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Part 6: Happy news for Kruger!

Morgan, Micheal, Marshall and Martin were driven to the Tropicana Hotel. They had been rented by 4 businessmen. Two from Argentina and two from Belize. Gomez escorted the 4 boys into the hotel and handed them each a piece of paper. On Morgan's it read Room 623. Morgan got off the elevator on the 6th floor and rapped 4 time on the door of Room 623.

The door opened and a black man named Honoree Ducat let him in. Morgan smiled broadly. “You must be from Belize?” The man smiled and took off his robe, he was totally naked. Again Morgan smiled “I guess I better take off my clothes quickly and join this party?” The man nodded and stepped back to watch the show.

Slowly Morgan peeled of his clothing. His tee shirt and blue speedo's. He kicked off his sandals and posed with his hands on his slim hips. “I hope you like what you see, sir?” The man was stroking his long black cock and smiling broadly. “You surly are a beauty, such full lips, I cannot wait to feel them on this.” he pointed to his now rock hard black cock.

Morgan swayed as he approached the man. He slipped to his knees in front of the black man taking hold of the rampant penis. Planted his full red lips on the precum covered head. He heard Honore Ducat moan and shiver. The full red lips slowly parted and slid over the hard black cock. Black hands ran thru Morgan's brown hair. Ducat rocked to and fro his black cock moving in and out as he fucked Morgan's mouth. “Do you swallow cum my beauty?” The man asked the sucking boy.

The black saliva coated cock slid from Morgan's red lips “always, why waste something so yummy?” The cock again disappeared into his mouth as he delivered the pleasure Ducat wanted and was getting. “I will cum quick, swallow all my gift, then we'll watch some porn then fuck?” Morgan nodded as he sucked harder and let the glossy length slide in farther and deeper.

Ducat's breathing became deeper and faster. Cum built up in his body. He stiffened up, the coal black head swelled and pelted the mouth of the hard suckling preteen. “Oooohhhh I cum, swallow it all, oooohhhh so good.” Morgan's Adams apple bobbed up and down as Morgan devoured the hot creamy goo. He sucked the tip and licked it clean.

Ducat got a DVD from a case and slipped it into the player. The title “MORGAN'S FIRST DOG.” Morgan licking his lips looked at Ducat and smiled “My DVD?” Morgan asked. Ducat smiled “yes, very good and very horny, the boy who came in at the end, the one you sucked, is my nephew, Jean-Claude.” They snuggled as the DVD played.

Alonzo picked up Rod with the A.T.V. And took him to Kruger's compound. He left a note saying he'd be playing soccer. He drove thru the gate and stopped “Were here Chico, remove your speedo, por favor?' Rod looked at him funny “that means were naked, right?” Alonzo nodded “Si, that is the rules here, total nudity, Mr. Kruger want's it that way.

Alonzo peeled off his. Reluctantly Rod followed suit. He felt uncomfortable for a few minutes, then it passed. He followed Alonzo into the back. He stopped and looked out at the blue water, it was lovely. “Come Chico, I guess he's in the house?” The two boys padded into Kruger's office. “Ah Alonzo, who have we here.” The German ex-patriot took off his glasses and placed them on the desk.

Alonzo introduced the vary naked boy to “Senior Kruger this is Rod, an American boy on vacation.” Kruger squeezed Rod shoulder. “Beautiful, yes beautiful, Alonzo, ahhhhh such a lovely mouth, it will get much use here.” He and Alonzo chuckled. Rod didn't get it. “Oh Alonzo good news B.T.W. has approved Boi Atlantis 2, here.” Alonzo smiled “does that mean the boys here will become Pleasure boys?”

Kruger nodded “actually they already are, I sent our for to the Tropicana, some business men want some “Afternoon “Delight!” They are there now, all I have left is Caspar and he makes a DVD with “The King” in the morning. Rod nudged Alonzo “who's The King?” Alonzo smiled a very big Labrador Retriever.” Rod said “yuk, I'm allergic to dogs, yuk!”

Kruger chuckled “I'm just glad Caspar isn't allergic.” He place an arm over Rod's shoulder and tweaked his right nipple. He felt the boy shudder. “Your nipples are sensitive, right?” Rod nodded. “Yes, very sensitive.” Quickly Kruger had both between his fingers, he was playing with both, never letting go. Rod was sticking out straight and hard, Kruger let one nipple alone and grabbed hold of the boy's cock.

Kruger steered Rod into his rec room. The room was filled with pillows. On tripods were two video cameras. On a tall table sat two Nikon's with all the needed equipment Alonzo took one of the video cameras and turned it on. Kruger guided Rod on to some pillows and lay beside him. Rod asked “what's going on?” Alonzo answered from behind the camera. “were going to make you a star, relax, were going to have lots of fun this afternoon. Lots of fun.”

Kruger took hold of Rod's hand and laid it on his almost hard cock. Thin fingers tightened around it. Rod looked down at the rampant penis and licked his lips. Alonzo began giving instructions. “Give it a lick Rod, like what you did to mine, come on it was fun right?” They looked at Rod who was sporting a very erect penis, he was sweating and the head tingled. He opened his brown eyes to find Kruger's cock on his lips.

I-I-I” the cock quickly landed on his tongue. His lips clamped tight and he sucked in over half of the throbbing organ. Instinctively Rod sucked the hard, hot flesh, saliva bubbled around his lips and surrounded the hard flesh. Kruger motioned to Caspar who had been standing just outside the tent. “Suck his cock, Caspar, suck it good.” Caspar knelt between Rod's legs and gobbled up the hard boi-flesh.

Both Kruger and Alonzo taped the action between Kruger, Caspar and Rod. Kruger ruffled Rod's dark hair as the boy sucked and slurped on his throbbing penis, “this boy can suck cock, now to fuck his sweet ass, I bet that will be good also.” He smiled as Rod squirmed as Caspar began to eat Rod's asshole. This was all new and exciting to the newest boy.

Morgan could feel Ducat's hard black bone lay hot on the small of his back. He reached around and grasped it with his slim white fingers, then slowly move over the sensitive black flesh. Ducat moved on his flesh/ “I think it's time we fucked Morgan, what do you think?

Morgan turned around and sucked in the head, then down his lips moved to take in most of the man's vibrant weapon coating it with his slick saliva and also giving the black flesh a glossy sheen. His mouth send a shiver up the man's backside. “You must stop this sucking, I want to sample your wonderful charms in another way?” Morgan released the glossy cock smiling “Let's fuck!”

Morgan pushed the black man onto his back, smiling all the time. He grabbed the lube and placed a large amount into the palm of his hand and applied it to the black cock making it very slick and very shinny. He wiped his hand on the bottom of the towel and straddled the man's midsection, the slick weapon in hand.

The boi-slut placed the cock head against his tight ring. “Ready to fuck me Mr. Ducat?” The Belize businessman nodded with a big smile, the watched as his cock slowly dug into Morgan's slim white body. Finally the fat black cock disappeared into Morgan, his white butt cheeks nestled on a mass of kinky pubic bush, Morgan had taken it all.

Morgan began a slow, but study moving up and down on the spike. He began to pick up speed and was soon bouncing up and down driving the black spike in to the warm depths of his nubile boi-pussy. “You are so tight Morgan suck a good fuck, I'm so lucky to have gotten to fuck you!” Morgan smiled, licked his red full lips and ground down, the cock rubbed him internally, send ing sharp stabs of electricity deep.

A hard cum was building within the black man's boy. Sperm was building and looking for an exit, so his cock would spit out in a white creamy release that would plaster Morgan's waiting insides. The movement of the preteen's muscles made the feeling even more exciting. With downward movement of the young white boys body, Ducat matched it with an upward thrust of his hips, his black cock drove in deep, his breath came in short pants, the feeling and drive was becoming overwhelming. His black hands held Morgan's slim hips tighter and tighter making opaque marks.

Morgan wanked his own penis rapidly, he would cum too, he loved the feeling just as much as the men he had excited beyond reality. Lips were rubbed by red tongues, fingers played with objects on bodies, such as the boys nipples which got tweaked and rubbed. Morgan too breathed hard and rapidly, he was cuming too!

Rod's young body was being worked over. Kruger had laid aside his camera, lubed some fingers and was finger fucking Rod's boi-pussy, making it ready for his cock. Rod was humping the two fingers. Caspar was fucking Rod's face, and Rod was sucking him wildly. “Mr. Kruger when I cum can I baptize him?” Kruger was just about to replace his fingers with his cock and said “very good idea Caspar, very good idea.”

Alonzo was the only one filming, but he had heard the word baptize Rod and began stroking his own brown cock. He worked on his own cum now, still he filmed with the other hand. Kruger rubbed the head of his penis up and down the boy's crack before lodging the head at the finger reamed hole. He smiled into the camera lens then plunged his cock into the boy, ball's deep. Rod spread his legs wide and went stiff.

Kruger fucked the preteen unmercifully. In and out he pounded the rarely used boi-hole. He took hold of the stiff boi-cock and applied his thumb to the head and rolled it to the beat of his pounding cock. Rod didn't know what he should do, his body was being used by both Kruger and Caspar. The other preteen had now moved to Rod's nipples and sucked them, alternating left to right, but continued to pull on his own cock, baptism was cuming to Rod, all three would do the honors.

Caspar straightened up still jacking hard and fast. His uncut boi-cock opened up and spit boi-honey across Rod's upper lip, his left nostril, left eye and into his hair in the form of a “Z”. Rod was shocked, he hadn't expected that. Alonzo was the next to cum and he added his sperm to that of Caspar, pasting Rod's other eye and also into his brown hair.

Rod's cum coating excited Kruger. He pulled out of Rod's well ravished boi-cunt and wanking fast shot forth a heavy blast of his own sperm hitting the surprised boy's chin, lips, nose, coating his right eye and forehead. Caspar planted his lips on those of Rod. His own red lips were covered with creamy white goo. He pulled back, hooked a forefinger into the hot goo and scooped cum into Rod's mouth, then sucked his forefinger clean.

Rod was so surprised he couldn't speak. Finally he asked 'why the sperm bath?” Caspar sat back on his heels giggling “we just baptized you, your a Kruger Pleasure Boy now, part of the family.” Rod wasn't really sure what that meant, he asked for a towel. Alonzo handed the camera to Kruger and got Rod a wash cloth and towel.

Kruger sat in his office and read his email, he had won! His property had been selected as the new site for Boi Atlantis 2, actually the name would be Boi Caribbean 1, Brussels had made that one change The second part of the email was even better, Kruger was to be named Director and could pick his own assistant.

Five minutes later another email stated ground breaking would start in 15 days, plans had already been set. 100 rooms to accommodate 45 Pleasure boys and 45 paying Patrons. A casino, 3 game rooms, dining hall for the Pleasure boys, 30 outside huts to accommodate 30 more paying Patrons. Last, but not least a restaurant that would seat 50 individuals at one time. Kruger almost came in his pants.

His house would serve as billeting for him, his staff and his special guests. Kruger was giggling with static happiness. “15 days they would break ground.” he had to get to work. The phone rang and it was Mr. Piva, the Brazilian businessman. He and Kruger struck a deal for the use of Morgan and Caspar in his groups Theater in the Round.

Piva flew in and picked up the two boys and ferried them back to Rio. Piva's group put on private shows in the many private clubs in and around the city. At each club the boy would be led in on a leash attached to a jewel studded collar placed around the white boys slim neck, the he was bred to one of the groups well trained dogs. The person leading in the canine would also double as the one presenting his cock for the boy to suck off while the dog fucked the boy to creamy climax from both ends.

Morgan had been bred to a lab before and loved the fucking he had got, Caspar was a virgin in canine/boy sex, but he was very ready to learn and participate. The boys were billeted on Sorococo Island off the coast of Rio, a B.T.W. Pleasure Boy Vacation Facility. Morgan and Caspar in the non show times could double as Pleasure Boys!

Morgan and Caspar were ferried into Rio proper for a Saturday night Theater in the Round. This would be Caspar's first time being bred with a canine. A very big black Labrador retriever named El Fuego (The Fire) had been chosen for the cute blond, blue eyes preteen. Each boy was fitted his an inner ear piece for instructions. Each boy would be led out on stage by a naked black midget. While the boy was being fucked by the dog, he would suck the rampant cock of the black midget, midget and canine flooding each orifice with hot creamy cum.

Back stage the boys were fitted with jeweled collars. Caspar's was sparkling blue sapphire, while Morgan wore Rubies. He would be mounted by a very big Chocolate Labrador retriever named Coco. Mr. Piva in the costume of a Ring Master, top hat and whip. He walked out onto the stage. The hall became quite as he explained the nights entertainment. He told them that he had brought them two young, white American boys for their pleasure. “First to be bred will be a canine virgin, CASPAR!'

The small blond boy was led out on stage. Caspar smiling bowed to the three sides and then on his hands and knees was led around the stage for all to observe his nakedness. There were low mumbles from the audience, some pointed to his hairless cock, others his tight anus “just how would he be able to take a whole canine cock?” Many asked.

Mr. Piva approached the small blond and told Caspar to open his ass cheeks. Caspar did as told. The crack was amply sprayed with B.T.W.'s “Bitch in Heat, the Canine attractant. Then El Fuego was released by the black midget. The big lab trotted out his nose in the air. El Fuego got the scent and circled the small preteen.

The circle got smaller and smaller. A voice came into Caspar's ear and said “grab the sheath, jack it, when you get a few inches out suck his cock, get him ready for your good fucking.” Caspar smiled broadly as the audience and spoke “I'm gonna suck his cock for you!” There was a large round of applause. A small hand reached out as El Fuego made the circle smaller and smaller. El Fuego froze in place as Caspar massaged the furry cover. The canine began to hump the massaging fingers.

The audience went totally quiet. 100 sets of eyes fixed on Caspar and his fingers as the worked out one, two, three, four and a fifth inch of red canine cock. A giant gasp came from the audience when Caspar's red lips encircled the red canine cock. Caspar had studied a few DVD's and knew just what he had to do, he did it.

The five inches quickly became ten inches followed by a big white knot. Caspar's blue eyes bulged, only the knot remained on his lips. El Fuego fuck-humped the tiny boys face. Each jab of the canine cock a bulge appeared on the side of Caspar's throat. With each bulge another gasp from the audience arose from the crowd. Many a viewer cock was being massaged form ones own inserted hand.

Caspar deep throated the canine cock for a full ten minutes. The smell of semen permeated the air. The audience wanked not caring that the person next to him was wanking or not. B.T.W. had also brought in 20 Pleasure boys to provide mouth and boi-pussy for those who wanted to pay extra. Money flowed almost as much as cum.

As Caspar sucked the dog's cock, a voice told him it was time to let El Fuego fuck him. The ten inches of penis slowly slid from his mouth. El Fuego with his ten inches swinging underneath all he wanted was a hole to fill and quickly moved to Caspar's rear and mounted the preteen, his red cock stabbing at the boys tender body.

Caspar braced himself for what he knew what was about to happen. El Fuego had been trained well, it took him only two stab's to find the entrance to Caspar's love hole. The red penis lodged in place and ten inches disappeared into the preteen's body. Finger's pointed at Caspar, his boi-cock was hard as a rock, the sweet lad was into his hard reaming, the red penis head bobbed up and down, side to side with each hump from the canine.

Caspar went stiff when El Fuego completed the impalement with a hard jab and locked the two with his fat knot. Now the hard fucking of Caspar began. The boy's head went down below and looked behind, he couldn't believe that much cock would fit inside his tiny body. He didn't see or hear the other male enther the stage, grab him by his blond hair, yank his head up in line with a very black cock attached to a very black midget.

His red mouth opened to say something, but 7 inches of black cock filled his warm wet mouth, he was sucking and fucking at the same time. Caspar could do nothing, but comply. He sucked, licked and swallowed the hard black penis, while El Fuego pounded his tender hole, the big canine was hell bent on breeding the hole he was fucking, Caspar was holding on for dear life and hoping that both cocks wouldn't meet inside his tiny body.

El Fuego's head lay on the boys shoulder, his red tongue hung off to the side, letting saliva roll off the shoulder and down the boys slim arm. His rear kept humping his red cock into the young boy. Canine lubricant kept up a steady flow, the excess leaking out and glossing the inside of Caspar's thin white legs.

Caspar's red mouth sucked and lapped the black cock, his throat muscles massaged the hard black length of flesh while his red tongue licked the hard ball sac. His tongue tip sent electric current from the sac to the brain and back again. The crowd saw the way the black midget's face grimaced as he tried not to fire hot sperm into the boys mouth and throat, but Caspar was determined to make the midget cum and cum fast, he was also going to cum, his boi-cock was gaining girth, the head red, hard and shiny.

Just as cum shot from the head of Caspar's throbbing 3 boi-cock, the black cock erupted and flooded the boys mouth as he had pulled back. Caspar's rosy cheeks puffed, his mouth filled with creamy semen. He swallowed as fast as he could, cumy bubbles formed at each corner of his red mouth. Cum shot from his boi-cock head.

His 3 inches bent up sending creamy splats onto his pale white body. Long gooey strings of sperm dripped off his body. One from his dime sized brown nipple. The audience was getting a great first half of the show. Just how could Morgan top this, he waited behind the curtain.

El Fuego began to join the cumy ending. He growled and hammered the stretched hole. Canine cum began to fire off in a gooey white flood of canine sperm. The boys colon filled with canine puppy makers. Splat after splat of canine sperm painted Caspar's stretched boy-pussy. Men pointed as the overflow trickled out and down the inside of the boys thin legs and pooling at his knees.

The 20 Pleasure boys were working overtime as they collected chits and hard cock from the audience. One boy was taking care of 4 Patrons. His mouth full of cock, his boy-pussy being pounded furiously and each hand wanking as fast as he could. The B.T.W. crew figured the next time they should bring in at least 50 boys, these 20 would be exhausted after the second part of this show.

Finally El Fuego finished depositing his gobs of canine cum in Caspar. He collapsed on the small boys back, his cock still leaking sperm into the boy. The midget pulled his cock from Caspar's guppy like mouth and leashed the canine who had turned in the opposite direction and wanted to dislodge his stuck cock from the boys body.

It took 20 minutes for the canine cock to decrease in size enough to release Caspar from it's tight seal. “PLOP” echoed in the hall and a gush of canine sperm exited the boys winking anus. Someone from the crew had to hold Caspar up as he stood, waved and received a standing ovation from the Brazilian audience.

There was a 30 minute intermission. The stage was cleaned then the music started. A naked Morgan ran onto the stage waving to an already frenzied audience, his jeweled Ruby choker sparkling in the light that centered on him. Then a hush came over the crowd as Morgan entered the audience. His forefinger nail between his teeth and wondered thru the men until he came in front of one, took his hand and led him on stage.

The middle aged Brazilian looked bewildered as the preteen began to undress the man. Morgan worked quick and soon the man was naked, except for shoes and socks. His mouth went to work on first the man's brown nipples, then his tongue worked down to the man's cock and ball sac. Planting a kiss on the purple head he then went to Piva bent over and spread his butt cheeks.

Piva sprayed Morgan amply with bitch in heat. Again Morgan skipped around the stage waving to the audience, then went to his hands and knees wiggling his ass as Coco was turned loose. The chocolate lab walked on stage, his nose in the air and picking up the scent of bitch in heat. Coco eyed Morgan who's butt wiggles and spreading the scent.

The big canine loped up to Morgan who took hold of the very large sheath and began to work the brown hair covering to extract the large red fuck stick he had hiding. Between the hand working and the scent peregrinating the air, four hard red inches appeared and Morgan quickly sucked in the hot flesh. The audience prepared for another hot scene between boy and dog.

Morgan sucked out another 6 inches, pulled his mouth back to let the audience see the size penis that would skewer his tight boi-pussy for them. The audience was silent. Morgan returned to his cock sucking. Coco hunched back and forth in Morgan's mouth.

Morgan figured Coco was ready, his lubricant flowed profusely in Morgan's mouth. The 10 fat inches of canine cock slid from his mouth. Morgan turned and slowly began to crawl away. Coco was quick and mounted the dark haired preteen, his forepaws clamping him tight his red dripping penis stabbed and hit the hole on the first try, 10 inches of red cock drove home and disappeared into Morgan's nubile preteen body. Coco was fucking hard and deep.

On the second canine jab, Coco knotted them both. Morgan got use to the rapid fuck strokes, and wiggled a finger to the naked man still standing. He had the man go to his knees and grabbed his cock. He brought it to his lips and licked the head. The penis quickly got hard. He sucked in the hard length. The man was still somewhat nervous, but closed his eyes and began to enjoy the boys warm, wet lips.

Morgan loved this, he sucked the cock to the root, Coco had bis boi-cock hard and throbbing, he was about to cum, the last time he had canine sex he came twice, “maybe, just maybe it'll happen again?” he thought to himself. His boi-cock began to tingle and throb he was almost there. The red penis head got much bigger, his piss slit opened and hot boi-cream erupted and pasted his own body, showing long gooey cum strings hanging, then pooling on the stage.

The Brazilian grabbed Morgan's head and held him in place. He fucked the boys mouth fast and pushed in as deep as he could, then came in hot creamy bolts. Morgan swallowed as fast as he could, cum bubbled on his red lips and trickled over his chin. The audience was hooting and hollering in Portuguese “fuck him, swallow all the cum you sweet little whore!” Morgan had to or he'd drown.

Coco began to growl. Twice he nipped Morgan's back. The canine cock was flooding the boy's insides with sperm. The boys colon was painted a creamy white with canine cum, the excess first made a white ring at the base of Coco's cock, then began to run down the boys thin white legs and making creamy cum pools on the stage floor. Morgan was being thrown around like a rag doll by man and dog, his boi-cock again was hard and throbbing.

The Brazilian lay back he was finished. Coco was breeding Morgan and had almost emptied his balls of canine sperm. He relaxed on the boys back panting and drooling. Morgan could feel his cock swell and shoot a second wad of sperm himself. His legs and arms were shaky with exhaustion and the weight of the big Chocolate lab.

The audience arose and applauded the show the two preteens had given them. Coco decided that it was time to get detached, but his knot was still lodged in Morgan's nubile body. Coco had swung around and was facing the opposite direction and had to be restrained or he'd had drug Morgan with him.

Back in Mexico Rod, Martin, Marshall and Michael were holding down the operation. The building was going faster than anticipated. Kruger received a phone call. The charges against Morgan's father had been dismissed and he was returning for Morgan. Kruger didn't know what to do. Morgan was in Brazil?

Part 7: What to do, what to do?