” Smiling the Mexican boy said “Si, you can go with me when I get off work, it is on Mr. Kruger's compound.” Martin grinning asked “when do you get off work?” Alonzo looked at the watch on his left wrist “in forty minutes, I will come for you, OK?” The boys hurried to put on their matching black Speedo's and sandals.

Their father reading his paperwork. Not looking up said “now don't give Alonzo any trouble. I have to go to the University for a meeting, when your hungry go to the restaurant and order and give them this room number, I'm not sure when I'll return, OK?” The boys answered “Yes father, we'll be good as gold!” The professor still looking at his papers said “good, thank you!”

Martin and Marshall headed down stairs to find Alonzo. Waiting Marshall asked his brother “How big of a cock do you think Alonzo has?” Martin shrugged “we'll have to ask him, hope he shoots a lot of cum, I love cum?” They chuckled. The two always worked as a team. Two years ago they had been introduced to Man/boy sex by a Grad student who lived with them and they were quickly addicted to Gerard's cock!

The professor taught his students while Gerard taught the twins. He took both boys virginity's. The boys would awake Gerard with a morning blow job to harden the young man's penis then one of the twins rode it to a hard climax. The boys alternated days, Gerard had his morning cum. At night each twin lay naked on each side of Gerard's hips and sucked him off.

Now the two plotted their seduction of Alonzo, while Alonzo took them to Kruger's compound where he planned to have them take care of Kruger's guests sexual needs. Giggling the twins, one on each side of Alonzo headed up the beach. “Alonzo do you have a girl friend? Martin asked feeling out the Mexican boy.

Alonzo smiled “No Chico I like boys, not girls.” Martin surprised Alonzo when he answered “bueno, muy bueno!” Martin placed a hand on Alonzo's swimsuit covered cock and squeezed. “We like men too!” Marshall added. Alonzo ran a hand across Marshall's bubble butt. “I think you two will love it a Mr. Kruger's, I know he will love adding you two.”

The came upon the gate. Alonzo had a key and let them in. “Now you must take off your swim suits, Kruger does not allow boys to wear any clothing beyond this point.” Marshall asked “why?” Alonzo was taking off his “how will the men know what you look like?” Marshall shrugged and stripped, so did Martin.

Alonzo led the boys into the tent area. Morgan and a man were engaged in a hard fuck. The twin's stopped in their tracks, open mouthed. They looked around and Caspar was on a mat another man knelt over his face and fucked the boys mouth. The twins couldn't believe their blue eyes. Kruger came out of the tent “welcome, and who do we have here?” Alonzo introduced the twins. “Such two beauties.” he cupped a butt cheek on each boy and said “sweet, come into the tent.”

He had the twins sit on each side of him. He was trying to tell them apart. Their dark hair was shaggy, their eyes are steel blue. “How are you different?” He chuckled. His hands roaming their bodies. Both were very erect and throbbing, this was different, they were not in control. Marshall rolled on his back and spread his legs. “See I have a mole on my right ball.” All laughed. Kruger pushed a finger into Marshall's anus to the last knuckle.

Martin rolled onto his back “my turn, please finger fuck me too?” Kruger was ecstatic. “I have a better idea.” he got up “Alonzo take Martin up to the house and into my bedroom, please.” Alonzo led the boy upstairs. He first took Martin into the bathroom and cleaned him out. In a sing-song voice Martin sang “I'm getting fucked, I'm getting fucked!” Alonzo smiled “yes your are.”

In the tent. Kruger sat next to Marshall “get on your knees and suck my cock Marshall.” His voice was very commanding and Marshall quickly did what he was told. He took Kruger's cock in his grasp and first planted his red lips on the purple crown. Kruger's cock slid into the boys warm wet mouth. He held Marshall's head and place and began to face fuck the boy hard and slowly his cock slid into the dark haired twin's throat. The blue eyes got big, tears streaked down the boys cheeks.

In the bedroom Martin sat naked on the bed waiting for he knew not what. The door opened and in walked Meatus holding his already lubed cock. “Your Martin right?” Martin swallowed hard as he stared at the fat black penis. “meekly Martin said “yes!” The the boy swallowed hard again. “You're real big, I've never seen one that big.” Meatus grinned “good, I love a tight fuck!” Martin first looked for a means of escape, but he heard the lock click.

Meatus stood in front of Martin's face holding his cock. “have a taste, a big taste.” A meaty black hand pushed the back of Martin's head and brought it to the head of his cock and pushed it into the boys red mouth. “Suck!” Martin opened his mouth and Meatus slid his hard cock across the boys red tongue and bounced the fat cock head off the back of Martin's throat.

The blue eyed twin gagged and spit saliva trying to get away. A big black hand held his head tightly. Meatus laughed and released Martin. The boy sat back trying to regain his composure. The black man pushed the boy onto his back and climbed between the thin white legs. “you've fucked before I've heard, well lets get to it. His hard black cock rubbed the boys tight anus.

But it's so big sir, it's too big, it's going to split me in half.” Meatus laughed out loud. “Nah, it's be a tight fit, but you'll get to love my “Mamba” in fact I bet you'll beg for more of it after we get it going, now open those white legs.” Martin slowly spread his legs and prepared to have his tight hole opened wide.

Meatus dropped a gob of lube on the head of his black mushroom head and pushed in the tight ring. “Oooohhhh too big, really it's too big, ooohhh?” His tender body opened up as the fat black appendage pushed back the ring and slid deeply into the boys tight colon. Meatus kept up his drilling until his big black balls slapped the tight white butt cheeks. He rested on top of Martin's slim shite body.

In the tent Kruger laid almost atop of Marshall, His right hand held the boys rigid penis. His mouth sucked on the left puffy pink nipple. The boy squirmed and moaned. His nipples were super sensitive and when tweaked or sucked sent sharp energy to the boys uncut penis. The head tingled, the length throbbed, his pucker opened and closed in sexual excitement. “I know you're going to fuck me, I want you to, please fuck me sir.” the boy was begging for it.

Kruger whispered into the boys ear. “Get on your hands and knees, I'm going to fuck you from behind.” Marshall was fast as lightning and positioned himself. He was ready for deep penetration. Kruger reached around and took hold of the hard white cock and worked it back and forth. Marshall pushed back in anticipation.

Marshall on all fours looking out at the Caribbean felt Kruger's hard cock butting his tight butt hole, The water lapping at the beach was a calming effect as Kruger rubbed the head of his cock up and down then lodged it at the boys ready anus and pushed in hard. “Oooohhhh god it's bigger than I thought.” Marshall moaned. Kruger just pushed harder as the head of his cock popped in behind the anal ring.

With a steady push Kruger slid into Marshall's anus until he felt his long hanging ball sac slap the boys. Marshall had just taken his biggest cock ever, he could finally let out his breath. Kruger started a steady fucking of his half of the twin boys. Marshall helped, his kept pushing back, he was having fun. His view was taken away by Alonzo who moved in front of Marshall stroking his brown cock, he planted the head on the boys lips.

Martin was fully packed with black cock. Meatus kept up his steady fucking of the boys ravaged love hole. Martin's boi-cock was hard and throbbing, he was humping back with the big black's hard fucking of his boi-pussy. “Fuck me, fuck me with that big black cock, god it feels good now, fuck me harder, oooohhhh damn your going to make me cum.”

The nasty begging really turned on the big black. His kinky haired belly rubbed the boys cock making the head tingle, the stalk throb. “White boi-pussy is the best, you fucking little white slut.” Meatus moaned into Martin's ear. The boy was sucking black skin on the man's shoulder..

Marshall's mouth was quickly filled by hard brown Mexican cock. He sucked and washed the fat brown penis in his wet, warm saliva which was flowing in copious amounts making Marshall chin and chest glossy with the slick fluid. He hadn't expected all this hot sex, maybe he and his brother would have cornered Alonzo in a secluded spot, but now they were the center of attention and being ravaged by these men, damn this was fun.

Long strings of saliva hung off Marshall's chin. The Mexican's teen's hips made short jabbing motions into the preteen's full lipped mouth. Thing's like this had never happened to Marshall before. His mouth was being fucked unmercifully, his boi-cunt was fully packed with hard German adult cock, he was being used and he was loving every motion he was receiving. He held himself with his left hand and jacked his own cock with fast and furious jerks

Martin quickly found himself pulled on top of Meatus. He was now riding the hard black weapon. His slim white hips were held firmly in the two black hands. He was being bounced up and down on Meatus's cock like a rag doll. He was loving every cock jamming movement he was getting. His own boi-cock was spouting creamy boi-honey which landed on the coal black skin in creamy splats.

Meatus was beginning to breath harder and in shorter bursts. His own cum was building up inside and wanting to exit his cock. He held Martin even tighter. The boys skin turned a pale white around the black fingers as Meatus gritted his teeth and drove his cock in even farther into the boys stretched colon. “I'm gonna cum in you, you sweet white boi bitch.” Martin was prepared. He tightened up his inner muscles and felt the the first of five gooey blasts of the black mans sperm.

Five gooey bullets of cum pelted the boys insides. “Man you sure cum a lot sir, I'm full of your stuff.” Martin moaned out loud, he could feel cum leaking out and down the insides of his thin white legs. He just fell forward, he was exhausted. Martin had been fucked before by Gerard, but never like this, he could only wonder if he could walk right after this, he knew he would at least walk bowlegged after this.

Alonzo tightened up. He was pulling the chestnut hair on Marshall's head, His cock swelled in the boys mouth, then erupted and filled the mouth fully with his hot Mexican goo. Rosy cheeks puffed out. Marshall swallowed in two gulps, some leaked in rivets out the he corner of his full red mouth. Kruger held Marshall's hips and drilled his cock in as deep as he could and emptied his cock in the thigh boi-pussy. “Damn this is the life!” He thought to himself.

The twins were cleaned up and helped back to their hotel room. Alonzo told them they were invited back the next day if they wished. The quickly went to bed, totally exhausted. Their father returned from the university and check in on them. Martin was not fully asleep. “I see you were really involved in the soccer game?” Martin just nodded. “Well I am pleased, I hope you go and play some more, you two need the fun, nite!” Martin quickly fell into dreamland.

Morgan was too wound up to sleep. He had taken to his knew life as a Kruger Pleasure boy. He was now on the beach. He had laid out a blanket, then waded out into the clear Caribbean. He swam for awhile then laid out in the warm breeze. “Chico I seem to see you always on the beach.” Gomez stood by him eying the naked charms Morgan displayed.

Buenas noches Senior Gomez!” He was trying to use his limited Spanish to its fell effect. “Buenas noches Chico, you are as beautiful as ever, may lie down with you?” Morgan patted the blanket next to him. The older Mexican first took off his shorts and took a dip, then returned. “The water was wonderful, it is so beautiful here.”

Man and boy laid looking up at the star filled sky. “Look a shooting star!” Morgan pointed. He felt a hand rub his leg and inch to his boi-cock. “You can have me if you wish Senoir?” He heard to old Mexican say “I wish that.” He older man's lips kissed his cock. It immediately got hard and was being sucked. Morgan ran his hand through the old man's hair.

Gomez probed the boy's love hole with a middle finger. Morgan squirmed on the finger fucking digit, while his hips pumped pushing his cock across the tickling tongue. Morgan relaxed and let the older Mexican pleasure him, this was fun, but he knew when it came his time, he'd make it worth while for Gomez.

The finger worked to the boy's youthful prostate and sent a tingling charge throughout Morgan's body. Gomez swung his leg over Morgan. His vermillion headed cock dangled above the boys mouth/ Morgan reached up with thin white fingers and grasped the brown stalk and brought the head to his lips. He sucked the head in his warm saliva filling mouth. Gomez groaned, Morgan was a great cock sucker.

The two sucked each other for a few more minutes. Gomez then planted himself between the boy's white legs and holding his cock at the entrance to the tight boy's anus he pushed in hard. Gomez thought as his cock slid in all the way “Morgan is such a good fuck, so tight and so willing to please, I am a lucky old man.”

Gomez went slow relishing the way Morgan used his inner muscles to give such pleasure. Morgan had been made for a man's sexual pleasure. His mouth covered the boys and they kissed and twirled tongues as he fucked the boy with hard strokes. He could already feel a cum building up. Each inner stroke was met with an out push from Morgan.

Ooohhh Chico I'm cuming, I can't hold it back any longer. Morgan responded with more of his clamping of inner muscles. He milked the throbbing flesh until finally Gomez froze and shot his sperm deep into the boy's body. “It feels so good Gomez, really good, your cum is so warm inside of me, I love when you fuck me!”

Alonzo had forty more minutes of his shift at the hotel left. He would take the twins with him to the compound. Kruger had friends waiting. The desk clerk spoke into the call box “Ayuda por favor equipaje, Alonzo!” The older teen was there quickly.

Alonzo please help Ms. Randall and her son to 717 por favor!” Alonzo smiled at the two. Ms. Randall quickly took the lead. Alonzo smiled at her son, he smiled back and eyed Alonzo up and down. They took the elevator to the 7th floor and Alonzo led them to 717 and using the key card let them in to the two bedroom suite.

She tipped Alonzo and then went to the window and looked out at the beach. “Look Rod lots of young girls on the beach, you should have fun here while I have time to myself.” Rod shrugged and walked Alonzo to the door “girl's, I just don't like girls, but just can't tell her, she'd freak.” Alonzo nodded “si Chico, I can understand that, there lots of men on the beach also.” Rod smiled broadly. “Chico maybe I can help, I get off in 20 minutes, I will be by the pool if you'd like to talk?” Rod smiled again, broadly.

Rod's mother quickly headed for the bar and men. Rod headed to the pool and men. Alonzo was waiting for the twins. “Hi Alonzo, I'm Rod remember from 717?” Alonzo smiled “Si Chico I remember. Alonzo looked the dark haired boy up and down. Sparkling brown eyes, upturned nose “How old are you Chico?” Rod blushed “13!” He answered. Alonzo said “Bueno, Chico bueno!”

Just then Marshall and Martin appeared. “This is Rod, he's just arrived, from?” Rod quickly piped up “Seattle, the weather is so nice here, so warm.” Marshall piped up “that's not all that's warm here, right Martin?” Martin giggled “you bet, hot men everywhere, fuck I'm so horny.” The two giggled, Rod didn't get it?

Alonzo told Rod he and the twins had to go, but he'd be back in a hour and he would show him around. “Kewl.: Rod replied. “I'll just lie in a chase by the pool and be bored.” He laid there for awhile waiting for Alonzo's return when an middle aged woman who had too much to drink tripped and spilled her Bloody Mary all over Rod. He jumped up and mumbled “bitch!”

An attendant quickly handed Rod a towel and escorted the drunk woman out of the pool area. Rod told the other attendant that he was going up to his room to shower if Alonzo returned. “Chico I will let him know, what room number?” Rod said “717.” As he left to pool area.

Rod had just got out of the shower and heard a knock on his door. He answered and Alonzo stood before him. He let the Mexican teen in and started to explain. “I know about it Chico, I like you like this, so exciting.” Rod blushed and Alonzo took him by surprise by kissing him hard, his to searching the inside of his mouth. Rod dropped his towel, his naked body responding to Alonzo's kiss and his hand which now held Rod's blood filling cock.

Alonzo steered Rod to his bedroom, his mouth still glued to Rods and his hand working the boy's stiff penis. Alonzo thought to himself “this is so easy, bueno!” Rod found himself on his back, on the bed. Alonzo's mouth trickled down form his open mouth, to his neck, nipples, belly button, then Alonzo's mouth circled his boi-cock and started to suck, Rod moaned, his thin white legs opened wide.

Without releasing Rod's hard staff from his mouth, he stripped off his clothing and grabbed a tube of lube from his pants pocket. Alonzo applied lube to his middle and fore fingers and began to work Rod's virgin hole. Slowly Alonzo pushed his middle finger into Rod to the 2nd knuckle, then he wiggled it. Rod moved in reaction to the electricity it caused.

Alonzo let the cock go and moved to the ball sac and sucked in one and the the other. Then he sucked in both and pushed in two fingers to the 3rd knuckle, this time he massaged Rod's prostate. A shiver ran up Rod's back, he was now putty in Alonzo's hands and Alonzo knew it, he opened the two fingers for a easier entrance for his vermillion headed cock.

Rod's eyes were in a dreamy state when Alonzo came on top of his body. Moving into position Alonzo held his cock at the now ready boi-pussy. He whispered into Rod's ear “I'm gonna fuck you now!” Rod seemed to open his white legs even wider in anticipation of his first fuck. The cock head rested on the ready pucker. Alonzo pushed in hard.

Rod made a gasp as Alonzo's brown skinned cock pushed past the tight ring in slipped into the tight anal channel. The cock slid down and into place, Rod had 8 inches of hot Mexican cock inside of his body, the brown balls slapped his ass cheeks as he began his hard and deep fucking of Rod's tight body, Rod actually responded and was pushing back to meet each inner thrust.

Chico you are so tight, so warm and it feels so good inside of you.” Alonzo whispered into the young teens ear. His ass pounded his cock in and out of the late virgin's tight anus. Rod slowly locked his ankles behind Alonzo and held on tightly. He was somewhat uncomfortable, yet the electricity Alonzo's cock gave him made his first fuck manageable.

Alonzo's midsection rubbed Rod's tingling cock. Slowly a cum built up in side both. Rod came first spraying his honey on both their bodies. Alonzo's brown ball sac slowly got tighter and tighter against his body. His cock tingled, then began a hard throbbing inside of the the latest conquest. He fucked Rod harder and faster, his cum was just about there. His teeth gritted. His brown cock swelled.

Holy mother I'm cuming, oh here I cum.” Alonzo moaned in Rod's ear. His mouth began to tongue fuck Rod's ear. The boy froze as the Mexican boys cock shot hot creamy bolts of sperm deep into the boys body. The inside of Rod's young body was painted with cum. All spaces was covered with the young Mexican's sperm. Rod couldn't believe it, the cumy spray felt wonderful, he tightened his body even more, he could feel a trickle down the inside of his ass crack.

Alonzo finally collapsed on Rod. His head lay to the right side of Rod's head. “Chico you are a wonderful fuck, damn it was good. His lips found Rod's and the two kissed deeply, Rod was in heaven, maybe this is what love was, he wasn't sure, but it felt like it. The laid there with Alonzo's cock still embedded in his hole. “Maybe you can come to the compound and meet my friends, you will have much fun, many men are there to meet such a beauty as you? “Will you come?”

Rod said he'd have to ask his mom? Alonzo said “She is in 928 with two men, two black men.” Rod didn't believe it at first. The he remembered a conversation between his mom and her girlfriend Rebecca and how great of lover's blacks were. He had heard his mom say “if I get the chance I'll try one, hell the color doesn't rub off.”

Alonzo and Rod lay on the bed. Alonzo coaxed Rod into sucking his cum covered cock. He also agreed to go to the compound with Alonzo, his mom wouldn't miss him anyway, he would leave her a not telling her he was playing soccer with some boys he met on the beach. His mouth opened wide and sucked in the half hard cock, it quickly got rock hard in his mouth, he was having so much fun pleasing Alonzo.

Part 6: Happy news for Kruger!

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