The Victim

by Erik Maskot

My first time in L.A.I went to this bar right next to the hotel I stayed at. It wasn't a gay bar. Actually the majority of the people were straight couples. I wasn't up for anything, so it was fine with me. I just wanted to have a drink before I went to bed.

I'd been sitting there for about half an hour when this black guy about my age, that is 22, came over to me and asked if the stool right next to me was free. I said «Sure!»

He turned out to be a really nice guy. Told me everything about L.A. that I wanted to know, and he told me what I needed to see when I was there. He told me that I could even call him if I needed a guide. His name was Jeremy.

After a while he said he was on his way to a party, and he wanted to know if I wanted to join him. I said I wasn't dressed for it, wearing just a t-shirt and old jeans that were ripped several places. He told me not to worry, it was just a private party, so I accepted his offer.

On the way we stopped at a grocery, and Jeremy bought a case of beer and some booze. He was kind and asked me if there was anything I wanted, but I said I was fine. I bought a six pack of beer.

We drove to a house in Anaheim, and entered. There were about twenty guys there, mostly black, but also a couple of latin guys, all friends of Jeremy's. Everybody was friendly and talkative, and I seemed to be accepted right away, even if I was the only white guy in the house.

After a while I had to go to the bathroom. My bladder was about to burst from all the beer. I asked where the bathroom was, and Miguel, who was sitting right next to me, said he would show me, as he had to go too.

We went downstairs to the basement. I thought it was odd, as I was pretty sure we passed a bathroom on the way upstairs too. But Miguel led me to a bathroom that was perfectly fine. He followed me into the bathroom. I said «OK, you go first,» and turned around as I was about to step outside and wait for him.

«No, just stay,» he said, and grabbed my hand.

He turned me around so I faced him, then he pulled me closer, grabbed my waist, and kissed me on my lips. He squeezed my ass cheeks, and whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me.

«I seriously need to take a piss,» I said, but he wouldn't let me go. Instead he pulled my waist closer to his, pressing his hard cock, which felt enormously big, against my crutch. My cock grew hard too. He kissed me again. His tongue met mine.

Again I tried to tell him that I had to piss. «Then piss,» he replied. But still he wouldn't let me go. In the end I couldn't hold back any longer, and my jeans slowly turned wet and warm in front, and on the insides of my legs. Miguel's jeans became wet too. He just smiled. He turned me towards the toilet, like he finally was gonna let me do my job. I opened the zipper and pulled my cock out. But as I was getting ready, Miguel surprised me. He had also pulled his cock out, but standing behind me, he started pissing on my ass and up my back. My clothes were now completely soaked. So was the floor.

Miguel's hands moved to the front of my jeans and unbuckled my belt, then pulled my jeans down. Just seconds later I felt his giant cockhead pushing against my sphincter. I thought I was gonna be ripped apart as he slowly pushed it inside me. This was no doubt the biggest cock that had ever entered my ass. As the head popped inside I let out a short scream and a moan. He didn't stop there, but jerked his cock further inside me, until he was in all the way. I tried to find something to grab onto and squeeze, but couldn't find anything.

Miguel started fucking me slowly, and I moaned every time he hit bottom. His balls slapped against my wet skin. It seems like he was fucking me for hours, but of course he didn't. In the end he pulled his cock out, and then he gave a loud moan right into my ear as he shot a big load of semen all over my ass. Some of it he shoved into my ass, as he shoved his cock right back inside of me. I felt it grew hard again inside me, and he started fucking me again. When he came again he didn't pull out, but put his arms around me, and squeezed me hard, his cock all the way to the bottom of my ass. I could feel his sperm shooting inside me.

The young latino didn't pull out for a long time, but held me tight. His sweat was running down his body and onto mine. His cock slowly went limp inside me. At this moment I didn't want him to leave, but hold it there. Eventually he pulled it out, though. He pulled his jeans up, and made himself ready to go back upstairs.

I looked on the floor, where my clothes were lying in a pile, soaked.

«I can't put my clothes back on like this,» I said. I noticed that also Miguel's jeans had a big wet spot in front of them, but apart from that they were dry.

«That's okay,» he said. With a grin he added: «I don't mind seeing you naked. My friends upstairs probably won't either.» With that he left.

I didn't know what to do. Was he serious? Did he really want me to walk around the house naked? I picked up my clothes, held them up. They were dripping wet with urine. The least I could do was to hang them up to dry. Then I carefully opened the door to the hallway outside of the bathroom. I couldn't see anyone.

I started walking around in the basement, seeing if I could find something to wear. There were several rooms down there, some that I noticed were used as bedrooms. Maybe someone had left an extra pair of pants or something there. But no.

There was a bottle of vodka sitting on the table right next to the bed in one of the rooms. I figured I needed something strong if I was gonna face the rest of the guys like this, and took a big sip out of the bottle. Wow, that was strong stuff. My head started spinning after a while. In the end I decided «What the heck, why don't I just get under the blanket and get some sleep?» Maybe by the time I wake up my jeans would be dry enough to wear again.

However, I didn't get to sleep very long. One of the guys upstairs, Xavier, came downstairs to get the vodka bottle. He wondered who was sleeping in his bed, lifted the blanket, and found me lying naked on my stomach. My ass must have looked appealing to him, because he quickly undressed and climbed into bed where I was still sleeping.

Xavier started rubbing my ass and widening my ass cheeks. That's what woke me up. I looked up at him confused. Didn't quite know what was going on, where I was, who he was and how he got into my bed. He smiled. I looked down at his 12-inch shaft, and remembered everything. His smile turned into a white Colgate grin, and he bent down and kissed me on my back. He put his legs on each side of my body and liftet me up. I was expecting his enormous tool to be shoved into my ass, but that didn't happen. Instead he lifted me up with strong arms and carried me out of the bed and the room, and into a different room in the basement. It turned out to be a dungeon.

Xavier turned me around and put me down on on a sling, then strapped my hands and legs spread up in the air. He had me where he wanted me, my ass open wide as an open door.

His cock was hard and monstrous as he aimed it at my ass and shoved it inside me. I couldn't hold back a small scream that forced its way through my clenched teeth. To my surprise it didn't hurt so much as it did when Miguel had entered me, but that was probably because his juices were still in my ass. As Xavier's cock hit bottom I knew that his cock wasn't any smaller than Miguel's though. Xavier also big balls that were slapping against my ass for every thrust. He fucked me hard and violently.

My moans must have been loud, because soon it seemed like the whole party moved downstairs. Everybody entered the room, and they all had cans of beer or bottles of booze in their hands. As soon as they discovered what was going on they all undressed, and I knew what was coming. They would be waiting for their turns to fuck me. It was gonna be a long night.

The booze was still working on me, and I must have blacked out during the night. I remember Xavier shooting his load inside my ass, and I remember someone shooting their manjuice in my mouth. When I woke up the next morning I was still in the sling, but there were nobody there. I was soaked in sperm, though. And I felt sore all over, expecially my ass.

I wasn't strapped any longer, so I could actually get out of the sling. I stood up and tried to walk. That must have looked funny if anyone could see me. I walked as if I'd been sitting on a galloping horse for a week. I went to the bathroom, and to my surprise, I found my clothes washed and folded. And they were dry! Thanks to whoever invented the drier. I took a shover before I got dressed. I couldn't find anybody in the house, like it's been deserted. The guests probably went home, and whoever's house this was, he was probably at work.

I went into the kitchen and made breakfast. I thought to myself that was the least I was worth for last night. Afterwards I was wondering how I was supposed to get back to the hotel.

Someone rang the door bell. I went to open the door, and the most gorgeous latin boy was standing in front of me. He must have been 18, nineteen at the most.

«A letter for Miguel Rodriguez,» he said. So, Miguel had to be the owner of the house, I thought. It looked like the guy knew Miguel.

«He's not in right now,» I replied, «but I can take the letter and give it to him.»

The guy looked at me, and when he noticed how I was walking to put down the letter on the living room table, he followed me, and gave me his widest grin.

«There was a party here last night, wasn't it?» I just looked at him, puzzled. How did he know? The place was all clean.

The guy paused, looked at me, then said: «Miguel has a big dick, doesn't he?» Obviously he had me all figured out. «Mine is not so bad, either,» he continued. He walked over to the the secretary and pulled out a drawer. He picked up a small brown bottle. «You see, I've been spying on him since I was fourteen. His parties. His friends. And every night a new fuck victim. Man, was I jealous!»

Fuck victim? So, that's what I was?

«Now I'm old enough,» he continued. «I really should consider asking him to join his parties.»

The young latino walked behind me. «You do have a nice ass,» he said, and squeezed my buns. With his left hand he unbuttoned his jeans, while he was still holding the little brown bottle in his other hand. My jaw fell probably ten inches when he pulled out his cock. It was not only as big as Miguel's cock. It was thick as an arm.

«I've been using enlargement pumps since I was fourteen,» he said. «I told you I was jealous of Miguel.»

I backed away from him, but he had unscrewed the lid from the little brown bottle. He handed it to me and asked me to smell it. I was stupid enough to do it, because I had never seen a bottle of poppers before. I felt drugged right away when I sniffed it. He grabbed the bottle from my hand and pushed it up under my nose again. I took another whiff.

He led me down to the basement, and into the dungeon, in which he had been spying for years through a small window. He had me undressed in no time and pushed me forward onto a bench in the middle of the room. He quickly had my legs strapped to the legs of the bench, and pushed my upper body down and had my hands strapped to the other end. Unable to move, my legs were widespread, and he had easy access to my asshole.

As he pushed his big, fat cock against my sore sphincter I screamed probably louder than I had in my entire life. It surely felt like he was gonna rip me apart. But he didn't, and he managed to wiggle his monstercock inside me, and slowly fuck me. It didn't take long before he came, as he was very excited, and not very experienced. He shot a big load of semen. I don't think I've seen anybody shoot that much before. But he was young, he was horny, and wouldn't quit just yet. He didn't pull his cock out, and soon I could feel his cock grow inside me again. This time he lasted longer. Again it took him only a few minutes before he was hard again. And again. I'd never seen anybody this horny. He just couldn't quit fucking my ass. Every time he came, he rested on top of me with his cock inside me, then few minutes later he was ready again. He kept going for two hours. Then Miguel walked in with a «Bravo, Joaquin!» and applauded. «I think you're ready for our parties now.»

An exhausted Joaquin pulled out and got off me. He looked tired, but he still had a grin on his face. I was half dead. I was so beaten I could hardly stand on my feet when Miguel got me loose. He had to support me when I tried to walk, and he led me into one of the bedrooms where I fell asleep instantly in one of the beds.

* * * * *

It was almost midnight when I woke up. I was still sore, but I was able to get up and walk over to the bathroom. I heard heavy moans from the dungeon, and I moved towards the opening. Another 'victim' was being fucked senseless. Both his ass and his mouth were stuffed with giant cocks, and a line of young guys waitng for their turns. The whole scene got me turned on, and I started pulling on my dick. Miguel discovered me, and asked me to come in. I had my doubts. I was too sore to be fucked again. Jeremy just came inside this guy's ass, and pulled out. Miguel understood my doubts about entering, and said «Don't worry, Erik. It's your turn to fuck this guy's brains out!»

My 8-inch cock easily slid in, and I started fucking him. I was so turned on by the whole thing that I didn't last very long. I emptied my cock inside him, and went back to bed where I went to sleep again.

The next morning when I woke up, I noticed there was someone else beside me in bed. I rolled over and saw it was the 'victim' from last night, a white guy in his early twenties. What surprised me was that he had taken the same airplane as me to L.A. and stayed at the same hotel as me. Seems like Jeremy had his regular place to pick up guys.

This guy, Kevin, looked at me, looking like he just woke up as well. He recognized me, and with a wide smile he «Wow, what a night! I had a blast!»

I said «You're not sore?»

«Sure,» he said. «But I love cock. A few days, and I'm fine again.» We both laughed.

Like yesterday morning the house was empty. Jeremy came over later and took us back to the hotel. The next couple of days he kept his promise, and took us both on a guided tour through L.A., to Universal Studios, to Hollywood with the Walk of Fame, Santa Monica, Disneyland and other places. It turned out that Kevin came from the same town as I did, so we became close friends. We exchanged phone numbers with Jeremy, and promised to be back in Los Angeles again soon. Of course we would visit Miguel. There's nothing like a good gang bang.